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LG 55EC9300

55" curved Smart 1080p OLED HDTV

20 Reviews | 2 questions - 10 answers

Item # 68955E9300

This item is no longer available.

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Our take on the LG 55EC9300

There are three basic ways to improve TV picture quality: more detail, wider color palette, or increased contrast. While 4K TVs are the detail champs, lots of TV experts feel that contrast is actually the most important determiner of overall image quality. And when it comes to contrast (and color), OLED is king.

Out-of-this-world OLED picture at a real-world price

LG 55EC9300

There are three basic ways to improve TV picture quality: more detail, wider color palette, or increased contrast. While 4K TVs are the detail champs, lots of TV experts feel that contrast is actually the most important determiner of overall image quality. And when it comes to contrast (and color), OLED is king.

The 55EC9300 is LG's second-generation OLED TV, and this set costs thousands less than its predecessor. Not familiar with OLED? It's the most advanced screen technology currently available. Small OLED screens have been available on some high-end smartphones for a while, but TV-sized screens are still extremely rare. In fact, LG is currently the only manufacturer building OLED TVs.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Traditional light emitting diodes have been used in LED-LCD TVs for years. An array of LEDs functions as the backlight, shining through a layer of LCD pixels. Whereas OLED screens use an organic substance that glows when it's activated by an electric current. The screen's pixel layer is made of this self-illuminating carbon-based material — each pixel is its own light source which can be independently switched on and off, so there's no need for a backlight with all its limitations. Also, compared to conventional display types, OLED has fewer layers between your eyes and the screen's pixels — a big reason why OLED images possess such startling color, clarity, and immediacy.

Picture contrast that beats the finest LCD TVs

Each and every OLED pixel — actually every sub-pixel — can switch off completely, producing absolute black. It's this ability that gives OLED it's remarkable contrast and black levels. LG's OLED design also has an edge when it comes to color and brightness. In LCD TVs, each pixel is made up of three sub-pixels — red, green and blue — in each pixel to create the color palette. LG's unique 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional three colors to enhance both color range and brightness. OLED images maintain excellent contrast and color even for viewers seated off to the sides.

A Smart TV approach that's fun and friendly

Feature-wise, the 55EC9300 is loaded. A strong selection of built-in Smart TV apps gives you instant access to a nearly limitless selection of entertainment — streamed video from services like Netflix®, Vudu®, and Hulu®, music from Pandora® and Rhapsody®, social networking, and lots more. The colorful WebOS user interface lets you customize your home screen to access the apps you use most, and easily switch between them.

LG's latest motion-sensing Magic Remote uses gesture controls to let you easily search and select web entertainment just by pointing and clicking. It's very similar to using a wireless videogame controller or an air mouse. Other nice touches include a scroll wheel and a built-in microphone for voice commands.

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Product Highlights:

  • 54.6" screen (measured diagonally)
  • glossy screen
  • OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panel with 1080p screen resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • self-illuminating OLED panel produces infinite picture contrast and absolute black
  • 10-bit panel can display over one billion colors
  • 4 Color Pixel technology adds an unfiltered white sub-pixel to the traditional red, green, and blue, for vivid colors
  • 3D TV (4 pairs of passive 3D glasses are included — 2 regular pairs and two clip-ons)
  • WebOS Smart TV with built-in web browser
  • built-in Wi-Fi® to link to a wireless network
  • video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC
  • MHL-compatible HDMI input for viewing photos/videos from a compatible smartphone on the TV's screen
  • tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • QAM cable TV tuner (subscription required to receive cable channels — contact your local service provider for details)
  • built-in down-firing speakers (40 watts total power)
  • motion-sensing Magic Remote with built-in microphone for voice control
  • free downloadable apps for iOS® and Android™ let you use a compatible smartphone as a remote control
  • meets ENERGY STAR® requirements
Connections and Dimensions:
  • 4 A/V inputs, including:
    • 3 HDMI
    • 1 component video (selectable component/composite)
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output (may only pass 2-channel audio from HDMI-connected sources)
  • Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
  • 3 USB inputs for connecting a camera or thumb drive
  • detachable stand (stand "footprint" is 15"W x 8"D)
  • wall-mountable (requires a special mounting bracket from LG, model OSW100, not included)
  • 48-1/4"W x 28-5/16"H x 2-1/8"D (29-13/16"H x 8"D on stand)
  • weight: 36.8 lbs. with stand; 32.4 lbs. without stand
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service or pick-up for service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Great picture. The best I have ever seen. Crutchfield service is A1. Received the TV on Christmas Eve after ordering on December 18th.

