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Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 Soundbar

Passive 3-channel sound bar speaker

10 Reviews | 3 questions - 7 answers

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Our take on the Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 Soundbar

Achieving great sound with your television is just a single speaker away with Klipsch's Gallery G-42 Soundbar. Well, it's really three speakers in one thanks to separate, dedicated drivers for the right, left, and center channels. It means you'll hear the kind of detail and depth that you've been craving from your TV shows, movies, and video games. And all from a single speaker that matches the ultra-slim design of the latest flat-panel TVs. You can also combine the G-42 with any of Klipsch's other Gallery speakers to get a stylish on-wall surround sound system or low-impact whole-house audio system.

Achieving great sound with your television is just a single speaker away with Klipsch's Gallery G-42 Soundbar. Well, it's really three speakers in one thanks to separate, dedicated drivers for the right, left, and center channels. It means you'll hear the kind of detail and depth that you've been craving from your TV shows, movies, and video games. And all from a single speaker that matches the ultra-slim design of the latest flat-panel TVs. You can also combine the G-42 with any of Klipsch's other Gallery speakers to get a stylish on-wall surround sound system or low-impact whole-house audio system.


Three speakers in one cabinet
The G-42 uses three of Klipsch's patented Tractrix® horn-loaded tweeters, one each for the left, right, and center channels. This special tweeter design helps to increase the speaker's high-frequency output, producing more lifelike sound. You'll also hear a larger soundstage with excellent imaging that allows you to pinpoint the direction of gunfire or the sound cheering crowds from off-screen. Each tweeter is paired with a light, stiff woofer (two woofers for the center channel) to ensure you hear seamlessly blended mids and balanced bass with each channel.

The driver grouping for each channel is housed in a separate acoustic chamber, each with its own port to ensure the best overall sound, with minimal interference between the channels. You'll get the benefit of hearing three separate speakers while having to make room for just one on your entertainment stand or wall. Just be sure to feed this passive (non-amplified) speaker some power from your receiver or amplifier, and it'll reward you with sound that's bigger, more powerful, and way more detailed than those tiny, tinny speakers in your TV.

Contemporary design to match any flat-panel TV
The polymer cabinet has a stylishly curved front baffle that gives it both a contemporary look and low-resonance structural stability. The cabinet undergoes an extensive twelve-step finishing process to achieve a stunning high-gloss piano black luster. And the incredibly thin grille — it measures just half the thickness of a credit card! — easily pops off and on with magnetic attachments. Use the included glass base to place this speaker on an entertainment stand below your TV, or mount it to your wall using the dual keyholes slots and mounting bracket.

Klipsch's Gallery family

Gallery family
Create a slim, stylish on-wall surround sound system or low-impact whole-house audio system using any combination of Klipsch Gallery speakers.
(Clockwise from top left: G-16, G-17, G-28, G-12, and G-42 models shown)

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Product Highlights:

  • includes separate left, right, and center channels in a single sound bar speaker design
  • frequency response 65-24,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • handles 50 watts (RMS) / 200 watts (peak)
  • sensitivity 92 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • three Tractrix® horns with 1" titanium dome tweeters
  • four 3-1/2" long-throw IMG woofers
  • bass-reflex (ported) enclosure
  • three sets of binding posts (one each for the left, right, and center channels)
  • dual keyhole slots and mounting bracket for easy wall-mounting
  • includes glass base for tabletop placement
  • high-gloss black finish
  • 41-15/16"W x 6-1/16"H x 2-11/16"D (without base)
  • weight: 12 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Soundbar (Left/Center/Right channels) loudspeaker
  • Magnetic cloth grille
  • Tempered glass base
  • Wall bracket
  • Two 5mm screws
  • 2 Adhesive strips
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty Card

Great sound and Stone was awesome in helping find the right speaker.

Anonymous, Emerald Isle, NC


Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 Soundbar Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(10 Reviews)

Klipsch Gallery™ G-42 Soundbar

Anonymous from Emerald Isle, NC on 2/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound and Stone was awesome in helping find the right speaker.



Great Decision

Chris from Knoxville, TN on 11/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Klipsch sound in a compact package. Was hesitant to go the passive soundbar route, but the space savings, and great sound convince me it was a good decision.

Pros: Great sound. Space saving design. Looks good.

Cons: A little cumbersome to mount with the included mount plate. However, I was mounting on a purposely imperfect surface.

