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MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Powered 3-channel home theater sound bar

34 Reviews | 4 questions - 11 answers

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Our take on the MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Looking for an audio system that can improve your TV's sound, and maybe serve up some music that's easy on the ears, too? MartinLogan's carefully engineered and solidly built Motion Vision sound bar may be all you want or need. The design goal was clearly audio performance here, rather than bells and whistles: it sports a total of seven drivers, each powered by its own independent amplifier. Built-in Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding combine with simulated surround processing to deliver engaging sound with video sources like Blu-ray movies or shows you tune in on your cable or satellite box. This slim, wall-mountable speaker turned some heads at Crutchfield headquarters when we auditioned it in our large and acoustically challenging training room. Even with no subwoofer playing, it produced full, rich, detailed sound with surprising bass punch.

High-performance sound from a single slim speaker

Looking for an audio system that can improve your TV's sound, and maybe serve up some music that's easy on the ears, too? MartinLogan's carefully engineered and solidly built Motion Vision sound bar may be all you want or need. The design goal was clearly audio performance here, rather than bells and whistles: it sports a total of seven drivers, each powered by its own independent amplifier. Built-in Dolby® Digital and DTS® decoding combine with simulated surround processing to deliver engaging sound with video sources like Blu-ray movies or shows you tune in on your cable or satellite box. This slim, wall-mountable speaker turned some heads at Crutchfield headquarters when we auditioned it in our large and acoustically challenging training room. Even with no subwoofer playing, it produced full, rich, detailed sound with surprising bass punch.

MartinLogan Motion Vision sound bar

Mount the Motion Vision on the wall under your TV or place it on your A/V cabinet.

Folded Motion™ tweeters for open, dynamic, and detailed sound

MartinLogan Motion Vision sound bar tweeter detail

The Motion Vision features three of MartinLogan's acclaimed Folded Motion tweeters for clear, musical highs.

MartinLogan went the extra mile to make sure this sound bar can do justice to your favorite music as well as TV sources. Three high-resolution Folded Motion tweeters re-create high frequencies that are precise, immediate, and effortless, using a thin-film technology that's inherently different from more common dome or cone tweeters. Their pleated diaphragms work similarly to an accordion by "squeezing" air to create sound, and their larger surface area also provides wide, yet controlled sound dispersion for a realistic, accurate soundstage.

Four long-throw woofers round out the system, delivering clear mids and rich bass. The Motion Vision really impressed us with just how much low-frequency power it was able to produce, all by itself, without a subwoofer.

Adding even more bass

But if you want to add even more bass impact, MartinLogan has made it easy to do. This sound bar has built-in wireless audio technology, so you can add a matching wireless MartinLogan subwoofer like the Dynamo™ 700W or 1000W. Or if you already own a more traditional powered subwoofer, the Motion Vision's dedicated subwoofer output lets you make a wired connection with a regular subwoofer cable.

Product Highlights:

  • delivers engaging home theater sound and detailed music playback with a single slim, wall-mountable speaker
  • three 1" x 1.4" high-resolution Folded Motion tweeters for precise, realistic high-frequency detail
  • four 4" long-throw cone woofers for surprising bass punch, even without a subwoofer
  • 7 dedicated amplifiers (one per driver) delivering 100 watts RMS total system power
  • Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround decoding, with digital signal processing for simulated 5.1 surround sound
  • built-in wireless transmitter for adding a compatible MartinLogan wireless subwoofer (sold separately)
  • includes wall-mounting bracket for easy mounting underneath wall-mounted TVs
  • ported enclosure is not video-shielded (not for use with older tube-based TVs)
  • frequency response: 43-23,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • 39-15/16"W x 5-1/16"H x 5-15/16"D
  • 20-1/2 lbs.
  • requires AC power
  • 2 optical digital audio inputs
  • 1 coaxial digital audio input
  • 1 analog RCA stereo audio input
  • mono RCA subwoofer output for adding a powered subwoofer (not included)
  • remote control
  • optical digital and analog RCA cables included
  • top-mounted push-button controls
  • warranty: 2 years (with product registration)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

It is best in class.

Anonymous, Reston, VA

What's in the Box:

  • Active soundbar speaker
  • 6.5' AC power cord
  • Remote control (CR2025 3V battery installed)
  • 39" Stereo RCA cable
  • 39" Minijack-to-RCA cable
  • 59" Optical digital cable
  • Wall-mount bracket
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User's Manual (En/Fr)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Installation template
  • Product Registration Card

MartinLogan Motion® Vision Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(34 Reviews)

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from Reston, VA on 10/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It is best in class.



