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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 14

Meet our new Advisors

In this episode:

Recorded late summer 2020, J.R. and Eric take a "lightning round" approach to interviewing the latest class of Crutchfield Advisors, who are now available to help find the right home and car gear for your needs. Each Advisor tells a little about themselves and the fun stuff they couldn't resist buying since joining us.

Check out our new Advisors and their gear:

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Hello and welcome everybody. This is J. R. I am here with my podcast co host ERic. And we are back with a bonus episode of Crutchfield, the podcast. How you been ERic? I've been Great. How did you get a job as podcast host when that's your answer to my cool. Okay, well then we'll just dive right into the purpose of this bonus episode. The reason we are here today it is Is the last day of a training class for the last 11 weeks. I have been in a virtual meeting using Microsoft teams with 10 trainees. Eric you've been a part of this training class and and some of the other training classes going on. It's it's been a new experience but I think we pulled it off. Yeah, no doubt I like their chances. We've got basically 10 new advisors. The phone's right now, which is going to be great. We've been a little bit understaffed. We have a lot of customers calling with us chatting with us and to get 10 more people on the phones on chat talking to our customers. It's gonna be, it's gonna be a great thing. And these are 10 great advisers now, they have access to the coolest gear on the planet. So what stuff are they buying and why? And how are they using it? And instead of normally where we would talk to one Crutchfield employee about the one thing they bought. We're going to talk to all 10 new trainees. It'll kind of be like a lightning round of Crutchfield, the podcast interviews and they have no idea which one I'm going to start with, I'm looking at a screen of 10 people and I'm going to pick Felicia, how have you enjoyed training? It is honestly the best training I've ever had. You've worked in a call center before. I have, I've worked for some pretty big names and we won't mention them. But yeah, can only guess at where you've worked in the past because you are not allowed to reveal the names. Right? Is it like a super secret thing? It is now since you've been here, you've, you've gotten some stuff. Is that true? I have. So what have you purchased? And what do you, what do you like about it? What are we talking about? What do you got? The one thing that I'm most excited about? And it's because not only did I learn more about it after I got here, but it's something that we've wanted for a while, The polk audio canines, They are iconic speakers that have been around for a while. I definitely could not pass them up and they sound amazing. I was here the day you came to our headquarters building to pick them up and those are two very large boxes of speakers. You had to collapse all the seats in the minivan and uh, and it took up the entire back of the van. What was the first song you played on your new speakers? We like a lot of different music here. Um, the first song that we played was likely a pink Floyd song is unlikely it was comfortably numb as that's my go to song for everything. Feeling good, feeling bad doesn't matter. That's my song. Nice. My favorite Pink Floyd song is Money. I do like that song as well. So good. So well recorded and if you're playing that on a good system with good speakers, the detail you're gonna hear uh you'll be rewarded for having great components and great speakers when you listen to pink Floyd For sure. Now are you listening to it on vinyl? On Spotify on C. D. How are you playing your Pink Floyd? Um We actually have a blu ray recording of the David Gilmour at pompeii concert and it's just an amazing, I mean if you're gonna listen to a concert on blu ray, that's the one David Gilmour is just amazing and um I've got to say we've we've listened to that concert numerous times, not just on the new polls but on our clips set that we have as well and you hear different things when you listen to the different speakers. I love the clips, you really feel like you're rocking out. You know it's a concert type feeling whereas with the pulp it's more of a warm kind of it envelopes you. Um and it's I couldn't do without either set of speakers to be honest with you. I just I'm a speaker person and I love both sets. you figured out the solution to the whole clips versus poke thing. Just have both. That's fantastic. Thank you Felicia. I'm going to move over now to Dwayne. Dwayne is also one of our newest advisors graduating from training class today. Congratulations sir. On a great job in training. I'm pretty excited for you to move on to the phones talking to our customers. Yeah. Thanks Jr it's been it's been an awesome ride and you know I knew we were going to learn about a bunch of cool stuff but I didn't realize that almost every day of training we were going to want a new cool thing. We're going to learn about a new thing that I wanted to go out and buy immediately. It's