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Russound AirGo™ Powered Outdoor Speaker

Weather-resistant powered speaker system with free Bluetooth® adapter

Item # 543AIRGO1

Your music library may be the greatest, but it's trapped in a world the size of an earbud.

Your music library may be the greatest, but it's trapped in a world the size of an earbud.

8 questions - 28 answers

Item # 543AIRGO1

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About the Russound AirGo™ Powered Outdoor Speaker

AirGo — plug in, turn on, tune up

Your music library may be the greatest, but it's trapped in a world the size of an earbud. How are you and 20 of your closest friends supposed to get it rolling? You like the idea of a great-sounding portable speaker but a little rain could give a whole new meaning to the term "buzz-kill." Unlike some other portable Bluetooth speakers, the AirGo is built to scoff at the weather. So you can dance on the dock, chill on the chaise, party on the patio, and stomp on the stoop — wherever you make your splash, the AirGo can take it.

AirGo — plug in, turn on, tune up

Your music library may be the greatest, but it's trapped in a world the size of an earbud. How are you and 20 of your closest friends supposed to get it rolling? You like the idea of a great-sounding portable speaker but a little rain could give a whole new meaning to the term "buzz-kill." Unlike some other portable Bluetooth speakers, the AirGo is built to scoff at the weather. So you can dance on the dock, chill on the chaise, party on the patio, and stomp on the stoop — wherever you make your splash, the AirGo can take it.

Your tunes won't get shut down by weather

AirGo has a weather-proof compartment that houses its matching Bluetooth receiver. Simply connect the built-in power plug and the included Bluetooth dongle, close the hatch and you're ready for take-off. You can even see the Bluetooth status light through a small window in the chamber.

Don't get up to get down

No need to get out of your seat when you want to change up the tunes. You can take full control of your jams right from your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Anything you can play through your device, you can play through the AirGo — stored music, Pandora® Internet radio, Spotify®, or audio from movies and videos. The possibilities are virtually endless.

AirGo party

You can plug in wherever you've got an AC outlet. Stereo tweeters and a 6-1/2" woofer with a beefy built-in amp deliver the sound loud and clear. And when the season changes (or you just want music someplace else), unplug the AirGo and use its carry handle to take it indoors.

Product highlights:

  • weather-resistant portable outdoor speaker with Bluetooth adapter
  • for use with for smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices with built-in Bluetooth
  • range: 30 feet
  • built-in handle for easy portability
  • powerful built-in amplifier for quality sound over a wide listening area
  • two 3/4" dome tweeters
  • one 6-1/2" woofer
  • requires connection to AC outlet
  • 12-7/8"W x 12-11/16"H x 11-1/4"D
  • weight: 16.2 lbs.
  • warranty: 90 Days
  • MFR # 127621-00

What's in the box:

  • Powered outdoor speaker (with attached 5' AC cord)
  • Setup Instructions
  • Speaker Angle Adjustment note
  • Warranty/Product Registration card

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More details on the Russound AirGo™ Powered Outdoor Speaker

Stacey B.

Product Research


Weather-Resistant Portable Outdoor Speaker: The Russound AirGo Outdoor Sound Station is a portable, weather-proof amplified speaker which lets you stream music from any AirPlay compatible iOS device via the original Apple AirPort Express (sold separately) or Bluetooth-enabled device via Russound's BT-AGO1 Bluetooth Adapter (543BTAGO1, sold separately). It is not compatible with the newest version (June 2012) of AirPort Express.

Rugged Design With Carry Handle: The Russound AirGo Outdoor Sound Station lets you listen to your AirPlay or Bluetooth device's music out on your deck, on the patio, on your porch, or in the back/front yard. The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station features a rugged polymer (white) exterior, non-removable metal grille (white), and an integrated carrying handle.

Powered 2-Way Speaker System: The Russound AirGo Outdoor Sound Station employs two 0.75" dome tweeters & one 6.5" woofer, powered by a built-in amplifier for quality outdoor sound.

