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Boom Mat 6-1/2" Speaker Baffles

Protect your speakers
Regular and slim-line sizes (Slim-line: 2-1/2" depth)

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Our take on the Boom Mat 6-1/2" Speaker Baffles

Boom Mat baffles protect your car's new speakers from moisture and dirt. Mounted behind the speaker, the baffle forms a mounting seal that also improves sound clarity by reducing panel vibration that could transfer to the speaker.

Boom Mat baffles protect your car's new speakers from moisture and dirt. Mounted behind the speaker, the baffle forms a mounting seal that also improves sound clarity by reducing panel vibration that could transfer to the speaker.

These baffles will protect your speakers. In many applications we recommend that you cut a hole in the bottom of the baffle, or remove the entire bottom of the baffle, to maintain good bass response while still protecting your speaker from dirt and water damage. Call one of our Advisors if you have questions — they'll be happy to share their expertise with you.

Priced per pair

Worked great in my boat to protect the speakers under the seats.

Anonymous, Northfield ,MN

What's in the Box:

  • Two acoustic foam slim baffles for 6.5" speakers

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Boom Mat 6-1/2" Speaker Baffles Reviews

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Overview: These acoustic baffles are designed to be placed behind car speakers to protect the speaker from moisture and dirt which can damage speaker components. Along with providing a sealed chamber, they also form a mounting seal between the speaker and the mounting surface to eliminate panel to frame resonance. Baffles will improve door acoustics by reducing road noise and vibrations transferred to the back of the speaker cone. The baffles are pliable and can be compressed to fit most applications.


  • Speaker Size: 6.5"
  • Minimum Cutout: 6" x 5.9375"
  • Maximum Depth: 2.8125"
  • Thickness: 0.25"
  • Flange Size: 6.875" x 6.875"

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Customer Q&A

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Why did you buy this?

