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Sangean HDR-1

HD Radio™/AM/FM stereo radio

4 Reviews

Item # 671HDR1

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Our take on the Sangean HDR-1

Sangean's HDR-1 tabletop radio features a built-in HD Radio tuner so you can start enjoying the new, free digital programming many AM and FM stations now broadcast. When you tune in digital HD Radio signals, you'll hear a marked improvement in sound quality — FM can approach CD-quality sound, while AM nears current FM quality. Plus, the HDR-1 does a great job pulling in standard analog broadcasts, too.

Sangean's HDR-1 tabletop radio features a built-in HD Radio tuner so you can start enjoying the new, free digital programming many AM and FM stations now broadcast. When you tune in digital HD Radio signals, you'll hear a marked improvement in sound quality — FM can approach CD-quality sound, while AM nears current FM quality. Plus, the HDR-1 does a great job pulling in standard analog broadcasts, too.

The HDR-1 lets you access the additional digital-only channels some stations are broadcasting — channels which can only be received with an HD Radio tuner. And stations can send text information with their digital signals, such as station IDs, artist names, and song titles. The HDR-1 displays this text on its large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

Whether listening to digital HD Radio signals or regular AM and FM broadcasts, you'll enjoy great stereo sound from the HDR-1. Two 2-1/2" speakers set in the acoustically tuned cabinet deliver rich, detailed highs and mids, with nice, round bass.

The built-in digital clock displays both time and date, and includes dual alarms with snooze, as well as a sleep timer. Adjust the sound with the bass and treble control, or just use one of the EQ presets. And you can operate the radio from across the room with its provided remote.

Product Highlights:

  • stereo AM/FM clock radio
  • HD Radio tuner with multi-casting reception
  • 20 station presets (10 FM, 10 AM)
  • 5 watts x 2 channels
  • two 2-1/2" speakers
  • external AM and FM antennas
  • digital tuner
  • minijack audio input for connecting external source
  • minijack headphone output
  • dual alarm with adjustable snooze
  • 2-line backlit LCD display
  • remote control
  • built-in AC power supply
  • weight: 6 lbs., 9 oz.
  • 11-1/2"W x 4-5/8"H x 8-9/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • HD Radio
  • RC-P3 Wireless remote control with installed CR2032 Lithium battery and attached FM antenna
  • 6' Detachable AC power cord
  • AM antenna loop with 3.5mm minijack connector
  • User Manual
  • Limited Warranty card
  • "Congratulations!" card

Sangean HDR-1 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(4 Reviews)

Best Performance in price range

Kit from Milford, CT on 10/12/2008

I have purchased several HD radios and this unit has the best tuner and "geek" features. The other reviewers are correct: You do need to use the remote most often. The display can be set to dim or be dark (contrary to what another user reported). But the display itself does not lend itself to being a clock radio. That is correct, this Sangean is not an ergonomically-friendly clock radio. (For the bedroom, as an alarm clock, pick the HD clock radio radio with the big blue LED display). This Sangean unit is the best I have seen in the price range, I recommend this as a table radio, but not so much as a bedroom alarm clock radio. By the way, the telescoping antenna is nice, neat for orienting towards the station to which you are listening. But, a wire T-antennae performs better if you do not need to continually move it around. The sensitivity, both AM and FM, outperforms the Sony (by far) and the other brand radio I also have. It is nice to see a radio still being made with real wood.



Sangean HD clock radio

Ketly from Hyattsville, MD on 9/11/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I like the sound clarity and ease of programming. So many HD stations from such a small beautiful radio. I admire the solid wood. I wish the background light would automatically dim and the numbers were larger. I have to reach for my glasses to see the time ( blue on gray is not enough contrast). I wish my Sangean HD radio would display the time while radio was on, afterall this is supposed to be a CLOCK radio.



