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QSC TouchMix-8

8-channel digital mixer

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Our take on the QSC TouchMix-8

You'll get your music sounding right quickly and easily with QSC's TouchMix-8 8-channel digital mixer. This compact and intuitive audio workstation features a bright touchscreen control surface that displays all the knobs, sliders, and meters you'll need to dial in perfect sound for your band, club, or house of worship. Every input channel has access to a 4-band parametric equalizer, high- and low-cut filters, a noise gate, and a compressor all brought instantly onscreen with the touch of a finger. You can view most functions and effects in Advanced Mode for total parameter control, or in Simple Mode for easier operation with fewer control options.

Touchscreen control

You'll get your music sounding right quickly and easily with QSC's TouchMix-8 8-channel digital mixer. This compact and intuitive audio workstation features a bright touchscreen control surface that displays all the knobs, sliders, and meters you'll need to dial in perfect sound for your band, club, or house of worship. Every input channel has access to a 4-band parametric equalizer, high- and low-cut filters, a noise gate, and a compressor all brought instantly onscreen with the touch of a finger. You can view most functions and effects in Advanced Mode for total parameter control, or in Simple Mode for easier operation with fewer control options.

12 inputs, 6 outputs

The TouchMix-8 features eight XLR microphone inputs, four of which can also be used as 1/4" line inputs, and two stereo pair TRS 1/4" line inputs for a grand total of twelve inputs. In addition to the main left and right outputs, you'll find four XLR balanced auxiliary outs that can be used for different monitor mixes or for recording.

QSC TouchMix-8

Effects included — no need for outboard gear

You can use up to four effects at the same time, choosing from six available types of effects including reverb, delay, and chorusing. You can even sweeten up a vocal track with a pitch-correction processor that you can assign to any input channel. The main and auxiliary outputs each have access to a 28-band 1/3 octave graphic equalizer, a dynamic limiter, 4 notch filters (that'll help eliminate feedback), and variable low- and high-cut filters, so you'll have complete control over the sound as it goes out to the speakers.

Presets and wizards

QSC hired experienced concert sound engineers to creats over 100 presets specifically custom-tailored for different instruments and venue types. In addition, you can save all the mixer's settings to a “scene” for recalling that perfect mix for your next appearance at the venue. Gain and FX Wizards help you set up your mixes for the best and most consistent sound quality. The Anti-Feedback Wizard, Room-Tuning Wizard, and real-time analyzer (RTA) all help you set the equalization correctly. You can copy and paste settings from one control to another for faster setups.


QSC TouchMix-8 case

The TouchMix-8 comes with a padded carrying case

You can form up to eight DCA (digitally-controlled attenuator) Groups, so you can control a handful of channels with one fader. You can also create up to eight Mute Groups, so you can turn off groups of microphones when they're not needed.

Wireless iPad® control

You plug the included Wi-Fi adapter into one of the TouchMix-8's USB ports to create your own wireless network. Download QSC's iOS TouchMix App to your iPad and you can control your TouchMix-8 wirelessly from virtually any position in the room. You can use the second USB port for digital recording and playback.

Digital recording

You can record up to 14 tracks simultaneously from the TouchMix-8 to an external hard drive. (See the Digital Connections Highlights below for requirements.) You can also play your recordings back and mix them to 2-track stereo, and record that on your hard drive as well. The TouchMix-8 gives you a choice of sampling rates for your recordings — 44.1 KHz, recommended for CD-quality recordings, and 48 KHz, for video projects.

Product Highlights:

    8-channel digital mixer (12 input channels):
    • 4 mono mic inputs (XLR)
    • 4 mono mic/line inputs (combo XLR/TRS)
    • 2 stereo line inputs (1/4" TRS)
    • phantom power assignable to each mic channel
    • 6 analog mix outputs — Left/Right main (XLR), Aux 1-4 (XLR), plus Aux 3/4 as a stereo pair (1/4" TRS)
    • 8 DCA Groups possible for controlling group levels
    • 8 Mute Groups possible for muting groups of channels
    Digital Processing:
    • 24-bit AD/DA converters
    • 32-bit floating point processing
    • input channels:
      • +/-15 dB digital gain control
      • 4-band parametric equalizer with high/low shelving
      • dynamic compressor
      • noise gate
      • variable high- and low-pass filters
    • main outputs and aux outputs:
      • 6-band parametric equalizer
      • 28-band 1/3-octave graphic equalizer
      • dynamic limiter
      • 4 full-frequency notch filters
      • variable high- and low-pass filters
    • aux outputs 7/8 and 9/10:
      • 4-band parametric equalizer
      • dynamic limiter
      • variable high- and low-pass filters
    • 4 effects processors — can each be loaded with:
      • Lush Reverb
      • Dense Reverb
      • Chorus
      • Mono Delay
      • Stereo Delay
      • Pitch Shift
    • Pitch Corrector processor can be assigned to any input
    Digital Connections:
    • Firmware upgrade available free from
    • MP3 playback from USB drive
    • USB Wi-Fi adapter included
    • remote control via iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Air and QSC TouchMix App (requires iOS 6 or higher)
    • 14-track recording and playback via optional external hard drive requires USB 3.0 connection, FAT32 format, and 7800 RPM minimum
    • sampling rates: 44.1 or 48 KHz
    Other Features:
    • touchscreen control surface plus fine-tuning master wheel
    • Advanced Mode shows all parameter controls of an effect, Simple Mode displays less options
    • stores up to 130 mixer scenes, 130 channel presets, and 130 FX presets
    • wizards help set gains and effects routing
    • Anti-Feedback Wizard, Room-Tuning Wizard, and real-time analyzer (RTA)
    • headphone and monitor outputs
    • Info button accesses onboard user's manual
    • padded carrying case included
    • weight: 4.3 lbs.
    • dimensions: 13-1/8" W x 2-1/4" H x 9-5/16" D
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • 8-Channel digital mixer
    • AC power supply (w/ attached 4' DC cord)
    • 6.5' AC power cord
    • USB WiFi adapter (pre-installed)
    • Carrying case
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Warning Information Sheet
    • Limited Warranty

    QSC TouchMix-8 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (2 Reviews)

    QSC TouchMix-8

    Guest from Buena Park, CA on 9/7/2018

    Perfect sound quality..!



    Professional Mixer!!!

    Trent from Franklin, NC on 12/19/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I travel and present to large groups. This year I rented the TouchMix-16 for several events. After seeing how easy it is to use and hearing quality sound plus wizard support for common sound issues I bought the TouchMix-8. Actually I bought 2 as my department has several groups that travel. The TouchMix boards are definitely reliable easy to use quality products.




    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Mic inputs 8
    Line inputs 4 x XLR/TRS, 2 x stereo
    Phantom power +48V
    Channel EQ 4-band
    Master EQ 28-band
    Digital outputs USB
    Monitor outputs 4 x XLR, 1 x stereo TRS
    Effects Compression, Reverb, Del
    Talkback Y
    Height (inches) 2-1/4
    Depth (inches) 9-5/8
    Width (inches) 13-1/8
    Weight 4.3 lbs

    Product Research


    TouchMix Series Compact Digital Mixer: QSC TouchMix compact digital mixers are designed for musicians, production professionals and live performance venues that need the power and capability of a large "concert" mixing console in a compact, affordable and easy to use form. QSC's TouchMix series mixers have the functionality to satisfy demanding professionals combined with a range of features and functions that help the less experienced user achieve quality results.

    Superb Sound Quality: The QSC TouchMix-8 compact digital mixer offers superb sound quality thanks to its Class-A microphone pre-amps, 32-bit floating point processing, plus 24-bit AD/DA converters.

    Full Featured 12 Total Inputs (Mic/Line): The QSC TouchMix-8 has a total of 12 inputs which include 8 mic (4 XLR, 4 XLR/TRS combo) and two stereo line (1/4" TRS). The Input channels are fully-featured with a 4-band/full-parametric EQ, variable 24-db/octave HPF & LPF, Gate, and  Compressor (with de-esser).

    • Phantom Power: Most condenser microphones and some direct boxes require phantom power from the mixer. On the TouchMix-8, phantom power may be turned on or off on a per channel basis. Make sure that phantom power is on for those channels that need it and off for those that don't.
    • Dedicated Talkback Mic Input: The TouchMix-8 also features a dedicated Talkback Mic input.