Great option

CP from Spring, TX on 10/18/2016

I bought this soundbar as a xmas gift for my dad. Wanted a non powered soundbar since there would still be wires from a powered one (power) and they are usually larger( power and decoding built into the soundbar). With this soundbar I was able to keep up with additional decoding and keep all my wires hidden with only my tv connected with hdmi and all others(blue ray,PS4,etc...). connected to receiver. The sound is very good and it's thinner then most self powered soundbars. Very sleek. I use mine with grill off. I like the ability to upgrade receivers in the long run being able to keep up with changing technology. Having a soundbar powered which I have(HK sb-16) in my room if anything goes wrong with it I end up with a paper weight and does not decode all audio formates. Has limited option for sound customization and future proofing. I highly recommend this soundbar. Though I bought mine 2-3 years ago the price has not changed so it holds it value much better then most (my HK sb-16 was about the same price at that time and now goes for less then 100$ used on CL) I do recommend the complete gallery set if u can afford it. If u ever change the set up I'm sure u can find ways to use the speakers.

Pros: Sound, future proof, look, keeps it value

Cons: Price

Excelletn Dialogue

Chris_Va from Virginia on 7/6/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased this to try to improve Dialogue from our TV. It is in a large, high-ceiling, open room and the Dialogue always seemed "muddy". We tried various powered sound bars in the $400 range but nothing seemed to help much. Finally, after reading reviews, sprung for this Klipsch bar. Man, what a difference! It is powered by a Sony STR-DN1010 receiver. Connection was simple and works as, or better, than advertised. Has cleaned up the Dialogue and we have been able to reduce the overall volume level on the receiver and still enjoy clean dialogue. Old saying, you get what you pay for.

Pros: Excellent Dialogue Ease of setup

Cons: Little large but that is to be expected for higher-quality drivers

Great value LCR

Chris S. from Nevada on 4/25/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a well designed, easy to install, and great sounding passive Soundbar. Klipsch has created another great product in the G-42.

Pros: Great mids and highs Well designed

Cons: None

Klipsch G-42 Soundbar

SH from Missouri on 4/5/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

All in all I am happy with my purchase. I bought it strictly for watching TV and an occasional movie. I did not pair it with a subwoofer, and I don't use it for music. In the configuration I have it, it's perfect for dialogue, and does a good job with it.

Pros: Excellent mid-range.

Cons: It does not come with any sort of cover, so the cones are always exposed.

Good Quality Sound Bar...Excellent Buy

Everfam from Oregon on 12/3/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking for a passive sound bar to replace my SNELL box speakers (center, L and R) circa 2002. I chose the Klipsch Gallery G42 on the recommendation of a Crutchfield technical advisor. I was looking for something with a better look and excellent sound quality. I connected the Klipsch without a hitch. It looks fantastic and very high quality. The sound is great as well. It does seem a little bright on trebles and mids however I think I can achieve a good balance by adjusting the levels on my receiver and running room sound set up on my receiver as I did for the SNELLs.

Pros: Great looks, good to great sound easy set up.

Cons: None

Very happy!!!

Anonymous from Le Mars, IA on 10/23/2014

Was looking to update my system, the wife hated my old tower speakers, so we found this as an alternative. Paired with two G12's for my rear surrounds and a Klipsch sw-110, looks great. Clean crisp highs, solid window rattling lows. We're hearing parts of movies we didn't know existed before. Took a lil tweaking to balance the highs and subwoofer. I have my high pass set for 100hz and above, low pass @ 110hz and below. My only complaint would be cost.

Pros: Great looks, Great sound

Cons: Cost

Sounds small

Anonymous from Palo Alto, CA on 9/4/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got this soundbar to replace two Polk bookshelf speakers that sound amazing but have always bothered my wife due to their size and difficulty of placement in small Bay Area living spaces. I thought a passive soundbar would keep me happy by allowing me to still power with my amp, and be a huge improvement aesthetically for her. Huge mistake - it is a lot bigger than many soundbars but still had very small sound. We were both unhappy, so I returned it to Crutchfield and spoke with their advisors about what to do instead. I ended up with some very small but powerful Definitive Technologies speakers with which I am delighted. I wish I'd called them first, they knew what I needed better than I did.

