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Sonos® BU-250 Bundle

Wireless multi-room music system with 1 amplified player and 1 non-amplified player

14 Reviews

Item # 616BU250

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Our take on the Sonos® BU-250 Bundle

Connect one of the compact ZonePlayers to your home network or computer, and place the other in a second room for wireless access to all your music. If you use the ZonePlayer 90 in your second room, connect it to a stereo, a pair of powered speakers, or a home theater system. The ZonePlayer 120 houses a built-in 55-watt stereo amplifier, so you won't need to connect it to a traditional audio system — simply hook up a pair of speakers for smooth stereo sound.

All the music you want. All over your house.

ZonePlayer 90 CR200 and ZonePlayer 120

Tap into your music collection from anywhere in your home. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System lets you easily access the music stored on your PC, along with a wealth of tunes available from the Internet. This bundle includes two digital music players — a Sonos ZonePlayer™ 90 and a ZonePlayer 120 — plus one Sonos Controller CR200. Like all Sonos systems, it's a breeze to set up and use, and it offers breakthrough playback flexibility. Best of all, it delivers your music in crisp, clear detail.

Exceptionally easy multi-room music

Connect one of the compact ZonePlayers to your home network or computer, and place the other in a second room for wireless access to all your music. If you use the ZonePlayer 90 in your second room, connect it to a stereo, a pair of powered speakers, or a home theater system. The ZonePlayer 120 houses a built-in 55-watt stereo amplifier, so you won't need to connect it to a traditional audio system — simply hook up a pair of speakers for smooth stereo sound.

CR200 in hand iPhone

Total control in the palm of your hand

Another main attraction of this system is the Sonos Controller, a remarkably user-friendly remote. Equipped with a 3-1/2" color LCD touchscreen, the Controller lets you easily navigate and search through the playlists and tracks stored on your computer or select an Internet radio station. You can even use this remote to create customized playlists on the fly for individual ZonePlayers, or for playback over your entire Sonos system. The Controller also gives you the ability to mute or adjust the volume of each of your ZonePlayers using dedicated hard buttons.

Control your system using an iPhone® or iPod® touch

You can also use an iPhone or iPod touch to control your Sonos system. A free download from the App Store at turns your player into a full-fledged Sonos controller. Use your player's touchscreen to control all zones and all music sources in your system.

Internet radio Music

Compatible with popular music services

The Sonos system works seamlessly with a host of Internet-based digital music services, including Rhapsody®, Pandora®,™, Napster®, and SIRIUS Internet Radio. Rhapsody offers instant access to millions of songs and ad-free radio stations through your Sonos Controller. SIRIUS Internet Radio gives you access to over 80 channels of programming. Every Sonos system includes free 30-day trials of these two services, so you can start listening the moment you take it out of the box. Pandora and create customized Internet radio streams just for you — all you have to do is enter the name of your favorite song or artist. And because Sonos connects directly to the Internet for all of these music services, you don't even have to turn on your PC.

Easy system expansion — up to 32 rooms

System expansion is hassle-free. Just add more ZonePlayers anywhere you want to enjoy your music — the Sonos system can accommodate up to 32. And you can listen to the same music through every player in your system — perfect for parties — or select a different playlist for each room, so that each family member can enjoy their favorite music at the same time.

Read our blog post about controlling a Sonos multi-room music system with the iPod® touch.

More information from Sonos:


Product Highlights:

