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SIRIUS Stiletto 10

Portable satellite radio with 10 hours of storage

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Item # 607SL10

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Our take on the SIRIUS Stiletto 10

The SIRIUS Stiletto 10 satellite radio gives you all of your favorite SIRIUS channels in a sleek, portable package, plus room for up to 10 hours of stored satellite radio programming. The large, full color screen and simple controls make it easy to access all this content, whether you're in your car, at home, or enjoying live SIRIUS programming while jogging through the park.

The SIRIUS Stiletto 10 satellite radio gives you all of your favorite SIRIUS channels in a sleek, portable package, plus room for up to 10 hours of stored satellite radio programming. The large, full color screen and simple controls make it easy to access all this content, whether you're in your car, at home, or enjoying live SIRIUS programming while jogging through the park.

True portability
A built-in antenna allows the Stiletto to receive live SIRIUS broadcasts, without having to be docked in either of its optional car or home cradles. Just charge up the battery, slip on the pair of included earbuds, and you've got a great companion for jogging, hiking, or just walking around town.

You'll also get a set of headphones with an antenna built into the headband for better reception in areas where the signal tends to get blocked. These headphones also eliminate the occasional interruptions caused by your body blocking the SIRIUS signal.

Record your favorite music
With 10 hours of internal memory space, you can listen to your favorite songs and shows anytime you want. You can record individual songs or blocks of programming.

Music in full color
The Stiletto displays SIRIUS channel information in full color on its 2.2-inch screen. Large icons and easy-to-navigate menus help to minimize distraction when the Stiletto 10 is docked in its car kit, or when you're viewing the screen from a distance at home.

Intuitive controls
You command the Stiletto 10 with its front-panel media dial. The six-way panel control is responsive without being overly sensitive, so you get to the menus you want quickly without a lot of backtracking.

Extra accessories
You'll need the optional car kit to play the Stiletto over your car stereo. The kit includes an antenna, a power adapter, and a mounting cradle with 10 buttons that let you save up to 30 channel presets. You can connect the cradle to your stereo's auxiliary input, or use the wireless FM transmitter to play the sound over any unused FM frequency.*

Want to play the Stiletto through your home stereo? Pick up the optional home kit. Its dock charges both Stiletto batteries at the same time, and it also uses an FM transmitter to play the sound over any FM radio. And soon, you'll be able to use the Stiletto in your home or office with a compatible powered speaker system.

Note: A subscription to SIRIUS is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories. Limited service is available in Alaska. Portable reception may vary by location. If you have questions about the proposed XM/SIRIUS merger, read the SIRIUS guarantee. To view this file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

*Important note from Crutchfield: Current FCC rules limit the transmission strength of wireless FM transmitters to a point where transmission needs to take place very near your FM antenna. SIRIUS includes an FM extender cable in its optional car kit in order to address this issue, but Crutchfield strongly encourages customers to use an auxiliary input, wired FM modulator, or cassette adapter to ensure your satisfaction with the performance and cosmetics of this satellite radio.

Product Highlights:

  • portable SIRIUS satellite radio
  • stores up to 10 hours of content
  • pause and rewind of live SIRIUS content
  • full-color screen shows channel name and number, artist, and song title
  • 30 channel presets
  • built-in antenna allows portable reception of live SIRIUS signal
  • earbuds
  • includes headphones with built-in antenna for improved reception
  • My SIRIUS Studio for software upgrades
  • slim rechargeable battery with up to 2 hours of live SIRIUS reception and 10 hours of stored-content playback
  • extended-life rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of live SIRIUS reception and 20 hours of stored-content playback
  • indoor AC power adapter for recharging the batteries
  • built-in wireless FM transmitter "broadcasts" the sound over any FM stereo when used with car or home kit
  • 2"W x 4-1/2"H x 11/16"D (with slim battery); 2"W x 4-1/2"H x 1"D (with standard battery)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

