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Nintendo Wii Bundle

with component video/stereo audio cable

3 Reviews

Item # 700WIIBUN

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Our take on the Nintendo Wii™ Bundle

Bundle includes:

Bundle includes:

  • Wii console with standard accessories (see below)
  • Monster GameLink™ component video/stereo audio cable

Play games in new and exciting ways with the Nintendo Wii. This compact console delivers a fun and unique gaming experience that anyone can enjoy. And its cool multimedia and networking features provide a variety of additional entertainment options.

Intuitive, pick-up-and-play controls
The key to the Wii's riveting gameplay is the motion-sensitive Wii Remote. Swing the remote like a tennis racket or baseball bat to hit the ball in sports games, or turn it sideways and tilt it to steer your car in racing games. Point-and-click capabilities make it easy to shoot targets in some games just by aiming at your television screen. The Wii Remote also features built-in rumble and a speaker for additional sound effects, letting you feel and hear the crack of your baseball bat as you send the ball flying into left field. And the included Nunchuk attachment gives you an analog thumb stick and additional buttons for even more control options with compatible games.

Photos, weather, news, and more
A user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the Wii's additional functions, or "channels." The Mii channel lets you design your own characters you that can use in some games. Load an SD™ card filled with digital photos into the front-panel slot, and use the Photo channel to display your pictures on your TV screen. You can even get online with the Wii's built-in Wi-Fi® capabilities, and use the Weather and News channels to check your local forecast or catch up on the day's headlines. And the Shop channel lets you download new channels and content, such as the Internet channel web browser.

Play classic hit games
Still enjoy playing retro games? You'll like the Wii's Virtual Console. It gives you access to an ever-growing selection of games from classic systems. You can download and play games from past consoles, including the NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16, and NEOGEO. Plus, the Wii plays the entire library of GameCube game discs as well.

Wii console includes:

  • one motion-sensitive Wii Remote controller (compatible with up to four)
  • one Nunchuk controller attachment for added control in some games
  • Sensor Bar for Wii Remote
  • vertical stand
  • Wii Sports game (Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf, and Boxing)
  • composite video/stereo audio cable
  • AC power adapter
General Features:
  • plays Wii games and GameCube games (playing GameCube games requires a GameCube controller and a GameCube memory card for saving game progress)
  • built-in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g)
  • can be connected to wired networks with the optional LAN adapter
  • WiiConnect24 allows the system to download updates in standby mode
  • 480p output via Monster GameLink component video cable (included in bundle)
  • can be oriented horizontally or vertically
  • 6-5/16"W x 1-13/16"H x 10-1/2"D (oriented horizontally)
  • warranty: 1 year system, 90 days accessories
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Special Return Policy
System specs:
  • PowerPC-based CPU
  • custom ATI graphics processor
  • proprietary A/V output delivers both audio and video
  • 2 USB ports
  • SD Card slot
  • four GameCube controller ports
  • two GameCube memory card slots

What's in the Box:

  • This Nintendo Wii package contains two individually-packed items: Wii Game System Console and the Monster Cable Wii CVA-10 audio/video cable:
  • The Wii Game System Console package contains:
  • Nintendo Wii video game console
  • RVL-002 AC adapter with attached 62" AC cord and 38" DC cord
  • Wireless game controller with attached wrist-strap and rubber housing
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Wired Nunchuk controller with an attached 3' cable terminated by a proprietary connector
  • RVL-014 Sensor Bar with attached 11.5" cord terminated proprietary connector
  • Sensor Bar horizontal stand
  • 8' A/V cable with a composite video and stereo RCA connectors on one end and a proprietary connector on other end
  • Vertical stand
  • 3 Strips of two-sided tape
  • Wii Sports game disc
  • Wii Sports Instruction Booklet
  • Wii Operations Manual (System Setup)
  • Wii Operations Manual (Channels and Settings)
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Important Safety Information
  • Online Product Registration
  • Nintendo Power Magazine offer
  • The Monster Cable package contains:
  • 10' Audio/Video cable exclusively for Nintendo Wii game console (with proprietary Wii connector on one end and RCA component video and RCA stereo audio plugs on the other end)
  • Information to consumers in application of EU WEEE Directive 96/2002 sheet

Nintendo Wii™ Bundle Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)

Finally got one for the family!

