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Sonos Boost

High-performance network adapter for Sonos devices

66 Reviews | 9 questions - 35 answers


Our take on the Sonos Boost

If you want the best wireless performance from your Sonos music system, check out the Sonos Boost. It's a compact device that connects to your network router and creates a dedicated wireless network for Sonos. It offers more stable, reliable performance than using your existing Wi-Fi® network for music streaming. By creating its own network, The Boost allows you to stream music wirelessly without disrupting traffic on your Wi-Fi network. It's a great solution if your Wi-Fi network suffers from limited range or is easily bogged down by multiple wireless devices.

Get the most from your Sonos system

If you want the best wireless performance from your Sonos music system, check out the Sonos Boost. It's a compact device that connects to your network router and creates a dedicated wireless network for Sonos. It offers more stable, reliable performance than using your existing Wi-Fi® network for music streaming. By creating its own network, The Boost allows you to stream music wirelessly without disrupting traffic on your Wi-Fi network. It's a great solution if your Wi-Fi network suffers from limited range or is easily bogged down by multiple wireless devices.

Extended wireless range

The Boost offers twice the wireless range of the Bridge, so you can extend your Sonos system into more rooms. It's a great way to ensure you can enjoy music throughout your home, for a robust whole-home music system.

Product Highlights:

  • creates a dedicated wireless network for Sonos music players
  • connects to your router, allowing Sonos music players in your system to operate wirelessly
  • offers high-performance wireless functionality for wireless music streaming with Sonos devices
  • ideal for Sonos installations in homes with less robust Wi-Fi networks
  • 2-port Ethernet switch for passing through network connectivity to other devices
  • 4-1/2"W x 1-5/16"H x 4-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • cannot play music — requires at least one Sonos player

What's in the Box:

  • Sonos Boost
  • AC power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Product Information

I luv my sonos speakers, but with so many wifi devices, I was losing wifi signal. This is why I bought the boost. Results awesome! If u have a lot wifi devices and sonos speakers, the boost is a must buy!

Steven, Dayton, OH


Sonos Boost Reviews

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Product Research


Sonos Boost: The Sonos Boost can be used to connect a Sonos Digital Music System to your home network, extend the wireless range of your existing Sonos Digital Music System, or create a Sonos home theater system. The Boost allows all your Sonos devices (sold separately) to work wirelessly and flawlessly throughout your entire home. Even though Sonos can work over WiFi there are benefits to adding the Sonos Boost to your Sonos wireless system.

  • Your WiFi network may already be in high demand with streaming video, gaming, and web surfing. By connecting the Sonos Boost to your router you'll establish a separate wireless network (SonosNet) exclusively for your all your Sonos devices, so you get a more reliable and secure wireless experience.
  • If you are already using the dedicated SonosNet mesh wireless network and you have a very large area to cover or there are a lot of obstructions like walls and ceilings, you can further strengthen the system's wireless performance by incorporating additional Boosts throughout your home between your Sonos components. 
  • The Boost also lets you create an immersive wireless surround sound experience that is easy to set up and control. Simply connect the Boost to your network router and you'll be able to wirelessly connect the Sonos Sub 1 powered sub and a pair of  Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3, or Play:5 rear speakers to the Sonos Playbar, Playbase, or Beam (all sold separately) for a wireless home theater setup.
Note: This unit is not a stand-alone device and requires at least one Sonos Play, Connect, or Amp device (all sold separately). 

SonosNet Secure Wireless Mesh Network: The Sonos Boost makes setting up your wireless Sonos system fast and easy by simply connecting the Boost to your router to instantly activate the SonosNet secure wireless mesh network. Not only does the BOOST create a reliable dedicated wireless network for your Sonos system, but it also offers additional benefits such as greater wireless range, more uniform wireless coverage, and advanced interference rejection.

