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Bluesound Node

Streaming music player with Wi-Fi® (White)

19 Reviews | 7 questions - 36 answers

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Bluesound Node 2




Our take on the Bluesound Node

Enjoy high-end audio in more rooms of your home. While there are many streaming speakers in today's audio landscape, Bluesound's multi-room music system focuses on helping you enjoy the most from high-resolution audio files. The makers of NAD electronics and PSB speakers relied on their decades of audio experience to create this new line of multi-room audio gear for the discerning listener. And you can control the Bluesound system using a free app for smartphone or tablet.

Bluesound Node

A streaming music system for the audio enthusiast

Enjoy high-end audio in more rooms of your home. While there are many streaming speakers in today's audio landscape, Bluesound's multi-room music system focuses on helping you enjoy the most from high-resolution audio files. The makers of NAD electronics and PSB speakers relied on their decades of audio experience to create this new line of multi-room audio gear for the discerning listener. And you can control the Bluesound system using a free app for smartphone or tablet.

Play more music from your high-performance audio system

The Node turns your audiophile-grade audio system into a network-capable Bluesound player. Connect the Node's analog or digital outputs to your existing system and you'll be able to play all the music stored on your home network, as well as Internet radio stations and more.

High-res audio

A wide variety of music options

Bluesound was designed to play just about any digital music you might have in your collection, including high-resolution files up to 24-bit/192kHz. Access the music stored on your computer or a networked hard drive, or tap into Internet radio stations and online streaming services like Rdio™,  Spotify®, TIDAL, and Rhapsody (subscription required for some services). You can also enjoy downloads from high-res music sites such as HDtracks. Each Bluesound player also features a USB input for playing files "locally" from a thumb drive or hard drive, so if a friend brings over a favorite album or playlist, you can listen to it through your system.

Create a high-resolution multi-room music system

Combine multiple Bluesound players to enjoy high-end sound throughout your home.

Bluesound app

Control the system with a free app for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Powernode: This amplified player connects to a pair of speakers. It may be small, but it's powerful enough to drive a pair of floor-standing speakers.
  • Pulse: This all-in-one player is perfect for almost any room. It has built-in PSB speakers for great sound in a compact package.
  • Vault: If you've amassed a large collection of CDs, then the Vault was designed for you. It's a storage drive designed with the audio enthusiast in mind. This drive defaults to bit-perfect recording of your CDs, letting you experience every detail without switching discs every time you want to hear a new track or album.

Place a Pulse in your kitchen, attach a Node to your home audio system, and use the PowerNode to drive your high-end speakers.

Control in the palm of your hand

In addition to creating high-end music players, Bluesound also developed free apps for Apple® and Android™ so you can control the system easily with your portable device. Pull up the app on your smartphone or tablet and you can select songs and adjust volume. Play music in one room, all rooms, or different tracks in different spaces around your home.

The Absolute Sound's 2014 Product of the Year Awards: All-In-One System of the Year

The designers at NAD and PSB have come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of high-res, whole-house audio that combines superb sound reproduction with twenty-first-century connectivity.

— From The Absolute Sound January, 2015

Product Highlights:

  • communicates with other Bluesound players via your home network (wired or wireless)
  • control the system with a free app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Android™, iOS®, Kindle Fire, Windows®, and Mac®)
  • plays MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF files
    • supported sample rates: 32kHz to 192kHz
  • plays Internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio
  • Spotify Connect lets you play Spotify's streaming music library through your Bluesound system via your smartphone or tablet (requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher)
  • plays streaming music from TIDAL, Rdio™, Rhapsody, and Murfie
  • play music in multiple rooms when you add other Bluesound players
  • top-mounted controls for volume and muting
  • USB port for connecting a thumb drive with music files
  • RCA stereo audio output
  • optical digital audio output
  • Ethernet port for a wired connection to a home network
  • compatible with Windows® (XP or higher operating system)
  • compatible with Mac®
  • operates on AC power (detachable cord included)
  • 8-1/16"W x 5-3/4"H x 7-1/16"D
  • weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • requires smartphone or tablet with free Bluesound app for control of system playback
  • requires high-speed Internet connection

