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Logitech® Transporter

Audiophile-quality wireless digital music player

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Item # 596TRANSPT

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Our take on the Logitech® Transporter

The carefully engineered and superbly built Logitech Transporter gives you convenient access to your digital music collection while delivering maximum sound quality. This component-style player connects to your wired or wireless home network and streams music from your PC, including high-resolution lossless and uncompressed audio files.

The carefully engineered and superbly built Logitech Transporter gives you convenient access to your digital music collection while delivering maximum sound quality. This component-style player connects to your wired or wireless home network and streams music from your PC, including high-resolution lossless and uncompressed audio files.

High-grade construction and electronics
The sturdy aluminum chassis houses a sophisticated low-noise power supply that helps keep sound quality pristine. This player features a high-performance AKM AK4396 digital-to-analog converter that boasts excellent dynamic range and low distortion, for impressively accurate reproduction of all your favorite music.

Connections for audiophile sound systems
You get an array of digital and analog outputs for hooking up the Transporter to your home audio system, including optical and coaxial digital, BNC, RCA, and a set of balanced XLR connections. Four types of digital audio inputs allow you to connect additional audio sources and use the Transporter as a high-quality, stand-alone digital-to-analog converter.

Built-in Wi-Fi® for easy setup and expandability
Setup is as simple as downloading the SlimServer software to your PC and adding the Transporter to your home network. The player also acts as a wireless bridge — you can connect a network-capable audio/video component, like a gaming system or home theater receiver, via an Ethernet cable. The Transporter will connect that device to your wireless home network.

Simple, intuitive controls
The Transporter's front-panel control knob provides touch feedback so you can feel it move from item to item in a scrolling list. When you reach the last item, the knob stops turning. This intuitive system makes it a snap to select your tunes on the Transporter's bright display. Quickly scroll through your entire music collection by artist, album, genre, or playlist. You can even create and save playlists on the fly. Interchangeable visualizations allow you to customize the front-panel displays. Select from "VU meters," song information, or even weather and sports data you can stream from the Logitech SqueezeNetwork website.

Add a Logitech Squeezebox™ Controller with an intuitive scroll wheel and 2-3/8" color LCD screen for more convenient operation.

Note: requires free SlimServer software download from

Product Highlights:

  • streams music from your computer for playback on your home audio system
  • connects to your wired or wireless home network
  • supports playback of lossless music files (Apple, FLAC, WMA), uncompressed files (AIFF, WAV, PCM), and compressed files (MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA)
  • works with iTunes®, MusicMagic, Live365®, RadioIO, Shoutcast and Windows Media® radio
  • compatible with Internet radio stations
  • plays songs from Rhapsody digital music service — subscription required
  • plays personalized Internet radio stations from Pandora — subscription required
  • AKM AK4396 digital-to-analog converter
  • dual configurable front-panel displays
  • TransNav™ front-panel control knob with dynamic tactile feedback
  • connections:
    • 4 digital audio inputs (optical, coaxial, BNC, balanced XLR)
    • 4 digital audio outputs (optical, coaxial, BNC, balanced XLR)
    • 2 analog audio outputs (1 pair RCA, 1 pair balanced XLR)
    • minijack headphone output
    • word clock input for use with an external word clock generator
    • RS-232C port for use with home automation systems
  • remote control
  • 17"W x 3"H x 12-1/4"D with included feet
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
System Requirements:
  • Windows® Vista™, Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later
  • 733Mhz Pentium® or equivalent processor
  • 256MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space for SlimServer software
  • wired or wireless home network with broadband Internet connection

What's in the Box:

  • Digital media streamer
  • 68" AC power cord
  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 2 Antennae
  • Owner's manual
  • Software download information

Logitech® Transporter Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(2 Reviews)

Digital audiophile has arrived

Michael from Louisville, KY on 10/6/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My loudspeakers are the Thiel CS2.3. I bought the Transporter because I wanted the convenience of a digital music catalogue of over 650 CDs with all the associated sorting and playlist capabilities. I expected, and was prepared to accept, that the Transporter might not sound quite as good as my CD player. Let's just say I was shocked after auditioning the unit against my CD player. It's not "night and day" but the Transporter does sound better than my original source in every way - more detailed, more air, wider and DEEPER soundstage, and more accurate and revealing in every way. Completely satisfied with the audiophile quality of the Transporter and would highly recommend it to those who love music reproduced at the highest levels. Couldn't be happier with the purchase from Crutchfield. My CD player hasn't been turned on in three months and every time I power up the Transporter and sit in the sweet spot between my Thiel's, my only regret is that I didn't do it two years ago.



Logitech® Transporter

Howard from Ijamsville MD on 6/10/2009

Disclaimer: This can't be done in 1500 words. If you're familiar with Slim Devices, now Logitech, you're aware of what their products can do. Again, if you've used any of their Squeezeboxes, you'll find the Transporter super easy to set up. Almost identical to the SB3 and Boom. When it's on, it will be the coolest component on your rack. The controlls are excellent once you get used to Logitechs menus. The remote makes it even easier. The rear of the Transporter has everything you could want as far as connections. Now, here's why we buy an audio's the sound! Not because it streams digital music and Internet Radio. Not because it looks cooler than a Porsche, but because we want to hear our music. So here's my feelings on how the Transporter measures up. When using flac files or even some m4a it will sound as good as your typical CD player and very many transport/DAC combinations. Just not worth the price. I found the sound stage very flat and one dimensional. Bass was almost non-present for those who use pre-amps without tone controls. Treble was dry and unlifelike. For a player of this price of any sort, it was dry. Made me thirsty. So, while not all bad, it would be a much better buy at around $500 and maybe based on looks $800. My opinion is get the SB3 or if you are technically minded, the DUET and enjoy almost the same sound and features for $300-$400.




