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Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Bipolar floor-standing speaker with built-in powered subwoofer

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Item # 735BP8060

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Our take on the Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Treat yourself to enveloping, wraparound sound courtesy of Definitive's BP-8060ST Bipolar SuperTower™. It uses a unique driver design with both front- and rear-firing speaker arrays to surround you with rich, lifelike sound. This slender tower also adds a built-in powered subwoofer to the bottom of the cabinet for intense bass. Even in large rooms, every listener will experience a huge, three-dimensional soundstage with both music and movies. Plus, this speaker has attractive high-gloss black top and bottom caps with a cloth grille-wrapped enclosure for a sleek look.

A huge sounding speaker with a compact footprint

Treat yourself to enveloping, wraparound sound courtesy of Definitive's BP-8060ST Bipolar SuperTower™. It uses a unique driver design with both front- and rear-firing speaker arrays to surround you with rich, lifelike sound. This slender tower also adds a built-in powered subwoofer to the bottom of the cabinet for intense bass. Even in large rooms, every listener will experience a huge, three-dimensional soundstage with both music and movies. Plus, this speaker has attractive high-gloss black top and bottom caps with a cloth grille-wrapped enclosure for a sleek look.

Advanced bipolar speaker technology immerses you in detailed sound

sound waves

Front and rear speaker arrays work together to create enveloping sound.

Here's how it works: direct sound from the front two midrange drivers and tweeter arrives at your ears first, to provide clear, focused imaging. That's followed by sound from the rear mid and tweeter, which is slightly delayed, to enhance spaciousness. The combination creates a lush, seamless soundstage that's more like the way we hear sounds in real life. And thanks to Definitive's Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) drivers, your music and surround effects will sound incredibly clear, allowing you to pinpoint the soloist in a band or the direction of a jaguar's call in the jungle.

Cutaway view

Cutaway view of the BP-8060ST's drivers

Powerful bass built right into the cabinet

At the base of the speaker is a 10" side-firing subwoofer coupled to two passive radiators. This trio creates a total surface area greater than that of a traditional 15" woofer, but with better bass control, speed, and detail than a single huge woofer could achieve. A built-in 300-watt amplifier powers the subwoofer, delivering hard-hitting bass that eliminates the need for an external sub. And because a subwoofer is built into the cabinet, bass output is already perfectly blended with the mids and the highs. All you have to do is set the bass volume to match your room and taste, then sit back and enjoy your music and movie soundtracks.

Build a complete Definitive Bipolar home theater system using perfectly matched centers (see the CS-8040HD, CS-8060HD, and CS-8080HD) and bipolar surrounds (see the SR-8040BP and SR-8080BP).

Got wire?

Most speakers don't include any. Learn about choosing and installing speaker wire at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
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Did you know?
Your new speakers will probably sound better after several weeks of use than they do right out of the box. That's because the material surrounding the woofers will loosen up, allowing the drivers to move more fully. Definitive Technology estimates a break-in period of 24 to 48 hours of playback before the speakers will deliver optimum sound quality. For more information and helpful tips, check out this article from Definitive's website about conditioning your speakers.

Product Highlights:

  • Forward Focused Bipolar Array™ technology for lifelike imaging and pinpoint localization
  • Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) driver technology places rubber surrounds on both the outer and inner edges of each speaker cone for improved clarity
  • frequency response 20-30,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • sensitivity 92 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • handles up to 300 watts
  • front array: dual 4-1/2" mids and 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
  • rear array: 4-1/2" mid and 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
  • 10" woofer with dual 10" passive radiators
  • built-in 300-watt subwoofer amp
  • one set of 5-way binding posts
  • high-gloss black finish on top and bottom caps with cloth grille-wrapped enclosure
  • 11-1/8"W x 44-1/4"H x 14-1/16"D (with included stabilizer feet)
  • warranty: 5 years woofers, 3 years subwoofer amp
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • One tower loudspeaker (with black cloth covering and glossy black top cap installed)
  • 7' AC power cord (IEC 2-prong type)
  • 4 Black stabilizer feet
  • 8 Self-tapping screws (length=1.375")
  • 4 Threaded carpet spikes
  • 4 Threaded rubber floor glides
  • Owner's Manual
  • Feature booklet
  • Registration card

Featured Video:

Awesome sound, with a small footprint I highly recommend these self powered subs and surround speakers.

Ryan, Kansas City, MO


Definitive Technology BP-8060ST Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(51 Reviews)

Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Ryan from Kansas City, MO on 5/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome sound, with a small footprint I highly recommend these self powered subs and surround speakers.



Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Don N. from Vancouver, WA on 5/27/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I highly recommend the Definitive Technology BP-8060ST floor speakers. They feature a built in 300W subwoofer. They probably have more capability than I really need. The sound is very clean, precise, and detailed. I am not an audiophile, but I have worked as a professional musician most of my life and most of what I listen to is either jazz or classical. I appreciate the clarity of sound they put out, at virtually any volume level. I also love having them as part of my home theater system. I do have another 300 W sub in my definitive tech. center channel speaker, and then a 1500W dedicated sub woofer, so effectively I have the sub woofer channel coming from four amplified subs. You can feel the movie bass special effects from any chair in the room (as well as the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and probably my neighbor's house) and let's just leave it at that.

