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Panamax MR4300

Power line conditioner and surge protector

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Our take on the Panamax MR4300

The Panamax MR4300 will protect your audio/video system from damaging power spikes as well as the minor day-to-day current fluctuations that can compromise your system's performance over time. It can safeguard up to nine components, and it also provides a protected front-panel USB charger for your smartphone, tablet or other portable device. Two front-panel lamps let you illuminate your equipment rack when making adjustments.

Clean, dependable power for your home theater

Panamax MR4300

You get nine AC outlets, plus in/out sets of coaxial, LAN, and phone line connections.

The Panamax MR4300 will protect your audio/video system from damaging power spikes as well as the minor day-to-day current fluctuations that can compromise your system's performance over time. It can safeguard up to nine components, and it also provides a protected front-panel USB charger for your smartphone, tablet or other portable device. Two front-panel lamps let you illuminate your equipment rack when making adjustments.

Top-quality picture and sound start with clean power

The eight rear-panel AC outlets are divided into two isolated banks to reduce inter-component interference and noise contamination. Four of the outlets accommodate high-current components like an amplifier and powered subwoofer. These switched outlets operate on a delay to prevent "speaker thump" when powering your system on and off.

The other bank provides four switched outlets for your source components, like a Blu-ray player. All nine outlets employ Panamax's Linear Level 3 noise filtering, which significantly reduces AC line noise. The front-panel digital voltmeter makes it easy to monitor the AC power coming into your system.

The MR4300 actually offers multiple layers of surge protection. Panamax's patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. In case of an under-voltage or brownout (too little electricity), or an over-voltage (too much electricity), a flashing red lightning bolt illuminates and power to your equipment is automatically switched off. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.

The other layer of surge protection is Panamax's exclusive Protect or Disconnect™ technology. This ultra-fast circuitry completely protects your equipment from catastrophic surges such as those caused by lightning. When that type of extreme event occurs, the MR4300 automatically disconnects AC power to your equipment.

Additional protection for coaxial, phone line, and LAN connections

The MR4300 also provides two sets of in/out coaxial terminals to shield your satellite, cable TV and over-the-air antenna connections. A pair of protected Ethernet jacks let you plug in your laptop and surf the web on a protected connection. And another pair of protected jacks prevents spikes from sneaking in through your phone line.

Product Highlights:

  • total of 9 surge-protected, noise-filtered AC outlets — 8 rear, 1 front:
    • one isolated bank of four switched outlets with two-stage noise filtering
    • one isolated bank of four switched high-current outlets with delayed on/off
    • one front-panel always-on convenience outlet
  • front-panel USB charger port for Apple® and Android® smartphones, or other USB-equipped devices
  • Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors incoming AC power to protect against over- and under-voltage situations
  • Protect or Disconnect™ technology disconnects AC power to equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge or spike
  • Linear Level 3 EMI/RFI noise filtration circuitry virtually eliminates line noise
  • two sets of in/out coaxial RF connections for cable/satellite/TV antenna
  • one set of in/out RJ-45 LAN connections
  • one set of in/out RJ-11 phone line connections
  • front-panel digital voltmeter
  • two rotatable front-panel lamps to illuminate an equipment rack
  • 1575-joule surge protection
  • maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • 8-ft. power cord with low-profile plug
  • 17"W x 2-1/8"H x 9-1/8"D
  • weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • $5 million connected-equipment warranty (covers equipment that is damaged by an AC surge while connected to a properly installed Panamax surge protector if protector shows signs of surge damage or is operating outside of design specifications)

What's in the Box:

  • Power conditioner/Surge protector (w/ attached 8' power cord)
  • 2 Rack-mount brackets
  • 4 Screws
  • 4 Washers
  • Reference Guide

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9 Protected & Filtered Power Outlets: The Panamax MR4300 features 1 front-panel "Always On" AC outlet, 4 rear-panel "Switched Linear Filtered" AC outlets, and 4 rear-panel "Switched High Current" AC outlets. All of the AC outlet (front & back) include surge protection and power filtration.

