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Floor-standing speaker (Black Ash)

2 Reviews

Item # 684SCS4TBA

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Our take on the THIEL SCS4T

The SCS4T's incredibly lifelike sound starts with a high-output tweeter coaxially mounted inside the woofer. This ingenious design maintains the proper time alignment for the high and low frequencies, creating unparalleled accuracy and realism. And it ensures that every listener in the room hears the sound from both drivers at exactly the same time — regardless of where you place them.

Audiophile sound quality from a carefully crafted tower speaker

It may be THIEL's most affordable floor-standing speaker, but the SCS4T's impressive accuracy and high output capability will easily satisfy the demanding requirements of both high-end stereo and home theater setups. This slender tower incorporates many of the same innovative technologies used in THIEL's more advanced models, so you'll experience exceptionally realistic and dynamic sound. And don't forget to check out the original SCS4 bookshelf speaker. It features the same exact driver complement and sonic characteristics, making it easy to build a voice-matched home theater system using SCS4T floor-standing speakers in the front of your room and SCS4 bookshelf speakers in the back.

High-tech speaker drivers

Driver closeup

The SCS4T uses THIEL's coaxially mounted woofer and tweeter design for proper time coherence.

Precise highs from a high-output tweeter

The SCS4T's incredibly lifelike sound starts with a high-output tweeter coaxially mounted inside the woofer. This ingenious design maintains the proper time alignment for the high and low frequencies, creating unparalleled accuracy and realism. And it ensures that every listener in the room hears the sound from both drivers at exactly the same time — regardless of where you place them.

An advanced woofer design for full, rich sound

A 6-1/2" aluminum woofer provides engaging mids and lows. It's effortlessly driven by a motor structure consisting of a short voice coil sitting inside a large magnet. Unlike the voice coils found in most speakers that extend outside the magnet, the deliberately short voice coil always "sees" the optimum magnetic field as it travels back and forth. This eliminates distortion caused by variances in magnetic strength. Bass is full, rich, and musical, perfectly complementing the treble without being overbearing.

Speaker Crossover

The advanced crossover ensures that your music is faithful to the original signal.

State-of-the-art crossover

The "unsung hero" of any speaker is the crossover — it directs the right frequencies to the right drivers so you don't have a tweeter trying to reproduce bass and a woofer trying to reproduce highs. THIEL meticulously engineered their first-order crossover to achieve tonal neutrality. The advanced crossover ensures that musical information such as amplitude, phase, and time remain faithful to the original signal, for sound that's pure and uncolored.

A finely crafted cabinet

The super-strong one-inch-thick MDF cabinet features internal bracings to enhance rigidity and minimize sound-muddying internal resonance. A die-cast aluminum front baffle provides a rigid mounting surface for the drivers and reduces unwanted vibrations, for crystal-clear sonic performance. This speaker also comes in a gorgeous, real-wood veneer with THIEL's attractive aluminum Outrigger base and gun-metal floor spikes.

Got wire?

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Product Highlights:

  • bass-reflex (ported) design
  • recommended power 30-200 watts
  • frequency response 48-20,000 Hz (±2dB)
  • 4-ohm impedance — suited for high-current amplifiers
  • sensitivity 87 dB
  • 1" aluminum dome tweeter
  • 6-1/2" aluminum cone woofer with cast aluminum chassis
  • coaxially mounted woofer and tweeter for proper time coherence
  • short coil/long gap driver design eliminates distortion caused by variances in magnetic strength
  • die-cast aluminum front baffle
  • binding post connectors
  • real wood finish
  • stylish aluminum Outrigger base and gun-metal floor spikes
  • 12-11/16"W x 42-1/4"H x 12-5/8"D
  • warranty: 10 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Black Ash floor-standing loudspeaker
  • Removable metal grille (attached)
  • 2 Stabilizer feet
  • 4 Spikes
  • Owner's Manual


Average Customer Review(s):

(2 Reviews)

do not purchase

Tate from Sommerville, MA on 2/22/2017

These speakers suck, backing for the aluminum cone is styrofoam which aluminum does not extend to the rubber surround. Overtime the Styrofoam becomes brittle and then one day your speaker explodes in a very fantastic display of foam and distorted sound. Don't even bother trying to get the manufacturer to cover it under the claimed 10 year warranty, they expect you to fork out money for a replacement. Crutchfield did get me a replacement. When the first speak came apart (within the first two years) I replace it and thought maybe I was over-driving it, when the second speaker came apart (year 3 on a 100W amp) during low volume listening I can point with confidence towards poor material choice by manufacture. The sound was great but material of construction and customer service suck.

