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Marantz NR1504

5.1-channel home theater receiver with Apple® AirPlay®

58 Reviews | 14 questions - 44 answers

Item # 642NR1504

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the Marantz NR1504

The Marantz NR1504 is sized just right to fit comfortably on just about any bookshelf or TV stand. This full-featured model measures only half the height of many surround sound receivers, yet it boasts all the clean power you need to drive five speakers, and enough inputs to connect a full complement of A/V sources. Plus, the '1504 sports built-in Apple AirPlay® and a host of online entertainment options.

A slim receiver packed with features

The Marantz NR1504 is sized just right to fit comfortably on just about any bookshelf or TV stand. This full-featured model measures only half the height of many surround sound receivers, yet it boasts all the clean power you need to drive five speakers, and enough inputs to connect a full complement of A/V sources. Plus, the '1504 sports built-in Apple AirPlay® and a host of online entertainment options.

Convenient iTunes® playback with AirPlay®

Apple's easy-to-use AirPlay technology lets you access your favorite music from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®, or from your iTunes library on your computer. You'll be able to control playback and see music information — including album art, track titles, and artist info — on your compatible Apple device, or on your TV. AirPlay requires a wireless home network and a wired connection between the receiver and the network.

Of course, you can also connect your iPod easily to the front-panel USB port to make a direct digital connection. Marantz's carefully designed audio circuitry will reproduce your music with clear, detailed sound.

Never-ending music choices via the Internet

Your listening options aren't limited to the songs in your music library, either. The NR1504 lets you choose from thousands of free Internet radio stations or explore online subscription services like SiriusXM, Pandora®, and Spotify®. This receiver even streams photos from your PC or online from Flickr, so you can view your favorite photos on your HDTV's large screen.

Due to changes implemented by Pandora, this receiver is temporarily unable to connect to the Pandora service. A firmware update to resolve this issue will be released on 11/24/2016.

Remote possibilities for your smartphone

Download a free app, and your iOS® or Android™ device becomes a convenient Wi-Fi® remote. You'll enjoy the intuitive, easy-to-read interface — plus that's one remote that's not likely to get lost in the sofa cushions. Requires a wireless home network.

Apple AirPlay

The Marantz NR1504 has built-in Apple AirPlay for convenient access to your iTunes library (iPad not included).

Easy switching for six HD components

Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and HD satellite, cable and DVR boxes all go well with the NR1504. HDMI switching lets you send all your high-def digital video sources through a single connection to your TV, making hookup a breeze. Marantz takes the extra step of carefully isolating this unit's internal audio and video circuit boards. This ensures ultra-high signal purity for rich, enveloping surround sound with all your movies, music, TV shows, and video games. And cutting edge decoding delivers the master-quality sound that comes with most of today's Blu-ray discs.

Quick and easy setup and control

The Marantz NR1504 has an on-board setup assistant to help you make all the right connections for your system. The supplied setup microphone allows this receiver to analyze sound from different listening positions, while you sit back as the receiver automatically adjusts level, equalization, and delay settings for each of your speakers. The result is accurate response across a wide listening area instead of just a single "sweet spot," so everyone in the room can enjoy precisely balanced home theater sound.

Learn about the ins and outs of HDMI connections at the Crutchfield Learning Center.

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    Power and Processing:
    • 5-channel amplifier
    • 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven
    • Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoding
    • Audyssey Laboratories' MultEQ® six-point auto setup and room calibration system (microphone included)
    • M-DAX™ (Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander) for better sound from MP3s and other digital music files
    Digital Music Options:
    • built-in Apple AirPlay® for ultra-convenient iTunes® music playback
    • AirPlay streaming requires a home Wi-Fi® network and a wired connection between your receiver and home network
    • plays high-resolution digital music files via USB storage device or a networked computer (up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution)
    • direct digital connection for your iPod®/iPhone® via the front-panel USB port bypasses your player's digital-to-analog converter for better sound
    • Ethernet port for music and JPEG streaming from a wired PC network
    • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified to ensure optimal compatibility with other network-enabled equipment
    • access Internet radio stations and digital streaming services (broadband connection required)
    • optional streaming services include SiriusXM Internet Radio, Pandora® and Spotify® (registration and subscription may be required)
      • firmware update needed to connect to Pandora: available 11/24/2016
    • wireless Bluetooth® capability with optional Marantz Bluetooth receiver
    Audio Performance Features:
    • 192kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog converters for all channels
    • direct mode switches off unnecessary circuitry to provide cleaner sound
    • detachable power cord
    • 1080p-compatible HDMI digital video switching (6 in, 1 out)
    • HDMI version 1.4 with support for 3D video, Audio Return Channel, Deep Color, x.v.Color, auto lip-sync, and HDMI-CEC
    • Audio Return Channel function receives digital audio signals from a compatible HDTV's tuner via HDMI
    • digital audio inputs: 1 optical and 1 coaxial
    • 1 audio-only input
    • no phono input — to connect a turntable you'll need to add a phono preamp
    • 1 pair of main speaker outputs
    • preamp output for a powered subwoofer
    General Features:
    • on-screen display for easier system setup and operation (via HDMI only)
    • built-in Easy Setup Assistant
    • Video Select lets you listen to music (network, USB, or tuner) while watching video from a different source
    • free Marantz remote app lets you use your iPod touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device as a Wi-Fi® remote
    • sleep timer
    • HDMI standby pass-through allows HDMI switching without powering up receiver
    • 56 AM/FM presets
    • remote control
    • 17-5/16"W x 4-1/8"H x 15-9/16"D
    • weight: 18 lbs.
    • warranty: 3 years
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • 5.1ch AV receiver
    • 6' AC power cord
    • Remote control (RC020SR)
    • 2 "AAA" batteries
    • Audyssey Setup Mic (ACM1HB)
    • FM wire antenna
    • AM loop antenna
    • Owner's Manual CD-ROM (En/Fr/Sp)
    • Getting Started guide (En/Fr/Sp)
    • USA Warranty Information
    • Canada Warranty Information
    • Safety Instructions
    • Sheet of adhesive labels

    Looks great and fits my entertainment cabinet . Cabeling components is simple with the unit.

    Robert, St Marys, OH


    Marantz NR1504 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (58 Reviews)

    Fantastic sound/picture

    Robert from St Marys, OH on 12/14/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Looks great and fits my entertainment cabinet . Cabeling components is simple with the unit.

    Pros: Set up and adding components is a cake walk with the on screen information . Really user friendly and very flexible input/output ports and components assignments.

    Cons: None

    I didn't know my speakers were this good!

    Frank from Avenel, NJ on 12/2/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Incredible sound and a big upgrade from my old Sony. I didn't know that my speakers were as good as they were until I hooked this receiver up and went through the calibration with the enclosed Audessey microphone. When watching shows at night when my kids are in bed we can now hear the dialog without pumping the volume up so high.

    Pros: Amazing sound can connect my iphone to play my itunes stuff or Pandora or whatever app you choose easy to connect & calibrate the speakers Did I mention amazing sound quality?

    Cons: No bluetooth No 4K


    JOHN from Conway, AR on 11/30/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    A great device, replaces a 20 year old Denon and was cheaper than the Denon with a lot more features obviously. I had to use tech. support a few times during the set-up but these guys are great to work with.



    Marantz NR1504

    Anonymous from warrenton nc on 11/4/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    very nice



    Marantz NR1504

    Ayad from Clarkston, MI on 10/31/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    it made my Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 come alive. very easy setup



    Simple operation, great sound

    Daniel from Waterloo, IA on 10/23/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Looking through some of the other reviews of this product makes me wonder if the other people received the same product I did. There were comments questioning the build quality, sound quality, and ease of use. Those are the three things that, in my mind, make this receiver stand out from others I have used in the past! I'll briefly mention each of those things below. Build quality: In a word, solid. Though this receiver is half the size of the Sony I was using previously, it weighs close to twice as much. The materials used appear to be high quality, and everything worked as advertised. Having the option to use banana plugs for speaker outputs is nice, as doing so will simplify connections while at the same time improving connection quality. I did not have any issues with the device not being "square" as some other reviewers noted. Sound quality: Marantz has a reputation for having a warm, clean sound. This device lives up to that reputation for sure. 50 watts RMS per channel is more than enough to drive most people's speakers (This receiver is powering a pair of Polk Tsx110B bookshelf speakers, and I have another similar Marantz with 50 watts RMS per channel that powers a 5.1 Klipsch system). If you're wondering if 50 watts is enough for your system, I would say in most situations it is. Ease of use: 5 stars. Once set up (which is also simple) the receiver is ultra simple to use. I like that you can hide inputs that aren't used so they're not "in the w

    Pros: Marantz' signature warmth Simple operation Solid, easy to use remote Airplay

    Cons: No wifi - only a wired ethernet connection. Once plugged in though, it is flawless and easy to use. Shows up on airplay devices without any setup.

    Marantz NR1504

    Anonymous from Irving, TX on 10/20/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The apple air drop play is my favorite feature. Makes it easy to come home and turn on my favorite songs after a long day.



    Great Reciever

    Jon L from Wallkill, NY on 10/5/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This Reciever works great for our space. It is well worth the money!

    Pros: Nice power . Easy setup. Perfect size.

