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Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Single-disc CD player

25 Reviews | 4 questions - 17 answers

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Our take on the Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

We're not certain how Cambridge Audio squeezed so much performance and great sound into a player at this price, but when it sounds this good, who's asking questions? The CD10's handsome brushed aluminum faceplate is built around a sturdy, all-metal chassis equipped with top-notch hi-fi circuitry. You get a precision transport, dual-sided circuit boards for ultra-short signal paths, and a premium Wolfson digital-to-analog converter (DAC) — all geared to extract every drop of information from your CD library.

An amazing value in a CD player

We're not certain how Cambridge Audio squeezed so much performance and great sound into a player at this price, but when it sounds this good, who's asking questions? The CD10's handsome brushed aluminum faceplate is built around a sturdy, all-metal chassis equipped with top-notch hi-fi circuitry. You get a precision transport, dual-sided circuit boards for ultra-short signal paths, and a premium Wolfson digital-to-analog converter (DAC) — all geared to extract every drop of information from your CD library.

Praise for the CD10

"From the first disc to the last the CD10 went about its business without a hitch. Tonally neutral but with a slightly forward middle range, it has enough smoothness and detail to make you think you might have stolen something. Some players convey a flatness, perhaps best described as a lack of color or rhythmic energy. But this player just had an engaging liveliness that kept me focused on the music rather than the clock...the Topaz CD10 is a real standout — a potential MVP".
—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, September 2010

You'll enjoy playback from a variety of discs, ranging from regular CDs to home-burned CD-Rs filled with MP3 and WMA files. The full-function remote gives you command of the basics like "play" and "stop," plus direct track access, repeat, random, and program modes from the comfort of your favorite chair. It can even control other Cambridge Audio components, including the Topaz AM10 integrated amplifier.

Product Highlights:

  • plays CDs, CD-Rs & CD-RWs, and MP3 & WMA CDs
    • does not support gapless playback
  • Wolfson Microelectronics WM8761 digital-to-analog converter
  • all printed circuit boards use double-sided, fully surface mounted components for ultra-short signal paths and optimum sound quality
  • two-pole Butterworth filter reduces AC line noise for quieter operation
  • brushed aluminum front panel with wrap-over lid assembly controls resonance
  • RCA coaxial digital output
  • 1 pair RCA analog outputs
  • remote
  • signal-to-noise ratio (A weighted): >95 dB
  • detachable power cable
  • weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • 17"W x 2-15/16"H x 13-13/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Single-disc CD player
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Remote control (RC-CD5/CD10)
  • CR2025 3V lithium battery
  • User's Manual

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(25 Reviews)

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Anonymous from Heartland, TX on 2/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great CD player!!



Won't buy this manufacturer again.

Drexel from COLUMBIA, SC on 11/10/2017

Sounds good but I had problems with disc sticking. I have to top it on top or the side at times to get it to come out. I did some searching and found may others had the same problem. I contacted Cambridge and they referred me to the seller and wanted nothing to do with supporting the player. My first and last Cambridge purchase. Crutchfield is outstanding as usual.

Pros: Sounds great.

Cons: Disc gets stuck.

CDs forever!

James from New York, NY on 8/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

With all the (bad) advice to just use my DVD player I was thrilled that the unit recommended by my sales consultant at Crutchfield turned out to be the best simple AND sound decision.



Great CD player

Cindy from Annapolis, MD on 7/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great CD player and easy to hook up to my Integra receiver.

Pros: Easy to hook up...great sound...

Cons: Moves somewhat slow

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Anonymous from Yulee, FL on 6/29/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Best bang for the buck in a CD player. Second Cambridge Audio CD player I have owned. Pure true sound.



Incredible Sound!

Anonymous from Charlotte Hall MD on 6/24/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Simple design not a lot of bells and whistles. Sounds great and seems well built!



Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Anonymous from Baton Rouge, LA on 5/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sounds good, but is fussy about playing MP3 discs by stopping in mid-play and will not tolerate even slight mars on any disc surface by skipping and eventually shutting down. Your tech referred me to Cambridge support who did not return my calls. Other than that, it is a fine product.

Pros: Fine sound.

Cons: Some glitches in play.

