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DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

HDMI video processor

23 Reviews | 3 questions - 24 answers

Item # 890DVP5KS

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Our take on the DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Want to improve your HDTV picture quality wihout investing in a new 4K TV? The DarbeeVision DVP-5000S video processor does exactly that. It applies powerful video processing to enhance the detail and depth of any video source, whether it's high-definition Blu-ray or standard-def cable or satellite TV signals. And although its design is highly advanced, the DVP-5000S is super easy to hook up and use.

Get a better-looking picture — instantly

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S video processing

Darbee processing emphasizes fine details and enhances the sense of visual depth.

Want to improve your HDTV picture quality wihout investing in a new 4K TV? The DarbeeVision DVP-5000S video processor does exactly that. It applies powerful video processing to enhance the detail and depth of any video source, whether it's high-definition Blu-ray or standard-def cable or satellite TV signals. And although its design is highly advanced, the DVP-5000S is super easy to hook up and use.

This is the smallest video processor we've ever seen — about the size of a chubby smartphone. Connections are simple: one HDMI input and one HDMI output, plus a power jack for the AC wall wart. Just connect an HDMI cable between your video source and the DVP-5000's input, and another HDMI cable between the DVP-5000S's output and your TV or projector.

If you use an A/V receiver in your system, you can use the DVP-5000S to enhance all the video sources connected to your receiver by inserting this processor between the receiver's HDMI output and your display.

Go beyond basic "sharpness" and "detail" controls

Most TVs and Blu-ray players come with their own picture controls, labeled "sharpness" or "detail", but those controls are crude and low-tech compared to the latest Darbee Visual Presence™ V 2.0 video processing found in the DVP-5000S. This custom algorithm analyzes images, detecting areas with dark/light transitions, then increases contrast between lighter and darker details within the image to emphasize fine details and create an enhanced sense of visual depth.

This powerfully precise approach enables the DVP-5000S to enhance image quality without adding noise or "halos," or altering overall color, contrast, or black level. The effect is adjustable, and there's a split-screen demo mode for easy before/after comparisons, so you can dial in exactly the level of visible improvement you desire. A remote control is included for tweaking the image from the comfort of your couch.

DarbeeVision processing is so effective that Oppo, builder of extremely high-performance Blu-ray players, created a "Darbee Edition" of their flagship BDP-105 player. That's pretty high praise in our book.

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Product Highlights:

  • video processor enhances picture detail, contrast and depth
  • supports all standard- and high-definition video resolutions up to 1080p, and also supports 3D video up to 1080p
  • installs between any HDMI-compatible video source and display
  • on-screen menu to access controls
  • Darbee Visual Presence™ V 2.0 technology emphasizes fine details and enhances the sense of picture depth
  • video processing effect is adjustable, and includes bypass mode
  • High Def, Gaming, and Full Pop picture presets
  • one set of HDMI connections (in/out)
  • HDMI 1.4 compliant
  • remote control
  • AC power adapter included
  • 1.5-meter HDMI cable included
  • 7-5/8"W x 3/4"H x 2-1/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • HDMI video processor
  • AC power adapter (w/ attached 47" DC cord)
  • 4 AC plug inserts (US/AU/UK/EU)
  • Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 59" HDMI cable
  • 5' IR extender cable
  • "Congratulations" card

i have top of line Samsung tv,it has a great picture,but the darbee has improved the sharpness of the tv.i am very pleased with this purchase through crutchfield, at a very good price.

Anonymous, wisconsin dells


DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(23 Reviews)

Great Addition To My Home Theater

Johnny from Columbia, SC on 12/29/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was thinking about upgrading my BenQ projector from a 720p to a 1080p, but after adding the DarbeeVision DVP-5000S, I don't feel the need to. The product has greatly increased my home theater viewing. And the the updated version looks much better then the clear case which the old version had. I have friends who also have home theater setups, and I've recommended the DarbeeVision to them. I also read a few customers comments about only having one HDMI hookup, I purchased a HDMI switching box, which eliminated that problem.

Pros: Sharper picture feed from my computer to my projector.