a sickness one that ERic knows all too well. That's right. Eric has podcast co host. You might want to leave your mic on mutant. Yeah. You think that? But my kids don't respect the recording studio. That is so good. You're right mute that thing. Alright so Dwayne every day was a new adventure in the new products that you couldn't you couldn't resist sometimes. What did you buy in your 11 weeks here at Crutchfield. I've added in a new sound system and a new receiver to my suv. Of course. Uh So I I did get the boss BV. 900 A. C. P. D. V. D. Receiver which I was able to install with a little bit of help And that's a carplay capable receiver. So that just completely changed the way I'm doing you know music and everything in the car. What are you doing music in the car before this radio, radio? Oh yeah it was factory radio and bluetooth from the phone. Um But I needed to have you know I still wanted to have a have a disc for my new receiver so I could play my play my big cd in there which I'm still waiting to get autographed. I'll make sure now that training is over now that you've made it through training and graduated. Maybe I'll consider some autographed copies of my band's cd. Great. But yeah so so that was that was sounding good And then you know I when I realized just how much better that sounded I was like we can go we can take this the next step even. And that's when we I lucked into a pair of polk audio D. B. 52 speakers and through those in the doors and like which ones did you put the screwdriver through? Was that was a different set that I hadn't even brought up yet. A pair of infinities that I had grabbed to try out which I managed to punch a hole in with a screwdriver while I was trying to screw some holes into the doors after my drill had died in the great advice he can give our customers based off that personal experience right? It's, it's pretty, it's great advice but it's simple advice. Don't do the dumb thing that I did, don't support the middle of your speaker sound was not at all improved. Dwayne, can you watch movies on that new head head unit? You got. Yes sir, you can. It was the first thing you watched. Oh that's right, the the the, the test run with that and the DVD that's actually still in there to this day is my, my very favorite movie, Step Brothers. So yeah, you have a DVD player on your boss radio and it's not just for the big C. D. Thank you for that, but you're actually watching movies when you're safely parked in your car. Absolutely. Yeah, the other day I got caught in a backup at at CAin's chicken while they, they stopped the, the drive thru line to sanitize the restaurant and so I just put it in park there and through stepbrothers on while I waited and what a great use of a in car. DVD player bravo, sir? Well played. Thank you sir. Hey, hey M J. Hey J. R what's up guys? You're a new advisor but you're not 100% new to crutchfield, is that correct? That is correct. Worked in tech back in 2006 and seven I think it was. So how could I possibly teach you anything about products when you worked in tech support where they know everything. It was a lot of new technologies out, a lot of new stuff and you know, a lot more stuff than I ever have about this. So there's that, so things have changed in the time since you were in our tech support department a number of years. Absolutely. What were you doing since then? What was I doing since then? Um, I was a counselor for abused and neglected Children for a couple of years. I was a winemaker. Um, yeah, and a sommelier. So yeah, fancy important work you've been doing sir. Uh, and now you're back with Crutchfield. We have completed sales advisor training and along the way, I'm sure you bought something, you put something are, what, what did you get basically gutted the audio system in my Volvo wagon because I've been driving around for the last eight or nine years with the factory system and I didn't realize how bad it was until I took it out. And so we put a kenwood Dnx 5 76 S DVD navigation receiver with the apple carplay. Uh, it's the best car stereo I've ever had in my life. And I've had other kenwood's and Alpine's when I was younger. And this, this is the best of all of them. How has it changed your drive? I mean, I know we're all not driving all that much these days, you're working from home, that's how we're doing this training. But I'm sure you've driven a little bit, how has it changed your drive? I leave the house. Whether I have to almost every day now just to drive around in my car and turn my system up because I put new speakers in. I put infinity capas in the front and rear doors and I put a Rockford sub with a 300 watt amp in the back and it's just, it sounds so good. I just want to drive around for an hour after work every day. Nice. I get that. I have definitely just sat in my car listening to a stereo for many, many hours. Cool. Thank you so much. Hey, hey Ethan looks like you have finished up your last call of the day. Are you back with us? I am back with you guys. Have you bought anything yet? I'm not aware. I can't think of what you told us you bought. So you got to remind me I did. So the first thing I bought and installed was a pioneer