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Video: Panamax MB850 Uninterruptible Power Supply & Surge Protector

Learn about Panamax's MB850, including how it can act as a battery backup for your audio/video gear, while also protecting your whole system from harmful power surges.

Video Transcript

Chris: Hi. I'm Chris.

J.R.: And I'm JR and we're here in the Crutchfield video studio today with the Panamax MB850. You know you've probably spent a lot of money on your equipment, you've got a flat panel TV on the wall and a home theater surround sound receiver and a Blu-ray player. So the last thing you want is for that stuff to get zapped by lightning, and you want to protect them and that's what this is for.

Chris: This is great insurance for your home theater gear. The 850 does it really well. It does it all. It's got power protection. It's got line conditioning, but a little something extra too.

J.R.: Yeah, I've got two words for you Chris: battery backup.

Chris: Exactly.

J.R.: Of the nine outlets on the back here, five of them are backed up by a battery. So if your power were to go out like, say while you were playing a game or watching TV, you know, some of your equipment would shut off instantly. But the five items you've got plugged into the battery backup will stay on until you safely shut them down.

Chris: Exactly.

J.R.: It's called an Uninterruptible Power Supply and at this price that's hard to find.

Chris: The 850 is a really great system for components that you have that have a hard drive, like a DVR. Let's say that you're recording the season finale of your favorite show. If the power goes out, you want to make sure that it's backed up by battery power so that you can keep recording.

J.R.: Absolutely. Or maybe you're playing a video game and you've been playing all day and the power goes out, well you certainly want that console to stay on so you can save your information and shut it down safely later on.

Chris: Right. Now all of the gear that's plugged into the 850 is protected from surges and spikes in power, but it has another neat thing called automatic voltage regulation.

J.R.: Yeah. The power coming out of your walls should be about 120 volts or within a safe range there. All surge protectors are looking for spikes and surges, and so is the 850, but it's also monitoring for slow increases and slow decreases in power that can damage sensitive equipment inside your components.

Chris: Like a "brownout."

J.R.: Exactly. And so if it sees the power go outside of that safe range, it's going to immediately shut down power from the wall.

Chris: Right, but the cool thing about the 850 because it's a UPS is that the components that you have hooked up to the battery backup will stay on, so you have time to properly shut them down.

J.R.: Exactly. And you know the power coming out of your wall is dirty, so at the same time it's cleaning up the power so that you actually get better picture and better sound because of that.

Chris: It's got really good filtration. I know a lot of people at Crutchfield have said that they really have noticed a difference in their picture and sound when they hook up a power protection unit.

J.R.: Yeah, that's true.

Chris: Panamax really goes out of their way to protect all kinds of gear too. Like, let's say that you have a gaming or a home theater PC hooked up to your system, there's a USB port so you can keep that hooked up and in the event of a power outage, it will save and close down your files and it'll even safely shut off your computer.

J.R.: Excellent. And we've also got coaxial in and outputs here so you can connect your antenna on your roof or your satellite dish or your cable wire. You know these are all lightning magnets so you want those cables going through this to protect your whole system. You also want to protect your home computer network, so it has Ethernet in and out, again keeping your whole system safe.

Chris: Right. The MB850 is great for anybody who wants to protect all kinds of home theater gear. It's just really good insurance. It's small. It fits into your rack nicely. It can even be hidden behind your TV, and it's got a really great LCD display to let you know what's going on.

J.R.: For more on Panamax power protection, watch our video at

Chris: And to get all the details on the MB850, go to

J.R.: And of course you can always call a helpful Crutchfield advisor at.

Chris: Like you!

J.R.: . at 1-800-555-9408.

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