Pros: Allows use of existing amplification setups Looks great wall mounted

Cons: Size Tinny sound Looks terrible standing on a table

Klipsch® GalleryT G-42 Soundbar

pkp from Philadelphia, PA on 4/9/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great speaker if you are looking for a non powered soundbar for under 1k. I ended up purchasing this speaker since I couldn't do an in wall setup. I was very impressed with the sound. I get very clear and rich sound from this speaker which is connected to a yamaha rx-a3000. The built in subs in the soundbar are not very powerful without a dedicated sub but perfect for night time viewing when you don't want to wake up your sleeping baby. On a side note, ff you have a 60+ inch tv, you might find the speaker a bit small. For me, the sound was more important than the looks and am very glad I made the purchase, especially since there were no reviews posted.

Pros: Great sound. Easy to set up. Wall mountable. Light weight.

Cons: None so far.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Design Bar
Pieces in System 1
Color Hi-gloss black
Tweeter 1" Tractrix Horn x 3
Midrange None
Woofer 3.5 Cone x 4
Separate Subwoofer No
Subwoofer Driver None
Surround Sound Decoding No
Dolby Atmos No
Dialogue Enhancement No
Auto Volume No
4K Video Compatible No
HDR Video Compatible No
Audio Return Channel No
Remote IR Passthrough No
Works with TV Remote (IR) No
Control by App N
Bluetooth Connectivity No
Wi-Fi No
Wall-mountable Yes
Mounting Bracket Included Yes
Surface Mount Stand Included Glass base
Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty N/A
Amplifier Labor Warranty N/A
System Frequency Response 65-24k Hz
Powered System No
Sound Bar RMS Power 0
Subwoofer RMS Power N/A
Inputs and Outputs
Mini Stereo Audio Inputs None
RCA Stereo Audio Inputs None
Optical Digital Audio Inputs None
Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs None
HDMI Inputs None
HDMI Outputs None
USB Port No
Subwoofer Output 0
Sound Bar (inches) 6-1/16H x 41-15/16W x 2-11/16D
Sound Bar Weight 12 lbs
Subwoofer (inches) ---
Subwoofer Weight Not Given

Product Research

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

4 Klipsch Principles: Klipsch believed four principles to be the foundation for great sound. Together, these four design principles (high efficiency with low distortion, controlled directivity, flat frequency response, and wide dynamic range) have and always will be the foundation for Klipsch stunningly powerful and precise sound.

LCR Design: The Klipsch Gallery G-42 is a passive "soundbar" design with a separate Left channel, Center channel, and Right channel speaker; all built into separate chambers in one aesthetic cabinet.

Tractrix Horns: The Klipsch Gallery G-42 soundbar utilizes Tractrix Horn technology for lifelike sound, more output using less energy, improved reliability, reduced distortion and a large soundstage with well-defined imaging. Proprietary Klipsch technology with a refined 90° x 90° dispersion pattern expands the prime listening area and improves dynamics, increases soundstage dimension and produces pinpoint imaging for an enhanced listening experience. The three horn-loaded drivers, one each for the left, right and center channel provide a powerful and detailed sound from a very slim cabinet that is less than 2.6875"deep.

Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver Tweeters: The Klipsch Gallery soundbar employs three 1" Titanium diaphragm compression drivers mated to 90° x 90° square Tractrix Horn. Combined with the Tractrix Horns, the 1", solid-formed, very lightweight metallic diaphragms (one for each channel) work in conjunction with precise phasing plugs at the horns throat to create highly efficient drivers with excellent transient response and lack of distortion. The new Linear Travel Suspension assures the most precise diaphragm excursion, increasing high-frequency detail and smoothness.

Long-Throw Injection Molded Graphite Woofers: The Klipsch Gallery G-42 utilizes four 3.5" active long-throw IMG woofers (one each for the left and right channels, and dual woofers for the center channel). The four total woofers with light, yet very stiff diaphragms combine with large motor structures to produce surprising bass output.

Enclosure Design

Bass Reflex Enclosure: The Klipsch G-42 soundbar features a bass reflex enclosure for deeper bass and higher efficiency. Each speaker channel (left/center/right) is housed in a separate acoustic chamber inside the G-42 passive soundbar, with each chamber individually ported. A design that provides for the best overall sound with the least interference between channels, the individual ports are perfectly matched with the cabinets and woofers and precisely flared to minimize turbulence and distortion.

Molded Polymer, Low-Resonant Cabinet: The elegant, injection molded polymer cabinet has a front baffle that curves to the rear on both sides to create both a highly aesthetic appearance and a solid, low-resonant structure.

High-Gloss Black Finish: The detailed, twelve-step cabinet finishing process achieves a sleek, high-quality piano black high gloss luster that perfectly blends into any interior setting.

