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TomTom GO 740 LIVE

Portable navigator with TomTom LIVE information services

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Our take on the TomTom GO 740 LIVE

The GO 740 LIVE portable navigator from TomTom provides powerful hands-free guidance with helpful assistance from TomTom's optional LIVE subscription services. Take this handy travel buddy with you around town or across the country to reduce your stress, plus save time and money.

The GO 740 LIVE portable navigator from TomTom provides powerful hands-free guidance with helpful assistance from TomTom's optional LIVE subscription services. Take this handy travel buddy with you around town or across the country to reduce your stress, plus save time and money.

The navigator's 4.3" widescreen touch display gives you plenty of info as it provides turn-by-turn directions throughout the entire U.S. and Canada. Advanced lane guidance puts you in the right place for the next turn, while text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual street names in advance. TomTom's IQ Routes™ feature looks at peak congestion times on roads along your route to find the fastest way to your destination. You'll experience your commute in a new way, rather than sitting on high-speed highways that always seem to be clogged.

Hands-free control
The GO 740 LIVE makes it easy to navigate without touching the screen — it understands more than 130 different commands. Your spoken instructions will put you on the right path without having to scroll through menu screens or type in addresses. The GO 740 LIVE also comes with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, so you can make and receive calls hands-free with your compatible cell phone. And it'll understand simple voice commands like "Call home" to get you in touch quickly.

Stay connected with TomTom LIVE
TomTom includes a free three-month trial subscription to their LIVE information services, which include traffic updates, local gas price info, and weather reports. Best of all, you get Local Search powered by Google™ — a handy way to look up any destination. No need to wade through category screens to find spots like nightclubs, racetracks, or antique shops — with Local Search, just plug in a search term and let Google find it for you instantly. Google's massive location database provides address and phone number info, and with one tap of the screen you'll be routed on your way. TomTom LIVE services require a $10 monthly subscription fee after the free trial expires.

Additional first-class touches
TomTom's MapShare™ software lets you fix map inaccuracies on the spot, instead of waiting for the next update. You can edit speed limits, points of interest, street names and directions, and more right on your navigator, and share the edits directly with TomTom. You also get TomTom's EasyPort™ mount, which folds away for convenient storage and transport between vehicles. The "Help Me!" feature provides one-touch information for nearby emergency services, including phone numbers for rapid response.

Product Highlights:

  • portable GPS navigator with built-in antenna
  • suction-cup windshield mount and dashboard disk
  • photo viewer
  • includes car power adapter, USB cable, and rechargeable battery with 3 hours of life
Navigation features:
  • 4.3" color (480 x 272 pixels) touchscreen control
  • 3 million points of interest (plus unlimited Local Search powered by Google with TomTom LIVE)
  • 2GB flash memory preloaded with maps of the U.S. and Canada
  • allows custom points of interest
  • built-in receiver for TomTom LIVE information services — additional subscription ($10 per month) required after 3-month free trial period
  • accepts spoken commands and voice address entry
  • text-to-speech voice prompts announce actual street names at turns
  • IQ Routes uses average travel speeds to find the fastest route
  • lane guidance
  • allows user to edit some aspects of built-in maps and/or report suggested changes to TomTom
  • allows user to download celebrity voice prompts from TomTom
  • navigation modes: auto, pedestrian
  • microSD™ card slot
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling with a compatible phone
Other features and specs:

What's in the Box:

  • Portable GPS navigation receiver
  • Car dock with suction cup mount
  • Self-adhesive mounting disc
  • Home dock with attached 40" USB cable (with Type A USB connector on the end)
  • Cigarette lighter adapter with attached 5' DC output cord (DC output: 5V/1.2A)
  • User Guide (Eng/Span)
  • LIVE Services & Accessories booklet (Eng/Span)
  • TomTom Home & User Manual on CD-ROM
  • Voice Recognition Commands card

TomTom GO 740 LIVE Reviews

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740 tomtom Go

Scott from Whitefish, Montana on 6/16/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The TomTom Go 740 Live is a very impressive and easy to use GPS Navigation System. I have used others but this is the first I actually purchased and it is cool. Voice navigation and blue tooth technology allow you to be on a bumpy road and not have to touch the screen. It takes your incoming cell phone calls and allows you to make calls hand free. It will even play mp3 audio over an fm station on the vehicle radio. There are plenty of features you can download from Tom Tom to customize the 740 to your needs and or desires. This GPS unit will make you smile even when you are lost !!