  • High Current Outlets: The unit's 4 rear-panel High Current outlets in Bank 1 provide power from a low impedance noise filtration circuit that does not limit the current to your equipment. Its output is noise isolated from all of the other outlets. These outlets can be switched On or Off.
  • Linear Noise Filtration Outlets: The 4 Linear Noise Filtration outlets provide a two stage tapped Pi filter circuit for each outlet in Bank 2. These outlets can be switched On or Off.
    Front-Panel AC Outlet:
    The MR4300 features a protected and noise filtered convenience outlet located on the front-panel. Perfect for temporary gaming systems, portable electronics (such as music players or smartphones), or other personal electronics. This AC outlet is Always On.

Protect or Disconnect Technology: The Panamax MR4300 employs exclusive Protect or Disconnect technology for surge protection. This ultra fast protection circuitry completely protects your equipment from surges such as lightning. When overwhelmed with extreme catastrophic events, Panamax permanently disconnects AC power to equipment.

Level 3 Power Cleaning & Linear Filtration: The unit's Level 3 Power Cleaning and Linear Filtration eliminates common symptoms of contaminated power (including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums and visual artifacts) and allows your A/V equipment to perform up to its full capability.

Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM): Panamax's patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. In case of an under-voltage or brownout (too little electricity) or an over-voltage (too much electricity) a flashing red lightning bolt will be displayed and power to the equipment is automatically turned off. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.

Signal Wire Protection: Protecting a complete home theater system requires that signal wires coming out of the wall be protected as well. Universal ultra low-loss coaxial protection, as well as LAN/Ethernet protection prevents signal lines from carrying damaging surges while maintaining full high-definition and high-speed Internet signals to your equipment for your connected life.

  • Telephone & LAN Surge Protection: There is one RJ-45 input and one RJ-45 output for 10/100 baseT Ethernet lines, plus one RJ-11 input and one RJ-11 output for standard telephone lines. LAN protection allows for 10/100 base-T Ethernet equipment to integrate into an audio/video system without the risk of upstream surge damage from a gateway, switch, router or other network device. Telephone protection protects your incoming telephone lines.
  • Cable & Satellite Surge Protection: There are two gold-plated coaxial inputs and two gold-plated, threaded, female coaxial outputs for connecting your satellite, cable or antenna TV signal lines. Coaxial protection circuits prevent damaging surges from entering through signal paths and have the smallest signal loss on the market; less than 0.5 db of attenuation from 0Hz to 2.2GHz. Panamax coaxial protection has been specifically designed to virtually eliminate signal loss. The clamping level of 75V will meet and exceed the demands of both cable and satellite voltages while minimizing exposure to damaging spikes and surges.

Digital Voltmeter: The MR4300 features a front-panel Digital Voltmeter which monitors the voltage supplying your home theater equipment. If line voltage drops below 95VAC, or if the line voltage exceeds 140VAC, the display will turn off and the "unsafe voltage" indicator will flash indicating and unsafe voltage condition.

USB Charging (0.5/5V): The MR4300 features a front-panel USB (type-A port) rated at 0.5/5V for charging your Apple iPod/iPhone, Android smartphone, or other USB-enabled electronic device.

Media Lights: The Panamax MR4300 features front-panel rotating and dimmable media lights that help illuminate your equipment in your AV rack or cabinet.

8' Power Cord w/ Low-Profile Plug: The Panamax MR4300 is fitted with an attached 8' power cord w/ a low-profile IEC 3-prong plug. This 45° angle low profile plug allows your equipment to be as close as it can get to the wall outlet while not blocking an adjacent outlets. The 8' power cord means your installation location isn't restricted by wall outlet location.

Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker is located on the back panel of the MR4300. The circuit breaker will trip only if the total current draw exceeds the maximum current rating (15A). This means that collectively, all outlets must draw more than 15 amps before the circuit breaker will trip.

Rack-Mount Brackets: The MR4300 comes with rack-mount brackets to mount it in a 1U rack space.

$5,000,000 Lifetime Connected Equipment Warranty: Panamax will replace, pay to replace at fair market value, or pay to repair, up to $5,000,000 of equipment that is damaged by an AC surge while connected to a properly installed Panamax surge protector, if the surge protector shows signs of surge damage or is operating outside of design specifications. For coverage conditions and information on how to make a claim, please see the warranty sheet.

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Q & A

Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked  
Why did you buy this?

Read reviews online by pros. Anyone with exoensive equipment neads these sorts of things. [ Arthur  Sep 17, 2018 ]
Research, research, research. Simple protection for thousands in audio and video equipment ! [ Alan  Jul 25, 2018 ]
Getting a new system and it was recommended by Crutchfield. Wanted to make sure that I protect the components, get better performance and offset any potential issues from the electrical system in my house. [ Timothy  Jun 09, 2018 ]
My husband wanted these items, I placed the order though Ebates for cash back!! [ Carolyn  May 20, 2018 ]
to protect my equipment. [ Jose  May 07, 2018 ]
Monster no longer makes one. Good review by crutchfield [ C  Apr 06, 2018 ]
I am in the process of building my first serious audio setup and I realize the importance of protecting the components from the very beginning. Based on the product description and various reviews associated with the MR4300 it looks like it will do that and more! [ J Kevin  Feb 28, 2018 ]
Well respected brand and good reviews all over the internet [ Andrew  Feb 25, 2018 ]
I want to protect my investment in expensive electronics. [ James  Jan 29, 2018 ]
repair man recommended [ Gary  Dec 23, 2017 ]
Protection from power surges and outlet capacity for home tv setup [ Sally  Nov 24, 2017 ]
To protect my home theater system including speaker wires. I've had 2 lightening strikes take out gear even though all electrical outlets were on surge suppressors. This unit will accept an add on to protector speakers. [ Oscarr  Aug 21, 2017 ]
Prior experience, satisfaction with Panamax products, specs. meeting my needs. [ Mark D.  Aug 12, 2017 ]
I have 2 MR4300. They are excellent. [ Michael  Aug 01, 2017 ]
Want to protect my equipment and this model had enough outlets and didn't have the annoyingly bright light. [ Joshua  Jul 26, 2017 ]
Because it"s what I need to fight these power issues in my house, that already affected two of my electronic components. [ Lewis  Jul 21, 2017 ]
I am ordering this Panamax for additional surge protection in another room. My existing Panamax has worked flawlessly for over 15 years without a hitch and I have used the (analog) voltage meter when I call the local power company to report power issues. [ J EDWARD  Apr 28, 2017 ]
Recommendation [ Deborah  Mar 30, 2017 ]
Well known name [ Richard  Feb 05, 2017 ]
I needed another good surge protector that was good looking too. [ New User  Jan 23, 2017 ]
I chose this item because Crutchfield is a trusted dealer in quality electronics and I've been a loyal customer for many years!!! [ DAVID  Jan 02, 2017 ]
protection of amp and tv's [ JOHN  Dec 18, 2016 ]
In stock and had the features I needed [ Russell  Nov 17, 2016 ]
you recommended it. [ Michael D.  Nov 08, 2016 ]
match existing unit in rack [ John  Oct 05, 2016 ]
I have an Arcam AVR with an internal fuse (not user replaceable) that is oversensitive to line voltage variation. [ Keith Allen  Oct 01, 2016 ]
needed a good power source read online said it was hope so [ michael  Oct 01, 2016 ]
For the cheapest insurance that won't run out in 4 years. [ wayne  Sep 24, 2016 ]
Good bang for the buck [ Joseph  Jul 06, 2016 ]
To protect my audio investment [ Michael  May 24, 2016 ]
Customer Rep suggested it to me. I have personally seen this item do the job. I feel very secure in regards to my equipment. [ MICHAEL  May 14, 2016 ]
I have an earlier model of the Panamax power conditioner and like it very much. It provides consistent, clean power for my home theater system. I will always have one in my setup. [ Ryan  Apr 20, 2016 ]
Liked the USB port on the front [ Jeffery  Mar 20, 2016 ]
Advisor Ann Ann's Bio: [ LARRY A  Mar 13, 2016 ]
Had this same model with previous home theater [ Raymond Di  Feb 26, 2016 ]
performance [ Michael  Feb 12, 2016 ]
Had an old one that worked well but wanted a slimmer new version for new speaker system. [ Michael  Feb 08, 2016 ]
looking to stabilize power source. live in area with many thunderstorms and need assurance that my equipment is protected. [ Charles  Dec 31, 2015 ]
It was the model I was looking for and you had the best price. [ Richard  Dec 31, 2015 ]
Power for home network items (sonos and NAS drives) [ K  Dec 28, 2015 ]
The Panamax 4300 is small enough to fit within my nearly full A/V rack. [ Fredrick  Dec 22, 2015 ]
Kevin's recommendation [ Gary  Dec 19, 2015 ]