Acoustically Invisible Grille: With the thinnest grille ever to come from Klipsch (one-half the thickness of a credit card), the sound is equally detailed with the grille on or off. With it off, the high gloss appearance and fine lines of the speaker are preserved due to the lack of visible fasteners on the speaker baffle made capable by a unique magnetic grille rod attachment.


Binding Posts: The Klipsch G-42 is equipped with three pair of sturdy binding posts (a pair for the left, center, and right channels) to ensure a secure connection to many types of speaker cables and connectors. The binding post terminals will accept banana plugs (single only), pin-connectors, spade-connectors, and bare wire (18-gauge or larger).

Wire Management System: The Klipsch Gallery soundbar's wire management system keeps wiring flush with the back of the speaker for perfect surface alignment and a clean, uncluttered appearance from the front or back.

Note: Speaker wire larger than 18-guage may not fit in wire management system channels.

Mounting Options

Tempered Glass Base: The Klipsch G-42 soundbar features a dark tempered glass base that allows placement on a stand or shelf either in front of, above, or below your television. The tempered glass base attaches to the soundbar speaker's back-panel dual threaded inserts (5mm) using the supplied two M5 screws.

Note: The Klipsch G-42 soundbar measures 41.9375" (w) x 6.5625" (h) x 5.0625" (d) with the tempered glass base attached.

Wall-Mount Bracket: The Klipsch Gallery soundbar features two keyhole slots and includes a wall-mount bracket to hang the soundbar speaker on the wall (wall-mount screws not provided).

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I wanted a non-powered soundbar to go with my A/V receiver, and I liked the Klipsch [ James  Oct 24, 2017 ]
I wanted a three channel speaker to mount below my tv that would give me good audio quality while looking unobtrusive. I also like Klipsch products. [ Adam  Oct 10, 2017 ]
Brand and 3 in one design [ Thomas  Sep 04, 2016 ]

3 questions already asked

The Klipsch can be attached to compatible TV wall mount brackets with the Sanus SA405 sound bar mount: I hope that helps. My Bio: [ Ryan  Mar 02, 2017 ]  Staff
Yes, these speakers need to be amplified by some type of receiver. I use my G-42 with a Yamaha receiver and matching Klipsch speakers [ James  Feb 13, 2017 ]
Yes, you will need a receiver. This sound bar is a set of 3 individual speakers. [ Chris  Feb 10, 2017 ]
Yes. it is not powered. [ Eric  Feb 10, 2017 ]
The speaker(s) are passive - that means they're not amplified. There is no power connection, so there is no need for a time out/cut-off. Energy use (or savings) would be provided by what ever you use to drive the speaker, e.g. an A/V amplifier. There are three speaker channels built into this bar, but no surround processing or anything else. It's a great set-up for a small-/medium-ish room (~15 feet) where you want a clean surround set up, don't want lots of "front and center" speakers but want something more/better than an "all-in-one" surround sound bar. Do not confuse/compare the Klipsch G-42 with a "wireless 5.1 all-in-one soundbar with surround processing and wireless sub" like some of the Yamaha or Vizio products. I considered one of those until I researched the rear channel processing. Those devices DO hook up to AC power, so they have the energy-saving gizmos. Those devices get good reviews and appear to be perfectly fine for smaller rooms, or where you can't/don't want rear channels OR are satisfied with a different type of rear-sound processing. I use the Klipsch G-42 connected to a Sony A/V amp. The Sony amp connects to a Samsung TV via HDMI. The Sony/Samsung HDMI connection works great and does "auto-shut off" the amp if I turn off the TV when the TV was the input. Conversely, the Samsung TV mutes its internal speaker if I turn on the Sony amp, so I never have competing sound effects. I have a separate sub-woofer and hard-wired (in wall) rear channels. The total surround sound effect is great. The Klipsch G-42 as a center/L/R surround speaker puts out clear dialog and good music/effects in movies, you can even hear the commentary in sports events better (if you want to, that is) but you do need some additional hardware to make it work to its potential. I'm very pleased with mine in my set-up. [ JOSEPH  Mar 21, 2015 ]
This is a passive, non-powered unit which only produces sound when it receives a signal from your receiver. Hence, if the receiver is off, the soundbar is off [ Frederic  Mar 21, 2015 ]
This sound bar doesn't have it's own power. When the amp sends signal, the speakers sound. [ Thomas  Mar 21, 2015 ]