    Sonos ZonePlayers:
    • one ZonePlayer connects to your home network or computer via a wired Ethernet connection
    • communicates with other ZonePlayers via proprietary Sonosnet™ 2.0 wireless technology, or wired Ethernet connections
    • Sonosnet 2.0 features a greater wireless range than previous version
    • plays MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and Ogg Vorbis files (firmware is upgradable to support future audio formats)
      • compatible with protected WMA files from Napster, Urge, AOL, and many other music download sites
      • not compatible with protected AAC files from iTunes
    • plays MP3 and WMA streaming Internet radio stations
    • plays songs from Rhapsody digital music service — subscription required after free 30-day trial
    • plays songs from SIRIUS Internet Radio — subscription required after free 30-day trial
    • plays personalized Internet radio stations from Pandora and
    • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (each ZonePlayer plays individually selected music)
    • allows connection of an audio component such as a CD player, FM tuner, or a portable music player (music from such sources can be played back on any ZonePlayer in your system)
    • front-panel controls for volume and muting
    • bass, treble, balance, and volume controls accessible via remote
    • analog stereo input and output
    • ZP120:
      • built-in stereo amplifier: 55 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.02% THD
      • 4-port Ethernet switch
      • binding-post speaker terminals
      • subwoofer output
      • 7-5/16"W x 3-1/2"H x 8-1/8"D
    • ZP90:
      • 2-port Ethernet switch
      • coaxial and optical digital audio outputs
      • 5-7/16"W x 2-15/16"H x 5-1/2"D
    Sonos Controller CR200:
    • controls volume and music selection for any ZonePlayer in your house, from any room in your house
    • touchscreen display provides easy browsing and searching of your digital music library by artist, album, genre, track name, composer, or playlist
    • lets you build, play, and save music playlists for each room or group of rooms in your Sonos system
    • 3-1/2" color LCD screen (640 x 480 resolution) displays control menus, song information and album art (if available)
    • motion sensor enables auto turn-on whenever Controller is picked up
    • buttons for easy operation of common functions, like volume and mute
    • built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • charging cradle included
    • 2-15/16"W x 4-1/2"H x 11/16"D
    • accesses music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs, or NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices
    • control your Sonos system with your iPhone or iPod touch — free download available from the App Store at
    • software CD-ROM for easy system setup (Windows® and Mac)
    • supported operating/file storage systems: Windows® XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista™, Mac OS X v10.3 or later, CIFS for NAS devices
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • broadband Internet connection and router recommended for firmware updates and Internet radio

    This system is great, the installation was very easy. The connections to my PC music collection, iPhone, and Internet Radio all work as advertised. If you are looking for a way to add music and radio to various rooms in your home, without running wires this is the way to go.

    Joe, Hartford, CT

    What's in the Box:

    • ZP120 Zone Player
    • ZP90 Zone Player
    • CR200 Sonos Controller
    • Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery (installed)
    • Charging cradle
    • AC power supply with attached 6' DC cord (5V/2A)
    • Two 6' AC power cords
    • 5' Ethernet cable (with male RJ-45 plugs on each end)
    • 6' Audio patch cable (with 3.5mm miniplug on one end and stereo RCA plugs on the other end)
    • 3' Audio cable (stereo RCA plugs on each end)
    • Sonos System Setup Software CD-ROM discs (version 090501)
    • Product Guide
    • Quick Setup Instructions
    • Sonos Support Team contact sheet

    Sonos® BU-250 Bundle Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (14 Reviews)

    Sonos Rocks

    Don from Denver, CO on 10/29/2010

    This was awesome! It literally took me 20 minutes to plug things in, sync them up and start listening to my itunes, internet radio, and other music sources. I can't say enough about how great this system is. I had a wired system throughout the house with wall mounted volume archaic. The wireless controller with touch screen is just so convenient and COOL! Living in Denver and listening to Hawaii radio stations is just amazing! Thanks Ringo (Crutchfield) for the recommendation!




    Dan from Portland, OR on 10/27/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is one of the best purchases (if not the best) I have made in a long time. The ease of set-up is amazing. Since I bought my place, and it wasn't wired for sound when it was built, I had somewhat given up on the idea of having music throughout the house from a central source. Sonos provided that wirelessly (word??). The music selection is amazing. I already had Sirius but I would also recommend subscribing to Pandora. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.



    A bit pricey...but well worth it

    giannotti15 from FL on 7/4/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Thought long and hard about this purchase before pulling the trigger. There are lots of cheaper alternatives out there. However, reading some of the other product reviews and comparing them to the Sonos reviews, made my decision clear. After a month of usage I can say this has exceeded my expectations. It is well designed and easy to set up and use. Pros: -Easy to Set Up - Quick and easy as it sets up its own network (so a network is not needed, if you alredy have a home network like I do, SONOS coexists without any issues) -Touch Screen interface of controller - very easy to use, my wife has no problems using it (which means less questions/complaints for me :) -Features - Each Zone can both send signal to other zones or receive signal from other zones. A great feature.




    amdhsap from Park Ridge, Il on 6/20/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I wanted to integrate my existing home theater with some outdoor speakers. Sonny at crutchfield suggested Sonos 250. This bundle is like having an Internet jukebox, and access to nearly any radio station in the world at your fingertips. Simply to operate, simple to install, sounds great, and works perfectly. The controller is easy to navigate, and since I have 3 iphones, it's like having 4 controllers.