Pros: Brilliant highs but never strident, rich mid-range, amazing clarity and particularly accurate representation of orchestral timbres. Plenty of bass for home theater effects...probably don't need a separate sub woofer...

Cons: None so far.

Great Speakers

Brian from La Jolla, CA on 5/15/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Sound, Great Looks, A Great Buy

Pros: Great Value

Cons: None


Scott from Sebastian fl. on 5/11/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Pleasantly surprised....exceeded my expectations, the pair sounds good for blu rays and music cd's....good value for the price, would recommend. ...

Pros: Nice construction, multiple bases for hardwood or carpet, nice highs and bass definitely thumps.

Cons: Hard to see level line on knob for subwoofers adjustment on backside, would be nice to have led on front like the mythos line

Definitive Technology

BP8060st from ELYRIA, OHIO on 5/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently bought the Definitive Technology BP 8080 St and was overly satisfied with them I went ahead and bought the BP 8060 St for another room. Couldn't be any happier with the performance that they provide. Room filling sound with a clean and pure seem less match from the powered sub lows to the midrange and highs. Just love the quality that Def Tech puts out. Crutchfield is always accommodating with their knowledge and makes them a preferred company to buy from. My next purchase will also be through this company. Thanks for all your help Crutchfield.



Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Kenneth from Hammond, IN on 4/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I debated on buying these towers for over 2 years. Once I finally made my purchase, I was not disappointed. I replaced my Bose 701 towers with the 8060's and I am so happy. I also purchased the 8060 center channel speaker at the same time to have matching voices. I love the powered sub in each tower. I still use my stand alone sub in the back of the room behind my couch. I have no dead areas when it comes to bass and I find the bass to blend well throughout my listening area. I watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of hard rock and metal music. The overall range these speakers put out are just amazing. It doesn't matter if I'm using just the towers in Stereo or as part of the 9.2 set up I use, they are a huge upgrade. Next will be replacing the 6 Bose 301's I have as height, surround, and back speakers with the 8080 surround speakers.

Pros: Tremendous punch on the low end and great highs even at high volumes. Movies and music sound amazing.

Cons: I waited 2 years to get this experience in my home.

Definitive Technologies BP-8060ST

Tim from Cleveland, OH on 3/12/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The BP-8060ST speakers sound exceptional clear and spacious with great imaging. The ability to adjust the woofer volume is also nice so you can adjust to your preference. If you have limited space for your surround system or would rather not have a separate subwoofer these speakers fit the bill. I listened to several brands of speakers and while others were comparable they all needed a subwoofer to complete the system. I did not find a better speaker at even twice the price and the built in subwoofer is a big plus. The sound has surpassed my expectations

Pros: Exceptional sound quality. Built in Subwoofer. High Sensitivity. Great value for the money.


Definitive Technolgy BP-8060ST tower speakers

James from Maryland on 3/8/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers sound great powered by the YAMAHA RX-A2050. There is no need for a separate subwoofer as each tower has a 300 watt subwoofer that pumps out more than enough bass for me.

Pros: Great sound


8060st definitive technology speakers

Jr from Mathews va on 2/29/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great speakers. Fantastic bass, would buy them again, need good amp for mid range frequencies. Very satisfied. Also, good service from my advisor at Crutchfield



DF BP8060

baby boomer from mobile, AL on 2/12/2016

Best speakers for the money. All you need to relive the 60s and 70s. Always desired to own a pair of Base 901s. These speakers blow them away, and I've listened to the Bose. Put my sub woofer away.

Pros: Separation of sounds and instruments whether rock, soul, or Symphony and I listen to all, on records

Cons: None

Great Speaker

Jer from Florida on 1/3/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great speaker. I replaced some Paradigm speakers and this blows them away. My 2nd set of paradigms and love them. They really perform at higher volumes.



No More Ugly Subwoofer Box

Bricc from Texas on 12/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm a big fan of these speakers. I already want a second pair for my media room. I first heard these at a friends house and they sounded great. My wife is the only that actually encouraged my to buy them though. They allowed me to remove the "ugly subwoofer box" from the living room which made my wife very happy. Second, I had heard them at a friends house and they seemed to sound great.



great speakers

Gary R from California on 12/23/2015

Great speakers,from superior highs all the way through mids and the bass is just awesome.these speakers really pick up when movies are played sound just like a movie theater what makes hit that point is the outstanding bass.Wow.Wow.Wow

Pros: It's ALL good

Cons: I Have a 2000 def dec center speaker.and IT sounds great,if You really like to turn them up maybe buy the 8080s

Should have done this a long time ago

Jneil77 from New Orleans La on 12/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The quality and sound on these speakers are amazing. The customer service rep Eddie is the best.

Pros: Doesn't matter where you put them in your room. These speakers are built with quality and the sound is crystal clear

Cons: None at all

home theater

home from Ohio on 12/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound. Using with 8080 and 8040 surround speakers and 8060 center speaker. After using my pioneer speaker calibration speakers sound fantastic. Adjusted base to my needs.

Pros: Great sound and doesn't take much room.

Cons: None

Awesome sound

index2020 from New York on 11/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Incredible pair of speakers! Much better than the 6 year old B&W speakers they replaced and cost only half as much (compared to if I got the B&W same model again).



Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Tbone40 from Maryland on 8/10/2015

Love these speakers! I bought the left, right, center, and two ceiling speakers for my movie theater. Sound is amazing and the best buy technician allowed me to listen to them with the ATMOS technology and it was the defining moment for my persuasion to buy.

Pros: none

Cons: none

Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Joseph S from Pennsylvania on 6/15/2015

Researched for months...came to the conclusion based on the description, design, components within and most of all because they are BiPolar. Many have not grasped one strong reason for listening fatigue from speakers - it is because direct front fire speakers are like someone talking into your face. THAT will not happen with Bipolar speakers as the sound footprint is quite large. With these speakers, it is difficult to identify where the sound is coming from because it envelopes you. It is amazing how clear the sound is from these speakers - take some of your favorite albums. Albums you have listened to over and over - listen to them through these speakers and hear your favorite albums for the first time! I purchased the BP8060 a few months after a purchase of BP7004. No, I did not make a mistake - it's just that my AudioCave room has four reference level Int. Amps with three SACD units and a custom built computer only for music (no USB or inferior MP3 - high bit rate music files with a superior Optical connectivity using hospital grade glass optical cable). Those claiming there is a delay from the rear speakers .... I pushed this issue and invariably it is all about ENVY - as once a person buys a pair of speakers - then discovers there is something better - they do not have the finances to buy another pair of speakers. No one wants to admit they made a mistake! The reason I am here today - the room is large enough for another pair of Definitive Technology speakers

Pros: None

Cons: None

Loved DefTech until amp failed

Anonymous from Louisiana on 4/17/2015

I loved these speakers they sounded great, until the amp started failing. No signal was going to the speaker and the back LED would flash Red, Definitive said it was a firmware issue. This started in March, DefTech said the amps are back ordered until July. So basically I spent a lot of money and the amp/sub piece is dead.

Pros: Sounds great

Cons: Powered amp is garbage.

Awesome speakers

Greg from Denver, CO on 3/8/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love these speakers. They sound great.

Pros: Awesome bass and clarity.

Cons: None so far!

Great speakers

David from Utah on 1/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sounding tower speakers. Clear mids and highs that my jbl studio series speakers lacked, which these replaced. I tend to listen to movies and music bass heavy and these speakers with the built in subs deliver adequate bass. I've tried the built in subs with and without the lfe input. Although optional, the lfe input gives the listener a little more control over the bass level through the receiver which I prefer. Vocals are nice and clear as well. The power cords are visible for the powered subs so they need to be routed in some way to reduce their visibility.

Pros: Built in powered sub woofers clear up floor space.

Cons: Top caps that can be removed for the a60 atmos speakers fall off too easy. Visible power cords for the built in powered subs.

Def Tech BP 8060st

mike from Waterloo Nebraska on 11/29/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the speakers are awesome you are totally immersed in beautiful sound.

Pros: it's nice not having a separate subwoofer to place somewhere

Cons: if you have a cat with front claws beware!


roni from ny on 9/1/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought me 2 of these babes and I am completely satisfied with the sound output and quality.

Pros: Crispy clear sound

Cons: None

Best thing since my first car!

Steve from Midlothian, Virginia on 3/13/2014

I researched speakers for over a month before deciding on these. I made an excellent choice. These speakers are amazing. I used my Yamaha RX A2010 to drive them. Incredible range on them from the low bass through the mids, and into the highs...these speakers kick butt! Love them, love them, love them! Assembly was easy. Just a couple screws to drive in. The speakers were very well packaged in the boxes to afford maximum protection. I'm hoping to purchase another pair for the other end of the house, along with another amp to run through the Yamaha and drive these bad boys!

Pros: Very nice, sleek design. Beautiful finish. Fantastic sound

Cons: Took me 52 years to find them!!


Thomas from Texas on 2/13/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got these around Christmas when they were giving the center and surrounds for free with the purchase of the floor standing speakers. In stereo or as a home theater system they sound great. The only things I could complain about would be the screws for the feet, broke two of them off screwing them in. Other than that the knobs for the subwoofers turn really easy and would better if they were a little stiffer, but like I said the sound is great and they don't take any more room than speakers on stands.

Pros: Great sound, no need for a separate subwoofer, small footprint, build quality.

Cons: Installing the feet to the speakers can be a pain since the screws don't want to go in all the way (wood screws work).

Great Speakers

Gary from Rogers, AR on 2/6/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been a fan of Definitive speakers now for several years, and I've been wanting a set of towers ever since I first heard their smaller speakers. I decided to jump on the deal for 2 towers with a center and 2 surrounds, and I have to say I haven't found anything that doesn't sound amazing on them. Even with being so happy with them i have been extremely disappointed with an issue with one of my towers. I've owned 12 different Definitive speakers now, and I've always been happy with their build quality never finding any issues. That was until i started playing some music with heavy bass, and then I started hearing a rattle from one. After contacting support via email they asked me to remove the sleeve, and make sure the sub screws are secure. I validated they were (one is still slightly loose), and found that i couldn't reach some without removing the back panel. I was advised it was ok for me to remove the panel if needed. Once removing the panel I immediately found the issue was two wires misrouted on the wrong side of a padded wire, and this put them laying on the lower radiator. It was an easy fix of moving them to the right side, but not something i expected from a high end speaker. I contacted support back with the findings, and to date have not even received an apology for the mistake.. I was able to easily hear this rattle from 12 ft away with loud music I'm shocked it made it through QC. I'd love to give these a 5, but based on this issue i'm going with a 2.

