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Marantz AV8003

Audio/video surround sound preamplifier

3 Reviews

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Our take on the Marantz AV8003

Marantz's AV8003 preamp/processor delivers superb picture and sound quality, to heighten the realism of even high-end home theater systems. Behind its sculpted aluminum front panel lies a host of advanced features backed up by legendary Marantz build quality. You get sophisticated video switching, top-notch THX® Ultra2 sound processing, plus built-in decoding for lossless Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ Master Audio, for the best possible sound from compatible Blu-ray players and discs.

Marantz's AV8003 preamp/processor delivers superb picture and sound quality, to heighten the realism of even high-end home theater systems. Behind its sculpted aluminum front panel lies a host of advanced features backed up by legendary Marantz build quality. You get sophisticated video switching, top-notch THX® Ultra2 sound processing, plus built-in decoding for lossless Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™ Master Audio, for the best possible sound from compatible Blu-ray players and discs.

Marantz also included some distinctive audiophile touches. Inside are carefully selected premium-quality parts using shortened audio signal paths to maintain sonic purity and minimize loss. A copper-plated steel chassis and shielded toroidal transformer help block out interference, ensuring pristine sound for all of your entertainment sources. Pair this preamp/processor with Marantz's matching MM8003 multichannel power amplifier to enjoy an unforgettable home theater experience.

Outstanding picture quality from every video source
The AV8003 will accept up to four high-definition digital video signals at resolutions up to 1080p via its HDMI inputs. This lets you hook up high-res sources such as a Blu-ray player or game console, an HD satellite receiver, and a high-end DVD player, and easily switch among them. Two HDMI outputs mean you can route your high-def video signals to more than one HDTV or projector.

Marantz equipped the AV8003 with Anchor Bay Technology's Precision Video Scaler™. This sophisticated technology provides cutting-edge video scaling and deinterlacing capabilities — including digital upconversion of your non-HD video sources to an HDMI signal with up to 1080p resolution. You'll see improved detail and smoother playback from your video gear, and enjoy the convenience of a single-cable digital connection to your TV.

Ethernet connectivity and HD Radio
This preamp/processor's Ethernet port lets you connect to your wired home computer network to access digital music, pictures, and video files stored on your PC. The built-in HD Radio tuner lets you listen to the free, over-the-air digital programming that many AM and FM stations now broadcast. The AV8003 is also XM Ready and compatible with XM's HD surround music channels. Or connect an optional SiriusConnect™ home tuner kit to enjoy SIRIUS satellite programming. (Subscriptions required for XM and SIRIUS.)

Precision auto setup tailors sound to your room
Marantz also included Audyssey's MultEQ® auto-calibration system to help you get the most accurate home theater sound possible in your room. The AV8003 uses the supplied microphone to analyze sound from up to six different listening positions, then automatically adjusts level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers. You get precise response across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy balanced home theater sound.

Multi-room flexibility
The AV8003's multi-source, multi-room output provides flexible entertainment options throughout your home. You can watch the game in the living room while your kids enjoy a movie in the den, and your spouse listens to stereo music from the PC out on the deck. (External amplification required.) For custom-tailored help using the AV8003 in a multi-room system, call Crutchfield's Audio/Video Designers.

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Product Highlights:

  • audio/video surround sound preamplifier processor
  • THX Ultra2 certification
  • THX Surround EX, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD™ Master Audio, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD™ High Resolution Audio, Dolby® Digital EX, DTS-ES™, Pro Logic® IIx, and DTS Neo:6 decoding, and Dolby Headphone processing
  • Anchor Bay Technology Precision Video Scaler™ with full 10-bit video processing
  • digital media player for streaming music, photo, and video files from a PC network
  • Audyssey MultEQ® with six-point auto setup (microphone included)
  • built-in HD Radio tuner with multi-casting reception
  • XM Satellite Radio Ready with decoding for XM's HD Surround channels (requires XM subscription and optional XM Mini-Tuner package)
  • Neural-THX Surround decoder for XM's HD Surround channels
  • SIRIUS satellite radio capable (requires SIRIUS subscription and optional SiriusConnect™ home tuner kit)
  • iPod® integration (requires optional Marantz iPod dock)
  • M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander) for better sound with compressed music sources
  • three-room/three-source output:
    • line-level stereo audio output for 2nd room and 3rd room
    • composite or component video output for 2nd room
  • Dolby Headphone mode for surround sound with standard stereo headphones
  • HDCD decoding
  • 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters for all channels
  • copper-plated chassis to minimize interference
  • toroidal power transformer
  • backlit learning/multibrand LCD remote (PC programmable)
  • learning/multibrand remote for 2nd or 3rd listening room (requires remote control extender system, not included)
  • 17-3/8"W x 7-3/16"H x 16-15/16"D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI digital video switching (4 in, 2 out)
    • analog-to-HDMI video upconversion (up to 1080p output)
  • HDMI version 1.3a with support for Deep Color, x.v.Color™, SACD, and auto lip-sync
  • component video switching: 4 in, 2 out
  • component video conversion (composite to S-video, or composite and S-video to component)
  • digital audio inputs: 3 optical, 3 coaxial
  • digital audio outputs: 1 optical, 1 coaxial
  • 7 audio/video inputs, including
    • 4 inputs with composite and S-video
    • 3 audio-only inputs (2 RCA, and 1 XLR)
  • no phono input
  • 7.1-channel analog audio preamp input
  • 7.1-channel analog audio preamp output (RCA and XLR)
  • RS-232C port for automated control systems
  • Ethernet port for music, photo, and video streaming from a PC network
  • detachable power cord

What's in the Box:

  • Networking AV preamp/processor
  • 5.5' AC cord
  • RC2001 Main remote control
  • RC101 Sub remote control
  • 6 "AAA" batteries
  • Audyssey microphone with attached 24' cord terminated by a male 3.5mm minijack connector
  • AM loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna
  • 75-300 ohm converter adapter
  • 40" USB cable with a USB type-A connector on one end and a miniUSB type-B connector on other end
  • AV Pre-Tuner User Guide (English/French)
  • Network Player User Guide (English/French)
  • PC Edit Software User Guide (English/French)
  • USA Warranty sheet
  • Canada Warranty sheet

Marantz AV8003 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)

It's an Investment in Family Time!

Nick S. from Gurnee, IL on 8/19/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For over a year my family had been asking that I build a home theater system for our family room. We've always spent much of our time listening to music and my mostly horiffic experience with friends' & in-store systems caused me to make continual excuses. Then, a close friend asked for help to build a HT system.We went out and listened to (I acted as ignorant as humanly possible) Bose systems, home theater in a box, and (sadly) poorly put together systems recommendations by ignorant big store sales help and greedy hi-end stores. After much research we bult a kick-butt system for less than $5K. I began to consider the same for my family, so I sold all my equipment and with Crutchfield's help put the finishing touches on a system that (when listening to music) rivals my prior 2 channel systems. Malcolm knew more than my years of experience/research and understood what I intention. The NAD T975 & PSB Synchrony One(s) with the AV8003 lived up to Malcolm's description! It's as simple to set-up as putting together a 2 channel and after a month the sound continues to warm and improve. Making tweaks is simple. Movies sound better than in theaters and music quality rates 8 compared w/ my prior systems' 10. One caveat=remote - it's horrible. Buy the Logitech One! When calling ask for Malcolm-he'll understand, educate you, then make suggestions that aren't based on price - thanks again Malcolm!



Marantz Hero Plus Product

Ruben from Gurabo, PR on 5/16/2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I buy this exceptional equipment because I have the Marantz MM8003 8 channel power amplifier and want to complete the very good quality of Marantz. This processor have all you need for enjoy todays blu-ray movies and also to listen music. You can listen every details that other equipment can not reproduce in a one piece for the space for have the amplifier build in. The remote control are amazing, I can control all my other equipment (TV, Blu-Ray, iPod Dock) with it and like so much to program it on my computer. On the video side it makes a good work of upscale and also pass through. I connect it speaker output to my MM8003 via XLR cables and really note a difference versus the RCA connection. For all this reasons I highly recommend this equipment to you and also the MM8003 you can read my review of the MM. Thank you Crutchfield for all your help to get my dream come true.