Simple Setup: The Boost has two Ethernet jacks on the back panel, so its easy to connect your network router directly to the Boost. The Boost connects to your router using a standard Ethernet cable connection (2-port switch, 10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX). Then, a simple press of the button located on top of the Boost will start SonosNet, a secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network that enables other Sonos products to control and play music wirelessly. The second Ethernet port let you run an Ethernet cable from Boost to your computer or NAS drive, so you can listen to your computer's or NAS music library through your entire Sonos wireless system. 

System Flexibility: Once you've set up your Boost, you can easily add more Sonos components anytime. If your home has structured (built-in) wiring, you can make a wired connection to additional Sonos devices. If you don't have structured wiring, you can take advantage of Sonos' built-in wireless technology. The Boost provides flexibility to place your Sonos components in any room of the house and connect them all wirelessly.

Range Expansion: You can extend the range of the SonosNet Secure wireless network and stream music wirelessly to a remote location by placing an additional Boost between your Sonos component in that remote location and the rest of your Sonos system. The Boost has three wireless antennae broadcasting 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings for flawless coverage even to the most remote room in your home.

Home Network Requirements: To access Internet music services, Internet radio, and any digital music stored on your computer or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device, your home network must meet the following requirements:

  • High-speed DSL/Cable modem, or fiber-to-the-home broadband connection for proper playback of Internet-based music services. If your Internet service provider only offers Satellite Internet access, you may experience playback issues due to fluctuation in download rates.
  • If your modem is not a modem/router combination and you want to take advantage of Sonos' automatic online updates, or stream music from an Internet-based music service, you must install a router in your home network. If you don't have a router, you will need to purchase and install one before setting up your system.
  • If you are going to use a Sonos controller application on an Android smartphone, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or other tablet, you will need a wireless router in your home network.
  • Connect at least one Sonos component to your home network router using an Ethernet cable, and then you can add other Sonos components wirelessly. Or setup your Sonos component wirelessly via WiFi without any hardwire connection.
  • For best results, you should connect the computer or NAS drive that contains your personal music library collection to your home network router using an Ethernet cable.
Note: Although Sonos is compatible with most networking equipment, some network devices are incompatible. Usually when networking hardware does not work with Sonos, it's because it lacks support for the network protocols that Sonos uses to operate, like UPnP, STP, and SMB/CIFS. Click here for a list of networking equipment that is incompatible with Sonos; be aware that the majority of this list is made up of older networking equipment, but may still exist as part of a home network.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Adding Sonos all over house want to have it just in case. Live in Old House Circa 1800 need to push WiFi signal [ JOHN  Sep 26, 2018 ]
I want to create a high performance wireless network for my existing Sonos speaker setup and to alleviate some bandwidth from my home network. [ Richard  Sep 18, 2018 ]
Price [ Motox95  Aug 27, 2018 ]
Wanted high quality wifi connection for Sonos without stealing bandwidth from other non-sonos devices. [ James  Aug 20, 2018 ]