Pros: These speakers won't disappoint with sound. I have a large living room, and they easily fill it with incredibly clear sounds. They have crisp highs, and enough bass you can feel the action in the movies you're watching.

Cons: Honestly wished i could say there aren't any, but I have to say quality control and support. I'm an engineer, and fixing the speaker wasn't a big issue. I'm more frustrated by the fact i had to do that on a speaker at this price, and the fact their customer support didn't even acknowledge this was their fault.

Great speakers

turkiye from Winston Salem,NC on 1/31/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased a pair of Bp8060s to go with Def Tech center channel and 2 Def Tech rear speakers . They really make my 5.1 system have clear highs and no booming base. My new Sony kdk65w850a has paired with these speakers well. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Pros: Great match, speedy delivery

Cons: None

Best Purchase

CarolW from Keller, TX on 1/28/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I saw these speakers in a Crutchfield ad at Christmas and decided they would make a perfect present for my house. I was right! They sound remarkable!! I couldn't be happier. The free center channel and surround speakers were just another added bonus. The dual subwoofers (one in each speaker) really add to the bass quality and eliminate having that ugly box on the floor. I have definitely become a Definitive Technology fan. The feet add the perfect amount of stability and the speakers are just beautiful looking. These get an AAA+ in my book.

Pros: Contained subwoofer, crisp highs and bass, great looking.

Cons: None.

Slim, sleek, beautiful sounding speakers

JerricR from River Forest, IL on 12/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been a fan of DefTech speakers for a while now. When I set-up our new media room, these were on top of my list for front speakers. The package deal that Crutchfield has (buy two of these and get matching surround and center speakers) made the financials very easy to justify - this is just an incredible value. We've been very happy with the performance. Rich, warm sound. Accurate and a full soundstage. Highly recommended.

Pros: Beautiful sound, sleek speakers. No need for separate subs.

Cons: None

Very Impressive

musicloverAG from NJ on 12/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love it! Am Very happy with the sound quality. Was skeptical about the large speakers not looking good in the room. But having a large family room they were perfect besides the media console

Pros: Crutchfield Service is great!


not bad.

Anonymous from louisville KY. on 12/2/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I may have been expecting more. But these little dudes kick butt. I had to replace my altec 510`s bi amped to save space. Also went to a receiver driving almost the same power as my old carver stuff for space and less cables. speaker`s seem to be missing some bottom end mid`s. I should have save`d and purchased the 8080`s. I was hopping to get rid of my sub too but that ain`t happening. Don`t get the problem with putting the feet on, learn to use a cordless drill people.

Pros: Very good sound for the size.

Cons: Missing some upper base or low mid`s or both. Keep your subwoofer.


Phil D from Carrollton, GA on 11/25/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After purchasing a set of Definitive Technology speakers 15 years ago and being totally satisfied, I contacted DF directly and they gave me the current model number that would be close to that model, although these could handle greater output. I ordered another receiver with greater output, so as to maximize these speakers. Got everything hooked up and . . . WHOA!!! These blow away my earlier set and will be the ones I order for my office next. Crutchfield had these speakers delivered 2 days after ordering - MD to GA in 2 days . . . perfect!

Pros: Fabulous speakers output and Crutchfield's service is second to none!!!

Cons: Expensive but worth it!

Pros and cons

James from USA on 11/20/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My pair of BP-8060ST sounds good, especially with the matching center and surrounds and a good receiver. I have an issue with the bass, but I still enjoy these speakers when I watch movies, listen to music, and play games.

Pros: The mid-range and higher frequencies have a smooth and clear sound. They make my ears melt like butter.

Cons: I set these to Large in the receiver and let the speakers take care of the crossover. The frequencies between 65hz and 95hz dip in volume significantly. Also, the lowest frequency that can be heard with any significant amount of impact is around 30hz. Frequencies lower than this are still there but barely audible. For the money, I hoped for something a little better. I could add a dedicated subwoofer, but it would defeat the purpose of getting these full-range speakers, so I don't know...


Anonymous from Hillsdale, MI on 11/13/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers have punch, low-end power and crisp middle and highs. They are excellent! I retired my Klipsch Chorus II's for these, and I have no regrets at all! They are a lot smaller than I expected, but that's a good thing, as I wanted to shrink the space occupied by speakers.

Pros: Crisp!

Cons: I find the lights on the back confusing; sometimes green, sometimes red, sometimes not at all. Bought mine from scratch and dent perhaps there is a glitch, but the performance seems fine.

Great for the price

Mel from Boise, ID on 10/28/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got these last year with the same "buy 2 get a bunch free" deal. Once they are broken in they sound amazing. The rear firing tweeters really gave me auto setup some problems but once I manually set them up they sound great.

Pros: Great sound at this price point

Cons: Size, show an unbelievable amount of dust

Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

Anonymous from waldwick, nj on 6/6/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

very happy



Fantastic Speaker!

