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Frank Mauro's Nissan Frontier

Items installed:
    Under the Hood
  • MagnaFlow Custom dual exhaust
  • Jim Wolf Technologies Pop Charger air filter
  • Strobe lights, neon tubes, and Hott Wirez
  • Chrome Loomz on all wires & hoses

  • Limited 20" 701 wheels with Goodyear tires
  • Strobe lights in wheel wells
  • Sir Michaels Tail Gate Relocator kit, roll pan, tailgate skin
  • A.R.E. flush-mount hard Tonneau cover
  • TRENZ upper and lower billet grills
  • Lightning rod neon, strobe lights in each billet grill
  • Front calipers painted red
  • Rear drums painted silver
  • Vent visors, rear sun shade
  • Tinted windows
  • Silver Strip on windshield Streetglow in Red
  • Inside Tonneau cover: speckle painted in gray, white, and black
  • Hott Wirez, neon, strobe lights in bed
  • Lighted picture of New York City skyline on inside of Tonneau cover
  • 2 Red StreetGlow undercar kits
  • Hyperwhite headlight & fog lights

  • Custom-made switch control panel in center console
  • Charcoal leather with red stitching
  • Red Hott Wirez in all doors
  • Leather Hott Wirez 4wd Shift Knob with red neon trim
  • Red Luminescent Sport Pedals
  • "Super Charged" embroidered on floor mats and seats
  • Red neon under dash and under back seats
  • Hyperwhite reading and dome lights

    Audio/Multimedia System
  • Kenwood KVT-910 in-dash DVD receiver
  • Kenwood KGC-9044 equalizer
  • Four 12" MTX Thunder8000 subwoofers (in the bed)
  • Four 6" X 9" MTX Tri-Axial speakers (in the cab and the bed)
  • Two MTX 8" MTX Thunder6000 subs (in the cab)
  • 6¾" MTX Thunder8000 component system
  • 4" MTX Thunder6000 component system
  • Two MTX Thunder8302 amplifiers
  • Two MTX Thunder4202 amplifiers
  • Two MTX Thunder81000D amplifiers
  • Streetwires capacitors, wires, and connectors
  • Sony PlayStation 2
Frank Mauro, out of Wayne, New Jersey, doesn't own your typical Nissan Frontier Pickup. He's painstakingly made major modifications to it, all in the name of putting on a thrilling show.

Under the hood, Frank has complemented his custom air filter and dual exhaust with StreetGlow Hott Wirez neon tubing, strobe lights, and Chrome Loomz wire wraps.

Frank gives you plenty to look at on the outside, too. He's got upper and lower billet grilles, complete with neon and strobe lights. Red neon undercar kits spread their glow beneath the truck. His 20-inch 701 rims add just the right amount of attitude to the truck, and he even has strobe lights tucked into the wheel wells!

Lift up the hard Tonneau cover, and you'll find more surprises in the bed of the truck. He's got the rear cover supports tricked out with Hott Wirez, and more neon and strobe lights line the bed. Frank also sports a lighted image of the New York City skyline on the inside of the Tonneau cover. Outrageously cool.

The interior of Frank's Frontier is something to marvel at, too. In his dash, he's installed a Kenwood KVT-910 DVD receiver (Frank treated us to the beginning of Goodfellas when we met him at Hot Import Nights in Atlantic City), which is connected to a Kenwood KGC-9044 equalizer, so he has plenty of tone control. And Frank knows that no entertainment package would be complete without a gaming system: that's why he's got a Sony PlayStation hooked up to the KVT-910 as well. Red Hott Wirez line the door, and he's got a black leather StreetGlow shift knob with red neon trim, plus a set of red-and-chrome StreetGlow luminescent pedals.

Thanks to his sponsors at MTX and StreetWires, his audio system sounds great! Between the bed and the cab, in custom enclosures, he's got a system that features four 12-inch subs, two 8-inch subs, two sets of 6" x 9" speakers, and two sets of component systems. Six MTX amplifiers send a tremendous amount of power to all these speakers, and he has it all wired with StreetWires accessories (such as capacitors, wires, and connectors).

Frank's incredibly enthusiastic about the Tuner scene. He's been into car audio since he was thirteen, and it was an easy leap for him into the custom-truck arena. Because of his extensive background, he's able to do the majority of the installation work himself. His truck's been featured in numerous advertisements and newspaper articles (including The New York Times), and he makes it a point to attend as many shows, mostly on the East Coast, as possible. If you happen to catch him at a show, ask him to show you the mini RC replica of his Frontier!

Thanks, Frank, for the quick peek at your pride and joy!

Frank Mauro with his "Sick Silver" Nissan Frontier in front of the Atlantic City skyline.

The Kenwood KVT-910 DVD receiver keeps him entertained with movies, music, and PlayStation games.

Luminescent red-and-chrome StreetGlow pedals look awesome next to his "Super Charged" embroidered floor mats.

Nissan Frontier, or something from another planet? StreetGlow Hott Wirez trim the door and bed, while the undercar neon kits glow away.

When Frank pops the Tonneau cover, he can show off his lighted picture of the beautiful nighttime New York City skyline. Look closely, and you'll also see his "Mini-Me" replica radio-controlled Frontier.

  • PE Barnett from Tallahassee

    Posted on 2/2/2016

    Frank- I just asked you a question about your exhaust- To clarify did you go all the way up to the manifold or did you just come off the one exhaust pipe already there & then split into two? THX

  • PE Barnett from Tallahassee

    Posted on 2/2/2016

    Hey Frank- I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier SE 4 X 4 and I am wondering when you did the dual exhaust on your TRUCK did you have to do any engine adjustments as well??? Please tell me what you had to tweak again when you put the dual exhaust in- Also did you notice very much difference in power output ????? THX; Phillip in Florida

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