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Video: Pioneer Stage 4 DEX-P99RS CD Receiver


We got the skinny on the Pioneer DEX-P99RS CD receiver directly from Pioneer. This stereo is unsurpassed for delivering audiophile-quality sound in the car.

[Learn more about the Pioneer DEX-P99RS]

Video Transcript

Robert: Pioneer stopped by today to tell us about their new line of car audio gear so we grabbed their trainer Harry to ask him a little bit about their Stage 4 products. So Harry, what is Pioneer Stage 4?

Harry: Well, I'll tell you what. If you are a car audio enthusiast, not just a car audio enthusiast, but an audio enthusiast, Stage 4 is for you. The DEX-P99RS, which is kind of the flagship in-dash CD player and processor-brains-powerhouse of the whole system. It is built 100% around audio — the cleanest audio, the finest Pioneer audio system that we have ever made. I mean absolutely spectacular from the ground up, built against noise and all for pure audio.

Many car stereo systems today that we see are sort of built around a front speakers and rear speakers and then maybe a subwoofer system along the way as well. The Stage 4 products are built around right and left. So for example, there are four sets of RCAs. Typically you have three sets of RCAs: one for the front, one for the rear, and one for a subwoofer. Here we have four. We have high, mid, mid-bass, and subwoofer. And in fact it goes so far that there are two 31-band equalizers built into the system. There are two one-third octave EQs, one for the right side of the system and one for the left side of the system. It's absolutely a powerful tool and you do every bit of it right from the driver's seat.

We even have crossover settings for all four of those know, the high, mid, mid-bass, and low. And the crossover settings are impressive all by themselves. Every one you can go from a straight pass-through on the crossover down to 36 db per octave. That's an extremely steep slope on a crossover. So you can overlap the crossover points and change the front end and the back end all completely independent of one another. Again, just an unbelievably powerful processing tool.

There are a very, very, small, select number of retail shops around the country where you can get this, and of course if you're shopping online I would drop into, because that's the best place you can find it.

Robert: Well thanks for the time Harry. We appreciate it.

Harry: It was great man. I love coming by. If you're a gadget guy and you're into audio this just like this is so cool.

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