Cons: None

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Anonymous from wisconsin dells on 12/12/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i have top of line Samsung tv,it has a great picture,but the darbee has improved the sharpness of the tv.i am very pleased with this purchase through crutchfield, at a very good price.



DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Joseph from Bronx, NY on 12/5/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Had it for two weeks. Unbelievable! Don't know how it increases clarity, blacks, brings out small hidden details, color palette, etc without the grain, harshness and over saturation accompanied by increasing the user settings in one's set. Just turn it on and off to see the noticeable difference even with Blu-ray. It brings new life to cable, DVDs remastered properly and even adds quality to my DVRs recorded from cable. I own a Sony KD50W800b (purchased through Crutchfield) and was very happy with the picture quality. Was only surfing the web searching for tips on recommended 3D settings when by chance came across the darbee. So glad I did!

Pros: Like getting a new set.

Cons: None

This litttle device works

Anonymous from Chester, VA on 11/29/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was looking to upgrade to a 75 inch 4k TV for my family room which would be mainly be used for TV viewing so I really didn't need the 4k. Now days for the LED you either have to go with a TV with a ISP panel for a larger viewing angle but limited blacks and contrast or for a VA panel that has darker blacks and much better contrast however you have limited viewing angle of only 20%, so I really couldn't find a TV that fit all of my needs . So I thought I would try this first to see if it really helped. This little device made my 5 year old 73 inch DLP Mitsubishi come back to life - I would say it improve the Picture quality by at least 15% - Giving the picture more detail and it seems to be a clearer picture -

Pros: Set up is easy and simple

Cons: None

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Anonymous from Denver, CO on 11/22/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Its a pretty good product it does exactly what it says it does but im still not convinced it was worth money.



DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Anonymous from Tampa, FL on 11/11/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S is a great addition to my home theater system. The level of detail is awesome! It is simple to set up and the remote is easy to use. I would recommend this to any Videophile who is looking to increase the viewing experience to a new level.



Breath new life back into your tv/projector

Michael from Greenwood, IN on 11/6/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I've been an avid home theater DIY for 10+ years. It's always the goal to get the best picture and sound for your given budget. My current PT AE 8000U had lost its luster over the last 1 1/2 of use and I have looked at the version one darbee with skepticism due to its cheap appearance alone. When the DVP 5000 came out it appeared they had up'd their game in build quality so for 1/2 the cost of a new bulb I ordered one. Easy install and the results blew me way to describe it would be its crisper with better detail and more "vivid". This was well worth the purchase and I have no regrets other than not trying darbee sooner. Highly recommend this product.

Pros: Small, easily installed, easy controls with side by side comparison on screen, wide adjustments to fit your personal preference.

Cons: None

WOW - DarbeeVision Really Works!

Tom from Minneapolis, MN on 10/3/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This product really does what it says it will do. With the proper setting, images are much sharper, crisper, and more 3D-looking. The image gets better after the unit is used for a week or two (in my opinion). I would like one of these for every TV I own (actually ordered a second one because I was so impressed). Play with the settings to find the image that looks best to you.

Pros: Makes Blu-ray look even better!

Cons: None

Dar-Bee Excellent!

CJU from Southampton, PA on 9/19/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Darbee was recommended by a good friend and I'm glad he did. This brings that little "Extra" to my already wonderful Cinema Experience!

Pros: Small and inconspicuous. Looks cool. Does what is advertised.

Cons: A little bit pricey but worth it!

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Anonymous from Wisconsin on 9/12/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this for my dad and he is in love with it!




Poppy from Elizabethtown, PA on 8/24/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)


Pros: Turns my 4K into an u believable picture.

Cons: None

Problem could have been avoided with propper information.

Cableman. from West Chester, PA on 8/11/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought two DVP-5000S units and returned them within a few weeks of use because of loss of the video signal. I discussed the issue with DarbeeVision and gathered that the length of the HDMI cables was a critical issue. They recommend lengths between 5ft. and 20ft, keeping the output cable as short as possible. I was able to place a new DVP-5000S next to my front projector and used a 26ft. cable to connect the output from my controller/amplifier to the input jack of the DVP-5000S ; a1ft. cable connected the output from the DVP-5000S to the projector's input. This setup works well and I have not experienced further loss of the video signal.

