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Channel Master 4228HD

Directional long-range outdoor rooftop TV antenna

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Our take on the Channel Master 4228HD

Channel Master's 4228HD antenna can receive digital and analog over-the-air TV signals in the UHF band and high VHF band (nearly all digital TV signals are in the UHF or high-VHF bands). The 4228HD is optimized for "deep-fringe" reception of HDTV — it's one of the highest-gain antennas available.

Channel Master's 4228HD antenna can receive digital and analog over-the-air TV signals in the UHF band and high VHF band (nearly all digital TV signals are in the UHF or high-VHF bands). The 4228HD is optimized for "deep-fringe" reception of HDTV — it's one of the highest-gain antennas available.

This antenna features a highly directional design that will provide best results when most or all of the desired stations are transmitting from the same location. For clearer reception, pair the 4228HD with the 7777 preamplifier — several Crutchfield employees are receiving digital stations from 50+ miles away with a similar setup. Also, if you'd like to pull in signals from different areas, consider a rotor to aim your antenna in the right direction.

The 4228HD is classified as a Large Directional antenna. Its space-efficient design is suitable for roof and attic installations (mast recommended). For tips on selecting an antenna, and links to websites that help you locate HDTV signals in your area, check out our article on choosing the best HDTV antenna.

Product Highlights:

  • receives digital and analog UHF and high-band VHF TV signals
  • range is 60 miles for UHF (ch. 14-51), 45 miles for VHF (ch. 7-13)
  • 8-bay bowtie dipole design
  • 41"W x 5-1/2"D x 33"H
  • 20-1/2" turning radius (if used with an antenna rotor)
  • 75-ohm output for coaxial cable
  • accommodates 1-1/4"-1-1/2" mast (mast not included)
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • RG-6 cable is recommended

What's in the Box:

  • Antenna assembly
  • Weather boot
  • 2 U-bolt
  • 2 Brackets
  • 4 Nuts
  • 4 Lock washers
  • Threaded F-connector (installed)
  • Installation instructions (English/Spanish)
  • Electric wire danger warning instructions (English/Spanish)
  • Electrical wire danger warning sticker

Channel Master 4228HD Reviews

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Overview: The Channel Master 4228HD antenna is designed for over-the-air broadcasts of UHF frequencies and high-band VHF frequencies (channels 7-13 and 14-69), both digital (HDTV) and analog. It can be mounted on a roof, on a wall, to a chimney, or in an attic. The antenna can be used with digital converter boxes or HDTV ready televisions.

Note: Many digital broadcasts still include non-HD content.

Construction: The Channel Master 4228HD antenna features a long lasting durable design with heavy duty aluminum elements and UV stabilized plastics.

Mounting Brackets: The mounting brackets and the U-bolt are used to mount the antenna to a traditional antenna mast (sold separately). The outer diameter of the mast should be approximately 1-1/4 inches.

Turning Radius: If using a rotor on the antenna mast, make sure a 20.5" turning radius around the antenna is clear of obstruction.

Grounding: The antenna and mast should be properly grounded. Grounding provides lightning protection for the antenna and your TV set.

Note: No grounding hardware is provided with the antenna.

Connections: The balun is built-in (attached at the factory) and has a female F-type connector. The included waterproof rubber weather boot should be installed over the cable connection to guard against corrosion. A twist-on threaded F-connector is also included.

Note: Coax cable is not provided, RG-6 is recommended.

Operating Range: The rated range of the 4228HD is up to 45 miles (channels 7-13) and up to 60 miles (channels 14-69), but the distance is approximate, actual performance depends on too many variables to predict accurately.

