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Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server

Store your DVD and Blu-ray collection for easy instant viewing

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Item # 810RKT15TB

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Our take on the Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server

Movies and TV shows are popping up everywhere these days. But having the title you want to watch available instantly? Not so easy. Until now. The Rocket Movie Server from Fusion Research puts your entire disc collection at your fingertips. Offering superb picture and sound quality with a friendly on-screen interface, the Rocket delivers state-of-the-art entertainment for the whole family.

It's like having a 24/7 TV network with just your favorites

Rocket Movie Server menu

The Rocket's built-in 1.5-terabyte hard drive holds about 225 DVDs.

Movies and TV shows are popping up everywhere these days. But having the title you want to watch available instantly? Not so easy. Until now. The Rocket Movie Server from Fusion Research puts your entire disc collection at your fingertips. Offering superb picture and sound quality with a friendly on-screen interface, the Rocket delivers state-of-the-art entertainment for the whole family.

"What's a movie server?"

A movie server is a home theater component with a large, high-performance hard drive plus software for transferring and managing your disc collection. Once connected to your TV and the Internet, the Rocket media server makes watching movies easy and convenient.

The hard drive can hold about 225 DVDs, and you can load Blu-ray discs onto it, as well. A typical DVD requires about 6.5 GB of storage space, while some Blu-rays need over 40 GB. If you fill up the Rocket's built-in drive, don't worry. You can expand the system's capacity by connecting a special expansion hard drive. Storing all your DVDs and Blu-ray movies on the system means you can put away all those discs and keep them from getting lost or scratched.

Your movie collection — organized and accessible like never before

Rocket Movie Server menu

The Rocket's Internet connection links to Fusion Research's database of movie info. A full-time staff maintains this database to ensure that the info is as up-to-date as possible.

The Rocket has the cleanest-looking, best-functioning interface we've seen for managing your media collection. Fusion Research actually created its own movie database to provide its users with the most complete and up-to-date "metadata." This metadata includes high-res cover art and a plot synopsis for each title, plus info on the actors, ratings, and more. Fusion has a full-time staff dedicated to maintaining this database.

This unique database of detailed, accurate info allows the Rocket to put powerful search capabilities at your fingertips. You can search or sort through your movie collection by category or genre, or plug in the name of a favorite actor or director.

One of the features that makes this server such a great family entertainment source is the built-in parental controls. They make it easy to limit the titles your kids can watch to just "their movies." And these controls are password-protected, for good measure.

Getting movies off your shelves and into the Rocket

There are two ways to load movies onto the movie server.

  • The best way to load titles onto the Rocket is through your network using a Windows® desktop or laptop PC. The supplied software CD includes a disc import utility that will transfer your movies directly onto the Rocket's hard drive, where they will be automatically stored and catalogued. To import Blu-ray movies or DVDs with advanced copy protection, you'll need to download additional software. Importing a DVD takes 20-30 minutes, while a Blu-ray requires 60-90 minutes.
  • An alternate method is to add Fusion's external DVD/Blu-ray drive. This drive connects to one of the Rocket's USB ports and lets you play and watch DVDs and Blu-rays directly, as well as import DVDs. This method works for DVDs only — Blu-rays must be imported using a computer.

One central location for all your digital media: movies, music, photos, and streamed content

Rocket media server holds movies, music, photos and more

Rocket includes the Boxee streaming media interface, giving you easy access to movies and TV shows from Netflix, music from Pandora, photos, and more.

Although Fusion Research calls the Rocket a "movie server," it's much more than that. It's a digital media server, so it can hold nearly every form of digital material you might want to share with family or friends.

Fusion has integrated the Boxee streaming media interface, giving you access to some of the best streaming content available. Watch movies from Netflix® instantly, listen to music from Pandora®, view photos and video clips, and lots more.

Whether you're deciding which movie to watch from your library, or choosing from your other media options, the Rocket's intuitive on-screen navigation is a pleasure to use. And there are free apps available that let you use your iPhone® or iPad® as a touchscreen remote. As you flip through clear, colorful screens of movie titles, you'll find yourself exploring and enjoying your movie collection in fun new ways.