SIRIUS Stiletto 10 Reviews

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(1 Review)

Know your Stilettos

Alicia from Wood River IL on 12/2/2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you want to download songs from your PC to this Stiletto 10, forget it. I have owned this unit for several months and had only bought it to listen to Sirius radio in my car at lunchtime. When first shopping for a portable, I compared the 10 & the 100. The only difference I noticed was that the 100 has Wi-Fi capability & about 90% more "storage". What was NOT clear on the specs, was that this 10 can ONLY record/store about 10 hours of satellite radio, but one cannot move songs from a PC to this unit! Yet, the packaging comes with a CD titled "My Sirius Studio", making one believe that this is the interface for transferring from PC to Stiletto. The ONLY thing this installation does is provide a way to get Stiletto device updates (to fix hardware bugs) and the Studio program updates. Oh, the studio will let you import songs from your PC, but when you go to drag a song to the Stiletto icon, it's greyed out. And this Studio program unfortunately installs Microsoft's .NET Framework, which can never be uninstalled from Windows unless reformatted! As far as the unit itself, the built-in antenna is horrible. With car parked facing North, unit pointed upward on the dash, it's very tricky to maintain a signal. Even walking across the lot with no obstructions, the signal fades in & out. Sirius will tell you to get a car kit (docking station) so one can attach a roof antenna for reception. But that makes the "Portable" label misleading. Plus, I'm not going to run a cigarette lighter for the dock's power (for the roof antenna to function) with car's accessory on, along with car's stereo and amp sucking juice for one hour, the car's battery would be dead! So remember, this unit is very limited on what it can do and not that "portable". They could improve the unit's reception by far.




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General Features
Satellite Radio Features
Library Features
Controls and Connections
Optional Docking Kits

General Features

Overview: The Stiletto 10 is a personal, portable Sirius device that lets you listen to live and recorded SIRIUS satellite radio almost anywhere. The Stiletto is equipped with an internal antenna as well as comes supplied with headphones that have satellite antenna built into the headband. It can store SIRIUS's 100% commercial-free music programming on its internal memory so you can listen to your Stiletto even when there is no satellite reception.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Sirius Satellite Radio features more than 120 streams of original programming beamed coast-to-coast, including 65 streams of commercial-free, digital-quality music, and news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming. Sirius programming is available only in the 48 contiguous states. A subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio is required in order to enjoy Sirius programming.

256MB Memory: The Stiletto 10 has a 256MB internal memory to store up to 10 hours of live SIRIUS Satellite Radio music programming.

Antenna Headphones: The Stiletto not only comes supplied with a pair of standard earbud headphones, it also comes with a pair of Antenna Headphones for expanded live signal reception. The headphones have a built-in Sirius antenna on top of the hand band. The headphones plug into the proprietary connector port, not the standard 3.5mm jack. The Stiletto itself also has an integrated SIRIUS antenna patch.

FM Transmitter: The Stiletto has a built-in FM transmitter used to supply sound from your Stiletto to your car's sound system via the optional car docking station (607SLC1, sold separately).

Important Note from Crutchfield:Current FCC rules limit the transmission strength of wireless FM transmitters to a point where transmission needs to take place very near your FM antenna. Sirius includes an FM extender antenna with the optional car kit in order to address this issue, but Crutchfield strongly encourages customers to use an auxiliary input, wired FM modulator, or cassette adapter to ensure satisfaction with the performance and cosmetics of this satellite radio.

USB Connector Cable: The unit comes supplied with a USB connector cable that features a USB type-A connector on one end and a proprietary connector on the other end. This cable is used to to supply software updates to your Stiletto from your PC using the supplied software.

Display Screen: The Sirius Stiletto 10 features a full-color, 2.2" LCD display which provides information about the operation of the unit, such as the currently tuned channel, song or show being played, mode, status, recording, and other information.