Pierre, California

What's in the Box:

  • 55" OLED TV
  • Magic motion remote (AN-MR500G)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Two 3D glasses
  • Two 3D clip-ons
  • Component video adapter
  • Composite AV adapter
  • Cable holder
  • Rear cover panel
  • 2 Cleaning cloths
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Magic Remote User Information
  • Warranty Card
  • Product Registration Card
  • Cleaning Screen note
  • LG Product brochure

Energy Guide:

View the Energy Guide


LG 55EC9300 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(20 Reviews)


Peter C. from Massachusetts on 1/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm very pleased with the picture and the service I received from Crutchfield in order to set it up. I did a lot of research and selected the LG as the best picture and I love it. I'm amazed at the ease to switch between the regular tv and netflixs. One of the reasons I went with Crutchfield is the availability of the technical service and it was very professional as expected

Pros: clarity of picture , ease of installation

Cons: no negatives

Amazing TV

Pierre from California on 1/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great picture. The best I have ever seen. Crutchfield service is A1. Received the TV on Christmas Eve after ordering on December 18th.

Pros: Great picture, 3d is awesome . Easy to use remote and easy setuo.

Cons: Non

LG 55EC9300

Anonymous from Colorado on 12/13/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The overall quality is excellent! The picture setup is easy and produces vivid images. The unit is reflective but does not take away from the quality of the product. The interface of the smart features takes a little time to get used too, but is relatively easy to navigate. All around excellent quality LG TV.

Pros: Great Picture (perfect blacks and vivid colors) Easy Setup TV Design Smart Features


LG 55EC9300

Anonymous from Texas on 12/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First off my experience with Crutchfield was as good as I could've asked for product came quick with everything down to the box in mint condition I'd do business with them again

Pros: Tv colors are true to life the blacks are black whites are white every detail is represented on the tv it makes watching things you've seen more interesting


LG 55EC9300

Axeman from New York on 10/19/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

At this price point, I couldn't find a better value of picture. This TV surpassed all expectation and is a pleasure to watch from any angle in my lining room. For those concerned that it does not support the VESA standard mounts, don't let this sway you from the purchase. I purchased a standard VESA full motion mount, and modified the mounting. This worked perfectly! I wouldn't recommend this with all TV's, but this one is so light that I see no issues and I'm perfectly happy with the results. You can also opt for the special LG mount if you are simply hanging it with no need for adjustment, but I needed a full motion mount for my room.

Pros: Beautiful picture, 3-D blu ray movies on this TV look spectacular! Web-OS is great. Magic remote is great!

Cons: non VESA standard for mounting

Outstanding on all counts

Vernon from Alabama on 10/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome picture, good sound, light weight with attractive styling. Curved screen not necessary but cool none the less. Picture quality beyond description. Sound is adequate for my application. All things considered, this TV would be mighty hard to beat.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None

LG 55EC9300

MikeB from Maryland on 10/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this TV solely because it is an OLED, and not for any of the smart TV or 3D features. In that respect, it has exceeded my expectations for picture quality! HD content from FIOS and Blu Ray look fantastic. Several of the pre-set video modes aren't too good, but several worked well. I eventually looked up a set of custom settings on an enthusiast forum and the picture now is amazing. After enjoying some content, I have delved into the smart TV functions and find that I will essentially no longer need to use my Roku. I find that the Magic Remote is easier to enter movie names and so forth into Netflx and Amazon that the Roku interface. I have yet to see an on-screen interface that isn't a pain to use, but I think this is better. Sound is adequate, but I usually use my AV receiver for movies.

Pros: To paraphrase the old real estate rule, the three most important things for a TV: picture, picture, picture. Lots of settings to tweak if you're so inclined.

Cons: The screen is very reflective. This isn't a big deal for me, as it's in a home theater room in the basement with no windows. I did have to adjust it's position on the glass top TV stand as the screen was reflecting back up off the glass and onto the screen.

Love it

B from Tennessee on 10/3/2015

Love this tv. Watch movies and sports. Have enjoyed it this far.



Amazing Picture

Gabriel from Washington on 9/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The picture is absolutely incredible. Granted, I'm coming from a 10 year old Sony Trinitron SD CRT, but still. I don't think that anyone would be disappointed purchasing this TV.

Pros: Great picture. Plenty of inputs. Gorgeous case.

Cons: For some reason it won't recognize the HDMI signal from my older Denon DVD player.

LG 55EC9300

BobS from Missouri on 8/28/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

As nearly every review of this TV begins, this set has the best picture of any tv I've ever seen. It truly is remarkable. The tv itself is very lightweight and nice to look at although I would have preferred a less expansive stand, or at least a better looking one. The remote is fairly easy to use but I don't use it often; I use my Harmony 650 for most all chores. My only complaint is that when using any of the included apps (Amazon, Youtube, etc), the sound stays with the cable box instead of switching to the app. I have a standard home theater setup using the ARC port and even tried adding an optical cable for sound out. The only way to get sound is to change from external speakers to the tv speakers. No help from LG support on that one.

Pros: Beautiful picture, nice look

Cons: TV doesn't change sound output to apps.

