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Three exciting car subwoofer options

These subs bring innovation and big bass to your car

In this article, we'll look at three different innovative subwoofers that can make a difficult-to-fit vehicle a bass lover's paradise by offering versatility and system-building options. The subs we'll check out are:

  1. Kicker's loaded TRTP down-firing enclosure that can free up space in your cargo area
  2. The JBL Fuse subwoofer system that works as one or two separate subs
  3. Alpine's linkable Halo loaded boxes that allow for system expansion when it's time to go bigger

At first glance, it would seem that car subwoofer technology hasn’t really changed that much in the past 40-plus years — a big speaker, a box, and some power is all you need, right? Sort of. Changes in materials and engineering have made subs perform better than ever. New designs have also opened up possibilities that allow subs to adapt to newer cars with less space for traditional bass outposts. Here we look at some modern subs that push the boundaries of how to get better low end in your ride.

Kicker 47TRTP122 down-firing sub enclosure

1) Keep the trunk clear with Kicker’s down-firing box

The age-old dilemma: do you want bass or enough room to store your stuff in your vehicle’s cargo area? Kicker’s 48TRTP122 down-firing loaded enclosure offers a novel solution: a 12" sub/box combo on which you can safely stack your stuff.

Kicker loads the TRTP with a CompRT shallow-mount subwoofer and a passive reFLEX™ radiator of the same size. The sub’s wired for a 2-ohm load — you just add the amp (it handles up to 500 watts RMS). You can even stow some gear atop the TRTP enclosure if needed and it’ll still pound like a champ. And since it’s just over 6" tall, you don’t lose much space.

Thick MDF construction and stylish black carpeting all around keeps your cargo area free from nicks and scuffs. The TRTP is also available with 10" subs or 8" subs.

Kicker 48TRTP122 down-firing sub enclosure in a car

With a Kicker 48TRTP122 12" down-firing loaded sub enclosure in the cargo area, you can haul a lot of stuff while enjoying low-end thump. Whether it's a vacation road trip or weekly grocery run, you can travel with everything you need and still groove to your favorite music.

JBL Fuse subwoofer system

2) JBL’s Fuse system: essentially two subs for the price of one

JBL’s Fuse dockable sealed 8" sub enclosures give you more than just bass hits in tight spaces — they also offer outstanding versatility so you can optimize the low notes for different areas in your vehicle.

Each Fuse enclosure contains an 8" shallow-mount sub and a passive radiator that reinforces the bass response. You can install the two enclosures separately — one under each seat, for example — or dock them together to make one dual 8" enclosure that doesn’t occupy a ton of real estate.

The Fuse enclosures can be wired for 2 or 4 ohms to handle different amp configurations. Power handling is 200 watts RMS. The Fuse system includes a pair of mounting feet and screws for use when docked. Metal grilles help keep the woofers safe. It’s great for your saddle bag, boat, or golf cart, too.

JBL Fuse subwoofer system undocking

To undock the JBL Fuse for a pair of subs, simply detach the speaker grilles, remove the screws holding the subs together, and then separate the subs as shown. Next unmount the feet, replace the speaker grilles, and place the subs where desired.

Alpine Halo S-SB10V loaded sub enclosures

3) Modular Alpine Halo sub boxes keep your expansion options open

Many customers start their systems off with just one subwoofer, and over time discover their bass cravings require another speaker for satisfaction. This typically means buying a new box to hold a pair of subs. Alpine’s S-SB10V Halo loaded enclosure lets you expand without discarding your original box. It holds one 10" S-Series sub, then lets you double up with another S-SB10V enclosure by joining the two with a special bracket to form one banging ported box with two subs. You get twice the impact without wasting any dough.

Alpine Halo S-SB10V loaded sub enclosures and KTX-H10 linking kit

These linkable Alpine Halo boxes come loaded with a single S-Series sub in 10" and 12" configurations. Alpine’s KTX-H10 and KTX-H12 linking brackets (sold separately) fit perfectly between two Halo boxes of the same size to form one rock-solid dual enclosure. They're made of heavy-duty steel and attach at both the front and rear of the boxes for a secure connection that won't shake loose.

Just wire up the two subs and you’re ready to roll.

Our advisors will help you get the subwoofer setup that’s right for you

Better bass in the car is always satisfying. And we can help make sure you get the right one. Crutchfield's expert advisors can guide you to the powered sub or sub/amp combo that makes the most sense for you and your vehicle. Contact us to get personalized recommendations based on your needs.

  • Kelvin from Tyler

    Posted on 8/21/2022

    Wife has a 2019 Altima she like the factory sound but she desires some deep Bass. What would be the best amp,Subs and box to give her what's he want

    Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    on 8/22/2022

    Hi Kelvin - thanks for your question. There are a lot of things to discuss when going for a bass upgrade involving an amp/sub/box combo, so one of our Advisors will be in touch soon via email to help you get started. If you're ready to discuss things right now, you can reach out via phone or web chat.
  • Brian B from Pomfret, ct

    Posted on 7/26/2022

    Is it a pain to add an amp and sub to a Subaru Outback? I'm not sure where to mount all that without it getting in the way if I need to flip down the back seats or something

    Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    on 7/27/2022

    Hi Brian - thanks for checking in. One of these articles should be a good place to start with your question:
    To sum up our conclusions: it's not necessarily a pain to add a sub and amp, but if you want to keep your cargo area access, you might be better off adding a compact under-seat powered sub. That way you can have some nice low end and still be able to flip down your back seats. My suggestion would be to call or web chat with one of our Advisors to see what the best options would be for your particular needs. Good luck!
  • David J Clement from Hardyville, KY

    Posted on 4/14/2022

    Add a small but mighty Club 600 sub amp and you're set. Today's sub tech is so much better than even 10 years ago. I've bought several subs and amps from Crutchfield recently and all those systems sound superb.

    Commenter image

    Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    on 4/15/2022

    Hi David - thanks for checking in and for the tip. We appreciate your business and we're glad that you're enjoying your new gear!
  • Edsall from Anchorage Ak.

    Posted on 6/6/2021

    Crutchfield akways bring innovation forward to the novice or experts attention.

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