Gain: The average gain across the UHF frequency range is 12dB.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

i have one,mounted 12' from ground level, very good antenna.this one is a gift. [ evelyn  Oct 29, 2018 ]
Well known brand have had great results with their products in the past [ DENNIS  Jun 29, 2018 ]
Strong reviews online, the right price and I trust the products Crutchfield sells. [ Jerry  Jun 23, 2018 ]
Friends told me it is one of the best antenna in the market. [ RAMON  Nov 29, 2017 ]
Recommended by others [ Wibur  May 07, 2017 ]
Owned one before. Worked great [ Marc  May 07, 2017 ]
Online Reviews [ John  May 02, 2017 ]
my neighbor (and friend) ordered one of these from you and he's been very happy with it [ Janet S.  Feb 08, 2017 ]
My friend Jason purchased one and it did extremely well for our area. [ Mark  Dec 21, 2016 ]
Too far from the transmission tower. after research I ordered one, then two, them 3&4. Works fantastic!! Bye bye cable!!! [ Bob  Dec 16, 2016 ]
I am a cord cutter. This antenna will replace one that was damaged on a wind storm. Will give a review once it is installed [ Bruce  Sep 21, 2016 ]
Broke my old CM-3010. Wanted to upgrade my attic installation with an upgraded antenna. Chose Crutchfield because of the advertised great support ratings and for the fast delivery. Thanks! [ David  Sep 19, 2016 ]
I purchased this antenna based on the reviews and price point. As a cord cutter, this item performed as advertised and I receive a dozen local channels in addition to my streaming services. [ ROBERT  Jul 01, 2016 ]
i have the smaller one of this and works very well i what to rich out a little farther [ jay  Jun 27, 2016 ]
Good product description and generally good reviews of the product I finally ordered [ Roderick  Jun 21, 2016 ]
feed back online [ Gary  Jun 15, 2016 ]
Information on your website. Good experience by personal use from some of your advisors [ TRISTAN  Mar 13, 2016 ]
Lee helped me select the best antenna for my needs. [ Brian  Jan 27, 2016 ]
own one works great! buying for retired customer so she can save $65 dollars a month cable bill [ C  Jan 13, 2016 ]
Wanted to cut the cable and this has fit the bill for my attic installation. [ JOSEPH K  Dec 31, 2015 ]
Channel Master Antennas have always had a great reputation for there antenna quality. [ EDWARD A  Dec 27, 2015 ]

