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Cerwin-Vega P1500X

2-way 15" powered PA speaker

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Our take on the Cerwin-Vega P1500X

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years. Their P Series powered speakers use the latest technology to deliver powerful performance from rugged, reliable enclosures.

History of innovation

Cerwin Vega has been building audio systems for homes, cars, movie theaters, and concert halls for over 50 years. Their P Series powered speakers use the latest technology to deliver powerful performance from rugged, reliable enclosures.

1500 watts of full-range power

Whether you need a single speaker, a pair of speakers for broader dispersion in a smaller space, a hanging installation for larger venues, or a stage monitor, Cerwin Vega's P1500X powered speaker is ready to deliver all the performance you need. The compact enclosure houses a 1500-watt amplifier driving a 15" woofer and a 1-3/4" high-frequency driver, yet it fits comfortably in the back seat of a car. Try a van load if you want to generate seismic warnings!

Flexible mixing and tone controls

A built-in 3-channel mixer makes setup quick and easy, and you can tune this versatile speaker to any application using the built-in EQ, bass boost, and high-pass filter.  For thunderous full-range sound from a relatively compact system, Cerwin Vega designed the P1800SX subwoofer as a perfect match for the P1500X.

Adaptable setup

The P1500X can be positioned for a variety of different applications. The cabinet can sit directly on the floor as a PA speaker or on its side as a stage monitor. Two sockets allow you to mount the speaker on a standard tripod stand or pole facing straight ahead or aimed down at a slight angle. Wherever you take your sound, the P1500X is ready to go to work..

Product Highlights:

    2-way Powered PA Speaker
    • 15" woofer, 1-3/4" high-frequency compression driver
    • polymer bass-reflex enclosure with flush waveguide and steel grille
    • 1500-watt Class D amplifier
    • maximum SPL: 134 dB
    • maximum output power: 1500 watts dynamic, 540 watts continuous
    • nominal coverage: 90-degrees horizontal, 65-degrees vertical
    • frequency response: 55-23,500 Hz
    Electronic Features
    • 3-channel mixer with level controls
    • switchable high-pass filter, Vega Bass Boost, and Enhanced EQ
    • inputs 1 and 2: NeutrikT XLR/TRS inputs with Mic/Line switch; input 3: dual 1/4" TS inputs
    • through outputs: channels 1, 2 and MIX XLR outputs
    General Features
    • 1-3/8" (35 mm) socket for optional speaker stand with dual-angle feature (0-degrees horizontal or 7-degrees downward)
    • rigging points for hanging or mounting with optional mounting hardware
    • weight: 53 lbs
    • dimensions: 27-1/2"W x 17"H x 13-1/2"D
    • warranty: 3 years
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • Powered PA speaker
    • AC power cord
    • Manual

    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Drivers per speaker 2
    Woofer Size (inches) 15
    Tweeter Size (inches) 1.75
    System Frequency response 55-20.5kHz
    Maximum SPL 134
    RMS Power rating 540
    Program Power rating ---
    Peak Power rating 1500
    Mic Inputs XLR/1/4" (2)
    Line Inputs XLR/1/4" (2), 2x 1/4
    Tone Controls Y
    Width (inches) 17
    Height (inches) 27-1/2
    Depth (inches) 13-1/2
    Weight 53 lbs

    Product Research


    Two-Way/Bi-Amped Speaker: The Cerwin-Vega P1500X is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker. It employs a 15" woofer and a 1.75" high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom 1500W Class-D amplifier. A proprietary hemi-conical horn provides premium sound clarity over an even and wide coverage area.

    Rugged Enclosure: The enclosure is built of a lightweight, robust polymer featuring integrated ribs for durability and resonant free performance. The enclosure also includes a steel-mesh grille and comfortable ergonomic handles.

    Inputs/Outputs: The P1500X offers a variety of inputs and outputs for different sound reinforcement applications.

    • 3 Inputs: Both, Input 1 & 2 feature a balanced combination input which allows for either XLR or1/4" TRS cable types. Input 1 & 2 can be set to Mic (2kohm) or Line (40kohm). Input 3 consists of a pair of 1/4" TS unbalanced input jacks for stereo connection, such as a keyboard or media device. Both Input 3 jacks  are summed into one mono signal
    • Outputs: The balanced XLR "THRU 1" & "THRU 2" outputs are parallel connections to the respective Input 1 and Input 2 channels. The level controls for Input 1 and Input 2 will not affect the signal on the direct output connection. The "Mixer Out" is a balanced XLR output that is a sum of all three input channels. This output is not affected by changes to the Main Volume knob or the custom features, but is affected by the levels set on each channel level knob. This connection is designed to provide an output which combines all three input channels together for connecting to another P1500X powered speaker or a recording device.

    Mixer Controls:  The Cerwin-Vega P1500X's mixer controls enable exact tuning and exceptional performance for any sound reinforcement application.