4 questions already asked

If you have a component that requires a separate ground connection (such as a turntable or powered subwoofer, for example) then you can use the "ground lug" terminal on the MR4300 to safely ground it. For more details or to discuss further please feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Thanks! [ Larry  Feb 06, 2018 ]  Staff
I selected the high current bank of outlets for my receiver, external amp & powered subwoofer. I use the other bank for my Blu-Ray player & DVR. I interpreted the designation of banks as a means to separate outlets intended for amps from media players. Although I haven't tried a different configuration I'd bet it wouldn't make a huge difference either way? [ stickywicked447  Jan 10, 2018 ]
Only put the receiver in the high current bank. Put everything else in noise filtering. [ David  Jan 09, 2018 ]
Mine reads 118-119 for a majority of the time. [ House  Apr 07, 2017 ]
In a 120 volt AC system the "A" stands for alternating. It is normal for the line voltage to be anywhere between 110 and 130. [ Brian F.  Apr 07, 2017 ]
120 is nominal, but I live in a rural area that has old power lines that go out a lot. I see my display indicate as low as 114 during rain or snow, and as high as 126 when dry low power demands. I have seen this thing save my HT system multiple times such as the occasion of a large tree falling on a power line. [ MICHAEL  Apr 07, 2017 ]
My devices (3) fluctuate from 119-121. I do not recall ever seeing 123. [ JOSEPH  Apr 06, 2017 ]
PG&E has a good capture of the voltages in this country pge_dot_com/includes/docs/pdfs/mybusiness/customerservice/energystatus/powerquality/voltage_tolerance.pdf Basically states: Range A service voltage range is plus or minus 5% of nominal (looks like about 110 - 124.5V) Range B utilization voltage range is plus 6% to minus 13% of nominal (looks like about 106 - 127V) But take a look at the PG&E link and apply the information that is applicable to your area. [ David  Apr 05, 2017 ]
Voltage fluctuates in all homes. The power company tries to hold it +- 5% of a nominal value but it really can be +- 10 % easy. I have seen a nominal 120 VAC fluctuate from 100 to 145 volts. If the power company has lines and equipment that are loaded toward the maximum capacity, fluctuations will be greater than if they are lightly loaded. [ Mike  Apr 05, 2017 ]
That's normal. Voltage fluctuates. [ Jordan  Apr 05, 2017 ]
Since we're talking about "Alternating Current", it does fluctuate several volts up and down. I've seen mine as low as 117 VAC and as high as 123 VAC. That's a normal span, according to what my electrician friends have advised. You're fine. [ Johnny  Apr 05, 2017 ]
The Panamax MR4300 will handle all those items as well as a few more. I have a PS3, LG UHD 49", Def Tech SW 1500 Watt, Def Tech center channel with 300 watts built power sub woofer, and 2 Definitive Technology ST8060 Towers that contain 300 W power amps in each tower. Driving all this is a Sony STR- DN840 7.2 h 150W/ channel 4K HD receiver. plus the Directtv box, and the modem and power supply.. I feel confident with the protection I have. [ MICHAEL  Apr 07, 2017 ]