We purchased this because we have three amps and would like dedicated WIFI for the system. [ Kyle  Aug 01, 2018 ]
I chose the Sonos Boost because I wanted my Sonos Connect to have its own network. [ Thomas  Jul 26, 2018 ]
my old sonos bridge seems to have died? anyways I can do with the signal boost on the wifi that the boost is to give so I'm taking it for a trial and if it works, GREAT. [ ANDREW ST  Jul 14, 2018 ]
Clarity of music channels at all times. [ Jeffrey  Jul 06, 2018 ]
It looks to be another great Sonos product. [ Patrick  Jul 02, 2018 ]
To minimize any drain on my existing wi-fi network. [ Scott  Jun 25, 2018 ]
My Netgear is pretty well loaded up and this should help with the additional load of my pair of Sonus Play1. I HOPE, [ JOSE C  May 28, 2018 ]
slow network when many devices are running [ Christopher  Apr 28, 2018 ]
The Bridge is no longer supported and will have no further updates. The Boost has better range and is supported. Time to upgrade. [ Bob  Apr 23, 2018 ]
Recommendation from existing user, plus it was open-box [ Richard  Apr 18, 2018 ]
Connectivity issues using standard WIFI with range extender - hope this works [ DERRICK  Jan 22, 2018 ]
needed another one.... [ Matthias  Jan 14, 2018 ]
To improve the connection between my router and my Sonos system. I hope it works! [ JOHN  Jan 11, 2018 ]
Bridge no longer working [ William  Jan 08, 2018 ]
My wireless network is not reliable enough [ Kirkland  Jan 03, 2018 ]
We added the Sonos Boost to our Sonos system and we have stable, awesome music throughout our home - on demand. Love the Sonos system - so easy to hook up and use. [ Jeffrey  Dec 24, 2017 ]
It looks as it is need as parte of the sono speakers in order to properly work. [ Teresa  Dec 11, 2017 ]
Ensure top performance for music/sound. [ Victor  Nov 27, 2017 ]
Large house and wanted to setup wireless subnet for music. [ K  Nov 14, 2017 ]
I bought the whole Sonos product line and due to low level of wifi signal from basic router and extender that I'm using, some speakers located on second floor are loosing connection to system. Gona install this boost and see what it happens! [ Roberto alves  Sep 18, 2017 ]
Gives your system a dedicated wifi. [ KATHRYN J  Sep 17, 2017 ]
I chose this item as a additional house warming gift to add to the Sonos Sound Bar and Play 1 Speaker I gave my daughter after purchasing her new home.. [ Julius  Sep 08, 2017 ]
Required when using Connect Amp for use with Rear surround speakers. [ ROBERT CARTER  Sep 02, 2017 ]
My router can only hold 16 wireless connections and I am at my limit, this will remove 8 Sonos Speakers from that network [ Alexander  Aug 23, 2017 ]
The wireless modem in my house is located deep in the upstairs and I didn't want to have an issue with connecting from the outside. [ David  Aug 12, 2017 ]
my sonos system keeps dropping out. hoping this will fix it. [ David  Jul 31, 2017 ]
Better sound system and to connect to current electronics [ BethK  Jul 28, 2017 ]
To upgrade from the Sonos Bridge. The speakers would sometimes drop the music stream. [ H  Jul 24, 2017 ]
There are areas in my house which more than likely have a weak WiFi signal. So to be on the safe side I'm purchasing the Sonos BOOST. [ Jim  Jun 03, 2017 ]
It is the #1 item to boost the wifi in your home with a dedicated line for sonos connects/speakers. [ J  May 28, 2017 ]
I purchased this product to increase the coverage of my Sonos products. My Sonos system is continuing to increase and didn't want the drag to internet by having it on my wifi. [ William  May 04, 2017 ]
Adding on to the bridge to expand sonos in all rooms [ Roshan  May 01, 2017 ]
Does a fantastic job of offloading music traffic from the already busy wifi network! Easy to set up and works flawlessly. [ Kevin  Apr 21, 2017 ]
Tried a system that used this and the sound quality as well as overall operation was excellent! [ Frank  Feb 18, 2017 ]