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Maps Built-in
Map Coverage USA, CA, PR
Points of Interest 3,000,000
Multiple Destination Routing Yes
Screen Size 4.3"
Widescreen Yes
Bluetooth Capable Phone
Photo Viewer Yes
Digital Audio Playback No
Text To Speech Yes
Voice Control Yes
Traffic Information No
Dynamic Content Services TomTom LIVE-3 months free
Removable Memory Type microSD card
Battery Life 3 hours
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


Overview: The TomTom GO 740 LIVE can be used in your car or used as a handheld navigation unit. Maps of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are stored in the unit's 2 GB internal flash memory. The TomTom GO 740 LIVE also comes with a power adapter for the car and a car dock with a suction-cup mount, giving you an easy way to mount the TomTom GO 740 LIVE in your vehicle. You can connect the unit directly to your computer using the supplied Home Dock to receive software and map updates, as well as other TomTom services.

4.3" Touchscreen: The TomTom GO 740 LIVE features a 4.3" anti-glare TFT LCD touchscreen (480 x 232 resolution;16:9 aspect ratio) for easy operation using TomTom's user-friendly menus system.

TomTom LIVE: The GO 740 LIVE has a built-in wireless GPRS receiver, enabling you to receive the real-time TomTom LIVE services. A 3-month trial subscription is included; after the trial period expires, a monthly fee (currently $9.95) is required to receive LIVE services. TomTom LIVE services include:

  • Fuel Prices: The unit receives daily updates on the latest fuel prices, which are displayed with the list of gas stations near you. Prices are given for Regular, Mid-grade and Premium gas when available.
  • TomTom Traffic: Traffic updates are sent every two minutes directly to the unit to keep you up to date. Traffic services cover 102 markets. When a delay is detected along your route, you can be automatically re-routed to an alternative, more efficient route.
  • Weather: Five-day forecasts, updated hourly, are sent directly to the unit for your home location, your destination, or along your route.
  • Local Search powered by Google: Local search gives you access to the world's largest location database, including millions of addresses for shops and businesses. You can search using keywords, like "seafood" or "flowers", and once you select your destination, the unit will route you directly to it.

Spoken Instructions: The unit features loud and clear spoken instructions through its built-in speaker. You can choose from 9 male or female voices in 3 languages, download other voices and languages from the TomTom website, or record your own voice instructions (process takes approximately 15 minutes).

Text-to-Speech: The TomTom GO 740 LIVE will not only announce turn-by-turn navigation instructions, it will also announce street names and road numbers.

Note: You must select a computer voice and not a recorded human voice in order for street names to be read.

Voice Recognition: With the built-in microphone, you can control the unit using your voice. The GO 740 LIVE can recognize street names, place names, numbers, and over 130 commands. Frequently, after saying a street name, you will be given a list of six names that closely match what you said. To confirm, you can speak the corresponding number, or tap the name on the screen.

Hands-Free Calling Via Bluetooth: If you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth, you can use the GO 740 LIVE to make phone calls and send and receive messages. The phonebook from your mobile phone can be copied to the TomTom GO so you can make calls with just a few taps on the screen. Up to five phones can be added to this unit. For a list of compatible phones and what features are supported, you can visit

TomTom Home: Once you've loaded the TomTom Home software on your computer from the supplied CD or the TomTom Home website, you can back up the information programmed on your GO 740 LIVE, manage maps, voices, POIs (Points Of Interest), and other extras, plan trips in advance and update the TomTom GO 740 LIVE with the latest software and services automatically.

Note: System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows XP, 2000 or Vista (latest service packs recommended), Pentium III/equivalent or higher, 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended), internet connection (preferably broadband - DSL/Cable/LAN) for downloading updates, maps or services
    • TomTom Home software is a 20MB download requiring 50MB of disk space when installed
  • Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, 500 MHz G3 processor or better, 256MB RAM, internet connection (preferably broadband - DSL/Cable/LAN) for downloading updates, maps or services

IQ Routes: The GO 740 LIVE is equipped with IQ Routes technology. When you select a destination, the unit calculates the fastest route possible using actual average speeds of travel rather than posted speed limits.