What's in the Box:

  • Network music player
  • 6' AC power cord (120V)
  • 6" AC power cord (240V)
  • 6.5' Stereo RCA cable
  • 6' Stereo minijack-to-RCA cable
  • 6.5' Ethernet cable
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Safety Manual

Sets up easily. WiFi always works so no need for a wired setup. The app works well too

Paul W, California


Bluesound Node Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(19 Reviews)


Paul W from California on 11/23/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sets up easily. WiFi always works so no need for a wired setup. The app works well too

Pros: Easy set up

Cons: The Node is an unusual shape.

Slam Dunk

Stu from Illinois on 10/24/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bluesound is to Tidal what Roku is to Netflix. This is my second Node and my third Bluesound component. Picked up first Node November of 2014 in order to stream Tidal to my reference system. Picked up Powernode May of 2015 to feed music to my porch. Got this last Node to hook into AV Receiver in my family room. At the regular price it was good value. On sale it's an excellent value. Using reward points from my credit card to get it was a steal. Great piece of kit for the price. Competent, good sounding DAC. Easy to set up and easy to use. Once you have copied all your CD's to your computer and/or to an external drive, you may never use your CD player again. Highly recommended. This was my first time purchasing from Crutchfield and was delighted with the service they provided.

Pros: Good sound via it's own Dac. Ability to connect to Outboard Dac via Toslink. Easy to set up. Very easy to use interface via Ipad or Smart Phone (Iphone or Android).

Cons: Some folks may not like the glossy black or white plastic casing. This is their first generation player. The second generation, just released, has more of a matte finish, and a shape that they may find more pleasing. First gen player lacks Coax digital output and headphone jack and built in bluetooth, which are all available on the Node2. Obviously, none of these were showstoppers from my perspective.

Replacement for Logitech Transporter

Al from Washington on 6/12/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have 2 Logitech Transporters, one connected to a NAD C390DD and the other to Rotel RB-1050. The BlueSound Node is connected to the the Rotel, and Bluos card installed in the C390DD. B&W 703 speakers are connected to both. As good as the Transporter was/is, the Node has a much more open feeling with crisp highs with smooth lows. Noticed the same with the Bluos/C390DD vs Transporter/C390DD.

Pros: Very easy to setup and use, ethernet set is plug and play. Customer service is quick to reply, (asked questions before I bought). Sounds Great. Price is right.

Cons: The BlueSound app needs to evolve more. Not all features are available for the various streaming services. Not as flexible as the Transporter (I/O's). Would like it in a rack mount version.

for Tidal HiFi Streaming

music_lover from California on 6/7/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i had a naim muso and i'd like to fully utilize it for Tidal hires streaming. comparing sonos and bluesound node for . picked bluesound node for its capability for hires which sonos lack of. streaming is perfect and app is good as well. i am analysis+ toslink optical and audioquest sydney mini-rca cable for analog. it turns out analog is much better. it seems builtin DAC in bluesound node is pretty good. great product, especially pair with naim muso for hires streaming. good customer service. Crutchfield staff is thoughtful. they called me before shipping to make sure i order the right one for my usage. Thanks.

Pros: capability for tidal hires streaming, sleek design

Cons: no power switch, optical digital volume low (may not be problem of node, optical cable maybe, or due to naim muso can only handle 192khz?)

Great Sound

Bob Z from Washington on 6/1/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Super easy to set up. I'm using the digital output through an up sampling DAC and it sounds great. I had a Sonos before this Bluesound and I think the Bluesound sounds better and is more stable and intuitive.