Pros: sounds great

Cons: bad materials lead to short lifespan, manufacturer's customer service sucks, over priced

thiel tower speakers

Anonymous from hillsboro or on 12/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

great sound




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Finish Real wood
Color Black Ash
Tweeter Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) ---
Woofer Size (inches) 6.5
Woofer Composition Aluminum
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub No
Video-Shielded Yes
Connector Type Binding post
Bi-amp Inputs No
Parts Warranty 10 Years
Labor Warranty 10 Years
Power Range 30-200
Frequency Response 48-20k Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Amplifier Power ---
Height (inches) 42-1/4
Width (inches) 12-11/16
Depth (inches) 12-5/8
Weight 25 lbs

Product Research

Overview: The THIEL J.E.T. Collection SCS4T is a two-way floor-standing loudspeaker whose high-output capability satisfies the demanding requirements of today's home theater systems. Utilizing the award-winning coaxial driver design developed for THIEL's architectural collection and incorporating the same innovative THIEL technologies that are used in our much more expensive THIEL speakers, the SCS4T provides exceptionally realistic and dynamic sonic performance, regardless of listener or speaker position.

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options
Warranty Information & Break-in Period

Driver Technology

Low-Distortion Drivers: The THIEL J.E.T. collection SCS4T floor-standing loudspeaker uses a very low distortion, high output, metal diaphragm 6.5-inch woofer that is coaxially mounted with a 1-inch, high output metal dome tweeter, the same high performance tweeter that is used in THIEL's flagship model CS3.7. The woofer's short coil/long gap, copper stabilized motor system greatly reduces distortion, and its reinforced metal diaphragm is specially shaped to reduce diffraction of the tweeter's energy.

Coaxial/Coplanar Driver Design: The THIEL J.E.T. collection SCS4T loudspeaker features a coaxial/coplanar driver mounting design for correct time response and delivers full-range performance. The unusual coaxial/coplanar driver mounting design allows greater placement flexibility by ensuring that every listener hears the sound from both drivers at exactly the same time, regardless of where and in what orientation the speakers are placed in your room.

First Order Acoustic Type Crossovers: The THIEL J.E.T. collection SCS4T's crossovers are meticulously engineered to achieve extreme tonal neutrality and are constructed with extensive use of polypropylene and custom polystyrene capacitors. The SCS4T utilizes these advanced engineered crossovers to deliver complete phase coherence for exceptional clarity, transparency, and three-dimensional imaging. Like the crossovers in much more expensive THIEL speakers, the crossover for the SCS4T is a true "first-order acoustic type" that provides the utmost in spatial and depth imaging performance as well as overall realism. This type of crossover provides complete accuracy of amplitude, phase, time, and energy, and therefore the only type that does not distort the musical waveform. Proper application of this gradual-transition type of crossover requires the use of more expensive drivers with wider frequency ranges than are required for use with common quick-transition crossovers but the benefits also include improved uniformity of the speaker's output in all directions.

Power Requirements: It is important to have enough power to play at the level you desire without distortion. If high sound levels are desired, the SCS4T is designed to be used with an amplifier rated up to 200 watts per channel (into 4 ohms). The SCS4T is of average efficiency (87dB) and therefore requires an average amount of power from a quality amplifier.

Enclosure Design

Robust Constructed Cabinet: The cabinet plays an enormously important role in the quality of music reproduction and so the engineering of the J.E.T. collection speaker cabinets incorporate several innovations that contribute to the speaker's stunning clarity, its utter tonal neutrality and its exceptionally realistic imaging. The THIEL J.E.T. Collection SCS4T floor-standing loudspeaker features a robustly constructed cabinet with an aluminum baffle, double-laminated 1" cabinet walls, and thick interior bracing to create an extremely rigid enclosure that eliminates unwanted resonances.

