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Blaupunkt Dallas

MiniDisc receiver with CD changer controls

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Item # 023DALLASM

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Our take on the Blaupunkt Dallas

You can enjoy the convenience and versatility of MiniDisc in your vehicle with Blaupunkt's Dallas MD receiver — a member of their Skyline series of state-of-the-art receivers. Create your own greatest hits discs on your home MiniDisc recorder and then let the Dallas take over. Built-in four-way Blaupunkt high power (25 watts RMS/40 peak) will bring your tunes to life, changing your drive time into jive time.

You can enjoy the convenience and versatility of MiniDisc in your vehicle with Blaupunkt's Dallas MD receiver — a member of their Skyline series of state-of-the-art receivers. Create your own greatest hits discs on your home MiniDisc recorder and then let the Dallas take over. Built-in four-way Blaupunkt high power (25 watts RMS/40 peak) will bring your tunes to life, changing your drive time into jive time.

The black display face is accented by the elegant silver trim, enhancing the oversized multicolor display. Multi-function soft-key controls contribute to the striking simplicity of the control panel. Security won't be an issue, because the Dallas uses a KeyCard™ — the receiver will not operate without the card inserted in the slot on the back of the non-removable flip-down face.

Simply put, the tuner section of this DigiCeiver is as good as it gets. The digital conversion and manipulation of incoming AM/FM signals allows Blaupunkt to reach a new level of radio performance. Connect a 10-disc Blaupunkt CD changer for non-stop, three-source entertainment. And when you add one to your receiver order, you'll get an instant package discount from Crutchfield.

If you're putting together an elaborate sound system, three sets of preamp outputs (front, rear, and summed mono sub) give you plenty of options for adding external amplifiers and subwoofers. The built-in 2-band digital EQ gives you extensive tone-tailoring capability — it's great for fixing problems with your vehicle's acoustics (bass boom, midrange harshness, etc.) that ordinary tone controls can't touch. The optional "Thummer" wireless steering wheel remote puts total system control at your fingertips.

  • fold-down, silver and black faceplate
  • KeyCard security
  • multicolor display
  • softkeys
  • Codem D tuner
  • SHARX adaptive IF switching for optimum FM tuning in high station density areas
  • Radio Data System
  • rotary control
  • front and rear sets of preamp outputs
  • mono subwoofer output
  • CD changer controls
  • 2-band digital EQ with slope adjustment
  • attenuator
  • "Thummer III" wireless steering wheel remote optional
  • clock
  • 25 watts RMS/40 peak x 4 channels
  • MD frequency response 20-20,000 Hz
  • FM sensitivity 7.8 dBf
  • 1-year warranty

What's in the Box:

  • AM/FM/MD/Changer Controller receiver with 1 KeyCard installed in face and 10-amp fuse in chassis
  • 1 loose KeyCard
  • Sleeve
  • Speaker wiring harness
  • Power and sub output wiring harness
  • Preamp output harness
  • 2 DIN radio removal tools
  • European to Motorola antenna adapter
  • Antenna adapter clip
  • Plastic bushing and bumper extension
  • Operating/Installation instructions booklet (English/French/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Two 2-7/8" x 2-1/8" KeyCard security system window stickers
  • One 3-1/8" x 1-1/2" Blaupunkt bumper sticker
  • Car Radio Passport card
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Disc Changer Controls


Antenna Input: This model has a European style antenna input. An adapter is included to convert the European style input to a standard female Motorola antenna input. Since the unit is built with a European style antenna input, item 097DIN2 is not required for installation in vehicles equipped with a European style antenna plug!


Series: This model is part of Blaupunkt's "Skyline Series" lineup of head units.

KeyCard Security System: This unit uses a Keycard, which is a credit card sized card with an embedded microchip, for radio security.  The cards serve as a theft protection system; the unit will not operate without a card inserted in the KeyCard slot located on the back of the non-removable, flip-down face of the unit. Two cards are included with the unit, and each card has a personal memory bank for the FM and AM presets, bass, treble, balance, fader, loudness, beep volume, low EQ and high EQ settings. Since each card is equipped with a personal memory bank, each card owner can store his/her preferred settings and have the settings recalled each time they insert the card into the unit. When there is no KeyCard in the unit and "LED ON" has been selected in the DSC menu, the blue "ON" button flashes for extra anti-theft security. The following are important points regarding KeyCard use:

  • A maximum of two cards can be used with each unit.
  • If one card is lost, a second may be purchased from Blaupunkt. A new card can be "trained" by transferring the information from the remaining keycard.
  • One of the two supplied cards is encoded with the unit's model name, product number and serial number which can be displayed on the unit's display.
  • If both cards are lost, you must call Blaupunkt at 1-800-920-2121 to replace the cards.