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Anonymous from Miami, FL on 1/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Anonymous from Wells, ME on 1/14/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love the Topaz CD10. Simple no extras CD player. Great quality build and great sound. Highly recommend.



Cambridge Topaz CD 10

David from Covington KY on 9/1/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First things first, The Crutchfield sales staff is always outstanding. When I started my quest in rebuilding my home stereo system, It was an easy process with the help from my sales team. Its nice to deal with sales people that actually have a good knowledge of the gear they sell.. I started with a pair of mid priced Polk Audio floor standing speakers, Because I simply love the sound and quality that ya get from Polk Audio speakers from past experiences, then I moved into a Cambridge Topaz SR 20 100 watt per channel stereo receiver and naturally I went with the Cambridge Topaz CD 10 disk player. Especially sense I fell in love with the sound that my Cambridge Receiver kicked out. Cambridge audio gear is top notch especially for the price, the build quality and of course there gear sounds fantastic. I'am also using very high end speaker cable by Tara Labs. I already had it, otherwise I'am sure I would of bought my cable from Crutchfield. And yes, great speaker cable does make a difference!! With my new receiver and my new Cambridge Topaz CD10 player, my CD's came alive, outstanding dynamic range and fantastic sound. Hearing things in the recordings that I never experienced before, unbelievable the difference in what quality Hi Fi can make......Thanks to the Crutchfield team for turning me on to GREAT QUALITY HI FI ONCE AGAIN.

Pros: Crutchfield customer service is the best!!! Cambridge audio gear is top notch!!!!!!!!!!! And combinding the two creates magic in my home!!! Thank you very much!!!

Cons: none

Cambridge D10 CD Player - Topaz

Chuck Thompson from Gig Harbor, WA on 6/15/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

For those of you who have considered that CD players are all the same because they are working with a digital signal. NOT TRUE!! The Cambridge D/A converter will change your mind. This player will create a totally new listening experience. Dynamics are more balanced, imaging dramatically improved, and you will hear a blending of all frequencies. This player will make you want to replay all the CD's you have collected. As an entry level machine, the impact of what you will experience is dramatic. I currently run McIntosh amp/preamp and Bozak Symphony speakers. They love this improvement!!

Pros: A great CD machine

Cons: None

Cambridge Audio CD10

DAVE from BROWN CITY, MI on 1/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Needed to replace a much older Cambridge Audio CD player with a malfunctioning tray door. Got many hours use out of that unit. Have used Cambridge Audio for years. Currently have a 6.1 home theater set up. Quality construction, reliability.

Pros: Superb sound. The DAC brings out every detail the CD has to offer. Excellent build quality.

Cons: None

Superior sound

Cassie's Dad from Arlington, Virginia on 1/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I got this to replace a Sony CD player that was on its last legs mechanically, and the sound is so much better. I'm delighted with this quality at a very fair price, and am considering another unit for another room in the house.

Pros: Great sound, fair price

Cons: None

Great basic unit

Sean H from Melbourne, AUSTRALIA on 9/25/2015

I needed to replace a CD player that finally died after about 15yrs of use. The CD10 got onto the short list because I needed a CD player with analogue connections as my amp has no digital inputs. Who needs digital connections. The sound from this CD player is fantastic, especially for the price. Simple to use, no unnecessary bling unit with great sound at a good price.

Pros: Great sound, good price, analogue connections

Cons: A little slow to fire up

CD Player

artsforme from California on 5/10/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

great basic CD player. no unnecessary bling buttons to nowhere.

Pros: simple

Cons: none

very satisfied

M.J. from Connecticut on 3/30/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We were looking to replace our 5-disc CD changer which skipped and jumped whenever our young children danced on our (wooden) floors. The Crutchfield Customer Service team was excellent and knowledgable: they guided us toward a single-disc machine (sturdier) and the problem has been eradicated. This Cambridge Audio model is simple and clean, which I love. The open/close/load time is a bit slow, as noted in other reviews, but, honestly, that troubles me not at all. This machine is a step up from the one we previously had, and I wondered if we would hear the difference, even with our same old--old!--speakers. We do. We are really happy with this purchase.

