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Phorus PS5

Powered speaker with DTS Play-Fi® and Bluetooth®

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Our take on the Phorus PS5

After a trial run at my house, I found the Phorus PS5 an accessible first step into the world of whole-home audio. On its own, it's a great powered speaker. Designed by the digital sound specialists at DTS, it packs an impressive sonic punch and plays music wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or Windows® PC.

in room setting

The Phorus PS5 lets you add wireless music to any (and every) room

Easy multi-room music powered by Play-Fi

After a trial run at my house, I found the Phorus PS5 an accessible first step into the world of whole-home audio. On its own, it's a great powered speaker. Designed by the digital sound specialists at DTS, it packs an impressive sonic punch and plays music wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or Windows® PC.

But thanks to a technology called DTS Play-Fi®, the PS5 is the start of much more. You can add compatible Play-Fi wireless speakers to more rooms in your home. Then, you can listen to the same song throughout your house, or a different tune in every room.

From our Phorus PS5 wireless speaker and PR5 wireless receiver review:

A quick and effortless way to add music to any room...This single speaker handled the complex, sometimes erratic bass line of the new D'Angelo album. A bass port in the back really lifted the low end. The mids, where a lot of the vocals and guitar riffs live, were pretty convincing too.

— Jeff Miller, Crutchfield A/V Writer

Setup and control on your phone or tablet

Download the free Phorus Play-Fi app and you're ready to use the PS5 in mere minutes. It's available for Android™, iOS®, and Kindle Fire, along with Windows PC operating systems. Use the app to control your music selection, playback, and volume.

Great sound from a wide selection of digital music

Play-Fi gives you easy access to audio files you have stored on computers, music servers, and mobile devices across your network, including high-quality lossless files. There's support for Spotify, Pandora®, TIDAL, and SiriusXM. Plus, you can choose from over 37,000 free Internet radio streams, for a nearly endless supply of music and other programming.

The PS5 speaker connects to your home network via dual-band Wi-Fi®, reducing drop-outs and interference when playing your music. A dual-core digital signal processor and a pair of Class D amplifiers deliver your tunes with rich sound.

Mix and match speakers in other rooms

With Play-Fi, you can create a simple yet flexible multi-room audio system. Play-Fi allows you to send the same song to multiple components and speakers, play a different song in every room, or let each member of the family control speakers independently with their own device. Best of all, the Phorus PS5 can work with other Play-Fi devices from other manufacturers. That means you can mix and match different brands of wireless speakers and components, offering more flexibility than closed systems.

Built-in Bluetooth with aptX® and Apple® AirPlay®

Along with Play-Fi, the PS5 includes Bluetooth, so you can listen to the sound from virtually any mobile app, including streaming music services, games, YouTube videos, and more. It's also a great way to let guests quickly pair up their own mobile device and share their music. You also get aptX audio coding, an advanced type of Bluetooth wireless streaming that retains virtually all the detail of the audio signal it carries.

The PS5 is also AirPlay-compatible, for convenient wireless playback from your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or computer running iTunes®.

Product Highlights:

  • Play-Fi® lets you stream music via Wi-Fi from your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, or Windows PC
    • plays MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV files; sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz (downsamples high-resolution PCM files to 16-bit/48kHz)
    • not compatible with protected files with digital rights management (DRM)
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming with aptX® audio coding for high-fidelity sound with compatible devices
  • Apple® AirPlay® lets you stream music wirelessly from your iPod touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, or computer
  • supports Spotify® Connect, Pandora®, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime, TIDAL, SiriusXM, and thousands of free Internet radio stations (subscription required for some services)
  • DLNA support for streaming music from compatible networked computers and NAS drives
  • multi-zone synchronous playback (same music plays in multiple zones simultaneously) or multi-stream playback (music individually selected for each player)
  • free, downloadable app for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • dual-band Wi-Fi allows connection to your wireless home network and wireless communication with other Play-Fi devices
  • plays MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV files; sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • advanced dual-core digital signal processor
  • two Class D amplifiers
  • USB port to recharge smartphones and other compatible devices
  • USB type A to micro USB cable included
  • minijack auxiliary input other portable music devices
  • 802.11g/n Wi-Fi router required for multi-room streaming
  • 802.11b Wi-Fi router can stream to one Play-Fi device
  • 11-3/16"W x 3"H x 2-5/16"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • DTS Play-FI speaker
  • AC power adapter (w/ attached 57" DC cord)
  • 3 AC plug inserts (US/EU/UK)
  • 15" microUSB-to-USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