Audio perfection; remote annoying

James from Wichita, KS on 11/6/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Appearances first, of course, absolutely beautiful. Plus, it is not as deep as a lot of units so installation is very easy. Set-up is simple, although the GUI is not all! I was rather shocked when it appeared on screen, but it is very easy to use. Honestly, I would rather them put the engineering into the audio quality, not GUI's anyway, which is apparent. Sound? WONDERFUL! Everything is as clear and pure as you would ever want. No complaints. I give the unit five stars because of this. The remote? Good looking but harder to use than it has to be. It took awhile, but I got used to it and it's fine. So, beautiful and perfect sound. Easy to use. Remote and GUI could be improved but that would not hinder me from recommend the unit. If you want quality, this is a winner!




Hands-on research

Product Research

Overview: The Marantz AV8003 is equipped with all of the latest high resolution audio formats, including, 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding; the AV8003 is also THX Ultra2 certified, with additional THX surround sound post-processing functions. Able to handle a variety of input sources and formats, the AV8003 features a quartet of latest specification v1.3a HDMI inputs, which provide high resolution audio format compatibility as well as supporting Deep Color and xvYCC extended video formats, for the ultimate picture and sound quality with high definition sources such as Blu-Ray. For whole home entertainment, the AV8003 features three zone A/V signal distribution, including high definition video via HDMI for the main zone, component video to the second zone, with third zone independent audio program capability. The AV8003 also features a built-in video processor that provides de-interlacing and up-conversion to 1080P.  Multiple power supplies and extensive internal shielding, along with a full copper-plated chassis provide maximum audio and video signal integrity. A built-in digital media player makes it easy to stream Audio, Video and Photos from your PC or NAS device to your theater. Combined with the Marantz MM8003 8 channel power amplifier, the AV8003 delivers the ultimate home theater viewing and listening experience.

Note: The Marantz AV8003 preamplifier/processor does not feature a built-in amplifier and requires a separate power amplifier such as the Marantz MM8003 8 channel power amplifier (642MM8003, sold separately).

Audio Features
Video Features
Tuner Functions
Network Functions
Remote Controls
Optional Add-on Devices

Audio Features

Digital Signal Processing (DSP): The Marantz AV8003 is equipped with a high-resolution 32-bit floating point Digital Signal Processor (DSP). All elements of the Surround Processor are optimized to the highest standards by the use of selected high performance and discrete components, particularly the A/D and D/A converters and the sophisticated DSP surround decoder.

24-Bit, 192 kHz D/A Converters: The AV8003 uses 24-bit/192-kHz Digital-to-Analog converters for all channels. The 192kHz sampling and 24-bit word length capabilities of the DACs allows you to play high-resolution recordings and hear the increased clarity, detail and dynamic range of those recordings.

Independent Power Supplies: Independent power supply circuits are incorporated for the FL display, audio and video sections for maximum separation, clarity and dynamic range.

Auto MultEQ Setup: This Audyssey MultEQ technology adapted by this preamplifier/processor provides the best listening environment for multiple listeners. The Auto MultEQ Setup feature of the AV8003 measures sound characteristics of your speaker system and room where the preamplifier/processor is used and automatically optimizes settings. To do this, the Auto Setup feature measures a test tone emitted by each channel in a maximum of 6 listening positions, using the supplied microphone. The measurement results are analyzed using an original algorithm and environmental settings are made to improve the sound characteristics of your listening area.

Manual Speaker Setup: If you prefer, you can manually setup up your speaker configurations. You can select the size and presence of each speaker, the distance of each speaker from your normal listening position, and the level of each speaker in your system.

Surround Modes: The AV8003 is equipped with various surround modes to reproduce a variety of surround sound effects, according to the content of the source to b played. In addition to the preamplifier/processor Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, and DTS decoders, the Marantz AV8003 is also THX Ultra2 certified.