Pros: sleek simple sturdy



Richard W. from Roanoke VA on 2/27/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I used to think all CD players were about the same. You just needed a laser and a turntable for the disc. Wrong! This one takes the cake, much better than any other CD player I've owned. The DAC is outstanding and makes a clearly audible difference.



Great sounding CD player

RichJ from Waterbury, CT on 2/1/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

While I feel this CD player is a little over priced, it does have better sound and build quality than other budget priced players. I have owned a CA 740C for about 6 years and have been impressed with its performance so decided to go with the CD10 for my Rec room system. While some people are not impressed with the remote I find it easier to handle than the Azur remotes of the more expensive CA units

Pros: Good sound and build quality

Cons: a little over priced


2ch Bear from NJ on 11/8/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is an exceptional CD player. Clean, crisp sound. It is well built and very simple in design. A good deal.

Pros: Great sound quality, simple, very small in size.

Cons: The remote is a little flimsy.

Solid Player for the Price

JeffA from Bolivar, MO on 9/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Cambridge Audio CD10 is a quality player with sound beyond the low price. The fit and finish is superb and pretty much unheard of in this price range. I have two stereo systems in my listening room and I bought this cd player as a replacement for an ancient Fisher AD-Z1 that is having some disc reading and playback problems that I was using in a setup containing a Pioneer Elite A-35R and a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 601 S3 speakers. The interconnects are Chorus II and the speaker cables are Soundstage both by Straightwire. I initially used Audioquest Golden Gate interconnects that I bought to work with another system and found them to contribute to a richer sound than that exhibited by the Straightwire cables. So at least to my ears the CD10 responds differently based on what kind of interconnects you use. I know that some people do not like the basic remote but I love it. It is small and no frills which is what I like. It would have been nice to have a brushed metal finish to match the front of the player.

Pros: Quality Construction Good Looks Sounds Expensive

Cons: Noisy tray mechanism Slow to identify discs

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Chris from long Island, NY on 3/16/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This CD player has excellent sound and nice build quality. I like the simplicity and style of the remote.

Pros: Sound, build quality, price.


Cambridge audio Topaz

BobZ from Bridport, Vt on 2/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My old cd player bit the dust so I looked for a moderately priced quality CD player. The improved delta of the specs of significantly more expensive units, just did not justify the added costs. The specs and the price of the Topaz met my criteria. I am very pleased with the sound, the simple function. The process of loading the CD is a bit long..but not really troubling.

Pros: Quality sound, reasonable price

Cons: slow loading of the CD

Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

BerndM from Amherst, NY on 12/24/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Player has good sound, big improvement over my old one. Remote came with a dead battery. Remote very flimsy, and I have small hands. Player opens with a long delay and very "jerky" and noisy. My old player (10 years) opens very smooth and can hardly hear it. Expected more sophistication. would recommend it to a friend with reservations.



Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

GordieW from Yakutat, AK on 11/15/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The difference in the sound in my system was immediate. My brother, a professional musician, walked in and said, "What did you do to those speakers?" I pointed to the Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10 player, and he said, "Makes those $340 Polk Audio speakers sound like they cost $700." And they built quality into it, the CD drawer opens and closes quietly and discretely. I've owned far more expensive CD players that wore out before their time because the drawer flew open and slammed shut, and the moving parts just quit working. I'm very impressed with this piece of equipment.

Pros: Value, how much you get for the price you pay.


Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10

Jeff from Greer, SC on 4/16/2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The player has exceptional sound, well pleased so far, but it is only been 2weeks.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Overview: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player adheres to three core value principles - stunning performance, ease of use, and incredible value. The Cambridge Audio CD10 features a single front-loading tray and rugged chassis. The CD10 utilizes a Wolfson 8761 DAC and double-sided surface-mounted PCBs for premium sound quality. It offers both analog (RCA) and digital (coaxial) outputs. An IR remote is included for wireless operation.



Rugged Chassis Design: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player has been carefully designed with a brushed aluminum front-panel, rigid metal chassis, and dual-layer damped feet to prevent resonance and improve sound quality.

Wolfson 8761 DAC: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player employs a Wolfson Microelectronics WM8761 DAC (digital-to-analog converter) for exceptional audio reproduction.