Sleep Mode: Sleep mode allows the Stiletto to start up quickly when powered on. The Stiletto will power itself completely off after 18 hours of sleep. When completely off, the battery will remain charged for several weeks. Also, when completely off, the Stiletto will take 1-2 minutes to power up.

Power Options: The Sirius Stiletto 10  can be powered with the following supplied accessories.

  • Battery: Two batteries are supplied with the Stiletto 100; a slim battery and a standard battery. The batteries when fully charge will provide a range of listening time depending on the listening mode. The following table provides the approximate listening times.
    Listening ModeStandard Battery Listening TimeSlim Battery Listening Time
    Satellite Radio4 hours2 hours
    Library20 hours10 hours
    Radio Replays20 hours10 hours
  • AC Adapter: The unit comes supplied with an AC adapter that you can use to power and charge your Stiletto. For the fastest charging time the Stiletto should be turned off. When off, a fully discharged slim battery will charge in 2 hours and a standard battery will charge in 4 hours.

Satellite Radio Features

Satellite Radio Mode: The Stiletto 10 allows you to listen to live satellite broadcasts of all SIRIUS 100% commercial free music channels, talk, and sports programming. When you are receiving a signal from the SIRIUS satellite or terrestrial transmitters you can browse and select the SIRIUS channels, and see information about the songs, artists, sports, news, weather, and traffic being broadcast.

Now Playing Screen: The Now Playing screen for the Satellite Radio mode provides information such as the currently tuned channel, song or show being played, mode, recording and other information.

Navigating Channels: The Satellite Radio Mode allows you to browse SIRIUS satellite radio channels in the following ways.

  • All Channels: All Channels is a list of all channels in numerical order.
  • Presets: Presets is a list of channels which have been saved as your favorite presets. Presets are grouped into 3 banks (A,B,C) which store 10 presets each for a total of 30 presets.
  • Categories: Categories are groupings of channels by genres such a Pop, Rock, Country, etc.

Replay Live Radio: While listening to satellite radio, up to the most recent 60 minutes of the broadcast may be put into a temporary replay buffer. At anytime you may rewind to replay something you just heard or you may press Play/Pause to pause the live broadcast. You may resume listening to the broadcast at any time, beginning from the point where the broadcast was paused, or you can fast-forward or rewind through the replay buffer, pause the replay buffer again or return to the live broadcast. The replay buffer is retained until the memory becomes full. When the memory becomes full, the oldest part of the replay buffer is deleted making room for the new material so that the live broadcast can continue to be added to the replay buffer. The replay buffer is discarded when the Stiletto 10 is either turned off or tuned to another channel or to a playlist.

Save Live Broadcasts: Songs and shows can be saved by using the Record button when listening to a live satellite broadcast. When saving a song or show, it is recorded exactly as it was broadcast. The Record button will allow you to record live music until the next hour or allow you to customize a timer recording. You can program the Stiletto to record at a certain date and time for a one time event or a repeated event. Time recordings are limited to a maximum of 6 hours. If there is not enough space to save a song or show, the oldest content is deleted in order to make room for the new material. The following table describes the parameters needed for a timed recording.

ChannelAny SIRIUS broadcast channel may be selectedYou must enter the password for locked channels
DateThe date of the recordingDates may be selected from the present date to 4 weeks in the future
Start TimeThe time of day the recording will beginIt will not allow you to set a recording time that has already past
DurationThe amount of time to recordRecording times of 5 minutes to 6 hours may be selected
RepeatingThe recording can be set to repeat at scheduled intervalsChoose from the following:
  • No: recording will take place only once

  • Weekly: recording will take place every seven days

  • Daily: recording will take place every day

  • Mon-Fri: recording will take place every M-F

  • Sat-Sun: recording will take place every Saturday and Sunday

Keep LastSpecify how many previously recorded shows to keepChoose from the following:
  • All Shows: keeps all previous recordings

  • 1,2,3,5,10 Shows: keeps the selected number of previous recordings

Artist and Song Seek Alert: This feature allows you to capture artist and song information in a seek list. When this feature is On, the radio continuously searches all SIRIUS channels and alerts you when an artist or song in the seek lists match a selection currently being played on another channel.