  • Auto: When this mode is selected, the unit determines whether the digital input signal is Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, or PCM audio.
  • Source Direct: In the Source Direct mode, the tone control circuit Acoustic EQ and bass management configuration are bypassed for full-range frequency response and the purist audio reproduction.
  • Pure Direct: The Pure Direct mode further reduces sources of noise in addition to effect of the Source Direct mode, by blocking output from the video jacks and turning of the unit's display.
  • Stereo: This mode bypasses all surround processing. In stereo program sources, the left and right channels play normally when PCM audio or analog stereo is input. With Dolby Digital and DTS sources, the 5.1 channels are converted to two channels stereo. 96kHz PCM source material can be played back in stereo mode.
  • HDCD: When listening to HDCD recordings, you hear more dynamic range, a focused 3-D sound stage, and extremely natural vocal and musical timber.
  • Dolby Headphone: This mode simulates the waveforms of the actual sounds heard from the speakers when listening to the preamplifier/processor's audio through a connected pair of headphones.
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker: Dolby Virtual Speaker technology use proprietary technology of Dolby Laboratories to create a virtual surround sound-field using only two speakers for the front channels, allowing the user to experience sound as if surround speakers were actually being used.
  • Multi-channel Movie/Music: This mode is used to create a wider, deeper and more natural soundstage from two channel source material. This is done by feeding the left channel signal to both the left front and left surround speaker and the right channel signal to both the right front and right surround speakers. Additionally, the center channel reproduces a mix of the right and left channels.
  • Circle Surround II (Cinema/Music/Mono): Circle Surround is designed to enable multi-channel surround sound playback of no-encoded and multi-channel encode material. Backward compatibility provides listeners with up to 6.1 channels of surround performances from an entire collection of music and film, including broadcast, video tape, and stereo recorded music. Depending on source material , you can select Cinema, Music or Mono mode. Circle Surround also offers the following parameter adjustments.
    • TruBass: TruBass produced by your speakers is an octave below the actual physical capabilities of your speakers adding exciting, deep bass effects.
    • SRS Dialog: This feature allows dialogue to easily be discerned from the surround audio effects.
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx: Pro Logic IIx expands any existing stereo- or 5.1-channel audio for a 6.1- or 7.1- channel playback, creating a seamless, natural surround sound-field that immerses you in the entertainment experience. Dolby Pro Logic IIx has 5 modes:
    • Movie: This mode provides 6.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound from Dolby Surround, encodes stereo movie soundtracks.
    • Music: The Pro LogicIIx-Music mode creates a rich and enveloping ambience from stereo sources such as CDs. In this mode, the AV8003 includes three controls to fine tune this sound-field.
      • Panorama: Panorama wraps the sound of the front left and right speakers around you, for an exciting perspective.
      • Dimension: This feature adjusts the sound-field either towards the front or towards the rear of your system. This can be useful to help achieve a more suitable balance from all the speaker with certain recordings.
      • Center Width: The Center Width feature allows you to gradually spread the center channel sound into the front left and right speakers.
    • Game: This mode restores the impact low-frequency surround effects by routing them to the system's subwoofer.
    • 5.1ch + PLIIx Movie: This mode provides 7.1 cannels surround sound from 5.1 channel movie soundtracks.
    • 5.1ch+ PLIIx Music: This mode provides 6.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound from 5.1 channel music soundtracks.
  • Dolby Digital: Dolby Digital is a 5.1 multi-channel digital surround format.
  • Dolby Digital EX: Dolby Digital EX is a 6.1 multi-channel digital surround format.
  • Dolby Digital Plus: Dolby Digital Plus is an improved Dolby Digital surround format that is compatible with up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound and also improves sound quality due to extra data bit rate performance.
  • Dolby TrueHD: Dolby TrueHD is a high definition audio technology, using lossless coding technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of the studio masters.
  • DTS Digital Surround: DTS Digital Surround is a 5.1 multi-channel digital surround sound format used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.
  • DTS-ES Extended Surround: DTS-ES features two 6.1 multi-channel formats: DTS-ES Discrete 6.1(6.1-channel discrete digital audio format adding a surround back channel to the DTS digital surround sound) and DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 (discrete 6.1 channel digital audio format inserting a surround back channel to the DTS surround sound through matrix encoding)
  • DTS Neo:6 Surround: DTS Neo:6 is a matrix decoding technology for achieving 6.1-channel surround playback with 2-channel sources. You can choose from two DTS Neo: 6 Surround formats - Neo: 6 Cinema and Neo: 6 Music. You can also adjust the Center Gain to expand the sound image from the center channel.
  • DTS 96/24: DTS 96/24 is a digital audio format enabling high sound quality playback in 5.1-channels with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and 24 bit quantization of DVD-video.
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio: DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is an improved version of the conventional DTS, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 signal formats that is compatible with sampling frequencies of 96 or 48 kHz and up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound. High data bit rate performance provides high quality sound.
  • DTS-HD Master Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossless audio format compatible with up to 96 kHz and up to 7.1-channels. The lossless audio coding technology faithfully reproduces the sound of the studio master.
  • Neural Surround: Neural Surround has been adopted by XM Satellite Radio for digital radio broadcasts of XM HD Surround recordings and live events in surround sound. Neural Surround employs psychoacoustic frequency domain processing which allows delivery of a more detailed sound stage with superior channel separation and localization of audio elements.
  • THX Ultra2 Cinema: THX Ultra2 Cinema mode plays 5.1 movies using all 7.1 speaker give you the best possible movie watching experience. In this mode, ASA (Advanced Speaker Array) processing blends the surround L/R speakers and surround back speakers, providing the optimal mix of ambient and directional surround sound.
  • THX Cinema: THX Cinema accurately translates the sound from the movie theater environment into the your home by correcting the tonal and spatial errors that occur. When the Home THX Cinema mode is selected on the AV8003, THX post-processing is automatically added after the Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital or DTS decoder.
  • THX Surround EX: With the AV8003, Dolby Digital EX soundtracks further undergo Home THX Cinema processing to achieve a THX Surround EX system. This mode gives you more detailed imaging behind you, allowing for 360-degree surround sound effects.
  • THX Music Mode: THX Music mode can be used for playing 5.1 multi-channel music sources. In this mode THX processing is applied to the surround channels to provide a wide and stable rear soundstage.
  • THX Games Mode: Two channel stereo and multi channel, analog and digital signals are compatible with THX Games Mode. ASA is used to accurately place all game audio information, providing a full 360° playback environment. THX Games Mode is unique as it gives you a smooth transition of audio in all points of the surround field.

