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Artison Portrait LCR DualMono®

High-performance speakers for ultra-thin flat-panel TVs

Item # 733PLCRDM

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Our take on the Artison Portrait LCR DualMono®

A seamless front soundstage from just two super-thin speakers

Building on the success of Artison's original Portrait speakers, the new Portrait LCR DualMonos deliver the same award-winning soundstage from speakers designed for today's ultra-thin HDTVs. They mount right onto the sides of your TV to give you great sound from speakers that look like they're a part of the TV's frame. Measuring a mere 2" deep with grilles, they're an ideal match for most flat-panel TVs with screens measuring 46" or larger.

Top-quality drivers for top-notch sound

Artison's DualMono® technology makes it possible to get an engrossing front soundstage from just two speaker cabinets instead of the traditional three. It does this by using a dedicated driver in each speaker to handle center channel sound, effectively anchoring dialogue to the middle of your screen. A separate driver in each speaker handles the left or right channel sound, while dual tweeters positioned at the center of the speaker can be swiveled to aim detailed highs towards your listening area. Plus, the Portrait LCR DualMono uses one of Artison's side-firing tweeters to expand the soundstage and envelop you in rich sound.

Custom-built speaker grilles perfectly match your TV

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Attach a pair of Portrait LCR DualMono speakers to just about any flat-panel TV using the included universal mounting bar and your TV's standard wall-mounting holes. Artison custom-builds the grilles to line up evenly with the top and bottom of your TV screen, for a fully integrated look. Use our Artison Custom Grille Finder to add the grilles to your order.

Complete your Artison home theater setup

Add Artison surround speakers and an Artison subwoofer for exciting wraparound effects and hard-hitting bass. You can also check out Artison's in-wall surrounds and subs.

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Priced per pair

Note: Custom grilles ship directly from Artison, and can only be delivered within the 48 contiguous United States.

Product Highlights:

  • designed for flat-panel TVs 46" and larger
  • DualMono® design delivers center channel sound without a center channel speaker
  • two 4-1/2" long throw woven Kevlar midrange/woofers
  • two 1" Super Audio Tweeters with swivel mount
  • 1" silk dome side-firing tweeter
  • frequency response 80-40,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • sensitivity 87 dB
  • 6-ohm impedance
  • black aluminum acoustic suspension enclosure
  • custom grilles built to perfectly match your TV's dimensions
  • included universal mounting bracket attaches the speaker panels to your TV using your TV's wall-mount holes
  • weight: 25 lbs.
  • 6-5/16"W x 25-7/8"H x 2-13/16"D (with grilles)
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2 LCR speakers (with brackets attached using 4 thumbscrews)
  • 2 Universal mounting brackets
  • 4 Metal extension plates
  • Four 4mm x 13mm machine screws
  • Four 4mm x 18mm machine screws
  • Four 4mm x 25mm machine screws
  • Four 5mm x 13mm machine screws
  • Four 5mm x 18mm machine screws
  • Four 5mm x 25mm machine screws
  • Four 6mm x 13mm machine screws
  • Four 6mm x 18mm machine screws
  • Four 6mm x 25mm machine screws
  • Four 8mm x 13mm machine screws
  • Four 8mm x 18mm machine screws
  • Four 8mm x 25mm machine screws
  • Four 10mm x 13mm machine screws
  • Four 10mm x 18mm machine screws
  • Four 10mm 25mm machine screws
  • 16 Bracket-screws (#10-32 x 7mm)
  • 12 Flat washers (OD:16mm/ID:10mm)
  • 4 Flat washers (OD:25mm/ID:10mm)
  • 4 Flat washers (OD:25mm/OD:5mm)
  • Four 4mm plastic spacers
  • Four 5mm plastic spacers
  • Four 6mm plastic spacers
  • Four 8mm plastic spacers
  • 3mm Allen-wrench
  • 8 Foam blocks
  • Pair of white gloves
  • Installation Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • "Fujitsu Plasma Owners" note

Hands-on research

Product Research

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options


LCR DualMono Speaker: The Artison Portrait LCR is a 3-channel (Left, Center, and Right) passive LCR loudspeaker speaker system which delivers the left, center, and right audio information of your AV surround sound system from two speakers designed to mount directly to your flat-panel television. The Artison Portrait LCRs are designed to complement any flat panel display (46"-up) and eliminate the need for a separate center-channel speaker either above or below the display. This is possible through DualMono Center channel technology which integrates two discrete speakers on either side of a flat-panel display that both reproduce the monaural center-channel signal. The dual speaker approach places the apparent source of the sound in the center of the picture where it belongs and eliminate the need for a third speaker (center-channel) which usually sits above or below the TV. The DualMono Center Channel provides an easy installation of just two speaker enclosures which are more aesthetically appealing and yet still deliver the three discrete front channels for your home theater surround sound.  The Artison Portrait LCR features a universal mounting bracket system which allows it to attach to the left and right side of your flat-panel TV. A custom LCR grille (sold separately), designed to match your TV, gives the illusion that the speakers are apart of your television.

