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Ricoh GR

16-megapixel digital camera

Item # 815GR

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Our take on the Ricoh GR

Ricoh lauds the GR camera as "big pictures from a small camera." That means they've build a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor — with an image-sensitive area as wide as that of a Pentax DSLR—into a rugged, lightweight magnesium alloy body you can slip easily into your pocket. It weighs just 8.6 ounces with battery on board, and crucial function buttons and dials are laid out for easy access when the camera is in your hand. Function and form go nicely together as well; the Pentax Ricoh GR looks good on the outside as well.

Pentax Ricoh GR top view

The controls on the Ricoh GR are laid out for easy access.

Rugged, lightweight, and loaded with features

Ricoh lauds the GR camera as "big pictures from a small camera." That means they've build a 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor — with an image-sensitive area as wide as that of a Pentax DSLR—into a rugged, lightweight magnesium alloy body you can slip easily into your pocket. It weighs just 8.6 ounces with battery on board, and crucial function buttons and dials are laid out for easy access when the camera is in your hand. Function and form go nicely together as well; the Pentax Ricoh GR looks good on the outside as well.

Unique design

Ricoh engineers set out to redesign the GR camera, making it unlike any other camera on the market. The camera's fast f/2.8, wide-angle lens has an effective focal length of 28mm and provides high-resolution images with edge-to-edge sharpness. The new nine-blade diaphragm helps produce smoothly blurred backgrounds behind your in-focus subjects at larger apertures. The advanced GR Engine V imaging engine offers high sensitivity shooting with minimal noise. A preview button on the side of the camera lets you preview the shot, so you can see exactly what the technology is doing to enhance your photo. And an optimized high-speed autofocus system helps keep moving subjects looking sharp.

Shoot full HD video

The GR is also a high-definition movie camera. It records video at 1080p and saves it in the MPEG4 format for easy uploading and sharing. High-speed USB and micro HDMI ports are built in for quick connection options.

Product Highlights:

  • 16-megapixel CMOS sensor captures low-noise, high-resolution images
  • 3" (1.2 million-dot) LCD screen helps frame your shot
  • lightweight, rugged magnesium body fits easily in a pocket or purse
  • built-in automatic flash with redeye compensation
  • compatible with hot shoe mounted external optical viewfinder (sold separately)
  • records to optional SD/SDHC/SDXC and Eye-Fi memory cards
  • ISO sensitivity of 100-25600 allows sharp imaging in a variety of shooting conditions
  • shoots 4 frames per second in continuous mode
  • records HD video to easily-shareable MPEG4 format
  • nine effects modes allow for creative in-camera manipulation of images
  • optimized high-speed autofocus system for capturing action
  • specialized 35mm crop mode applies classic dimensions to your digital photos
  • dual-axis electronic leveling helps with ideal framing of shots
  • auto modes match camera settings to your shooting environment
  • innovative TAv exposure mode automatically sets optimum ISO sensitivity based on shutter speed and aperture selected
  • manual mode lets you take control when you want to
  • micro HDMI port allows connection to HDTV (not included)
  • connect to computer or mobile device with included USB 2.0 cable
  • 4-5/8"W x 2-1/2"H x 1-3/8"D
  • weight: 8.6 oz. with battery
  • warranty: 1 year parts and labor
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Digital camera (black)
  • DB-65 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (3.6V 1250mAh 4.5Wh)
  • AC-U1 AC adapter (5V 1000mA)
  • US plug insert
  • 20" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and a proprietary USB on other end)
  • Wrist strap
  • Silkypix Developer Studio 3.5 LE software on CD-ROM
  • Camera Instruction Manual
  • Rechargeable battery User's Manual
  • Warranty sheet
  • Notification of Change in Company Name
  • Manual update sheet
  • Manual correction sheet
  • Important safety instructions (for AC adapter)

Hands-on research

Features and Specs

LCD Screen Size 3"
Adjustable-angle LCD No
Wi-Fi No
Touchscreen No
Waterproof No
GPS-enabled No
Lens 35mm Equivalent 28mm
Optical Zoom N/A
Digital Zoom N/A
Filter Diameter N/A
Manual Focusing Yes
Manual Exposure Yes
Built-in Flash Yes
HDMI Output Micro
Internal Memory 54 MB
Memory Media SD/SDHC/SDXC
Sensor Size APS-C-sized CMOS
Megapixels 16.2
Image Stabilization None
Highest Resolution 4928 × 3264
4K Video No
Video Resolution 1920 x1080
Width (inches) 4-5/8
Height (inches) 2-1/2
Depth (inches) 1-3/8
Weight With Battery (ounces) 8.6
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research

Recording Features
Playback Features
Power Requirements
Supplied Software

Recording Features

Overview: The Ricoh GR camera from Pentax is a high-performance digital camera in a compact form. The GR features a 16-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS image sensor, and a fast 18.3mm F2.8 lens. The camera has a tough Magnesium alloy exterior.