WoW, they look nice & sound great. I got 2 of them. The 1st one was easy set up, but the 2nd one gave me a lot of trouble. After I got a free down load fix from Phorus, I used a USB drive & plugged it into the back of the speaker. After a few minutes, the speaker was working fine.

KEITH, Dayton, NV


Phorus PS5 Reviews

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Good looking speaker

KEITH from Dayton, NV on 1/25/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

WoW, they look nice & sound great. I got 2 of them. The 1st one was easy set up, but the 2nd one gave me a lot of trouble. After I got a free down load fix from Phorus, I used a USB drive & plugged it into the back of the speaker. After a few minutes, the speaker was working fine.

Pros: Small size but tons of sound.

Cons: The wall plug-in side of the power cord is too fat and bulky. Now our book case sits away from the wall 2 1/2". I might cut a hole in the back of the book case. :(

Speakers don't work with Apple wi-fi routers

Rob from Boulder, CO on 1/17/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

While these speakers say that they are AirPlay compatible, I never could get these speakers to work in our house with an Airport Extreme wi-fi router and using AirPlay. Phorus uses DTS Play-FI technology and when you look closely at the DTS Play-FI tech site it says that the protocol does not work with all wi-fi routers and lists both Airport Extreme and Airport Express as incompatible. I only found that out after spending several hours trying to get these speakers to work and doing my own research since the documentation from Phorus is non-existent. Very Frustrating! Phorus documentation on the speaker is terrible, their customer support did not return any of my calls, and after I returned the speakers to Crutchfield finally got an email from Phorus (5 days after initial contact). Crutchfield tech support was great and they too thought that the issue was the Apple router and they will help me find a wi-fi speaker that actually works ?? Also never could get the speaker to work even via blue tooth pairing either. Buy some other speakers!

Pros: looks nice

Cons: Doesn't work with Apple routers... NEVER worked for me.

Crutchfield response on 2/1/2017 Thanks for your review, Rob. I'm sorry this didn't work out. We're checking with DTS to see if there are any router specifications that we should add to our web presentation.

Great speaker, Exceeded Expectations!

MR.B from New Jersey on 11/16/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking at much more expensive solution from Sonos when I checked out the Polk and Phorus speakers. I liked the way Play-Fi allows me to use different brands together so I wasn't tied into just one brand (like Sonos) for the rest of my life. I have the polk speaker playing in my Living Room and Phorus in my kitchen. Set up was less than 5 minutes and I was streaming in both rooms with no echo or delay between them (none that I could notice anyway). I look forward to expanding to more rooms in the future!! Great product!

Pros: - Great Sound in sleek unobtrusive design. - ability to use Wifi and sync with other speakers. - control volumes independently (instead of blasting speakers to hear in the other room) - Easy Peasy set up

Cons: - I would love a true outdoor speaker, like a rock or landscape speaker that I could tie in. - No handsfree calling. The unit has Bluetooth, but it looks like that is just for content in, not calling features

Phorus PS5 speaker with Play Fi

JMM from California on 6/17/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Phorus Ps5 is a terrific way to overhauled and upgrade your home's audio experience. The speaker has huge range for its compact design and for factor. Super easy to install. You will love the sound and flexibility. Just plug it in and configure with your smartphone. The price is right and the results are amazing.

Pros: Small and powerful, wonderful tone and range. Love the remote control via smartphone.