Pros: Easy set up, stable, sounds good, passes hi Rez music

Cons: The digital Spdif out is optic only. Would be nice if there was a coax digital out option.


perizoqui from Indiana on 4/14/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've had NAD equipment since the eighties. Quality is a given, and the hardware is great here as well. Apparently, they can's afford a software engineer though because the controller apps are utter garbage. Since there's no other way to control the hardware, I've had to return that too. High definition may sound a little better than what an Apple TV can do, but not at this price. Not even close. Do yourself a favor and stick to iTunes and Apple TV until someone comes up with an alternative with a credible user interface. If you use Bluesound, be prepared to: loose all your iTunes metadata and start from scratch for each and every track; not listen to classical music as it doesn't sort by composer; have the player play when you don't want, not play when you do, and otherwise behave erratically; throw your laptop, NAS, and Bluesound through the window after hours of frustration simply trying to get a playlist to behave like it does on every desktop music management software that's been around for literally a decade (iTunes, J River, Audirvana, Plex, etc.). Garbage. How can other reviewes be so positive? No idea. Look at the reviews for the iOS app in the app store, they're more to the point. Look for online documentation: looks written by a high-school student. Look at the Q&A in the discussion boards. It's all terrible. Worst user interface I've ever seen.

Pros: Hardware is great

Cons: User interface is absolutely not ready for primetime.

182khz files

Carlos from Miami on 1/22/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Everything is good and dandy, but no sound when playing 192khz files. Emailed bluesound and theyr answer was that i need to check my dac, and upgrade my toslink, i bought a brand new toslink from awesome brand and dac works fine on 192khz with another equipment

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: Only fiber optic output, needs coax or usb

fantastic audio streamer

Anonymous from chicago on 1/19/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Easy to setup and easy to use with a great app. I'm using Tidal Hifi almost exclusively and it works great. Connected into my Marantz receiver and using receiver's DAC. Music quality is better than CDs played through a mid-range Blu-ray player! The Node is, in a word, awesome.

Pros: Easy to use. Great music quality.

Cons: None.

Very Happy

jeffF from Massachusetts on 12/23/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very happy with my purchase of the Bluesound Node. My previous wireless solution was limited to 16/44.1 playback - downsampling all of my hires music. It also did not support gapless playback. It is extremely frustrating trying to listen to a live album or a piece of segued music with gaps inserted between tracks. I fully expected to hear a big improvement in hires playback - and I did! What I did not expect was a big improvement in the quality of CD resolution playback. But there is a very noticeable improvement in CD resolution file playback as well. Greater detail and transparency. The onboard DAC is very good, but I am using an outboard Schiit Bifrost with the uber analog upgrade and it sounds great. The Bluesound DAC(NAD I presume) is very nice as well, but just a shade darker in presentation. I am definitely nit-picking though. The internal DAC sounds very nice indeed. Finally having gapless playback is such a treat also! I would like to see some improvement in the control app, but even this is a small gripe compared to the overall increase in performance and enjoyment I am now experiencing with my system. My server is a NAS device attached to a Netgear wireless router. Signal transmission to my music room is entirely wireless and it sounds wonderful! My music room is on the second floor directly above the living room where the NAS/router are located. 24/192 files stream flawlessly with outstanding sound quality. Bravo Bluesound!

Pros: Sound quality, gapless playback, easy setup and network connection.

Cons: I would have preferred a component that looked like an audio component on my audio rack... My system is all tubes - preamp and power amp - only the DAC is solid state, so the "modern" styling is a bit of a contrast!! Control app needs further development(though it is quite functional and I have not experienced any hangs or glitches).

The Control app needs improvement

Tom from Riverside, CA on 12/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am using the Node along with my Oppo 105D using the optical output. I found that the Oppo does not accept files through the digital inputs at more that 96k. So, I connect the Node directly to my Pre-amp, a Halcro DM110. I compared the sounds and they both sounded the same to me, with slight improvement through the Oppo connection. Overall, the sound quality is good with clean sound and good definition. However, I am not a fan of the control app on the iPhone or the iPad. Compared to Sonos apps, they are not as straight forward and simple. Also, Spotify is not fully integrated in the app like the Sonos. Overall, a good buy, but hope they will refine the app and make more streamlined and easier to use.

Pros: - Good Quality Sound - Can play all high resolution files

Cons: - Control app needs some improvement - No coaxial output

Awesome High Res Sound!