Game Alert: You can program the Stiletto 10 to remember your favorite sports teams. The Stiletto 10 will then automatically alert you when any of your favorite sports teams are playing in a game. There is no limit on the number of teams you can select from game alerts. You can choose from NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football or College Basketball teams.

Game Zone: The Game Zone category lists all the sports games which are currently playing for your favorite teams and can be browsed for the games scores, You can scroll through the list and select a game to tune to the channel where the game is being broadcast.

Sports Ticker: The Stiletto 10 allows you to have a sports ticker displayed which will show the scores of all your favorite teams which are currently playing.

Parental Controls: The parental controls feature sets a 4-digit password for access to specific channels. This will prevent access to these locked channels until the password is entered.

Hide Channels and Genres: The hide feature allows you to designate channels and genres to not be displayed when browsing channel and genre lists. Hidden channels are not locked, but can only be tuned by directly entering the channel number using the numeric keypad on the remote control from an optional Home or Car docking station (sold separately).

Library Features

Library Mode: The Library contains all the music and SIRIUS programming you have saved from live broadcasts along with any content you have downloaded from your PC computer. All the music, sports, talk shows, news broadcasts and talk entertainment can be browsed and selected for playback from the Library.

Now Playing Screen: When in the Library mode the Now Playing screen provides information such as the song or show title, content length and playback position.

Navigating The Library: The music content in the Library may be browsed in the following ways by either date recorded or channel recorded.

Playback: While listening to content in the library, you can pause, fast-forward or rewind.

Deleting Content: You can delete song content individually.

Storage Limit: The Stiletto 10 limits and automatically manages the allocation of memory for specific types of content. The following table shows how memory space is prioritized.

Content TypeStorage LimitationNotes
Schedule recordings and time block recordings10 hoursnewer recordings will replace older recordings once the 10 hours fills up
Radio ReplaysAvailable Memoryoccupies any unused memory and are deleted automatically to make space available for other content


Settings Menu: The Settings menu allows you to make changes to the global settings of your Stiletto 10 and personalize your experience. The following settings are available.

  • Artist and Song Seek Settings:
    • Seek Alerts: turns Seek Alerts On or Off
    • Artist Seek List: removes artist's name from list
    • Song Seek List: removes song title from list
  • Audio and Display Settings:
    • Brightness: adjust the brightness of the display screen from 5 to 100%
    • Backlight Timer: adjust how long the backlight of the display screen remains on after no button are pressed from 2, 5, 10, or 30 seconds
    • Say Channel Name: choose whether the channel names are spoken as you browse lists of channels
    • System Sounds: choose whether the system sounds beeps and other audible tones
    • System Volume: adjust the volume of the system sounds and spoken channel names from 0 to 100%
  • Channel Settings:
    • Hidden Channels: select which channels to hide
    • Hidden Genres: select which genres to hide
  • Device Settings:
    • Sirius ID: displays the SIRIUS ID (SID) number of the Stiletto 10
    • Antenna Aiming: displays the strength of the SIRIUS signal being received
    • Time Zone: sets the time zone from Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Indiana, Central, Mountain, Arizona or Pacific
    • Memory Usage: displays information on how much of the Stiletto's memory is being used
    • Device Info: displays information a bout the model number, and software and hardware versions of the Stiletto
    • Legal Info: provides legal and copyright information for the Stiletto 10
    • Reset: resets all the settings of the Stiletto 10 to the factory defaults
  • Dock Settings:
    • FM Transmit: selects whether the FM transmitter is turned on or off when the Stiletto 10 is in an optional docking station
    • Traffic/Weather: selects a city for traffic/weather reporting for the Jump button when the unit is in the optional vehicle docking station
  • Parental Control Settings:
    • Parental Controls: turn 4-digit password protection On or Off
    • Locked Channels: choose individual channels to lock or unlock with the 4-digit password
  • Radio Replay Settings:
    • Radio Replays: select whether the Stiletto 10 should automatically save content for Radio Replays
  • Sports Settings:
    • Favorite Teams: allows you to select your favorite teams for Game Alerts
    • Game Alerts: select whether the Game Alert feature is On or Off
    • Sports Ticker: select whether to display the Sports Ticker

