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Gentex 9000 Series Smoke Alarm

For use with Sensaphone® remote monitoring systems

Item # 721FGD0049

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Our take on the Gentex 9000 Series Smoke Alarm

This Gentex smoke detector interfaces perfectly with Sensaphone home monitoring systems. Wire it to your Sensaphone system and it sends a signal to the monitoring unit if the smoke alarm is triggered. Then, the unit calls the telephone numbers you've entered to notify you of the problem. You'll be instantly notified if there's smoke in your home, business, or vacation cottage.

Product Highlights:

  • smoke alarm for homes and businesses
  • powered by standard household AC current
  • 9-volt battery backup will power alarm for a minimum of 24 hours
  • connects to a Sensaphone remote monitoring system
  • included mounting bracket lets you attach alarm to a single-gang, dual-gang, or 4" square box
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Photoelectric smoke alarm
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting template
  • 6.25" Harness with a 12-pin molex connector on one end and 10 bare-tinned wire leads on other end
  • Installation Instructions
  • Wiring Diagram

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Overview: This 9000 Series Gentex smoke alarm is a photoelectric type unit for use as an alert and relocate device. The photoelectric smoke alarm has a solid state piezo signal to warn and alert your household to the presence of threatening smoke. The photoelectric smoke alarm is designed to detect the smoke that results from an actual fire. It is uncommon for household smoke such as cigarette smoke or normal cooking smoke to cause an alarm. The 9000 Series photoelectric smoke alarms is designed for residential and commercial residential applications, including homes, apartments, hospitals, hotels and motels, in compliance with UL 217, UL 1730 applicable IBC/IFC Standards and NFPA 72.

Note: This smoke alarm produces a non-temporal audible alarm and is therefore not intended for locations where the desired action of the occupants is evacuation.

Alarm Functionality: The 9000 Series smoke alarm operates on the photoelectric light scatter principle. The unit's sensing chamber houses a light source and a light sensor. The darkened sensing chamber is exposed to the atmosphere and designed to permit optimum smoke entry from any direction while rejecting light from outside the smoke alarm. The light source is an infrared (invisible) LED which pulses every 8 seconds. The light sensor is a photodiode matched to the light frequency of the LED light source. Under normal conditions, the light generated by the pulsing infrared LED is not seen by the light sensor, as it is positioned out of the direct path of the light beam. When smoke enters the sensing chamber, light from the pulsing LED light source is reflected by the smoke particles onto the photodiode light sensor. At the first sighting of smoke, the device is put into a pre-alarm mode. This is indicated by a rapidly flashing LED on the face of the smoke alarm. Once the light sensor confirms smoke for 2 consecutive pulses inside the chamber, the light sensor produces the signal necessary to trigger the alarm and sound the electronic horn. This technique of verifying the smoke condition, combined with a 5-to-1 signal-to-noise ratio, substantially reduces the possibility of nuisance alarms.

AC Powered with Battery Backup: The smoke detector operates off of standard household current (120VAC). In the event AC Power fails, a 9VDC battery (supplied) will provide proper alarm operation for a minimum of 24 hours. The smoke detector also features a warning signal for low or missing battery.

Test Mode: The Gentex 9000 Series alarm provides an exclusive patented three position test feature that simulates a 0.85% and 3.5% actual smoke condition in full compliance with NFPA 72 and UL Standards.

Tandem Interconnection: Tandem interconnection of up to 6 units is available, which activate the dry contacts from the tandem wire or a local alarm.

Sensaphone Connection: The smoke alarm can be wired to a Sensaphone Remote Monitoring System (721FGD0400/721FGD0800) in your home or office so you can be alerted of an activated smoke alarm in your home or office at a remote location by telephone.

Mounting: This smoke alarm can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. The photoelectric smoke alarm features a universal mounting bracket which allows it to be mounted on a single gang, double gag, or 4" square box.

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