Pros: Works well with good effect.

Cons: Lack of helpful information from the manufacturer. A short explanatory insert would be helpful.

DarbeeVision DVP5000S

Dan from Chicago on 8/6/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very easy to set up and adjust. It was very noticeable - the improvement in the picture as you engaged the unit. Because you can insert it between your receiver and the TV you can improve the picture of any device you switch to through your receiver.

Pros: Very easy to set up. Comes with HDMI cable. Noticeable picture improvement! Great price through Crutchfield.

Cons: None that I have observed.


Kingdavid from New York, NY on 7/26/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding product, especially with recent price reduction.

Pros: Increases picture quality and depth.

Cons: None

Great product

Tampa_ray from Tampa, FL on 7/19/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was hesitant to buy this product, but Darbee really works. I am using the Darbee with a Mitsubishi DLP and it gave the tv a new life, you can see some details that weren't there bebore. It's one of those things that one's you have it you won't want to give it back.

Pros: Make a great pic

Cons: You are going to be turning the darbee on and off to see the difference.


ND21 from Beulah, ND on 6/20/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was not impressed with this unit at all. Initially I had problems with signal drop between the Roku, darbee, and projector. Changing HDMI cables, trying different tvs and projectors and blue ray players. Finally I was able to get the signal to stay on long enough to try to adjust the darbee to see a difference. I think it adds artificial artifacts to the image that don't really help the image detail. The contrast and color differences were very minimal. It seemed like a lot to pay for such a small change. The signal started dropping after about 10 minutes of trying to adjust and I had my fill of messing with this unit. Maybe I just received a lemon.


Cons: constant signal drop, and very minimal improvement

Subtle improvement

Swinosan from Seattle, WA on 5/26/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Can definately see a difference in the picture on my tv. But the effects are subtle. Does require a little experimintation to get the best results for your set up. This unit is obviously well made and easy to hook up and use. I especially like the 2 demo modes built in. It allows you to see what you are actually accomplishing. With the small logo in the lower right hand corner telling you the percentage setting there is no guess work on settings for various video sources. This logo can also be turned off in the settings. All in all a very well designed and useful tool to try to get a better picture and tv experience for a cheaper price then buying new 4k tv.

Pros: Easy to install and use. Fun to experiment with. Does improve picture in small subtle ways. Unit is very small. Good remote.

Cons: None that I hav eperienced so far

Darbee DVP-5000S review

Joseph from Chicago, IL on 5/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Subtle differences. The Darbee did help my old PIoneer projector get a better picture

Pros: improved sharpness. more details are revealed.


Darbee DVP-5000S

John W from Baltimore, MD on 4/7/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Darbee DVP-5000S provide subtle improvement in picture quality, depth and vibrancy of colors. I have an OPPO Blu-Ray player with Darbee and wanted the Darbee experience for satellite TV viewing. I have the Darbee running through a 2013 Panasonic Plasma TV which is standard HD and the improvement is both subtle , in part because the Plasma TV is not as bright as a LED, and dramatic. Very pleased with the Darbee DVP5000S. Have it set at 70%.

Pros: Very easy to set-up and once set-up, no fuss. Great remote.

Cons: The key word is subtle difference, especially with color depth and depth perception. The only other issue is that this technology is not built into HD and 4K TVs which is miss by the TV manufacturers.

Worked as advertised

Doc from Akron, OH on 4/4/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Bought this product on advice from folks at Crutchfield. I was able to install the product in under 5 minutes and it worked well. The image quality of my LED TV improved dramatically with this product turned on. It is super easy to use with the included remote.

Pros: Worked as advertised

Cons: The only ding I can give this product is the tiny mounting stickie that was sent with the unit was worthless. There was no gummy side on the back side of the pad and thus the IR mount kept falling off every couple of minutes. Had to mount the IR using my own design.


