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Celerity Technologies FOG-TXCB Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box Transmitter

HDMI/Ethernet/control signal extender over fiber optic cable for runs up to 1000 feet

Item # 926FOGTXCB

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Our take on the Celerity Technologies FOG-TXCB Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box Transmitter

Versatile high-speed fiber optic connectivity

Moving massive amounts of 4K Ultra HD video, audio, data, and control signals over long distances used to be tricky, until now. Thanks to Celerity Technologies' Fiber Optic Gateway system, you can send content at distances up to 1000 feet over a single thin fiber optic cable. It works with all of the following types of signals:

  • HDMI 2.0a for HD and Ultra HD video and multichannel audio
  • RS-232 for system control
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet for content and/or IP control to a smart TV or other network device
  • 2-way infrared (IR) remote control commands
  • USB HID (USB v1.1) for keyboard, video, mouse, and other interactive applications

All you need to create a simple, reliable system is this Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway control box transmitter, plus a matching Celerity control box or wall plate receiver, and enough length of high-speed fiber optic control cable to tie them together. It's a tidy solution that makes sense for a range of multi-room audio/video applications.  

Since the cable is fiber optic, there's no signal loss, even over long runs, and it's impervious to interference from appliances, wireless devices, computers, or other noisy electronic equipment. Your audio/video content and data will arrive at its destination looking and sounding as good as when it started.

Easy two-step installation

Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway systems are installed using a simple two-step process. First, pre-wire your setup by running the Fiber Optic Control Cable from your source to your display. The cable features pre-terminated mini digital connectors at each end that make it easier to pull. Celerity cables are thin and flexible so you can easily run them along baseboards, and install them in concealed locations, conduit, plenum spaces, and cabling raceways.

Step two: simply attach the cable's mini digital connectors to your Celerity transmitter and receiver. You can use either a control box or wall plate on each end. Then plug in your sending and receiving A/V components, and you're done. The transmitter and receiver's electronics are each powered by included USB adapters. Handy built-in LED power indicators light up to verify that everything is correctly connected and ready to go.

Note: Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway systems are not compatible with Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI cables.

Product Highlights:

What's in the Box:

  • Fiber optic gateway transmitter
  • USB-AC power adapter (5V/1A)
  • 59" USB cable
  • 57" microUSB-to-USB cable
  • 58" IR emittor cable
  • 58" IR receiver cable
  • 2 Mounting brackets
  • User Guide

Scratch & Dent items may be missing non-essential accessories. In some cases the manufacturer's accessories have been replaced with generic equivalents.

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Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway (FOG): Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway (FOG) is a breakthrough for high definition, long distance distribution of AV and control signals over fiber optic cable. HDMI, RS232, IR, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, and USB HID are supported up to 1000' over a single Celerity fiber optic cable. The combination of these functions in a slim, compact device with fiber optic connectivity provides superior performance, bandwidth and flexibility for AV professionals and DIY'ers to design and install high performance content and control signal distribution systems.

Fiber Optics Benefits: Fiber optics work better for sending digital signals which include audio, video and data information. These signals travel faster and farther without degradation or signal loss over fiber optics, versus copper. Fiber Optic does not pick up interference nor does it create interference to your entertainment system. As all of the signals being carried are optical light signals, they are completely immune to interference and electronic noise. Because Fiber Optic is EMI free, it can be installed with multiple cable pulls.

Supported Solutions: Supporting 4K/60Hz HDMI performance, Celerity FOG delivers 100% pure signal integrity from point-to-point at exceptional speed. HDMI for ultra high-definition video and multi-channel audio; IR transmission for remote control; RS232 for system control; USB HID for KVM and other interactive applications; Ethernet to enable web browsing on an HDTV from a computer; and IP system control can now all be supported with a single fiber optic cable and the Celerity Fiber Optic Control Box.