I recently purchased and incorporated the Panamax MR4300 into my home entertainment system. It's only been in use for about 2 months but it's been great so far. The components I have connected to it are a 42" LCD HDTV, Onkyo TX-NR717 receiver, Sony BDP-S6200 blu-ray player and a 600 Watt powered dual 8-inch subwoofer. I have had no issues powering my system. I live in a fairly remote location that is often susceptible to power surges and power outages during storms. The digital voltage display provides great peace of mind, knowing exactly what power my system is getting and that all of my components are protected. It is also nice to be able to turn the power off to all of the components by simply pressing a button. The display can be dimmed or completely turned off while in use if it's in a visible location. As to your question regarding the power consumption of your system. I'm not sure how to find that out, but I would guess the MR4300 will handle it just fine. I do know that most electronics have a sticker/label on the back showing their power consumption. You might be able to do some math from that. If not Crutchfield has some of the best customer service on the internet. [ MICAH  Jan 06, 2015 ]
I have this unit. I bought it as insurance. I have no idea if it "works" or not yet, as nothing bad has happened. However, I do have my entire theater system running through it - Projector Receiver/amp Blu-Ray Cable box HDMI splitter LED stage lights Light board Sound mixing board 2-channel Karaoke amp (Dad of the year according to my daughter for the previous 4 items) 2-Channel amp for speakers in other rooms Maybe a couple other things This powers them all without a hitch. I figure that since most homes use 15 amp breakers, and this unit is rated for 15 amps, it can run as many things as your circuit can realistically handle. [ Tim  Jan 06, 2015 ]
Hi Allen. Unfortunately, I can't really answer your question. I do not have my powered subwoofer running through the conditioner. My subwoofer is on another wall plugged into a separate outlet. That being said, I have a 65" plasma 3D TV, an Arcam receiver (7x100), a cable box, and a blu-ray player hooked up through the conditioner. I have experienced no problems with it. I hope that helps a bit. [ kenneth  Jan 05, 2015 ]
Hey Allen. Currently I have my Sony 55" t.v., Yamaha receiver, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and a WII U all plugged into my MR4300, and my subwoofer is plugged into a wall outlet next to my entertainment center. When I'm running at least (3) components at once, there's "very limited" power consumption. My 4300 always indicates (120 VOLTS) on it's display, and the the lowest amount of voltage that I've ever seen when all my devices are running at once is (118). It fluctuates voltage back-and-forth all the time, but I don't see why you'd have any problem(s) using a 4300 with your home theater set-up having your sub plugged in as well. Good luck. [ Kathleen  Jan 05, 2015 ]
I can't say for certain... But I am putting this sucker to work with all the components attached. Marinate AV Receiver, Blue Ray, Klipsch Powered sub, DTV, Xbox1, and more... This sucker has been no problem whatsoever. Can't say about the protection, because thankfully, I haven't needed yet. All-in-all... Its a good piece of equipment. [ CULLEN  Jan 05, 2015 ]
Thank you kindly sir! I'll give it a try. [ Allen  Jan 05, 2015 ]
Allen / The operating power requirements of these components are quite low . I have as many or maybe a couple more units plugged into my Pmax w/ no issues . The power consumption of electronic components is not shown in the mfr's specs unfortunately . G [ GERALD  Jan 05, 2015 ]