Crutchfield response on 8/31/2015 We forwarded this review to our Technical Support team for follow-up. Lifetime tech support comes with every Crutchfield purchase.

Superb PQ

JKH from Michigan on 8/20/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very good considering first iteration

Pros: Depending on source content, PQ can be jaw dropping (check out Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-ray)

Cons: curve style is unnecessary; quite a bit of reflective glare during daytime.

Not perfect, but great picture; good svc from Crutchfield

EM from New York on 8/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Colors and sharpness are great, as we expected. Some juddering in slow pans, but we also knew this from reviews.

Pros: Color, sharpness.

Cons: Sound is terrible Smart remote is annoying: slight lag in response, yet cursor moves too easily; pushing on-screen buttons is slow and tedious == we gave up and settled on using 3 separate remotes (cable, tv, dvr).

Bought a second one

Anonymous from North Carolina on 7/28/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Picture is fantastic, but WebOS a bit laggy at times and app store is lame. I had one for a few weeks and it got damaged, but I like it well enough I bought another to replace it.



Great picture

Fuller from New Jersey on 7/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am totally satisfied with the picture and the ease of adjusting it. I am also happy with its lighter weight and the fact that the base is already attached and thus eliminates a struggle. Color is natural.

Pros: Excellent picture - Easy to set up.

Cons: Some connections are difficult to make. The main problem I have is that it doesn't support adobe flash player -which makes it necessary for me to stream the internet channels through my computer. This is a real issue and I wish they would correct it - if it weren't for the great picture I would have given this TV four stars for this failing.


ALM from Charleston, WV on 5/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The picture is awesome, could not be any better The whole purchase process could not have been easier, Always happy with Cruthfields customer service and delivery was fast, thanks for the awesome service

Pros: Picture, picture, picture!!!!!! Order process Delivery The whole experience!!!!

Cons: None at all

Great TV

Dan from Washington on 2/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The LG television arrived within a few days of ordering. The packaging and television were in perfect condition. The television was easy to setup and the quality of the picture is the best I have ever seen. All options are easy to use and to learn. Crutchfield was professional in handling the sale and provided me with all the required information. I have recommended this Television and Crutchfield to my friends and family. It was a really smooth and great experience. Thanks.

Pros: Easy to setup, great picture quality, easy to use controls, light weight, better internet response than my Samsung, great streaming, can not say enough good things about this television.

Cons: Sound is lacking due to the slim/lightweight television design. My sound bar corrected this issue without a problem.

excellent TV

Tony from California on 1/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Image as clean and sharp as promised. Lots of glare if windows have much light. Curved screen is nice to look at as a piece of furniture, but doesn't seem to add much, if anything, to the viewing experience. Manual pretty sparse; doesn't answer many initial questions. Can't judge the sound, as we have it hooked up to a stereo system. The onscreen apps (Netflix, etc.) are easy to access and work very well. Overall, wondering if I could have gotten the same visuals for a bit less money. But I'm not disappointed at all.

Pros: sharpness and colors as advertised lovely object, even when off easy to use the wifi apps

Cons: have no use for the 3D screen excessively reflective; not great in reflected light from windows

Sharp picture from wide angles

Liamo from Charlottesville Virginia on 12/19/2014

The picture is very sharp, and you do not have to sit directly in front to appreciate it. The 3D works well, and the web connections make it very versatile.

Pros: Lightweight, sharp picture, internet links.

Cons: Not inexpensive.


Francis Y. from University PLace, WA on 11/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Absolutely the BEST TV in the market.

Pros: Sharp distinctive colors and the LG WebOS is fun to use.

Cons: Price is not exactly affordable to a great majority.

nice tv

vic from radnor pa on 9/24/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

nice tv




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Screen Size 54.6"
Screen Design Curved
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Screen Refresh Rate No Info from LG
Backlighting Type (for LCD TVs) N/A for OLED TVs
Quantum Dot Color (for LCD TVs) N/A for OLED TVs
HDR (High Dynamic Range) No
3D Passive
Wi-Fi Yes
Internet Movie Streaming Netflix,Hulu,Vudu,Amazon,CinemaNow
Bluetooth Audio Streaming No
Voice Remote Yes
MHL-compatible Yes
Picture In Picture No
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Type of Warranty Service In-home
Total Video Inputs 5
HDMI Inputs 4
Component Video Inputs 1
Composite Video Inputs 0
RF Inputs 1
Ethernet Port Yes
USB Ports 3
Optical Digital Audio Output 1 Rear
Analog Audio Output None
Power Consumption
Estimated Yearly Electricity Use (EnergyGuide) 151 kWh
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost (EnergyGuide) $17
Dimensions & Mounting Information
Width (inches) 48-1/4
Height with Stand (inches) 29-7/8
Height without Stand (inches) 28-3/8
Depth with Stand (inches) 8
Depth without Stand (inches) 2-1/8
Stand Width (inches) 15
Weight with Stand 36.8 lbs
Weight without Stand 32.4 lbs
Wall Mountable Yes
Wall Bracket Included No
Pedestal Stand Attached

