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Behringer X Air XR16

16-channel remote-controlled digital mixer with Wi-Fi®

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Our take on the Behringer X Air XR16

Behringer's X Air XR16 16-channel digital mixer lets you control your show from virtually anywhere in the venue with your Wi-Fi-enabled tablet or phone. The rack-mountable XR16 is designed to sit onstage wired to the musicians and speakers while you control the show wirelessly from your personal device. After downloading the app, you connect to the XR16 via its built-in wireless router, and mix away using your device's touchscreen as the control surface.

Compact remote controlled mixer

Behringer's X Air XR16 16-channel digital mixer lets you control your show from virtually anywhere in the venue with your Wi-Fi-enabled tablet or phone. The rack-mountable XR16 is designed to sit onstage wired to the musicians and speakers while you control the show wirelessly from your personal device. After downloading the app, you connect to the XR16 via its built-in wireless router, and mix away using your device's touchscreen as the control surface.

16 inputs

The XR16 features eight Midas-designed microphone preamps that give every vocal a high-fidelity start to its journey to a good mix. Combination XLR/TRS jacks allow you to use these inputs for line-level instruments as well as mics. Eight 1/4" TRS line inputs stand ready for more instruments. You can plug guitars directly into channels 15 and 16, which can handle the high-impedance signals and send them to guitar amp simulators in the XR16's software, saving guitarists from having to lug their amps around to every gig.

6 outputs

In addition to the main left/right outputs the XR16 features four auxiliary outputs so you can create four different monitor mixes to keep all the performers happy.

Digital interface

You can record and play back stereo WAV files via a USB connection. You can hard-wire your computer to an XR16 via its Ethernet port and Cat5e cable for a more robust control connection. You'll even find MIDI connections for instrumental control.

Saving settings and presets

When the mix is perfect, you can save your settings as a scene that you can recall for a later show, saving valuable set up time. You also have the ability to save a preset, a subset of the mixer's overall settings, like the vocal EQ and compression or the mix of a drum kit. The first eight channels of the X3R16 can get assigned to Auto-Mix, which automatically lowers the levels of some of the mics when a prioritized mic is active, clearing up the sound in multi-mic panel discussions for instance. 

Channel strip processing

Every input and output channel enjoys access to the channel strip controls that include gain, phantom power, high-pass filtering, a noise gate, limiter/compression, 4-band parametric equalization, and bus assignments. The tap of virtual button brings up a more detailed description on your device's screen. The other plug-in type effects, like reverbs and delays, also show up on the screen as virtual hardware devices when selected.

Plug-in effects

You can fill each of the four stereo effects slots with one of at least forty different effects, like graphic equalizers, compressors, including a multi-band version, different reverbs, delays, a pitch bender, even guitar amp simulations. Behringer modeled each plug-in to emulate or sound like a modern or classic piece of hardware. A 100-band RTA displays the spectrum of the sound so you can see any hot spots and dips that need equalization.

Behringer XR16

XR16 ready for rack-mounting

Product Highlights:

    16-channel Digital Mixer:
    • control surface not included — uses onboard Wi-Fi to connect to your tablet, smartphone, or PC via free app
    • 8 combo TRS/XLR inputs
    • Midas-designed programmable microphone preamps
    • 8 TRS 1/4" line inputs
    • 6 XLR analog outputs (Main L/R and 4 Aux)
    Channel Strip Digital Processing:
    • mic preamp gain, phantom power, phase switch, tunable low-cut filter
    • noise gate/ducker, compressor/expander
    • 4-band parametric equalizer
    • bus send controls and panning
    • 4 effects slots
    • over 40 effects available (including reverbs, compressors, EQs, delays, and modulators)
    • can store and recall over 100 scenes (whole mixer settings) and 100 presets (partial settings)
    • Auto-Mix on ch 1-8: ducks non-prioritized channels when prioritized mic active
    Studio and Network Connections:
    • stereo playback and record via USB 2.0
    • Ethernet port for connecting a PC or external router
    • wireless tablet, smartphone, PC control via free apps
    • MIDI connections
    Other Features:
    • rack ears included
    • built-in RTA (real-time analyzer)
    • headphone output
    • weight: 6.6 lbs.
    • dimensions: 13-1/8" W x 5-15/16" H x 5-1/2" D
    • warranty: 3 years (with product registration)
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

    What's in the Box:

    • XR16 16-channel digital mixer
    • 59" AC power cord (IEC 3-prong)
    • 2 Rack mount ears
    • Four M4 x 10mm rack mounting screws
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Global Care Information
    • Behringer decal

    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Mic inputs 8
    Line inputs 8 x 1/4"
    Phantom power +48V
    Channel EQ 6-band parametric
    Master EQ 6-band parametric or 31
    Digital outputs USB
    Monitor outputs 4 x XLR
    Effects 4 slots, 40 effects per
    Talkback N
    Height (inches) 5-1/2
    Depth (inches) 5-15/16
    Width (inches) 13-1/8
    Weight 6.6 lbs

    Product Research


    Overview: The Behringer X Air XR16 is a 16-channel digital mixer that can be controlled by an iPad or Android tablet or PC. The mixer is equipped with 16 input channels (with 8 XLR/TRS combo jacks and eight 1/4" TRS balanced line/Aux inputs), with 4 FX return channels, 6 Aux buses, and Main L/R outputs. The XR16 comes with rubber protection bumpers on the outer edges, plus rack ears for installing the mixer in an equipment rack.

