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Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5

5-channel home theater sound bar

9 Reviews

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Our take on the Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5

The 'SSA5 uses patented Solo Surround Array (SSA) technology to vastly widen the sound stage to lifelike proportions. For complete seven-channel surround sound enjoyment, mate the XTR-SSA5 with matching Mythos XTR-20BP surround speakers or any of Definitive's in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. And for solid, bass punch, add a powered subwoofer to your system.

Get surrounded by sound, not by speakers

Great home theater sound resonates with you, but five speakers with wire around the room - not so much. Definitive Technology's Mythos XTR-SSA5 is just the ticket. This single, slender five-channel speaker connects to your home theater receiver and delivers Definitive's trademark audio fidelity in a room-friendly design. Ten mid-bass drivers and three tweeters work together to reproduce the five traditional channels of a home theater system with clarity and detail. At just over 1-1/2" deep, the aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure makes this speaker an outstanding visual match for your TV, so your eyes and ears will be delighted at the same time.

Thin never sounded so good

The 'SSA5 uses patented Solo Surround Array (SSA) technology to vastly widen the sound stage to lifelike proportions. For complete seven-channel surround sound enjoyment, mate the XTR-SSA5 with matching Mythos XTR-20BP surround speakers or any of Definitive's in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. And for solid, bass punch, add a powered subwoofer to your system.

Flexible placement

The 'SSA5 speaker comes with everything you need to locate it where you like. It can be wall mounted simply using the rear keyhole slots. Plus the 'SSA5 comes with adjustable shelf support feet so you can place it on your A/V cabinet.

Got wire?

Most speakers don't include any. Learn about choosing and installing speaker wire at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
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Did you know?
Your new speakers will probably sound better after several weeks of use than they do right out of the box. That's because the material surrounding the woofers will loosen up, allowing the drivers to move more fully. Definitive Technology estimates a break-in period of 24 to 48 hours of playback before the speakers will deliver optimum sound quality. For more information and helpful tips, check out this article from Definitive's website aboutconditioning your speakers.

Product Highlights:

  • reproduces five channels of sound with a single speaker
  • frequency response 60-30,000 Hz
  • sensitivity 90 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • handles up to 200 watts
  • ten 3-1/2" XTDD mid-bass drivers
  • three 1" pure aluminum dome tweeters
  • non-powered for use with a home theater receiver
  • five pairs of setscrew input terminals
  • aircraft-grade extruded aluminum cabinet
  • gloss black finish
  • includes keyhole slots and leveler feet for easy placement
  • 45"W x 5-1/4"H x 1-5/8"D
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Simple clean design. Terrific sound thru-out the room. A great Pleasure to look and hear.

Joseph, Plano, TX

What's in the Box:

  • Soundbar loudspeaker (with removable cloth grille)
  • Plug-in speaker terminal
  • 2 L-bracket supports
  • 2 Adjustable feet
  • Wall-mount bracket
  • Six 1/4"-20 x 12mm screws
  • 2 Rubber pads
  • Owner's Manual
  • Template
  • Online Product Registration card
  • Speaker labels

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(9 Reviews)

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5

Joseph from Plano, TX on 1/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Simple clean design. Terrific sound thru-out the room. A great Pleasure to look and hear.



Clear, crisp sound

Charles from Wilmington, NC on 12/9/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Highs are high, Low are Low, very easy to set up with supplied wire and wall plate,

Pros: One speaker bar, NO Cutter

Cons: 5.1sound not as great as speaker placement in room

Great inhancement to the tv speakers

Jim from Lake Placid Fl. on 8/4/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Its a very great enhancement to the Speakers on the Tv

Pros: Works well with adjustment with the sub woofer


Awesome sound

Anonymous from California on 12/20/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This model has mixed reviews so I was a bit nervous spending the money but once I plugged it in all my concern went away. Sound quality is a huge improvement over the Polk speakers I was replacing, bass response is excellent considering the speaker's size (definitely need to use a powered sub though) and with the powerful tweeters music and television dialog are crisp and clear. Plus the unit came with a bundled cable which makes connecting it to my tuner a breeze!