S from Carmel, IN on 11/22/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Forget Sonos! Bluesound is much higher quality and can play all your music, including 24/192!

Pros: High quality sound, High res support

Cons: Could be cheaper

sound fantastic

gary from Louisiana on 11/12/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i got the node 3 weeks ago and i am happy with the purchase. i have a vault that i got 6 months ago which matches with the node. you need a strong wireless signal for this to work flawlessly. i uses wireless right now but i am thinking of hard wiring it later. overall i am very happy. i won't go back to CD's. i already got rid of my CD player. if you want high resolution playback, this is it. Vault is good also. kinda frustrating to set up but once done, it flawless.

Pros: bottom line, fantastic sound.

Cons: you need a good wifi signal

Great sound but limited services

ACTX from Texas on 11/4/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really wanted to love this system and there are some things about it that are great such as the sound from hi-res sources. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page remixes sound better than I would have imagined. Brahms German Requiem from B&W Society of Sound is jaw dropping - much better than CD quality rips on Sonos or Spotify. My main problem was the music services it supports that offer high quality streaming and the drop outs that occurred. Qobuz is available and it is great for classical and jazz but current pop/rock is almost non-existent. Further, it's reliability in the US is shaky at best - every night it would become unusable for a few hours). Also, it was buggy and often locked up or wouldn't control my device consistently requiring me to reboot. I occasionally got this with Sonos but it was a regular occurrence with blue sound. So, if you have a large collection of hires music you will find Bluesound top notch. If you are looking at high quality (CD) streaming . . .probably better off with Sonos and Deezer.

Pros: hires sound is awesome internal dac is also very ,very good support is excellent with quick answers and resolutions

Cons: limited streaming options for cd quality music stability

The answer to unlocking your HiRes Library

Tripper from McKinney, TX on 9/2/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I already have a 14 zone Sonos system, but as much as I love it, Sonos does not allow access to audio files in resolutions higher than CD Quality. I was accessing my 96/24 files by using my Oppo BDP 105, however, I found the access via the folder system awkward, and I wanted a "Sonos like" solution to make it easy to listen to high resolution audio files, create playlists, etc. The Bluesound Node is the perfect solution to my problem. I only needed access to my 96/24 files in my Media Room as it is the only location that has the audio equipment and speakers needed to effectively play these type of files. To meet my needs I kept my "CD Quality" music library connected to Sonos, and connected the Node just to my High Resolution Library...this works for me as I can use my Sonos connection when I want background music, or simply switch to the Bluesound Node when I want to do some serious listening of high quality audio. can mix CD and High Resolution audio files, the High Resolution music will be marked as "HD" on the Node Display. The setup is straightforward, and I had no trouble connecting to my High Resolution library on my Netgear NAS, setting up playlists, and enjoying my music to the fullest. While I am not using the Node as part of a whole house audio system it would be a viable option to Sonos if the use of 96/24 files throughout your house is important. I recommend the Node as an excellent way to easily access your high resolution music library.

Pros: Access to 96/24 Audio Files Easy Setup Easy to learn interface

Cons: No digital Coax output; Toslink and analog RCA only

Great product

Insight from Mt. Olive, NJ on 5/16/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product. I combined the Bluesound Node with my NAD M50 Music player. I'm going to use this for my outside patio. I've only tested this indoors with wireless and so far works flawlessly. Uses the same app as the M50. You can easily switch between players and have different music on each player or group them so they are both playing the same playlist. I will be using this outdoors so not sure if the wireless will work outside. If it doesn't, I'll need to run an wire which I'm prepared to do. Crutchfield called after I ordered online as they wanted to let me know that the wireless may not work for the high res sound. I'm currently listening to all flac files with no issue. I am prepared to run a wire outside if necessary. Easy to get started and hook everything up. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend

Pros: Integrates well with NAD M50 and intuitive

Cons: None so far

Unique Fit

Jared C. from Riverton, UT on 5/8/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Search I have a 2.0 bookshelf music system that is roughly ~$10k which uses a computer as a source for music (JRiver) and a TV to select songs, but I wanted to remove that clutter and have a minimalistic and elegant music room with no TVs or monitors. So the search began, I used a desktop with TV, and then tried a desktop streaming app, oppo app, hdmi cable to windows tablet, etc. I basically wanted a device that would permit me to use my tablet/phone as the monitor and music selection device but that also had the ability to meet up to the hi-res demands. I saw Sonos as an option but from what I understood, the app has limited bandwidth, connector quality isn't commensurate with my other equipment, but most importantly the device has the limited resolution. I eventually stumbled on the Bluesound Node on Crutchfield. The Bluesound Node has digital out, streams hi-res, can pull from NAS or USB (for simplification), is snappy, has the said high-quality connectors, and I can manipulate it 100% through my tablet or phone, so I think I found THE device that I wanted. The Install I ordered a very capable fiber optic cable yet an unfortunately expensive one and kept the stock power cord, I plugged in the power cable then the Toslink into my NAD M51. The install took my about 10 minutes for hardware setup and an extra 20 minutes to figure out how the app functioned (android)-all relatively brief and only complicated because of my own issues. I tried over my NA

Pros: Quick, lean, clutter free, and makes playing and managing music a breeze.

Cons: More a caveat than a Con: make sure that you get a digital out cable that can manage hi-res stream.

Audiophile quality sound - beyond CD

Brian from Ohio on 3/7/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased a BlueSound node as a Sonos owner. My thought was to compare the two head to head and decide which to roll out to the rest of the house. The 24-bit / 96 khz FLAC files sound noticeably better than CD (16-bit / 46 Khz) I've ever heard from a system I owned. As for the journey to the maximum 24-bit / 192 khz FLAC. Well, I learned you need to have very high quality TOSlink cables for your receiver to be able to receive that kind of resolution. And I also learned your receiver needs to be able to handle resolution. Apparently my 2008 Bose lifestyle system cannot. Ultimately I've decided to roll-out with bluesounds throughout the house. I believe the difference between bluesound and Sonos sound will be even greater with the AMP version.

Pros: Better sound quality than Sonos using hi res audio files. What's more important to you in an audio appliance? Ease of use? Or the sound? I can learn to get around in the clunky interface so that I can enjoy the higher quality sound. The interface is easier to improve. With Sonos - the sound quality can't get any better than it is.

Cons: SONOS has the more intuitive android/apple interface and better music service offerings (Spotify, Pandora and others). Sure you can stream Spotify and Pandora over bluetooth to a $15 bluetooth adapter in the BlueSound. But I'd rather have the services built into the blue sound interface.

great sound quality

steve from Staten Island, NY on 1/27/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound quality, this is a fantastic device. I bought it to replace the Logitech Squeezebox touch as that is being phased out of my system. I have it hooked up with a wired connection and use the digital toslink output into my Bel Canto DAC3 DAC. Sound is world class, I am very happy with my purchase. It plays high resolution files flawlessly and I control it with my Android Tablet as well as my Android phone. I love it! There are not too many apps for music services on it yet, but they are adding more. Also I found out you can get a specific bluetooth 4.0 connector (around $20) that Bluesound recommends to get on their web site (buy from a pc hardware store), and you can stream whatever you want from a Bluetooth device. I was sitting about 20 feet away from the Node in my kitchen, playing Google Music Unlimited on it through bluetooth, worked great. The sound quality is very refined and the sound is pretty much similar to a high end transport. I haven't tested the analog outputs yet so I can't comment on that as I have a DAC that I use with it. As a transport it is very very good. I am impressed. I play all my ripped CDs that are ripped to FLAC and I just share the drive or folder on the network like I would in Windows, on my Ubuntu linux system. The node connects to the shared drive / folder(s) and it works great. It is also bit perfect, it plays the source file the exact bit rate as the original source, which is definitely a plus or me. Nice product.

Pros: sound quality, cool design

Cons: not too many apps for music services yet, although they are working on adding more.