THX Ultra2 Certification: This unit has been built and tested to conform to the high standards of sound and build quality set by the THX Ultra2 Certification program. THX is the unique collaboration between Lucasfilm Ltd. and audio equipment manufacturers. THX Ultra2 certification provides a rigorous set of performance standards, along with proprietary surround sound post-processing technologies, designed to enhance the surround sound playback experience in the home theater. When the THX Ultra2 mode is on, the following THX post-processing is added:

  • Re-Equalization: The tonal balance of a film soundtrack tends to be excessively bright and harsh when played back over audio equipment in the home because film soundtracks are designed to be played back in large movie theaters using very different professional equipment. Re-Equalization restores the correct tonal balance for watching a movie soundtrack in a typical home environment.
  • Timbre Matching: The human ear changes our perception of a sound depending on the direction from which the sound is coming. In a movie theater, there is an array of surround speakers so that the surround information is all around you. In a home theater only two or four surround speakers are used. The Timbre Matching feature filters the information going to the surround speakers so that they more closely match the tonal characteristics of the sound coming from the front speakers. This ensures seamless panning between the front and surround speakers.
  • Adaptive Decorrelation: In a movie theater, a large number of surround speakers help create an enveloping surround sound experience, while in a home theater there are usually only two or four surround speakers. This can make the surround speakers sound like headphones that lack spaciousness. The surround sounds will also collapse into the closest speaker as you move away from the middle seating position. Adaptive Decorrelation slightly changes one surround channel's time and phase relationship with respect to the others. This expands the listening position and creates the same spacious surround experience as in a movie theater.
  • ASA (Advanced Speaker Array): ASA is a proprietary THX technology which processes the sound fed to the two side and two back surround speakers to provide the optimal surround sound experience.
  • BGC (Boundary Gain Compensation): The BGC feature provides overall improved bass balance of your home theater system by compensating for room and wall boundaries.