Pros: Great sound Included cable

Cons: The unit is 5 inches tall so if you use the included stands the speaker blocks the bottom of the television


Anonymous from Bear , De on 5/22/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's a good sound bar if your looking for a flat speaker it sounds better than the tv speakers and better than your powered sound bar but the sound isn't up to par for the price

Pros: Size,styling

Cons: Sound quality

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5

Steve from New York, NY on 4/20/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First some back round info, This item was replacing two boston acoustics book shelf speakers. I felt this sound bar did not produce any mid to deep-mid base. There was no depth to the sound. That being said it did produce excellent hi notes. Excellent fit and finish, my wife loved the look of the speaker. I mainly use this for watching movies and tv. I couldn't live with it, so I did return to crutchfield with no problems, excellent customer service. I'm know using Definitive pro monitor 800's with the 1000 center channel. These are execellent sounding speakers. Hope this helps

Pros: Excellent build quality

Cons: no depth to the sound, making it sound very thin

Excellent speaker

Hunter from Charleston, SC on 2/24/2012

My living room is prewired for 5.1, however its an odd shaped room and not very conducive to rear speaker placement... should have built a dedicated theater room.. oh well.. Anyway, the speaker is coupled to an NAD T747. It sounds amazing. I hear things in my music I didn't know were there before. I previously had a 5 channel set of DCM loudspeakers (3 way 10" woofer front speakers, bookshelf rears, DCM center channel). The sound is much richer, and crisper.. and I was pleased with the DCMs. Make no mistake... you need a good subwoofer as you can only ask so much of such a thin speaker. The speaker really shines in classical music and I've had several audiophiles shocked at the sound that the speaker setup produces.

Pros: Great speaker for a tight space or room not conducive to actual individual speaker 5.1 channel setup. Gorgeous aluminum case Excellent high end sound

Cons: Not as good as actual 5 speaker system... but you probably know that already.

Definitive Mythos XTR-SSA5

EdwardGrz from Milton, GA on 1/31/2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

An excellent alternative to a full surround system if your space is limited. Very easy to set up and use and very good sound for a soundbar. You will definitely want to pair it with a subwoofer.

Pros: Well made, easy to set up, takes up very little space and sounds very good.

Cons: In my opinion, a subwoofer is a necessity.

Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5

asz from Los Angeles, CA on 11/1/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was intending to replace my set of Polk bookshelf + center speakers for a single soundbar in order to save some space and improve the child-proofing of my living room. I wasn't under any illusions that the soundbar would have as big a sound as my existing speakers ( Polk Rti4 + CSi6 + sub )... but man, the sound on the SSA5 was quite tinny and fell off significantly in the mid-range and was almost imperceptibly low on the low-end. To be as fair as possible, I tried a number of different sources: dvd - the speaker required a much higher volume setting to get an acceptable level of loudness. Even with the powered sub, the mid & low end was lacking. A classical track of harpsichord was not as noticeably wimpy on first listen, but knowing how it sounded before again left me wanting more... Finally a listen to a few pop tracks sealed the deal. My Bose Companion 2 speakers seem to have more mid and bass performance than this. Perhaps the deck was a bit stacked to begin with, but I was only hoping to get a speaker that had a good wide performance, albeit smaller than my current setup.. unfortunately the gap was too wide and the idea of spending $1,000 for a speaker that sounds maybe 20% better than my TV speakers has me itching to get my RMA going. If you don't have a discerning ear or need a super low profile soundbar, this might be ok for you - but definitely find a place to listen to it BEFORE you buy.

Pros: Nice clean design with a thin profile and supposedly big sound...

Cons: The sound was as thin as the speaker, even with a powered sub..


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Acoustic Suspension
Design Bar
Pieces in System 1
Color Black
Tweeter 1.0 dome (x3)
Midrange None
Woofer 3.5" Cone (x10)
Separate Subwoofer No
Subwoofer Driver None
Surround Sound Decoding No
Dialogue Enhancement No
Auto Volume No
4K Video Compatible No
HDR Video Compatible No
Audio Return Channel No
Remote IR Passthrough No
Works with TV Remote (IR) No
Control by App N
Bluetooth Connectivity No
Wi-Fi No
Wall-mountable Yes
Mounting Bracket Included Yes
Surface Mount Stand Included Yes
Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
Speaker Labor Warranty 5 Years
Amplifier Parts Warranty N/A
Amplifier Labor Warranty N/A
System Frequency Response 60-30k Hz
Powered System No
Sound Bar RMS Power 0
Subwoofer RMS Power N/A
Inputs and Outputs
Mini Stereo Audio Inputs None
RCA Stereo Audio Inputs None
Optical Digital Audio Inputs None
Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs None
HDMI Inputs None
HDMI Outputs None
USB Port No
Subwoofer Output 0
Sound Bar (inches) 5-1/4H x 45W x 1-5/8D
Sound Bar Weight Not Given
Subwoofer (inches) No Subwoofer
Subwoofer Weight N/A

Product Research

XTR-SSA5 Soundbar: The Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 Soundbar provides five discrete channels (Front Left/Right, Center, Surround Left/Right) from one ultra-slim loudspeaker. The XTR-SSA5 Soundbar is the perfect audio solution when you are unable or unwilling to use rear channel speakers in your home theater setup. The XTR-SSA5 provides dynamic punch, wide frequency range, and broad dispersion. The Soundbar's ultra-slim design is a perfect match for today's ultra-thin flat-panel TVs. It comes with a table-top stand and is wall-mountable.