Not what I expected

Robert from Arroyo Grande, CA on 8/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I listened to the Motion Vision a few weeks before writing this review. I have it connected via the included fiber optic cable to a Samsung 65" Plasma TV. The TV has a decent sound, but lacks any real bass and vocals are muffled on some movies. First let me say that I own and love the 6 ft. tall Martin Logan Sequel II electrostatic speakers and have for many years, even upgrading the panels when available. I also have owned the ESS Air Motion Transformer's with ribbon Heil tweeters (both the AMT-3 & AMT Rock Monitors). Unfortunately the Motion Vision is in no way similar to either of these speakers. The Motion Vision lacks the airiness of the ribbon Heil's and lacks any vocal clarity like the Sequel II's. Vocals are muffled at normal listening levels, but do get better when around "40" on its blue LED. This makes the volume too loud during movie action scenes. It is almost as if the tweeters are not even working. The Motion Vision has an abundance of bass when set to "0 db" which is the default setting, but it is boomy and artificial. I have it set at "-4 db" to reduce the bass interference with higher frequencies. I must say that I am not satisfied with this purchase, but given the choices at this price level have decided to keep it. I now run the TV speaker in parallel with the ML to reinforce the upper midrange to an acceptable level without blowing out my ears. I am more disappointed in Martin Logan, as their electrostatic speakers are outstanding. This product

Pros: Great looks, easy connection

Cons: Boomy artificial bass Lack of vocal presence

A great value

Rob from Madison, WI on 8/24/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound and an incredible deal. We are remodeling our house and I had considered installing a full blown surround sound system (either 5.1 or 7.1). I'm sure it would have sounded better than this, but the MartinLogan Motion Vision is perfect for what I wanted. Even without a subwoofer, the base is excellent. I had previously often found it difficult to hear voices on many programs but this soundbar has completely eliminated that problem. At this price point the purchase is an incredible value from Crutchfield.

Pros: Great sound. Relatively easy to use (the menu system was a minor challenge). Great value.

Cons: This sound bar is a few years old so if you want to control this using an app you'll have to look elsewhere. The remote is tiny but you can set up a second remote, which I did using my Charter remote.

Great sound!

Anonymous from Newnan, GA on 7/30/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sound is excellent. In listening to music, we hear parts that were never reproduced by our previous sound bar or 5.1 AVR/speakers system. Voices are very easy to understand.

Pros: Great sound. Easy to connect and use.

Cons: If you want wireless, get the updated model.

Good base solid mid and highs

Glenn from Northern Michigan on 7/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had several TV speakers over the years. This is one of the best. The highs and midrange are undistorted and very crisp. Much to my suprise the bass is entirely adequate. Since I am a bass lover, I will probably by the base speaker that goes with this set up. The only problem that I had is the weight and shape of the unit. It is very awkward to mount. Throw the supplied template away and use the mounting bracket . The directions leave much to your imagination.

Pros: One of the best TV speakers. Solid mechanical construction

Cons: Mounting and on the wall directions

The only Sounbar that does not need a sub!

George from Bristol, CT on 7/7/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm in Quality Control for a living, so I'm familiar with product reviews and have been into high end stereo and electronics for decades. I must say I never heard a soundbar like this. Bose and Sonos have really great sound are are considered the best by many, but this thing is much better! I had every expectation of buying the matching sub woofer since all soundbars need the extra bass, but I was wrong. My room is 22' x 11' with cathedral ceilings and this soundbar fills the entire room with great sound. Looks really nice too, but does stick out from the wall a bit (you need this size enclosure to get that bass). The only bad news is the remote. If your not a sharp-shooter, you will be pressing the buttons few times and its too small and limited. The good news is once you set this up to your liking, you don't really need the remote too often. At the new, lower price, you should end your search and just buy this soundbar. You'll love it.

Pros: Quality, Sound, Looks, Price

Cons: Heavy, Depth, Remote

Excellent sound quality

Rick from Pahrump, NV on 6/24/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Just what I needed for a simple setup with great sound. Certainly doesn't match a complete surround system for effects but I didn't expect it to do so. Clear highs, particularly, and a good enough soundstage to enjoy movies.