M. V. H 1400 Any X after market receiver. Yeah. My car that I never drive. That was a tough install you. That was like an all day thing. Huh? Yeah. With the steering wheel control you know, and getting that in and salted in. You know, it turned out to be an all day thing but luckily it was only about 98 degrees and 80% humidity so it wasn't too bad. Uh, part of the, part of what made your installation a little harder was the kit right? Like it's in that Honda accord you drive. It's the one where the radio is kind of up top but the new radio you're gonna install goes down in the bottom and you kind of have to leave the factory radio in place. It's got some some odd things about it. Um how has that worked out since then? So is it weird having the factory radio up top in the new radio at the bottom or does it feel okay? It's kind of weird in the sense that I feel like I'm driving around with something that's dead and it's just kind of they're still showing itself but you know I still need it for climate control and it's still I think it tells me the time even though I don't really look at that. But it looks it looks nice. The whole assembly looks nice that that new Pioneer integrated very well into that car. It's sharp. I've gotten compliments on it. Glad to hear that anything else. Uh Yeah I got some some speakers. I got some five and a quarter kicker, the 43 D. S. C. 50. Fours and some polk bookshelf speakers, the R. T. I. A. Ones because right now I don't have a very big living room so I don't need a whole lot of power but I like those silk tweeters and I'm super excited to get those speakers in and attach them to an N. A. D. Receiver. Oh man. Uh you recently moved back or moved to Charlottesville, is that right? That's correct. You were in L. A. Before this? Yeah, I've been out in L. A. For about 15 years. And how does Charlottesville compared to L. A. For you? A little less traffic L. A. Was fine. It was 15 amazing years. But yeah, I'm happy to be in Charlottesville for sure. Right on man. Well, welcome to Crutchfield. Thank you for hanging out and being part of training today's graduation day. So, congratulations, sir. Thank you. J. R. Very cool. Uh Next we're going to move to Seth down in the bottom right hand corner of my screen. I know you guys at home can't see where Seth is, but based on Seth's background, it looks like he's at a very fancy resort. Last year. I was in Croatia. Uh so I've been sending my my family has been sending pictures back and forth, wishing we were still there, but that's been a uh pretty good theme of for Microsoft teams, backgrounds eric I was very impressed. Like day two of training was like, hey, is that Croatia by chance. I'm just curious. It's beautiful right on the money. So yeah. Beautiful place. Adriatic if I'm not mistaken uh behind you? So Seth, you've you are new to crutchfield. You were you working like restaurants and stuff before. Right. Yeah. I spent the last eight years or so working in restaurants here in Charlottesville doing everything from serving working in kitchens all the way up to running restaurants. So what have you purchased or what have you installed? What have you got now that you're here at Crutchfield? Uh So I've got mainly stuff for my car. I've got uh an Alpine I. L. X. W. 6 50 radio. Uh Which if I had to guess happens might be the most popular radio that we sell. Uh has like over well over 1000 reviews. Everybody loves it. Um Is a huge upgrade for me mainly with the apple carplay. That was the big feature that I was looking for. Um My Subaru had the Subaru Starlink which was just not ideal um for my iphone so um getting this bad boy in there uh being able to use the apple carplay for my streaming, I stream from Spotify all the time. Um So that's mainly what I'm using that for. Um paired that up with uh I've got some poke mm 6 52 speakers uh in the doors. I've got a component set up up front and a and a two way set up in the back. Uh I love those. I love polk for their silk dome tweeters. Uh Great bass response handle plenty of power. Um And then uh an Alpine S. B. R. S. 848 inch subwoofer uh in the trunk all powered by a a JL audio five channel amp that I actually just got last week. So, um, that's definitely something that I haven't installed it yet. So that's gonna be something that I might try and do over the weekend. Uh but yeah, I'm ready to rock and roll. I'm loving it so far. So right now your speakers are being powered by the Alpine radio, Is that true? I'm using a four channel amp at the moment. Ah so, so you have an amp now you're about to upgrade to a jail audio, five channels. So the sub will get some power. Your main, your poke speakers will get more power. Uh and I would imagine I would, you're in for a pretty good treat once that new amp is installed. Yeah, I'm pumped. Everything that we've learned about JL audio throughout the training has led me to believe that I will have great results from this amplifier. For sure, no doubt about it. Cool, thank you, man. Seems like apple carplay is a driving force behind a lot of new employee purchases. I know it was for me and having carplay has been fantastic. So, thank you. Seth is not so bad either. Uh It's ironic