    Cons: None

    Decent value, pleasant to operate, questionable QC

    crf from Earth on 10/4/2016

    I chose this unit for the form factor, a requirement that limits selection severely. All else being equal, it's satisfactory, has some nice features, and is pleasant to use once configured, but doesn't inspire confidence in its build quality. Like just about everything else these days, this isn't really a "receiver"; it's a computer with some knobs attached to it to approximate the appearance of what we think of as a "receiver". Before you get a peep out of your speakers, you'll be clicking through endless setup menus and viewing a data collection agreement (yes, Marantz wants to spy on you, like everyone else). That said, the software-defined preamp does have advantages: being able to assign and store equalization per speaker, for example, is very slick. The ability to relabel and/or hide inputs for easier consumption by less technical members of the household is also welcome. The Audyssey feature is nifty and works well. Once configured, it is simple and pleasant to use, and sounds fine. The quality control, however, does not inspire confidence. I exchanged the first sample because the amplifier failed within 30 minutes of operation out of the box. Both the samples I've seen are not assembled square (they require some shimming of the feet to avoid wobbles, though the second sample was closer to level). The HDMI inputs don't switch reliably; you'll sometimes have to switch back and forth between inputs a couple of times to get sound out

    Pros: Attractive package, cozy form factor, easy to use once set up, good sound, nice price point. Crutchfield service is very good, which somewhat offsets my reservations about Marantz QC.

    Cons: Too much space is devoted to features that you could get far more completely, securely, flexibly, and with much more control, by simply adding an inexpensive Windows computer to your system. Why limit yourself to a handful of defined streaming services, and connect yet one more black-box embedded "IoT" device to the internet? Build quality is suspect, based on my experience. No line-out for recording, though you could use the preamp out for this if you really needed to.

    Marantz A/V NR1504 Receiver

    Lee R from Easton, MD on 9/3/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Seems like a fine home theater receiver but have had trouble operating it. Thanks to Crutchfield tech support (they get 6 stars) I am making progress. The manual on a CD gives good info on what the various settings control, i.e. digital audio, but not how to set them to get the result I want. Also having problems getting surround sound to work with, for example, Amazon Firestick. Want to reiterate that Crutchfield tech support has been superb and I would have been lost without it.

    Pros: Excellent quality product

    Cons: Difficult to use and interpret operating instructions which are supplied in CD form.

    Great Receiver, Just OK Amp.

    Detail Digs from Madison, WI. on 7/13/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this receiver excited to finally try a product from a brand I have always looked up to, Marantz. Out of the box, the receiver looked and felt very high quality. The connections were sufficient for my setup, I especially liked the networked connection. I REALLY wanted to like this receiver, but after a few days of listening I was simply unimpressed with the sound clarity. Yes, the sound produced was good, but it did not have the crisp definition I was looking for. To be fair, the sound is better than most receivers I have listened to, just not the level I was looking for. Final Decision: Returned and purchased a 2.1 Integrated Amp of equal price. I ended up favoring sound clarity over multiple inputs and features. The integrated amp puts all of the parts cost into producing sound, the reciver has to distribute parts cost to 6-HDMI, Network, AM/FM, Video In, +3 Channels, Etc Design: Uniquely Marant, recognizable from 20ft away. Slim to fit in any console. Sound: Accurate, and loud enough to drive everything in my setup. Great quality for a stereo receiver Connections: Phisically great, but fussy selection and reliabilty. iPhone connection works %50 of the time. No need for 5 HDMI inputs. Knobs/Switches: Not crisp or smooth. I'd like crisper indexing and more solid construction. Interface: Initial audio setup is great, but the on-screen graphics look very 1980's.

    Pros: Build Quality, Connection Formats, Name Brand Prestige

    Cons: Sound Clarity, Graphic User Interface, Connection Reliability

    High quility, low price

    Milton from Fort Worth, TX on 7/3/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This receiver has exceeded my expectations. I wanted a receiver that was high quility but didn't have lots of "bells and whistles", was easy to setup and was low profile. The receiver that NR1504 replaced was actually more expensive and had far more features that I never used. Now I get a quility sound with power enough to cleanly drive my efficient speakers at moderate to high volume without clipping. I am very happy with my choice.

    Pros: Great price to quility ratio Low profile Easy setup Doesn't have features that I will never use, but does have some nice extras.

    Cons: None for my requirements.

    Marantz NR1504

    Guido from Spartanburg, SC on 6/5/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this receiver to replace an old Marantz receiver that I purchased over 18 years ago, that recently started to shut down. I have always loved Marantz for its sweet sound and found this new receiver equals the same sound I expected from Marantz. Along with the Marantz, I installed a new TV I purchased from a local retail store. Crutchfield support services were outstanding in helping me setup the new NR1504 system. The local dealer provided little support services for the new TV. Based on expert support services, the great purchase price and great product, I highly recommend Crutchfield and this Marantz product.

    Pros: Delivers sweet sound through my Pinnacle speakers. Enough power to drive three rooms of speakers using my Niles multiple speaker selection unit.

    Cons: Keep my Sirius XM RS-2000 receiver unit connected to Marantz instead of trying to use the Marantz Internet connection as it appeared to be too complex to setup and enter Sirius XM channels I like to hear.

    Marantz NR1504

    Anonymous from Las Vegas, NV on 5/19/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Easy to install and set up. Quality customer support. Highly recommended.



    Pleasently Surprised

    Jeff from Duvall, WA on 5/18/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Marantz NR1504 is an excellent replacement for my aged Carver tuner. I needed a unit that has pre-out feature for our amplified Mackie monitors. I also was looking to step into current age and wanted to be able to listen to my Nano. The NR1405 had both features at a fair price. Delivery was as promised and free. I am a very satisfied customer.

    Pros: Once I had the HDMI cable attached to the NR1405, the owner's manual from the provided CD open and the TV turned on I was able to easily navigate the set-up and integration of new receiver into our existing and somewhat "classic" hardware. easy to understand using common phrases and non-techie English the system was operating. I might have spent 45 to 60 minutes setting it up and was very satisfied to hear speakers beeping & chirruping during the internal speaker/ room calibration process.

    Cons: The only thing that could have been better was to have at least one HDMI cable and an Optical cable included would have made it install "over-the moon" deluxe. I didn't know enough about the current state of interconnections to know I need those cables. I should have listened better to the Crutchfield Expert (Ozzy) that I chatted with when I purchased the unit. If I knew how easy it set-up I would have purchased sooner....

    Marantz NR1504

    Anonymous from Greenville, TX on 5/15/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great amp with a lot of features. I love the Audissey setup and all the options this device offers. 4/5 because it only outputs 720p video, requiring me to use an optical cable for sound and the HDMI straight into TV for video.



    Nice modest system

    Guy from indian trail, NC on 3/25/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After about 1 month I am very happy with the purchase of this receiver! Clear clean sound and more then enough power for compact speakers that came with the 10 year old Harman Kardan 6.1 that I am replacing! And the NR1504 gives me better sound quality then the HK! Easy setup, great quality sound and plenty of power to push my 5.1 system in a 14x16 room. No regrets!

    Pros: Easy setup, great clean sound, 50 watts more than sufficient for 5.1 system with compact speakers. Nice receiver does what it's suppose to do without unneeded bells & whistles!

    Cons: None

    Marantz NR1504

    ted g from romeoville, IL on 3/3/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have been using this receiver for a week and I am not disappointed as it functions as flawlessly as I hoped it would.I am a previous owner of a this brand of receiver for more than 20 years and the quality has not changed.

    Pros: I like the ease of setup and the quality of sound.

    Cons: I have not found any issues.

    Great solution for a modest system

    Pete from Reynoldsburg, OH on 2/5/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Purchased this unit to replace an aging surround receiver that lacked any HDMI capability. I run a 2.1 set up (Paradigm speakers) in a 12x18 living room. This fills the room nicely, no worries on power. Clarity and quality of sound is excellent. The automatic setup works surprisingly well.

    Pros: Clarity of sound. Automatic EQ setup. Available options are sufficient without being overwhelming. Form factor.

    Cons: None.

    Marantz receiver

    Joe from windber, PA on 1/28/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The receiver does more than I expected. The help I received in purchased the receiver was excellent and the gentleman who assisted me with a problem was very helpful.

    Pros: Everything I need

    Cons: Can't think of any.


    Maje from Portland, OR on 1/26/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Magnificent. Best purchase I have made in the last several years. Replaced my fifteen year old NAD receiver and wished I had done so earlier. Sound is so clear, I have to sit in front of my speakers because I have found new beauty in pieces I routinely listen to.

    Pros: Easy setup/installation. Functional remote. Well labeled rear panel.

    Cons: None noted so far.

    Wonderful A/V receiver

    Ted B from South Salem, NY 10590 on 1/14/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    We have limited space for an A/V receiver -- so we picked this low-profile model. The 5.1 experience is quite rich. Set-up is simple and guided by a wizard. It adjusts automatically to type of music and highlights frequencies as needed. We have three inputs and switching between the three with one output to the TV is just what we need. Also audio switching eliminates the need for separate digital audio cables. Only con -- we are using wireless bridge to connect to the internet. It is very sensitive and frequently drops the connection -- even though the Amazon Firestick which is on the same WiFi network is very steady. So, I recommend ethernet connection (which is what the manual states).