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Product Highlights:

  • high-definition media server lets you transfer DVD and Blu-ray movies, music CDs, and photos for convenient storage and access
  • built-in 1.5-terabyte hard drive holds up to 225 DVD movies or 45 Blu-ray movies
  • storage capacity can be expanded by connecting an external Fusion hard drive which includes special licensing and firmware
  • includes software for transferring your DVD movies to a Windows® computer and importing them into the Rocket server (to copy Blu-ray discs and some DVD titles with advanced copy protection requires downloading additional software)
  • Internet-ready — connect to the Fusion Research movie database for complete and up-to-date movie info, cover art, and more
  • selectable video output: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • HDMI output
  • DVI output
  • Ethernet port for a high-speed connection to the Internet and Fusion Research's movie database
  • six USB ports (for connecting expansion drives, disc drives, or thumb drives)
  • optical digital audio output
  • remote control
  • 6-ft. HDMI cable included
  • 12-3/8"W x 3-1/8"H x 10-3/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Movie Server
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Remote control
  • 6' HDMI cable
  • "Loading Utilities Disc" CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • "Fusion Movie Database" sheet

Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(3 Reviews)

Fusion Research Rocket

problemchild from Salt Lake City, UT on 9/9/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product works great. Easy set up and works great.

Pros: Easy to set up. Fusion company is great to work with.


Tough go so far

TomD from Cross Plains, TX on 7/17/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased this a while back as part of a larger home theater/media system for new house build that's is not complete. Figured I'd start loading movies onto it as it takes time to copy them. So far it's been no joy, you have to be able to connect it to the internet, I have only wi-fi and can't figure out how that's supposed to happen. Have spent over 2 hours so far and haven't gotten a single movie loaded. For what this thing costs, it should be an easier process. Oh, if you use your computer to load DVD's you'll need your own USB to USB connection too, that's not included.

Pros: None so far

Cons: Byzantine process to load movies to server.

Fusion Rocket

Richard and Michelle from Anywhere U.S.A. on 1/22/2013

WE LOVE THIS SYSTEM !!!!!!....can not say enough good about both the system and the fusion personnel we met. We live in an RV and explore as a way of life. One problem that cropped up during our 8 plus years in our coach....we LOVE movies. Yes we have internet and direct TV...but we love movies,,,,when we want them. Our movie collection, almost 900 and counting, took up so much space. Yes, we kept them with us....we just love movies. We had the rocket installed in our coach with a very large external hard drive that Fusion made for us....our life is almost perfect now. All the DVDs are out of the coach which freed up more space than you know.. After we got the hang of it, the system is a dream to use. Our installers completely blew it on our install....but never fear....Fusion personnel....Jason and Robert....were amazing and walked us through everything. YES...we recommend this to everyone. We intend to buy another unit to go in the house we plan on buying in 2013/14. NO....we are not giving up the coach, just adding a house, somewhere to stop for a couple months if we need to. We wear ourselves out traveling.....................THANK YOU FUSION RESEARCH.




Hands-on research

Product Research

Movie Server Features
Online Entertainment
Control Options

Movie Server Features

Movie Server: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server lets you load, store, and playback your DVD or Blu-ray collection in one central device. Loading all your DVDs and Blu-ray movies onto the Rocket Movie Server allows you to store away all those discs to save them from getting lost or scratched. Fusion's Rocket Movie Server is designed as a single zone solution for the main entertainment area in your home. Once you've downloaded your movie collection to the Rocket Movie Server, you are able to search, sort, and filter all of your DVD and Blu-ray titles and have instant access to any of them with a single button press, from the included remote control.

Note: The Rocket System is a hard-drive based server with the ability to store your DVD and Blu-ray disc collection. The Rocket Movie Server is not equipped with a built-in DVD/Blu-ray player. The Fusion Research Rocket requires a network connection and the use of a computer with built-in DVD/Blu-ray player (connected to the same network) to load movies onto the movie server.

1.5TB Storage Capacity: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server features 1.5TB of storage capacity, which can hold approximately 225 DVD movies or 45 Blu-ray movies.

Additional Storage: You have the option of adding additional storage to the Rocket system at any time beyond the 1.5TB native storage found in the server. You must purchase a Fusion Research storage device (810EM4TB, sold separately). Adding non-Fusion Research extra storage will not work as special licensing and firmware is required.

Importing Movies: There are 2 ways to load movies onto the Rocket Movie Server. DVDs generally take 20-30 minutes to import, while Blu-ray can take 60-90 minutes.

  • External DVD Drive (via USB): You can load DVD movies (not Blu-ray) onto the Rocket Movie Server from the Fusion External DVD drive (810EBDD, sold separately), using the unit's front-panel or rear-panel (type-A) USB ports. The unit still needs to be connected to your home network to gather cover art and movie information.
  • PC/Network Connection (Using Disc Import Utility): You can load DVD and Blu-ray movies onto the Rocket Movie Server from your Windows PC (XP or later), using the Disc import Utility Software that is on the included "Loading Utilities Disc" CD-ROM. The Rocket Movie Server and Windows PC must be connected to the same network. You will also need to download the SlySoft AnyDVDD HD software for copy protected movies that you own.