Product Research

Video Features
Audio Features
Network/USB Functions
Convenience Features
Remote Control
Mounting Options

Video Features

OLED: "OLED" means organic light-emitting diode, named for the advanced material used in the TV's screen. The secret to OLED is this unique light-emitting diode structure with its electroluminescent layer, a special film made from an organic, carbon-based compound that emits its own light when hit with an electric current. A thin-film transistor (TFT) backplane switches each specific pixel on and off. This configuration enables a thinner, lighter form factor, higher resolution and big, home theater-ready screen sizes. Because OLED TVs do not require a backlight, pixels that are switched off are truly black, so OLED achieves deeper black levels and a higher contrast ratio when compared to LCD and LED-LCD TVs with conventional backlighting. OLED technology also increases energy efficiency.

  • LG's 4 Color Pixel Technology: LG's 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional 3 color red, green, and blue that enhances both color range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels' ability to express the realistic colors and represents a giant step ahead of conventional flat-panel displays. The 4 Color Pixel is LG's unique innovation for the next generation OLED TV.
  • Color Refiner: The LG OLED TV's internal Color Refiner layer further improves the consistency of color reproduction across the entire image. As a result, the picture is more natural and pleasing to the eye.
  • Infinite Contrast Ratio: As the first display technology that allows self-lighting pixels to switch on and off individually, OLED offers the first "Infinite" contrast ratio. Contrast ratio measures the range from the brightest whites on the screen to the darkest blacks. The deep blacks will offer a greater sense of realism and depth on all content.
  • Absolute Motion Clarity: The critical response time of the LG OLED TV (its ability to refresh the image on screen) is less than .1ms (microseconds), drastically faster than LCD or LED-LCD televisions. As a result, you get even the fastest action to be dependably crystal clear and virtually blur-free.

Curved Screen: LG has made this OLED TV even more dramatic, with a gracefully cured screen. It fills your field of vision like no flat screen can, for a thrilling, immersive viewing experience that still delivers a wide viewing angle.

Triple XD Engine w/ 1080P Resolution: The OLED TV utilizes LG's exclusive Triple XD Engine video processing system for crisp images and rich, vibrant colors. The LG OLED HDTV features HDMI, Component, and Composite video inputs. All of the television's video inputs are displayed at 1080p.

  • Quadruple HDMI Inputs: The four HDMI inputs will accept 1080p (60/24Hz), 1080i, 720p, and 480p video signals. The HDMI inputs not only allow you to connect your Blu-ray/DVD player or Satellite/Cable receiver to the TV, but also a laptop or computer.
  • Component/Composite Video: The one Component Video input will accept 1080p (60Hz), 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals. The component video input can also be used as a composite video input (480i only).
Note: The TV has built-in over-the-air HDTV (ATSC) and Digital Cable (QAM) tuners, so you don't need a separate set-top box to receive and decode over-the-air HDTV/SDTV or unencrypted Digital Cable signals.

MHL Compatible: The HDMI 3 input is MHL compatible and designed for the connection of select mobile phones and other portable electronic devices. Simply plug your MHL compatible smartphone into the TV's HDMI 4 port using the HDMI cable that is included with your mobile phone. MHL allows you to display full 1080p video and still images on the LG TV from your mobile smartphone. The TV's IR remote can be used to control basic playback functions (such as Play/Pause, Stop Fast Forward/Rewind, and Menu navigation). Your MHL compliant device will also charge while connected to the TV's HDMI 4 port. To find MHL-certified devices, go to

LG Cinema 3D: LG Cinema 3D offers amazing 3D depth with a brighter picture and better motion quality, plus flicker-free glasses, just like the movie theater. You get the same technology that powers the 3D films in the movie theater, right in your own home. LG Cinema 3D gives you wider viewing angles, meaning you get the same immersive 3D experience wherever you sit. The OLED flat-panel TV's 3D picture begins with LG's proprietary Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) panel, which optimizes the separation of images for the left and right eyes. This polarized film is applied directly to the TV's screen enabling delivery of optimized images for both eyes. The images are then filtered through specially designed glasses to give you truly crisp, blur-free, flicker-free 3D images that leap of the screen. As a result, the 3D image looks 1080p and is clearer, brighter, flicker-free, and more comfortable to watch.