12 questions already asked

I've had mine since Dec.'16, works FANTASTIC with the pre-amp. No interference unless there is a significant weather event, it sometimes will "pixelate/freeze". When i say significant, typically heavy thundershower or dark blue heavy snow...other than that, perfect. Am considering purchasing a rotor as I can receive an additional 8 channels on the backside of the antennae. Mark M.-Central PA. [ Mark  Apr 29, 2018 ]
THe whole antenna is made of aluminum the cross braces don't seem to cause any problems. Sometimes station farther away from each other have trouble. Mainly channel 7 ABC in Chicago. [ RICKY E  Apr 23, 2018 ]
I've mounted the 4228 both on a metal pole and flat against a roof. I typically ground the mounting hardware with a ground wire and haven't had any issues with reception. I'm pretty sure that all the mounting structure is metal. [ John  Apr 23, 2018 ]
I get great reception with this antenna in the Attic up to around 80 miless. I'm not sure if the metal roof will affect the reception. [ David  Dec 31, 2016 ]
I have had no problem with this on low bands I get 2-52. [ tim  Apr 30, 2016 ]
I don't really have an answer for that but as of 2009, only 2 percent of digital stations were in the low vhf range. Probably even less now. Overall I am happy with the antenna and amplifier I use. I summer at put in bay and get Cleveland and Toledo.stations very well. [ Charles  Apr 29, 2016 ]
JohnL: Your question is completely over my head. I can say that I installed the antenna inside my attic in Valparaiso and attempted to point the bowties towards South Bend. I (usually) recieve HD CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and several others from South Bend and the same from Chicago, adding HD ABC and many of what used to be UHF analog stations. HD reception from both cities degrades when it is raining or snowing. I am using an in-line amplifier per the advice of a man at Bowman Electronics in Valparaiso at the point where the Attic coax feeds into my house coax network. The HD picture is USUALLY solid and stable and certainly better than anything Comcast ever used to provide. [ Steven  Apr 29, 2016 ]
Splitting the signal works great. I just use a simple 3 way signal splitter/combiner and I spit it between a TV and 2 DVD Recorders. Works fine. I Cannot answer about putting it outside. I just put it on the wall inside the house and it works fine there. Reception all depends on where you are located, and what kind of interference is around your area. [ Brian  Oct 27, 2015 ]
The instructions that come with the antenna make no mention of grounding. If it was important, it would be stated there. I did not ground my coax. Then again, my antenna is mounted in the attic due to local code restrictions. What *is* important is to use a high quality coax. I used quad shielded RG6. It costs a little more, but for a one time investment, it's worth it. Whichever cable you choose, make sure it's 75 ohm impedance to match the antenna output. A good quality two-way splitter will reduce the signal strength by 3 dB to each TV set. That's the theoretical minimum loss. A 4 way splitter will lose 6 dB per outgoing signal. A low quality splitter will likely lose more signal. In an urban to near suburban area you probably won't be able to tell, especially with today's digital signals. But if you're in a more remote location and you need to feed the signal to multiple sets, consider inserting a good quality antenna amplifier, one where the amplifier itself is mounted just below the antenna. Finally, read the instructions and pay attention antenna placement, orientation and cable routing. Don't approach electrically noisy equipment such as air conditioners, etc. Finally, I'm very pleased with my 4228HD. It works great! [ Philip  Oct 27, 2015 ]
I purchased the QUAD SHIELDING cable, HUGE difference! [ Mark  Apr 29, 2018 ]
Yes, absolutely. The main thing to observe is the 75 ohm impedance. The antenna has 75 ohm output. You're good to go. [ Philip  Jun 30, 2015 ]
It has been a while since I've done this type of work, however I believe that RG-6 is suitable in this application. [ JEFFREY A  Jun 30, 2015 ]
Great ant I git about 30 ch we are about 60 miles from Orlando fl [ GERALD  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Hi Mark, I live in a wooded area outside of Boston and it has performed very well for me. Stations have better clarity than cable in many cases. You will be happy with the purchase. Regards, Rick [ Richard  Feb 11, 2015 ]
Honestly, it works as well as a good quality indoor antenna in any application [ STEVEN  Feb 09, 2015 ]
I have my antenna mounted outside and it works great.but in the attic i am not sure [ ROGER  Feb 08, 2015 ]
I live approximately 35 miles west of Columbus, Ohio and 30 miles east of Dayton, Ohio, have this antenna in an upstairs bedroom window, with a signal booster. I am also down over a hill from both cities. I get all the channels offered over the air by both cities. I would say that this antenna will work for you. [ WILLIAM E  Feb 08, 2015 ]