Decent radio, lousy clock

AnDrew from New York, NY on 8/25/2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The positives: 1. beautiful light wood exterior, and it looks pretty nice sitting on my bedside table. The grill and controls are sort of pleasant looking too. It has a flat top so you can put a book on it. 2. good radio reception - I am in radio saturated New York City and I get a large number of analog channels that come in pretty well with the attached antennas. I also receive a large number of HD stations. It is pretty amazing. The negatives are the clock display and the controls: 1. the display is hard to read, esp. without glasses at night. It's also way too bright even at the lowest uillumination setting. I turn it off and have a clock next to it. 2. Control via the dial is idiotic and frustrating. This radio has basically one button and one dial. Usually the dial is volume, but you can click thru the menu and get the dial to momentarily be tuning or running thru the presets. Setting a sleep for 30 minutes is pretty complex involving choosing a lot of counterintuitive steps. 3. The alarm is either radio or a beep - but the beep is pretty mild. So in sum, I have a bedside radio and I am happy with it. The HD is great in my market area. On the slight downside - i give it 3 stars for these reasons - as a bedside radio it's a little hard to use without the remote, and it has a pretty mediocre alarm clock.



Sangean HDR-1

redbaron from Cincinnati, OH on 5/25/2007

I had high hopes for this radio, since Ive had Sangean radios before and they always had what we "ham" radio folks called a "hot front-end"....i.e., it was a sensitive receiver and very good. Not so with this unit nor the Sangean WR-1 radio (which has far too much bass, with NO bass or treble adjustments). This radio sounds much better than the WR-1 and at least has an equalizer; but, the FM reception is mediocre and the AM reception is TERRIBLE(my $10 clock radio does far better). And, I have yet to find any HD (Hybrid Digital) AM stations in my area. On top of all that, there is entirely too much reliance on the remote control, with only on-off, volume and tuning adjusted by the one and only control knob. The display is not the easiest to read and there are far too many menus to go through in order to set the alarm, etc. You would be much better off with the Boston Acoustics HD REceptor radio, which has two separate speakers so the stereo effect is enhanced. Having said all that, the Sangean HDR-1 is a beautiful-looking radio and when you are able to pull-in an HD FM signal, it truly is of superior quality to regular FM and I found myself listening to an FM HD station for a couple of hours as if I had never heard a radio before...really nice quality and the equalizer and wooden cabinet sound very nice. But this isnt a Bose and when I spend this kind of money on a table radio, I want something that can receive more signals. Oh, and there is an awful bright red "standby" indicator to let you know the radio is ridiculous. <BR>Overall, this radio is not worth the price




Hands-on research

Product Research

Controls and Connections


HD Radio Overview: HD Radio is digital FM and AM broadcasting, allowing you to enjoy your same favorite FM and AM stations with digital sound quality. FM stations offer near CD-quality sound and AM stations sound like today's analog FM stations. Because the transmission is digital, multi-path distortion (a common problem with analog radio, receiving signal reflections slightly later than the direct signal) is eliminated. Stations broadcasting HD radio can also pass along text information, such as artist name, song title, weather, traffic, etc. Another benefit of FM HD radio is a station's ability to multicast, broadcast multiple programs (up to seven) using their existing frequency. The display shows multicast stations with the frequency followed by the multicast number, 107.1-1, 107.1-2, 107.1-3, etc.

Note: Unlike satellite radio there is no subscription needed to listen to HD radio. Check out to find your local HD radio broadcasters.

Tuner: The Sangean HDR-1 HD radio has a highly sensitive AM/FM Hybrid and Full digital tuner. It can pull in weak FM stations while its high selectivity allows it to separate closely-spaced stations clearly. The tuning knob makes it easy to manually tune to your favorite stations. The supplied remote control allows you tune manually as well as tune through seek functions and stored presets. The radio uses an attached telescopic aerial FM antenna and a detachable AM antenna loop. The unit's frequency range coverage is as follows:

  • FM and HD FM: 87.50 - 108MH
  • AM and HD AM: 520 - 1720 kHz

Presets: The HD radio features 20 total station presets for your favorite AM and FM stations, including primary and multicast HD stations. You can select 10 presets each from the AM and FM band. Once you set the preset stations, you can quickly tune the preset stations by selecting the numeric keys on the remote.

Auto Tuning System: The Auto Tuning function will seek and save all the available stations with good reception within the full FM and Am bands into the ATS table. The ATS table can save a maximum of 100 station in each band.