I want insurance of a good wifi signal when streaming music. [ Eric  Feb 01, 2017 ]
add to existing system [ Marc  Jan 28, 2017 ]
I tried the Sonos Playbar and Sub on our home wifi router, but had difficulty connecting due to many devices (computers, tv, tablets and phones) already on the wifi. The Boost solved all of this allowing the Sonos speakers to function without additional wifi traffic. [ DONALD J  Jan 15, 2017 ]
Have the Sonos 1 speaker but unable to listen to music anywhere else in the house because that has to stay hook up to the modem [ Tammy  Jan 14, 2017 ]
To provide a better signal to Sonos speakers across the house. [ Steven  Dec 23, 2016 ]
To improve the WIFI signal and be able to listen to music wirelessly without interruptions. [ Joaquin  Dec 18, 2016 ]
I already own one Sonos speaker and have experienced drops, so I decided to get their Boost module which is supposed to create a dedicated connection. Hopefully this will eliminate the drops. [ James  Dec 14, 2016 ]
we will be placing speakers up and down stairs and want to make sure we get great reception [ James  Dec 10, 2016 ]
to extend my wifi to reach a room too far away [ KATHRYN  Dec 07, 2016 ]
Bridge did not reach all rooms in my house. [ PHILIP  Aug 15, 2016 ]
Less strain on my wireless network [ Stephen  Jun 27, 2016 ]
To keep the Sonos speakers separate from my WI FI [ Richard  Jun 25, 2016 ]
Great addition to a whole house Sonos system. [ DJ Patrick  Jun 15, 2016 ]
I wanted to leave my wireless network free of the Sonos traffic. [ AVI  Jun 11, 2016 ]
Recommendation from friends who have Sonos; customer reviews [ Lewis  Jun 09, 2016 ]
Big house. [ Robert  Jun 02, 2016 ]
Needed to create a Sonos network to cover the entire area of house and outside by pool [ James S.  May 31, 2016 ]
have one at work - love it [ laurie  May 31, 2016 ]
Large house [ Bradley  May 24, 2016 ]
Sets up system on dedicated wifi system [ DONALD  May 04, 2016 ]
Stronger signal, no need for a speaker at my router [ Kurt  Mar 12, 2016 ]
current customer-needed for additional location [ PATRICK  Feb 23, 2016 ]
Tony suggested the system to me and then I found out that two of the people I work with also have a Sonos system. Tony's Bio: [ Lawrence  Feb 21, 2016 ]
Boost will insure a solid Wi-Fi connection for Sonos throughout a home. [ Bill  Feb 08, 2016 ]
Sonos Bridge needs replacing. [ K  Jan 26, 2016 ]
This was a replacement for an original Sonos bridge purchased over six years ago. The new system works flawlessly and has no signal drop off within my house. [ Edward  Jan 17, 2016 ]
LOVE MY SONUS [ SAMUEL A  Jan 13, 2016 ]
Was having problems with my Wi-Fi connection. [ Lonnie  Jan 11, 2016 ]
I LOVE Sonos stuff! [ Cafe Then  Dec 21, 2015 ]
I did not realize my two new SONOS speakers (PLAY1 purchased from Crutchfield, just 3-days ago) had to be permanently hard wired to my router. That fact could have been made more clear. I thought both of my the SONOS PLAY1 speakers would play through my home wireless network. I ended up purchasing the $99 SONOS Boost to help solve that issue. [ Justin  Dec 19, 2015 ]
Instead of taxing the WiFi set-up for this wireless music system, I wanted to set up an independent network. This new model is very reliable. [ Seyf  Dec 14, 2015 ]
better connectivity to device [ Amy  Dec 14, 2015 ]
The SONOS music system is by far the best portable sound system available today. The sound will blow you away. The SONOS boost connects to your modem and provides a wi-fi network for your SONOS speakers without using valuable bandwidth on your home wi-fi network. [ Howard  Dec 12, 2015 ]
Was recommended to me by a friend that is very well educated in electronics. [ HUBERT  Dec 10, 2015 ]
I have weak WiFi [ Doug  Dec 08, 2015 ]
recommended by advisor based on our internet situation [ JEFFREY A  Dec 05, 2015 ]
I already have a bridge but want the extra signal the Boost will give my system. [ Michael  Dec 04, 2015 ]