DJS from Port Isabel, TX on 4/3/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding- and wish I had purchased this earlier.. I have a great HD TV hooked to both DirectTV and my BluRay---along with a great soundbar which is hooked up by optical cable... So the set up for this took 5 minutes.... Took the tv HDMI from the actual TV ( that was running to the Direct TV receiver) and instead hook that to the Darbee out--Then with their supplied HDMI cable---hook to the Darbee in and then to the Direct TV receiver and also plug the Darbee in.. I called Darbee and their rep uses a 70 plus setting. At that level I felt it was too strong---so I set it to 30. You have the ability with the remote to go from 1 to well over 100. For me---at 30----my picture now has a depth that was not there before. The image is even sharper... Amazing on some movies I may have already seen many times---I am watching them as if this is a 4k set.... Like most I have held off getting a 4 k set----until all the channels that are now in 1080----become 4 k... This is still 2 years or so away.. In the meantime spend a few extra bucks and your set's picture---no matter the brand----will improve dramatically. I bought this somewhat skeptical, even so after reading Sound and Vision's very positive review of the old Darbee... This new brand----is awesome. I opted as always to buy from Crutchfield---just in case this product was not exceptional---and I could return it. But it is exceptional and it won't be going back.

Pros: Already stated.... Image depth ( almost 3d---but without the glasses)- image contrast and sharpness. The ability to quickly adjust from 0 to 100 plus ---with the remote.... You will find some movies at 70----truly pop... Some just need the 25 setting. There is no effect on the settings that you already have dialed into---your set---so they stay as you had set them.... There is no worry of a voice lag issue. This product simply improves the picture in degrees you will not believe.

Cons: The only con is that---there is only 1 HDMI....I am not running my system thru an AV receiver..... So my Darbee is hooked up to my Direct TV---which is 95 % of what I watch. To use it on my Blu ray---with my set up---I would have to unhook the Direct TV---and hook into the Blu Ray... For me---this would be easy---based on the fact that my Direct TV receiver sits on top of my Blu Ray. For some---with a more complicated set up---this may not be so easy.

Noticeable if not marginal improvement...

Erik from Honolulu, HI on 4/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Simple setup, does exactly what it says. I have an old 1080p sony 65" and it helped the picture and details/depth a bit (creates illusion of depth for example blades of grass look more defined etc.). I think if you have the right application for this product, such as a lot of people with projectors use this i've heard, then i don't think you can come away too disappointed. As other reviews have stated the amount of processing you choose depends on your source, setup, and personal taste...too much and it can look overprocessed. I never experienced audio lag as some people have stated. Overall product works and I am satisfied; maybe when they iron out oled technology and more 4k and hdr content I will most definitely upgrade my tv, and I'm sure Darbee will come out with some new tech also, but for now this Darbee box helps a little to hold me over.

Pros: simple and works

Cons: only one hdmi in and out. when changing sources need to manually adjust accordingly.

Great Improvements.

Joe from Tampa, FL on 1/31/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had and really liked the first generation Darbee Darblet. I had three complaints about the first generation product, this version has addressed two of them. The first unit looked way to get around it. This unit is small, sleeker and made of much nicer materials. It shows. First generation had a cheap credit card remote, the new remote is much nicer. Good job, Darbee, on these two significant improvements. Darbee left the HDMI input and output on the sides which I find to be inconvenient for placement in my systems. I would prefer they all be on the rear. Operation is pretty much as before, I generally keep mine on HiDef 50%, but there are lots of options with the various settings. This model supposedly uses second generation video processing antilogarithms. I don't doubt that, but my eyes can't see the difference. Purists might object to the Darblet altering anything from the original material. With the settings I use, I find the improvement to be subtle, but noticeable.

Pros: Quality materials and appearance. Nicer remote

Cons: HDMI input/output still on sides


Hands-on research

Product Research


HDMI Video Processor: The Darbee DVP-5000S is an external HDMI video processor which significantly increases clarity and depth of standard- and high-definition video signals (up to 1080p) through Darbee Visual Presence V.2.0 technology.