  • Included 3D Glasses: The television includes two 3D glasses and two 3D clip-ons. The included 3D glasses and clip-ons are just like the ones you get at the movie theater, so they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The 3D image formatting is done solely on the TV set, so the 3D glasses are passive (no batteries required) and don't need to be synced, enabling you to enjoy 3D images anywhere in your room and free from the interference of other objects. The passive 3D glasses design also lets you enjoy 3D images from any viewing angle; whether you are sitting on the couch or laying on floor.
  • 2D-to-3D Conversion: 2D (two-dimensional) images can be transformed to 3D (three-dimensional) images. If you are watching a 2D program, the television can transform those two-dimensional images to virtual 3D images (you must be wearing included 3D glasses).
  • 3D Depth/Viewpoint Control: You can adjust the 3D Depth between the foreground objects and the background. You can also adjust the 3D Viewpoint, making the 3D images closer or farther from the viewer.
  • Dual Play: The Dual Play feature on this LG Cinema 3D TVs allows two players to enjoy head-to-head gaming on one television without the compromise of a split screen. Two players can now compete against one another independently and catch the action across the full screen at the same time. Requires special AG-F400DP glasses (sold separately) from LG.
Note: This LG TV can display in 3D via 3D broadcasting or when the TV is connected to a 3D compatible device; such as a 3D-ready Blu-ray player with 3D content. The TV must be connected to your 3D source via HDMI (v.1.4) and you must wear the included passive 3D glasses in order to see these images in 3D (three-dimensional) format.

Picture Size (Aspect Ratio): You can select a different aspect ratio depending on input source (analog broadcasting, digital broadcasting, video input).

  • 16:9: Resizes the image ratio to fit a 16:9 screen.
  • Just Scan: Normally the edges of video signals are cropped 1-2%. Just Scan turns off this cropping and shows the complete video.
  • Set by Program: Depending on the input signal, screen aspect ratio changes to 4:3 or 16:9.
  • 4:3: Resizes the image ratio to fit a 4:3 screen.
  • Zoom: Choose Zoom when you want to view the picture without any alteration. However, the top and bottom portions of the picture will be cropped.
  • Cinema Zoom: Choose Cinema Zoom when you want to enlarge the picture in correct proportion. This enlarges an image with cinemascope aspect ratio (2.35:1) without distortion.

Picture Wizard II (Picture Control): This feature lets you adjust the picture quality of the original image. The LG TV's Picture Wizard II (Easy Picture Calibration) offers self-calibration with on-screen reference points for key picture quality elements such as black level, color, tint, and sharpness levels. This feature takes the guesswork out of picture adjustments.

Picture Modes: The LG OLED TV provides preset, manual, and expert adjustment of the television's picture settings.

  • Presets: Easy to use factory presets for picture mode settings include Standard (provides optimum viewing for general use), Vivid (maximizes the effect of the video by strengthening the contrast/brightness/color/sharpness), THX Cinema (optimizes video for watching videos), Game (provides fast response speed for fast gaming system), or ECO (reduces brightness for energy savings).
  • User Adjustment: This mode allows you to adjust the video quality settings manually; Contrast (increase or decrease the gradient of the video signal), Brightness (adjusts the base level of the signal in the picture) Sharpness (adjusts the level of crispness in the edges between the light and dark areas of the picture), Color (adjusts intensity of all colors), Tint (adjusts the balance between red and green levels), Color Temp (set to warm to enhance hotter colors such as red, or set to cool to enhance cooler colors such as blue).
  • Expert Mode: The LG OLED TV is ISFccc Ready and contains the detailed standards necessary for professional calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and much more to meet local lighting conditions for both day and nighttime viewing. Settings are added to preset Expert 1/2 modes for easy access from your LG remote.

Advanced Picture Control: Advanced Picture Control allows you to adjust some of the advanced video features of the LG OLED TV.

  • Dynamic Contrast: Adjusts the contrast to keep it at the best level according to the brightness of the screen. The picture is improved by making bright parts brighter and dark parts darker.
  • Preferred Color: Set the Skin, Grass, and Sky color independently.
  • Super Resolution: Provides a crystal-clear picture by impr0ving the details in an area that has a blurry or unclear picture.
  • Gamma: You can adjust the brightness of dark areas and middle gray level areas of the picture.
  • Color Gamut: Maximizes the utilization of colors to increase color quality.
  • Edge Enhancer: Shows clearer and distinctive, yet natural edges of the video.
  • x.v.YCC: This feature produces richer colors from x.v.YCC compatible sources.
  • Expert Pattern: Patterns used for expert adjustment.
  • Color Filter: This function filters specific colors in the video. You can use the RGB filter to set color saturation and hue accurately.
  • Color Management System: A tool that allows you to make adjustments by using test patterns; this does not affect other colors, but can be used to selectively adjust the 6 color areas (Red/Green/Blue/Cyan/Mgt/Yellow).

Picture Options: Additional picture options are available to enhance your viewing experience.

  • Real Cinema: Makes video clips recorded in a film look more natural by eliminating judder effect.
  • Black Level: Sets the black level of the screen to the proper level.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduces screen noise without compromising video quality.
  • MPEG Noise Reduction: Removes noise caused by compressing video.
  • Motion Eye Care: Saves power consumption by adjusting the brightness corresponding to movement in the video and reduces eye fatigue.