Pros: Great, clear sound, pretty good bass without a subwoofer. Pretty easy setup. Great price for quality.

Cons: Bulky, especially if your TV is on a table rather than on the wall. Definitely not a deal breaker.

Very good sound bar

Harry from Cleveland, OH on 6/7/2017

The large speaker size results in good bass response. The folded tweeter design produces a clear, slightly forward and open upper range. Limited stereo separation. Sound field projection effects also limited. An excellent buy at this price



Great sound quality

Ed from Purcellville, VA on 6/6/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

xcellent sound clarity. Voice recognition is vastly better than the speakers built into flat screen TV's. The full range of audio has also been good for movie playback and live television presentations. Using a toslink connection and links up well to the new LG OLED65C7 TV.

Pros: vocal clarity full range sound

Cons: no HDMI connection

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from New York, ny on 5/15/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound! Haven't heard the paradigm but I think I don't need to. It's a bit bigger than it looks though.



Great Sound

Wally from St Petersburg, FL on 4/21/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Most Outstanding Feature: Capability to create highly accurate sound reproduction without the need for a sub-woofer. This is especially important living in a condo or apartment complex where high fidelity sound is desired, but deep, radiating bass can be disturbing to nearby neighbors. Second Outstanding Feature: Very high quality mid and high range sound for those whose hearing has degraded with age. Nicely packaged! Somewhat heavy, but not disqualifying by any means. Small, remote control needs some "human factors" engineering attention.



Audiophile Approved

Blair S from Medford, OR on 3/31/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

4" speakers don't get any better than this; not to mention that Martin Logan's folded tweeters are unmatched in their class. Overall, this soundbar's sound quality is unbelievable and completely warrants 5 stars. Who cares about height of the unit and lack of technological bells and whistles, that's not why you buy audiophile equipment in my opinion. I've sampled numerous sound bars and nothing comes close to this. It's incredible that you don't need a subwoofer to enjoy an action movie or music with deep bass notes. ML really did an impressive job with this unit. Also worth notable mention is the amplifier's ability to curb "fuzz" distortion. To the trained ear, you can tell that the amplifier has run out of power, but it doesn't interrupt your movie during scenes that demand peak power from the unit. ML really thought of everything to make even the most demanding critic satisfied; myself included. Well done ML, I'm very impressed and a highly satisfied customer!

Pros: Sound clarity Well defined bass User friendly interface

Cons: Cheap remote

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from UNION, KY on 3/18/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Awesome however,if it had a hdmi input then I would give it 5stars...



MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Dan from Cohasset, MA on 3/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound. I have a large room 20'x21' with 17' foot ceilings. Not the same as separate speakers but pretty great for what it is.



Excellent sound, even in a corner

Tom from Bellevue, WA on 3/4/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am NOT an audiophile and this sound bar is installed in a difficult environment... a corner. I bought a truly amazing LG OLED TV from Crutchfield and wanted the clearest sound I could get, especially for voices. I use hearing aids and my wife has excellent hearing so I needed something that would satisfy both of us. The rep (Cosmo) recommended this unit and I took it on faith. I appreciate that it comes with all cables and good instructions as well as a very heavy-duty wall mount (I didn't use it as mine sits on a flat-top TV stand). I am very happy with the result. Voices are clear and we are getting considerable surround sound effect. Given the corner location I had NO expectation of surround working but the first DVD we watched we heard an arrow whiz by over our right shoulders; pretty cool. There is plenty of bass without a separate subwoofer unit. The only caution I would offer is this: pay attention to the dimensions as this thing is pretty big.... it is only a couple of inches narrower than my 55" TV. But the problem I had was its height and depth. This sound bar Is about 6" high so it blocked the bottom part of the TV, including the sensor for the remote. I had to build a stand to raise the TV. It's also about 6" deep so it pushes the TV to the rear of the stand. Make sure you have enough room or be prepared to wall mount the unit.

Pros: Great sound; clear voices and bass is not boomy. No need for separate subwoofer.

Cons: Big and heavy. Make sure you have enough room if you're going to put this on a flat surface in front of your TV. Pretty expensive.

Overall Excellent Experience!

Angie from Ohio on 3/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This was my first time ordering from Crutchfield, but it won't be the last; the staff was very helpful and very professional from the time I placed the order to the Thank You card I received in the mail after delivery. The item I ordered was shipped quickly and arrived on time with no issues. I ordered a MartinLogan Motion Vision sound bar and the sound is amazing! I am hoping to be able to order the rear sub some day and will definitely order from Crutchfield!



MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from Janesville, WI on 2/27/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Thoroughly researched sound bars and this one rated highest. Now I know why. Absolutely crystal clear sound and plenty of clean bass even without a sub woofer. Martin Logan uses only the best materials and it shows. Saw it was on sale and it was a no brainer.



Michele. Cleveland,OH

Michael from Cleveland, OH on 2/25/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

MartinLogan Motion sound bar delivered unprecedentedly wide and clean sound. Nice design and easy installation. I'm very satisfied with this purchase



Third time is the charm.

Payton from Charlotte, NC on 2/6/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

We reconfigured our audio set-up in our den after a new TV purchase. I originally had a 3.1 sound for TV viewing and wanted to clean the area up. 1st sound bar was a Vizio based on online reviews. Had a few bugs and returned it to BestBuy because of this fact and the thin sound. 2nd bar was from Crutchfield and it was a Yamaha. Sound was thin and very directional and we have a large viewing area, the HDMI input also failed after 3 days. Decided to spend the extra money and try the MartinLogan Vision. Third time is the charm! Full and rich sound and comes closest to matching the previous 3.1 system I had. I do have the MartinLogan connected to a Klipsch sub which really fills in where the sound bar runs out of steam.

Pros: Beautiful Sound

Cons: None

Great sound, sleek design, MartinLogan quality and support

Ron from Campbell, CA on 1/13/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am giving my Martin Logan Motion Vision soundbar 5 stars because of the excellent sound quality. I replaced a receiver and 5.1 sound system with this soundbar to simplify my new setup with my new 65" LG OLED TV. I also attached my 15 year old Martin Logan Dynamo SubWoofer to the Soundbar to get incredible lows and earth shattering Low Frequency Effects in movies. The soundbar does not need a sub because it delivers good bass without it, but add a sub and it absolutely rocks. It sounds great with input from my TV and also does a great job with CD's when I want music in my family room. I do not miss the 5.1 system. What I love, first and foremost is the sound quality, excellent highs, balanced mids and decent bass. I also very much like the design and sleek lines of the soundbar. The setup menu takes some time to understand but once you get it it is easy to configure. I especially like the ability to program a remote like your TV remote or cable box remote to work the basic features of the ML Motion Vision soundbar. What I don't love, first the cheap remote that comes with the soundbar, for an expensive retail product from a premier speaker company I would expect more than the tiny bubble button remote, I have lost it twice in the sofa and had difficulty retrieving it. Lastly I wish it had a HDMI input, the 2 optical digital inputs work fine for me but HDMI is the modern connection. The price, delivery and service from Crutchfield, as always, is

Pros: Excellent balance sound Sleek design

Cons: Cheap remote No HDMI input

Martin Logan Motion Vision

Michael from Redding, CA on 1/10/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I really love my new Martin Logan Motion Vision Soundbar. I replaced a Yamaha Soundbar that was pretty decent but this one paired with my Paradigm wired subwoofer is spectacular. The clarity of sound is amazing. The unit has a nice weight to it and overall quality is excellent. I'm running an optical cable from my Samsung TV and the other optical connection to my Marantz CD6006 which I just purchased from Crutchfield as well. These connections are solid and sound quality as I mentioned before is amazing. The sound from the Marantz CD6006 is wonderful. The combination of these units along with my Samsung TV is beyond what I expected for a Soundbar at this price. I feel it was worth every penny and is just right for my application. I have to mention that Crutchfield's service and expedited shipping was on par as usual.

Pros: Solid build. Great sound. Attractive unit.


MartinLogan's Sound Bar Produces Awesome Sound

Gary P from Kew Gardens Hills, NY on 1/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This Martin Logan has the best sound for my system. There are four woofers & three tweeters across this 40 inch long sound bar. This Martin Logan produces a beautiful richness of the sound field & this sound bar delivers a full range of depth & perception in the sound field also.

Pros: Outstanding Sound Quality

Cons: None

martin logan vision

RUEL A from Hayward, Ca. on 12/14/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I don't really think that soundbars can produce beautiful sound, but this one does.


Cons: no hdmi

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from Summerfield, NC on 12/10/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding sound. Speech is clearer. Excellent range. It brings the movie theater to your TV. You really do not know what you are missing with the TV speakers until you hook up this product. At a price of $799, it is a great deal.