AirPlay Compatible (via Apple AirPort Express): The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station supports the Apple AirPort Express (1st generation) for wireless connectivity to your compatible AirPlay iOS devices. Simply install an Apple Airport Express (sold separately) directly into the weather-proof chamber on the back-panel of the AirGo Outdoor loudspeaker.  Once you've configured the connected Airport Express (sold separately), you can stream music from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or any Mac or PC running iTunes to the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station across your home's WiFi network (certified WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible). The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station is compatible with the following Apple iOS devices & computers when connected to the Apple AirPort Express (all sold separately).

  •  iOS Devices: iPod touch (2nd/3rd/4th gen), iPhone (3GS/4/4S) & iPad (1/2/3) running iOS 4.2 or later
  • Computers: Mac or Windows computer running iTunes 10.1 or later
Note: It is not compatible with the newest version (June 2012) of AirPort Express.

Optional Bluetooth Adapter: The Russound BT-AGO1 (543BTAGO1, sold separately) is an add-on Bluetooth adapter for Russound's AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. The Russound BT-AGO1 allows you to wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop to Russound's AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. Music navigation and song/artist information is still done through your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Weatherproof Connection Chamber: The back-panel's wire management cover will need to be removed to access the Airport Express/Bluetooth weather-proof chamber. Inside the chamber is a 3.5mm connector & AC plug to connect your Apple Airport Express or Bluetooth adapter (both sold separately). Re-install the wire management cover once you've installed & configured your Airport Express/Bluetooth device.

Speaker Angle Adjustment: The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station's speaker angle can be positioned straight forward or upward for optimal sound dispersion.

Power Requirements: The Russound AirGo Outdoor Sound Station operates off of standard household AC current using the attached 5' AC power cord. You will need a nearby AC outlet and/or extension cord to power the outdoor speaker.

  • Input: 100-130VAC, 60Hz
  • Output: 72W Max

Note: The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station features cable management on the back-panel to keep the power cord neat.