Audio Features

Preset + 5-Band EQ: Sound Mode lets you enjoy the best sound without any special adjustment using factory presets. Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, and Game are preset for optimum sound quality. You can also adjust the TV's sound manually by using the 5-band EQ (100Hz, 300Hz, 1khz, 3khz, 10kHz).

Audio Enhancements: The LG OLED TV offers various audio adjustments to enhance your overall experience.

  • Virtual Surround: Virtual Surround delivers a simulated surround sound effect with just the TVs two speakers.
  • Clear Voice II: Clear Voice II enhances and amplifies the frequency range of the human voice to help keep dialogue audible when background noise swells.
  • Smart Sound Mode: Smart Sound Mode provides optimized sound adjusted for each source input. Smart Sound Mode automatically adjusts Preset/5-Band EQ, Virtual Surround, and Clear Voice II.
  • Auto Volume: Auto Volume makes sure that the volume level remains consistent whether you are watching a commercial or a regular TV program. Because each broadcasting station has its own signal conditions, volume adjustment may be needed every time the channel is changed. This feature allows users to enjoy stable volume levels by making automatic adjustments for each program.

AV Sync: If the video and sound of the television are not synced, you can adjust the delay of the audio output to match the video.

Digital Audio Output: The TV's optical (toslink) digital output terminal is used to connect to the included Harman/Kardon Sound Frame speaker system. The optical digital jack will output Dolby Digital (when available) or 2 channel PCM. The digital optical output terminal only sends an audio signal in Dolby Digital when receiving Dolby Digital surround sound from a digital broadcast channel through the TV tuner or Dolby Digital content loaded onto USB. The optical digital audio output will only output in 2ch stereo from sources connected to the television via HDMI or RCA.

ARC (Audio Return Channel): The Audio Return Channel in HDMI 1.4 enables the TV, via a single HDMI cable, to send audio data "upstream" to your A/V receiver; increasing user flexibility and eliminating the need for any separate S/PDIF audio connection. This feature allows audio to be sent from the television to your A/V receiver through the same HDMI cable already being used to send audio/video to the television. This eliminates the need for extra cables connected to the TV. ARC allows audio from the TV tuner, Network connection, inserted USB device, HDMI inputs, or any analog connected device to be heard through your ARC compatible AV receiver via the television's HDMI ARC input. The audio from the TV's tuner, network connection, and USB port can pass as Dolby Digital or 2ch PCM. HDMI and analog connected devices will be output as 2ch PCM only.

Note: Both the television and the receiver must support ARC for this function to work properly. When connecting an A/V receiver that is compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect it to the TV's HDMI 1 input. If connecting a system that is incompatible Audio Return Channel (ARC), an additional audio connection via Digital Audio Out (Optical) is necessary.

Network/USB Functions

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: This TV can be connected to your home network via its Ethernet (LAN) port or built-in WiFi. If both options are available in your network, the wired Ethernet connection is recommended. Either network connection offers access to your PC movie/photo/music files, LG Apps, and the Internet.

Note: A 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX LAN port is required for connection to this TV. Use a standard LAN cable with this TV (Cat5 or better with a RJ-45 connector). The built-in wireless network adapter supports 802.11a/b/g/n and operates at 2.4-5.8 GHz.

LG Smart TV Apps: LG Smart TV Apps allows you to access a variety of online services and content directly on the LG OLED TV through its network connection. LG Smart TV Apps is an easy way to access limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos, and browse the web; all organized in a simple to use interface. LG Smart TV Apps offers pay and free-of-charge instant streaming of movies, weather, videos, and photo album services. Once you have connected the LG TV to your home network and the internet, you can enjoy entertainment content, up-to-the minute news, weather updates, photo management, and more by simply using the TV's remote control and on-screen menu; all without a separate PC.

Note: Visit LG Smart TV for the latest  compatible apps. Internet connection & subscriptions required.

Web Browser: The LG Smart TV features a built-in web browser that lets you search the Internet for a particular website by URL or your Favorites list. The web browser supports up to Flash 11, but does not support platform-dependent technology like ActiveX. The web browser only replays the following media file formats - JPEG/PNG/GIF. Not all websites will be available for download, because of size and content.

Skype Ready: The LG Skype app lets you make video calls from the comfort of your living room. Using the TV's remote control, you can create free Skype accounts, log into existing accounts, and navigate via a simple Skype interface made for the big screen. You can make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls to friends and family, wherever they are in the world from the LG TV (separate LG TV Skype camera required, sold separately). You cannot use input device, such as a keyboard while using Skype.

Screen Share (WiDi + Miracast Technology): The LG OLED TV features built-in Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) andMiracast technology for direct wireless content transfer from compatible devices with no Wi-Fi network needed. Now, you can enjoy all of your personal and online content on the big screen with a simple wireless connection. With a laptop featuring Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) or Android smartphone featuring Miracast, you can sit back and experience your favorite movies, videos, photos, online shows, and more in full HD (up to 1080P) and multichannel audio (up to 5.1ch) on the LG Smart TV.