Pros: Beautiful sound, especially classical music. Excellent bass without a separate subwoofer.

Cons: It is of such high quality, it makes you want a bigger TV screen and a better TV stand to match.

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Rahul from Dallas, TX on 11/21/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product, amazing sound. Works great as long as great sound is more important than great surround sound effects. I would rather have a system that sounds great at doing one thing rather than a sound bar that is trying to do the work of 5 speakers or 7 speakers or let alone any atmos system. So for me this has been great. I have a sony TV so the optical output will send the 5.1 signal through and not downmix but depending on what TV you have this could be different. With the price break the value of this system is immense.



MartinLogan Motion® Vision

Anonymous from Houston,tx on 11/14/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This speaker sounds amazing. Of coarse i am comparing it to the TV speakers. But in all i would highly recommend it for anyone



Martin Logan Motion Vision

Patents from Florida on 12/28/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If you have to use a sound bar, then this is probably as good as it gets.

Pros: Sound quality. Beautiful fit and finish.

Cons: Expensive. The remote is very small and the buttons are very close to one another.I have to turn on the room lights ignorer to see what button I'm pressing. Additionally the remote doesn't work unless it is in direct line of sight to the sound bar.

MartinLogan Motion® Vision

* from Illinois on 12/17/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound. Adds great depth to any programming. Remote leaves a fair amount to be desired. The optical cable that is included is short, which limits your reach to components. Overall, a very good product with the need for minor tweaks



Wow. Unbelievable quality and simplicity.

RDZ from Pittsburgh, PA on 10/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound in a complaint easy to use and connect package

Pros: Outstanding audio, extreme ease of use (connected and set up in less than 10 minutes), integration of control with cable remote.

Cons: Subwoofer expensive (but worth it)

Martin Logan is the man

Best Soundbar from New York City on 10/21/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the best soundbar out there. sounds really good looks very sleek and classy a little expensive but you pay for what u get.

Pros: everything is a pro with this bar

Cons: nothing

Martin Logan very impressive

Ogsan1 from Charlotte. North Carolina on 8/15/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received this product very quick. (1 Day before expected) Thank you. I opened the product and notice the beautiful finish. After hooking it up with my cinnamon audio cord, I was blown away with the quality of sound that came from this speaker. Clear and I enjoyed Netflix on the next level. I went back and forth about which speaker to purchase. I even reached to Troy on Cruthfield. He provided great info. Thanks Troy. Bottom-line if your in the market for an incredible sound bar. This is the one. I am done buying sound bars, I am so happy and impressed with my purchase, I will eventually pick up a SW. You almost don't need it. Thanks again Crutchfield for being OUTSTANDING for your customer.

Pros: Clarity. sonically pleasing. Sounds like I have two speakers.

Cons: Blue tooth but I really don't need it.

Martin Logan sound bar

Anonymous from Coralville, IA on 2/4/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound for the money

Pros: Easy to set up

Cons: Remote and not enough optical inputs

Almost Perfect

DenScan from Waterbury, VT on 3/23/2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This MartinLogan soundbar is perfect for me. Well, almost perfect. Let's get the "almost" part out of the way first: the tiny "credit card" control is not close to being in the same league as the soundbar itself, and it's a mystery to me why MartinLogan wouldn't have provided a better control for this state-of-the-art soundbar. That said, the control DOES work, although it's a bit insensitive and its size makes it easy to misplace or fall between the couch cushions. So if the controller is a critical concern of yours, you may want to avoid the Motion Vision. But if you're interested primarily in a truly fantastic sounding soundbar and can afford the MartinLogan, read on -- this may be your holy grail. I first tried the Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR, which was on sale for $400 off. I had some of the strange issues reported by many folks, but DefTech customer service was great and the Firmware update was easy to install and solved most of the problems. (And the DT control was superb.) In the end though, I wasn't satisfied with the sound and the complexity of the settings. I found myself constantly fussing with different mode settings for different discs and sources in order to get what I considered to be "the best" sound, but I was never comfortable that I had it "dialed in". And I wanted something that my wife could just turn on and adjust the volume, without having to fuss with the system. So I tried the MartinLogan and compared it with the DefTech. No contest!