Ryan from Stillwater Mn on 5/29/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I could not be happier with these speakers. I paired them with the matching 8060 center channel and they fill my 20 x 25 family room effortlessly. The bass response is smooth and linear from the built in subs. I don't have a need for a separate standalone subwoofer. Assembly and setup was a breeze.

Pros: Full crisp sound. Excellent for movies and music.

Cons: None so far.

Holy Cow!!!!

Audioernie from Salinas CA on 5/27/2013

Wow holy cow these speakers have to be the one of the best out there no lie, I owned a 5.1 B&W worth around $4000, went to the buddy's house hear he's new system that he's been braving about for weeks, and he put a quick demo for me (the avengers) and you can simply hear every single detail on the film, every explosion from the smallest one to hulks footsteps there was clean accurate and extremely deep, that it makes you think there was an actual earthquake, so with a 30min demo, I was convinced that I will do everything possible to sell my system and purchased the exact same system my buddy bought did with the free center and surrounds, just before the sale ended, so now Im always in my man cave hearing the women always banging the door and shouting to turn it down,haha but I can't here her

Pros: You get 2 10inch subwoofers at 300 watt

Cons: What cons?


denny from akron, ohio on 5/10/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought these towers to replace an 8 year old Bose system. I also have Def. Tech center and 8040 rears. The improvement was great. Movie sounds are theater quality. The music was greatly improved. I didn't need to reconnect my old sub because these new subs sounded and blended in just fine. I recommend them.

Pros: Great sounding. Look nice.

Cons: Only slightly annoying. I received two left towers, so I had to thread a cable across the sub volume knob on the the one I placed on the right. Makes no difference in the sound that they were both right towers because they are bipolar..

Midrange punch missing

A Drum Guy from Prefer not to say, USA on 4/6/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I went back & forth whether or not to buy these. I was lured by the free center speaker/free surround speaker deal they had going a few months back. After much deliberating, I bought these a couple of months ago along with the 8040 center & the 8040 surrounds. After a bit of a snafu with Crutchfield giving UPS the wrong phone number, I got the speakers home. My wife helped unbox them (which was a pain) Def Tech needs to put the white fabric sleeve on with the opening on the bottom, not the top. That way you could leave them mostly covered while attaching the feet. The feet went on easy for me with a ratcheting screwdriver with the speakers carefully placed on their sides with pillows for padding so nothing touched any of the speakers. Anyway, the speakers combined with the center & surrounds are really good for movies, but for listening to music on just the two 8060 towers, they leave a bit to be desired. The highs are really clear & there is tons of bass, but the bass drowns out the midrange and there is no punch. Snare drums are buried in the mix, even Stewart Copeland's snare on Zenyatta Mondatta, which has a fantastic, in-your-face snare sound, is somewhat muted with these towers. I've messed with the EQ settings a bit and still haven't been totally satisfied. I do agree with another reviewer that the subs blend seamlessly. Way better than my old JBL's combined with an Hsu Research sub. The trouble is, Def Tech spent too much time on bass & not enough on the full sound.

Pros: Good for movies, lots of bass, look good

Cons: Not so great for music, lots of bass (had to turn it down), needs more mid-range punch

The best

Mrbill from los angeles on 3/31/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love my BP-8060ST Speakers


Cons: none

Worth every penny!

Dave from Discovery Bay, CA on 3/26/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After convincing my wife that we needed to upgrade from our 18 year old Klipsch speakers, I purchased these 8060 towers, the 8060 center and the 8040 surrounds. There wasn't much in the setup since the subs are built in. After talking to Definitive Tech to get the pros and cons of using the low pass sub cable, I decided to not use it. There were really no advantage to using it. The towers and center subs are integrated and require no cross over setting when using only the speaker wires. How simple is that? The built in subs sound great! The sound is seamless, more realistic and natural than separate subs. The center speaker has a punch to it that my old one never had. I was amazed to find out how much bass is directed to the center channel that just wasn't picked up by my old Klipsch center speaker. The 8040 surrounds are amazing as well. I wasn't too sure how the black speakers were going to look on the walls since our old speakers were small, white infinity minuettes. Actually it was my wife that was really concerned, but the 8040's look great, and the best part is, she agrees! They sound so much better than my old surrounds and they really have a classy, sexy look. My old speakers sounded really good, but these sound amazing!My only complaint was that the delivery. The speakers shipped separately and had three different delivery dates. That meant I, or someone had to be home each of those days to receive them. I got over that pretty quick once they arrived.

Pros: Sound, Design, Quality, Sub integration, and my wife loves them too!

Cons: None!!! (anyone that has a problem attaching the feet on these towers probably shouldn't own a screwdriver)

bp speakers

brad from burlington usa on 2/5/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

they are by far the best i have heard , when defintive was new i had bought some bp 10s they rocked but where stolen when my house got broken into sad but I didnt have RENTERS INSURANCE so i lost out . but now im back again they are new aand im proved .

Pros: they are sleek powerful and can fir in tight spot.

Cons: i dont link the legs that go on them . wish they where wider like the old one . when some thing is going good why change it.

Best Christmas Present Ever!!