    • Volume: The main volume knob increase the overall output of the powered speaker. Volume is increased in a clockwise rotation and decreased in a counter-clockwise rotation.
    • Input Level: Each level knob adjusts the gain level on the respective input signal. The full clock-wise position (MAX) sets the gain level to maximum whereas a full counter-clockwise (MIN) position sets the gain level to the minimum "MUTE" level. It is recommended to set each level knob to the middle position and the main volume knob to the MIN or fully counterclockwise position when first connecting the system.
    • Enhanced EQ: The ENHANCED EQ switch adjusts the contour of the overall frequency response and attenuates the mid-range frequencies which helps increase focus on the low and high frequencies while potentially reducing feedback. This feature is ideal for situations where an external mixer or EQ device is not available or playback only situations such as mobile DJ's. It is recommended that users listen to their system with this switch both on or off to determine what is best for their needs.
    • Vega Bass Boost: Engaging the VEGA BASS BOOST switch to "ON" adds low frequency gain to the signal and dynamically adjusts the low-frequency response based on the speaker volume level. Leaving the switch "OFF" and engaging the High Pass Filter is recommended when using the P1500X with a subwoofer. When using the P1500X with the P1800X subwoofer it is also recommended to engage the HPF THRU & LPF SUB switch on the P1800X for the best performance.
    • High Pass Filter: When engaged to "ON", the HIGH PASS FILTER (HPF) switch attenuates overall frequency output below 80Hz. This is recommended to reduce stage rumble when the speaker is used as a floor monitor or in situations where low frequencies need to be attenuated such as in combination with a subwoofer.

    Status Indicators: The P1500X features LEDs to indicate Power, Signal, Clip, Limiter, and Protect status. 

    • Power: The POWER indicator (green) will illuminate when power is properly applied to the P1500X and the main power switch is ON".
    • Signal: The SIGNAL indicator is illuminated when there is an audio signal present with a level greater than -30dBu, approximately the lowest level before a MUTE condition.
    • Clip: The CLIP indicator is illuminated when the audio signal is clipping and adjustments must be made to avoid amplifier shutdown and poor sound quality. Adjustments to prevent clipping are made by reducing the input signal gain/level on the appropriate channel or reducing the volume level on your audio source, if possible.
    • Limiter: The LIMITER indicator (yellow) will illuminate when the P1500X automatically reduces the sound output to prevent damage to the speaker. While the P1500X is producing sound, it is suggested to reduce the volume level so the LIMITER indicator does not illuminate. Continuing use of the P1500X while this indicator is illuminated may result in a protect condition where no sound can be produced. Note, upon initial power up the indicator will blink. This is normal behavior as it will indicate the firmware version in the unit.
    • Protect: The PROTECT indicator (red) will illuminate when the P1500X automatically places itself into a condition where sound output is shutoff. This condition may be the result of excessive limiting, an excessive heat condition, or a low voltage condition. These conditions all can cause significant damage to the product.

    Mounting Options: The Cerwin-Vega P1500x's angle-adjustable pole mount socket, side-wedge shaped enclosure, and M10-threaded suspension points support a variety of permanent and portable setups.

    • Studio Monitor: The P1500X can be used as a floor monitor by laying the cabinet on its side at a fixed 45-degree angle toward the performers. It is recommended to engage the High Pass Filter which cuts low frequencies to minimize any low frequency bass-coupling or stage rumble between the loudspeaker and the stage platform. Be sure that the P1500X and cables are not located where they can become a tripping hazard. It is recommended to use right angle XLR or right angle 1/4" jacks where possible to avoid cable binding between the loudspeaker and stage platform.
    • Pole Mounting: The P1500X has two different pole mounting angles; level and 7.5-degrees down. This allows the loudspeaker to be adjusted to an angle that provides optimal audience coverage. For example, a loudspeaker placed on a raised stage platform may have the pole mount adjusted to 7.5-degrees downward so the front audience will not be missed. Adjust the pole mount angle on the loudspeaker before it is placed onto a pole. On the bottom of the loudspeaker is a rotating disc with two tabs and a position indicator. Use the two tabs to rotate the disc so that the position indicator is aligned with either 0 (level) or 7.5 (angle downwards). Be sure the disc "clicks" into place and cannot rotate freely.
    • Suspension Points: The P1500X suspension points are M10 threads with a depth of 25mm. Two suspension points are located on each handle (top for vertical orientation and on the side for horizontal orientation) as well as two pull-back points located on the rear of the unit.

    Applications: The Cerwin-Vega P1500X is well suited for almost any sound reinforcement application, from live performances to DJ gigs, as well as public speaking engagements.  The P1500X is a versatile product that can be used as a single speaker for a small venue, set in pairs, daisy-chained, or paired with a powered sub for a larger venue needing more coverage and SPL.

    • Single: A single P1500X powered speaker can be used to reinforce sound for a wide variety of performances. For example, a vocal microphone, an acoustic-electric guitar, and either a keyboard or media player can be connected to the speaker. Each individual channel volume can be adjusted to create the right balance while the main volume knob controls the overall audience volume.
    • Stereo: A second P1500X loudspeaker can easily be added using a standard XLR/mic cable. A two speaker system can cover a wider audience and situations where more volume is needed. To add a second P1500X loudspeaker, connect the Mix Output of the first speaker to Input 1 or Input2 on the second speaker then set the level and main volume to an appropriate setting on the first speaker. Be aware that the main volume on the first speaker will not change the volume on the second speaker so make sure to set the input and main volume knobs to similar settings.
    • Add A Sub: For demanding applications where even greater bass response is ideal, adding subwoofers to a pair of P1500X speakers is a great idea. Your audio source is connected to Input 1 on the P1800SX subwoofer (sold separately) and then the signal is linked to the P1500X speakers by using the P1800SX Thru 1 outputs.
    • Daisy Chained: Some events may require several P1500X speakers spread across a long distance or a large stage front to provide adequate sound reinforcement for the entire audience. Since there are multiple sources, the loop out from the mix output should be used to daisy-chain to the next P1500X and then use the thru-out from the second speaker onward.

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