Acoustic EQ: The A/V preamplifier/processor features 5 Acoustic Equalizer modes to choose from.

  • Audyssey: This mode adjust the frequency characteristics of all speakers so as to create the best listening environment for the sound characteristics of your listening area.
  • Front: This mode matches the characteristic of each speaker to those of the front speakers.
  • Flat: This mode flattens the frequency characteristics of all speakers. It is suited for playback of multi-channel music such as Dolby Digital and DTS.
  • Preset: This mode independently adjusts the preamplifier/processor's 9-band graphic equalizer (63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 16kHz) for each of the amplifier's channels.
  • Off: The graphic equalizer is not use.

Bass & Treble: You can adjust the preamplifier/processor's Bass and Treble independently to suit your listening tastes or room acoustics.

Surround Channel Level: The channel level can be independently set for Multi-Channel Stereo, CSII and other modes. You can adjust the Center level, Surround level and Surround Back level from -12 to +12 in 0.5 dB increments. The Subwoofer level can be adjusted from -18 to +12 in 0.5 dB increments.

LFE Level: This function selects the output level of the LFE signal included in the Dolby Digital signal or the DTS signal. You can select from 0 to -10 dB.

M-DAX: This function makes up for lost audio content in MP3 or AAC sources during playback.

Dialogue Normalization: Dialogue Normalization is a feature of Dolby Digital which is used to keep the programs at the same average listening level so the user does not have to change the volume control between Dolby Digital programs.

Night Mode: Useful at night or when loud noise is undesirable, this mode compresses the dynamic range, making it easier to hear quieter audio content without increasing the overall volume of your system. Night Mode is only effective for Dolby Digital content.

Multi-Room System: The AV8003's Multi-Room System mode allows the same source or different source to be played in two rooms other than where the preamplifier/processor is installed. The Marantz AV preamplifier/processor features a Main Zone (Main), Audio/Video Zone (Zone A) and Audio Only Zone (Zone B). The Main Zone contains 7.1-channel playback of your audio/video gear in your main entertainment room. The Audio/Video Zone A allows audio/video playback of another audio/video source connected to the preamplifier/processor in another room of your home via left/right RCA audio output and composite video connections to a separate amplifier and display monitor. Video playback of the same source can also be seen in Zone A using the preamplifier/processor's component video monitor 2 output connected to a separate video display. Audio Only Zone B allows you to play a stereo audio source connected to the preamplifier/processor in a 3rd room of your house via left/right RCA audio connections to a separate amplifier. When connected to the Marantz MM8003 8-channel power amplifier, you can use the Surround Back Channel of the power amplifier to power one of the preamplifier/processor's zones.

Bi-Amp Connection: A bi-amp connection is possible with speakers that have two set of inputs by combining the Front  and Surround Back channels. This allows you to drive the treble and bass units with separate channels amps, which enable better sound quality. The Surround Back speaker connections and Front channel speaker connection of your amplifier (MM8003) will need to be connected to your speakers.

Digital Inputs/Outputs: There are 3 coaxial digital inputs and 4 optical digital inputs (one on front). The inputs accept digital audio signals from a compact disc, LD, DVD or other digital source component. There is also 1 coaxial digital output and 1 optical digital output. The digital outputs can be connected to MD, recorders, CD recorders, DAT decks, or other similar components.

Balanced Inputs: The AV8003 features a pair of balanced XLR inputs for connection for a Super Audio CD player or similar time device.

Preamp Outputs: The AV8003 features Front left, Front right, Center, Surround left, Surround right, Surround Back left, Surround Back right and Subwoofer preamp outputs to connect the preamplifier/processor to an external power amplifier such as the Marantz MM8003. The AV8003 features both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR preamp outputs.

7.1 Channel Input: The AV8003 features a 7.1 Channel input (Front left, Front right, Center, Surround left, Surround right, Surround Back left, Surround Back right and Subwoofer) for connecting a DVD Audio player, Super Audio CD multi-channel player, or other component that has a multi-channel port so you can playback the audio with 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel surround sound. If you will not be using the 7.1 channel input with a multi-channel decoder, you can use the front and left inputs as an auxiliary input.