    Anonymous from Concord, CA on 6/19/2010

    Sonos is awesome. Half of my house is built with metal lathe and plaster which is not very forgiving when it comes to anything wireless. I have had no problems with the Sonos system it works great through the plaster walls. The remote has quite a range. The remote works without issue 60 feet from from my outdoor speakers and my Zoneplayer 120 is buried in a closet behind a brick wall. I have 4 zones and counting and the system works great. I am also impressed with endless amount of content. Tons of internet stations available on the remote and most have incredible sound. I synced it up with my iTunes library and all the cover art is displayed on the remote, it is like an iPod itself. The system has plenty of power to push a variety of speakers. I have the Klipsch AW-650's outside and it is no problem for the Sonos. I have also hooked a powered sub up to one zone and the Zoneplayer crosses over the speakers nicely. Great investment.




    E & L from Vallejo, CA on 4/13/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First I must give credit to Norm at Crutchfield for his tireless help in assisting me design my system. Norm provided a foundation to build my system and gave me the confidence to take this project on from start to finish. I purchased 2 Sonos bundles and could not be happier. 1. Amazing flexibility. My wife could not be happier with her I-Phone acting as her remote, walking around the house turning on music wherever she goes. I could not be happier not being subjected to listening to her music...I can listen to XM, my playlist, literally whatever I want, where I want it. 2. Room for expansion. We currently have 4 zones and may need to expand to 6. Sonos exceeds my expectations here as well. I have been waiting for a whole house system that can provide this kind of solution. 3. Easy set-up. I ran 600 ft. of speaker wire myself, located my 4 zone players in 4 different locations, and connected everything myself (I am not an audio guy...this was all new to me). I made one phone call to Norm with minor questions, of which he answered off the top of his head and the rest is history. Literally, the most painful part of this rather large project was crawling around in the attic on my knees running 600 ft of speaker wire.



    Sonos® BU-250 Bundle

    Chris from Los Altos, CA on 1/20/2010

    Overall, I'm very happy. The bad news first... Don't expect perfection. The system is a bit buggy. This morning, it started up with the Sonos chime even though our 7 am alarm was set to a radio station. Sometimes the music inexplicably turns off before getting to the end of a playlist. Sometimes the hand controller fails to connect, even though things are close together (we have changed wireless channels, but I do need to double check to make sure that the Sonos wireless and the home WiFi channels are far apart from each other; I've been told they use the same set of channels so if you pick numbers far apart, that helps). That said, the system is amazing. It's all about the controller. Anyone can put all your music in one place. What matters is getting to it. My 11-year old daughter is fluent with the system. The controller is small and convenient, with a touch screen that works well. Alarms let me set it so my wife's favorite radio station comes on at 7 am in the kitchen, and classical music radio comes on automatically at 4:30. Music that has been locked away in CD's in a box is now filling our house.




    Scott from Baltimore, MD on 1/15/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My title says what came to mind after hooking up this system. It is expensive, but the features, convenience and cool factor make it all worth it. My review could be endless, but what makes this so good for me are... 1. Being able to stream Sirius(XM) throughout my house. Although I have XM, I broadcast using Nicecast to be able to listen to everything on my iPhone as well. 2. Pandora, LastFm and the Sonos-iTunes playlist. Its great just to pick an artist or playlist and relax. 3. The ability to listen to different music or shows in different rooms, simply. It couldn't be any easier. I was playing pool in my playroom and the wife was listening to her thing upstairs without a "hey, show me...". Also, the ability to link all rooms together without any lag and the abundance of radio stations is a plus too. I just love it, maybe my best purchase ever!



    Fantastic Product!

    Steven from Bethesda, Md. on 1/15/2010

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The Sonos is one of the most functional, well-designed electronic products I have ever used. Installation and set-up are very simple and it works exactly as advertized. I bought this for my wife, who wanted a simple way to listen to radio and CDs in the kitchen. We bought this unit and a Squeezebox Radio to compare, and the Squeezebox went back the next day. The Sonos is simple, intuitive and fun to use. We also have an S5 zoneplayer and the sound is excellent. As others say, the price is high but you get what you pay for. FYI, a friend bought the Squeezebox Duet and returned it because the connection was unreliable. Not a problem with the Sonos. It's fantastic.