Pros: Near perfect sound as-is, without the need for a subwoofer. Gorgeous design. Outstanding clarity, with crisp, articulate, smooth-as-silk highs. Very useful "Night Mode" to enhance movie dialog and subdue over-the-top sound effects. Fantastic music reproduction. Very simple operation. 5.1 sound is superb (as long as you use the optical inputs and don't use HDMI routed through your TV, which usually strips the 5.1 down to 2.0). Converts and plays high-def Blu-Ray sound formats without issue.

Cons: Control is not in the same league as the soundbar itself: small and somewhat unresponsive -- but it works. No cons at all to the soundbar itself. 'Nuff said. Good job, MartinLogan!

MartinLogan Motion Vision

DannyC from Sydney on 12/1/2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Motion Vision soundbar is beautifully crafted with superb workmanship. It is elegant, complementing any television set including the high-end products. For high frequency and mid range sounds the reproduction is natural and authentic ideal for listening dialogue. It is also excellent for listening music with predominantly mid and high frequency notes. Even without a subwoofer, it does reproduce quite low frequency sounds. However, the low frequency notes tend to be somewhat muffled and unnatural. I find it hard to distinguish a low frequency note coming from, say a cello, a bass guitar or even a percussion instrument.

Pros: Overall it is a well made product ideal for listening conversations and soft music.

Cons: Without a subwoofer, low frequency notes tend to be muffled and unnatural.


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Enclosure Bass Reflex
Design Bar
Pieces in System 1
Color Gloss Black
Tweeter 1"x1.4" Folded Motion(4)
Midrange None
Woofer 4" Cones (4)
Separate Subwoofer No
Subwoofer Driver None
Surround Sound Decoding 5.1-channel
Dialogue Enhancement No
Auto Volume No
4K Video Compatible No
HDR Video Compatible ---
Audio Return Channel No
Remote IR Passthrough No
Works with TV Remote (IR) Yes
Control by App N
Bluetooth Connectivity No
Wi-Fi No
Wall-mountable Yes
Mounting Bracket Included Yes
Surface Mount Stand Included No
Speaker Parts Warranty 2 Yrs w/ Registration
Speaker Labor Warranty 2 Yrs w/ Registration
Amplifier Parts Warranty 2 Yrs. w/ Registration
Amplifier Labor Warranty 2 Yrs w/ Registration
System Frequency Response 43-20k Hz
Powered System Yes
Sound Bar RMS Power 100
Subwoofer RMS Power N/A
Inputs and Outputs
Mini Stereo Audio Inputs None
RCA Stereo Audio Inputs 1
Optical Digital Audio Inputs 2
Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs 1
HDMI Inputs None
HDMI Outputs None
USB Port No
Subwoofer Output 1
Sound Bar (inches) 5-1/16H x 39-15/16W x 5-15/16D
Sound Bar Weight 20.5 lbs
Subwoofer (inches) No Subwoofer
Subwoofer Weight N/A

Product Research


Active Soundbar Speaker: The MartinLogan Motion Vision active soundbar speaker delivers a virtual 5-channel surround sound experience from a sleek all-in-one system that's stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, and easy to operate. The Motion Vision soundbar speaker makes a great addition to your table-top or wall-mounted flat-panel television, and is perfect for movie or music soundtracks. It offers both analog and digital inputs for connection of all your home audio/video gear. The Motion Vision comes with an IR remote control and offers integrated top-panel controls.

7 Drivers/Amplifiers: Three advanced-resolution 1" x 1.4" Folded Motion tweeters, four 4" high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power. The Motion Vision soundbar speaker delivers front left/right and center channels via the dedicated Folded Motion tweeters and high-performance woofers, and simulates rear left/right effects channels to virtually create a fully immersive, five-channel surround sound experience throughout the listening environment.

  • Folded Motion Tweeter: MartinLogan's Folded Motion tweeters help give the soundbar speaker its natural, realistic high frequency sound. Lightning fast transient response, combined with a large surface area (8x that of a typical 1" dome tweeter) creates clear, dynamic, and precise sound. The Folded Motion tweeters work by moving air (which creates sound) perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm "squeezes" air and requires almost 90% less excursion than the typical 1" dome tweeter, which drastically minimizes distortion while providing a lightning fast response time. The increased surface area also provides a wide, yet controlled sound dispersion (80°x80°) to create a realistic and carefully etched sound stage.
  • High Performance Woofers: The Motion Vision active soundbar speaker features four 4" fiber cone woofers with extended throw drive assemblies housed in a non-resonant asymmetrical chamber for crisp, detailed midrange and richer, deeper midbass performance.