Map Correction With Map Share: Map Correction allows you to make alterations to the map data on the TomTom GO 740 LIVE. You can block or unblock a street, reverse the traffic direction of a street, edit a street name, add a missing POI, or edit an existing POI. You can correct this information on the device as well as send this information to TomTom for review. You can also join the community of TomTom users to share and use map corrections.

Help Me!: The Help Me! feature provides and easy way for you to find and contact emergency services centers and other specialist services around you current location. This menu provides locations and phone numbers for these services. The Help Me! menu also includes a selection of useful documents covering topics such as First Aid and car maintenance.

TomTom Buddies: Other TomTom GPS users can share their location with you, or vice versa. The TomTom Buddies service is free. Once your TomTom GO is registered, you can invite other registered users to share their locations. The location of other TomTom Buddies can be viewed on the map as you navigate.

Navigation: The 'Navigate to...' menu is the simplest and most useful starting point in most situations. Given your current GPS position, you can use this to navigate to any given address, intersection, favorite location, POI (Point Of Interest), and so on. You can choose from the following options:

  • Home: Once your home location is stored in memory, it can be quickly be chosen as a destination.
  • Favorite: The locations that you visit frequently can be stored in the Favorite menu. A Favorite can be chosen as a destination without having to enter its address each time.
  • Address: This option lets you enter a City, Street Name/House Number, Zip code or Intersection to navigate to.
  • Recent Destination: You can display a list of addresses, Points Of Interest and other destinations that you've used recently.
  • Point Of Interest: This option lets you choose from a database of millions of railway stations, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and so on.
  • Point On Map: You can use the map browser to select a destination, scroll around the map, zooming in or out as needed.
  • My Location: You can save the current GPS position in memory and return to it in the future.
  • Position Of Last Stop: You can save the position of your last stop and return to it in the future.
  • Latitude/Longitude: You can enter a destination with latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • TomTom Buddies: You can select a TomTom Buddy's location as your destination.

Favorite Locations: The Favorite menu allows you to store locations that you visit frequently into memory. You can choose a favorite location the same way you choose a destination. The following menu options are available; Home, Address, Recent Destination, Point On Map, My Location (allows you to store your current location quickly), latitude and longitude, and Position of Last Stop.

Find Alternative: Once a route has been planned, you can change it using the 'Find alternative...' menu. You can choose from the following options:

  • Calculate Alternative: You can find an alternative route if you don't like the original route.
  • Avoid Roadblock: If you spot signs of trouble (such as backed-up traffic or 'Delays ahead' warning signs), you can choose this menu option. You need to estimate whether the blockage extends 100 yards, 1/4 mile, 1 mile or 3 miles ahead of your current position and then select the appropriate icon.
  • Travel via...: Choose 'Travel via...' if you want to make sure the planned route goes past a particular location, perhaps to pick up or drop someone off. The new location is selected the same as you would pick a departure point or destination.
  • Avoid Part of Route: This menu option allows you to avoid intersections that are known for heavy traffic.
  • Recalculate Original: You can return to the original best route.

Advanced Planning: The Advanced Planning allows you to plan ahead. Using this menu, you can look at the best route and journey time between any two given locations, or perhaps get directions that will help someone else get to your current position. You can select the departure location in the usual way. You'll then be asked to 'Pick a destination', again with the usual choices. Finally, you will need to choose the route type from the following options: Fastest route, Shortest route (for motor vehicles), Avoid highways, Walking route (i.e. the shortest route, ignoring all traffic rules and excluding highways), Bicycle route (i.e. the shortest route obeying traffic rules but still excluding highways), or Limited speed (the quickest route for a vehicle of limited top speed, i.e. many road types are equally preferred, apart from highways).

View Route: If you already have a route planned, you can explore it in various ways by choosing 'View route'. You can choose from the following options:

  • Browse as Text: This option provides a simple list of the junctions involved and the distances (or times, use the 'Options' button to change the numbers shown) between them.
  • Browse as Images: Using this option presents each junction in 3D, with your turn instruction clearly marked.
  • Browse Map of Route: This option allows to overlay the route onto a map that you can zoom and scroll around.
  • Show Route Demo: This feature shows an animation of your route.
  • Show Route Summary: This option allows you to display the graphical overview of your route that was shown when it was first calculated.

Route Re-calculation: This unit will automatically re-calculate your route if you detour from the planned one.