Double-Sided Surface-Mount PCBs: All PCBs (printed circuit boards) use double-sided, full surface mount technology, eliminating wire links and giving ultra-short signal paths for optimum sound quality.

Compatible Discs: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player supports playback of CD-Audio and finalized CD-R or CD-RW discs (8 or 12cm).

MP3/WMA Playback: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player also supports playback of MP3 and WMA music files recorded onto CD-R and CD-RW discs.


LCD: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player features a front-panel alphanumeric character LCD which displays CD playback information. When inserting a disc, the CD player will take a few seconds to read the Table of Contents information from the disc. The display will then show the number of tracks on the CD and the total length of the CD.

Direct Track Select: Using the supplied IR remote control's numeric keypad you can select a desired track for direct track access.

Program: Fully programmable CD playback allows unique sequence of up to 20 tracks from one disc.

Skip/Scan: The Cambridge Audio CD player lets you skip (previous/next) between tracks and scan (fast-forward/rewind) within a track.

Repeat/Random: The Cambridge Audio CD10 offers both Repeat (one/all) and Random (on/off) playback functions.

Remote Control: The Cambridge Audio CD10 comes supplied with an IR remote control for wireless operation of the CD player. The IR remote lets you control playback and search functions of the CD player. The remote control also supports volume and source select functions for Cambridge Audio Topaz receivers and integrated amplifiers.


Analog Output: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player features a rear-panel analog stereo RCA output for connecting a home stereo receiver (such as the Cambridge Audio SR10), or integrated amplifier (such as the Cambridge Audio AM10).

Digital Output: The Cambridge Audio CD10 compact disc player features a rear-panel S/PDIF coaxial digital output for connecting a digital receiver or an external DAC (such as the Cambridge Audio DacMagic, sold separately).

Detachable Power Cord: The Cambridge Audio compact disc player includes a detachable 6' AC power cord.


D/A Converter: Wolfson Microelectronics WM8761

Filter: 2-pole Butterworth filter

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz (+/- 0.4dB)

Total Harmonic Distortion:

  • <0.006% @ 1kHz 0BFs
  • <0.01% @ 1kHz -10dBFs

S/N Ratio: >95dB 'A-weighted'


  • < -98dB @ 1kHz
  • < - 95dB @ 20kHz

Output Impedance: <500 ohms

Maximum Power Consumption: 15 watts

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Sound quality, 110V/220V compatibility, volume control on remote. [ Mark  Feb 15, 2018 ]
Product quality, capability and price. [ Grand Blanc  Dec 12, 2017 ]
Cambridge Audio has a stellar reputation for quality sound reproduction. It should really make my CD's sound exceptional with the Harmon Kardon reciver and JBL speaker system (Towers & sub) it will be connected to. [ Leonard  Jun 20, 2017 ]
To match my SR20 [ clifford  May 18, 2017 ]
Already have a Cambridge 651a integrated amp and am pleased with the quality of construction and the performance. Good experience with Crutchfield in purchasing the 651a. [ Leigh  Oct 18, 2016 ]
Impressive build quality. Simplicity. [ Annemarie  Oct 15, 2016 ]
Superb help from advisers Zac and Hunter! Thanks guys! Zac's Bio: Hunter's Bio: [ Michael  Mar 29, 2016 ]
analog sound from a cd player [ James  Mar 19, 2016 ]