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Customer Q&A

8 questions already asked

Is this speaker louder with AirPlay then it is with the Bluetooth adapter?
dominic  Mar 11, 2016
4 answers
I haven't noticed a difference. I will test it tonight and let you know. BTW, I love this thing.
daniel  Mar 14, 2016
Should be the same volume with booth. I try it with booth and sounded the same.
anthony  Mar 11, 2016
I personally think it would not make a difference. I have not used the supplied BT adapter. I use an old AirPlay Express. In both scenarios the volume is controlled by the source device. The only control on the speaker is the power switch on the rear of the unit. BTW - I have had my unit for a couple of years and love it. It will jam.
james  Mar 11, 2016
Can't say - I use BT only. I use it outside on a 30x30 deck & it's plenty loud.
mark  Mar 11, 2016
My wife purchased the russound airgo. Not sure if this will do. Can you hook up an iPod classic to it? I right now go not like being married to Bluetooth . I think you loose sound quality. But my iPod classic had over 10,000 songs in it , so I would like to use that
donald  Dec 24, 2015
3 answers
The AirGo has no auxiliary audio input. It's purely designed to work as an AirPlay receiver, via the separately-purchased-but-required AirPort Express providing the wireless connectivity. Note that you mention Bluetooth, but this doesn't apply: Your iPod Classic doesn't support Bluetooth, nor does the AirGo. I'd argue you'd be better off with any of the myriad of portable speakers which are available now (e.g. Beats, JBL, Ultimate Ears, etc.). Most of these are Bluetooth-basesd, but also provide an auxiliary input for connecting non-wireless devices. That way, you'd have a wireless speaker for compatible devices, and still be able to use it as a "wired" speaker for output from your iPod Classic or similar.
brian  Dec 27, 2015
The plate on the back comes off and it should let you plug in your iPod directly
craig  Dec 26, 2015
Yes you can use an iPod but then you will loose the ability to use it wireless since the iPod can't do Bluetooth or AirPlay. You will have to use a 3.5mm audio cable which defeat the purpose of the name airgo. I use mine with an airport express and use AirPlay for my music. Just take your music in your iPod and transfer to your iPhone or droid phone and problem solved. Hope this helped you.
anthony  Dec 26, 2015
Can I hook it up to a tv to and take it out by the hot tub?
tim  Apr 10, 2015
2 answers
I don't see how you can do that unless you're talking about "Apple TV". This only works by connecting a "Apple Airport Express". You would then play your Apple device via "Air Play". I don't think I've ever seen TVs or receivers that broadcast Air Play audio. There are plenty of receivers that connect via Air Play from an Apple device to play the audio by not broadcast AirPlay signal from your TV to an Air Play speaker like these.
damon  Apr 10, 2015
Not easily. This is designed to be an Airplay device when used with an Apple Airport Express old model. More for whole house music use.
bee news publis  Apr 10, 2015
Can this device be mounted out by my pool and wired into my perm power our there? If so, will I need special adapters to make the mounting look smooth/professional?
jamie  Mar 06, 2015
6 answers
Yes you can plug it in or "Hard" wire it if you cut the cord. The plug is not removable so if you hardwired it you would have a hard time moving it in in the winter (assuming you live in an area you need to). It is definitely weather proof and I leave it out for most of the summer but I would recommend still plugging it into an outdoor outlet as it does get dirty since there are a lot of crevices. I do bring it in a few times a year to clean it up. For the price the unit sounds great - You will be happy with the purchase. I have a 2 acre plot and have two of these and it definitely covers the backyard for casual listening.
victor j  Mar 07, 2015
As long as you were to hardwire it into an outdoor sealed junction box, there should be no issues! You shouldn't need any special adapters. Just cut the stock power cord to required length,(remember measure twice, cut once) and connect to perm power supply. Also make sure not to mount the speaker to far away from your router that is transmitting your music, so as to maintain a strong, consistent signal. Lastly, enjoy your music! I've got mine on my back deck, and it's got more than enough volume for my .3 AC backyard.
nathan  Mar 07, 2015
I doubt it, it's a large, heavy unit. It's not like a Sonos speaker. It's roughly 11" x 12" by 13" (eye measurement). You could probably mount it but I imagine it would take something fairly industrial and I don't think it would look right as it has a large flat base and the speaker can be directed. However it does look good enough sitting in a corner!
charles  Mar 07, 2015
Neat is always good. So, I see no problem with the direction you asked about. I prefer sound without an obvious source. I have had my AirPort in two locations, both enclosed so the AirPort is hidden--your choice. Try what you want and adjust... The best! James
james  Mar 07, 2015
Hi! We have ours out by our pool, too. However, we just store it in a deck box, when we aren't using it. Eventually, we will invest in a better sound system out there. But for now, it works. I really don't think there is a way to mount it, and have it look nice.
elizabeth  Mar 07, 2015
