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AudioQuest CV-8

Speaker cables with pre-attached banana plugs (15-foot pair)

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Our take on the AudioQuest CV-8

Most higher-end cables require a break-in period before they perform their best. A charge builds up in the insulation through continual use, reducing the amount of electronic noise the cable produces. This charge can dissipate when the cable's not in use, giving you less than optimal performance until it builds up again.

Get exceptional sound from your high-performance audio gear

AudioQuest's heavy-duty CV-8 speaker cables deliver smooth, pristine sound from your high-performance audio system, thanks to an innovative design and top-quality materials. AudioQuest takes their own innovative approach to cable design based on years of in-house research, carefully engineering their cables to transfer signals as faithfully as possible.

Quality construction

8 solid conductors for superior performance

Each of the cable's eight conductors is a single, unbroken strand of pure copper, which ensures highly efficient signal transfer with minimal loss. Solid conductors eliminate electrical and magnetic interference that can add brittleness to the sound with multi-strand conductor cables.

Cable cutaway

Precise cable geometry

The CV-8 uses pairs of 16-gauge, 18-gauge, 19-gauge and 20-gauge conductors. This range in diameters significantly reduces the possibility of distortion caused by any particular conductor's sonic "signature." A specialized spiral arrangement of the eight conductors minimizes potential signal interaction, resulting in sound that's clearer and more dynamic.


Dielectric-Bias System

Most higher-end cables require a break-in period before they perform their best. A charge builds up in the insulation through continual use, reducing the amount of electronic noise the cable produces. This charge can dissipate when the cable's not in use, giving you less than optimal performance until it builds up again.

AudioQuest's Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) eliminates this break-in period. A small battery pack attached to the cable polarizes the insulation with a 48-volt charge, giving you clear, expressive sound from your system every time you turn it on.

High-quality connectors eliminate the weakest link

The CV-8 cables feature banana plugs, fastened by cold welding — a process that uses high pressure and copper paste to minimize signal loss. By contrast, solder tends to impede the signal, and heating the copper can negatively affect its conductivity.

Product Highlights:

  • speaker cables with pre-attached banana plugs
  • eight solid, pure copper conductors
    • one pair each of 16-gauge, 18-gauge, 19-gauge and 20-gauge conductors
    • circular-array configuration to minimize mutual interference
    • current-carrying equivalent of a pair of 12-gauge conductors
  • Dielectric-Bias System with attached battery pack (batteries included) maintains constant 72V charge to minimize electronic noise
  • charged insulators minimize time delay
  • connectors labeled for proper direction of signal flow
  • silver-plated copper banana plugs
  • textile braid cable cover
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Two 15' lengths of CV-8 speaker cables with attached 72V DBS packs and terminated with silver PK-BFA/banana plugs
  • Black velvet cloth bag
  • Silver polishing cloth
  • Polishing cloth instructions

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AudioQuest CV-8 Reviews

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(1 Review)

Xcellent Product

RESpatz from New York on 1/22/2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very well fabricated. My experience of SQ with the new cables for Left/Right/Center mains (AudioQuest Subwoofer different model cable) is excellent quality. Clarity, sound stage improves, sound floor lowered. Admittedly, I also added a PS Audio PPP and Star Sound Technologies audio points/platform to isolate speakers, audio and video equipment (except HDTV LCD). Everything vastly improved with those additions/changes. I cannot really discern what the actual improvement with AudioQuest's DIELECTRIC-BIAS SYSTEM (72v for the CV-8) amounts to with it. The DBS is designed to begin with cables performing optimally without warm-up interval required. I do not believe the DBS system eliminates the need for break in period. What I can say is that I replaced Monster Reference Z2 cables with AudioQuest CV-8 and discerned an increase in clarity and more expansive sound stage. Perhaps that experience was augmented by the DBS system after all. Though expensive, the cables are worth, IMO, the investment. I have no comparison experience with the CV-4, and while it may not always be true that higher price means better performance, my experience of the CV-8 has been nothing but positive judging by what I am hearing (not what i spent). YMMV. As always the service from Crutchfield and the sales agent I always place my orders with was outstanding. Their service support is excellent.




Hands-on research

Product Research


Overview: The AudioQuest CV-8 speaker cables feature multiple solid conductors in a Circular Array Design. Each cable is equipped with a 72-volt DBS pack which aligns the molecules in the dielectric, and enhances performance. Each cable is terminated with two PK-BFA banana plugs at each end.

Conductors: The CV-8 has a total of eight solid conductors: Two 16-gauge Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) conductors, two 18-gauge extremely high-purity PSC+ conductors, two 19-gauge PSC+ conductors, and two 20-gauge PSC+ conductors. Overall, the combination of conductors is equivalent to 12 AWG (3.3 mm²).

Circular Array Design: The relationship between conductors defines some of a cable's basic electrical values (capacitance and inductance). Designers at AudioQuest have aligned the conductors in a circular array design to effect performance. The Circular Array design of the CV-8 delivers significantly better dynamic contrast and clarity than if the same conductors were run in parallel or as multiple twisted pairs.

Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+): The CV-8 uses a combination of Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) and extremely high-purity PSC+ conductors. The conductors are solid, which prevents strand interaction, a major source of distortion. The extremely smooth and pure Perfect-Surface conductors eliminate harshness and greatly increase clarity, compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N, and other coppers. Extremely high-purity PSC+ further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist with any metal conductor.

Dielectric-Bias System (DBS): Each CV-8 cable has an attached 72-volt Dielectric Bias System (DBS) pack to enhance performance. This patent-pending system eliminates non-linear phase shifts caused by the dielectric properties of the cable insulation. The DBS pack puts a continuous 72-volt potential (DC bias) between the pin in the very center of the CV-8 and the outer shield-like layer, which fully aligns and polarizes all of the dielectric material in between. The system uses the same concept as continuously leaving your components powered on to make them sound better. A test button and LED allow you to occasionally verify battery performance.

Terminals: Each CV-8 cable is terminated with a pair of silver BFA/Banana plugs on each end. The BFA/Banana compression plug offers more surface contact than spade connectors, and better contact pressure than regular banana plugs.

Directionality: Each speaker cable is clearly marked for directionality for best performance. The breakouts (where the single cable splits into separate terminated conductors) are either marked "Speaker End" or "Amp End" to guide you. The DBS packs are both located on the "Speaker End" of each cable.

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