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MantelMount MM850

Motorized drop-down mount for TVs 55"-100"

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Our take on the MantelMount MM850

Imagine having your TV mounted above your fireplace and moving it down to an optimal viewing angle — by remote control. The motorized MantelMount MM850 makes it possible. It comes with its own remote. And it's compatible with smart home controller such as Creston, Contro4, RTI. It even works with Amazon Alexa, so you can position your TV with a simple voice command.

MantelMount MM850

Compatible with select smart home control systems.

Position your TV by remote control

Imagine having your TV mounted above your fireplace and moving it down to an optimal viewing angle — by remote control. The motorized MantelMount MM850 makes it possible. It comes with its own remote. And it's compatible with smart home controller such as Creston, Contro4, RTI. It even works with Amazon Alexa, so you can position your TV with a simple voice command.

Position the screen for optimal viewing

You can program the mount with up to three preset positions. You can even have the mount move the TV down to a preset position when the TV's turned on, and back again when it's off. The MM850 can be tilted down as much as 2° to eliminate glare. And once the mount's extended, you can swivel your TV up to 30° in either direction.

Safety features

Vertical stops prevent the mount from extending too far down and damaging your mantel. Side stops keep your TV from swiveling into your mantel and getting damaged.

The hand grip is heat-sensitive and turns red if the temperature is above 110°. If you have your TV in front of your fireplace while a fire's lit, it can warn you when the temperature reaches a dangerous level for your electronics.

Looks great even when not in use

The MM850 includes a built-in bracket for a sound bar. Paintable covers hide the wall assembly, making for a more finished appearance when the mount's pulled down.

Product Highlights:

  • designed for TVs 55"-100"
  • supports up to 130 lbs.
  • dual electronic actuators
  • compatible with Creston, Contro4, RTI controllers
  • voice command with Amazon Alexa
  • 3 position presets
  • can be programmed to automatically move into position when TV is turned on
  • swivel range: ± 30°
  • tilt: ±2°
  • off-the-wall distance: 19"-22"
  • vertical and side stop screws to ensure that neither the mount nor TV touches your mantel
  • built-in sound bar attachment
  • in-arm wire channel conceals cables without inhibiting movement
  • heat-sensing handles
  • recess braces with paintable wall covers
  • Ethernet port for control modules and updates
  • stud-mounting required
  • remote control
  • mounting hardware included
  • 34"W x 31"H x 5-1/2"D
  • weight: 70 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • Motorized lifting mechanism housing (attached power cord)
  • Remote control
  • TV frame bracket
  • TV brace
  • 2 Horizontal braces
  • 2 Vertical braces
  • 2 Braces extenders
  • 4 Stud-brackets
  • Four M5 x 12mm bolts
  • Four M5 x 30mm bolts
  • Four M5 x 40mm bolts
  • Four M6 x 16mm bolts
  • Four M6 x 30mm bolts
  • Four M6 x 40mm bolts
  • Six M6 x 12mm bolts
  • Four M8 x 15mm bolts
  • Four M8 x 25mm bolts
  • Four M8 x 45mm bolts
  • Eight M8 x 16mm bolts
  • Four M6 x 40mm screws
  • 4 Lag-bolts
  • Four M5/M6 washers
  • Twelve M8 washers
  • Four M6 lock-nuts
  • Four M8 lock-nuts
  • 4 Anchors
  • 8 Spacers
  • 6 Wall-covers
  • Installation Instructions
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Motorized Recessed TV Mount: The MM850 motorized recessed TV mount features MantelMount's patented construction which combines high-quality automotive pistons with heavy-duty 3mm steel construction and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, along with motorized operation - allowing remote, voice, and IP control of a large flat-panel TV mounted over a fireplace. The MantelMount is built-in on three main principles -

  • (1) Smooth, easy, consistent operation.
  • (2) Safety of the TV and electronics.
  • (3) Safety of the home and mounting environment.
Note: The MantelMount MM850 is designed for use only with decorative fireplaces that are not the primary heat source for a house. Temperature at the front edge of mantle should never exceed 110° Fahrenheit

TV Compatibility: The MM850 supports 55" to 100" flat-panel TVs that weigh between 30 lbs to 110 lbs. The flat-panel TV must have M5, M6, or M8 threaded wall-mount inserts on the back that measure 200mm-600mm (horizontal) x 100mm-600mm (vertical). Spacers are also provided in case your TV has an irregular back-panel. There are gas spring adjustments that will need to be made to accommodate the specific weight of the TV (refer to installation instructions).

Built-In Motorized Operation: The MantelMount MM850 has a built-in motor that moves the mount and your TV up/down, in/out, and left/right with the press of a button on the included RF remote control, through voice commands using an Amazon Alexa device (sold separately), or via IP control from a home-automation system. Dual electronic actuators move the mount horizontally and vertically, and a multi-axis hub allows the dual actuators to perform the complex drop and swivel motion smoothly and quietly.

Position Presets with Auto-Lowering Power Sensor (ALPS): You can save up to two favorite TV positions that can be accessed from the included RF remote control. In addition, the mount system can be configured to move automatically to one of the preset locations when its senses your TV is powering on and then return to its upright and locked position when the TV turns off.  The Auto-Lower Power Sensor (ALPS) monitors when the TV is turned on and lowers the MantelMount MM850 automatically to one of two preset positions and raises it when the TV is turned off.

Note: If the Auto Lowering Power Sensor (ALPS) feature is used, plug the TV's power cable into the mount's onboard socket to loop it back away from the pinching area of the mounting and the swivel portion of the mount. The socket must stay centered between the mount's two motor actuators. The TV's power cable can then be looped again toward the TV with enough extra play to allow full
swivel to each side.