Note: Apple users have two choices for running a Windows program on their Mac. You can boot into Windows at startup to be in the Windows environment or you can use a program like Parallels Desktop, which can run Windows program in the Mac environment.

Sorting, Filter, and Searching Movies: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server provides powerful tools for sorting, filtering, and searching what movie you might want to watch. The design has been refined over the past 5 years based on user input and is now in its 3rd generation of release. Even if you have a very large collection of many thousands of titles, you can always find what you want by first using a filter to narrow your search, before adding a sort or search.

  • Powerful filters narrow down your collection to find what you want. You can filter by movie director, actor, genre, or actor.
  • You can sort your entire collection or filtered group by movie length, rating, title, or when you loaded it.
  • Using the virtual onscreen keyboard, you can search for a specific title by entering the movie title or just the first letter.
  • Using the side detail bar, you can browse movie information.  You can then select a movie and read about it before viewing it.

Note: You can combine two types of functions; for example, you could first filter a genre (like Comedy), which will remove all movies except for comedies and then sort the remaining movies by length, rating or when you loaded it, so that even extremely large collections can be managed easily.

Cover Art, Meta Data and Disc Recognition: DVD's contain no cover art or metadata on the disc; instead they have a unique numerical code on them that can be used for identification against a database for recognition. To have a truly effective system, the meta data (cover art, actors, ratings, synopsis, etc) needs to be accurate and available. Fusion hosts its own proprietary database server and full-time staff who aggregate and correct movie data. Fusion's unique database has tens of thousands of titles from around the world and that number grows daily.

Note: Occasionally some DVD's may not be recognized in Fusion's system, this is most common on television or series-based DVD collections or a new pressing of an old title. You can use the video manager utility to correct the information or you can contact Fusion Research and the information can be added. Fusion Research may be contacted at or 925.217.1233 8am - 5pm PST.

Movie Manager: The Movie Manager is a program that can be loaded onto your Windows PC (XP or later) from the included "Loading Utilities Disc" CD-ROM. When you launch the Movie Manager you will get a list of all your movies. The Movie Manager is a useful tool for adding information to your own home movies or to add custom information to your regular movie collection.

  • Editing Movie Information: After selecting a movie from t he Movie Manager, you will see a pop-up window, which you may edit. This feature is especially helpful when you have loaded home movie DVDs, which won‟t pull information from Fusion‟s online database. You can use this utility to supply cover art and information to be able to catalog your own movies.
  • Owner Rated: In addition to the official MPAA film rating, you have the option of changing the rating of a movie; this is helpful as the rating is used to determine if a video will be available on a player based on the player's rating. This feature adds much more flexibility for the owner who wishes to restrict viewing of certain movies.
  • Participants: Participants are Actors or Directors participating in the movie. They have a rank, which is their billing order. For example, Harrison Ford should have a higher rank than John Rhys-Davies in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. By right clicking in the window you can add a name not currently associated with that movie. You may also change the order of their ranking based upon your personal preference.
  • Genres: Genres are used to categorize a video by well-known groupings, such as Action, Suspense, Western, etc. They also have a rank, and a video can have more than one genre. You may add, edit or delete genres at your discretion. However, the actual genres must be chosen from the predefined values.
  • Categories: Categories are similar to Genres. They present an alternative way to categorize videos. In categories, you can create your own definitions. This allows you even more ways to quickly sort through large collections.
  • Cover Art: Cover art can be changed or added. Simply search for the cover art on an Internet search engine or web store (Typically, Amazon is used for their high resolution cover art) and store the image to your computer on the home network.

Automated Movie Updates: Most DVD's utilize a proprietary encryption system for protecting their discs. Fusion is one of the few companies in the world to use a legitimate licensed CSS decoder to playback DVD's. In addition to the industry standard encryption, some studios have decided to use their own individual copy protection. These non-standard discs require special modifications or updates for playback in media server systems. Fusion automatically posts these updates along with the cover art and metadata so that they are downloaded onto the system seamlessly in the background while the movie loads. This way the system never requires software patches or updates installations to play new movies as many other media servers require.

  • Finding the Discs: The difficulty lies in knowing what discs have this extra protection. Fusion scans the weekly releases and acquires the movies it believes may need updating. However with 150-200 discs on average being released each week, it is impossible to know every DVD that requires mapping. Fusion also relies on its largest knowledge base to alert it to potential trouble discs - the customer.
  • Updating the Discs: Once a disc is released that requires updating, it may be available to Fusion's users hours after the release or take a week or more. It depends on the number of discs in the queue and the length of time that particular disc requires. If a customer contacts us by e-mail or phone when they have a particular disc that doesn't load, we can immediately acquire that disc, expedite it to the front of the queue and even contact them when it's ready to load.