Image Sensor: The APS-C-sized image sensor (23.5mm x 15.6mm) is the same size as the imager in the Pentax K3 DSLR. It is much larger than the sensors found in many compact digital cameras (typically 1/2.3"). It has 16.9 gross megapixels, and 16.2 effective megapixels. The APS-C image sensor provides super-high resolution, rich contrast, and low noise, even in low-light shooting conditions.

Lens: The GR has a 18.3mm fixed focal length lens (equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm format) to give you beautiful wide angle shots and pleasing portraits. It is the highest performing lens created by Ricoh for a compact camera. It features 7 elements in 5 groups, including 2 aspherical lens elements with 2 surfaces. The nine-blade circular diaphragm gives you a natural Bokeh effect at large apertures. The aperture range is F2.8 to F16. The focus range is 11.76" to infinity for normal shooting, and 3.9" to infinity for macro shooting.

3" LCD Screen: The camera has a large 3" LCD screen with 1,228,800 dots (640 x 4 x 480). It features Sony WhiteMagic technology, which adds white pixels to the standard red/green/blue (RGB) pixels for improved brightness. The LCD also has a transparent protective cover.

Recording Media: The Ricoh GR records still images and movies on SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory cards, including high-speed UHS-I cards. You can also use X2-series Eye-Fi cards (SD cards with built-in wireless LAN functionality). The camera has an internal memory of approximately 54 MB for storing a few test shots, if needed.

Shooting Modes: Using the top-mounted Mode Dial, you can select from the following shooting modes:

  • Auto Shooting: The camera automatically sets the optimal aperture and shutter speed, depending upon the subject.
  • Program Shift: You can choose from different combinations of aperture and shutter speed settings. You can increase/decrease the shutter speed to freeze action or show movement, or change the aperture to increase/decrease the depth of field. The exposure remains relatively the same throughout the combinations.
  • Aperture Priority: You set the aperture for the desired depth of field, and the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed.
  • Shutter Priority: You set the shutter speed, and the camera automatically adjusts the aperture setting.
  • Shutter/Aperture Priority: This Pentax-original exposure mode automatically sets the optimum ISO sensitivity based on the shutter speed and aperture selected by the photographer.
  • Manual: You can manually set the aperture and shutter speed.
  • Movies: This mode is for shooting movies in Full HD (1920 x 1080 @ 30p/24p), HD (1280 x 720 @ 60i/30p/24p), or SD (640 x 480 @ 30p/24p) with sound. Movies are recorded in MOV format with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video and Linear PCM audio. The maximum recording time per movie is 25 minutes or file size of 4 GB.
  • My1/My2/My3: You can store your favorite or frequently-used settings in one of the three My Settings. These can easily be recalled by turning the mode dial to the desired position.

Still Images: The GR records still images in JPEG and RAW (DNG) formats. You can select from three aspect ratios: 3:2, 4:3, or 1:1 in four sizes for JPEG images. RAW images are recorded in Large size only, and must be "developed" using the supplied Silkypix Developer Studio software. A large JPEG image can be recorded with a RAW image simultaneously, if desired. The image sizes available include:

Large (16 MB equivalent)4928 x 32644352 x 32643264 x 3264
Medium (10 MB equivalent)3936 x 26083488 x 26082608 x 2608
Small (5 MB equivalent)2912 x 19362592 x 19361936 x 1936
X Small (1 MB equivalent)1280 x 8641152 x 864864 x 864

Focusing Modes: The GR features a high-speed auto focusing system, capable of locking in focus in as little as 0.2 seconds. There are several focus modes to choose from: Multi AF, Spot AF, Pinpoint AF, Subject-tracking AF, Manual, Snap, and Infinity.

Continuous Shooting Modes: The Ricoh GR offers several continuous shooting and bracketing modes:

  • Continuous: The camera will record photos as long as you hold down the shutter release button. Auto focus is fixed at the first frame. Shooting speed is approximately 4 frames per second.
  • Auto Bracket: Three shots are recorded with differing values of the following:
    • Exposure: 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV from -2.0 EV to +2.0 EV
    • White Balance: current white balance, more red, more blue
    • White Balance-Preset: selects different preset WB values for the three shots
    • Effects: selects different effects for the three shots
    • Dynamic Range: varies the Dynamic Range Compensation to Off, Weak, Strong
    • Contrast: takes three images, each with different contrasts.
  • Multiple Exposure: Records up to five images and merges them together. Options include: Automatic Exposure (off/on), Save Each Shot (off/on), or Saves Images in Progress (off/on).
  • Interval Shooting: You can set up a series of photographs taken at fixed intervals. You can choose the shooting interval (1 sec, 2 sec, or 5 sec to 1 hour in 5-second increments), and number of shots (1-99).
  • Interval Composite: Merges a series of continuous images taken at fixed intervals so that the bright areas remain. Suggested uses include recording trails of light formed by stars or the moon by shooting a fixed position in nightscapes. You can choose to save only the merged image, save all of the unmerged images, or save each image at the point it is merged.