Daniel from Grand Rapids, MI on 3/21/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The wii rules for the family!! The whole interactive play is great and I tell you, it's as much fun for the kids as the adults. My daughter usually could care less about these, but she gets into it as much as her brother and the rest of us. If you are looking to have alot of fun get one, if your looking for hyper realistic graphics you could drop $500 on a PS3 or here's a thought, go play a real game of baseball....... Anyway this is truly a lot of fun for the whole family and I highly recommend it!!



Great Family Entertainment

bryan from Highland, IN on 3/9/2009

This system is such a great addition to anyones family room, it takes family game night to a whole new level in a good way. I recently purchased this system from crutchfield and I and my family are loving it, there isn't a family game night that doesn't include a little Wii time. Of all the gaming consoles on the market today the nintendo Wii captures the fun and the adventure of truly interactive gaming. You just have to be careful when you're getting into the game hardcore and your hands start to sweat because before you know it that controller will suddenly before your eyes launch at your tv set. But with a quick tightening of the wrist strap that should be taken care of. All in all a great system highly highly recommended.




Don from NC on 12/24/2008

This system is fun. The controllers are great. they make you feel a little more like you are in the game. the graphics could be a lot better though. This game system is basically an updated Game Cube. The game graphics are the same but the discs are full sized instead of the tiny discs that the Game Cube uses. This system can play all of your old Game Cube games but you have to use the Game Cube controllers. There should have been an adapter to plug your Game Cube controller into the Wii controller so that you would still have a wireless gaming experience instead of having to either find a wireless Game Cube controller or extension chords. A good system but could be better.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Game System
Wii Channels
Wii Sports
Monster Cable

Game System

Overview: The Nintendo Wii Video Game Console System features a compact size that is just 10.5" long, 6.3125" wide, and 1.8125" thick. The Nintendo Wii can be placed horizontally on a shelf or vertically using the supplied console stand. The Wii packs four controller ports and two Nintendo GameCube Memory Card slots to make it fully backwards compatible with all Nintendo GameCube titles. The Wii game system comes with one wireless remote and a wired remote extender (Nunchuk). Up to four Wii wireless controllers can communicate with Wii. The Nintendo Wii links to your TV with an A/V multi-output port featuring component (supplied in bundled package), composite (supplied) or S-video connections.

Wii CPU: The Nintendo Wii video game system is driven by 2 cutting-edge processors - a PowerPC CPU developed with IBM and a custom GPU from ATI.

Compatible Games: The Nintendo Wii supports Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube game discs.

Wireless Remote: The supplied IR wireless remote mixes the familiarity of a remote control with the latest motion-sensing technology. The wireless remote control simulates your movements and translates those movements to the characters in the video game. With the wireless remote, the Wii opens up gaming to people of all ages and abilities. The wireless remote also packs a speaker, rumble feature, and external extension connector for other input devices, like the supplied Nunchuk or optional Classic Controller.

Note: The wireless remote comes with an attached wrist-strap and rubber housing to protect the controller. The remote is powered by two "AA" batteries (included).

Nunchuk: The supplied Nunchuk controller hooks up to the wireless remote via the external extension connector to give you even more flexibility. The Nunchuk has motion-sensing technology similar to the wireless remote, but also includes two buttons and a Control Stick. This allows you to move characters around while performing specific actions with the wireless remote, like throwing a pass to your team-mate.

Note: You can swap the wireless remote and the Nunchuk from hand to hand for maximum control whether your left or right handed.