DSP Technology: The Motion Vision was engineered with a commanding bass performance paired with precisely etched mid- and high-frequencies, creating a vivid, three-dimensional soundstage. Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology and industry leading surround sound decoding allow MartinLogan to replace five separate home theater speakers with a one piece solution that reproduces multichannel recordings with accuracy, resolution, and detail. The Motion Vision reproduces front left, right, an center channels via the system's dedicated tweeters and woofers. Surround channels are simulated using the Motion Vision's sophisticated digital signal processing that directs sound from the system's tweeters and woofers throughout the room.

Dual Rear Firing Ports: Dual rear-firing bass ports reinforce the bass extension for astonishingly deep bass for a compact soundbar speaker.

Analog + Digital Inputs: The MartinLogan Motion Vision active soundbar speaker is fitted with both analog (RCA) and digital (optical/coaxial) inputs. The soundbar speaker features one stereo RCA input to connect a single analog audio source. The speaker also provides two optical digital inputs and one coaxial digital input to connect your Blu-ray player, Satellite/Cable receiver, and TV. The system supports both Dolby Digital/DTS (5.1ch) and PCM (2ch) audio signals through its digital inputs. Make sure to turn your television's speakers off. If your TV does not allow you to turn off the speakers, make sure the TV's speaker volume is set to "0".

Note: Televisions are not capable of passing multichannel encoded audio signals input from another source and will downmix these signals to a 2-channel stereo mix before sending them to the television's digital output. You will want to run cables directly from the source to the soundbar while simultaneously running HDMI from each source to the TV for the video signal. This has the advantage of allowing the soundbar to receive multichannel encoded material.

Acoustic Modes: You can easily switch between three discrete acoustic modes; "Night" mode (to dial down the bass), "Bass +" mode (for those moments requiring a little extra bass), and a "Normal" mode (that restores normal listening levels). You can also manually configure the system's bass output by +/-10 dB in increments of 2dB.

Optional Powered Subwoofer: The Motion Vision's built-in SWT-2 transmitter allows the addition of a compatible wireless MartinLogan powered subwoofer (sold separately). The active soundbar speaker also provides a mono-subwoofer output for connectivity to a non-wireless powered subwoofer (sold separately).

Simple Controls: The MartinLogan Motion Vision active soundbar speaker features top-mounted controls and comes with an IR remote control. You can also program the soundbar to respond to your televisions IR remote control.

Dimmable LED Display: The dimmable LED display is hidden behind the front grille cloth and can be set to automatically vanish during operation.

Mounting Options: The soundbar speaker should be centered directly above or below your flat-panel TV. You can place the Motion Vision on a table-top, stand or shelf. You can also use the included bracket to wall-mount the speaker (mounting screws not supplied). You can then adjust the soundbar's equalization and voicing for optimal performance in on-wall or shelf top installations.

AC Power: Because the Motion Vision is an active speaker and has built-in amplifiers, it requires AC power. Simply plug the included AC power cord into the rear-panel of the soundbar speaker and an AC wall outlet or surge protector.