coming from Felicia. Yeah, now people are going to wonder why you, why you care so much about android auto Felicia. Well, I am an android user and my new stereo as android auto and I love it. Yeah, it works great. Uh so yeah, android auto carplay makes using the phone in the car, safer better, all that. So it's not a surprise that a lot of people want it, especially new crutchfield employees that now they know it exists, how cool it is, how to install it. Uh and uh, and they've got tech support for help and it's, it's pretty great. Um, we're gonna move on now to uh, Lucas and Lucas is a is not a new Crutchfield employee. He's been with us for a couple of years. He can't put carplay in his car. Can you know? Man, I have, I have a cadillac 2013, cadillac and I can't even really replace the receiver in that thing. So I kind of have to make do with what I got. Yeah, so, so no carplay. So, um, so what have you purchased, you've been here a while, you've had access to our products longer than everybody else here in the class for a couple of years now. Right. You've been working one of our warehouses, is that true? Yeah, I was actually both both warehouses. I've been here since 2017. So a little over three years now at this point, um, I was in receiving department. So I've actually touched on, I've physically touched on probably more of these products than most of the people in this group here. So you've seen all the products you did and now you have gone through training and you know about all the products that you've been seeing, go through the warehouses, what, what have you bought in the last couple of years that you're most excited about. It probably be easier to ask me what I haven't bought. Um, but so I'm, I've always been into subwoofers ever since I was a kid. You know, I've always loved a lot of bass. I'll be able to, you can feel in your chest, you can see the mirrors on your car's rattling and the people next to you give you those evil looks because like what you doing? I don't want to hear that, you know, that kind of thing. So, um, I've always been hearing about these, these L seven solar barrick. They're, they're square subwoofers and I had an opportunity to pick up one of those. Um, I'm powering it with a jail audio amp that I've had for, I would say probably about six years maybe. Um, it's got about 500 watts pumping that thing and it, it's amazing. It sounds so amazing. Like I've almost knocked my rear view mirror off from this thing. You also install some Dyna mat along the way to do that help. Yeah, it actually did. Um, I always heard about dynamite. I never really believed the hype behind it until I installed it and I listened to the stock subwoofer I have in my car and it sounded like I had an aftermarket in there at that point. So I was almost like I want to put this L seven in here. And then I thought I was like, that's a stupid question. Why would I ask myself that slammed that in there. And now I I actually ended up slicing into the wires for that subwoofer. So I technically have two subs in there now. Yeah, they're both still working right? That's correct. Nice. So you at speaker level from the speaker wires going to the factory sub tapped off of those two run signal into your JL amp powering your kicker solo barrick, L seven a square subway you have around and a square subwoofer in there. Both tens one is a Bose stock system 10. Well, it's kind of really shallow. It's not that big. It sounded really good. It does. It really surprised me what that sound system sounded like, but you can always do better and I want to do better. And I did. Nice. Well done sir. Hey Colin I see your little face down at the bottom. Talk to me buddy. I don't see you live on video yet. Hello. Jr. There we go. You are Also not a new crutchfield employee as of this training class. You were with us before the training class started. What did you do before this? So I started off as a, as a temporary employee for the holiday 2018 season. Uh mostly just loading trucks. Uh as fast as we could to get as much as much awesome stuff out to our customers as we possibly could. Um And I then was was kept on after that season and I worked in the testing department uh and and checking in returns where we would get back products and we would, you know, figure out whether or not uh you know, it was good enough for us to resell and and what wasn't good enough for us to resell and I got my hands on a lot of products that way. Uh different speakers receivers, turntables. I even got to test TVs for a while, which was as awesome as you might imagine that it is. Uh so so that was great and then recently, yeah, I moved over here to do to do sales with you guys and it's been great. So you got to hear a lot of products and actually not just move them around in the warehouse but actually hook them up and use them and experience them. So when you made some employee purchases, they were, they were a little bit more informed, you kind of knew what you wanted, what did you get? Um You know, yeah, similar to Lucas, almost like what, what didn't I get. Um I I certainly, I certainly put a lot of my focus into my home theater. Um you know, so, so the things that I'm most