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Etymotic Research MP 9-15 Music PRO®

Electronic earplugs for musicians

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Our take on the Etymotic Research MP 9-15 Music PRO®

I've been a gigging drummer for over 30 years. But it's only in the last few that I've gotten serious about hearing protection. If I'd tried Etymotic's Music PRO electronic earplugs sooner, it may have been a different story. (And I really wish it had.) Are these high-fidelity musician's plugs for you? Read on for my hands-on review.

Save your ears, savor the detail

I've been a gigging drummer for over 30 years. But it's only in the last few that I've gotten serious about hearing protection. If I'd tried Etymotic's Music PRO electronic earplugs sooner, it may have been a different story. (And I really wish it had.) Are these high-fidelity musician's plugs for you? Read on for my hands-on review.

Etymotic MP 9-15 Music PRO electronic earplugs

A 2-position switch lets you select between 15 dB of protection, or 9 dB of protection with a boost for quiet sounds.

Problems with passive plugs

I've used passive earplugs a lot over the years. But there are the hurdles that kept me from using them on a regular basis until recently.

Hurdle #1: passive plugs can drain the life, color, and fun out of the music, making it harder to feed off of the energy onstage. Music is all about tone, and when you can't hear it, you feel out of touch.

Hurdle #2: it's harder to hear the quiet, unamplified stuff. Like when your lead singer turns around between tunes to change the set list on the fly. Or, say, in the rehearsal room, when your bandmates are discussing arrangements (or whatever) off the mic.

Etymotic's electronic solution

Before I get into the details of my recent "test drive" with the Music PROs, here's a quick look at exactly what they do.

These earplugs use an in-ear design to naturally attenuate the sound in your environment. They also contain tiny, high-fidelity microphones that pick up that sound. Built-in drivers feed that sound into your ears, but there's an intermediate processing step, wherein lies the Music PRO's secret sauce.

Built-in processing lets the detail come through, safely

The built-in processing is like a sentry keeping watch over the sound that's picked up by the microphones in the earplugs. When the sounds are quiet, it lets them pass right through. But when the volume starts to rise to a level that could be harmful, the system gradually applies reduction to keep your ears safe.

Selectable boost for quiet sounds

The Music PROs actually have two settings. The default setting applies 15dB of sound reduction gradually as needed. The other mode actually raises the level of quieter sounds, while also providing 9dB of reduction for loud, potentially damaging sounds.

Etymotic Music PRO earplugs with accessories

A range of selectable ear tips helps you find a secure, tight, comfortable fit.

Hands-on in the practice room

I decided to test out the Music PROs at lower volumes first, using an unplugged acoustic guitar. I tried both the default 15dB protection mode as well as the 9dB protection/boost mode. In both cases, my Taylor guitar sounded like my guitar, with its familiar balance of bass richness and top-end "snap." The boost setting definitely made upper mids and highs more distinct, a difference I also noticed rather strikingly when I heard people talking.

Cranking up to full volume

It was time to get behind the drum kit to see what these earplugs could really do. I played with them for a total of about five hours, over two consecutive nights of rehearsals with loud rock'n'roll bands. That was enough to tell me that I need to invest in a pair.

Within the first four measures of the first tune, I was struck by all the "colors" in the different cymbals on the kit. And the range of dynamic possibilities on the snare drum, from a whisper to a "crack." I mean, I hadn't forgotten that those things were there, but I just hadn't experienced them in my own playing for so long. I had gotten so used to wearing passive earplugs, that it was like finally seeing color TV again after years of watching black & white.

No pain, and not too much gain

When my buddy cranked up his notoriously loud Fender guitar amp, the bass player arched his eyebrows and shot me a worried look. But there was no discomfort for me, and I could still hear the details in his playing and the nuances of his tone.

I found the earplugs' boost mode to be of the most use when people were talking off the mic between songs. For situations like that you can just reach up and flip the two-position switch, then flip them back when it's time to start the next tune.

Jim Ralston wishing he had his earplugs

Yours truly, drumming at Crutchfield's Employee Appreciation Day, wishing I'd had earplugs....

A note on the batteries

The earplugs use Size 10 zinc-air hearing aid batteries, which have a limited lifespan. There's an 8-pack of these batteries inside Etymotic's packaging, and more replacements are readily available for relatively cheap. These things are really tiny. Users with larger fingers may find them a bit of a challenge to work with.

The Music PROs don't have an on/off switch. So in order to get the most life out of the batteries, you need to remove them from the battery compartment, or leave the battery compartments fully open. The included protective carry case allowed me to pull the batteries out and store them along with the earplugs between practices. The user manual indicates an average lifespan of about two weeks with a set of batteries, if they are removed between uses.