4 questions already asked

no, sorry. these buttons can operate other Cambridge units. FYI, the sound quality of this player in my opinion is excellent ! jeff. [ topend  Feb 08, 2018 ]
Only if you hook it up to powered speakers, if not your AVR remote will control the volume to the front speakers. [ Al  Feb 08, 2018 ]
I've got this player connected to a Marantz amplifier. The up/down volume controls for the CD player do nothing when I press them. The volume is controlled through the amplifier. The other CD player remote buttons (pause, track forward/backward, etc) work fine. Hope this helps. [ Brad  Feb 07, 2018 ]
I own the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amplifier and Topaz CD10 CD player. The CD player remote adjusts the volume of the amp. The CD player owner's manual states that the blue colored icon buttons on the remote are used to operate the Topaz AM10 or SR10 units only. These buttons are the volume control, source change and output mute. I personally do not use the CD player remote. The size of the unit and small button configuration makes it awkward to handle. I exclusively use the remote supplied with the amp. It has all the features including CD programming in a comfortable size and fit. [ John  Feb 07, 2018 ]
This remote appears to have multiple functions outside that of what the Topaz unit has capabilities for. The output on this unit appear to be fixed. I note on the back of the remote shows both a CD10 and RC CD5. Hope this helps. One additional note. The Topaz unit provides excellent playback on factory CD discs; however, on any audio that has been burned or copied to a blank disc, the unit may not be able to read properly. Result may be it may play the first few cuts and freeze up on the start or middle or other cuts. I have found this to be the case on any audio CD's you might burn from your PC. It would have been nice to know this in advance of the purchase. [ Charles  Feb 07, 2018 ]
I don't recall what the vol function does, I didn't use those buttons but I don't recommend buying this player. I bought one and it makes a loud snap in the speakers just before playing a track from the STOP mode. I exchanged it for another new one that it did the same thing so it's a bad design. [ Mr. Keeper of pets  Feb 07, 2018 ]
Almost all my CDs are from the 80s and early 90s and have not had any problems. This is my second Cambridge player. First one lasted many years. [ DAVID E  Sep 18, 2017 ]
I have found this CD player works fine with 80s and 90s compact discs. I have an integra receiver and induction dynamic speakers. It is possible that it will be too sensitive depending on their condition, but I've found this Cambridge player works well. [ Cynthia  Sep 18, 2017 ]
I have approximately 700 factory and CDs. Most were purchased prior to the year 2000. I have never had what would be described as a sensitivity issue with any of the discs. However, I did have problems with the player transport. CDs would sometimes skip, then the player would stop and could not be restarted without powering down. Crutchfield quickly replaced the defective unit and I received full credit for the return. The new unit's transport has also skipped, but only on two occasions. I read many reviews from other owners of this unit. Quite a few described the skipping and stopping of the transport. Unfortunately, further research revealed similar problems with most manufacturers regardless of price point. They just don't build them like they used to. I run the CD player through a Cambridge Audio integrated amplifier. Despite the problems, I am satisfied with the equipment and would purchase Cambridge Audio from Crutchfield again. [ John  Sep 18, 2017 ]
Hi Brad... I would not think the Cambridge Player should have any problem reading your older collection of CD's. Keep in mind the CD's are digital signal discs that the CD player will read and convert to an analogue signal. I have been told that there is no difference between "burned" CD discs whether they are factory discs or copies from same. You might want to Google your question and see if you can get additional information. Chuck T [ Charles  Sep 18, 2017 ]
I have same timeframe CDs , I've not had any issues with this player [ Kenneth Mark  Sep 18, 2017 ]
This IS a standalone unit. It has line (audio) outputs, or a digital out which will connect to your receiver. I am not certain, but I do not believe it will decode HCCD's. Someone else will have to verify that. [ Charley  May 08, 2017 ]
I do not recommend this player! I had two of them and both had the same audio anomaly. When playing a CD the first selection, whatever track it might be, starts with a loud "SNAP!" in the speakers just before the music starts. I traded them for a Marantz 5005 which I'm also sending back due to a severe malfunction. Doesn't anyone make a decent CD player anymore? me Spock! [ Mr. Keeper of pets  May 07, 2017 ]
The CD player is 3" high. 17" wide, and 12" deep. Hope that helps! [ NEELA  Jul 07, 2016 ]
Frank dimensions are 85x430x305mm (3.0x16.9x12.2") Its a great solid CD player with an DAC onboard! [ Kenneth Mark  Jul 05, 2016 ]
Dimensions are: 17" X 12" X3" [ Charles  Jul 05, 2016 ]
frank, the crutchfield page gives the numbers as roughly 17W by 3H by 14 W----it fits into my rack with room to spare. I would definitely recommend the topaz player, which replaced and ancient carver. it sounds good through my old klipsch kg speakers and 2 old apt power amps running dual mono. if you like it simple, I recommend it highly. if you like lots of bells and whistles, get something else. [ gary c.  Jul 03, 2016 ]