Sensor Bar: The slender Sensor Bar works silently with the wireless remote to control the video game action. The Sensor Bar provides two points of infrared light that the wireless remote uses to determine the location and distance of the TV screen. The wireless remote can be used from 6 to 10 feet away and the Sensor Bar can be placed either above or below your television, with or without the included stand. The Wii offers a sensitivity control for the Sensor Bar to maximize the connection to the included wireless remotes. The Sensor Bar works with up to four wireless remotes at once.

Audio/Video Connection: The Nintendo Wii comes with a composite audio/video cable to connect the game system up to your television and entertainment system. The Monster Cable component video/RCA stereo audio is also bundled with the Wii package. An S-video/audio cable is also available (sold separately).

Screen Settings: The Nintendo Wii offers the following Screen Settings to adjust to the game system to your connected television.

  • Screen Position: change the horizontal screen position of the Wii's image on your TV screen from -8 to +8
  • Wide-Screen Setting: display as Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9)
  • TV Resolution: select Standard TV (480i) or EDTV/HDTV (480p) based on gaming content and your television's resolution

Screen Burn-In Reduction: The Wii console offers a Screen Burn-in Reduction feature. When activated, the Wii console will fade the screen when Wii software is paused for five or more minutes to protect your television's screen from burn-in.

Sound Settings: You can change sound setting for the Wii game system to Mono, Stereo, or Surround (Dolby Pro Logic II).

Parental Controls: The Wii Parental Controls settings offer a means to manage what Wii content is accessible to the console users. The Wii offers 8 parental ratings protected by a 4-digit PIN.

SD Card Slot: The memory card slot lets you enjoy slideshows of your favorite JPEG photos on TV, view QuickTime video clips, or listen to AAC (MP4) music files stored on your SD card. SD cards (including miniSD and microSD when used with corresponding adapters) up to 2 GB are compatible. The SD memory card slot can also be used to store the following game data from the Wii system memory:

  • Game save information from Wii games (depending on the game, some information cannot be copied to SD cards)
  • Certain data from the Wii Channel applications
  • Games downloaded through the Wii Shop Channel such as Virtual Console compatible WiiWare games
  • Add-on content downloaded within a game

GameCube Memory Card Slots: The Nintendo Wii features two Nintendo GameCube Memory Card slots for saving and playing saved data from a GameCube game disc.

Dual USB Ports: The Wii features two USB type-A ports for connecting compatible USB devices such as the Wii LAN Adapter (sold separately) or a USB compatible keyboard.

WiiConnect24: Wii communicates wirelessly with the Internet via your router or a Wii LAN adapter (sold separately).  The Wii console can communicate with the Internet even when the power is turned off. The WiiConnect24 service can deliver game updates or other information even if the system is idle. Wii also connects wirelessly with Nintendo DS.

Note: A broadband Internet Connection is required.

Keyboard: The Nintendo Will features an on-screen keyboard for entering text for certain programs. You can choose from a QWERTY keyboard or Cell Phone-Style keyboard. You can also connected a external USB keyboard (sold separately) to the Wii for entering text.

Power Supply: The Nintendo Wii is powered by standard household AC current using the supplied AC Adapter.

Wii Channels

Overview: To play a Wii or Nintendo GameCube game disc, you need to start one of the built-in software programs (channels) included with the Wii console, or start other software programs downloaded to your console from the Wii Shop Channel. The Wii Menu can have up to 48 channels at one time.

Disc Channel: The Wii's Disc Channel allows you to play Wii and Nintendo GameCube games.

Mii Channel: The Mii channel allows you to create characters that can be used in Mii-compatible software Wii programs. You can store up to 100 Miis in your Mii Plaza. You can arrange your created Miis in your Mii Plaza by Gender, Alphabetically, Color, or Favorite, or have them ordered randomly.