    Marantz NR1504

    buzz from Florida on 1/10/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent receiver, streaming device. Works well with Apple tv, Roku, Pandora, FM reception using coax attached to outdoor antenna is good. Cat 5 cable directly connected too modem provides excellent streaming. Speaker volume using the microphone is interesting, and works well.

    Pros: Small package with a lot of audio options.

    Cons: None

    What can you say

    Bob from New York on 12/21/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Marantz is and always a superior product. The unit performs as expected, great sound, features and easy hookups.

    Pros: not to complicated, quality, features

    Cons: Have not found any as of yet.

    Works great

    Jrt from San Antonio on 12/6/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Works great



    Works as advertised

    Anonymous from Virginia on 11/10/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent product; works as advertised.



    Marantz NR1504

    MikeL from Georgia on 11/2/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this unit to use primarily as a preamp in a 2 channel system. I want something that would have a decent DAC, handle HDMI switching, and would also work as a preamp with a more powerful amplifier. The only drawback so far is the HDMI handshake when switching sources. I sometimes have too power off and power on the AVR before the audio will work. Hopefully a firmware update will correct this issue.

    Pros: Build quality. Pre-outs. Sound quality.

    Cons: Flaky HDMI issue with audio on initial switch to source.

    Great Receiver, Excellent value

    Dave D from Texas on 9/21/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I placed this receiver in a motorhome to replace the original equipment. I have looked for a long time for a smaller receiver and this one worked perfectly. It sounds great and produces the volume and tonal quality of a more expensive unit. It is the ideal unit for a motorhome that has limited space for a home theater receiver.

    Pros: Small size and quality

    Cons: none

    Very , Very Pleased

    Alex G from California on 9/13/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was a little on the fence - I wanted more power. But I have a small room, a 5.1 set up and efficient speakers so I went for it. Count not be more pleased - this unit has everything I need and nothing I dont. Saved a lot of money by not paying for power and features I don't really need. The unit is well designed, set up is a breeze with the on screen guide and the sound is warm and clear. Everything looks and sound better than I had hoped. I think for anyone with a small room and a 5.1 set up, this is a perfect unit.

    Pros: Price, Size, Features

    Cons: None

    Less Is More

    Hardcore Harley from Arkansas on 9/1/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I like growing old with my wife and my gear. When my 19-year-old Yamaha RX-V692 AV Receiver bit the dust this year a small part of me died. I knew I wanted to keep my system 5.1 (Paradigm speakers and a Hsu 15" sub) and my wife desired a simpler approach to things. Less frills means less things that will ultimately break. The Marantz NR1504 was a no brainer. Extremely simple to set up. Plenty of HDMI inputs. Sounds great with somewhat of a warmer vintage vibe to my ear. We chose to bypass any WiFi AV receiver units in lieu of adding the newly revised Apple TV due for release in mid-September 2015. If I could change one thing in this unit I would bump up the power (either 80 watts or 100 watts). Don't get me wrong, the factory 50 watts is solid, I just wish it came out of the box with more power. Also while the remote is certainly adequate, my Yamaha RX-V692 remote was a piece of circa 1997 art that would leave diehard tech geeks gawking. But for the money, this unit is a well kept secret and a screaming bargain which is why it earns a 5 star rating in my book. So long as you are satisfied with keeping your system 5.1 and you value simplicity and stellar performance over the ability to upgrade, it's hard to beat the NR1504.

    Pros: --Plenty of HDMI inputs --Slimline package a plus for those with limited space --Smoking bargain

    Cons: --50 Watts; could use a boost (80 or 100 watts) --Remote is adequate but nothing outstanding

    met all expectations

    jcaron from Maine on 9/1/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    great sound, great price with all of the features.

    Pros: sound quality ( I am using this with 5 Paradigm LCR 350's and a 12 " powered sub), size and features

    Cons: no built in wifi but given the price you can't have everything..

    Simple and efficient

    Netanel from Teaneck NJ on 8/31/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent sound. Enough power. Simple setup. Looks great



    Very satisfied

    Ken S from Nashville Tn on 8/20/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good product for a simple home theater. Set up was simple. Sound is excellent but you have to really crank up the volume to get the desired volume. Wish it ca me with a hard copy users manual, printing out manual from a ?? was a pain. Still I would recommend for anyone wanting a simple home theater system in a moderate size room.

    Pros: Simple set up

    Cons: Maybe a little underpowered

    Good compact home theater receiver

    KBS from California on 8/5/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Excellent for the small space in a built in unit I had to place it. Very easy to set up. The control unit is very intuitive. Puts out go sound with my polk ceiling speakers and polk sub woofer. Good support from Crutchfield in discussing unit and comparing to others.

    Pros: Size, Ease to set up, good sound quality. Am able to play music directly from by iPod.

    Cons: None. There are of course item missing that are in higher end units. But This was what I was looking for.

    Happy customer so far

    Prem G. from Georgia on 7/28/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It's been more than 2 weeks now and satisfied with the product so far. Yet to try some of the options but happy with the output till now and encountered no issues. Perfectly fits for my low profile needs with optimum features for my usage.



    Input Junkies Rejoice!

    Boo Dad from Colorado on 4/5/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have Apple TV, Roku, Sirius Xm Radio, Blu-Ray Dvd, and DirecTV so I was in need of multiple inputs. That combined with the fact this my bedroom setup, I did not need a huge receiver. This really filled the bill. More than enough inputs and and the picture quality and sound are more than good enough for this purpose.

    Pros: Slim line design great for smaller rooms, Good amount of inputs for the "Media Geek".

    Cons: None so far.

    Two Year Update - Best Money I Spent

    Mike B from Socorro NM & Seattle WA on 2/20/2015

    Best money I ever spent. It runs relatively cool. Perfect sound quality. Depending on your EQ curve, you'll probably hear new things. A more crisp hi-hat. A nice dissonance in a guitar. Deeper reverb in a house track. I've given it every audio file I can find. 192KHZ 24 bit FLAC files from Linn Records. 32GB Flash drives full of music. I still shake both homes with some big Klipsch RF7II's that live in the corners. The internet radio is a life changing feature. I love it. Now for the nitpicking. The response time for the remote control could be a bit faster. Audacity sounds bright in the 250-1khz range, so I use the manual EQ. If you fast forward for long periods of time, it'll freeze the USB feature and you need to unplug it to clear the issue. The internet radio feature is a tad laggy. That said, I deal with scientific equipment that responds in two or three milliseconds, so I really am being picky. There is no other unit on the market I'd rather have.

    Pros: Sound quality, media compatibility, price, internet radio, adjustable EQ

    Cons: Remote Responsiveness

    Great, slim receiver!

    Jeff L from Massachusetts on 2/14/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I needed this for it's low profile to fit in a cabinet. I've had it for about 3 weeks now with no complaints. I'm not a true audiophile, but it's perfect for my needs in a mid-sized living room: great sound for movies and music and plenty of power! Setup was very easy with plenty of HDMI inputs. I don't have an ethernet connection next to it which is needed to enjoy internet radio, so I can't comment on that. I have an Apple TV connected so I can stream from iPhone, iPad, etc. I highly recommend the NR1504!

    Pros: Low profile Plenty of HDMI inputs Easy setup

    Cons: None

    Exceptional Value/Missed opportunity

    John R from DuBois, PA on 1/26/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    From the moment you take the 1504 out of the box you know this is a serious machine. Once the manual is reviewed, set up is easy. Audyssey speaker alignment for my listening room was perfect. The internet radio is easy to navigate. The optical input access to the 1504's DAC provided glorious sound from laptop using a usb to optical adapter. Power is more than adequate for my 20/20 room. The remote is easy to use but to flimsy to be around young children. I plan to buy another one as back up. What disappoints is the lack of 5.1 outputs, no line level stereo output for recording, no switched outlet or even 12 volt trigger. With 5.1 outputs and a 12 volt trigger, the 1504 could function as a high quality AV pre-amp where higher power amplifiers are needed. Marantz could build the interfacing equipment allowing the customer add more components as their budget and desire would support.

    Pros: Outstanding build quality, great sound, ease of use

    Cons: Flimsy remote, inability to serve as a foundation for a more powerful system,

    Amazing features at an affordable price

    Ryan G from New York on 12/8/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    After my Denon AVR stopped working, I needed another amp I could use with my 6 channel system. I am so happy I made the decision to go with the NR1504. The built-in AirPlay and network functionality is icing on the cake. If you have an iPhone, you can download the Marantz Remote App and control all the features of the NR1504 from your phone. Great sound in a small form factor and great price. What more could you ask for? I'm tempted to buy another one to complement my basement audio setup.

    Pros: Network capabilities (remote app, web interface, airplay) Small formfactor Great sound

    Cons: None as of yet.