Mark I'd say that it's worth a try. My 4228HD is mounted outside on the end of my garage on a 10 foot mast so its probably 30ft off the ground. The signal I get is from over 40 miles away and obscured by trees. I get all of the local MSP digital channels with a picture that I say is better than the satellite signal DTV. I wish I had tried putting the antenna in the attic of my garage before I put it outside. I may be going that way as the mast is already slightly bent due to high winds. Good luck [ REGAN G  Feb 08, 2015 ]
Mark, I think you should be good if you are 20 miles from your transmitters in Milwaukee. By way of comparison, I am about 35 miles from the transmitters in Atlanta and I live in a bit of a hole, with a small hill behind my house that has trees on top of it. So, my antenna faces the hill and trees and does not clear the tops of the trees. With roof mounting, it does great even with the signal split between two different rooms without an amplifier. I have it roof mounted because of my positioning plus the range, but I tried it in the attic first. It got okay reception based upon my situation; you should get much better. So, if you are 20 miles away and not behind a hill, or at least have the antenna level with the top of the trees, I think it would be worth a shot. Check and see if any of your channels are VHF. The VHF ones are true los and will be more problematic if the signal has to go through trees. But, I think you will be good with this one. I would be interested to see if it works for you. -Steve [ STEVE  Feb 08, 2015 ]
I think not - signals are all around you all day long - from cell phones, cordless phones, TV transmitters, radio transmitters, Wi-Fi and on and on. Stay clear of your microwave though. [ REGAN G  Feb 08, 2015 ]
No I don't think is a health hazard, providing you install the antenna outside of the room. Regards, Juan Somarriba [ JUAN  Feb 06, 2015 ]
no [ ROGER P  Feb 05, 2015 ]
No the HDTV signal is already traveling in the air and can't hurt you. This antenna uses no power and just picks up the HDTV signal in the air and sends it to your tv through the cable wire. [ JIM J  Feb 05, 2015 ]
according to the Crutchfield website it's about 3 ft X 4 ft [ REGAN G  Jan 07, 2015 ]
I do not recall exactly what the dimensions are but something like 3 x 36. If the opening is too small you could probably assemble it in the attic. Hope this helps. It is doing a great job of pulling in stations for me. [ E. WAYNE  Jan 07, 2015 ]
41"w x 33"h x 5" deep. [ WILLIAM E  Jan 06, 2015 ]
It is the same dimension as advertisement in box comes basically assembled for you little work to attach uhf [ ROBERT  Jan 06, 2015 ]
The dimensions are 41"W x 5-1/2"D x 33"H. It's a rather large antenna and would be difficult to get into a small opening. Most square attic openings that I've seen should be at least 33" diagonal, so you could still fit it up there that way pretty easily. [ CURT  Jan 06, 2015 ]
Ken, I don't remember. Mine is up at the eve of my home. Look up the specifications and it should tell you. You might also be able to disassemble it (if needed) to get it up there. BTW, it works great for me, being about 30-35 miles east of a major city. Best of Luck! [ COREY J  Jan 06, 2015 ]
We are about 65 miles from the local network stations and our antenna is mounted on a pole just above our roof line outside. We get excellent reception and would recommend this antenna to anyone. Very pleased with product. [ LINDA A  Sep 05, 2014 ]
I bought two channel master 4228HD, i receive great signal but i also purchased the 7777 preamplifier and i recommend to purchase these products. [ GINTARAS  Sep 05, 2014 ]
I have not installed this Channel Master because my wife started using Netflix and Hulu.n [ JAMES  Sep 04, 2014 ]
I think you should be good, based upon that distance and topography, as long as the channels you are looking for are in the UHF band. By way of comparison, I am about 35 mi away from Atlanta's transmitters. My house sort of sits in a hole and it is hilly between the transmitters and me. In the attic, my reception is okay; however, on the roof it does great for the Atlanta Channels along the UHF spectrum, and rarely pulls in high VHF signals. Hope this helps. [ STEVE  Sep 04, 2014 ]
Thanks for getting back to me with this info [ Lloyd  Sep 04, 2014 ]
Thanks for the feedback. [ Lloyd  Sep 04, 2014 ]
Lloyd We bought this same antenna last year and installed it in our attic on a pole facing toward the direction of the towers that are about 40 miles away and it works great!! We get approx 35 channels for FREE! No more cable bills of $100 + every month! I would highly recommend it! I did however talk with a representative from Crutchfield to make sure that this was a good fit or the right antenna for our area in Oklahoma. Good Luck with your future antenna purchase Delana from Oklahoma [ DELANA  Sep 04, 2014 ]
That's a similar application to mine, and my family have been happy with its performance. The good news is that you'll know right away once you try it, well within the limits of Crutchfield's return policy. [ CARY  Sep 04, 2014 ]