M. Cook from Amarillo, TX on 1/28/2013

These are the best speakers I've ever owned and I've owned some really good speakers over the years! My wife and sister got together and surprised me at Christmas with BP 8060ST's as mains, BP 8040 surrounds and a CS 8040HD Center! They all sound amazing, but this review is dedicated to the truly awesome BP 8060's! The sound quality is nothing short of incredible. The highs are tight and direct without even a hint of shrillness regardless of volume levels. The mids are warm and full, smoothly conveying the whole range of human voices, from Norah Jones to Jay-Z to Blake Shelton, they all sounded as if they were in my living room! But, not only are these speakers great with music, they handled movie sound tracks with abounding ease! The opening scene of The Dark Knight where Bane and his henchmen crash the jet rocked my whole house. The bass actually shifted the pictures on the back wall behind the BP-8060's! The rustling of the clothing in the wind and the crunch of metal against metal was extremely vivid and real! Yet, the 8060's never crackled or popped or showed any signs of strain at all. One of the niceness features of the 8060's aside from their awesome power handling is their ability to sound beautiful even at low volume levels. They can handle copious amounts of power, but they don't need it to some great. Late night listening to jazz at low levels showcased the remarkable range of these incredible speakers....again...Best Christmas Present Ever!!

Pros: Sound quality, Power handling and build quality!

Cons: The 1st pair of 8060's that arrived were defective and had a constant hiss/crackle in the mids. However, I called Crutchfield, reported the problem and a new set were on my doorstep in less than a week! The new set lived up to my every expectation! Crutchfield Rocks!!

Simply Awesome

Big Daddy from Toledo OH on 1/14/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Only have had these for a few days, but I can tell, it is exactly what I wanted ! The sound is GREAT!. Replacing 4 def tech pro monitors 1000 s, 1 pro center 1000, and a SUPER CUBE 3. The AQ is Great. Did I say that before. Clean, clear and crisp, almost like the 3 c's for a diamond, with powerful bass. I'm not using the subs as LFE though have an old school velodyne 12" sub for that. They blend well together. I was able to get the def tech package deal. A real no brainer. Now for my soap box. I have seen reviews, stating how difficult these spkrs are to assemble. REALLY. I m 50+ years old and no heeee man. Packaging is extremely good. Took almost as long to get these speakers out of the TWO boxes, as to assemble the feet and get them ready to hook up. Another very nice side note, the wife had no problems wih the size of the towers. It's amazing how they are able to get the sound they can. Very happy with this purchase. Would strongly reccomend these to anyone. Will eventually replace my last pair of pro monitor 1000's, with the 8080's. The crutchfield team are excellent, very fast and precise shipping. Keep up the great work.

Pros: Very full sounding speakers. The gloss black end caps sure add a nice touch. Very flexible hook up options.

Cons: NONE!!!!!

Love them!

Chris from Austin, TX on 12/25/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are amazing! I was really impressed with the characteristics of the bipolar speakers in their ability to fill the whole room with even sound at any volume. I only have these front speakers and the center channel, with no separate rear surround speakers, but I still get plenty of surround sound. The size and appearance of these speakers would make them look good and fit well in just about any room. I experimented with just about every way to hook these up, including the separate subwoofer hookup since my receiver has two sub outs. After many hours of listening to music and movies, I decided that I got the best sound by just using the regular speaker connection and continuing to use a separate sub, not using the speakers' sub inputs. They still sound great without a separate sub. Despite some of the other reviews, I didn't have any trouble attaching the feet. I used a minimally-powerfully battery-powered screw driver and adjusted the torque accordingly. Using an impact driver would be overkill.

Pros: sound great, plenty of surround sound with just two speakers, look great, easily perfect-able bass from the powered sub, flexible in the connection options

Cons: I now spend way too much time listening to and relishing my amazing sound system

Amazing Home Theater

Anonymous from Lexington, KY on 12/19/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought entire Definitve package and man is my home theater sounding amazing. The low tones you get from the internal sub really adds the sound quality.

Pros: Great sound andeasy set up

Cons: Speaker is so thin it is hard to get to balance on carpet.

Definitive Technology BP-8060ST

cspowers from cape cod on 2/16/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

fast shipping, great packaging love the sound, warm- nice soundstage.... you need to give these guys a test drive great for music and fantastic for movies when paired with one of Def Techs centers - 8040 or 8060 (if you want the added powered bass) don't understand all the complaints with the feet though, powered screwdriver and you are done in no time

Pros: great full range sound

Cons: none yet

Excellent Floors

Chad S from Raleigh, NC on 1/21/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These Def Tech's sound astonishing. I have never head anything as clear and smooth as these. The front array shoots out the clear, pin-point-able sound you would expect, then the rear array sends out an almost surround sound stage to the whole system. The crossover between the mids and subs is simply amazing, does a great job blending the frequencies.

Pros: Sound Looks Size

Cons: Feet are a bit annoying to mount. An impact driver and the correct size bit do help though.

BP8060 Experience

Eric G from Killeen, TX on 12/12/2011

The bi-polar technology compared to the Bose refecting speakers (901s) is like night and day. I am impressed with the sound, they have a full range of frequency for most types of music. I compared these to the CM9 (B&W) and for the money the Def Tech 8060 came out on top over sound range. Though the CM9 are great with Jazz & Big band music, the 8060s was better with a more range of music and movies alike. Definately a good buy.