FM RBDS: Not only does the HDR-1 display HD broadcast information it also features FM RBDS with Program Type, Program Station, and Radio Text information.

Antennas: The unit is equipped with an attached FM telescopic aerial and a detachable AM loop antenna that uses a 3.5mm input.

Cabinet: The HD-R1 features an acoustically tuned wooden cabinet creating improved bass response and realistic acoustic reproduction of your HD FM and AM channels.

Speakers and Amplifier: The HD-R1 features a pair of 2.48" loud speakers that are powered by a 5 watts x 2 channel amplifier for quality stereo imaging of your favorite music.

Music and News Mode: The unit features a Music and New mode switch on the back of the unit which allows you to select the speaker output depending on whether you are listening to music or a news program.

Equalizer: The HDR-1 features an equalizer setting that allows you to choose from the following preset EQs - Flat, Classic, Rock, Jazz or Pop. This feature is only available when the switch on the rear of the unit is selected to Music mode.

Bass and Treble: If you choose to you can set the Bass and Treble settings independently through the equalizer. This feature is only available in Music mode.

Display: The unit's large easy-to-read backlit LCD display clearly shows the station frequency, preset number, HD radio text information, clock, and alarm/sleep status. The display dimensions are 3" wide and 0.75" high. You can select the brightness level of the display between 0 to 7.

Built-In Clock: The HD-R1 features a built-in clock that can manually or automatically adjusted. The clock can be set to a 12 hour or 24 hour more.

Dual Alarms: The radio features two independent wake-up alarms, each of which can be set to music (tuner or aux in) or tone. The music alarm will sound for 60 minutes until you press the Power button to switch the alarm off. The beep alarm will sound for 30 minutes until you turn the alarm off. You can set the timers to a Daily, Weekdays, Weekends or Once setting.

Note: If you select the alarm timer via the Aux In, you must have the audio source turned on.

Humane Wake System: When the alarm is set to the beep mode the alarm beep will increase in volume for 1 minute followed by 1 minute of silence before repeating the cycle. The radio will repeat the cycle for 30 minutes until turned off.

Snooze Function: You can press any button on the radio except for the Power button while the alarm is sounding to activate the Snooze function. The Snooze function will silence the alarm for 5 minutes. You can repeat this function for the duration of the alarm.

Sleep Timer: You can set the unit's sleep timer to play the radio for a preset amount of time, then turn itself off. The sleep timer can be set from 10 to 120 minutes in 10 minute increments.

Auxiliary Input: A 3.5mm mini-jack input (1/8") on the back of the radio allows you to play an external source through the HDR-1 such as a portable MP3 player.

Headphone Output: There is 3.5mm mini-jack (1/8") headphone output on the back of the radio. When headphones are plugged in the speakers are muted.

Remote Control: The HDR-1 comes supplied with a full-function, credit card size IR wireless remote control.

Controls and Connections

Front Panel Controls: The following controls are located on the front panel of the unit.

  • Power and Control Knob: This rotary knob acts as a power, tune and volume control for the HDR-1.

Rear Panel Controls: The following controls are located on the rear panel of the unit.

  • Music/News Switch: This switch allows you to select between a mono or stereo broadcast depending on whether you are listening to a music or news program.

Wireless Remote Control: The HDR-1 comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control that offers the following functions.

  • Power: turns unit On or Off
  • Information: used to display information settings
  • ATS: auto tunes radio and displays ATS data when available (also acts as setup key)
  • Band: switches between AM and FM
  • Mute: turns off sound output
  • Number Keypad: 0-9 and 0/10 numbered buttons
  • EQ: selects between EQ modes - Flat, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Pop, My Bass, My Treble
  • Last Recall: recalls previous station selected
  • HD Seek: searches for available HD AM and HD FM stations
  • Tune: used for manual and search tuning of AM and FM stations
  • Volume: increases and decrease volume of radio
  • Execution: executes certain functions of the radio

Rear Panel Connections: All the HDR-1's connections are located on the rear of the unit.

  • External Ant: 3.5mm minijack connection used for supplied AM loop antenna
  • Aux In: 3.5mm minijack input for connecting an external audio source
  • Headphones: 3.5mm minijack output used to connect your headphones

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