Auto Raising Heat Monitor (ARHM): An intelligent sensor tells the mount to retract when temperatures around the fireplace get too hot. This unique safety feature of the MantelMount MM850 will monitor the temperature above your fireplace at all times and raise the mount automatically if the heat behind the TV rises
above 130°F.

RF Remote Control: The MantelMount MM850 comes with an RF remote control and has the ability to send commands to the mount even from other rooms in the house; it does not need to be pointing directly at the mount in order to control the mount. However, it is very important to operate the remote only when the mount is in eye sight to prevent accidents, harm, and damage.

  • "Up" and "Down" buttons raise and lower the mount.
  • "Left" and "Right" buttons swivel the mount left or right.
  • The "Set", "M1", and "M2" buttons let you store up to two positions presets for easy recall.
  • The "Home" button fully raises the mount to its recessed position.
Note: The RF remote will need to be paired with the MantelMount MM850 before initial operation (see Installation Instructions for details).

Amazon Alexa Compatible: The MantelMount MM850 even works with Amazon Alexa devices (sold separately - see Accessories Tab), so you can position your TV with a simple voice command.

Integration Module: The MM850's communication module integrates with 3rd-party controllers via IP over a hardwired Ethernet connection. Compatible 3rd-party home automation controllers include Crestron, Control4, and RTI. An Ethernet Cable must be plugged into the communication module for integration. There are two access holes in the Housing for the cable depending on the type of installation.

Recessed Housing: The MM850 comes with a flush-mount recessed box that fits between two 2"x4" studs (up to 34" OC) inside your wall. The center arm of the mount folds neatly into the box when the TV is in the raised position, leaving a mere 1.8125" gap between your flat-panel TV and the wall. The recessed housing measures 13.3125" (w) x 28.75" (h) x 3.625" (d). Horizontal braces are include to attach the recessed box to existing wall studs; the braces can even be located off-center to the housing to reach the nearest studs.

Articulating Range: The MantelMount MM850 extends your TV from the wall and lowers it over your fire place. It also offers downward tilt and left or right swivel. The MM850 ensures that you always get the perfect viewing angle.

  • Lowering: The MantelMount lowers your television up to 30.5". You are able to stop your mounted TV anywhere along the 30.5" vertical travel path and lock it into place, as well as save up to two position presets.
  • Extension: The MM850 mounts your TV 1.8125" from the wall and extends forward up to 20.5" off the wall (half-drop) or 17" off the wall (full 30.5" drop). Your mantel must not extend from the mounting surface more than 17"-20.5" (depending on how far of a drop you desire). The MM700 cannot extend past a mantel that is larger than 17" (at half-drop) or 20.5" (at full-drop). 
  • Tilt & Swivel: The MantelMount features an adjustable 3° downward tilt in either the raised or lowered positions, so you get the perfect viewing angle. The MM850 also lets you swivel your mounted television 30° left or 30° right. Wider televisions and deeper mantels will reduce the amount of left-or-right swivel.

Exclusive MantelMount Features: The MM850 motorized TV mount includes exclusive MantelMount features that ensure proper operation & safety of your mounted television.

  • Adjustable Stops: Vertical & swivel stops prevent your from hitting your mantel or walls when lowering, swiveling or raising your television. These adjustable stops prevent any part of the mount from hitting the wall or mantel. The bottom travel stop is adjusted with two screws and locknuts, so the TV and mount do not lower all the way into the mantel. The side-to-side swivel stops are also adjusted with two screws and locknuts, so that the TV doe not swivel into the mantel.
  • Auto-Straightening: The MM850 MantelMount's patented auto-straightening technology to "flatten" the TV as it is raised to the upper position to prevent rotation into the wall. Raising your TV from a swiveled position could easily cause a collision between the TV and wall. However, the MantelMount's Auto-Straightening feature prevents this from happening. Even from a swiveled positions, the MantelMount MM750 automatically straightens the TV when raised so that it never touches your wall.
  • Auto-Stabilization: MantelMount uses enhanced auto-stabilization with gas springs to ensure that if one spring is stronger that the other over time, it won't effect the mount. The stronger gas piston will automatically take on more of the force from the TV's weight and motion, thus maintaining a level TV over time.

Built-In Soundbar Attachment: Brace extenders allow you to create enough room beneath your TV and above the MM850's handles to easily attach your soundbar speaker directly to the mount's horizontal brace, eliminating the need for any 3rd party sound bar attachment. Your soundbar will need mounting holes on the back that are spaced no wider than 28.5" apart and situated no higher than 2.5" from the bottom of the speaker.

Note: Some soundbars will require the purchase of a proprietary wall-mount bracket to use in conjunction with the MM850 soundbar attachment (additional hardware also required). For example the Sonos Playbar will need the Sonos Wall-Mount Kit (sold separately) and optional hardware (not included).

Paintable Covers & Cable Management: The MantelMount MM850 comes with paintable covers that hide the wall-mount plate and hardware for a clean, neat, and professional looking installation. It also comes with cable ties and cable tie anchors to help manage your TV's power cord and connector cables.

AC Power Cord: The MantelMount MM850 features an attached AC power cord and will require a nearby AC power outlet.

Required Tools:

  • Awl
  • Electric drill
  • 7/32" drill bit
  • Set of Allen wrenches (4-5mm)
  • Bubble level
  • Stud finder
  • 10-14mm open-end/box-end wrench
  • 10-14mm socket wrench
  • Pencil

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