not proud of but but happiest with and are and are just integral to, you know, the entire thing are probably my martin Logan motion 40 tower speakers, wonderful sounding super warm. You know I've got a surround system you know in in the room but I tend to listen to everything through two channels because I just always want to come through those two speakers and so that those use the folded motion tweeters right? Yeah that's right. The ribbon folded motion, yep. Yeah. And do they sound as crystal clear as I remember hearing them in training? Oh yeah man they're gorgeous. You know it's like Felicia like when she said you know the warmth of the polk speakers, envelopes you and it and it feels like that with these speakers for sure what powers your martin Logan speakers. I have a Yamaha vintage 2080. So that's a home theatre receiver. That's correct. And you have a home theater like full set up? How many speakers? Yeah I've got 5.1.2. Also you have gone all at most or some admins. Yeah so I've got my martian martin Logan motion forties for left and right channel um martin Logan L. X. Sixteen's for my surrounds. Um I've got a Bowers and Wilkins HTM 71 S two for my center channel. Uh and then I've got a couple of speakers that we don't actually sell here that I I came across that work is my dolby enabled at most speakers. And then my sub is a definitive technology. Super Cube 4000 and that's a system that's a great system and a lot of different brands. I think we have customers that ask us how important is it to match up the brands of speakers right, Especially those front three and you have to martin Logan's with a specific kind of twitter as your front left and right and then a very different speaker, your bowers and Wilkins is a center channel. Do you notice it do voices or dialogue? Does it sound different when you're watching movies as an actor walks from left to right on the screen or does it blend together very nicely. 100% honesty here. I do not notice at all. I think I think they blend really nicely. I think uh you know that you get traces of dialogue from your left and your right speakers, you know, when, when it goes from one side to the other, it's generally pretty quick. Um, but but pretty much everything that comes out of the center channel speaker uh super clear, super well delivered. I do, I really like that speaker a lot. Um it's an important, it's an important channel, you know, and it makes sense because you have pretty great speakers even though they're different brands, they're, they're both very high quality, you know, upper end sort of level speakers so they should kind of be on par with each other if you had gone with like a super small or super inexpensive center channel and try to match it up with those martin Logan's. I think you would definitely notice it. So yeah, it's nice to be able to go with the same brand, but it's not critical for what I'm hearing from you. At least sometimes, you know, these things come across your plate and it's like, man, I want to give that one a shot and it's an ever evolving kind of thing. You know, I might not have this center channel forever, but I know that I'll I'll probably keep the martin Logan's forever. I will stand by that. Sweet. Thank you very much, Colin we're gonna move on to bo bo how you doing? I'm good. What's going on? J. R bo You you've got a lot of Mazda miatas if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I do have some, let's just leave it at that stick with some. Were you going to tell us about stuff you bought and put in your Mazda Miata or did you have something else in mind you wanted to talk about that you purchased? Well, you know, like, like everyone, I think I've kind of gone down the rabbit hole a bit since entering training because you know, I'm just kind of obsessed with this stuff. But yeah, I was going to talk about my, my focal expert series 12 that I installed in kind of, my, my showroom, classic Mazda Miata, Yeah, you have like, different Mazda Miatas for different purposes, right? Like, sure. Yeah. You know, it's like shoes, you got to have a pair that's nice. A pair you never use, you know, you got your pair to mow the grass in, uh, yeah, different, not quite different days of the week just yet. But uh, you know, I still got some time on that. We'll, we'll square that away with the lady first before I bring any more stray cars home. So early on in training when we were talking about you and your Mazda Miatas, you said, I'm not gonna put any subs in a Mazda Miata. There's no room to put a wolf for in a Mazda Miata. And if I, if I did, it would just vibrate all the panels of my car apart and I'd have to put it all back together again and then fast forward a few weeks and you've got subs like in all your miatas now, is that right? Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm a, I'm a cancer brother. So I'm constantly changing my mind. You know, it goes kind of day by day. You know, once you get good sound in one place, you're going to want it everywhere. And uh, that's kind of hard to argue with. Uh, certainly, yes, certainly stoked about this focal, it's the, it's the sub, the P 30 f, it's got the flak seed cone. I'm a french guy. Folk house french, you know, it's just kinda, it's just kind of fit. And um, I'm driving it with the, the JL audio, the JD 500 by one mono. Uh, you know, like everyone else in the class. I think I stand by jails products and uh, it's definitely sounds, you know, louder than anybody would want in a sports car, but hey, you know, I'm not, I'm not just anybody, so I, I definitely enjoy it. Uh, and it's, now, I would never go back, um, to anything without a subwoofer in it for sure. In any car that I drive and when you're not at Crutchfield, you're like a, you're a professional DJ. Right? Well, yeah, I was before for Covid, you know, I'm not that, that's kind of all put the halt on that, but yeah, I do, I do get around a little bit on the ones and twos, which is, you know, kind of makes me kind of fit in well here at Crutchfield. I feel it was kind of a natural, natural progression. Hopefully that'll, that'll tune back up once everything kind of comes back online. Yeah, no doubt. So, in addition to being a DJ, you also play music do play some music. Yeah, I do, I do fiddle around a little bit, uh, you know, uh, Jack of, all trades, master of, None is kind of kind of what Daddy always used to say. I would have been surprised if a DJ slash musician, uh, french person didn't go with a, uh, sub wolf, like, how could you drive around without a subwoofer. I didn't understand it and I'm glad to know that I was right. I don't know. I tell you, I just didn't want to have to tighten up all the bolts on the car every couple of weeks. But you know, it's not that bad. I'm already noticing stuff rattling loose. It's worth it for the sound. It's 100% worth it. Cool. Thank you so much. Bo enjoy driving the Miata as much as I would like to. I don't really fit in a Miata. So I don't know if I'll ever get to hear your systems, but yeah, Congratulations sir. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. Moving on to Ringo, Ringo actually, the fourth Ringo we've had working at Crutchfield, I like to call him Ringo four because Ringo is one of the coolest phone names. I don't know if I've mentioned this on our podcast before. Not all, not all our advisors use their real names mainly because lots of people have the same name and we can't have, you know, 16 johN's on the phone. So, and so instead people come up with fun names and Ringo is one of the funnest names to be called. Right, how are you enjoying being called? Ringo? Even though that's not your real name? Ringo. Oh yeah, no, it's awesome. A lot of people right away when I tell them what my phone name is? I kind of have a connection with them based on the Beatles and stuff like that. So it's it's been pretty cool so far. Nice. Uh And you are fairly new to Crutchfield, What were you doing before here? So I just graduated from Christopher Newport University actually I was finishing up college. Uh and how does how does training class using Microsoft teams at Crutchfield for 11 weeks? Talking stereos compare to college? It's a lot more fun than my classes for sure. Um It's definitely def and to doing this all online is still actually new for me but it definitely shared a lot of elements with with classes like the way we learn a lot of this stuff is similar but a lot more fun talking about stuff that I kind of just look up and geek out on on my own anyway so uh and so in your short time here at Crutchfield what have you purchased? What do you what do you like? What do you have? So I got pretty much a whole system for my car. Um It already had a head unit in there and Aftermarket ken would Exelon unit um from a long time ago but that had the pre amp outputs that I needed to set up a whole new system with with new gear. Um So I got a jBl five channel amp that's basically an older version of the Stadium five which we have now and I'm using that to power a kicker 10 inch sub. That's the 43 C W R 10 4 and a set of G X series components in all my doors and it's awesome. I could not have been more happy when I finally got that whole thing hooked up and what kind of car is this all in? In an 02 Volkswagen Jetta And uh, when we did, when you put a lot of this stuff in, it was, it was on our install day where we had everybody, all of you guys come into crutchfield, we parked, you know, far apart from each other out in the parking lot. And I basically walked around and pointed that stuff while you guys did installations? I didn't get to come in and join in and help or really do any of the work just because we were socially distancing and all of that. So it was a very safe installation day. Uh, and you were sort of the farthest out you were out in the sun the entire day. Uh, and you were like upside down in your trunk doing some pretty advanced wiring. Uh, and it seemed to me at that point that I realized you might know more than I do about car stereo installations. You, you seem pretty smart when it comes to wiring and stuff. So what did you already do installations before you came here or anything or have you got experience with that? Not really. Honestly, I was pretty much going off entirely. The, the information I had from, from our vehicle guide, like the stuff we have Crutchfield has all the info on, on