Great System

Tom from Rochester NY on 9/27/2013

As I indicated in my Powernode review, the Bluesound system (along with my NAD components M51, M52, M50) brings fantastic sound quality to a whole house streaming environment. The Nodes are extremely easy to install, and the apps are very good and getting better all the time with frequent updates. I have one Powernode for the patio, and two Nodes for basement and bedroom presently, and likely to get one more in the near future. I have all components Ethernet-wired, as I have a growing collection of 24/96 thru 24/192 files. I had previously tried a variety of alternatives, from Airplay to JRiver/NAS, ALAC to FLAC files, and countless phone & ipad apps -- but when I added the Bluesound pieces to my NAD main system, everything came together, simpler and far better -- undoubtedly one of the best purchases I've made to-date for my systems. Note: the NAD M50 app and Bluesound app are virtually identical, can use either one to control both NAD and Bluesound units.

Pros: Great quality, flexibility, network reliability, and seamless integration with the NAD digital M-series

Cons: wish there was a coax output on the nodes -- otherwise, no cons whatsoever


Hands-on research

Product Research


Network Music Player: The Bluesound Node (N100) is a network music player which lets you stream digital music files on your network connected Windows or Mac computer, plus stream select online music services to your existing home audio system. The Bluesound Node offers a wired or wireless network connection, plus a USB (type-A) input. The Node connects to your home stereo system via analog RCA or optical digital. A free remote app for your Apple iOS or Android device lets you control the Node and your streamed digital music from your mobile device.

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The Bluesound Node (N100) can be connected to your home network and Internet provider via a hardwired Ethernet (RJ-45) jack connector or wireless WiFi (802.11n) connection. Either network/internet connection allows you to stream music from your Windows or Mac computer and NAS drive (such as the Bluesound Vault, sold separately); as well as stream select online music services.

  • Computer Audio: Thanks to its network connection, the Node can access your digital music stored on your network connected Microsoft Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7/8) PC or Apple Macintosh OS X computer. You are able to select and playback the digital audio files that are on your PC or computer via the free downloadable app on your iOS or android device. The Node supports MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF music files with bit-rates of 16/24-bit and native sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz.
  • Online Music Services: With a network and internet connection, the Node lets you access select online music services.
    • TuneIn: TuneIn is a free online music service that offers over 70,000 Internet radio stations; including music, sports, news, and entertainment. You can listen to local stations or discover new stations from around the world. You are able to search for music by genre (Adult Contemporary, Classical, Country, Reggae, etc.), location (continent and country), and language (English, French, Spanish, etc). You also get access to talk radio and podcasts. In addition, you can save your favorite Internet radio stations as "My Favorites".
    • Rdio: Rdio is an online digital music with a catalog of 20 million songs and interruptions or advertisements. Rdio makes it easy to find what you're looking for, whether it's an artist, album, song, or a custom playlist. A $10.00 per-month Rdio subscription is required.
    • Spotify Connect: Through Spotify Connect, you can enjoy over 20 million songs, easily streamed to the Bluesound HiFi music Players through your home network, either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet; with simple control on any iOS or Android device. Requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher

Note: This device needs to be connected to your home's network and the internet in order to access music on your computer, Internet radio stations, and online streaming music services. A paid subscription may be required to access some streaming music or internet radio services. An internet connection is also required for software/hardware updates. This unit can be connected to the internet using a LAN-based, DSL, Wi-Fi or cable modem connection.

USB (Type-A) Input: The Bluesound Node (N100) features a USB (type-A) port to directly connect your USB mass storage class (MSC) device; such as a thumbdrive,or external hard-drive. The unit's USB port supports music playback from these compatible USB devices formatted in FAT 32. The USB port is not compatible with the direct connection of an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

Note: There is also a mini-USB (type-B) port that is used for service purposes only (not for consumer use). Only authorized service personnel can access this USB port.