    Clean, basic system loaded with features

    Jim from California on 11/10/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This system runs my 5.1 small size Infinity speaker system, a 42" Panasonic plasma, Dish DVR and Samsung smart DVD player with ease in amedium size family room. The Marantz replaces a large bulky and hot running Onkyo TX-NR708 system that while seemingly more powerful and with more options did not sound as clean as the slim line cool running Marantz. Setting up the Marantz was fairly straight forward. One tip: I used my older HDMI 1.2 cables and had a problem with my DVD video output, once I upgraded to HDMI 1.4 cables the video stream was perfect. Although the face of the Marantz is very clean looking the system has many options that can be set through the panel buttons or more easily using the OSD (on screen display) on your television. Be sure to start with the Audyssey speaker setup and then tweak your speaker volumes to meet your needs. The one thing that I have found is that I need to turn the system to about 50% volume to get the sound loud enough for movies etc.; of course that might be my "old guy" ears. :) Anyway, this is a really nice piece of equipment that looks great, runs cool, sounds fantastic and seems to be well made. If you are looking for a smaller foot print from an AV receiver that offers quality sound and video, this is it.

    Pros: Small foot print, attractive design, simple setup, great sound, cool running, seamless switching between video choices via HDMI, decent OSD for on screen programming.

    Cons: *Would be nice to have a panel light "dim" mode, currently offers On, Off or Auto. *Would be nice to have the manual explain what the features actually do as opposed to what the features are.

    Marantz NR1504

    Lorne from Phoenix, AZ on 6/30/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit was recommended to me by a friend. It is everything I expected in a new unit. It has a super easy user interface to set it up. I mean, I don't think it can get any easier. It sounds awesome.

    Pros: Long warranty. I believe it is a 3 year warranty. You don't see that much anymore, and if it was built cheaply it would have the typical 90 day to 6 month nonsense.

    Cons: I haven't found any yet, unless it came with a Logitech One touch so I could come back to 1 remote unit.

    Great amplifier, small form factor

    Great amplifier, small form factor from Dallas, TX on 6/16/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Remote control is very intuitive provides enough power to all of my polk speakers. plenty of ports to support all of my hdmi devices. Apple air plays flawlessly. Clear sound. Small form factor.

    Pros: Small form factor.


    Solid product, easy setup, satisfied customer

    fucema from Herndon, VA on 6/3/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Easy to unbox and setup. The slim profile is excellent. Sound quality is more than adequate on my less than 5.1 system. I use this Marantz with 2 front speakers, a center channel, and a subwoofer. The on screen display is nice and clean and doesn't get in the way. Setup was painfree.

    Pros: Slim design


    Marantz 1504

    Mike from Richmond va on 3/16/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First let me say that I never review anything . I have received good service from online retailers and never said a word. I had an 18 year old Marantz that died . I spent several weeks researching receivers. I seldom watch movies and listen mostly to music. I have pretty inadequate speakers . It is a wife issue. I almost did not buy since the last Marantz was 110 wats a channel. This receiver is in increadable. I am hearing music that I have never heard.

    Pros: Easy to set up

    Cons: Non


    TerryA from Ankeny,IA on 3/10/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sounding receiver. I have some older speakers for now, so I found setting them up manually was better. My room is 15 x 18. The only difficultly I had was that I did not have the volume high enough in the beginning. You need it at least around 40 - 50 to hear anything.

    Pros: My entertainment center only had about 5 1/2 " space for a receiver, so this fit great. Easy set-up.

    Cons: None

    Fantastic Receiver!

    IlyaP from New York, NY on 2/26/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great receiver! Easy to install - sounds fantastic! All the functionality I was looking for. Bonus - Marantz iPad app works perfectly with the unit.

    Pros: All around great unit. Highly recommend!

    Cons: No cons

    Absolutely a Quality Receiver

    Gene R from Colorado Springs, CO on 2/18/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Looks good and sounds great! Basic set-up was easy, and after Audessy tuning the sound quality is full and rich (to my non-audiophile ears). I wanted this unit mainly for stereo music, and it lives up to the Marantz reputation. I am quite pleased with the quality of music from the tuner, iPod, mp3s on a thumb drive, and Pandora, but especially impressed with cable TV - with two front Polk speakers, a sub, and a center speaker the audio is truly amazing to me - I was missing a lot with my previous equipment! I've used this system daily for about a month now, and can highly recommend the NR1504 to anyone - especially non-expert users like me. I'm proud to own it.

    Pros: - Overall quality feel of the device and great sound from all sources - Pretty good user's manual - Excellent remote! Well laid out and very functional - function labels are even readable for old folk like me - Manual source selection with a large knob, rather than small push buttons with unreadable labels - Audessey - made it simple to get high quality sound - my manual tinkering couldn't really improve on the Audessey settings (except the Dynamic Volume setting as noted by other reviewe

    Cons: - Wired-only ethernet connection - I added a network bridge to enable a wireless connection - Single USB port on the front - would have liked to see one on the back also to leave iPOD plugged in without seeing the cable snaking around to the front

    Marantz NR1504

    Mike from Westchester, NY on 2/17/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    A really great, moderately priced receiver that fits the smaller spots. Everything about it blows my last (Yamaha) away. Highly recommend.

    Pros: slim form factor, great sound, simple remote

    Cons: No Wireless connectivity (but you know that going into it)

    Marantz NR1504 very good deal

    Sparky from charlottesville, va on 2/7/2014

    I have, until now always owned Onkyo amps but have found them to be too bulky and heavy for average entertainment centers. I opted to go with something light and more compact this time around and was pleasantly surprised. I have to admit this is a very nice compact unit and delivers everything I was looking for in the way of an amp. Would definitely recommend! Bargain for the $$

    Pros: light weight, low profile, big sound and switches the HDMI sources without the amp being powered on which is rare to find.

    Cons: would be nice to be able to stream video as well

    Marantz NR1504

    jp from Sarasota, Fl on 1/22/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought item for Christmas for my son, He loves it, loud without distortion. Not sure if my wife and I like as much.

    Pros: Straight forward set up,

    Cons: Gave it to a high school senior.


    Jose J from Prospect Park NJ on 1/14/2014

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this receiver to use with a bose speaker system the sound is amazing and the simplicity of the product makes it better. Highly recommended

    Pros: Amazing sound simple set up

    Cons: None

    Best Ever

    Anonymous from Hawaii on 10/29/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Everything Just Works! Was worried that 50 watts per channel was not enough but could not tell between the NR 1504 and NR5007 receivers. Awesome. I would recommend this and Crutchfield always!

    Pros: Network easy to configure. Size.

    Cons: none

    Low profile but classy

    CTrindall from Vienna, VA on 8/12/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My top reason for choosing this model is the size (I never understood why these units had to be 6 to 10 inches tall) but I didn't want to compromise too much on features and definitely not at all on quality. I am glad it proved to really exceed my expectations. Sounds great with 3 channels and a sub. Wasn't looking for high volume levels, but it gets plenty loud enough to me. Best of all, physically, it sits on the shelf with the cable box and blends in so well you almost forget it is there. Crutchfield's fast shipping and service is great as always.

    Pros: Easy to use (I haven't opened the manual yet). Network features are nice to have (connected to SiriusXM and my Media Server (using my NAS)). I also like that you can operate the TV and Cable box with the receiver off (members of my family seem to have trouble operating more than 2 electronic devices at one time).

    Cons: None.

    Great performer

    Pat S. from Baltimore, MD on 6/26/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This receiver has lots of great features like the ability to label HDMI inputs, allowing the labels to appear on the unit's front display. It produces very nice sound too.

    Pros: Low profile Nice build quality plenty of inputs great sound network apps


    Marantz NR1504

    RT from Portland OR on 5/18/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Beautiful design, easy set-up and a perfect small sized receiver housing.

    Pros: Great interface, easy to use and has Airplay.

    Cons: Under powered for my power hungry speaker set-up. I made the jump to the SR5007 and all power needs are met.


    Ron C from Fort Wayne, IN on 5/16/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My old Pioneer was still like new, but being 19 years old it lacked many new featues that I now need (HDMI, etc.). I decided on the Marantz NR1504 and am very happy that I did. I prefer 2 channels over surround, so I can't comment on any of those features. It does everything I need it to do and does it well. I really wish it had built-in wi-fi, but I can work around that. I agree with the previous reviewer that said to turn off the Dynamic Volume. Also, I had wanted to buy this from my local Authorized Marantz Dealer (you know, buy local and all that) but they didn't even know a new model was out. I had to pull it up on my phone and show it to them. They said they wouldn't be able to order one for a week or two and they would call me when they got one in. That was a month ago and I still haven't heard from them. I left their store and went straight home and ordered one from Crutchfield. Had it in 2 days! Packed very well. This was my first time ordering from Crutchfield, but it will be my first stop from now on. If you haven't ordered from here before, don't hesitate.

    Pros: Style, low profile, runs cool.

    Cons: Wish it had wi-fi.


    Mike B from Socorro, NM & Seattle WA on 4/24/2013

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I baptized this thing. Klipsch RF-7II front channels, RB-61 II surround channels. Anytime your speakers are bigger than your skull, you must take the following path. Setup>audio>Audyssey>dynamic volume ( turn it off) That was after a call to Crutchfield Customer Support, (I'm blown away by service excellence). Apparently that's a default that we just need to ditch. After that, everything is flawless. All WAV files play from a 16GB flash drive. Beatport, T.I.D. and my home-made WAV vinyl rips all work. 192K, 24 bit. Now if you scoff at 50 watts per channel, I can tell you that I measured out 122db sitting in my couch with the volume at source (0db) output. At some point, I'll get around to connecting the turntable and mixer.