Recommended by advisor [ DEAN  Jun 18, 2017 ]
i like to keep my bass a little tight. [ MOISES  Jun 08, 2017 ]
To protect my new speakers and help with sound. [ Wayne  May 31, 2017 ]
Being used for installing speakers on a boat. Helps prevent water from getting behind the speakers. [ Jeromy  May 28, 2017 ]
I've heard they work well for motorcycles, so I want to try for myself. [ Anthony  May 21, 2017 ]
it seemed like a good option to protect speakers in the doors with all the water and other elements that get in there [ Luis  May 16, 2017 ]
To hopefully help the sound by making it a sealed speaker instead of a open air speaker. [ Robert  May 15, 2017 ]
To protect the speaker from water and help with the bass [ BRIAN  May 11, 2017 ]
To protect the speakers [ Thomas  May 11, 2017 ]
Recommended by other users [ Carly  May 04, 2017 ]
to keep moisture of speakers [ robert  May 02, 2017 ]
Protect Front Speakers and help with the road noise [ MARISSA M.  May 01, 2017 ]
I chose these baffles to gain a little more "bump" from my door. The most important reason however, is to keep my new speakers from being exposed to the harsh conditions inside of the door itself. [ joseph bryan  Apr 24, 2017 ]
My configuration was in a golf cart didn't want the bottom of speakers getting dirty [ John  Apr 22, 2017 ]
Keep sound in vehicle and protects the speaker [ Jose  Apr 17, 2017 ]
Suggested in Crutchfield vehicle sound system review. [ Jerome  Apr 15, 2017 ]
I heard it will protect my speakers as weather created the demise of by gmc seirra s speakers [ Jeffrey  Mar 30, 2017 ]
give my back speakers better sound [ Eduardo  Mar 03, 2017 ]
After reading the reason we need these I wanted the complete excellence of sound from using these. [ Lynn  Feb 22, 2017 ]
Want to see if they help with sound. [ NEHEMIAH  Feb 18, 2017 ]
I choose boom mat for better sound quality.. [ Valentine  Feb 05, 2017 ]
to ensure longevity of the speaker [ Rob  Jan 28, 2017 ]
With the new Alpine head unit I'm rattling the factory speakers and door. Thinking this will minimize vibrations and door rattles and give a nice sound. [ Rich  Jan 25, 2017 ]
Recommended for protection of speaker from elements. [ Reinhold  Jan 14, 2017 ]
Works [ R  Jan 12, 2017 ]
Protection from moisture, vibration, and dirt [ Jarrod  Jan 11, 2017 ]
Sound [ greg  Dec 19, 2016 ]
Need these for my vehicle [ DAVID  Dec 10, 2016 ]
The other product is out of stock and they are similiar. [ Lei  Nov 29, 2016 ]
Optimum sound [ BRIAN PAUL  Nov 23, 2016 ]
Hopefully they fit to push sound out to you and not into the doors [ Ernest  Oct 02, 2016 ]
Someone told me that speakers sound better in my soundbar on my Jeep Wrangler with these baffles [ Ron  Sep 25, 2016 ]
To protect my speakers in the door from moisture [ Chris  Sep 08, 2016 ]
To protect my speakers [ Nick  Aug 30, 2016 ]
Protection and to mask noise [ JAMES  Aug 18, 2016 ]
For clarity of sound. [ John P.  Aug 04, 2016 ]
Water damage to front door speakers on a 8th Gen Civic Sedan Destroyed stock speakers. Hoping to avoid that this time around. [ Mark  Jul 06, 2016 ]
To kill the door rattle [ Paul  Jun 21, 2016 ]
Good for protecting the speakers from the elements while also improving the sound a bit. It's a win-win. [ Nicholas  Jun 17, 2016 ]
to better protect the speakers from water. [ brian  Jun 14, 2016 ]
Speaker protection from the elements. [ Jorge  Jun 05, 2016 ]
recommened by advisor. the system recommended a set that was out of stock [ Jeffrey  Jun 05, 2016 ]
Have used these on several installations and they always work great for sound and protection in door speaker applications. [ KIP  Jun 01, 2016 ]
Looking to help decouple the back wave [ donald falese  May 27, 2016 ]
Best be safe than sorry when dealing with sound components... [ CORY  May 22, 2016 ]
Our 2008 Chevy Silverado speakers shorted out. Water is known to seep by the windows and short out the speakers. According to others online the baffles will prevent future water damage known to occur on 2007-2012 Silverados. [ Gregory  May 21, 2016 ]
fuller sound [ BRIAN  Apr 30, 2016 ]
It fits [ Scott  Apr 30, 2016 ]
I purchased these to keep the water that gets in the door from getting on the speakers. [ JASON  Apr 16, 2016 ]
Seals speaker from moisture and elements but also tightens up bass on speakers. [ Jorge E  Apr 03, 2016 ]
to protect speakers, and project sound better. [ William  Apr 02, 2016 ]
The main reason for ordering these baffle is for added protection from water damage which seems to be a big problem with Silverados. [ JIM  Apr 02, 2016 ]
keep water from dripping onto my speakers. The window's often leak water down into the door, and enough water will eventually damage the speakers. Since I'm in there replacing the crappy factory speakers, I might as well take the extra effort to protect the new speakers. [ STEPHEN  Mar 30, 2016 ]
Help by Chat [ DOUGLAS  Mar 27, 2016 ]
Speaker protection/ sound [ James  Mar 13, 2016 ]
The last speakers in the truck were ruined from water leaking in the door...I figured this is a cheap insurance policy [ BRIAN W  Mar 08, 2016 ]
tighten up the sound with the baffle, instead of giant open trk. door. Plus it is water resistant and my door is leaky. Sounds much better and I feel more comfortable. [ jason  Mar 08, 2016 ]
Weather protection and sound improvement. [ Daniel  Feb 25, 2016 ]
I will need to cut out the back of the existing baffle due to clearance issue with the speaker depth. I will need something to protect the speaker back from the elements. In addition, it will help to improve the sound somewhat. [ rickland  Feb 23, 2016 ]
Recommended by chad Chad's Bio: [ Mark  Feb 18, 2016 ]
for the 6 1/2" speakers [ Kelly  Feb 07, 2016 ]
They were recommended with the install [ Jeremy  Feb 03, 2016 ]
Brit recommended them. Brit's Bio: [ Matthew  Feb 01, 2016 ]
Dolly recommended them for the type of vehicle we have to maximize sound quality. Dolly's Bio: [ Amy  Feb 01, 2016 ]
Prior experience [ Steven  Jan 31, 2016 ]
I know very little about car audio. I hope the purchase is worthwhile. I picked these baffles for three reasons. First, I wanted some type of gasket between the speaker and door panel to reduce vibration. Second, I wanted to protect the speakers. I just purchased a used car and all four of the main speakers were damaged. Third, I have heard of this brand and seen it in stores (not really a well informed decision, but...) [ Mike  Jan 12, 2016 ]
These things just make sense: most people wouldn't think of installing a sub woofer without an enclosure - they just don't work right without them. So why not "enclose" your smaller speakers as well? So maybe they are not as 'tight' as a sub box, they will still improve your base response, dampen any rattles you may get from a dash or door mount, and help protect your vulnerable backside - of your speaker, of course. [ Danen  Jan 01, 2016 ]
i like big bass and i can not lie [ denis  Dec 31, 2015 ]
keep my speakers dry [ Cindy  Dec 21, 2015 ]