Pros: I have owned a lot of speakers in my day, and by far these speakers have been the best I've ever purchased. I love the overall sound and performance. The sound will amaze you.

Cons: Well, why do I have to put the feet on the speaker. I mean that was a monumental task. Literaly these speakers are heavy, delicate because if you handle them wrong you could damage the woofers. There's no where to really handle these speakers, because of the fabric mesh surrounding the woofers is all there is to grab on.


CSound from Detriot, MI on 8/20/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Summary: Sound excellent. Process and physical installation atrocious. The Good: The speakers sound excellent. They definitely provide enough bass. I upsized the speakers for the larger subs but this was not needed as I ended up turning the bass way down. Unfortunately the speakers appear to be much better than the new reciever that I just bought. Shipping pain: The speakers were well packaged and not damaged during shipping. However, I had to sign for the shipment. The shipping company would not let them sit unattended. This is understandable as the speakers were expensive but also a pain as the non-Fedex shipping company had the same working hours as I did. Anger: To fit in the boxes the speaker's feet were not attached to the speakers. The feet are attached with 2 phillips head wood screws per foot; 4 feet per speaker. The screws were atrociously hard to fasten. I did not have a power screw driver, but doubt one would had the necessary torque. Being a strong fella, I struggled and sweated... for hours and still the screws are not tight. After researching and saving... opening that box and hearing the sound was a supposed to be an exciting process - it was far from it. I can not recommend these speakers unless they are put together by a professional. [A set of speakers of this quality should have an engineered foot base.]




Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Passive Radiator
Finish Cloth-covered MDF
Color Black
Tweeter Dome
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) 4.5
Woofer Size (inches) 10
Woofer Composition Polymer composite
Woofer Surround Rubber
Built-in Powered Sub Yes
Video-Shielded Yes
Connector Type 5-way post
Bi-amp Inputs No
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years
Power Range 20-300
Frequency Response 20-30k Hz
Sensitivity 92 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Amplifier Power 300
Height (inches) 44-1/4
Width (inches) 11-1/8
Depth (inches) 14-1/16
Weight 54 lbs

Product Research

Speaker Features

Speaker Features

Bipolar Design: The Definitive Technology BP-8060ST is a 3rd generation "SuperTower." This bipolar speaker contains drivers on the front and rear of the cabinet. The BP-8060ST uses a new patent-pending design called Forward Focused Bipolar Array. By radiating sound both forward and rearward, the speaker produces sound as it is in real life, with improved pinpoint localization of soloists, greater placement flexibility, and superior intelligibility.

Non-Resonant Tapered Cabinet: The BP-8060ST features a highly-engineered inert and resonance-free heavy MDF (medium-density fiberboard) cabinet to prevent coloring the sound. The front of the enclosure is tapered to make it appear slimmer. Wherever a driver is attached to the cabinet, a second layer of MDF is attached to prevent the drivers from causing vibration to the rest of the enclosure. The sealed midrange enclosures serve as braces for the side walls, while MDF cross braces near the woofer further stiffen the cabinet. The entire enclosure is wrapped in a cloth "grille sock", while the high-gloss polymer composite end-cap and bottom panel add a touch of elegance.

High-Definition Drivers: The BP-8060ST utilizes two cast-basket 4-1/2" high-definition polymer composite midrange drivers surrounding a 1" annealed Pure Aluminum dome tweeter in a D'Appolito front array. On the rear, there is a single identical 4-1/2" driver and the same 1" aluminum dome tweeter as used in the front array. The front and rear arrays are housed in separately sealed MDF enclosures to isolate the midranges from the influence of the subwoofer. The drivers feature Definitive Technology's patented 2nd-generation Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) that supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges, allowing longer, more linear excursion over a wider area. A new patent-pending Linear Response Waveguide smoothes off-axis frequency response and disperses sound over a wider area.

Built-in Powered Subwoofer: The BP-8060ST is equipped with a long-excursion, side-firing 10" subwoofer, driven by a 300-watt Class D amplifier with an integrated Digital Signal Processor. The subwoofer is pressure-coupled with two 10" Low Bass Radiators. The combination of the active subwoofer and two bass radiators gives you 29% more surface area than a single 15" woofer, but with better control, speed, and detail. The benefits of a built-in subwoofer include:

  • Eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer that takes up additional floor space.
  • More bass output from two subwoofers, compared to one.
  • Two subwoofers reduce standing wave room resonances and dead zones for more evenly distributed bass.
  • The subwoofers are perfectly integrated and blended with the mids and highs, eliminating the crossover and phase controls of a separate subwoofer.

Subwoofer Volume: The level of the subwoofer (relative to the other drivers) can be adjusted using the rotary dial on the back panel of the speaker. Once the bass level is set, the overall volume of the speaker system can be controlled by the receiver/amplifier.

Auto Power: The BP-8060ST has a special circuit that automatically turns on the amplifier when a signal is fed to the speaker. The LED on the back panel will glow when a signal is sensed and the amplifier turns on. After the signal ceases, it may take up to an hour for the amplifier to turn off. When first powering up after being unplugged, the LED will flash for about 30 seconds while the firmware is loading.