SmartShare: SmartShare technology lets you share content stored on your PC, mobile device, or USB thumbdrive with friends and family via WiFi, DLNA, or USB 2.0.

  • WiFi Direct: When usingWiFi Direct, you can connect directly with other WiFi-enabled devices without using a wireless router. You'll be able to wirelessly transfer personal content (such as photos & videos) to the LG TV from your device without connecting to your home network. WiFi Direct completely bypasses your WiFi access point/router, so it's easy to set up. Streaming of copy-protected content and other certain formats are not supported.
  • DLNA Certified: This TV isDLNA  Certified; which means it can display and play DivX movie, JPEG photo, and MP3/AAC/PCM music content from your DLNA Certified network device and DLNA server (such as your Windows 7 or 8 PC). The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a cross-industry organization of consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies. Digital Living provides consumers with easy sharing of digital media through a wired or wireless network in the home. If you don't already have DLNA software on your Windows-based computer or server, simply download theNero MediaHome 4 software from LG's website.
  • Triple USB Ports: The television features three USB type-A ports for playback of DivX video, JPEG still image, and MP3/AAC/PCM music files stored on a connected USB memory device. The television can support USB external hard disc drives (up to 2TB) and USB mass storage class devices (up to 32GB). The USB storage devices must be formatted as FAT 32 or NTFS file system. In addition, the TV will charge USB devices that can be charged via USB (max. 5V/0.5A). The LG television lets you watch a slideshow of your photos (JPEG) while listening to background music (MP3) from an inserted USB device.

Software Update: You can update the TV with the latest software to enhance the product operation and/or add new features via the TV's network connection. The tested TV contained software version 03.23.29 (as of 9/17/2013). Visit LG's Support Site for the latest firmware/software updates.

Convenience Features

webOS Menus System: LG's new webOS menu system is easy to learn and use. Initial setup is smooth and simple, while connecting to other devices and searching for content is extremely convenient. The intuitive webOS user interface features a redesigned Launcher menu that pulls together all your content choices. webOS serves up entertainment options that neatly organize your recent viewing history, what's on Live TV, and what you might like to watch next, while the integrated LG Store is ready to deliver the latest movies, TV shows, apps and games.

LG Recommendations: LG Recommendations makes it easy to find programming suited to your individual tastes. Enter information about the programs you like and LG Recommendations will suggest appropriate titles. As you select more programs, the recommendations become even better-tailored to you. Want to know what others are watching? You can also find what's popular, what's trending, and what your friends suggest.

Favorites & Input Labels: The LG TV lets you store your Favorite broadcast TV channels, as well as label your input sources.

  • Favorite Channels: Favorite Channels are a convenient feature that lets you quickly select channels of your choice without waiting for the TV to search through all the in-between channels. You can check which channels are stored in the memory by displaying the favorite channel list.
  • Input Label List: The LG TV will only display inputs which are connected to the television. You can select from preset names (Blu-ray, DVD, Set-top Box, Satellite, Cable Box, Game, PC, or DVI) to label each connected input. 

AV Modes: AV Mode is three preset picture and audio settings. It allows the viewer to quickly switch between common audio/video settings. It includes Cinema, Game, Off (standard) Modes. With AV Mode, you can easily select from one of these three picture modes to enjoy an optimized picture and sound experience.

Analog and Digital Caption Modes: Analog and Digital Captions are provided to help the hearing impaired watch TV. Select a caption mode for displaying captioning information if provided on a program. Analog caption displays information at any position on the screen and is usually the program's dialog. Caption/Text, if provided by the broadcaster, would be available for both digital and analog channels on the Antenna/Cable. This TV is programmed to memorize the caption/text mode which was last set when you turned the power off.

Parental Control: Parental Control can be used to block specific channels, ratings, and other viewing sources (external input block). The Parental Control Function is used to block program viewing based on the ratings sent by the broadcasting station. The default setting is to allow all programs to be viewed. Viewing can be blocked by choosing the type of the program and the categories. It is also possible block a specific channel. The Parental Control function is protected by a 4-digit user password.

ENERGY STAR Certified w/ Energy Saving Feature: Earning the ENERGY STAR means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. For TVs, it means they save energy both in Standby and On modes. ENERGY STAR qualified TVs use about 30% less energy than standard units. The Energy Saving feature helps to save electric power by adjusting the screen brightness; you can select from six modes - Auto, Minimum, Medium, Maximum, Screen Off, or Off.

Timers: The OLED TV employs On, Off, and Sleep Timer functions.

  • Auto On/Off: You can program the television to turn On and turn Off at a certain time. You can set the On and Off timer to Daily, Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat, Sat-Sun, or Once. You can also set the input, channel, and volume level for the On Timer. If you do not press any button within 2 hours after the TV turns on with the On Timer, the TV will automatically revert back to standby mode.
  • Sleep Timer: The Sleep Timer turns the TV off at the preset time (10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 minutes).