Headphone Output: The preamplifier/processor features a 1/4" stereo headphone jack on its front panel for connecting a pair of optional headphones. The unit's speakers will automatically be turned off when a set of headphones are connected.

Video Features

HDMI (version 1.3): This unit has 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. The 4 HDMI inputs are assignable from the preamplifier/processor's on-screen menu. The dual HDMI outputs cannot be used simultaneously.

Component Video: This unit has 4 component video inputs to obtain the color information (Y, Cb, Cr) directly from the recorded DVD signal or other video component; and 2 component video outputs to output the video signal directly into the matrix decoder of your television. By sending the pure DVD component video signal directly, the DVD signal forgoes the extra processing that normally would degrade the image. the result is vastly increased image quality, with incredibly life like colors and crisp detail. The 2 component video outputs will display the same video signal.

Video Up/Down Conversion: The AV8003 can take an analog video input (composite, S-video, component) and up-convert it to HDMI so the video signal can be passed through the preamplifier/processor's HDMI terminal to your television via a single HDMI cable using the unit's Anchor Bay Precision Video Scaler with full 10-bit video processing. The AV8003 can also take any of the preamplifier/processor's analog video inputs and up-convert or down-convert them to any of the unit's analog video monitor outputs (composite, S-video, component). The preamplifier/processor's HDMI inputs cannot be down-converted.

I/P Conversion: The video circuit of the preamplifier/processor is equipped with an I/P conversion feature. When this feature is active, 480i analog video signals input from a playback device can be converted to 480p and progressively output to the component video or HDMI monitor out terminals on the AV8003.

Auto Lipsync Correction: Video signals may take longer to process than audio signals depending on the connected video equipment. When the unit is connected to A TV or Projector which supports Auto Lipsync Correction in HDMI 1.3, audio and video can be automatically synchronized using this function.

On-Screen Display: The preamplifier/processor incorporates an on-screen menu system which makes various operations and menu selections visible on your connected television set.

Tuner Functions

AM/FM Tuner With RBDS: The Marantz AV8003 features a built-in AM/FM tuner which can automatically or manually store up to 60 AM/FM presets that can be labeled. The preamplifier/processor's tuner is equipped with RBDS to assist in the selection of FM stations using station and network names, rather than broadcast frequencies. Additional RBDS functions include the ability to search for program types. Some RBDS stations broadcast Radio Text, which is additional information on the station and program being broadcast. Radio Text information will appear as scrolling text along the preamplifier/processor's display.

HD Radio: The AV8003 features a separate, built-in HD AM/FM tuner. HD radio stations offer higher sound quality than conventional FM/AM broadcasts. HD FM stations sound as great as CD quality while HD AM sounds a rich as analog FM stereo. It is also possible to receive data services and select broadcasts from among up to eight multicast programs.

Network Functions

Built-In Network Player: The Marantz AV8003 is equipped with a network player for playing music, photo and video files. You can connect the AV8003's network connector (RJ-45 Ethernet Port) to a network device and play music, photo or video files that are stored on the device. This unit's RJ-45 Ethernet port supports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX and requires an Ethernet (LAN) category 5 or higher cable, Router, Server, and Internet connection. The AV8003 can playback files from a Hard disk with a built-in DLNA server function; HDD recorder or audio system that supports DLNA; or a Computer with Windows Media Player 11 or a server software that supports DLNA. The unit allows you to customize your own music, photo and video file playlists; as well as perform operations such a Image Rotation, Photo Slideshow, Video Skip Play, and Music sort by Artist/Album/Genre. You can configure the AV8003 so you can listen to the unit's built-in network player in your main room as well as Zone A and B (Zone B is audio only). The AV8003 supports the following file formats.

  • Music: MP3 (up to 320kbps), LPCM (up to 16-bit), WAV (up to 16-bit), WMA (up to 320 kbps), and AAC ( up to 640 kbps).
  • Photo: JPEG (up to 6, 7108,864 pixels) or BMP (no restrictions)
  • Video: MPEG (up to 15 Mbps), MPEG-2 (up to 23.1 Mbps), Windows Media Video (up to 10 Mbps), or MPEG-4 (up to 5 Mbps)

Note: This unit does not support MPEG4-AVC or AVCHD.