Controls and Connections

Front Controls: The Stiletto 10 features the following controls on the front of the unit under the LCD screen.

  • Media Dial: allows you to scroll to next or previous selection on the screen
  • Play/Pause: plays or pauses your music
  • Rewind/Fast Forward: allows you to rewind or fast forward through a desired track or skip to the next or previous track
  • Select: selects highlighted items in the music list or menu
  • Record: displays recording setup screen
  • Home Button: takes you to the Home Screen
  • Back Button: returns back to the screen previously displayed
  • Options: displays available options for the currently displayed screen
  • Display: cycles between 3-channel display mode, 6-channel display mode, artist name, and song title when in the channel browsing mode

Side Controls: The unit features the following controls on the left hand side.

  • Power/Lock Switch: turns unit On or Off and locks controls to prevent accidental usage
  • Volume Up/Down button: increases or decrease the volume of the unit

Connections: The Stiletto offers the following connections on the bottom of the device.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm output for use with supplied or optional headphones
  • Power Connector: connection used for supplied AC adapter
  • Antenna Headphones/Docking Connector: connection used for supplied Antenna Headphones, for supplied USB cable and used for the optional Car and Home docking kits


My Sirius Studio Software: The My Sirius Studio software included with the Stiletto 10 allows you to connect your Stiletto 10 to your PC computer to perform software updates to your Stiletto 10. The software must be installed before connecting the Stiletto to your computer.

PC System Requirements: Your PC will need to meet the following requirements to use the My Sirius Studio software disc.

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Service Pack 2
  • Disk Space: Approximately 100 MB
  • Memory: 256 MB


Stiletto 10 Specs:

  • Satellite Frequencies: 2322.293/2330.207 MHz
  • Terrestrial Frequencies: 2326.250 MHz
  • Power Requirements: 5 Volts, 2.0A Negative Ground DC
  • Operation Temperature: 23 to 104-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Audio Interface: 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Headphone Output: 20mW at 16 ohms
  • Signal to Noise: 90dB (MP3)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz with slim battery
  • Dimensions:
    • With Slim Battery: Width = 2.081", Height = 4.703", Depth = 0.793"
    • With Standard Battery: Width = 2.081", Height = 4.703", Depth = 1.011"
  • Memory Capacity: 256MB
  • Internal Antenna Type: Integrated, Low Profile Patch

Optional Docking Kits

Optional Vehicle Dock: In order to use the Stiletto in your vehicle you will need the optional Stiletto Vehicle Kit (607SLC1) sold separately. The kit includes a compact docking cradle that rapidly charges your Stiletto's battery connected to an interior FM extender antenna and an externally mounted Sirius antenna for more reliable reception and plays audio through your vehicle's FM stereo system. The Vehicle Dock comes supplied with a cigarette lighter adapter to provide power to the Stiletto and comes supplied with an easy to use wireless remote control.

Optional Home Kit: The optional Stiletto Home Kit (607SLH1) sold separately, provides everything you need to use the Stiletto in your home or office. The docking cradle provides a convenient way to charge your Stiletto's battery along with an extra slot for charging a spare battery. The included indoor/outdoor antenna provides improved reception, while audio cable enable you to connect the Stiletto to your powered speakers or home audio receiver. A remote control is included, along with a USB cable and PC computer software for connecting the home dock to your PC computer.


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