Note: The active soundbar speaker will automatically turn off after no audio signal is detected for approximately 30 minutes. When the soundbar detects an audio signal, it will immediately turn itself on.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Great sound reviews. [ Douglas  Oct 13, 2017 ]
Quality brand and good performance for low frequency on a soundbar [ bert  Aug 23, 2017 ]
This item was highly recommended by a coworker who only gets the best sounding equipment for his entertainment room. [ Michelle  Aug 17, 2017 ]
Sound quality is supposed to be wonderful. [ James  Jul 17, 2017 ]
Very Positive past history with Martin Logan Products [ John W.  Jun 22, 2017 ]
Trying something new [ Christina  May 05, 2017 ]
Price and Sound Spects [ Joaquin  Apr 27, 2017 ]
Brand name recognition and reviews as well as an outstanding value . Less than 50% off original retail [ Timothy Joseph  Apr 23, 2017 ]
Martin Logan brand and over 50% off [ Christopher  Apr 03, 2017 ]
Hi quality and great price. [ Mark  Mar 14, 2017 ]
Sound quality in a small footprint. [ Neil  Mar 13, 2017 ]
I chose this item due to the incredible reviews and also the ML sound quality from the folded tweeters. This item I did a lot of research on and I feel it is the best "sounding" bar out there. Some maybe more compatible with wireless products, etc. but for my needs this is the perfect fit for ultimate clear and concise sound quality and clarity. [ Tim  Mar 10, 2017 ]
Reviews and I own ML products. [ Richard  Feb 15, 2017 ]
i've been thinking about purchasing martin logan speakers. This past weekend i auditioned them at best buy as they were on sale. Then i received a crutchfield email with a $800 reduction. I applied my rewards discount and saved $900. No brainer! [ Charles  Jan 31, 2017 ]
Great Price, Great company reputation. All the features on our check list. [ Nancy  Jan 23, 2017 ]
Hi, I would like to thank Bryce for his now it all on this product. He was vary helpful on my choice. Thnks Again Bryce [ elias  Dec 08, 2016 ]
Reviews said it was one of the best sound bars , sale price is great. [ sarath  Dec 05, 2016 ]
Exceptional performance and an unbeatable Black Friday price. Will pair with an Amazon Echo Dot to provide all of the wireless and Bluetooth capabilities I'll ever want. [ John  Nov 23, 2016 ]
Based on excellent reviews from various review sites, reduced priced and Martin Logan as an audiophile quality brand. [ ED  Nov 02, 2016 ]
Great price and reviews seem positive by your customers [ Jim  Oct 29, 2016 ]
One amazing speaker. Seems like a lot of $$, but worth every penny. All MartinLogans are pure awesomeness. Especially if you like clarity in the hi-end. Folded motion tweeters rock. [ HOYT  Mar 26, 2016 ]

4 questions already asked

There is no switch. The manual states the unit is to be used only with the AC voltages listed on the back of the speaker. Mine says 120V, 60 Hz. The manual is in both English and French and shows the same plugs/cables/specs. Hope this helps. [ Michael  Jan 07, 2017 ]
While there are small rubber feet on the bottom to keep the soundbar from moving, they are pretty much flush with the bottom so that the bar is in essence flat against the surface. [ Kay  Jan 04, 2016 ]
There are 4 little rubber feet under the soundbar. They rest on stand, but they do not raise it. Hope that helps! [ STEPHEN  Jan 03, 2016 ]
There are rubber feet that are 1/8" or less on the bottom. They are far enough behind the face of the unit that the speaker appears to sit flat on shelf. [ Ray  Jan 02, 2016 ]
Yes, the bracket is included and works very well. [ STEPHEN  Jan 03, 2016 ]
yes. mine is mounted and there was a bracket set up [ john  Nov 29, 2015 ]
it comes with a wall mount and template to drill holes for the mount. I have mine sitting on stand so can't speak to installation process. Sounds fantastic, however. [ Ray  Nov 29, 2015 ]
Martin Logan is hands down better. [ KEITH  Nov 25, 2013 ]
I bought based on reviews about musical detail, which is important to me, as I also use this system for classical music playback from my Oppo Blu-Ray player. It sounds wonderful! As far as movies-Netflix, TV, I am very happy with the feature/setting on the M-L to bring voice forward more center channel. I have not hear the Bose Systems, but the M-L is BETTER than the $2,000. B&W Soundbar I did compare before buying the M-L. I also did buy the M-L 700 watt wireless Subwoofer, for movie effects, which is amazing! (The bass on the soundbar is just fine, but i wanted the kick-ass for movie soundtracks) Also bought the Panasonic Plasma TV and am very happy to be away from LED after 7 years of a decent Sony....Plasma is AMAZING for movies. [ JONATHAN  Nov 23, 2013 ]
I like the Martin Logan very much. It is very clear and crisp. It has decent bass with out the sub woofer. I would choose it over a Bose of equal value. More bang for the buck! [ ROBERT E  Nov 23, 2013 ]
I can't say how they compare as I haven't heard the latest offerings from Bose. I did a comparison with Zvox and there was no comparison. Granted there's a significant $ difference and the Martin Logan should sound better. It did. IMHO the clarity for TV is superb. I attached a NuForce adapter to stream music from my phone with very satisfying results. Obviously it can't compare to my audiophile system (tube based) especially considering the music source but I think it's great. I found that connecting the soundbar directly to the sources rather than using the TV as the source/switching hub made a notable difference for me. The lack of an Hdmi connection is not an issue for me. [ MILES  Nov 22, 2013 ]

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