Remote Controls

Learning Remote: The provided IR wireless remote control is a universal learning remote control. The remote features a adjustable backlit LCD window which displays information about the sources and modes selected from the remote control. The remote control's buttons are also backlit with a press of a button. This remote is preset with a total of 12 types of remote codes including Marantz TV, DVD, VCR, DSS, Tuner, CD/CD-R, MD, Tape, Aux, and amp. The remote also contains codes for other manufactures which can be programmed. In addition, the remote control is capable of learning and storing codes used by other remote controls; up to 1,000 codes. You can use the remote control to program a series of button operations in sequence. A single button on the remote can be programmed to perform up to 20 steps in sequence. A total of 20 buttons on the remote can be programmed with macros.

Multi-Room Remote: This included remote control can be used in multi-room systems. Using this remote control, you can operate the AV8003 through an optional infrared preamplifier/processor or the infrared receptor of Marantz products in multiple rooms. This remote features illuminated buttons so it is easy to use in the dark. This remote is preset with a total of 12 types of remote codes including Marantz TV, DVD, VCR, DSS, Tuner 1, Tuner 2, CD/CD-R, MD, Tape, Aux1 and Aux2. The remote also contains codes for other manufactures which can be programmed. In addition, the remote control is capable of learning and storing codes used by other remote controls. 3 PC Editing Software: The downloadable 3 editor software can be used to make the settings for the IR Command, LINK, JUMP, One Touch Operation (Macro) and other functions in the supplied RC2001 remote control via its miniUSB type-B port and the supplied USB cable. This enables a customized user interface, optimized for your audio/video environment. You can also backup settings of the RC2001 remote to your PC. The 3 editor software can be downloaded The computer must meet the following system requirements to use the 3 Editing Software.

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • CPU: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III workstation or equivalent (minimum), 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium IV workstation or equivalent (recommended)
  • RAM: 128 MB (minimum), 512 MB (recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk: 250 MB (minimum), 500 MB (recommended)
  • Connection: USB port

RS-232C: The RS-232C port is to be used in conjunction with an external controller to control the operation of the unit by using an external device. The RS-232C port may also be used in the future to update the operating software of the unit so that it will be able to support new digital audio formats.

Emitter Out: These two 3.5mm outputs allow you to control external devices using the AV8003 preamplifier/processor.

IR Input: This 3.5mm input allows connection to an external IR preamplifier/processor.

Flasher In: This 3.5mm input is used to control the AV8003 from each of its zone from an external key-pad (sold separately)

DC Trigger Output: These two 3.5mm outputs allow you to connect external devices so they can be turned on by the AV8003.

Remote In/Out: These RCA input/output connectors allow you to connect the AV8003 to a Marantz component equipped with remote control (RC-5) terminals including the Marantz MM8003 8-channel amplifier.

Optional Add-on Devices

Satellite Radio Ready: The Marantz AV8003 supports both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio via optional tuners packages.

  • XM Ready: The optional XM Direct 2 Home Tuner (220XHD2H1, sold separately) lets you enjoy XM Satellite Radio through the XM-ready receiver. Simply connect the XM direct 2 Home Tuner to the XM jack on back of the receiver, place and aim the included antenna for optimum reception, and you are ready to start enjoying commercial-free music, plus live sports, new, talk, and exclusive entertainment. During XM playback, you can display the channel number and name, category, artist name, and song title on the front panel.
  • Sirius Ready: The AV8003 can be connected to the optional SiriusConnect Home Tuner kit (607SCH1 or220SCH2P, sold separately), which allows you to receive Sirius Satellite Radio through the receiver. Sirius Satellite Radio has over 120 channels of entertainment and music. In addition to the more than 65 original channels of commercial-free, Sirius offers more than 55 channels of sports, news, and entertainment. During Sirius  playback, you can display the channel number and name, category, artist name, and song title on the front panel.

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