    Pros: Plays WAV from USB drives. Plenty of power. Display is reasonably dim. File systems move at a reasonable pace, and as fast as I can push the button when folders are open.

    Cons: Dynamic volume. Turn it off.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Number Of Channels 5
    Stereo RMS Power (watts) 50
    THD in Stereo 0.08 %
    Frequency Bandwidth (stereo) 20-20k Hz
    Minimum Impedance L/R 6 ohms
    Minimum Impedance Center 6 ohms
    Minimum Impedance Surround 6 ohms
    General Features
    Internet-ready Yes
    Bluetooth No
    Apple AirPlay Built in
    App Remote Control Yes
    USB port for iPod/iPhone Yes
    FM Sensitivity 12.8 dBf
    HD Radio Tuner No
    On-Screen Display Thru HDMI
    Auto Speaker Calibration Audyssey MultEQ
    HDCP 2.2 for 4K Video No
    HDR-compatible No
    HDMI Standby Pass-through Yes
    4K Video Upscaling No
    HDMI to HDMI Upconversion No
    DLNA Certified
    MHL-compatible No
    Multibrand Remote Control No
    Learning Remote No
    LCD Remote
    Width (inches) 17-5/16
    Height (inches) 4-1/8
    Depth (inches) 15-9/16
    Weight (pounds) 18.0625
    Parts Warranty 3 Years
    Labor Warranty 3 Years
    Multi-room Audio--Video
    Powered Multi-room Audio Output No
    Preamp Multi-room Audio Output No
    Multi-room Video No
    Multi-room HDMI Output No
    Surround Processing
    Dolby Digital DD,True HD, DD+
    Dolby Atmos No
    DTS DTS, HD, HDMA, Neo6, 96/24
    DTS:X No
    Inputs & Outputs
    Phono Input No
    Audio-Video Inputs 6
    Audio-only Inputs 1
    Component Video Inputs None
    Component Video Monitor Outputs 9
    Optical Digital Inputs 1
    Coaxial Digital Inputs 1
    Optical Digital Outputs None
    Coaxial Digital Outputs None
    HDMI Inputs 6
    HDMI Monitor Outputs 1
    Subwoofer Outputs 1
    Multi-Channel Analog Input No
    Multi-channel Preamp Output No
    Main Speaker Output Pairs 1
    Main Speaker Terminals Posts
    Ethernet Port 1
    USB Connections 1 Front
    Removable Power Cord IEC 2-prong

    Product Research

    Audio Features
    Video Features
    Network & Tuner Functions
    iPod/USB Integration
    Convenience Features
    Remote/Bluetooth Control

    Audio Features

    5-Channel Discrete Amplifier: The Marantz NR1504 is equipped with a power amplifier that reproduces high-fidelity sound in surround mode with equal quality and power for all channels, true to the original sound. The power amplifier circuit adopts a discrete-circuit configuration that achieves high-quality surround sound reproduction. The five channel amplifier is rated at 50 watts with 2 channels driven (20-20kHz, 8-ohms, 0.08% THD).

    Isolated Audio Circuit Boards + High Current Power Supply:  The carefully-optimized audio signal path rests on a separate circuit board for maximum performance as well as isolation from interferences generated by high speed video processing. The Marantz NR1504 AV surround receiver also employs a high current linear power supply with an EI core power transformer for high-quality sound playback.

    24-bit/192-kHz DACs: The Marantz NR1504 utilizes a 192 kHz/24 bit D/A converter on each of the unit's five channels for exceptional sound quality. The 192kHz sampling and 24-bit word length capabilities of the DACs allows you to play high-resolution recordings and hear the increased clarity, detail and dynamic range of those recordings.

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP): The Marantz NR1504 is equipped with a high-resolution Analog Devices (ADSP21487) 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP). All elements of the Surround Processor are optimized to the highest standards by the use of selected high performance and discrete components, particularly the A/D and D/A converters and the sophisticated DSP surround decoder. The NR1504 is equipped with various surround modes to reproduce a variety of surround sound effects, according to the content of the source to be played. The receiver features Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and DTS-HD decoding; as well as offers Dolby Pro Logic II (x/z) audio processing.

    Note: Even though the AV receiver will decode 7.1channel surround sound (via HDMI), it will only output 5.1ch surround, because it lacks Surround Back channel speaker outputs.

    Audyssey Technology: The NR1504 features a full package of Audyssey audio technologies for optimal sound quality. Audyssey Dynamic Volume offers real-time volume adjustment, while Audyssey DynamicEQ improves your system's surround effects during low volume levels. Audyssey MultEQ automatically sets speakers to suit your room's listening environment and the speakers' characteristics.

    • Audyssey MultEQ: Audyssey MultEQ technology helps create an optimal acoustic profile for your home theater. Using the included setup microphone, Audyssey MultEQ measures sound levels and adjusts speaker configuration accordingly, making setup fast and easy. This room acoustic measuring and correction system analyzes (via the included microphone) the audio characteristics of your speaker system and your listening environment at up to 6 measurement points and automatically tailors the sound for top audio fidelity. You can set the Audyssey MultEQ to one of the following modes.
      • Audyssey: Optimizes the crossover point, output level, delay time, and equalization of all speakers based on speaker frequency response, speaker location, and room acoustics.
      • Audyssey Bypass L/R: Optimizes all speakers except front left and right.
      • Audyssey Flat: Optimizes frequency response of all speakers to flat.
      • Manual: Adjusts the tonal quality for each speaker individually using the manual equalizer settings; adjust from -20 to +6 dB at 63 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, and 16 kHz.
      • Off: Turns equalizer off.
    • Dynamic EQ: Audio engineers mix music and movie soundtracks at reference levels much louder than typical home listening levels. At lower volumes the human ear perceives sound differently; voices change, bass dissipates, and the surround effect becomes less enveloping. Dynamic EQ adjusts the frequency response curve based on volume to maintain consistent bass output, octave-to-octave balance, and surround impact, resulting in rich sound at any volume. You can set the Dynamic EQ to 0, 5, 10, or 15 dB.
    • Audyssey Dynamic Volume: Audyssey Dynamic Volume solves the problem of large variations in volume level between television programs, commercials, and between the soft and loud passages of movies. Dynamic Volume addresses the issue of commercials that are too loud and movie soundtracks with vast differences between soft and loud passages; the results are more intelligible dialogue, loud passages maintain impact, and soft whispers are heard clearly. When the volume level changes, Dynamic EQ also adjusts the frequency response to maintain sound quality. You can set the Dynamic Volume to Day (low), Evening (middle), Midnight (high), or off.

    Surround Parameters: You can adjust the following surround mode parameters:

    • Dolby Pro Logic II Music Settings: While listening in the Dolby Pro Logic II Music format, there are three further enhancements you can adjust:
      • Panorama: Broadens the front stereo image to the surround speakers to provide a wraparound effect, especially effective when there is limited output from the surround channels, panorama can be turned on/off in the menu.
      • Dimension: Allows you to move the sound field forward or backward.
      • Center Width: Allows you to adjust the width of the center channel.
    • Center Image: In the Neo:6 Music mode, the Center Image feature adjusts the output of the left and right channels relative to the center channel, allowing you to make the center channel more or less dominant as needed. This improves the image of the center channel, especially when the listener is off-center. Adjustment varies from 7 (nothing subtracted from the L/R channels) to 0 (L/R channel output is cut in half).

    Stereo Modes: The Marantz NR1504 surround receiver also provides two-channel stereo and multi-channel stereo playback, as well a virtual surround from two stereo speakers.

    • 2CH Stereo: This is the mode for playing in 2-channel stereo; bass and treble can be adjusted and sound is output from the front left and right speakers, along with a connected subwoofer.
    • Multi-Channel Stereo: This mode lets you enjoy stereo sound from all speakers.
    • Virtual Speaker: Enjoy surround effects using only the front speakers or headphones.

    Direct Modes: The Marantz NR1504 offers two Direct sound modes which offer high-quality sound by bypassing the receiver's DSP & video circuitry. Source Direct Mode provides playback of 2ch or Multichannel audio in its original form, without any surround or tone processing. Pure Direct Mode goes a step further by turning off the receiver's display and analog video circuitry to minimize the possibility of any noised being added to the audio signal.

    Audio Enhancements: The Marantz NR1504 receiver provides various audio enhancements to deliver a high-quality listening experience every time.

    • M-DAX: Compressed audio formats such as MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MPEG-4 AAC reduce the amount of data by eliminating signal components that are hard for the human ear to hear. The M-DAX function generates the signals eliminated upon compression, restoring the sound to conditions near those of the original sound before compression. It also corrects the sense of volume of the bass to obtain richer sound with compressed audio signals.
    • HT-EQ: The tonal balance of a film soundtrack will be excessively bright and harsh when played back over audio equipment in the home. This is because film soundtracks were designed to be played back in large movie theater environments. Activating the receiver's HT-EQ feature when watching a film made from movie theaters corrects this and restores the correct tonal balance.
    • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC): Motion picture soundtracks have tremendous dynamic range (the contrast between very soft and very loud sounds). For listening late at night, or whenever the maximum sound level is lower than usual, Compressing the dynamic range allows you to hear all of the sounds in the soundtrack with reduced dynamic range. DRC works when playing program sources recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS.
    • Tone Control: You can adjust the receiver's Bass and Treble (+/-6db) independently to suit your listening taste or room acoustics.