Hands-on research

Product Research

System Requirements
Inputs and Outputs
Front Panel Controls


Overview: The Slim Devices Transporter music player streams your digital music collection and internet radio from your computer to any stereo system or powered speakers within your network (LAN). The Transporter has an Ethernet port and built-in WiFi capability, so it can be hardwired or connected wirelessly to a 802.11g network. SlimServer software is downloaded from your internet connection and facilitates communication between your Transporter and computer.

Music Libraries: Stream the digital music files stored on your computer (PC or Mac) over your home network to the Slim Devices Transporter. Many compressed, uncompressed, and lossless formats are compatible:

  • Compressed: MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, and WMA
  • Uncompressed: WAV, PCM, and AIFF
  • Lossless: Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, and FLAC

Internet Radio: Listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations from around the world; access to talk radio, jazz, rock, pop, or your old favorite in the town where you grew up through your broadband internet connection.

SqueezeNetwork: SqueezeNetwork is an always-on service (doesn't require that your computer is on) that provides access to Internet Radio, an alarm clock, natural sounds, and news feeds.

Wireless Bridge: If the Transporter is connected wirelessly to your network, the Ethernet port on the back can be used to bridge another (non-wireless) component in your system (Tivo, HD-DVD player, Blu-ray player, etc).

DAC: The AK4396 "Miracle DAC" was chosen for its high dynamic range and low distortion. Its low out-of-band noise allows for the use of low-order output filters with higher cutoffs, resulting in preservation of phase and reduced distortion in the audible band. This extraordinary accuracy at higher frequencies allows the Transporter to resolve the exact staging of instruments and the finest details of any recording. In addition, the Transporter's digital inputs allow its built-in DAC to be used with other sources.

News Ticker: You can show an RSS news ticker on the display. SlimServer is pre-configured with subscriptions to several RSS news feeds.

Podcasts: The Transporter is capable of playing podcasts from the internet. SlimServer is pre-configured with subscriptions to select podcasts.

Multiple Locations: Any number of Transporters on your network can be connected to a single computer with SlimServer. They can all play different music, or your can synchronize them to play the same music throughout the house.

Wake-on-LAN: Your computer can be configured to automatically wake up when accessed with the Transporter remote control.

Remote: Use the backlit wireless remote to browse, select, and control your music from across the room, without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

Serial Control:  The Transporter has an RS-232 port on the back and can be controlled by Crestron, AMX, or other home automation systems.

Attenuation: The unbalanced analog output (RCA) can be attenuated, useful if connected to an amp without input gain control. Choices include 0dB (no attenuation), -10dB, -20dB, and -30dB.

Sleep Timer: Set the Transporter to turn off after the current song, or after a specified time; 15 to 90 minutes in 15 minute increments.

Alarm Clock: There are eight alarms built-in to wake you up to music; one for each day of the week and one that sounds at the same time every day.

System Requirements


  • PC: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista; 733 MHz Pentium processor or faster; 256 MB RAM minimum; 20 MB free hard disc space
  • Mac: OS X v 10.3 or later; 256 MB RAM minimum; 20 MB free hard disc space
  • Linux/BSD/Solaris/Other: Perl 5.8.3 or later; 256 MB RAM minimum; 20 MB free hard disc space

Internet Connection: Broadband DSL or cable

Network: Wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi 802.11g

Inputs and Outputs

Rear Panel:

  • Analog Outputs:
    • Balanced: 2 XLR jacks, 3 Vrms/8.5 Vpp, 1 kΩ
    • Unbalanced: stereo RCA jacks, 2 Vrms/5.7 Vpp, 100 Ω, selectable attenuation
  • Digital Outputs:
    • Optical: 660 nm
    • Coaxial: capacitor coupled, 500 mVpp into 75 Ω
    • BNC: transformer coupled, 500 mVpp into 75 Ω
    • XLR: balanced, 4.7 Vpp into 110 Ω
  • Digital Inputs:
    • Optical: 660 nm
    • Coaxial: capacitor coupled, 500 mVpp into 75 Ω
    • BNC: transformer coupled, 500 mVpp into 75 Ω
    • XLR: balanced, 4.7 Vpp into 110 Ω
  • Word Clock In: BNC jack, for use with an external word clock generator
  • IR: 3.5mm IR input and output jacks
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 port can be used as an input to connect to your network, or an output to connect another device to your network when the Transporter is connected wirelessly
  • Antennae: 2 jacks for use with included SMA antennae
  • RS-232: for use with home automation systems
  • Power: AC cord included

Front Panel Controls

  • Power: power on/off; when off, the clock is dimly displayed
  • Now Playing: press to display the current song; press again to cycle through the display format options
  • Search: search album, artist, or song names by entering text
  • Browse: browse your library by genre, artist, album, etc.
  • Size: choose display font size
  • Brightness: adjust display brightness
  • Back: move back (left) from the current list
  • TransNav: large rotary knob in the center; quickly scroll through lists, press to select
  • Play: begin playing the displayed selection; genre, artist, album, song, playlist, or folder
  • Add: add selection to current playlist
  • Rew: restart song, skip backward through list, hold to scan through song
  • Pause: press once to pause, press again to restart, press and hold to stop
  • Fwd: skip to next song, hold to scan through song
  • Volume: changes TransNav rotary knob to volume mode
  • Visual: cycle through display options: analog style VU meters, digital VU meters, high resolution stereo spectrum analyzer, constant display of currently playing title

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