    Amazing Technology and Simple to Install

    Andrew from Houston on 1/1/2010

    I recently purchased the Sonos 250 bundle and 5 ZonePlayer 120s for my new house. I had originally hired a sound guy to do the installation but once I saw how much he wanted to charge me, I started researching other products. They were all extremely nice but VERY expensive and requried a professional installer. I purchased Polk Audio speakers from Crutchfield and wired them myself. We had pre-wired the house and had volume control locations in each room and a CAT 5 cable. When I spoke with Ringo at Crutchfield, he brainstormed for a while and suggested that I use all Sonos equipment for me house. It just made complete sense for what I wanted in my house. The price was very reasonable compared to other qoutations. What I really wanted was one remote to control the house or to be able to control music from my computer. With the other systems, they required a controller in each room and then two multi-channel amps. I took a gamble and went for the Sonos system. I just finished installing it and free music from Pandora is being piped throughout the house as I type. Very cool. The installation was a breeze. I really like the controller too. Also, you can control the music with your iPhone with a free app downloaded from Sonos and a wireless router in your house. The technology is nothing short of AMAZING. Thanks goes out to Ringo and the Crutchfield team.



    Great for about anything

    Ron from Tobaccoville, NC on 11/18/2009

    easy to set up, does about anything you want if you want music or wireless audio from a reciever so you dont have wires to run, abit pricey but ther are few others that will do what this bundle will do and there is an app from ipod for free so you really dont need the remote if you have the touch ipod.



    SONOS is a great system

    Stuart from Ridgefield on 11/18/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    If you have been thinking about getting a SONOs, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. Once set up, the system is fantastic. It works seamlessly to stream music from my NAS as well as from online music services and 100's of online radio stations from all over the world. The only caveat I have is that with my system, the system software you install on your PC was out of date and I had to get on the phone with SONOS (who were great BTW) and download it from their site. 5 out of 5 stars.



    Total Satisfaction

    Jim from Reno on 9/6/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I just purchased and installed 4 zones for my home in Reno. Flawless and easy installation. Quality of material, information, and design is outstanding. Elegantly engineered. The hand-held controller is simple, intuitive, and responsive. I have been using it heavily for a week. No drop outs. No "wait while we re-connect." We have three computers and two printers using our wireless network. It does not affect that at all, as Sonos uses its own wireless network. It is a rare product these days that is engineered so well, is pleasing to the eye, and is ergonomically sound. I could not be more pleased. This a quality product at a reasonable price.



    Great Product

    Joe from Hartford, CT on 8/26/2009

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This system is great, the installation was very easy. The connections to my PC music collection, iPhone, and Internet Radio all work as advertised. If you are looking for a way to add music and radio to various rooms in your home, without running wires this is the way to go.




    Hands-on research

    Product Research

    General Features
    Zone Player Features
    CR200 Controller Features

    General Features

    Bundle Contents: The Sonos Digital Music System Bundle 150 includes a ZP120 amplified Zone Player, a ZP90 non-amplified Zone Player and a CR200 Controller. The system also includes the following cables - 5' Ethernet cable, 6' stereo RCA to 3.5mm audio cable and a 3' stereo RCA cable.

    Overview: The Sonos Bundle 150 gives you everything you need to wirelessly play music in two rooms of your house. With SonosNet's superior wireless range, no room is out of reach. Simply connect the ZonePlayer 90 (ZP90) to your home theater or stereo and place the ZonePlayer 120 (ZP120) with built-in amplifier in any room where you want music. Then connect one of the ZonePlayers to your network for complete multi-room audio. To start playing music, use the supplied full-color wireless Controller (CR200) and simply pick a room, pick a song and hit play. With the Controller in hand you'll have instant access to your entire music collection, plus thousands of Internet radio stations, and the most popular online music services to play all over the house. When you want to play more music in more rooms, just add ZonePlayers and Controllers (sold separately).

    SonosNet 2.0: Sonos brings great sounding music wirelessly to any room in your house, without a big wiring project. SonosNet 2.0, Sonos' latest wireless mesh network technology, provides double the wireless range for whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference. Which means the music gets to all the right rooms at exactly the right time.

    Music Compatibility: Sonos liberates the music on your computer and the Internet so you can play it all over your house. You can find and play songs from your personal collection of music stored on your computer, plus thousands of free Internet radio stations from the supplied controller. Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular music services so you can stream millions of songs and stations from the Internet to the rooms of your choice. You can even connect ZonePlayers to your favorite audio source such as an iPod or CD player through an auxiliary input and listen throughout your home. The Sonos Bundle 150 supports the following music sources and types.