    Level Adjustments:  The NR1504 provides the following level adjustments.

    • Source Level: This function adjusts the playback level of the currently selected input source's audio input. Use this feature if there are differences in the input volume levels between different sources. You can correct the playback level of the audio input from -12 to +12dB.
    • Dialogue Level: You can adjust the output level (+/-12dB) to clarify the dialogue output from the center channel.
    • Subwoofer Level: You can set the receiver's subwoofer output level (+/-12dB) independent from the other speaker levels and system's main volume.

    Volume Settings: The NR1504 offers the following volume settings.

    • Volume Scale: You can choose to display an Absolute volume scale (0-98) or Relative volume scale (-79.5 to 18dB).
    • Volume Limit: You can set a maximum volume level of 0dB (80), -10dB (70), or -20dB (60) to limit the receiver's total volume output.
    • Turn-On Volume: You can define the volume setting that is active when the power is turned on (0, 1-98, -79 to +18dB, or Last)
    • Mute Level: You can set the amount of attenuation for the audio muting circuit; -40dB or -20dB below current volume, or full mute (sound turned off entirely).

    Audio Inputs/Outputs: The Marantz AV receiver offers a variety of analog and digital audio inputs/outputs.

    • Assignable Digital Inputs: The NR1504 features an optical digital (Toslink) input and a coaxial digital input. Each input can be assigned to any of the different input sources except Tuner.
    • Speaker Terminals: The receiver has binding-post terminals for all speaker connections. The binding-post terminals can accept bare wire, pin connectors, and banana plugs (single only). The receiver will accept speaker impedances of 6 to 16-ohm.
    • Preamp Outputs: The NR1504 home receiver is fitted with 3 preamp outputs (Front L/R, Mono-Sub).
    • Headphone Output: The receiver features a 1/4" stereo headphone jack on its front panel for connecting a pair of optional headphones. The unit's speakers will automatically be turned off when a set of headphones are connected.

    Video Features

    HDMI (v1.4a): With six HDMI v1.4 inputs (5 rear/1 front), the NR1504 allows you to route multiple high-definition devices, such as your Blu-ray player and cable/satellite receiver, to your TV. It also allows you to connect all of your devices to your TV with a single HDMI cable (via its HDMI monitor output), reducing cable clutter. The HDMI inputs are assignable to different input sources. The receiver's HDMI v.1.4 jacks are compatible with 1080p/24Hz & 3D video signals, Deep Color & x.v.Color technology; as well as LipSync, ARC, and HDMI control.

    • 3D Pass-Through: With the advent of 3D media, it is important to own a receiver that recognizes 3D video signals. The NR1504 is able to pass through 3D signals from your Blu-ray player, ensuring that the 3D effect doesn't get lost in translation. It also recognizes signals from 3D television broadcasts. By connecting a 3D-compliant Blu-ray disc player and 3D-compliant TV to the NR1504 , you will have a 3D home theater where you can enjoy high-definition sound and video on a level you've never experienced before.
    • ARC (Audio Return Channel): This feature allows audio to be sent from your compatible HDTV to your receiver through the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio and video to your HDTV. This eliminates the need for extra cables connected to your television.
    • Deep Color & x.v.Color Support: The NR1504 also supports Deep Color and x.v.Color content, which can display a larger color range than standard-definition schemes. The result is a more lifelike, vibrant picture.
    • Auto LipSync: This feature automatically compensates for the timing shift between the audio and video of the receiver. If needed, the audio signal can be manually delayed to match the video signal; adjust from 0-200ms.

    HDMI Standby Pass-Through: When the AV receiver is in "Standby" mode and the HDMI Standby Pass-Through function is enabled, both audio/video streams from the receivers HDMI input will be output to your television, via the AV receiver's HDMI monitor output. Once the receiver is turned "On", only video will pass through the monitor output to your TV and the audio is directed to the receiver's speaker outputs.

    • HDMI Input: Selects the HDMI Input for which the HDMI Standby Pass-Through function is enabled.
    • Last: The HDMI Standby-Through function is activated on the input source selected at the time of setting the AV receiver to the "Standby" mode.
    • Off: The HDMI Standby Pass-Through function is disabled.

    Analog Video Inputs: The receiver features 3 composite video inputs and one composite video monitor output. There are no component video inputs.

    Picture Mode: The receiver provides Picture Mode to adjust the picture quality for your viewing content and environment. You can select from Standard, Movie, Vivid, Streaming, Custom, or Off. The Custom mode lets you manually adjust Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Noise Reduction, and Enhancer (sharpness).

    Video Select Function: You can switch the video input source on the receiver while listening to a different audio signal via USB, Tuner, or Network.

    Network & Tuner Functions

    Network Connection: The Marantz NR1504 is equipped with an Ethernet (RJ-45) port that lets you connect the receiver to your home network (LAN) and your broadband internet provider. When connected to your home network, the NR1504 lets you listen to Internet radio and a host of other online music sources from your broadband internet provider, as well as play audio files & display still images from your computer via its network connection (DLNA 1.5 certified). The NR1504 also supports AirPlay that lets you stream your music library from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or iTunes. This unit's RJ-45 Ethernet port supports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX and requires an Ethernet (LAN) category 5 or higher cable, Router, Modem, and Internet connection.

    Note: Network setup requires that the receiver be connected to your TV via HDMI for display of the on-screen menu. The receiver's network setup cannot be accessed through its front-panel display.

    DLNA 1.5 Certified: The NR1504 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 and Windows 7 compliant for audio and photo networking. This means it's easier for you to access and enjoy digital music and still-images (JPEG) stored on your Windows PC. You can use your PC to play high-bit rate music content through the A/V receiver and view still-images on your connected TV, or use the NR1504 's remote control to browse music & photo files on your hard drive. The receiver also supports ID3-Tag (ver.2) and META tag information; so song title, artist name, and album name can be displayed the unit's front-panel display or on-screen menu. In addition the unit will display Album Art on a connected television. The Marantz NR1504 supports the following audio formats, sampling frequencies, and bit rates via its wired network connection.

    Compatible Audio Formats Sampling Frequencies Bit rate Extension
    WMA (Windows Media Audio) 32/44.1/48 kHz 48-192 kbps .wma
    MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
    WAV 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16-bit .wav
    MPEG-4 AAC 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-320 kbps .aac/.m4a/.mp4
    FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16/20/24-bit .flac
    ALAC 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz N/A .m4a
    Note: Your computer must meet the following system requirements - Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service or Windows Media DRM10. Album Art is only displayed when using Windows Media Player (ver.11/12).

    Online Services: The Marantz NR1504 lets you access Internet Radio, as well as other online music and photo services from your broadband Internet connection. Currently the NR1504 supports Internet Radio from vTuner, Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM; as well as the Flickr online photo sharing site (as of 4/18/2013). The Marantz receiver offers on-screen menu display and control over these web services.

    Online Services Description
    vTuner The online vTuner service which offers easy browsing of internet radio stations and podcasts. vTuner enables access to web-based radio stations and podcasts via an extremely reliable online database with a wide variety of content. Internet Radio stations in MP3 (32-320kbps) and WMA (48-192kbps) format are supported. You can browse content by Genre, Location, Language, and Favorites. You can store up to 56 Internet Radio stations as presets. The unit will automatically save up to 20 of the most recently played stations.

    Pandora (requires future firmware update scheduled for 11/24)

    Once the network audio player is registered with your Pandora account, you can listen to the automated music recommendation and Internet Radio service. You can create up to 100 personalized radio stations. You can sort tracks within these radio stations. You can skip up to 6 tracks that are being played back within 1 hour. You can also thumbs-up/thumbs-down and bookmark tracks. In Pandora, you can search for the track name or artist name using "keyword" searches. When the search is complete, tracks that have a similar rhythm or sound are streamed.
    Spotify Spotify is a digital music service that gives you on-demand access to one of the largest music libraries in the world (over 15 million tracks and counting). Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends. You can browse music by artist, album, track, or most popular; and create your own music library with customized playlists. A Spotify Premium subscription is required.
    SiriusXM SiriusXM Internet Radio lets you listen to over 120 channels of commercial-free music, talk radio, news, sports, entertainment, and more.
    Flickr Flickr is an online photograph sharing service that started in 2004. You can use this unit to view photographs on a connected TV that have been made public by Flickr users. You will need to setup an Flickr account to download, upload, and view photographs.

    Favorites: You can add up to 100 items as "Favorites" from Internet Radio, online music services, and your media server for easier, quicker access.

    AM/FM Tuner: The Marantz AV receiver features a built-in AM/FM tuner with 56 station auto-preset memory tuning. You can also set your presets manually. You can create an 8-character name for each preset station. You can even directly enter a station number using the receiver's on-screen menu and remote control.

    Web Control: You can control this A/V receiver from a web control screen on your Windows PC's web browser. The NR1504 and your PC must be connected to the same home network.