Note: For complete surround sound enjoyment, mate the XTR-SSA5 Soundbar with a Definitive Technology powered subwoofer (such as the 735PSUB1KB, sold separately).

Driver Technology
Enclosure Design
Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Spatial Array: The Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 incorporates Spatial Array, a unique patented technology that optimizes the spatial presentation of five-channels to create the illusion that you are surrounded by five separate high-performance speakers. Spatial Array Surround technology uses subtle, but complex directional cues to completely free the sound from the speaker enclosure and convince your ear/brain listening mechanism that you are surrounded multiple speakers. Since Spatial Array technology does not depend on bouncing sound off walls, it works in virtually any room and set-up configuration. The XTR-SSA5 uses Spatial Array technology on the front left and right speakers as well as the surround channels, so that you get big three-dimensional imaging from both stereo and multi-channel sources.

Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeters: The XTR-SSA5 Soundbar's three 1" hyper-definition aluminum dome tweeters are the same tweeters found in Definitive's award-winning state-of-the-art Mythos ST SuperTower. The pure aluminum dome tweeters provide clarity, dynamic range, and extended high-frequency response.

XTDD Technology Drivers: The Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 Soundbar utilizes ten 3.5" Definitive XTDD technology anodized Aluminum dome drivers for extraordinary performance. Using state-of-the-art computer modeling and decades of speaker design experience, Definitive engineers eliminated every inch of wasted space, optimized every part, and maximized the moving surface area of a dynamic driver to shrink it down to a very compact dimension without giving up ultra high performance audio fidelity. The XTDD drivers provide dynamic punch, a wide frequency range, and broad dispersion that flat vibrating membrane panel-type speakers simply cannot match.

Enclosure Design

Ultra-Thin Aluminum Enclosure: The Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 Soundbar features an ultra-thin aircraft-grade aluminum cabinet that fits today's flat-panel televisions perfectly. By specially shaping the enclosure and incorporating stiffing ribs and channels, Definitive made the space-efficient extruded aluminum enclosure ultra-rigid and resonance-free. The magnets of the XTDD drivers protrude through the rear wall of the enclosure to further minimize depth. A thermally conductive gasket seals the enclosure/magnet interface and transfers heat from the driver's rare-earth magnet to the enclosure, making the whole enclosure a giant heat dissipater.

Magnetic Grille: The Mythos XTR-SSA5 Soundbar features a black cloth magnetic grille which easily attaches and detaches from the speaker.


Speaker Terminals: The Mythos XTR-SSA5 is equipped with a plug-in C-clamp speaker terminal to attach your receiver's speaker wire (up to 12 AWG).

Color-Coded: The speaker terminals are color-coded and labeled (+/-) to distinguish between Front Left/Right, Center, and Surround Left/Right speaker channels.

Mounting Options

Placement: The Mythos XTR-SSA5 is designed for horizontal use only. The Soundbar can be positioned below, above, or in front of your flat-panel television. The XTR-SSA5 matches perfectly with 46" to 65" flat-panel televisions.

Table-Top Mount: For shelf-mounting in front of or below the TV, the XTR-SSA5 comes with two different sets of adjustable feet. For shelf-mounting in front of or below the TV, the XTR-SSA5 comes with clever adjustable feet that can raise the speaker over the TV's protruding shelf stand. It can also be placed on a shelf below the TV and angled up towards your ears via the supplied shelf supports

  • Adjustable Height Feet: Use these adjustable feet when placing the Soundbar on the same shelf as the TV. They allow you to raise the speaker over the TV's pedestal base.
  • Adjustable-Angled Feet: Use these adjustable supports when placing the Soundbar on a shelf below your flat-panel TV. They allow you to angle the speaker up towards ear level.

Note: The adjustable feet attach to the Soundbar speaker using the supplied hardware (1/4"-20 x 12mm screws).

Wall-Mount: The Definitive Technology XTR-SSA5 can be mounted to the wall, above or below your flat-panel television. The Soundbar includes a wall-mount bracket and hardware, along with dual keyhole slots.

  • Wall-Mount Bracket: The Mythos XTR-SSA5 comes with a wall mount bracket that allows direct mounting to a wall (wall-mount screws not supplied). The wall-mount bracket attaches to the Soundbar speaker using the supplied hardware (1/4"-20 x 12mm screws).
  • Dual Keyhole Slots: The XTR-SSA5 Soundbar also features dual rear-panel keyhole slots which allow you to easily hang the speaker on the wall without any bracket by simply using two screws (not supplied). The two keyhole slots are spaced 34.75" apart.

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Great reviews. One of very few passive soundbars.[ JAMES  Aug 14, 2017 ]