    Note: Maximum input level of +16 dBu (Mic/Line inputs, XLR), +26 dBu (Mic/Line inputs, TRS), and +22 dBu (Stereo inputs).

    Full Featured Outputs: The QSC TouchMix-8 digital mixer provides 2 main XLR line-level outputs, 4 mono-auxiliary XLR outputs, one stereo 1/4" TRS monitor output, and one stereo cue 1/4" TRS output. The main outputs and aux's 1-4 feature 1/3 octave GEQ, Limiter, 4 full-frequency notch filters plus Variable 18dB/oct Low-cut and High-cut filters. The auxiliary outputs are typically used to drive stage monitor speaker systems or in-ear monitors (IEM) for performers. In some instances they may be used for a recording mix, audio feed to video or a send to an overflow area.

    Note: The stereo monitor output and stereo cue output can be used for line-level or headphone; 16Ω min. impedance.

    4 Professional Quality Stereo DSP Effects: The QSC TouchMix-8 incorporates 4 professional effects engines including reverb, echo, delay, chorus. There 50 factory, 50 user presets , and 1 pitch correct (assignable to any mono input channel). Audio effects (FX) such as reverb, delay, chorus, pitch shift (pitch change) and pitch correct are essential in today's audio production.

    Scene & Preset Memory: 130 user-defined scenes, including all mixer parameters may be stored internally or on FAT32 formatted USB. Also, 130 user-defined channel presets and 130 FX presets may be stored internally or on FAT32 formatted USB.

    • Scenes: A Scene is a group of settings that are saved and can be recalled at a later time. A Scene includes all channel-processing settings, channel Names, Phantom Power settings, Effects selections, DCA and Mute Group assignments. Scenes also include level settings. Factory scenes are stored with input faders at minimum to prevent any surprises when the scene is recalled.
    • Presets: A Channel Preset is a group of settings, for a single channel, that are saved and can be recalled for use at a later time. A Channel Preset includes the channel Name, Phantom power setting, and values for the channel EQ, Compressor, and Gate.

    USB Recording: The TouchMix-8 is also capable of direct recording to an external USB 3.0 hard drive (FAT32/7800 RPM); no external computer is required. All inputs plus a stereo mix (up to 14 tracks) are created in 32-bit broadcast wave format (48 or 44.1 kHz). Tracks can also be played back on the mixer or imported into most DAW software for over-dubs and post production. The USB recording function offers 2-band shelving EQ, variable 24 dB/octave HPF, gate, and compressor.

    Capacitive Touchscreen: The QSC TouchMix-8 mixer utilizes a color, capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation. Mixer parameters may be adjusted on the screen or via the physical rotary encoder. Frequently used functions can be accessed or controlled using hardware buttons. The TouchMix-8 offers two modes of operation - Simple or Advanced.

    • Simple Mode: Presents the user with a reduced set of controls. It's important to know that switching into Simple mode does not alter the values of any Advanced-mode controls.
    • Advanced Mode: Presents all mixer controls to the user

    TouchMix Control iOS App: TouchMix Control is a free app for iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch (running iOS 6.0 or later) that provides wireless control via WiFi (USB/WiFi adapter pre-installed) of the QSC TouchMix series mixer.

    • For iPad & iPad mini: When run on the iPad and iPad mini, the TouchMix Control app closely follows the operational paradigm of the mixers and provides access to all digital mix parameters. In use the iPad and the mixer GUI do not follow each other so it is possible for the iPad to act as an additional user interface that can display and control a set of functions completely different from those being controlled by the mixer's screen and hardware. When used without an actual TouchMix, the app acts as a demonstration of the mixer GUI and functionality but does not control audio in any way
    • For iPhone & iPod touch: On the iPhone and iPod touch, the TouchMix Control app functions as a personal stage monitor mix control with the option to also remotely operate the mixer's record and playback features as well as programmable user buttons. To prevent inadvertent adjustment of controls, the mixer operator may allow or restrict access to functions on a per-device basis.

    Carrying Case: The TouchMix series mixer comes complete with its own padded carrying case, for transport and protection.

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