The literature also says that the earplugs will emit a warning tick when the batteries are low, which gets faster as the power drains. Bringing along extra batteries for performances and rehearsals is recommended.

The bottom line

Compared to passive earplugs, the Etymotic Music PROs are an absolute treat to play with. I imagine they would also be fantastic to use as a spectator at loud concerts. The included ear tip assortment includes a variety of foam and silicone options to help you find a comfortable, secure fit. That fit is really important if you want to get the full protection that this system offers for your ears.

Yes, compared to passive ear protection, these electronic earplugs are definitely an investment. But aren't your ears worth it?

Product Highlights:

  • high-fidelity earplugs allow natural, balanced sound at safe listening levels
  • uses disposable Size 10 hearing aid batteries (8-pack included)
  • includes an assortment of "universal fit" silicone and foam ear tips for a secure, tight seal
  • selectable 9dB and 15dB sound reduction modes
    • 15dB mode provides natural hearing until volume exceeds safe levels
    • 9dB mode provides a boost for soft sounds until volume exceeds safe levels
  • built-in high-sensitivity microphones
  • wide-dynamic-range K-AMP® signal processing with adaptive compression circuitry
  • balanced armature drivers
  • durable, lightweight neck cord
  • protective carry case
  • ACCUFilter™ replaceable filters protects drivers from ear wax
  • wax removal tool included
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • 2 Electronic earplugs
  • 4 Pairs of 3-flange eartips (1 installed)
  • 2 Pairs of foam eartips
  • Pack of eight #10 batteries
  • 3 Pairs of red ACCU filters (1 pair installed)
  • Filter removal tool
  • Cleaning tool and brush
  • Neck cord
  • Hard storage case
  • User Manual
  • Accessories card
  • Filter removal instructions

These ear devises have been around for some time. The combination gain and attenuation are especially helpful for me as a hearing impaired person.

James, Lovingston, VA


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Overview: The Etymōtic Music PRO electronic earplugs offer the ultimate in hearing protection. Adaptive Noise Reduction circuitry changes the noise reduction as the background noise changes. Music PRO earplugs are designed for musicians, but work well for anyone who is subject to loud environments. The earplugs come with six pairs of ACCU-Fit eartips for the best fit and comfort. The package also includes a neck cord, spare batteries and filters, cleaning tool, and a hinged hard storage case.

Adaptive Noise Reduction: Music PRO earplugs were developed for musicians who want to hear soft sounds naturally, but need protection from loud sounds, without having to constantly put them in or take them out. Each Music PRO earplug has a microphone, an integrated wide dynamic range compression circuit, and a speaker/driver. When the level is quiet or moderate, the earplugs allow you to hear sounds naturally. When the earplugs detect a progressive or sudden increase in sound level, they immediately lower the volume to a safer level, up to the maximum output capacity of the transducers. When the earplugs are turned off, the Noise Reduction Rating is rated at 25dB.

Operating Modes: Music PRO earplugs have a 2-way switch, allowing you to choose between the two operating modes:

  • Natural Hearing (15dB Reduction): This mode lets you hear naturally until sound exceeds safe levels. As soon as the sound level reaches unsafe levels, the earplugs apply 15dB of protection automatically.
  • Enhanced Hearing (9dB Reduction): In the Enhanced Hearing mode, the earplugs provide a 6dB gain when the noise level is low, enabling you to hear soft sounds clearer. When the noise level reaches an unsafe level, 9dB of hearing protection is applied.

Eartip Assortment: The Music PRO earplugs come with six pairs of ACCU-Fit eartips: 2 pairs (small, large) of standard 3-flange eartips, 2 pairs (small, large) of long stem 3-flange eartips, and 2 pairs (small, large) of foam eartips. The foam eartips are designed to be compressed before inserting into the ear canal. Once inserted, the foam expands to create a tight seal to block external noise.

Battery Power: Each earplug is powered by a small "hearing aid" battery (#10 Zinc Air). The batteries have a long shelf life, but once the tab is removed, they begin to slowly self-discharge. Typical battery life is about 2 weeks if the earplugs are turned off after each use, 9 days for continuous use, and 4 weeks whether used or not. There is no dedicated power switch on the earplug, however, opening the battery door will effectively turn off the power. The LOBAT warning (a ticking sound that gets faster and louder) sounds when the battery needs replacing. Zinc Air batteries are readily available in pharmacies and many retail stores, and typically come in packs of 8. One 8-pack is included with the Music PROs.

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