  • How It Works: The image processing is done intra-frame so that no large buffer memory or time delays are required. Processing is resolution independent, scaling linearly with the number of pixels in a frame. The algorithms do disparity synthesis, then apply a patented defocus-and-subtract of the resulting images. The algorithm next applies the enhancement only to the areas of interest, via the Perceptor, a proprietary saliency map. The processing is local, modifying the image luminance on a per-pixel basis.
  • Compatible Source Material: Because the results are embedded in the pixels of an image, the process can be applied any time during the life of the image. The Darbee process can be applied in digital TVs, DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, cameras, video games, mobile devices, PCs, printers, video, or movie post production (up to 1080p video).
Note: You should calibrate your television first and then add the DVP-5000S. The DVP-5000SS will not affect your color, brightness, contrast, or gamma settings.

Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) V 2.0: Darbee Visual Presence V 2.0 technology creates a video image with enhanced visual fidelity. This image processing solution for enhancement of all video sources (up to 1080p) creates an image that appears to have an exceptional level of depth, clarity and realism. Darbee's Visual Presence V 2.0 technology is adjustable; you get to choose the effect that pleases you the most, given the broad video quality spectrum that you might encounter, ranging from pristine BluRay down to low-resolution web videos.

  • Hi Def: Select this mode for highest fidelity sources and cleanest image processing. Has the most refined and artifact-free output.
  • Gaming: Choose this mode for video games and CGI sources; adds more depth and detail. Provides a stronger enhancement and fairly strong artifact suppression. It's great for clean computer-generated video, such as games and animated movies.
  • Full Pop: Adds the strongest depth cues for all sources, especially low-resolution or low-quality sources. Gives the strongest depth and realism, but you may see some artifacts, especially on text.
Note: You can adjust the level of each DVP mode from 0 to 120. A level 0 bypasses DVP video processing.

HDMI 1.4: The DVP-5000S is fitted with one HDMI input and one HDMI output. Both HDMI jacks are version 1.4 and will support 480, 480p, 720p, 1070i, and 1080p video. Simply plug your HDMI source (such as your Blu-ray player) into the DVP-5000S's HDMI input jack and connect the DVP-5000S's HDMI output jack to your TV or display monitor. If you are using an AV receiver, connect DVP-5000S between the output of your AV receiver and the input of your TV. It can also be used on the output of an HDMI switcher or input of an HDMI splitter.

  • 30-Bit Deep Color: The DVP-5000S's HDMI 1.4 input and output support 30-bit Deep Color with 4:4:4 color supsampling. Deep Color lets HDTVs and other displays go from million of colors to billions of colors with increased contrast ratio. It also eliminates on-screen color banding, for smooth tonal transitions and subtle gradations between colors. In addition, it can represent many times more shades of gray between black and white.
  • 3D Ready: In addition to 2D video, the DVP-5000's HDMI 1.4 jacks support 3D video so you can continue to enjoy your 3D movies.
Note: The DVP-5000S does not support Audio Return Channel (ARC) and High-Speed Ethernet Channel (HEC).

HDMI Cable: The Darbee DVP-5000S includes one HDMI cable. You will need to purchase an additional HDMI cable. Your HDMI cables should be no more than 20' in length between your source device, television, and the DVP-5000S. HDMI cables that are longer than 20' may not hold signal integrity as well.

Remote Control w/ IR Extender: The DVP-5000S includes an IR remote for wireless operation of the HDMI video processor. An IR extender is provided in case you have the DVP-5000S hidden and out of direct line sight for IR commands.

On-Screen Menu: The DVP-5000S offers an on-screen menu for initial setup, adjustment, and demo of the HDMI video processor.

External AC Power Supply: The Darbee DVP-5000S operates off of standard house hold current using the included external AC power adapter (Input: 100-240V; Output: 5V/2A).