    Software Updates: Using the receiver's network/internet connection, you can check for and update the latest firmware from the online Marantz server. Visit Marantz's Owner's Circle for access to downloads to keep the Marantz receiver up-to-date. The tested Marantz NR1504 contained firmware version 9300-7784.6170. (as of 4/24/2013).

    iPod/USB Integration

    AirPlay Compatible: AirPlay lets you stream your favorite songs directly from your Apple iOS (4.3+) device or from your iTunes (10.1+) library on your Windows PC or Mac computer to the AV receiver, over your home's wireless network connection. From your Apple iOS device you are able to stream stored music on your device, downloaded music apps, and music on your iCloud to the AV receiver. From your Windows or Mac you can stream your stored iTunes music library on your computer to the AV receiver; you can even download Apple's free Remote App onto your compatible iOS device to browse and control playback functions of the the music stored in your iTunes music library on your computer that is being streamed to the AV receiver. With AirPlay you also get to see song/artist information and album art via the receiver's on-screen menu (via HDMI).

    Note: To use the AirPlay feature you need a Mac or Windows-based PC running iTunes (10.1 or later) connected to your wireless home network. Your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad must have iOS 4.3 or later installed and connected to the same wireless home network.

    iPod/iPhone Direct: The Marantz AV receiver is fitted with a front-panel USB (type-A) port and HDMI port for playback of audio and video files from select iPod, iPhone, or iPad devices.

    • Audio Playback: The NR1504 supports digital music playback from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad using its front-panel USB (type-A) port. Simply plug your compatible Apple device into the receiver's front-panel USB port, using the cable that came with your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Stored music and music apps from your connected Apple device can be played through the AV receiver, bypassing the iPod/iPhone D/A converter for better sound quality. The iPod/iPhone/iPad can be controlled by the receiver's remote, or you can continue to use the Apple device's clickwheel or touchscreen. You can search for stored music on your iPod/iPhone/iPad by Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, or Audiobook. Song/artist information and Album Art from stored music and music apps on your iPod/iPhone will display on your connected TV via HDMI (song/artist text will also display on receiver's front-panel display).
    • Video Playback: You can also view video from stored movies and movie apps from select iPods, iPhone, and iPads by connecting your Apple device to the AV receiver's front-panel USB and HDMI input. Use the Apple Lightning-to-Digital AV Adapter (472LT2HDMI sold separately), the Apple Lightning-to-USB cable that came with your device, and a HDMI cable (sold separately) to connect your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad with Lightning-connector to the AV receiver. Use the Apple Dock-to-Digital AV Adapter (47230PHDMI, sold separately), the Apple Dock-to-USB cable that came with your device, and a HDMI cable (sold separately) to connect your iPod touch (4th gen), iPhone 4/4S, or iPad (1/2/3). Video from your iPod/iPhone/iPad can only be navigated from your Apple device's clickwheel or touchscreen (select Simple mode on receiver).
    Note: Your Apple iPod/iPhone's battery will be charged while connected to the receiver (max. 1A). This unit will not charge the iPad.

    Apple Device Compatibility Chart: The NR1504 is "made for iPod/iPhone compatible" and supports the following iPod/iPhone models and functions (as of 9/24/2014):

    iPod/iPhone Model Generation Tested Version Media Type Control Type Display Type AirPlay Charge
    Audio Video Remote iPod/iPhone Album Art Artist/Song Text Track Info
    iPad 1 5.1.1 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y N
    2 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y N
    3 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y N
    4/air 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y N
    mini 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    3G 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    3GS 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4 7.1.2 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4S 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5/5C/5S 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    6/6+ 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    touch 1st 2.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    2nd 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    3rd 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4th 6.1.3 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5th 8.0 Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    nano 1st 1.3.1 Y N Y N Y Y Y N Y
    2nd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    3rd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    4th 1.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    5th 1.0.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    6th 1.2 PC Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    7th 1.02 PC Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    120GB 2.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    160GB 2.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
    video 5th 1.3 Y N Y N Y Y Y N Y
    Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the head unit and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to wait until a newer software update is available.

    USB Port: A USB memory device can be connected to the USB (type-A) port located on the front-panel, allowing you to play various music files and JPEG still-image files through the receiver. The USB memory device must be mass storage class (msc) or media transfer protocol (mtp) compliant, and be formatted in FAT16 or FAT32 (up to 2TB). The unit can recognize up to 500 folders and 5,000 files. In addition to music and still-image playback, the A/V receiver supports basic playback control, song/artist information display, and charging of your connected USB mass storage class device. The Marantz NR1504 supports the following audio formats, sampling frequencies, and bit rates via its USB (type-A) connection.

    Compatible Audio Formats Sampling Frequencies Bit rate Extension
    WMA (Windows Media Audio) 32/44.1/48 kHz 48-192 kbps .wma
    MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
    WAV 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16-bit .wav
    MPEG-4 AAC 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-320 kbps .aac/.m4a/.mp4
    FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 16/20/24-bit .flac
    ALAC 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz N/A .m4a
    Note: USB memory device will not work via a Hub. It is not possible to connect and use a computer via the unit's USB port using a USB cable.

    Convenience Features

    Slim Design Chassis w/ Contoured Front-Panel: The Marantz NR1504 A/V Surround Receiver features a slim designed chassis which measures only 17.3125" wide x 4.125" tall x 15.5625" deep so it easily fits on a shelf or inside a cabinet. The Marantz NR1504 features a contoured front-panel that combines aluminum and glass-reinforced resins for maximum shielding, dimensional stability, and sophisticated styling. The front-panel is clean, precise, and inviting. Volume and input selection knobs flank a rectangular volume/source display.

    On-Screen Menu w/ Setup Wizard (via HDMI): The AV receiver's on-screen menu provides quick information about your system's settings. You can easily make settings for your home theater system while viewing menus on the TV screen. Simple settings are enabled with the setting menus displayed on the TV screen. The Marantz NR1504 also features an on-screen Setup Wizard that provides easy-to-follow setup instructions. When you control the sound volume, the volume level is displayed on the screen, and when you switch the input source, the name of the input source is displayed. These menu displays can only be output to your TV via HDMI. If you connect the receiver to your television via only composite video, you will need to use the A/V receiver's front-panel display for menu and source adjustments.

    Note: Initial setup requires that the receiver be connected to your TV via HDMI for display of the on-screen menu. Many of the receiver's setup functions can only be found via the on-screen menu and not the front-panel display.

    Source Rename/Delete: You can change the display name (up to 8 characters) of a selected input source. If an input isn't being used, you can delete it from the display so you don't have to scroll past it when you change sources.

    Panel Lock: To prevent accidental operation of this unit, you can disable operation of the buttons on the front-panel.

    Dual Backup Memory Function: This receiver stores its settings in a nonvolatile memory even when the main power supply is turned off. Using the Dual Backup Memory function, you can write settings information to another memory area to back up saved settings for recovery anytime as needed.

    • Personal Memory Plus: This function sets the settings (input mode, surround mode, HDMI output mode, MultEQ, Dynamic EQ, audio delay, etc.) last selected for the individual input sources.
    • Last Function Memory: This function stores the settings which were made before going into the standby mode. When the power is turned back on, the settings are restored.

    Timers: The receiver features a programmable Sleep Timer and Auto Standby function.

    • Sleep Timer: This function allows you to automatically set the power to standby after a predetermined amount of time has passed; set the sleep timer up to 120 minutes in 10 minute increments.
    • Auto Standby: The unit enters standby mode automatically when no commands are sent to the unit for the set time (30 or 60 minutes). Before it enters the standby mode, "Auto Standby" is displayed on the front-panel display of this unit and the on-screen menu.

    Remote/Bluetooth Control

    IR Remote Control: The Marantz NR1504 comes with an IR wireless remote control that can operate this receiver only. The remote control features Glow keys so it can easily be used in the dark.

    HDMI Control: The Marantz NR1504 can control select external audio/video components connected via HDMI which support HDMI control. When you make an HDMI connection with a TV or player compatible with the NR1504 's HDMI control function, you can perform the operations from the NR1504 's remote control; Power off, Switching of audio output devices, Switching of audio input devices, Volume adjustment, and Playback functions.

    Remote Connections: The Marantz NR1504 is fitted with the following custom remote inputs/outputs.

    • Remote In/Out: These RCA input/output connectors allow you to connect the NR1504 to a Marantz component equipped with remote control (RC-5) terminals.
    • Flasher In: This 3.5mm input is used to control the NR1504 from an external key-pad (sold separately).

    Marantz Remote App: The Marantz Remote App (from iTunes App Store or Google Play) lets you control the Marantz Network A/V receiver using your Apple iOS (4.3+) or Android (1.5+) device. The AV receiver will need to be connected to the same network as your Apple iOS or Android device. This free Remote App lets you control the Marantz A/V receiver's basic functions (power, volume, input, surround modes) from your mobile device. The multi-zone control page of the Remote App lets you adjust power, volume and input selection for all zones from a single screen (when applicable). You can even navigate the A/V receiver's network and Internet content from your compatible Apple iOS or Android device. For added convenience, there are eight customizable home screen short cut buttons that allow you to tailor the look and function of the Marantz Remote App to suit your needs.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

    Q & A

    Customer Q&A

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    Why did you buy this?