I have one out by my pool, plugged into a power circuit out there and standing on a shelf. Can also be wall mounted by base screw holes I think but that would limit where it can point...
bee news publis  Mar 07, 2015
What is the lowest recommended temperature the speaker should be exposed to?
colleen c  Oct 20, 2014
3 answers
I own the speaker, but can't answer it since I live in San Antonio. It can take quite a bit of heat out by the pool in the summer. However, just from basic electronics I would say it could take below freezing. There is nothing mecanical about it. The plastic housing should be as durable as any other plastic in cold weather. I wouldn't bang on it or anything, but be normal use should be fine. Not sure of your intended purpose, but I wouldn't leave it outdoors all the time in the cold.
lowell  Oct 20, 2014
We kept our speaker in the garage last winter. We live in the mid-west and temperatures got down to -20 (as actual temp). It still works very well. Now, we didn't use it outside during those temps. but it was stored in the cold temperatures without a problem.
stephanie  Oct 20, 2014
Mine's seen 30 ish for a few nights. Not too cold here in TX
bee news publis  Oct 20, 2014
i want to steam internet radio using the roku 3. can i do that with the airgo, or do i need a separate adapter for the roku?
joseph  Jul 03, 2014
3 answers
I don't think you can stream directly from the Roku to the AirGo. The Roku doesn't transmit over Bluetooth or AirPlay, it just has outputs to a TV or home theater receiver. If you already have the Roku hooked up to a home theater receiver, you might be able to find a Bluetooth adapter that can transmit output from the receiver to the AirGo. Failing that, I'd recommend just taking the Roku out of the equation and stream from a smartphone or tablet instead.
andy  Jul 07, 2014
I am not that familiar with the roku 3 to be able to answer for sure, but doubt the the Russound AirGo is your answer. The AirGo works using Apple AirPlay or via Bluetooth if you have the Bluetooth adaptor. If roku 3 has bluetooth capabilities it would probably work, but I don't think it does.
douglas j  Jul 04, 2014
I have one on the only device that works inside it is the first Apple Airplay. The space and wires are custom made for only one model of Airplay. Other than that, the sound quality is really good.
lowell  Jul 04, 2014
Can it be paired with another speaker (or 2) for a "stereo" sound or to cover a larger space?
kecheverri  May 30, 2014
6 answers
Each speaker is stereo to begin with however you can configure it as another source speaker in Airplay. This would allow you to have two (or more) speakers playing at the same time for great coverage. Do it all the time throughout my house and backyard and it works great, Keep in mind that currently you can only Airplay to multiple sources from a mac (or itunes on a PC). You can only Airplay to one speaker source from an iphone or ipad. This may change with the next release coming shortly but is a limitation today. Thanks ! Vic
victor j  Jun 01, 2014
Absolutely Yes over AirPlay, but it can only be done through iTunes itself and then selecting the multiple speakers. I assume you can select more than two speakers, but I only tried it with the two AirGos I own. I have this option on iTunes on my MacBook Pro, but am not 100% certain the same option exists for iTunes on Windows. You cannot select multiple speakers from your iPhone, only through iTunes on your computer.
douglas j  Jun 01, 2014
Yes, you will just need another airport express set up in your wifi network. The only drawback is you'll have to stream music from a device that allows multiple outputs, ie, iTunes from your computer. I'm not sure if there's a way to stream to more than one output from your iPhone or iPad. Hope this helps.
tom  May 31, 2014
I would have to say not in my opinion! I think it was designed as a stand alone portable speaker! Basically designed for no wiring necessary sound! But I have been more than happy with the performance of this speaker in that capacity!
paul  May 31, 2014
You can run two at the same time from a Mac using multi speaker from iTunes (watch out for timing differences) but not from an iOS device - you could hook two from one airport express with some wiring changes and cuts in the cases.
bee news publis  May 31, 2014
I don't see how that would work. This speaker as an older model airport express plugged in to it, there are no spare slots. You use Airplay from your device, so as far as I am aware you couldn't run two simultaneously. It's pretty loud and a good quality sound for the lower price, I rarely have the volume at max in my large garden.
charles  May 31, 2014
I want to get music down to my boat dock, I'm 150 feet from my office computer, using either iTunes or Pandora One. Also using my iPhone5 w/ Pandora One or from my own phone's music library. I use to be able to achieve this with an Airport Express Base Station Model No: A1084 and a 2x 40 Watt Receiver After awhile it crapped out and the music was spur erratic, so exactly what do I need to buy to make this happen?
rob  Apr 26, 2014
1 answer
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: This product will work for you down at the dock. It uses Bluetooth via Russound's BT-AGO1 Bluetooth Adapter which we are including for free. It allows you to wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It does require you to plug into a AC power outlet for power. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat.
kristina  Apr 28, 2014 (Staff)

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