    • Audio Formats: Support for compressed MP3, WMA (including purchased Windows Media downloads), AAC (MPEG4), Ogg Vorbis, Audible (format 4), Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless) music files, as well as uncompressed WAV and AIFF files. Native support for 44.1kHz sample rates. Additional support for 48kHz, 32kHz, 24kHz, 22kHz, 16kHz, 11kHz, and 8kHz sample rates. Apple "Fairplay" and WMA Lossless formats not currently supported.
    • Music Services: Best Buy Digital Music Store, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody 3.0+, SIRIUS Internet Radio, and downloads from any service offering DRM-free tracks.
    • Internet Radio: Streaming MP3, WMA audio.
    • Album Art Supported: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.
    • Playlists Supported: Rhapsody, iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch (.m3u, .pls, .wpl)

    Simple Installation: Setting up the Sonos Bundle 150 is easy. No technical or wiring expertise is required and no need to break through walls or re-wire your entire home. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a router to get started. One of the supplied ZonePlayers in the Sonos system must be connected to your router and all the rest will work wirelessly. You can add more ZonePlayers and Controllers without additional wire. You can add up to a total of 32 Zone Players and 32 Controllers to your system.

    Automatic Updates: The entire Sonos system allows for free automatic software updates so you will always have the newest features and music services to enjoy. Simply register the system and Sonos will automatically notify you when software updates are available. By simply pressing one button your system updates itself.

    Zone Player Features

    Zone Player Overview: The Sonos ZP120 Zone Player and ZP90 Zone Player work exclusively with the Sonos Digital Music System. The ZP120 contains a stereo amplifier to drive a pair of speakers. The ZP90 is non-amplified, so it will need to be connected to a separate receiver/amplifier or to a pair of powered speakers. In a multi-room sound system, the first Zone Player is connected to your home network, and each subsequent Zone Player can be wired or completely wireless (except for power and speaker wires).

    Class D-Amplifier: The ZP120's built-in Class-D amplifier produces 55 watts RMS per channel (8 ohms, 20-20kHz, THD+N<0.02%). You can connect 4-ohm speakers rated to accept up to 150 watts or 8-ohm speakers rated up to 75 watts. The unit is equipped with two sets of spring-loaded binding posts.

    Line Inputs/Outputs: The ZP120 and ZP90 contain the following line inputs and outputs.

    • ZP120: The ZP120 has a pair of stereo RCA jacks available for connecting an external music source, such as a CD player or portable music player. The ZP120 also has a mono RCA line output with an automatic crossover for connecting to a dedicated subwoofer output for a powered sub. When adding a subwoofer, the ZP120 automatically adjusts the output to send the low frequencies to the subwoofer and the high frequencies to the speaker.
    • ZP90: The ZP90 also has a pair of stereo RCA jacks available for connecting an external music source, and stereo RCA line outputs for connecting to a home receiver. Both coaxial and optical digital outputs can be found on the ZP90.

    Ethernet Ports: A 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) on the rear-panel of each ZonePlayer allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet 2.0. Each ZonePlayer has a two-port Ethernet switch to bring standard Internet connectivity to your set-top box, DVR, PC, game console or NAS drive.

    Controls: The Zone Players only have a mute button and a volume control, both mounted on the front of the units. Between the buttons lies a Zone Player LED status indicator, which flashes when powering up or connecting to the Sonos Digital Music System, and lights solid when powered up and connected to the music system.

    Dual Voltage: The ZP120 is capable of accepting 115/120 Volts AC or 230/240 Volts AC. The voltage switch is located on the rear panel next to the AC power input. The ZP90 can accept 100-240 Volts AC 50/60Hz, but has no voltage switch.

    Zones: You can place a ZP120 or ZP90 Zone Player in each zone where you want to listen to music. The Sonos Digital Music System can accept up to 32 Zone Players and up to 32 CP100 Controllers. With multiple zones, you can play the same song in different rooms, or different songs in different rooms.

    Placement: It is not necessary to place the Zone Player in a visible place in the home. Although the unit has mute and volume controls on the front, it can be fully controlled using a CR200 controller. Typically, the Zone Player is placed in the crawl space in a house, and used to drive in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

    Range: The transmitting range of the Zone Players' built-in wireless system is approximately 100 feet, depending upon your home's layout. Thick walls, microwave ovens, and the presence of other wireless devices can interfere with or block the wireless network signals of the Sonos Digital Music Signal. When interference occurs, you can relocate the Zone Player, change the wireless channel, or make a wired (Ethernet) connection.