    I own Marantz products and I think they are awesome! [ Ivan  Nov 25, 2016 ]
    compact size with adequate power for my fairly efficient speakers NHT Super Zero (L&R) and Super center [ John  Nov 24, 2016 ]
    Chose this receiver foremost because I needed a receiver with Apple Play and I am familiar with the Marantz brand as a high quality receiver. The fact that it was compact and reasonably priced was huge plus. The only minor issue is that the display is a light orange color; the ad appeared a more bluish color. But it functions very nicely and the 50 watts of power are sufficient to drive my Mirage S2 floor speakers and center speaker. Rear speakers are not hooked up. [ MICHAEL  Nov 17, 2016 ]
    I chose this because of the brand's reputation, and the list of features compared to other 5.1 receivers in this price range. [ Joshua  Nov 13, 2016 ]
    All of the great reviews on Crutchfields site. I really appreciate hearing what other have to say. [ Arthur  Oct 31, 2016 ]
    Size [ Frank  Oct 24, 2016 ]
    Price [ Jonathan  Oct 16, 2016 ]
    "Pre-outs." Sound quality. I bought this unit to use as a preamp in a 2 channel system. [ mark  Oct 16, 2016 ]
    Trust in Marantz brand and my previous experience. [ A  Oct 14, 2016 ]
    Excellent product, slim line. Had an older model and was impressed by equipment. [ Jon  Sep 21, 2016 ]
    recommended by my son [ Eva  Sep 06, 2016 ]
    It's low profile design and the brand. [ ANDREW ST  Aug 28, 2016 ]
    Just the right amount of receiver. So many receivers are loaded with features that are completely useless. This Marantz does the basics extremely well. [ Peter  Aug 27, 2016 ]
    Best "bang for the buck" for the equipment in my home. Good warranty as well. [ Eugene  Jul 06, 2016 ]
    I needed a slim line receiver that would fit in a 5" shelf. The reviews were all 5's. [ William  Jun 27, 2016 ]
    Previously purchased another Marantz receiver and was happy with the product. [ Jeff  Jun 27, 2016 ]
    Form Factor and Features. We don't need a lot of power. [ Stacy  Jun 26, 2016 ]
    I have a Marantz SR5007 that performs well and thought that the NR1504 will complement my Apple Airplay network nicely. [ John  Jun 09, 2016 ]
    I got HK speakers, I needed a receiver, after reading several reviews I chose it, [ Daniel  Jun 04, 2016 ]
    size [ James  Apr 18, 2016 ]
    Because it is good quality for the price... and price is important, too. By the way, your people are helpful, patient, and easy to work with (Adam and Rocky). Thanks Adam's Bio: Rocky's Bio: [ Dennis  Apr 02, 2016 ]
    Compact size and customer ratings. [ Glen  Mar 17, 2016 ]
    Marantz is one of few manufactures that allow you to manually control the EQ. I can tailor the sound to the way my ears hear vs the way a program does. [ James  Feb 23, 2016 ]
    Good reviews, small form factor, and desired functionality without unneeded features. [ H  Feb 17, 2016 ]
    Tons of great user reviews. [ David  Feb 10, 2016 ]
    Modern HD audio with Airplay and 5.1 surround. Fit my needs and budget. [ Drury  Jan 16, 2016 ]
    Quality [ J  Dec 28, 2015 ]
    Good overall replacement for my Onkyo. Smaller, reasonable price, good sound ratings. [ Sam  Dec 11, 2015 ]

    14 questions already asked

    In short I don't know. I'd be surprised if the remote was Radio. However, I tried using the remote pointing away from the receiver at various angles and found that it still worked. But that's not very solid proof of anything. [ STEVE  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    I assume its IR because you have to point the remote directly at the receiver to change volume and other functions. [ ALLEN  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    It is IR from what I have experienced. It has good side to side range (180 degrees) and seems to work at 20-25 feet from the unit face on. I tried going beyond 180 degrees and into another room and it does not work with the unit. [ JAMES  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    never really ppaid attention to that ' Just aim the remote at the 1504 and thats it. [ MARTIN  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    LIn of sight [ CLEMANS A  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    The remote is IR on this receiver and it works awesome on my 5.1 surround system. [ CARMEN D.  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    IR [ John  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    the remote is ir. Line of sight. [ Keith  Jan 06, 2016 ]
    This receiver would certainly be a good match for those Polk speakers. [ Jeff  Dec 17, 2015 ]  Staff
    It seems to be cool. And I have it in a closet, no problems so far. [ Debby  Feb 13, 2017 ]
    I couldn't answer the question definitively, that would be for an engineer to determine, but the unit is extensively ventilated on the top, so I would be hesitant to stack something on top of it. [ FREDRICK G  Nov 12, 2015 ]
    I have a cable box on top of mine and have no heat issues. [ SCOTT  Nov 12, 2015 ]
    No, it does not. I had it hooked up to the CAT 5 in my living room for a while, but then moved it. I had to buy this little WiFi receiver and hook it up to that via an Ethernet cable. The WiFi receiver was pretty cheap though. [ ERIC PAUL  Oct 08, 2015 ]
    No, but it can be connected to your WiFi network using a wired connection. [ CLEMANS A  Oct 06, 2015 ]
    Yes it has wifi built in so you can air play with apple device or link right to Spotify account etc., you must plug receiver by hdmi into tv to pull up the receivers menu though just so you know [ SCOTT  Oct 06, 2015 ]
    no [ MARTIN  Oct 06, 2015 ]
    No. You need an Sirius or XM receiver. [ Debby  Feb 13, 2017 ]
    If you have a SiriusXM account, this receiver can play from your account. [ PATRICK  Jan 17, 2017 ]
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    not a problem...both good quality..almost audiophile stuff. [ GILBERT  Sep 25, 2015 ]
    I'm happy with the NR1504 with Definitive Technology bookshelf speakers. [ LARRY  Jul 20, 2015 ]
    Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget. [ Greg  Jul 20, 2015 ]  Staff
    In my opinion, it will drive the Bose Acoustimass 10s. Although I love the Bose speakers, they are not the most efficient and they love power - the more the better. I coupled this received with the JBL Cinema SB400. The sound is awesome. My wife loves that the sub-woofer is wireless (no wires all over the place). I love that I can couple my iPAD to the JBL through Bluetooth directly. I purchased both through Crutchfield. Hope this helps. [ William  Jun 26, 2015 ]
    IT should.power them with no problem. [ WILLIAM C  Jun 26, 2015 ]
    Easily. I am driving a pair of Polk tower speakers with twin 8 inch woofers, and they sound great. [ Gordon  Jun 26, 2015 ]
    It does. This is the way I did it and it sounds amazing [ JOSE  Jun 26, 2015 ]
    Thanks for your question. For information on selecting the best amp for your speakers I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences between the amp models and help you make the best choice for your system. [ Krissy  Dec 03, 2014 ]  Staff
    For my setup, I added the Definitive Technology Powered Sub Woofer. Here is the link: Once you add this, the sound comes alive like I believe you are seeking. [ KEVIN  Aug 12, 2015 ]
    Sorry but I can't help. The receiver was bought for a son as a gift. I have no experience using it. [ WILLIAM E  Nov 26, 2014 ]
    If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer. You can also post your question in our forums: Or try our online support center: [ Jeff  Nov 25, 2014 ]  Staff
    Yes. [ PATRICK  Nov 12, 2014 ]
    I am not familiar with the Polk speakers, but if you are not planning on extreme volume, it should be OK. [ WILLIAM C  Nov 11, 2014 ]
    Yes. It has the extra audio outputs. Pre-out (front) and output for a subwoofer. You won't regret it. [ MICHAEL R  Sep 26, 2014 ]
    I don't believe there is a bypass for the front sound stage. You can probably find a third party solution though. [ JOHN A  Sep 26, 2014 ]
    I don't know. Sorry. I wish I could have been more helpful. [ RON  Sep 26, 2014 ]
    I have Dish TV and I can listen to Pandora, Internet Radio, etc with the TV off, however, I must have the TV on to use as a monitor to get to what I want to listen to and then turn the TV off. [ RICHARD  May 18, 2014 ]
    yes but you will need to purchase an extra device such as apple tv that provides those services. [ BERNARD  May 15, 2014 ]
    Bernal, Thanks for your quick answer. [ John  May 15, 2014 ]
    Yes absolutely, no need to have the TV on. The receiver screen can be used to control it. But it 's much easier to use the Android or iOS remote app or even the web based interface via WiFi. [ BERNAL  May 15, 2014 ]
    Yes [ JOHN A  May 15, 2014 ]
    I don't think you'll have any trouble. I run mine with a 20 year old pair of Advent Heritage speakers that are similar (twin 8 inch towers, 600 watts) to your Klipsch speakers. It powers my Advents just fine. As for the Marantz NR1504 itself, I bought mine about a year ago and I'm very happy with it. [ RON  Apr 04, 2014 ]
    Klipsch are pretty efficient in my experience I don't have the rf-82ii but have a 100 watt receiver driving a couple Huge old loudspeakers. My current home theater speaker system is too power hungry for the nr-1504 so I upgraded to the 5007 which is ok. [ RICHARD  Apr 04, 2014 ]
    I can't say from personal experience, but it should be. There are other receivers in this price range with higher power ratings. [ PATRICK  Apr 04, 2014 ]
    This receiver will be a great match for the Polk TSx550T speakers. [ Jeff  Dec 31, 2013 ]  Staff