9 questions already asked

For the Sonos speakers, yes -- they all require AC power. None of them are battery powered. Note that this is the only external connection required though. Audio connections are wireless over the Sonos subnet your wireless network. [ Gregory  Jun 09, 2017 ]
Yes. Wireless applies to the audio signal only. AC powers the amplifier. [ STEPHEN W  Jun 09, 2017 ]
Yes. They will not operate without a direct power source. [ Stephen  Jun 09, 2017 ]
The Boost definitely won't do it, unless you happen to be sitting within range of your house. [ Melanie  Apr 15, 2017 ]
Sonos Boost is for the house. It won't work in the car. Contact a Crutchfield car audio specialist. They can help you out. [ DJ Patrick  Apr 14, 2017 ]
No. I use boost to increase my coverage, I have week signals around my backyard and boost helps increase signal strength around my backyard where I have a sound bar.. it works great for my need. [ DAVID  Nov 27, 2016 ]
William, the the answer is no. I replaced my Sonos bridge with a Boost a couple of years ago and it improved the wireless signal significantly. No other products are needed. [ Anthony  Oct 01, 2016 ]
No, just hook up the Boost to your router. Make sure you have a good router. From there, download the apps and set up your speakers. [ Cory  Sep 30, 2016 ]
No. Once the Boost is connected to the router, all Sonos connections to it are wireless as with the Sonos Bridge. Just more powerful than Bridge. [ Russell  Sep 30, 2016 ]
Boost is the only component physically connected to my router. Everything else is wireless and generally connects great. [ Michael J.  Sep 30, 2016 ]
I set my Boost up in a room near my back patio so that I could move my Sonos speakers out there from time to time. No ethernet cable needed and it solved my signal issues. [ JOHN M  Sep 30, 2016 ]
I am not aware of any battery in a sonos boost. The boost plugs in to an outlet and your network. [ Peter  May 22, 2016 ]
There is no battery, it plugs in. [ Cory  May 21, 2016 ]
There are no batteries in a Sonos Boost to my knowledge. [ Russell  May 21, 2016 ]
There is no battery in the Boost to replace . [ DAVID  May 21, 2016 ]
Yes you can. I use a Sonos Amp to power my outdoor speakers. [ DAVID  Mar 08, 2016 ]
Yes that is exactly what the Sonos amp is for. I have one and it drives my outdoor speakers. If this is your first Sonos purchase just be aware one of the Sonos devices must be connected directly to your internet router. Note:that is how it use to be unless they have figured out how to go completely wireless. I know they were working on that. If you do need a wired connection buy the bridge. it is about 50 bucks and does the job. I can tell you are going to love Sonus. it is so easy and great. I use mine all the time. Good luck. [ Peter  Mar 08, 2016 ]
Assuming the speakers are in wall, yes. I bought the amp and hooked it up to existing speakers and it worked well. You need to watch how many speakers you are trying to rum off the amp as it does have limitations on how many speakers it can push. [ Cory  Mar 08, 2016 ]
Yes. [ Russell  Mar 08, 2016 ]
what kind of existing speakers? [ Mark A.  Mar 08, 2016 ]
Thank you Cory [ Sharon  Jan 13, 2015 ]
Thank you Robert. Will do, Sharon [ Sharon  Jan 13, 2015 ]
Hi Sharon, I am not familiar with the Polk system. The boost does work for the Sonos system and has made my connections much more reliable throughout the house. I recommend contacting Polk or Sonos support before purchasing. [ Robert L. Block  Jan 12, 2015 ]
Sharon: I don't know. Give sonos a call they are great and knowelegable. [ Cory  Jan 12, 2015 ]
Thanks for feedback! [ Sharon  Jan 12, 2015 ]
The boost works only with sonos equipment as it works on its own propitary mesh network which communicates with sonos equipment only .It does work nicely for the sonos products. [ Donavan  Jan 12, 2015 ]
The Boost works with Sonos wireless speaker products only. [ John  Jan 12, 2015 ]
Sharon, My Sonos boost works with my Bose surround system and my new Sonos system , but I also got the Connect that makes everything work together [ MARIA  Jan 12, 2015 ]
OK, Thanks Marc [ Sharon  Jan 12, 2015 ]
OK, Thanks [ Sharon  Jan 12, 2015 ]
I believe it only works with Sonos speakers and amps. [ Craig  Jan 12, 2015 ]
I don't believe so, Pretty sure everything Sonos is proprietary. [ Marc  Jan 12, 2015 ]
no [ Michael  Jan 12, 2015 ]
I gave this as a (specifically)requested gift, so I don't have an answerr for you. Did you e-mail Sonos? [ patricia  Jan 12, 2015 ]
We have not received any answers from other customers on your question. I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They should be able to help answer your question. [ Krissy  Oct 24, 2014 ]  Staff