Display Color: The display is multi-colored. The frequency, track numbers, and clock are displayed with pale yellow illumination. There are blue colored areas of illumination. When the unit is on, all of the buttons, except the "ON" button, are backlit with red illumination; the "ON" button is blue with back illumination. The level meter and source illuminate in red.

Face Color: The face of this unit is silver, with black controls and white lettering

Anti-Shock Memory: This unit is equipped with 10-second anti-shock memory for skip-free play even when unit is jarred continuously for up to 10-seconds.

Tuner: This receiver features the Blaupunkt exclusive DigiCeiver Codem D all-digital tuner.

DigiCeiver Technology:  As a result of advanced high-integration strategies, the complete functionality of a car radio has been reduced to a two-chip set (an analog tuner IC and a digital radio IC). The digital IC performs the following functions: A/D conversion at the IF-level (intermediate frequency level), IF filtering, AM/FM demodulation, stereo and RDS decoding, RDS error correction, tone control (bass, treble, loudness, EQ), D/A conversion at audio frequencies, and volume control. The digital chip contains additional inputs for analog (AUX input) and digital sources (MD/CD changer). Compared to conventional Blaupunkt receivers, the number of components required to perform the functions listed above has been reduced by 200.

Front and Rear Preamp Outputs: This unit has 3 volt front and rear preamp outputs.

Subwoofer Preamp Output: In addition to the front and rear preamp outputs, this unit is equipped with a mono subwoofer preamp output.

Aux Input "Ready": An optional aux input harness may be purchased and connected to this unit (as long as a CD changer is not connected) to provide input for a portable cassette or MD player. The input on the optional harness is a male 3.5mm stereo mini-jack. When a CD changer is connected to the head unit, there is no place to connect the AUX input adapter, so CD changer use prevents access to the AUX input feature.

Parametric EQ: In addition to the bass and treble controls, this unit is equipped with a two-band parametric EQ. The first filter (LOW EQ) can be adjusted from 32 to 500 Hz, while the second filter (HIGH EQ) can be adjusted from 630 to 10,000 HZ. The selected frequencies can be varied by +10 to -20 dB.  Gain can be adjusted for each of the two bands by +8 to -8. You can also select a quality factor of Q1, Q2 or Q3 for each of the bands. These settings allow you to optimize the bass output for sealed, vented or bandpass boxes.

Preset Sound Settings: This unit has the following EQ Presets: LINEAR (flat), ROCK, DISCO, JAZZ, CLASSIC and VOCAL. Besides these presets there is a USER mode which stores your personal sound settings for bass, treble, EQ and Loudness.

LOUDNESS: You may select from 6 loudness levels, or you may turn the loudness feature off.

Track Program Memory: Up to 40 tracks can be programmed for each of up to 30 MDs played inside this unit. Up to 40 tracks can be programmed for each of up to 99 CDs played inside a compatible CD changer.

MD Text/CD Naming: This unit will display MD Text for MDs encoded with MD Text. When a compatible CD changer is connected, up to 99 CDs may be named with up to eight characters per name.

Illumination Wire: This unit comes equipped with a wire that may be connected to the dash illumination circuit in your vehicle. If the unit is off and you apply voltage to the illumination wire, only the blue "ON" button will light up. The "ON" light does not vary with dash light dimming, but will go out if the dash dimmer is set all the way down. When the unit is on and the illumination wire receives power, the display will dim to the level chosen with the "DIM NIGHT" DSC programming option (see "Direct Software Control Menu" below).

SHARX Adaptive IF Switching: The SHARX feature may be turned on or off; when turned on, the SHARX feature changes the IF (intermediate frequency) bandwidth to eliminate most, if not all, interference caused by strong adjacent radio stations.

RDS Radio Operation (Radio Data System): RDS is used by SOME FM radio stations to transmit additional data; this unit has the following functions:

  • PTY (Program type) Function: Allows you to seek or scan tune only stations with the desired type of programming. Some of the available program types are as follows: Pop, Rock, Weather, Children, Travel, Hobbies, Jazz, Oldies, News, Sports and Culture.
  • PTY priority: when the PTY function has been turned on and no station of the selected program type is found during PTY seek or scan, the unit will automatically revert to the last station or source being listened to until a station of the selected program type is found. When a station of the selected program type is detected, the unit automatically tunes in that station and plays the station until that program ends. When the selected program type ends or can no longer be received, the unit automatically switches back to the station or source that was playing prior to the detection of the selected program type.
  • AF alternative frequency: the AF function automatically assures that the program/station is received at the best frequency possible; this feature searches for the frequency that a station is strongest on.
  • Auto time set: When "CLK AUTO" is selected in the DSC menu, the unit will automatically set the time when tuned to a RDS station which broadcasts CT (clock time) information.

