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Video: Whole Firehouse Audio with Sonos®

Sonos® donated a wireless audio system to our local fire station. The firefighters looked forward to being able to play music from their smart phones as they did their chores, cooked and worked out in the firehouse.

Video Transcript

Whole firehouse audio with Sonos

Tara: We're here at the Seminole Trail firehouse which is where a bunch of our Crutchfield employees volunteer. So they work all day long and then volunteer their nights and weekends here at this firehouse. One of the things that keeps them going during their downtime is listening to music, so Sonos donated a whole house, or whole firehouse in this case, audio system for us to install for them.

Sonos is a wireless music system and it lets you play a whole bunch of different music. You can play music that's stored in a computer, you can play web-based services like Pandora® Internet radio, Spotify, even Internet radio stations. And it's super easy to control. You can download a free app if you have a smart phone. And this is gonna be perfect for the firefighters because a bunch of them have smart phones so they can download the app, and then they're able to quickly cue up whatever music, whatever station they want to listen to anywhere in this building, because Sonos is a multi-room system, too. So that means that you can put different players in different rooms. In the firehouse, we have one player here in the kitchen, a player in their training room, a player in their weight room, and even a player down in their bay so they can listen to music while they're working on their chores down there with the engines.

Rob: Well, I actually used the Samsung Galaxy Tab which was really easy to use. We, I guess, changed the different zones and went through a bunch of different music on Pandora so it was a lot easier than I actually anticipated. And it's also a lot better than the jukebox that we have down in the bay downstairs which was our pretty much station "sound system" for the last seven years.

Brenda: I mean it was really easy. After about two to three minutes I felt like I had it down, and me and the guys were all playing with it. We had a good time.

Yousef: We were just goofing around then we all got a turn. I played Arabic music and I did "Lion King", too, so I got a lot of fun music in there and we had a good time.

Milo: Everything from hardcore metal to Disney, and that, I'm sure, will not change.

Rob: We've had a couple of controller wars, as they said, where people were switching between zones and volumes and interesting things like that. So you can see actually on the tablet when somebody else is doing that and you're like "Oh you're switching my song" or "Oh you're turning on the volume" or turning up the volume or switching zones or something like that.

Tara: You only have to connect one player to your home network and everything else communicates wirelessly using its own network and that network feeds off of all the different players so every time you add a player the network gets even stronger. So we can have a player on one side of the station, on the other side of the station, and down in the engine bay and all of the music is still super clear and super detailed and we have no signal dropouts whatsoever.

Drew: And I would definitely have to say that after playing with the Sonos system for a little while that I would definitely classify it as firefighter proof and safe for use in a fire department environment.

Tara: So everyone's really excited to keep trying out the Sonos to be able to have music all throughout the station. Some of them are even thinking about putting Sonos in their house now too.

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