Note: The Artison Portrait LCR is compatible with flat-panel TVs (46"-up) which measure 40.5"-68.5" (wide) x 25.4"-up (height) x 0.28"-4.4" (depth).

Driver Technology

DualMono Center Channel: The Artison Portrait LCRs feature a unique, patented DualMono Center Channel which improves the reproduction of the audio. The DualMono Center Channel design  focuses the acoustic image so the sound comes from the center of the screen; while the left and right channels provide a wide-accurate sound stage. Two dedicated drivers located in the upper half of the left and right channel enclosures work together to project crisp, clear dialogue from the center of the screen where it belongs. The Artison Portrait LCRs left and right channels provide the wide-accurate sound stage you want from a home theater speaker system.

Kevlar Midranges: Each Artison Portrait LCR features two 4.5" long-throw Kevlar midrange drivers with an inverted magnet for accurate low midbass response.

Vifa XT25 Super Audio Tweeters: Each Artison Portrait LCR employs two 1" Vifa XT25 Ring Radiator Tweeters for exceptional detailed high frequency response. Each Super Audio Tweeter features an integrated swivel mount which allows them to be adjusted left or right by 15° to match the acoustic characteristics of your room.

Stage Tweeters: There is a 1" silk-dome stage tweeter, positioned on the outside edge of each LCR speaker which provides a wider dispersion of the front-channel effects beyond the physical placement of the speakers. The Stage Tweeters widen the left & right channel separation by directing high frequencies (6kHz-up), against the adjacent rear wall that your flat-panel TV is mounted on.

Stage Tweeter Control: There is a Stage Tweeter Switch on the front baffle of each speaker which allows you to turn the Stage Tweeter 'on' or 'off'. In most applications, the Stage Tweeter should be set to "on". Turn the Stage Tweeter "off" when the speakers and your flat-panel TV are flush mounted into recessed cabinetry.

Independent Crossovers: Each driver features an independent crossover for better overall performance.

Enclosure Design

Aluminum Cabinet: The Artison Portrait LCRs features a black anodized aluminum cabinet that resists vibration.

Acoustic Suspension Enclosure: The LCR utilizes an acoustic suspension enclosure design for tight, accurate bass response.

Separate Air Chambers: The enclosure features independent air chambers for each driver for better accuracy.


Speaker Connections: Each Artison Portrait LCR will require two discrete audio signals from an external multi-channel amplifier. Each Artison LCR features two pair of gold-plated spring-post terminals (Front Right or Left, and Center).

  • Front & Left Speaker Connections: For the Left and Right channels, connect one end of your two-conductor speaker wire to the front left and right channel positive and negative terminals of the receiver or amplifier; and then connect the other end of the speaker wire to the lower set positive and negative terminals located on the rear of each speaker.
  • DualMono Center Channel Connection: For the DualMono Center channel, connect one end of your two-conductor speaker wire to the center-channel positive and negative terminals on your receiver or amplifier. Connect the supplied 6.5' jumper speaker wire to the other end of the wire from the receiver/amplifier by twisting the positive wire together and the negative wires together. Then insert the twisted end into the terminals of either one of the DualMono Center Channels and run the jumper speaker wire across the back of the display and connect the positive and negative lead to the other DualMono Center Channel speaker connection.

Recommended Speaker Wire: The speaker wire gauge required is depending upon wire length run; 16 Gauge is suggested as the minimum size.

Mounting Options

Mounting: The Artison Portrait LCRs are designed to attach directly to many flat-panel displays (46"-up) via the television's threaded wall-mount inserts. The Artison Portrait's universal mounting bracket system lets you attach the LCR speaker to your table-top or wall-mounted flat-panel TV. The universal mounting bracket system includes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm hardware.

  • Wall-Mount: When the television is mounted to the wall, the supplied brackets and hardware are designed to sandwich between your wall-mount bracket and your flat-panel television.
  • Table-Top Mount: When the television is utilized with a table-top stand, the supplied brackets and hardware can be attached directly to the back of your flat-panel TV.

Note: The Artison LCRs may also be mounted directly to a wall using its integrated speaker bracket (hardware not supplied for this install).

Foam Blocks: The included self-adhesive foam blocks provide both damping for the mounting system and stabilizes the speaker.

Custom Grilles: LCR Grilles (sold separately) are available to match the height and complement the color (black or grey) of select flat-panel displays from 46" (diagonal) and above. Please check Crutchfield's Artison Custom Grille Finder for your television's custom LCR grilles.

Note: No grilles are included with speaker.

Optional In-Wall Kit: The Artison LCR DM In-Wall kit (733LCRDMIW, sold separately) lets you mount the Artison LCR DualMono speakers in your wall. The in-wall LCR-DM Kit keeps the closed-back design of the LCR DualMono speakers which ensures that the performance of the speaker is maintained, independent of the wall cavity size or wall construction type.


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