  • Aluminum Baffle: The SCS4T cabinet design uses a die-cast aluminum baffle for much greater rigidity in driver mounting and elimination of cabinet resonances.
  • Double-Laminated Walls: The SCS4T features double-laminated 1" cabinet walls that are reinforced with thick bracing, to greatly improve detail, clarity, and spatial information.

Real-Wood Cabinet: The THIEL J.E.T. collection SCS4T's cabinet is finished in furniture grade, real hardwood veneer. The SCS4T is available in a real-wood Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash finish.

Cabinet Care: The THIEL Loudspeaker's wood cabinet possess a high quality lacquer finish that is both beautiful and durable. However, any wood finish can be damaged by excessive moisture, dryness, or direct sunlight. When cleaning your speakers, avoid using oils, waxes, or polishes that contain silicone.

Bass Reflex Design: The THIEL floor-standing loudspeaker's cabinet is a bass reflex design with two front-firing flared ports for greater efficiency and better bass response.

Magnetic Steel Grille: The SCS4T's perforated steel grille is attached magnetically to the front of the speaker. The grille is designed to not produce diffraction so there is no sonic reason to remove it. If you do need to remove the grille, carefully pull the grille frame away from the front of the speaker. When replacing the grille, line up the grille with the baffle's inlay edges.


Binding Posts: The SCS4T's input terminals are located on rear of the speaker cabinet. The SCS4T uses binding posts that accept several types of wire connections (will not accept dual banana plug connectors, but single banana plugs can be used). The input terminals are designed to be easily tightened by hand or a 1⁄2 inch nut driver can be used.

Color-Coded: The speaker's input terminals are color coded to facilitate that both speakers in a stereo system are wired in the same polarity for maximum speaker performance.

Recommended Speaker Wire: The speakers should be connected to the amplifier with high quality cable to ensure minimal loss of power and proper control by the amplifier.

Note: The SCS4T is a very high quality sound reproducer and will benefit from use with the best associated equipment. Since it is extremely accurate, it will reveal sources of distortion generated elsewhere in the system. For example, distortion resulting from poor recordings or inferior electronics will be reproduced accurately. Also, the quality of the interconnect cables and speaker cables will significantly effect the performance of the system.

Mounting Options

Feet Stabilizers: Beautiful, black brushed aluminum stabilizer-feet and gunmetal finish spikes attractively provide a superior base for optimized sonic performance.

Note: Please be cautioned that the stabilizer-feet and spikes can dent hardwood floors and it is possible to mar the floor's surface if the speakers are moved with the feet in place.

Speaker Placement: The THIEL J.E.T. collection SCS4T is specifically designed to give a high-level of performance from a variety of room locations and positions. Though the loudspeaker is ideally placed well away from walls for the best tonal and spatial performance, it also works well within the constraints of typical domestic use; such as near-wall placement.

Note: All aspects of speaker placement are dependent on the particular room. Since every room is different, no hard rules can be given, and experimentation is necessary to achieve the best results. Experiment with both placement of the speaker within the room and the degree of toe-in to optimize the sound for your environment. It is helpful to not install the spikes until the speaker is finally positioned.

Magnetically Shielded: Because the THIELE SCS4T is magnetically shielded, it can be placed on or near video displays without causing picture distortion.

Warranty Information & Break-in Period

Break-In Period: The SCS4T's, like most speakers, require a period of playing before they perform optimally. The amount of time depends on how loudly the speakers are played; more time is required if played softly, less if played loudly. At least 50 hours at moderately loud levels are required before the speaker is performing near optimum. You should notice even more improvement after 100 hours of playing.

10 Year Warranty: THIEL warrants every THIEL model SCS4T loudspeaker against defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. THIEL will, at no charge, replace any defective part and make any repairs necessary to ensure its proper performance when the defective unit is returned to us postpaid. This warranty does not cover damage due to accident or abuse and is void if the unit has been tampered with. This warranty is automatic and no registration is required.

Our Product Research Team

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