Backing Up Movies: You can backup your movies through the Video Manager. These files are fully encrypted and cannot be shared with other video systems. This procedure is intended as a security measure to protect the archived files on the Rocket system. This will not however give the ability to add extra storage. Typically, people use an external USB drive to connect directly to the Rocket; you may also use a NAS drive on your network for this purpose.

Firmware Version: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server contained firmware version (as of 12/9/2011).

Installation Note: Please keep in mind that the Rocket is a sophisticated multi-terabyte server. Keeping the unit cool is extremely important; you may also notice some slight fan sound. This product has been acoustically tuned to minimize the noise from the integrated fans.

Online Entertainment

Boxee: Fusion has integrated a new streaming technology from Boxee into the Rocket Movie Server. Boxee is one of the leading streaming content platforms in home entertainment today. Now you can have a single product solution for all your digital entertainment.

Entertainment Apps: With Boxee, there are literally hundreds of streaming applications available, with more being added all the time. You can stream music from Pandora, watch movies from Netflix, or choose from any of the latest new apps that are being added frequently.

Social Networks: Boxee is fully integrated with social networking sites (like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) so that you can share your favorite movies, video clips or songs with your friends.

Customizable User Interface: Boxee also offers an interface which can be customized by the user so that all your most popular apps are arranged just the way you want them. You can pick from the large assortment of apps and move them to your "home page" or simply remove all by your favorite ones to make the interface simple and easy to use.

IP Control: Fusion has also developed direct IP control over Boxee, so that using it with systems like Control4 are fully integrated and seamless for the end user.

Control Options

IR Remote Control: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server includes an IR remote control for wireless operation of the music server system.

iOS Remote App: You may also control the Rocket Movie Server with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, using the free iOS remote app from iTunes. This free app provides complete two-way control of the Rocket Movie Server using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You can browse your collection, filter, and sort through hundreds of movies directly on your Apple device before choosing the movie that you'd like to watch.

Note: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (running iOS 4.2 or later).

Parental Control: Built-in Parental Control lets you better manage what movies your kids are watching. It limits your children's access to your movie collection, so they can only watch the "kid approved" movies. The Parental Control setting is protected by a 4 digit pass-code.


Video Outputs: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server is equipped with high-definition (HDMI/Component) and standard definition (composite) video outputs.

  • HDMI 1.3 Output: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server is fitted with a rear-panel HDMI 1.3 output that supports both video and audio signals together, in up to 1080p resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround sound. Your TV must support 720p, 1080i, or 1080p; older standard definition (480i/480p) TVs are not supported.
  • DVI Ouput: The Rocket Movie Server also features a rear-panel DVI output for connection to your TV or PC.
  • Component Video Output: The Rocket Movie Server also includes a rear-panel component video output which consists of three 3.5mm minijacks (Red/Green/Blue). The unit's component video output requires the FR-COM adapter kit (sold separately). The component video output supports video up to 1080i.
  • Composite Output: The Rocket Movie Server features a rear-panel 3.5mm composite video output which supports video resolutions of 480i only.

Audio Outputs: The Fusion Research Rocket Movie Server is equipped with both digital (optical) and analog (3.5mm) audio outputs.

  • Optical Digital Output: The Rocket Movie Server is fitted with a rear-panel optical digital output (Toslink) to connect to your home A/V receiver, if you receiver does not offer an HDMI input. The optical digital output supports up to 5.1ch surround sound.
  • Stereo Minijack: The Rocket Movie Server is also fitted with a rear-panel stereo minijack audio output to connect to your to your television or home receiver.

Ethernet (RJ-45) Port: The Rocket Movie Server is equipped with a rear-panel Ethernet (RJ-45) port to connect to your home network, in order to download movies from your Windows PC (XP or later) - using the included "Loading Utilities Disc" CD-ROM. The Ethernet port also provides access to Boxee, an online entertainment streaming service.

PC Input: The Rocket Movie Server features a rear-panel PC input (15-pin) to connect your PC directly to the movie server.

6 USB Ports: The Rocket Movie Server is equipped with 6 total USB (type-A) ports. There are 2 USB ports on the front-panel and 4 USB port on the rear-panel. The USB ports can be used to connect The Fusion Research add-on external hard drive (810EM4TB, sold separately) or the Fusion Research DVD/Blu-ray player (810EBDD, sold separately).


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