Free Control App for iOS & Android: You can download the free Bluesound Remote App from iTunes or GooglePlay in order to use your Apple iOS (5.0+) or Android (2.1+) device to control the PowerNode. You are able to browse your local music library from a NAS or Windows/Mac computer on your network. You can also search for and listen to online music from TuneIn and rdio. In addition, you can create, edit, and retrieve your favorite music playlists. The Bluesound Remote App even provides artist/song/album information and Album Art. The remote app can be used in portrait or landscape mode. There are three main screens; the Center Screen which has the playback controls and source information, the Menu Screen which is swiped in from the left side, and the Players Screen which is swiped in from the right side. Simply pinch, swipe, and tap the screen of your iOS or Android device to make selections.  If you have multiple Bluesound devices on the same network, you can use the Bluesound Remote App to control each of them separately. You are able to play the same music track or different music tracks at the same volume or different volume level.

Note: You can also download the free Bluesound Remote App onto your Windows (XP/2000/Vista/7/8) PC or Mac OSX computer.

Analog & Digital Outputs: The Bluesound Node (N100) contains both an analog RCA stereo output and optical (toslink) digital output to connect the player to your home audio system's integrated amplifier or AV receiver.

5V Trigger Output: The 5V trigger output (3.5mm) can be used to control or activate other external device equipped with a corresponding 5V trigger input.

Detachable Power Cord: The Bluesound Node (N100) operates off of standard household current using the supplied 6' detachable AC power cord.