Preferences: You can change much of the look and feel of your TomTom system to your own liking by using 'Preferences'. You can adjust the following:

  • Display Color Scheme: When 'Use Day Colors' is selected, bright colors are used, with a lot of contrast, so that you can see the map clearly. When it is dark outside, you may want to 'Use Night Colors'. The navigation view will then be displayed (by default) using dark and subdued colors that will not interfere with your night vision. The TomTom also has a light sensor which can do this automatically.
  • Enable/Disable POI: This option allows you to show or hide each category of POI; for example, show restaurants and don't show ferry terminals.
  • Safety Preferences: The unit provides a list of preferences to make your journey safer. You can select from: Hide menu options while driving, Suggest driving breaks, Show safety reminders, Warn when near churches or schools, Warn when driving faster than set speed or faster than allowed, and Warn not to leave device in car.
  • Guided Tours: This option gives you tutorials on the GPS unit, menu options, map browsing, route planning, and traffic (if subscribed).
  • Turn Off Sound/Turn On Sound: You can turn the navigation voice on or off.
  • Volume Preferences: Adjust the volume based on the amount of noise in the car. You can also link the volume to your speed, so directions are louder at higher speeds.
  • Manage Favorites: You can rename or delete favorites.
  • Status Bar Preferences: You can check off items to show on status bar: Remaining Time, Remaining Distance, Arrival Time, Current Time, Street Name, or Speed. You can also orient the status bar vertically or horizontally on the screen.
  • Change Voice: The TomTom has a wide range of male and female voices to choose from for commands.
  • Warn When Near POI: The unit will provide an audible warning when near selected points of interest.
  • 3D/2D Map: The main 3D navigation view, showing maps, routes and Points Of Interest from the perspective of the vehicle driver, can be switched to a more conventional 2D view. Choose 'Turn off 3D display' to revert to an overhead 'plan' map, which is constantly rotated to keep your current direction of travel pointing 'up' the screen. Choose 'Turn on 3D display' to return to the original view.
  • Name Preferences: Allows you to choose how streets and highways are named.
  • Change Home Location: Change your home location by entering an address, a recent destination, point of interest, GPS position, point on map, latitude/longitude, or TomTom buddy.
  • Manage Map: You can download a new map, change the map you're using, or delete a map from an SD card (sold separately).
  • Planning Preferences: You can select option for each time a search is done: fastest route, shortest route, avoid freeways, walking routes, bicycle routes, or limited speed. You can also choose to be asked preference each time a search is done.
  • Change Language: You can select from multiple languages for voice commands.
  • Set Owner: Enter your name and address as owner of the unit and secure it with a four digit password.
  • Operate Left/Right Handed: You can change the button orientation to one side of the screen or the other depending upon the hand being used.
  • Brightness Preferences: To save you adjusting the brightness several times each day, there are two preference sliders, one each for the daytime and nighttime color schemes. You can also choose to turn brightness down, or switch to night view when dark.
  • Change Map Colors: You can independently select from 10 map color schemes for day and night colors.
  • Set Units: You can choose to display units for distances, time, latitude/longitude, temperature, or barometer measurements.
  • Set Clock: You can set the time manually and change the way the clock is displayed. The clock can also be set automatically using the GPS signal.
  • Switch/Manage Maps: You can switch between the current map (U.S. and Canada) to any other maps that may be available on the Memory card.
  • Keyboard Preferences: The size and layout of the keyboard can be changed. You can select between "ABCD", "QWERTY", or "AZERTY" keyboard layouts.
  • Compass Preferences: Choose type of compass: arrow pointing north, arrow showing your heading, arrow pointing toward destination, or none.
  • Reset Factory Settings: Lets you delete all settings, locations, and itineraries that have been added.

Digital Photo Viewer: You can store and view digital photos on the GO 740 LIVE. Pictures can be shown one at a time or in a slideshow. You can also select one of your photos to display every time you turn on the unit.

microSD Card Slot: The TomTom GO 740 LIVE features a microSD card slot on the bottom, allowing you to access additional maps.

Rechargeable Battery: Fully charging the internal Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery will take approximately 2 hours. A fully charged battery offers approximately 5 hours of operation.

USB Input: The unit has a mini USB version 2.0 port on the back of the car dock for connecting the unit to your computer. The Home Dock has a Type A USB plug at the end of the connecting cable.

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