    Desktop Controller Software: The supplied setup disc contains the software for the Desktop Controller, which allows you to control the Sonos Digital Music System from your home computer. It includes easy-to-use wizards for setup and music sharing so the music folders on your hard drive can be shared across all Zone Players. You can also add Internet Radio stations and set preferences for online updates. Once the system is set up, all you need to do is choose your music, choose your zone and press Play. The Desktop Controller is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, as well as Mac OS X (version 10.4 and 10.5) operating systems.

    Sound Settings: From your computer or CR200 controller, you can change the sound settings for each individual Zone Player in the system. Adjustable sound settings include volume, bass, treble, balance, and loudness.

    Music Storage: Your digital music files can be stored on your computer, music server, a network-attached storage (NAS) box, or an external source like a CD player.

    CR200 Controller Features

    Controller Overview: The Sonos CR200 Controller works exclusively with the Sonos Multi-zone Digital Music System, and allows you to control all of your music and all of your zones wirelessly from the palm of your hand.

    Sonosnet: The controller communicates with the nearest ZP90 or ZP120 Zone player through Sonosnet, a secure, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network, allowing you to extend the range of the controller to any room in your house, even outside. Because it communicates with the nearest Zone Player, rather than through one distant control point, the system avoids sources of wireless interference. The range of the Sonosnet is 50 to 100 feet, a range similar to that of an 802.11g wireless access point.

    Rechargeable Battery: The CR200 is powered by a high-density rechargeable Lithium Ion polymer battery (1850mAh). Assuming typical usage, a fully charged battery will last from 2-5 days (depending on usage pattern and sleep timer settings).

    Charging Cradle: The CR200 also comes with a charging cradle so you can easily charge the controller's battery when it is not in use. The charging cradle will recharge the battery in approximately 2 hours (full charge).

    Touch Screen Display: The controller features a 3.5" (diagonally measured) full color LCD touch screen, with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, for viewing zone configurations, playlists, and menus, as well as full color album artwork. The LCD display offers touch screen technology with a rugged scratch-resistant glass face. The controller's transflective LCD screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with adjustable backlighting.

    Controls: The CR200 features the following controls:

    • Volume Controls:
      • Volume: Adjust the selected zone's volume up or down.
      • Mute: Temporarily silence the music in a zone, or if held for 3 seconds, silences all Zone Players.
    • Playback Controls:
      • Play/Pause
      • Skip Forward/Fast Forward
      • Previous/Fast Reverse
    • Navigation:
      • Zones: For selecting a zone to play music in, or view the music selections playing in each room. You can also create or modify zone groups to share the same music across zones.
      • Music: For browsing or selecting music; You can select new music to play, manage music queues, access playlists, and change the default settings for a Zone Player or Controller.
      • Back: For returning to the previous screen in the selected menu (zone or music)
      • Browse: While touch the screen, drag your finger up or down to scroll through any display list. Flick the screen to scroll quickly. Touch an item in a list to make a selection.
    • Light Sensor: The controller's built-in light sensor (located on the controller's face above the LCD screen) automatically turns on the button backlights based upon the brightness of the environment.

    Lock Controller: You can choose to lock the Sonos Controller 200 so that nothing happens when you touch the screen or buttons (such as when cleaning the screen, or carrying the controller in your pocket.

    Sleep Modes: To save battery power, the controller enters a progressive sleep mode:

    • Light Sleep Timer: The CR200 controller will go into a light sleep (the screen will turn off) to preserve battery life when it is unused for specified period of time. When motion is detected or a button is pressed, the controller awakens immediately.
    • Deep Sleep: The controller will enter a deep sleep when unused for a longer period of time (programmable in the menu). The controller goes through a restart cycle for several seconds when coming out of the deep sleep mode.

    Indicators: During operation, the CR200 controller has several status indicators. The LCD screen indicates the battery charge level and wireless signal strength. An Orange LED indicator appears when Controller is starting-up or when the battery is too low to power-on the screen.


    Dimensions: The Bundle 150 Components have the following dimensions:

    Component Width Height Depth
    ZP90 Zone Player 5.375" 2.9375" 7.205"
    ZP120 Zone Player 7.305" 3.5625" 9.025"
    CR200 Controller 2.875:" 4.5625" 0.8125"

    Our Product Research Team

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