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Klipsch SW-115

Powered subwoofer

6 Reviews

Item # 714SW115B

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Our take on the Klipsch SW-115

Deep bass impact that you can hear and feel

Whether it's an explosion or earthquake on a Hollywood soundtrack, low notes from a bass guitar, or the subterranean thunder of a large cathedral pipe organ, the Klipsch SW-115 lets you hear and feel those extremely low frequencies, adding realism and excitement to your movies and music. This subwoofer's high-output 400-watt amplifier pushes a 15" driver capable of delivering deep, bone-crushing bass even at concert-hall volume levels. The front slot port helps minimize turbulence for clean sound. And since the port is in the front, you won't hear unwanted "boominess" from sound reverberating off your walls and floor.

Product Highlights:

  • front slot port for reduced turbulence and flexible installation
  • 400-watt RMS BASH® amplifier (continuous power)
  • 15" front-firing woven fiberglass woofer
  • frequency response 18-150 Hz (±3dB)
  • variable 40-150 Hz crossover
  • volume control
  • phase switch
  • auto on/off
  • line level/LFE (low frequency effects) input
  • speaker-level inputs
  • compatible with the Klipsch WA-2 wireless audio adapter kit for an easy connection to a sound system
  • 17-1/2"W x 19-5/8"H x 25-11/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Black powered subwoofer
  • 1 Grille (installed)
  • 8' AC power cord
  • Owner's manual

Deep tight base with no "muddiness". Great output and earth shaking bass.

Swanny2, PA


Klipsch SW-115 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(6 Reviews)


Swanny2 from PA on 2/11/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Deep tight base with no "muddiness". Great output and earth shaking bass.

Pros: Great supplement for really low base.

Cons: Minimalist styling.

Klipsch SW 115

EricL from Effingham, Il on 10/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very strong bass. Plenty of room-shaking bass. From other reviews was concerned about size, but not an issue.

Pros: Complements RF 7

Cons: None

Klipsch SW-115

NickF from Pasadena, MD on 10/7/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Replaced my front 12" 150 watt sub in my theater room with the Klipsch SW-115 15" sub. I was very impressed with deep earth rocking sound. My son & I watch a lot of action movies & this sub is outstanding. Was a little concerned with the cost but once insatlled worth every cent. WOW

Pros: Deep Rocking Sound (great for action type movies)

Cons: cost

Klipsch SW-115

Sonny A from Jacksonville, Alabama on 1/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Ever since Klipsch introduced the SW-115 powered subwoofer, I've read everything that I could find online concerning it's performance. I wanted to up-grade my existing sub in my home theater system and the SW-115 really gets it done. The deep, thundering bass really makes action movies come to life. You actually feel the strong vibes and this sub has a deep, clean, throbbing sound without sounding mushy. Some reviewers seem to complain about the size of the box and the finish. I have no issues at all about this. After all, it takes a good sized box to accommodate a 15 inch driver and the amp. I believe that Klipsch has produced a winner in the SW-115. I don't think that anyone else can offer this kind of performance at this price.

Pros: Clean, powerful, booming bass that will rattle everything in your room. It makes HD home theater systems rival public movie theaters. The buying experience from Crutchfield's and the knowledgeable phone rep made the purchase very quick and easy. I received the order in three days.

Cons: None!!

Klipsch SW-115

Tom from Ohio on 11/29/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Little skeptical at first due to being a music lover but needed a sub to do both music and theater that would keep up with my Klipsch dual 8" mains and 6" center & surrounds. This baby does not disappoint! It is quick enough and clean enough for my music (mainly rock, but really a little bit of everything) and reaches lower octaves for theater and gaming that I didn't think would be achievable given my large room size. It is sitting in the corner of the room, originally firing out from behind the TV towards the seating area. But I found in my room, the best location was still in the corner but with the sub firing towards the wall, spaced 10" from the wall. This simple change extended the lower range noticeably; now there are movie and game effects that you barely hear but they shake you, and the pictures on the opposite wall that is about 40' away! Great experience with both the product and the Crutchfield service.

Pros: Great sound, incredible extension. Bought a scratch & dent unit; arrived in perfect shape. Not a found defect at all, still wrapped in plastic with all paperwork. Saved $100.

Cons: It is large and heavy, but what did you expect from 15" ported enclosure with response down to 18hz? Who cares about the size, just have someone help you get it into position.


moemoes38 from Lake Orion, MI on 8/19/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wow! I received my new sw-115 on friday afternoon it came 2 days after purchase although the LFE channel did not work I use left channel line in after I got it setup with my home theater system it is awesome and loud and clean n deep!

Pros: Loud clean and deep simple and yet powerful

Cons: Kinda cheap cabinet no eq or bass boost or cut and no q values


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Video Shielded No
Woofer Size (inches) 15
Woofer Composition Woven fiberglass
Firing Direction Front
Wireless No
Preamp-Level Inputs Yes
Speaker-Level Inputs Yes
Speaker-Level Outputs No
Low-Pass Crossover Freq 40-150
High-Pass Crossover Freq N/A
Phase Switch Yes
Amplifier Output (watts) 400
Frequency Response 18-150 Hz
Height (inches) 19-5/8
Width (inches) 17-1/2
Depth (inches) 25-11/16
Weight 69 lbs
Speaker Parts Warranty 2 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 2 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty 2 Years
Amplifier Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research



BASH Digital Hybrid Class AB Amplifier: The Klipsch SW-115 powered subwoofer features a highly efficient BASH digital hybrid class AB amplifier which produces reliable, high-powered sound. The built-in amplifier is rated at 400 watts RMS (800 watts Peak). The RMS power rating indicates power available on a continuous, long-term basis. The Peak power rating indicates power available for large, short-term peaks in your music or movie soundtrack.