Stabilizer Feet: The speaker comes with four stabilizer feet which attach to the bottom of the cabinet, two per side, with the supplied self-tapping screws. Each foot has a threaded insert to allow you to screw in the supplied carpet spikes or smooth floor glides, depending upon the type of floor they're being placed upon. Four additional threaded inserts are provided on the bottom panel (along with 4 additional carpet spikes and floor glides) in case you decide not to use the stabilizer feet. The spikes and glides add approximately 1" to the overall height of the speaker.

Placement: The BP-8060ST Bipolar speakers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to placement and positioning. It is recommended that the speakers be placed at least 4" from a back wall, and at least 6" from a side wall. When used as left and right main speakers, you should set up the speakers and the listening position in an equilateral triangle, with the speaker cabinets turned slightly inward.


Binding Posts: The BP-8060ST is equipped with a pair of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts on the back of the cabinet to attach your receiver's speaker wire. The terminals will accept bare wire, pin connectors, spade lugs, single and dual banana plugs. Recommended amplifier power: 20 to 300 watts RMS.

LFE Input: For the powered subwoofer, the BP-8060ST has a single RCA LFE (low-frequency effects) input. Since you'll be using two speakers, you will need a Y-adapter to split the LFE output from your receiver to each subwoofer.

Wiring Options/Speaker Setup: You can connect the BP-8060ST in one of two ways, with or without the LFE connection. If you use only speaker wire, you should set the speaker setup on the receiver to "Large" and Sub to "No." If you connect the speaker with speaker wire and the LFE, the speaker setup should be "Large" and "Yes."

Note: It is recommended that you do not use the receiver's auto setup function, as it is often ineffective in setting up and adjusting speakers with built-in subwoofers.

AC Power: The speaker has an AC power input (IEC 2-prong type) on the back panel for plugging in the powered subwoofer. A 7' AC power cord is included.


  • Width:
    • 6" enclosure only
    • 11.125" with stabilizer feet
  • Height:
    • 44.25" enclosure only
    • 45.25" with carpet spikes or floor glides
  • Depth: 14.0625" including binding posts
  • Weight: 54 pounds

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I already have Definitive bookshelf front speakers. upgrading to these & transferring existing to rear [ Brian  Apr 29, 2016 ]
Good sound, good size. [ Jeff  Feb 25, 2016 ]
Replacing some older defective BP-7002 super tower speakers. [ Ralph  Feb 22, 2016 ]
Built-in subwoofers take the place of a traditional cube sub and double the room-filling bass! [ Jacob  Jan 16, 2016 ]
I don't have a super huge living room and these push enough bass without having a separate sub. [ Christopher  Dec 08, 2015 ]

3 questions already asked

You can definitely use the BP-8060ST as the front left & right speakers in your system. They will voice match well with the center and surrounds you have now. You can continue to use the subwoofer as you can always turn it down if you find you've got too much bass with the new speakers. I hope that helps! [ Ryan  Jan 01, 2016 ]  Staff
Technically I guess you could, but it would be over kill as most of the sound track is through the fronts. I paired these with the SR8040 bi polar surround speakers and the system sounds awesome. [ michael  Jan 07, 2016 ]
I am sure you can, but I would highly recommend not. Each need a power source, and sub wire. So if you use them as back speakers, then you would need (4) sub wires, as I assume you would certainly need two for the front ones. I do not think most receivers offer that many. Good luck, these are amazing front speakers! Don't forget their center speaker... probably the most important! [ RUBEN  Dec 03, 2015 ]
I own these, it most certainly can be used for the rear or back channel. However, this is high-powered tower with bipolar firing speakers and built in powered subs -- Which could cause a distraction with too much sound from that channel. There is a mates set of bipolar surround speakers to this serious, which are smaller but still powerful. You may consider that instead -- that's what my set up is and I'm very pleased with it. [ Rick  Dec 03, 2015 ]
I guess it would all depend on how you want to use it. If you are playing a stereo album or watching a movie then two towers is a must. If you like to listen to mono radio or albums then a single tower might be fine. [ CHARLES  Oct 20, 2014 ]
I am curious why someone would ever want only one of any speaker. Speakers most of the time are sonically matched, at least for main speakers, I would want them to be the same. I am OCD enough where I want all speakers in my system to be sonically matched. But that is just me. To answer your question, of course it will work, it's just an analog signal being converted to sound, but it is far from an ideal situation. [ IAN  Oct 20, 2014 ]
Ronnie it all depends on what your goal is. Anything less than stereo, with one tower youre fine. [ CORNELL  Oct 20, 2014 ]
These speakers are truly amazing!! One alone can likely blow you away, but for a true stereo sound, two would absolutely be needed. [ RON  Oct 20, 2014 ]
You may use it in mono with full signal played. However, if you want stereo sound you would need two, one for left and one for right channel. As an added bonus it has a built in powered sub whic can receive and filter to play the .1 channel in 2.1, 5.1, etc. [ THOMAS  Oct 20, 2014 ]
You can use only one at a time if need be, (which I have done) but they sound much better as a set, I suppose it would matter what you have in mind as far as your intended use, but using them as a pair gives you much fuller sound, this has been my experience. I have had mine for a year now, hooked up to a Yamaha receiver, hope this helps. [ JASON P  Oct 20, 2014 ]