Cons: None

Solid speaker, easy to use

MikeW from New York, NY on 3/18/2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The PS5 stands out as a super-versatile, easy to use & set up, and good-sounding speaker. Built-in AirPlay with iOS/Apple devices (and iTunes on a PC) is what sold me on it, and I'm overall very satisfied with the product. The sound quality is good -- but it does give off sound like I'd expect a speaker of that size to generate. Well, maybe a little better. The Phorus app does allow for two speakers to be connected in stereo. I'd imagine the sound is much fuller with multiple speakers hooked up. I'm seriously considering getting a second.

Pros: Super easy to set up and use; Apple/iOS AirPlay integration; Wi-Fi connectivity; Play-Fi open standard; Internet radio & Pandora playlist integration in app; Ability to access content from a media server on same network; small size; no need to buy main controller unit -- it's all controlled via the app

Cons: Sound quality is a bit lacking. It sounds like a smaller speaker that's a fairly directional -- not room-filling like a Bose (but heck, it's a fraction of the price of a Bose)


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Premium Sound: The Phorus PS5 DTS Play-Fi Speaker features two neodymium transducers powered by dual class D digital amplifiers with an advanced dual-core digital signal processor for dynamic sound that is rich, detailed, and clear at any volume level. A rear-firing port aids in greater efficiency and better bass response.

Dual Band WiFi: The Phorus DTS Play-Fi Speaker features built-in Dual Band WiFi and connects to your home's existing wireless network router. Your router should be WiFi certified (802.11 g/n; 2.4GHz + 5.0GHz). For good performance use a router with 802.11g. For best performance use a router with 802.11n technology. There are two methods for connecting the Play-Fi Speaker to your home network.

  • WiFi Setup Via App: You can perform WiFi setup via the Play-Fi App on your smartphone. Using the app, you can setup multiple Play-Fi Devices (Speakers and/or Receivers) at once.
  • WiFi Setup Via WPS: You can also perform WiFi setup via the WPS button on the speaker, if your router also supports WPS. This type of setup limits you to only connecting one Play-Fi device at a time.

DTS Play-Fi + Wolfson DAC: The Phorus PS5 Speaker employs DTS Play-Fi Wireless Technology and a premium Wolfson DAC for wireless sound that is reliable and high-quality.

  • DTS Play-Fi: DTS Play-Fi combines DTS audio and WiFi to wirelessly stream high-definition "lossless" audio with no impact on sound quality. DTS Play-Fi will stream pure, bit-for-bit, lossless audio, for uncompromised quality sound (up to 100').
  • Wolfson DAC: The PR5 utilizes a premium Wolfson DAC that will support music files ranging from MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WAV; up to 24-bit/192kHz for high-resolution sound.

Play-Fi App: The Play-Fi App for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows automatically indexes your music library, and offers integrated support for select streaming music services with crystal-clear lossless audio quality. The app offers built-in streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify Connect, SiriusXM, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Songza, Rhapsody, & Internet radio. Or play music files from your music library on a Windows PC, DLNA music server, Apple iOS device, or Android smartphone/tablet.

  • Android Play-Fi App: The Play-Fi app for Android requires an Android smartphone with OS 2.2 or above.
  • Apple iOS Play-Fi App: The Play-Fi app for Apple iOS requires an Apple iOS device with iOS 6.0 or better.
  • Windows Play-Fi App: The Play-Fi app for Windows requires a Windows PC with Windows 7 or 8 (32-/64-bit). There is also an upgraded Play-Fi HD version of the app available for purchase, which provides even better wireless sound quality.

Multi-Room or Stereo Configuration: Add more DTS Play-Fi enabled speakers for a stereo pair in one room and/or multi-room application.