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I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: Thanks for checking with us, but this device doesn't support DLNA 1.5.. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. [ Krissy  Sep 14, 2015 ]  Staff
I posed that question on the Bluesound forum and was told that the Tidal vouchers were from a promotion with a specific vendor. Try calling their customer service and see if you can get anywhere. [ David  Feb 16, 2015 ]
If you register for Tidal from within the Bluesound App, under "configure music services" it's automatic. Tidal's nice, but after a couple of months, I gave it up. The $20 per month is too pricey. I'd rather spend that on buying music. [ LUIS  Feb 16, 2015 ]
I didn't know there was a voucher. Tidal is having some drop out problems from time to time and they say they will get the problem fixed "soon". Tidal sound quality is great. [ NIckey  Feb 16, 2015 ]
I got tidal from facebook, before the bluesound node! Just go to tidal and they'll give you 7 days to use it, also try Deezer, they both provide 44.1khz and Deezer has more music than tidal, quedtion to you, do you have a Dac? Are you using hi-res files? Do they play? Let me know thanks [ Carlos  Feb 16, 2015 ]
I've used a USB stick with 30 files and I've used a NAS with thousands of files- both work well . Have not tried a USB drive. Probably works. Ask blue sound tech support (email) or download a user manual. [ BRIAN  May 05, 2014 ]
Don't know. I know it works with NAS drives. Check blue sounds website and ask the question or locate a user manual. Their support is very good. Not live but they do answer email I'm a timely manner. Good luck. [ BRIAN  May 05, 2014 ]
I can't speak specifically to USB, but my NAS has over 800 folders and 1300 files, and it works well. To be sure, ask a question at the support page of the Bluesound website. They respond pretty quickly. By the way, this is a terrific product. [ LUIS  May 05, 2014 ]
Analog & Digital Outputs: The Bluesound Node (N100) contains both an analog RCA stereo output and optical (toslink) digital output to connect the player to your home audio system's integrated amplifier or AV receiver. The digital output would allow you to connect to an external DAC. [ Jeff  Jan 26, 2014 ]  Staff
Thanks for the answers everyone. Many "smart" devices can't seem to shuffle all. They only shuffle playlists. That means every time that I add a song I need to create a new playlist. Right now I shuffle all with windows media player (almost 1tb) and it is great to hear all the different genres randomly. Although i just saw blue sound spec stated 40,000 files. [ m00ch  Jan 05, 2015 ]
The software allows you to shuffle your entire library or a separate playlist that you may make as well. [ Paul  Jan 05, 2015 ]
The windows version has a "Play all songs random" setting that does that. I can't speak to the Android or Apple players. [ Stan  Jan 05, 2015 ]
If you create a playlist that contains your complete library, there is a shuffle selector in the app that you use to control the Node or any of the other Bluesound devices. [ BRIAN  Jan 05, 2015 ]
This player can shuffle either all of the music library or the albums you picked. [ Fuzhong  Jan 05, 2015 ]
Yes. There's a selection to "play all songs randomly". Having said that, I personally wouldn't want to do that, having over 15,000 songs over many different genres. Another way to do it is to filter your library by genre, then create a playlist for a genre, and shuffle play that. [ LUIS  Jan 04, 2015 ]
Yes, you just need to make a playlist with all your music in it. [ Ryan  Jan 04, 2015 ]
Typically you would add songs or albums to create a playlist. You can then shuffle songs and/or repeat the entire playlist if you like. You could also easily create a playlist with all songs in it which would then allow you to shuffle and/or repeat all of your music. [ Thomas  Jan 04, 2015 ]
Yea [ BRIAN  Jan 04, 2015 ]
Yes, It does have a function to shuffle all songs. I have almost 4000 songs and it Shuffle all. Thanks, Mel. [ MELMOTH B  Jan 04, 2015 ]
The Bluesound app has a shuffle-all option from the music stored on the Vault. The music stored on the Vault can be played through the Node in this mode. I'm not certain how the feature works from music stored elsewhere. [ David  Jan 04, 2015 ]
Yes. [ Vikas  Jan 04, 2015 ]
According to the Bluesound website, BlueSound is 802.11n WiFi enabled and can be connected to the internet using a LAN-based, DSL, Wi-Fi or cable modem connection. As I stream a lot of high resolution audio (up to 192kHz/24-bit) through the Bluesound Node, I prefer to use a hardwired Ethernet connection to reduce traffic on my WiFi network. [ BRIAN  Sep 29, 2014 ]
The Node should work just fine on WiFi...however, mine is attached to my home network via a Cat 5 cable so I can't say from experience what the quality of the sound is over WiFi. To prevent any possible wireless interference I would suggest using a wired connection if at all possible. You can download a pdf copy of the Node install manual from the bluesound web site. [ Thomas  Sep 29, 2014 ]
Yes it is WiFi enabled or you can use the Ethernet jack if convient. [ John  Sep 29, 2014 ]
It is wifi enabled as well. [ LUIS  Sep 29, 2014 ]
You can use the Wifi but make sure that it is a strong signal because if the media is high-res then the stream needs to be commensurate. [ JARED  Sep 29, 2014 ]
The Node works off of Wi-Fi although it has an Ethernet port as well. I use mine wirelessly without any issues. [ David  Sep 29, 2014 ]
Node is WIFI-- its works pretty good on wifi. No problems since I had for 3 months [ william  Sep 29, 2014 ]
It can be connected to Ethernet or your home WiFi network. It also has a usb port and can be connected to a usb drive. Obviously, for bandwidth reasons the Ethernet is the preferable network option, but I haven't had any problems with it over WiFi. [ MATTHEW  Sep 29, 2014 ]
It has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities. Both of mine are Ethernet wired so I have not tested the Wi-Fi performance [ Kenneth  Sep 29, 2014 ]
It is Wi-Fi enabled and works well except for Hi resolution files 192kHz / 24 bit files which the Wi-Fi could not keep up with. If you are playing files you have downloaded from iTunes or ripper from CDs it should work fine. [ PAUL  Sep 29, 2014 ]
It has 802.11n Wifi built in as well as ethernet. [ BRIAN  Sep 29, 2014 ]
Ethernet [ Ryan  Sep 29, 2014 ]
You can either use it with WiFi or via an ethernet cable. [ Wei Kiat  Sep 29, 2014 ]
The DAC inside the Node is excellent. I was told by Bluesound support that it is the same DAC as in the highly rated NAD D 1050 DAC. [ LUIS  May 05, 2014 ]
Yes. This unit will convert y our digital music directly for the speaker to play. [ Jeff  Dec 12, 2013 ]  Staff