I mounted this in the attic by suspending it from the rafters on a pvc pipe using the provided pipe clamps/U-bolts. Towers are about 25-30 miles from my house with no major hills or mountains in the way. Looked up online the tower locations to know the approximate angle to aim the antenna. Works great with no amplifier. Crystal clear picture on 4 hd tvs around the house including a 62in in the basement. [ AARON S  Sep 04, 2014 ]
It does not come with a post or roof mounting bracket. You need to buy 300 ohm tv antenna wire and the necessary connectors (coaxial cable connectors). [ LINDA A  May 22, 2014 ]
Thomas, It comes with coaxial connection, So coaxial cable is required. It does not come with a roof mount. I like mine, does very well. [ DAVID  May 22, 2014 ]
There is no wire included to connect from the Ant. to the TV. It takes a standard coax cable. I think it is best not to include the cable because every application will be a different length and it is always best to not splice antenna cable. It does not come with a roof mount you will need to purchase that separately. It came with two U bolt type clamps that will clamp on to any pipe up to about 1 and 1/2 inch Dia. Good Luck [ Richard  May 21, 2014 ]
Hi Thomas: Neither wire nor roof mount are supplied. You need to buy a regular TV coaxial cable to connect from the terminal of the antenna to the TV set (length of the cable depend of the distance between both, but a 25 feet cable can be enough). In addition, you need to buy an stand and tube to install the antenna on the roof (Radio Shack is an option) Regards, Juan S [ JUAN  May 21, 2014 ]
Thomas, This does not come with cable or mount. You will need plain old coax for the connection to your TV. As far as the mount, the way I mounted mine was to use a piece of bent conduit and insert it into a flag holder, like what comes with a flag kit that you can buy from a local hardware store. If you don't have a bender for conduit (I didn't), just borrow one from the same aisle you buy the conduit from. I can't remember if it was 3/4" conduit or what it was, just make sure it fits snug into the flag holder. Then drill a hole through the flag holder and conduit and stick a pin through it so it can't spin around in the flag holder. Attach the flag holder to the side of the house, attach the conduit to the antenna with C-clamps, stick the conduit in the flag holder (this is the tricky part, since the antenna is somewhat cumbersome and you're most likely on a ladder trying to stick this thing in), put the pin in, and you're good to go. I would buy a signal amplifier ($15-$25 ) if you're run is longer than 30-40 feet. If you would like some pictures of my setup, I would be happy to share them. All of the material I used cost me under $50 and I've been cable free for more than a year now :) If I could make one more suggestion concerning recorded TV, if you are like me and have grown attached to your DVR, I would look into a TiVo. It's the best of both worlds! I can pause and rewind live TV and record shows that I want to watch later just like the cable companie's over priced boxes. Just make sure you get one that records over the air. Good luck! David [ Gaitkeeper  May 21, 2014 ]
The antenna comes with a transformer, but does not include any wiring. You would want to get some RG6 coax and connectors to run to the television from the transformer. The transformer has flying leads which attach to the antenna. [ JEFFREY A  May 21, 2014 ]
No it does not, but it uses a standard coax cable [ PUBLIO  May 21, 2014 ]
it works well however it does not include a coaxial cable or a roof mount, it is designed to clamp on to a pipe or tubing such as is common for antenna mast. I used my existing coax that I purchased from a local store for the previous antenna. [ WALLY  May 21, 2014 ]
It comes with a female coaxial connector, that mounts at the center of the antenna. (See black box in photo) Mine came with two mounting brackets for a vertical mount on a flat surface, not a roof mount. As far as type of cable, consult your Crutchfield rep, and they will guide you. Hope this helps... [ COREY J  May 21, 2014 ]
My power and cable went out during the most recent ice storms for 4 days, but the antenna had no problems with weather and gave a clear picture while my house was running off gen power. I do not have mine on a rotator. [ TYLER  Mar 18, 2014 ]
I have not used it. Sorry. [ RAY  Mar 15, 2014 ]
I purchased this antenna and the 7777 preamp ignorantly, not realizing that I needed a directional antenna for my location. I returned this antenna because it was not Tue correct one I needed [ MICHAEL  Mar 15, 2014 ]
I think the antenna is great. I receive HD stations in higher quality than with the cable service I had previously. My antenna is mounted in the attic in a fixed position pointed in the direction as specified by website that assists with direction pointing based on zip code. Search antennaweb dot org. I have no rotator installed. I recommend this antenna. [ GREGORY  Mar 14, 2014 ]