15" Fiberglass Woofer: The Klipsch SW-115 powered subwoofer features a front-firing 15" non-resonant woven fiberglass driver with a durable rubber surround for tight musical bass.

Bass Reflex Enclosure: The Klipsch SW-115 utilizes a bass-reflex enclosure with an advanced front-firing slot port to produce tight musical bass. This highly efficient enclosure design produces more output using less energy.

Power LED Indicator: Located on the powered subwoofer's front baffle, this LED indicates the operating status of the unit's built-in amplifier. The LED is off when the amplifier is in standby mode and green when the amplifier is on and receiving a signal.

Rubber Feet: The Klipsch powered subwoofer is equipped with four integrated rubber feet to help prevent against vibration.

Placement: Klipsch powered subwoofers are designed to reproduce deep bass and deliver the impact that makes your movies and music come alive. Typically, optimum performance will result if you place the subwoofer in  a corner of the room on the same wall as your front channel speakers.


Gain Control: The gain control of the Klipsch SW-115 adjusts the subwoofer's volume relative to the rest of your home audio system. If the Klipsch powered subwoofer is connected to the Subwoofer Output (LFE) on your AV receiver, first set the subwoofer volume level control in the receiver to the "half-way" or the "0-dB" position. Then increase the gain of the subwoofer until the subwoofer's volume level matches the output of your main speakers. After this setup is completed, the volume control of your AV receiver will be the volume control for both the Klipsch powered subwoofer and your connected loudspeakers.

Lowpass Crossover: The Klipsch SW-115 powered subwoofer features a variable lowpass crossover which is adjustable from 40-150Hz. The crossover point chosen determines where low bass frequencies are "handed-off" from your AV system's loudspeakers to the Klipsch powered subwoofer. Set the crossover point based on the size of your systems' main left/right speakers. As a general rule, for larger, floor-standing speakers, set the crossover point between 40-90Hz. If using small bookshelf or satellite speakers for your mains, set the crossover point between 90-150Hz. The smaller the speaker, the higher the setting until the bass frequencies blend well between the loudspeakers and the Klipsch powered sub. If setting the crossover point in the receiver, turn the Lowpass Filter knob on the subwoofer to the farthest point right (150Hz).

Phase: The Klipsch SW-115 powered subwoofer has an adjustable phase control which can be set between 0° and 180°. This control is used to acoustically match the subwoofer's output to your system's main speakers. Select a position between 0° and 180°, in which the subwoofer has more output at your main listening position.

Power Auto/On/Off: The Klipsch powered subwoofer features a 3-way power switch. This is the main AC power switch for the subwoofer. This switch must be in the "On" position for the subwoofer to operate or the "Auto" position for the Auto-On feature to function. Set this switch to the "Off" position if the subwoofer will not be used for an extended period of time. When this switch is in the "Auto" position, the subwoofer will automatically turn on when it senses a signal. It will automatically turn off after 20 minutes with no signal.


Line-Level Input: The Klipsch SW-115 powered subwoofer is equipped with a pair of line-level RCA-type inputs. Most of today's AV receivers have a line-level subwoofer output (LFE) labeled Subwoofer Pre Out, Sub Out, or SW Out. If your receiver has this output, connect on end of a subwoofer cable to it and connect the other end of the cable into the powered subwoofer's line-level input labeled "LEFT/LFE". This connection allows the subwoofer to operate with both music and surround sound movies. In absence of a subwoofer (LFE) output on your receiver, as an alternative hookup, you can connect Left & Right channel pre-amp outputs from a receiver to the "Left/LFE" and "Right" input on the powered subwoofer.

Speaker-Level Inputs: If your AV receiver does not have an LFE out or subwoofer preamp output, you can connect the Klipsch subwoofer to the receiver via speaker-level connection, using the powered subwoofer's 5-way binding posts. Using 16-gauge or larger speaker wire, connect the Red 'positive' (+) terminal of the AV receiver's Left channel to the Red (+) terminal of the subwoofer's Left speaker-input channel. Connect the Black 'negative' (-) terminal of the AV receiver's Left channel to the Black (-) terminal of the subwoofer's Left speaker-input channel. Repeat this procedure for connecting your AV receiver's Right channel input. The terminals on the AV receiver used to connect the powered subwoofer will be the same terminals used to connect the AV receiver to your main speakers.

Note: Take care that no bare wires from any of the connection touch any other terminals, or each other, as this could damage your equipment.

WA Port (optional): The Klipsch powered subwoofer is fitted with a proprietary 4-pin "WA-Port" connector for wireless operation, using Klipsch's optional WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit (714WA2, sold separately). The Klipsch WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit consists of two components; a wireless Transmitter & wireless Receiver. The WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit makes adding the Klipsch powered subwoofer to your home theater system much easier, because it replaces the need for a separate subwoofer cable that traditionally must be connected between the receiver and the powered sub. Now, you can easily place your powered subwoofer where it both sounds and looks best in the room since you're not restricted by an audio cable.

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