Photo Channel: The Photo Channel allows you to view JPEG digital photos (up to 8192 x 8192) and QuickTime (motion JPEG or .avi files) video (848 x 480) from inserted SD-cards (sold separately). The Nintendo system can support up to 2GB SD-cards, miniSD cards (adapter required), and microSD cards (adapter required) with up to 1,000 photos. You have the following options using the Photo Channel:

  • Full Screen: view your photos full screen (you may rotate clockwise 90-degrees or Zoom in and out)
  • Slide Show: view your photos as a slide show (you may choose the order and transition effect, and select music)
  • View Video: select a video clip from your photo album
  • Edit Photos/Videos: select from the following editing features:
    • Mood: Brighten (brightens the image), Black and White (convert image to gray scale monochrome), Zap (inverts image), and Hard-boiled (convert image to stark black and white)
    • Doodle: draw, add text, or color to your images
    • Puzzle: divides your images into multiple pieces
  • Save Photos/Video: save your photos or single frames from videos to the Wii System Memory in the console using the Wii Message Board
  • Send Photos/Video: send your pictures or video clips to anyone on your list of Wii Friends

Wii Shop Channel: The Wii Shop Channel allows you to download new Channels or use Wii Points to download Virtual Console supported games and other Wii programs, such as WiiWare titles. You can also purchase goods (when available) offered on the Wii Shop Channel (Internet connection required). Saved data can be copied from the internal memory to an optional SD card.

Note: Some Virtual Console games can only be played with a Classic Controller (sold separately).

Forecast Channel: The Forecast Channel allows you to check the weather conditions in different locations (Internet connection required).

News Channel: The News Channel allows you to view news from around the world (requires Internet connection).

Wii Message Board: The unit's Message Board allows you to keep in touch with friends and family. You can exchange  messages and pictures with family members. If you have a broadband Internet connection, you can also exchange messages with  your Wii Friends and receive news on upcoming games, events, and more. The Wii Message Board offers a Calendar and Address Book. Your Message Board data can be saved to the unit's internal memory or an inserted SD card (sold separately).

Wii Sports

Overview: The Nintendo Wii game system comes supplied with the Nintendo Wii Sports game disc. Wii Sports offers five distinct sports experiences, each using the Wii Remote controller to provide a natural, intuitive and realistic feel. You can play Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing in the comfort of your living room. The wireless remote controller mimics the actions of swinging a racket, bat or club, rolling a ball down an alley or punching. You can use your own Mii caricature in the game and play him or her against your friends' Mii for a more personalized experience. As you improve, your Mii's skill level will increase, so you can see exactly how much your have improved. The Wii Sports game disc supports up to four players.

Monster Cable

Overview: This Monster GameLink cable is made exclusively for use with Nintendo Wii. It has the proprietary Wii connector on one end and component video and RCA stereo audio plugs on the other end. The cable allows you to connect your Wii game console into your TV or home theater.

Note: The Wii console comes with composite video and stereo RCA audio plugs only.

480p Graphics: The Wii console is capable of 480p video output. The Monster GameLink cable's component video plugs enable you to get the best video the Wii has to offer.

Technologies: This GameLink cable features the following Monster Cable technologies:

  • Component Video:
    • Heavy-duty Double Shielding: 100% Mylar and 95% copper braid rejects electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
    • Nitrogen Gas-injected Dielectric Insulator: maximizes video signal strength for the best possible picture
    • Silver-content Solder Connections: high-conductivity connections for optimum transfer of delicate low-level signals
    • 24k Gold Contact Turbine Connectors: provide greater contact pressure for improved conductivity and maximum signal transfer
  • Stereo Audio:
    • Split-tip Center Pin: provides greater contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion for improved sound
    • High-purity Copper Stranding: for greater clarity and wider dynamics
    • Single Helix Construction: dual conductors twisted in a special helical configuration reject EM and RF interference

Lifetime Warranty: The cable (only the Monster Cable cable, not the game system) is covered by the Monster Live Forever limited lifetime warranty. The warranty lasts as long as the original owner owns the product.

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