It was recommended by the Crutchfield person helping me. [ Darlene  Dec 16, 2015 ]
To protect the speaker and improve bass response [ Paul  Dec 12, 2015 ]
I believe that they cut down on vibrations and you lose less sound in the door.Plus they protect your speakers from moisture. [ Theresa  Dec 06, 2015 ]
to keep speakers clean [ John  Jun 08, 2017 ]
moisture protection [ Martha  Jun 07, 2017 ]
read that Honda Civics have an issue with water getting in door affecting speakers [ HAILEE  Apr 21, 2017 ]
To help keep my speakers protected from water and also for a cleaner sound. Thanks [ michael  Apr 06, 2017 ]
to help protect the speakers from dust, water and to have better sound quality. [ fransico bencosme  Apr 02, 2017 ]
Recommended from Crutchfield to fit my speakers. [ Leo  Mar 27, 2017 ]
Assist with high quality installation. [ andre  Mar 16, 2017 ]
Because my speakers sound like crap [ Richard  Feb 28, 2017 ]
Reviews say they protect speakers from weather, that might leak into doors. Cost was reasonable so I went with the added protection. [ Auther  Jan 18, 2017 ]
2007 Honda Civic Factory Front Speakers are inoperative. A little research online led me to a common issue with these vehicles. Water from rain and carwashes runs down the window, inside the door and drips on the speakers. The speakers fail over time. Zero sound coming from the front. I chose these baffles to protect the replacement speakers I ordered. I expect them to attenuate some of the bass response, but want a lasting fix. May cut out the bottom to help with sound. [ TIMOTHY  Jan 10, 2017 ]
They add clarity to the sound. [ Robert  Jan 07, 2017 ]
Wanted better sound quality [ Brian  Dec 07, 2016 ]
To help protect the door speakers from moisture and to keep the doors' vibration to a minimum. [ Kenny  Dec 05, 2016 ]
Comparing to the 3 inch mats [ AURORA  Nov 29, 2016 ]
Wanted to protect my speakers from the elements. The car is older and I wanted to make sure moisture in the door wouldn't be a problem in the future. [ Kevin  Nov 28, 2016 ]
bought these as extra security for possible water intrusion in my Sierra doors [ John  Nov 25, 2016 ]
Because the doors are exposed to moisture and dirt. The 2-1/2 depth baffles were chosen because they will not hit the window regulator. [ Tony  Nov 20, 2016 ]
Had to clean up unwanted vibrations from the Jeep overhead sound bar. [ Mark  Nov 19, 2016 ]
The 6.5" Alpine speakers I originally installed in my vehicle in 1995 have deteriorated and the woofer cones are disintegrating. I think this is partly due to the 1967 automobile door design, which basically allows water to flow down inside the door, directly onto my speakers. My hope is that these baffles will prevent this water damage. [ Wayne  Nov 16, 2016 ]
Protect speaker, hopefully reduce vibrations on door panel. [ Michael  Nov 04, 2016 ]
these help make a good seal around the speaker. keeping moisture and dirt out along with providing a little bit of sound deadening. [ MIKE  Oct 09, 2016 ]
The entire system is based on the recommendation of Jane. I felt I could trust her judgement and did so. Because I may replace the truck soon she did not try to sell me up and gave me what I needed. I even offered her a job in CA!! [ David  Oct 06, 2016 ]
Better sound and recommended [ CHRIS  Sep 13, 2016 ]
iI have purchased these before, and the sound difference after installing them was noticeable and there is no rattling from the door. [ Jennifer  Aug 26, 2016 ]
Needed some slim speaker baffles, hence these. [ Michael  Aug 09, 2016 ]
weatherproof speakers [ Michael  Jul 29, 2016 ]
I asked an online rep what size to get and he suggested this size for my 6.5" rockford fosgate punch speakers. Help keep my speakers from damage [ Brian  Jul 07, 2016 ]
My other speakers took a little beating with dust from going off road. I wanted protection this time and improved sound. [ Mitchell D.  Jul 05, 2016 ]
Factory speaker failure due to water damage. Purchased in order to protect new aftermarket speakers. [ Marrs  Jun 20, 2016 ]
Protect speakers from engine heat and water [ Dennis  Jun 13, 2016 ]
I chose these to decrease the resonance in my doors, and to protect my speakers from water and dirt. [ Luke  Jun 13, 2016 ]
ziggy recommended them Ziggy's Bio: [ lewis  Jun 04, 2016 ]
I chose this product due to the age of my vehicle and the proximity of the speaker to the window glass. I feel that protecting the speaker from additional moisture is important even when the speakers are rated for marine applications. To me that does not include the wiring segments and are thus prone to corrosion. [ Joshua  May 31, 2016 ]
They work and protect speaker from moisture inside the door [ Michael  May 10, 2016 ]
I know the quality of this manufacturer for making excellent products for autos. I have never been let down by this manufacturer and am continually amazed how well their products work. [ Douglas  May 05, 2016 ]
Thought I'd give them a try,they were inexpensive. [ RICHARD  Apr 24, 2016 ]
keeps water out of door speakers and reduces rattles [ Taylor  Apr 16, 2016 ]
In case water leaked in the door I could protect the speakers [ Dylan  Apr 13, 2016 ]
protect speaker and reduce road noise from door [ Jay  Apr 08, 2016 ]
Help prolong the life of speakers for quality and sound output. [ Cody  Apr 06, 2016 ]
Because I want to obviously protect my speakers from weather that may happen from cracks in the frame or whatever. The number 1 reason though theses baffles will help the speakers produce way more sound and clarity without working to hard. [ SHANE  Apr 01, 2016 ]
I read good things about the mats and I wanted to increase bass response in the doors without installing dynomat. [ Elvis  Mar 26, 2016 ]
These are to protect new door mounted speakers in a 1975 Chevy Truck. The interior of the doors are exposed to outside moisture and although the speaker cones are made of polypropylene, these baffles will add another layer of protection from the elements. [ MICHAEL  Mar 13, 2016 ]
Cheap insurance, and I want to get everything I can out of these mids. [ Michael  Mar 11, 2016 ]
It was recommended by Buck Buck's Bio: [ JAMES  Mar 08, 2016 ]
For better sound and to protect the speakers. [ David  Feb 29, 2016 ]
Why not spend a little extra to protect your investment! [ Jake  Feb 28, 2016 ]
Fits my ride [ ANTHONY A  Feb 17, 2016 ]
Suggestion from advisor Buck. Buck's Bio: [ Rick  Feb 08, 2016 ]
To get better sound from speaker and protect the speaker from moisture. [ Gabriel  Dec 30, 2015 ]
It's important to create an airtight space for your speakers to sound the way they were engineered to. By placing these baffles behind your speakers you are enabling them to perform to their highest specifications. [ James  Dec 28, 2015 ]
Wanted to get better sound quality and after reading the reviews I knew it would be a good choice. Was going to install Dynamat behind the speakers but found these instead. Were recommended so anything is better than nothing! [ Joshua  Dec 17, 2015 ]