Flash Modes: The GR has a built-in pop-up flash, plus a hot shoe for connecting the optional GF-1, or other flash unit. Available flash modes include: Auto Flash, Flash On, Flash Synchro, Manual Flash, Red-eye Flash Auto, Red-eye Flash On, Red-eye Flash Synchro. The intensity of the flash can be adjusted from -2.0EV to +2.0EV in increments of 1/3EV (Flash Exposure Compensation). For manual flash, you can choose a flash intensity value in fractions of maximum intensity: Full, 1/1.4, 1/2, 1/2.8, 1/4, 1/5.6, 1/8, 1/11, 1/16, 1/22, 1/32, or 1/64. The flash recycling time is approximately 5 seconds.

ISO Sensitivity: You can set the ISO Sensitivity automatically or manually. In Auto mode, the camera adjusts the sensitivity between 100 and 800 according to the brightness, distance to the subject, macro settings, and the format. Auto-Hi lets you set the sensitivity higher than in Auto. The sensitivity can be set manually between ISO 100 and ISO 25600 in 1 EV steps (9 settings) or 1/3 EV steps (25 settings). Noise reduction can be applied, if needed. You can select Strong, Medium, or Weak.

White Balance: You can adjust the white balance on the camera so that white objects appear white under any kind of light. By default, the camera is set to Multi-P Auto for shooting under multiple light sources. You can also select Auto, Outdoors, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent 1 or 2, Daylight Fluorescent, Neutral White Fluorescent, Cool White Fluorescent, and Warm White Fluorescent, Color Temperature (adjustable from 2500K to 10000K), or Manual.

Metering Method: The Ricoh GR utilizes a 484-segment TTL (through-the-lens) metering system. You can select from three types of exposure metering: Multi, Center-weighted, and Spot.

Exposure Compensation: You can deliberately overexpose or underexpose a picture using Exposure Compensation. The compensation value can be set between -4 and +4 EV at 1/3 EV steps.

Electronic Level: To make sure your photos are level perfect, you can use the camera's built-in dual axis electronic level. The level gives you a high precision horizontal and vertical alignment.

Effects: You can record images with special effects, including: Black & White, B&W/TE, High Contrast B&W, Cross Process, Positive Film, Bleach Bypass, Retro, Miniature, and High Key. With most effects, you can manually set the contrast, sharpness, vignetting, saturation, and toning effect.

Playback Features

Playing Back Images: You can view images one at a time in the 3" LCD monitor. The Thumbnail View lets you view multiple images at once. The 20-frame view displays four rows of five thumbnail images. The 81-frame view shows nine rows of nine images. To get a closer look, you can enlarge an image, and move around the enlarged image to see a desired portion.

Auto Rotate: When Auto Rotate is set to On, images are rotated automatically according to the camera orientation.

Editing Images: Images can be edited in the camera as follows:

  • Resize: reduces the image to Small or X-Small size
  • Trim: crops the image and saves the trimmed image as a new file
  • Skew Correct: corrects images of rectangular objects shot at an angle
  • Level Compensation: the brightness and contrast can be corrected
  • White Balance Compensation: corrects the color tones of images
  • Color Moire Compensation: reduces color interference cause by regular overlapping patterns

35mm Crop Mode: For pictures that have a classic 35mm look, you can use the special crop mode to instantly set the angle of view to 35mm.

Printing: You can print still images stored in the memory card at a store with a print service. A digital print order form (DPOF) can be set to choose the selection and number of prints desired.

Power Requirements

DB-65 Battery: The Ricoh GR comes with a DB-65 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (3.6V, 1250mAh, 4.5Wh). The battery charge in the camera using the supplied AC-U1 AC adapter, and the supplied USB cable. Charging time is approximately 3 hours with the AC-U1, or about 5 hours when connected to a computer via USB. With the optional BJ-6 battery charger, the battery can be charged in 2.5 hours. A fully charged battery provides enough power to record approximately 290 pictures.


Micro HDMI: You can connect the camera to a TV or other AV device to playback images. The camera features a Micro HDMI (Type D) terminal for connecting to an HDMI-equipped HDTV.

USB/AV Out: The camera has a single output that can be used for connecting the supplied USB cable, or an optional AV cable. With the USB cable, you can connect the camera to your computer to download your images and movies. With an optional AV-1 AV cable, you can connect the camera to a TV with only a composite video input.

Supplied Software

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE: Packaged with the camera, the SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE software on CD-ROM, lets you convert and adjust the color of RAW files, and save the file in JPEG or TIFF format.

System Requirements: You can transfer recorded still images and movies to a computer by connecting the camera with the supplied USB cable. The camera and included SILKYPIX software works with computers running the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows:
    • Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)
    • Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
    • Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit)
    • Windows XP Home Edition SP3 / Professional (32-bit)
      • can be operated as a 32-bit application on 64-bit systems
      • must have administrator privileges to install
  • Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.8 / 10.7 / 10.6 / 10.5

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