Future Upgrades: Darbee is continuing to develop improvements to the Darbee Visual Presence algorithm. Check Darbee's website for upgrade announcements. The DVP-5000S is upgradeable after purchase, although you will have to send it in to receive new firmware, and there may be a processing charge.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

I always was curious about the Darbee Visual Processor, and I read a lot of viewer reviews which gave it high marks. And what made me pull the trigger was that the site Secret to Home Theater Fidelity made it one of their products of the year. [ Dale  Dec 08, 2016 ]
I've been wanting to purchase this device since I first heard of its incredible technology, several years ago! It's received mostly great reviews on the internet. Up until a few days ago, Monoprice was selling it for $129.99, but I missed the sale! And so, when I saw that you have it on sale for $20 more, I couldn't pass up your second best sales price! Thank you! [ MARC  Dec 04, 2016 ]
Christmas gift for husband, he specifically requested this item :-) [ Linda  Nov 27, 2016 ]
Came across it by accident when doing a search on adjusting the 3D settings for my set. Looked up professional and consumer reviews and asked around within websites I belong to. [ Joseph  Nov 18, 2016 ]
I have a 1080P project, and while the picture is good, the reviews I have read suggest this will bring more sharpness and pop to the picture without adding the artifacts that the typical sharpness controls built into the project (or TV) create. [ colby  Nov 17, 2016 ]
To enhance the TV picture [ Robert  Nov 04, 2016 ]
picture quality [ quat  Nov 03, 2016 ]
multiple positive reviews (on this site and others), previous positive experience w/Crutchfield, and best price [ Maurice  Oct 06, 2016 ]
I am running a Sony HW45ES projector via a 50ft Active HDMI cable to a Marantz 6010 receiver. In order to get the most detail out of my DirectTV cable box I have read this will help significantly. Worth a try! [ P  Sep 23, 2016 ]
I got this to connect to my projector, Sony HW55ES. I've heard good things about the Darbee, and I decided it's time to try it out for myself. [ Chris  Aug 15, 2016 ]
To improve my TV watching. [ Joseph  Aug 11, 2016 ]
I want to try this item out because I have an old TV it's HD but it is not Wi-Fi television so from what I understand about this it can help your picture out I'll know more about it after I have installed it I'll keep you up-to-date. [ Mike  Jul 09, 2016 ]
I have an oppo 103D and really like what darbee does . I plan on putting the 5000S between my receiver and tv.. [ Joseph  Jul 06, 2016 ]
Great Products [ Daniel  May 23, 2016 ]
Recommended by a friend and the reviews indicate the product really works as advertised. [ Michael  May 21, 2016 ]
My older version of the Darbee was zapped by an electrical I opted to buy the latest version. Having used the older Darbee for more than 2 years, I can't live without it. The enhanced picture quality is really great! [ Donald  May 19, 2016 ]
Did a bit of research on this item and the vast majority of reviews were very good. [ Franklin  May 12, 2016 ]
I wanted to see if I could improve the already very good picture quality on my Kuro plasma. Not ready to invest in a 4K TV yet. [ Gregory  May 08, 2016 ]
I want to see if it makes a difference on my 1080p display(s). If it does I may order more for myself and for gifts. The world is not quite 4K yet. [ SHAUN  Mar 30, 2016 ]
Did research. [ D  Mar 28, 2016 ]
I have an OPPO blu-ray player with Darbee and its does enhance the video. I wanted to see if the Darbee DVP does the same for satellite TV. [ J  Mar 25, 2016 ]
For curiosity [ Fernando  Mar 23, 2016 ]
Hoping it improves my already decent picture quality from my Sony Projector! [ James  Feb 05, 2016 ]