    MIDAS Mic Preamps: The XR16 has 8 high-quality MIDAS-designed microphone preamps. MIDAS preamps are considered by industry experts as the industry's best sounding designs. The preamps found in the X Air series digital mixers provide high-quality audio reproduction in both live and studio applications. Each mic preamp can be setup and adjusted along many parameters, such as gain, phase, and phantom power. You can also insert effects, apply compression, engage low cut filters to remove unwanted low frequencies, and link adjacent channels together for stereo operation.

    Built-in Wi-Fi: The XR16 features a Tri-Mode Wi-Fi router that lets you control your mixer's functions wirelessly from your iPad or Android tablet, or PC. This allows you to move about the venue to hear what the audience is hearing, or set up stage monitors from the performer's perspective. You can even allow the performers to adjust their own monitors (in-ear or floor) from the stage via their own tablet. You can also set up wired connections directly to your PC, to a local area network (LAN), or to a dedicated Wi-Fi router for extended range or 5 GHz applications. A three-way switch (Ethernet - Wi-Fi Client - Access Point) lets you configure the XR16 to suit your needs.

    A/D-D/A Conversion: The XR16 uses Cirrus Logic A/D (analog-to-digital) and D/A (digital-to-analog) converters. The converters are 24-bit @ 44.1 or 48kHz with 114dB dynamic range.

    USB Port: The XR16's Type A USB port accepts a flash drive for file storage, stereo recordings, and playback.

    Effects: The XR16 is equipped with 4 studio-quality stereo (or 8 mono) multi-effects processors, including delay, chorus, and dynamics. These are the same effects processors found in the award-winning X32 mixing console. In addition, 31-band EQs are available on the main and aux buses. The processing is performed onboard, instead of your computer or tablet.

    Warranty Terms: Behringer offers a 3-year warranty when you register your product within 90 calendar days of purchase. If the product is not properly registered, the warranty period is one year.

    Connections and Controls:

    • Inputs: The X Air XR16 features 8 programmable mic preamps, each with XLR/TRS balanced combo jacks. In addition, there are eight 1/4" TRS Line inputs. Two of the TRS inputs (channels 15-16) can be designated as balanced or unbalanced Hi-Z inputs.
    • Outputs:
      • Main/Aux: The XR16 has two XLR balanced main outputs in mono or stereo. There are also 4 XLR balanced Aux outputs.
      • Headphones: The mixer's Headphone jack accepts a 1/4" TRS plug for connecting a pair of headphones. The headphone output has a rotary level control.
    • Digital:
      • Remote: The Remote Switch on the top of the front panel lets you select the network connection: Ethernet, Wi-Fi Client, or Access Point. An RJ-45 port is provided for the Ethernet connection.
      • MIDI: The MIDI in/out jacks send and receive MIDI signals to and from external equipment.
      • USB: The Type A USB port lets you plug in a USB flash drive for recording or playback of digital files.


    • MIDAS Mic Inputs:
      • THD+Noise (20dB gain, 0 dBu out): <0.005%, A-weighted
      • Phantom Power: +48V
      • Equivalent Input Noise Level (XLR): -128 dBu, A-weighted
      • CMRR (XLR): >60dB (@20dB gain), >65dB (@40dB gain)
    • Inputs:
      • Frequency Range (48kHz sample rate, 0dB to -1dB): 10 Hz - 22 kHz
      • Dynamic Range (analog in/analog out): 105 dB
      • A/D Dynamic Range (preamp to converter): 109 dB
      • D/A Dynamic Range (converter and output): 108 dB
      • Crosstalk Rejection (1 kHz, adjacent channels): 90 dB
      • Mic 1-8 Input Impedance (XLR jack): 5 kΩ (unbalanced); 10 kΩ (balanced)
      • Non-clip Maximum Input Level (XLR): +23 dBu
      • Hi-Z Input Impedance (TRS): 1 MΩ (unbalanced); 2 MΩ (balanced)
      • Line Input Impedance (TRS): 20 kΩ (unbalanced); 40 kΩ (balanced)
      • Non-clip Maximum Input Level (TRS): +21 dBu
    • Outputs:
      • Output Impedance (XLR): 50Ω
      • Output Level (XLR): +4 dBu (nominal); +16 dBu (maximum)
      • Headphone Output: 40Ω / +35 dBm (stereo)
    • WLAN Module:
      • Antenna: External, SMA connector, 50Ω
      • Access Point: Number of Clients: Max 4
      • IEEE 802.11 b/g Standard: 2.4 GHz
      • Frequency Range: 2,412 - 2,462 MHz
      • WLAN Channels (Wi-Fi Client, Access Point): 1-11
      • Max Output Power: 19 dBm (802.11 b) / 18 dBm (802.11 g)
    • General:
      • Power Consumption: 30 W
      • Dimensions: Width 13.1" Height 5.5" Depth 5.9"
      • Weight: 6.6 pounds

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