3 questions already asked

I used this product when I installed new speakers in my old truck and it seemed to make a noticeable difference. Can't really address how they might affect ceiling speakers, but I was satisfied with them in my application. [ Stewart  Aug 03, 2016 ]
For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Sep 08, 2015 ]  Staff
I would think you need to cut a hole in it either way, cause you have to get the wires through. I just cut about an 1" slit in the bottom of mines. [ Victor  Mar 28, 2015 ]
Its probably up to your tastes. I initially cut the bottoms out and installed them. I found the sound muffled and the volume reduced too much. I then cut out part of the sides and the sound improved so I left them in. [ MIKE  Mar 28, 2015 ]
As I recall (been a few years), I poked a hole through just to feed wires. What I can tell you is that these definitely improve sound and amazingly keep sound focused within the cabin as opposed to making the door pocket resonate and buzz. I always think people next to me are annoyed by the loud music, but when I get out and close the door, it's not loud outside at all. (I do have insulation panels) [ GEORGE  Mar 27, 2015 ]
Do you want to use the door cavity as the "cabinet" for your speaker or a little tiny cover? The cover without a hole will turn a very small volume into a sealed speaker cabinet, which will limit bass response.probably not the best choice. [ AARON  Mar 27, 2015 ]

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Regular and slim-line sizes