  • Multi-Room Configuration: Adding more DTS Play-Fi enabled speakers lets you hear music throughout your home or office with perfect synchronization (up to 16 DTS Play-Fi devices can be combined in one multiroom system). Choose a single speaker in one room, group speakers together in zones, or link all your speakers together for a whole-home listening experience. You can stream the same audio or different audio to each speaker, group, or whole-house. You can also control the volume of each DTS Play-Fi speaker independently, control the volume of a group of speakers, or use a master volume control to set the level throughout the house. All of this can be done from the Play-Fi app installed on your Apple iOS device, Android smartphone/tablet, or Windows PC.
  • Stereo Pair: You can configure two PS5 speakers to work together in one room as a stereo pair; one as the left speaker and one as the right speaker. Stereo pairing can be done from the app on your Apple iOS device, Android smartphone/tablet, or Windows PC.

Note: All DTS Play-Fi enabled products work seamlessly together, so there's no hassle adding more speakers, or choosing more than one audio brand (like Phorus, Polk Audio, Definitive Technology, Wren, etc..) in your home.

AirPlay for Mac or PC: AirPlay lets you stream music directly from your iTunes library on your Windows PC or Mac computer to the Play-Fi Speaker over your home's wireless network connection. By downloading Apple's free Remote App onto your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad you don't even need to be in the same room as the Play-Fi Speaker or your computer to play, pause, skip, and stop the songs in your iTunes music library. To use the AirPlay feature you need a Mac computer or Windows-based PC running iTunes (10.1 or later) connected to your wireless home network. Your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad must have iOS 4.3 or later installed, along with the free Remote App installed.

Note: AirPlay audio can only be streamed to one device and cannot be used for multi-room audio.

Bluetooth Music Streaming: The Play-Fi PS5 Speaker also supports wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled audio devices. Using Bluetooth (v2.1+EDR) A2DP, any application on the Bluetooth device including cloud-based libraries, Internet radio, and other music services can be streamed to the Play-Fi PS5 Speaker. In addition to support for the standard SBC Bluetooth audio codec, the PR5 offers support for AAC and aptX codecs for higher quality audio streaming from select Apple & Android devices.

  • AAC: By supporting AAC, the PS5 offers better audio performance of the music streamed from your Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad.
  • aptX: aptX audio coding technology provides even better sound quality with lossless, CD-quality streaming for compatible aptX-compatible smartphones, like many Android smartphones with OS 4.0+, plus many Mac computers.
Note: Bluetooth audio can only be streamed to one device and cannot be used for multi-room audio.

Aux Input: In addition to wireless connectivity, the Phorus PS5 Speaker is fitted with a rear-panel 3.5mm auxiliary input for connection of almost any portable audio player with a headphone output. Audio from the Aux Input cannot be used for multi-room audio.

USB Charging Port: The PS1 is also capable of recharging the battery of your smartphone or tablet device through the speaker's rear-panel USB (type-A) port. This USB port does not support audio playback.

Integrated Smartphone/Tablet Stand: The Phorus PS5 Speaker features an integrated smartphone/tablet stand which will hold a variety of Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in a landscape or portrait orientation.

AC Power: The Phorus Play-Fi PS5 operates off of standard household current using the included AC power adapter.

  • Input: 100-240V ~ 0.65A
  • Output: 12V - 2A

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Why did you buy this?

You are able to plug these speakers in for power, and not have to worry about your battery being charged. [ Keith  Dec 26, 2016 ]
Only one that seemed to be compatible with AirPlay. [ jakie  Dec 15, 2016 ]
because it's one of few sleek inexpensive AirPlay speakers [ JAN  Jul 07, 2016 ]

2 questions already asked

You can control them both from the Play-Fi app when both are connected to the same network. The PS-5 is self-powered (built-in amplification) so it does not connect to a receiver/amplifier like a conventional passive speaker. [ Ryan  Dec 09, 2017 ]  Staff
speaker will automatically connect your Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone will connect your most extreme to your speaker automatically. The Phorus iPhone app is fabulous [ John  Sep 18, 2015 ]
There is no stand on the unit, you really don't need it. With Bluetooth, your smartphone or tablet can sit on a desk or table anywhere in the room that is convenient. [ JOHN  Jun 29, 2015 ]