Richard We've had our share of wind, rain, ice and snow since I put up the 4228HD and it has performed flawlessly. I don't have a rotator so I can't comment on that. The signals I'm picking up are from towers that are about 75 miles away and I get a signal strength in the high 70's . The picture quality I get is great and that is after it goes through 100 feet of coax. The only thing that was a surprise to me is how the antenna 'whistles' in a strong wind. It's not a problem for us as the antenna is mounted far enough away from our deck and porch that we don't hear it. [ REGAN G  Mar 14, 2014 ]
Got this question from Crutchfield. Unfortunately I can't give you an answer because I have not yet installed the unit. Need to add an electric outlet need the unit and as on now have not installed the outlet. Sorry. [ William  Mar 14, 2014 ]
I don't know. I returned mine because it was damaged during shipping and they were out of stock to send me a replacement.. [ HOMAN  Mar 14, 2014 ]
It holds up to rain and wind without a problem. I live in GA, so snow is not a regular occurrence; however, we had a stint last January (2014) with snow and ice and there were no problems whatsoever. It has been rock solid. I have it mounted on a J-Mount, which is fastened to the roof decking via four self-drilling screws. Generous amounts of roofing sealant on all four screws and around the edges of the mount face have ensured no leakage. It has been rock solid so far. As for a rotator, I do not use one since all of the channels I seek are within 10 degrees or so of each other in the direction of Atlanta. [ STEVE  Mar 14, 2014 ]
I mounted this in a fixed position, since that picks up all the stations in my area. A rotator was not needed. As far as ice and snow, there was no issue for me this past winter in spite of the bad weather we had. By the design of the antenna it is basically transparent to wind, so no problems there. I have not encountered any weather related issues so far. My wife and I have been delighted with the overall performance of this product. [ JEFFREY A  Mar 14, 2014 ]
Richard, I live about 30 miles east of Nashville. We had a cold winter however, very little snow or ice. I did not have any problems. I have the antenna split to three tv's and it has not given me a bit of trouble. Hope this helps. [ COREY J  Mar 14, 2014 ]
Howard, I did not purchase a pre amp or other the 3414 with the antenna. I live in the Raleigh, NC area and the antenna works well under normal weather conditions. It's a little sporadic during storms. [ CHAD  Mar 16, 2014 ]
I'm in western New York State. I bought this to replace a damaged Radio Shack antennae. It is unaffected by wind, snow, or rain. I was disappointed to find it was unable to draw in Canadian signals (100 miles away) as my old antennae did. To be fair, however, THAT was with the old analog signal . I did purchase a signal amplifier but it made no difference and Crutchfield was good enough to take it back. [ STEVEN  Mar 15, 2014 ]
I purchased this antenna ignorantly, not realizing that I needed a directional antenna for my location and subsequently returned it. [ MICHAEL  Mar 15, 2014 ]
didnt need anything, live near Pittsburgh. [ JAMES  Mar 15, 2014 ]
We are in the Midwest and only purchased the antenna. The signals we pick up are from towers that are about 75 miles away and then they go through 100 feet of coax before they get to the TV. During the initial setup it picked up over 50 channels of varying quality but that has since been trimmed down to about 20. The channels we watch come in with signal strengths in the high 70's. We are very happy with the performance of 4228HD. [ REGAN G  Mar 14, 2014 ]
I bought the antenna only. I mounted it in my attic and patched into my existing coax cable line in the house. We get great signal throughout our two story house, even in the basement. We have 5 hdtvs using the same signal. We are about 20 miles from most of the towers in the Kansas City area. I would definitely recommend. [ AARON S  Mar 14, 2014 ]
I live about 35 miles east of Atlanta, GA. I do not use the preamp because UHF signal strengths in my area do not require it and I am not trying to get channels beyond Atlanta. Saturday and Sunday football are awesome with it and my HDTV. The antenna has worked well for UHF. It is mounted on my roof, which makes a big difference over being in the attic. I get all the major stations on the UHF and, usually, some of the lesser ones which I rarely, if ever, watch. If you want VHF, then you may want to try a preamp or join it with a separate VHF antenna, which is what I did for a while; however, I disconnected the VHF because the two channels I would get were not worth the hassle. [ STEVE  Mar 14, 2014 ]
We live in suburban Richmond, VA. 3 of the 4 broadcast towers in this market are in a nearly straight line from us, approximately 20 to 35 miles away. I do not need a rotator to pick up the 4th tower even though the reception angle is not optimal. The antenna picks it up anyway. And we do not need to use a preamp or amplifier of any sort to get clean, clear reception. We have been very happy with the performance of this product. [ JEFFREY A  Mar 14, 2014 ]
I am using the antenna as a stand alone without amplification. I am about 30 miles away from my source. USA [ COREY J  Mar 14, 2014 ]

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