what wire colors go to what speakers. And it was, it was definitely a challenge to get to where I had to hook up these wires, but I had all the info thanks to Crutchfield and yeah, it was, it was just a lot of crimping places. Yeah. And what made it tougher was you were trying to fit everything or some of the components like where the factory amp was right, like, like that. So in this sort of weird little compartment where you could tuck things away so they weren't hanging out and you could have them all hidden away and looking good and sounding good. You have to go in the trunk and a little shelf where the factory amp was. So I was, I was holed up back there for quite a while and so that was like five or six weeks ago. How does your car sound like you're driving it around every day now? Does it sound pretty good? Oh, it's awesome. Yeah, I've noticed here in teams, I have to turn up my volume all the time now to hear you guys because I think I'm going deaf, but it's worth it. It's totally worth it. Uh, yeah, you're young, your, your ears can handle it. Um, what do you like to listen to on the system. Uh, honestly, I think probably a lot of Alton Classic rocks. My favorite. Um I have that that kicker subs in a sealed enclosure so it's got a lot of nice tight bass response. Was really good for rock. And yeah I think the first song I played on that was rock and roll, ain't noise pollution by a C. D. C. And that was that was pretty fun. Right on last but not least is leo leo, how are you? I'm well sir, how are you? Fantastic. Have you, have you bought anything here since you started at Crutchfield? I've had the consumer electronics sickness for a long time and been at Crutchfield has only deepened that, but it's certainly aided in a number of ways. First thing I got was a ford and Eva one for a project truck that ended up acquiring shortly after starting with Crutchfield. And uh this particular vehicle did not have remote start previous and I was kind of spoiled by another vehicle that I drive. It does and so to pick this up and and and install it was um an experience. Um I did, you know the installed day that we've, you know, we've we've talked about here but uh I I love it. Um the convenience of having it uh there and then coupling that with the remote unlock lock feature that came with the O. E. M. Was was perfect. Uh It was just a you know uh and all of one solution to for that vehicle. Very nice. And you had to, an entire remote start installation, like literally kind of by yourself, like nobody else was getting in your truck, doing any of the wiring or touching any of the stuff. How was that to do? I mean that seems that seems like a, I think a lot of people would be intimidated by that. It's on all honesty. I was a little bit, but again, and I'll echo ringo settlements. Thanks to the resources we have here Crutchfield from our internal, uh, stuff and, and guide and uh, you know, having folks like yourself and, and uh, you know, our other installers. Carlos was one of them, um, huge, huge resource. And um, you know that I couldn't have done it without having that. But that, that certainly made the process more attainable and easier to do Nice. And with these hot muggy days, I'm sure remote start makes a big difference in the morning in the afternoon at lunch anytime. We're gonna get in the car these days. It's freaking miserable. Yeah, huge. Absolutely. Yeah. I don't know that. I want to go backwards for sure. A matter of fact. I don't Yeah, Well I gotta tell you guys this has been a wonderful training class. I am excited for you guys to hop on the phones and start helping our customers get stuff that is what we trained you to do and you guys have proven to me that you're great at doing it. Uh, so, uh, if you're listening to this podcast, these 10 advisers are probably available right now as we speak on the phones, ready to help you with anything you need here at Crutchfield eric, are you still with me? You got any parting words for everybody? Yeah, I would just say that in my opinion, I think this has been our best sales training class ever. What do you think they are? You know, I have found I've been doing this training thing for about 15 years now and we continue to raise the bar. We continue to hire some of the best people available. I get better as a trainer. Our products get more fun to talk about and I think there's a lot of valid reasons why every training class is better than the one that came before it. So I can confidently say this is the best training class Crutchfield has ever had. Thank you so much for listening to the show. Those of you out there that are subscribe to Crutchfield the podcast, please tell your friends about it. Rate us give us five stars. If your podcast app allows you to do that, Follow us, tell your friends about it. And if you need anything that Crutchfield salesman give us a call, send us a chat with us online, You might end up talking with one of these fine 10 people. I'm gonna leave it right here. Let's everybody give ourselves a round of applause for a training and a podcast. Well done. I'm J. R. Thank you so much for listening over and out.

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