Ignition-Off Turn On with 1-hour Shut Off: The unit may be turned on while the ignition is off (no power supplied to the accessory 12V wire), then, after an hour of playback, the unit automatically shuts off  to prevent the battery from going dead.

Cellular Mute Wire:
This wire may be connected to the muting output wire found on some cell phones. When the cellular mute wire receives a signal from a cell phone, this unit's output is automatically muted.

Source Tone Memory: Allows you to have a different bass and treble adjustment for each source (FM/AM/MD/Aux in/Changer).

Direct Software Control Menu: The DSC menu allows you to customize the unit's settings. The DSC menu options are as follows:

  • ANGLE: adjusts the contrast of the display to suit the viewing angle. The display angle does not change, the contrast of the display changes to optimize the display for the angle at which the unit is mounted.
  • DIM DAY: sets the display brightness (from 1 to 9) for daytime operation
  • DIM NIGHT: sets the display brightness (from 1 to 9) for nighttime operation; when the illumination wire of this unit receives power, the display will dim to the brightness level selected.
  • ON VOL: allows you to set the default turn-on volume
  • PEAK ON/OFF: when set to "ON", a 12 segment signal level meter display shows a graphic representation of the audio signal level (when the volume is not being adjusted) and the volume level (as the volume level is being adjusted). When set to "OFF", the 12 segment display gives a graphic representation of the volume level setting.
  • SHARX: appears in menu only when the tuner is being used; allows you to select "NO SHARX" (off) or "SHARX ON" (on)
  • HICUT: appears in menu only when the tuner is being used; allows you to reduce interference during poor radio reception by reducing high frequency response, can vary from NO HICUT (Off) to HICUT 3 (Strongest treble reduction)
  • FM/AM (sensitivity): appears in menu only when the tuner is being used; allows the user to select from local or distant reception sensitivity modes; may select from SENS1 (local) to SENS6 (most distant)
  • STEREO/MONO: appears in menu only when the tuner is being used; switched between stereo and mono FM reception modes. Stereo is automatically selected when the unit is turned on.
  • AMP DELAY: Delays remote turn on of external amplifiers to prevent noise.  Allows you to select DLAY OFF (no delay) and DLAY 1 to DLAY 4 to select from 1 to 4 seconds of delay.
  • CDC NAME: when a compatible CD changer is connected, names for up to 99 CDs may be entered.
  • CLOCKSET: mode used to set the clock
  • CLK AUTO/MAN: when set to "MANUAL", automatic adjustment for daylight savings time is turned off. When set to "AUTO" and an RDS station with a CT (clock time) signal is received, the clock is set automatically.
  • 12/24H MODE: switches between 12 hour and 24 hour clock display modes
  • CLK ON/OFF: when set to "CLK ON", the clock display will appear when the ignition is on, but the stereo is off.
  • BEEP (confirmation beep): allows you to change the volume of the acknowledgement tone (settings 1-9) or defeats the tone (setting 0).
  • LED ON/OFF: Setting this to "ON" will cause the ON button to flash when the unit is off and no KeyCard is in the KeyCard slot.
  • SCANTIME: Can adjust scan times for MD/Changer/Tuner between 5 and 30 seconds
  • AUX ON/OFF: when the optional AUX input adapter is connected, this setting tells the unit that the AUX input is an available input, this will not appear when a CD Changer is connected since you can not use the AUX input and a CD Changer at the same time
  • LEARN KC: this is selected to "train" a second KeyCard.
  • READ KC: this is selected to display the KeyCard data.
  • UPDATE: In CD changer mode this is used to delete CD names during CD playback
  • TUNER: Allows you to change frequency steps from US (AM 10, FM 200) to European settings (AM 9, FM 100)

Remote Compatibility: This unit will work with Blaupunkt's steering wheel thummer remote (023THUM3, not included).

Disc Changer Controls

  • Disc up/down
  • Track up/down
  • Track audible search
  • Track repeat
  • Disc repeat
  • Disc Naming: up to 99 CDs may be named with up to eight characters per name
  • Track Program Memory: In MD mode up to 40 tracks on each of up to 30 MDs can be programmed into memory. In CD changer mode up to 40 tracks on each of up to 99 CDs can be programmed into memory
  • One disc random with delete (called Mix-MD/Mix-CD): In MD mode all tracks on the MD are played in random order. In CD changer mode once all tracks on the selected disc are played, the next disc is selected
  • Disc random w/o delete (called Mix-Mag): selects randomly from all discs in the changer; tracks may be repeated (no delete). Note: Pressing MIX during disc repeat continuously repeats tracks at random on 1 disc
  • Scan: plays the opening seconds of all tracks on the selected disc; the scan time is user selectable (5 to 30 seconds)

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.


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