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SVS shopping spree sweepstakes

Need an audio overhaul? Enter our SVS sweepstakes for a chance to totally transform your home audio system. Whether you're looking for audiophile-level musical refinement or impactful home theater sound, SVS speakers and subs always deliver. If you're the lucky winner of this giveaway, you'll receive $2,500 towards the purchase of any SVS gear at Crutchfield. That means you can supplement your current system with bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, surround speakers, a sub or two, or build a whole new system.

How will you spend your prize money? Let your imagination run wild! But be sure to enter before November 21st.

Here's what our customers say about SVS...

SVS PB16-Ultra

5-star review of the SVS PB16-Ultra powered subwoofer

SVS Ultra Tower

5-star review of the SVS Ultra tower speakers

SVS Prime Satellite

5-star review of the SVS Prime satellite 5.1 system

Last updated 10/29/2018

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