Crutchfield Car Showroom Upload Terms

Crutchfield's Car Showroom Profile Customer Upload Tool allows you to tell visitors to about your mobile system. If you've installed any Crutchfield car audio/video gear — from a simple in-dash CD player to a multi-monitor video system — you can use this tool to submit your vehicle for publication in our Custom Car Center's Car Showroom. If our Editors choose your submission, you'll be able to show off your system in your own Car Showroom Profile here on

Crutchfield may choose, at its sole discretion, to publish your full name and address in your Car Showroom Profile. You acknowledge and agree that Crutchfield may do so, even though doing so will expose your personally identifiable information on the world wide web and will allow any member of the general public to access and use your name and address with no ability or obligation on the part of Crutchfield to control or stop any party from using the information.

Please note that Crutchfield is not obligated to accept any Car Showroom Profile. If our editors do decide to publish your submission, Crutchfield expressly reserves the right to monitor, remove, or edit any content you may submit in any degree at its sole and absolute discretion. Crutchfield New Media LLC takes no responsibility and assumes no liability whatsoever for any content which you may submit.

Crutchfield, at its sole discretion, may modify the terms hereof at any time without prior warning and may discontinue or expand the Car Showroom Profile Customer Upload Tool at any time without prior warning.

Guidelines: Since this is a public site that is viewed by the general public, you must abide by the following policies. Submitting a Car Showroom Profile is your acknowledgement and agreement to the following:

  1. You will not use offensive and/or abusive language.
  2. You will not defame, impugn, or libel any individual or company in any way.
  3. You may only submit a Car Showroom profile if the vehicle being depicted belongs to you and contains at least one car audio/video item purchased from Crutchfield.
  4. You agree that you will not display prices.
  5. You agree and acknowledge that this is not a forum and that you will not submit anything that asks for a reply from any other individual.
  6. You agree that you will not display any information that will personally identify any other individual.
  7. You agree that you will not include website addresses, telephone numbers, personal or business addresses, email addresses or any links to any other website.
  8. You agree that Crutchfield may (but is not obligated to), at its sole and absolute discretion, publish and use your full name and address in any way whatsoever and in any media whatsoever in perpetuity including, but not limited to, publishing your full name and address on the world wide web, Crutchfield Advertising and the Crutchfield Catalog which will allow members of the general public to access and use said information.
  9. You hereby represent and warrant that you have full ownership of any content that you submit and that the content is accurate and honest.
  10. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Crutchfield New Media, LLC. and its officers, employees, agents and affiliates from any liability whatsoever caused by your submission.
  11. By submitting any content you hereby agree that you are granting Crutchfield New Media LLC. an exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable right to use, reproduce modify, distribute and redistribute all of said content on any website and any other media at Crutchfield’s sole and absolute discretion.
  12. You acknowledge and agree to register with Crutchfield New Media LLC by providing us with your full name, home address, telephone number, and email address. We will use this information to contact you in case we have any questions about your submission; we may publish your full name and address as set forth above, and will provide it to law enforcement officials and third parties if any legal claims are made due to your submission.