Fiber Optic Gateway Transmitter: The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Transmitter (FOG-TXCB) works in conjunction with the Celerity's Fiber Optic Gateway Receiver (FOG-RXCB; sold separately). The FOG-TXCB will be placed at the source equipment, while the FOG-RXCB will be placed at the receiving equipment. Connection is made between the FOG-TXCB and FOG-RXCB with a Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway cable available in lengths from 35' to 1000' (sold separately) which connect to the FOG control boxes via a secure, mini digital connector. The Fiber Optic Gateway Transmitter features HDMI, IR, USB HID, Ethernet, and RS232 connectivity. These inputs travel to the Fiber Optic Gateway Receiver via Celerity's Fiber Optic Gateway cable. The Receiver then features HDMI, IR, USB HID, Ethernet, and RS232 outputs for your video display. 

  • HDMI: The HDMI output supports 4K/60Hz ultra high-definition video and multi-channel audio. It also meets HDCP, EDID, DDC and CEC requirements for HDMI standard.
  • Ethernet: The RJ-45 Ethernet jack (10/100BASE-T) allows connection between your home's network/internet and your Smart HDTV; connect with a CAT5/6 cable. The Ethernet jack bidirectional and may be connected in the best way to fit a particular application.
  • USB HID: The USB HID type-A port (version 1.1) provides connection to USB-enabled keyboard and mouse for control.
  • IR TX: Connect the included IR emitter to the IR TX port (3.5mm). IR information sent from the Transmitter (FOG-TXCB connected to the Receiver (FOG-RXCB) will be emitted for the purpose of controlling a component with an IR remote. Make sure to place the emitter over the component's IR window.
  • IR RX: Connect the included IR receiver to the IR RX port (3.5mm). The IR receiver will send IR information from the  Transmitter (FOG-TXCB) to the Receiver (FOG -RXCB) for the purpose of controlling a component attached to the Transmitter
  • RS232: Connect a DB-9 to RJ45 cable from the RS232 port on your AV controller, computer, etc to the FOG-TXCB
    RS232 port (RJ-45); connect with a CAT5/6 cable. The RS232 port is bidirectional and may be connected in the best way to fit a particular application
Note: Pay close attention to the "direction" of the Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway cable; install the fiber optic cable in the required pathway between the source components and the display components. At each end of the Celerity FOG cable is a mini digital connector. Place the "T" labeled mini-connector at the source location and extend the fiber optic cable to the receiving equipment. The Celerity Fiber Optic mini digital connectors are clearly marked "T" for source and "R" for display, and must be installed correctly.

Interchangeable: The Transmitter (FOG-TXCB) and Receiver (FOG-RXCB) work in pairs and may be interchanged with other Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway products, such as Celerity's Fiber Optic Gateway Wall-Plate Transmitter and Receiver (FOG-TXWP/FOG-RXWP, sold separately) for further system design and installation flexibility.

IR Emitter & Receiver: The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Transmitter comes supplied with an IR emitter and IR receiver so you can still control your display and source components which are in different locations.

LED Indicators: On the top-panel of the Transmitter (FOG-TXCB) and Receiver (FOG-RXCB) are blue and orange LEDs which will illuminate when the cables are correctly connected. The LED for the Fiber Optic Cable connection will illuminate with the cables connected in the proper direction and both control boxes are powered. If the blue LED does not illuminate ensure that the fiber optic cable is installed in the proper direction and correctly matched at the Fiber Optic Gateway boxes and power is connected (a blue LED will illuminate above the power connection when power is activated.

Mounting Options: In addition to the easily pre-wired cable solution, the Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box has been engineered specifically to assist installers in locating the FOG-CB wherever they need control system connections. Slightly more than .0.6875" thin, each Celerity FOG-CB offers two mounting solutions for maximum flexibility in locating the boxes. Included with each FOG-CB are mounting flanges that securely snap onto the FOG-CB to provide mounting points for equipment racks, walls, cabinets or a variety of enclosures. For more discreet mounting, the FOG-CB is designed with two keyholes on the back to allow for installation on nearly any flat surface including directly behind a video display. Mounting screws are not included.

Power Requirements: The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Transmitter (FOG-TXCB) operates off of standard household current using the supplied microUSB-to-USB cable and USB-AC power adapter.

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