Built-in Customer Support: The LG OLED Smart TV offers built-in customer support to help your learn functions and diagnose problems.

  • On-Screen User Guide: The TV offers a built-in, on-screen User Guide to help you learn how to use your new TV.
  • Picture/Sound Tests: This customer support function executes picture and sound tests to make sure you have the TV properly connected.
  • LG Remote TV Service: LG Remote TV Service can allow LG Customer Service to help you perform menu actions and resolve many problems remotely. To use this feature make sure your TV is connected to the internet.

Remote Control

Motion Sensing Remote w/ Microphone: LG's Magic Remote acts as a remote controller, mouse pointer, and voice commander. This included RF remote control uses a 2.4GHz frequency range (2.4-2.4835 GHz; 32-channels) to control the TV up to a distance of 32.8'.

  • Remote Controller/Mouse Pointer: The RF remote operates the TV as if it were a wireless mouse. It allows you to point the remote at the TV and move through menu options with the movement of the remote. With simple gesture control, LG'S exclusive Magic Remote enables you to move the on-screen cursor, navigate menus, drag & drop apps, and select icons.
  • Voice Command Functions ("Voice Mate"): The built-in microphone enables Voice Command for live TV, internet apps, web browser, and social networking. Simply press and hold the "Voice" button on the remote to activate the Voice Command function. When the microphone image appears on the screen, speak your desired search request into the remote. You can tune TV channels and search channel information, recommend and search TV shows & movies, or search the web.
Note: Through the TV's setup menu, you can program the Magic Remote to operate your cable/satellite receiver, Blu-ray/DVD player, or Home Theater/Soundbar system.

SIMPLINK: SIMPLINK allows you to control and play other LG AV devices connected with HDMI cable without additional cables and settings, from the television's remote control. SIMPLINK provides the following remote functions:

  • Direct Play: After connecting AV devices to the TV, you can directly control the devices and play media without additional settings.
  • Select Multimedia Device: Enables you to select one of the multimedia device connected to the TV.
  • Disc Playback: Control playback of connected Blu-ray and DVD players.
  • Power Off All Devices: When you power off the TV, all connected devices are turned off.
  • Sync Power On: When the equipment with SIMPLINK function connected HDMI terminal starts to play, The TV will automatically turn on.
  • Speaker: Selects either connected home theater or TV speaker.
Note: To operate SIMPLINK, an HDMI cable over Version 1.3 with CEC function should be used. This TV may work with devices with HDMI-CEC support, but only devices with the "SIMPLINK" logo are fully supported.

LG TV webOS Remote App: You can download the LG TV webOS Remote app (from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store) onto your Android (4.0+) smartphone/tablet or Apple iOS (6.1+) device in order to control the television from your mobile device. You'll be able to change channels and adjust volume from the app on your smartphone. You can also access the television's LG Smart TV apps, SmartShare content, and ScreenShare content. In addition, you can use your smartphone or tablet to enter text (making web browsing easier).

Note: The LG TV and your Android or Apple iOS device must be connected to the same network.

Keyboard Compatible: The LG OLED TV supports the use of a keyboard & mouse through its USB ports. You can enter text with the keyboard when using the Search function and the built-in Web Browser.

Mounting Options

Pedestal Stand: The TV is shipped with the pedestal stand already assembled and attached to the television. The TV stand does not swivel. The television weighs 36.8 lbs with the stand.

Wall Mounting: The LG OLED TV requires a proprietary mounting bracket from LG  (sold separately) in order to mount the television to your wall. The television weighs 32.4 lbs without the stand.

Note: When mounting the TV on the stand or a wall (with optional bracket) leave 4" of clearance on the top and bottom, and on each side.

Attached AC Power Cord: The television feature an attached 5' AC power cord. The power cord is fitted with a straight AC plug that sits 2.125" from the wall.

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I'm sorry I do NOT know. I'm sure someone at Crutchfield could help.[ DAVID K  May 08, 2015 ]
It does not, however, since it can access the web, you can put a bookmark in for website that contains local TV listings. Getting to the site would require a few clicks of the remote (which also functions as a mouse).[ BRUCE  May 08, 2015 ]
Hello, We haven't tried that function so I don't know the answer. However we are very happy with the TV and the service from Crutchfield.[ STEPHEN W  May 08, 2015 ]
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The TV provides program listings/guide based on those offered by the cable company you are subscribed to. Additionally, you can watch TV shows and movies on HuluPlus, Amazon Prime and other providers, again, depending on your subscription. If connected to wifi, you will also be able to surf the Internet and stream movies, videos, etc. on YouTube, read emails, view photos, and so many others. I hope you are satisfied with the information I gave.[ M Isabel  May 08, 2015 ]
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