3 questions already asked

No indicator when in use. However, you can turn off with remote and see, on the display or screen, the Darblets level revert to zero (indicting it's off). Level will only show when a show or video is displayed. [ James  Sep 03, 2016 ]
I do not know why you would want to turn it off. Wattage draw is near nothing and Most electronics are more hurt by on and off voltage spikes . So I can not tell you as I never turn it off [ William  Sep 03, 2016 ]
Once I had this hooked up and then dialed in as far as the setting that I wanted----i have never even used my remote again. It stays on auto standby---and this is shown by the led indicators on the darbee. You do not need to turn this on or off. Make sense? [ DOUG  Sep 02, 2016 ]
I've never been able to figure that out either. I just leave it on all the time-it uses hardly any power. Not worth the hassle to me. [ WILLIAM  Sep 02, 2016 ]
I leave mine on all the time, there LEDs that indicate when it is connected to a source and processing [ steve  Sep 02, 2016 ]
Yes mine is behind the tv works fine [ RICHARD  Jun 04, 2016 ]
No. it appears to be omnidirectional. [ Franco M Nichin  Jun 04, 2016 ]
In my case it is line of sight----and it works well.. it is so small you can place it on top of your receiver or in my case on top of my direct tv box. It is even small enough to sit on top of my martin logan sound bar... I would not think it would work out of a direct sight line ....But just my best guess. [ DOUG  Jun 03, 2016 ]
Yes it is a line of sight but it does work. behind the recover mine is completely in the back of my recover and I can't even see it at all but it still works it really works great. [ stephen  Jun 03, 2016 ]
One of the odd things about this device that does not show on the contents of the box is that it has an IR extender included. The cord is about three feet long and plugs into the device right next to the HDMI input. The only mention of this is on the inside packaging. When you open the box, the cardboard containing the Darbee shows, on the right hand side, Power supply, HDMI in connector, and IR extender connector. [ John  Jun 03, 2016 ]
No is not line of sight, the signal will bounce off the walls. I have mine on the floor behind the livingroom corner table and I have no problems. Paul [ Sonia  Jun 03, 2016 ]
it is an IR not RF which means you have to have line of sight. I placed mine on top of the audio video rack for a couple of days while I experimented and became happy with the setting. After that I placed it behind the audio equipment and have never felt the need to adjust it again. [ William  Jun 03, 2016 ]
Yes this remote is line of sight. It's an IR remote. Not RF. IR infered. RF radio frequency. [ DAVID  Jun 03, 2016 ]
It is IR so yes. [ steve  Jun 03, 2016 ]
I am pretty sure you do not need a direct line of sight. It has to be close to the receiver or tv/projector so it would be silly to need a direct line. I put mine on top of the projector and never have an issue with the signal being read. I may aim toward the projector but I never had to paya ttention to its exact location. It really does work. I would pause and rewind and play back video with it on and off and their is definite improvement when watching Direct TV and DVDs. [ Jason  Jun 03, 2016 ]
Yes but it comes with an extender cable so it's easy to position without being noticable. [ Roy  Jun 03, 2016 ]
Yes it does [ RICHARD  Jun 04, 2016 ]
I have an Epson 2030 projector and it make a very noticeable differnece, you see more detail, I only have it at 65% but it improves the picture quality very nicely I highly recomended for any projector. Paul [ Sonia  Jun 03, 2016 ]
I do not own a projector but I see no reason it will not help anything that has an HDMI . I have an $8,000 70' Elite led TV with an extremely good processor and was happy with the improvement. The DarBee default was 110% but I turned mine back to 80% . It doesn't make it a 4K equivalent but it is an improvement. [ William  Apr 19, 2016 ]
I use it on my Sony projector with a 106" screen and it works well! On a 50" tv you don't see the improvement as well by the bigger the screen the more noticeable [ steve  Apr 18, 2016 ]
Sorry - but I have no idea on this----as in my case---the darbee is hooked directly to the direct tv receiver and then to the TV. I have no idea how this would work for a projector... I would recommend that you call Darbee directly. They do answer the phones and are also very helpful..... [ DOUG  Apr 18, 2016 ]
I don't have a projector however, it did enhance the depth and diffinition of my Pioneer Viera LCD TV quite noticeably and this was after I had calibrated the TV. I hope this helps. Rich [ Richard  Apr 18, 2016 ]
I'm not shire but on my Sony xbt850 I works great direct tv still broadcast in 720p/1080I but the darbee takes the picture to where it should be or at least much closer give it a try crutchfield has a great return policy. [ stephen  Apr 18, 2016 ]
I don't have experience with projectors, but like others have reviewed it with projectors they seem to say it works well with them so i am sure it would help. [ ERIK  Apr 18, 2016 ]