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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 18

Simon, his drones, his cars, and his screening/gaming room

In this episode:

J.R. and Eric head over to our Returns Processing Center (RPC) to talk to Simon about his involvement with The Crutchfield Outlet and our in-house employee store. With incredible access to so much cool gear, Simon has been able to build "dream" systems for his cars and his home, including a one-of-a-kind screening and gaming room.


Simon's home theater system for movies & TV.


Simon's gaming setup in the very same room!

Check out some of the gear discussed:

Check out the articles referenced:

Plus, J.R. and Eric answer two customer questions about car audio.

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Hello and welcome everybody to another episode of Crutchfield the podcast. I'm your host, JR joined remotely by my co host ERic. How you doing today? Eric, I am doing great now this is what I call social distancing. Yeah. You know it's kinda, it was kinda cool there. We've done a couple where you, you joined me in studio but we are just not doing that these days partly because I traveled and so I'm not allowed to be anywhere near other people that work at Crutchfield anytime real soon. So you're at your house, I'm at my house and uh cool thing about technology is that's no big deal anymore. You know what, a couple miles apart from each other. I feel like this is really safe. Yeah. Yeah, yeah you're in, we're in different towns right now so doesn't get much safer than that. So let's talk about today's episode. It's a it's a pretty cool one. I'm pretty excited about it. We did a really fun interview with a guy named Simon. Simon works at one of our warehouses. It's called the RPC or returns processing center. You'll hear us mention the RPC at some point in the interview, that's what it is, returns processing center. It's the big building where any products that we've sold that get returned. This is where they go, big trucks show up, we get them checked in, we get them tested, we send them back to manufacturers, we sell them back to customers if they're in good enough shape to be an outlet stock or scratch and then we take those very seriously and when a product comes back in, it is not only tested but completely gone over visually inspected to determine does it look like it's in like new condition and operate like it's in like new condition with everything it was supposed to come with. If so it's gonna be outlet stock. If it's slightly less than that, it might be scratch and dent. And if it's anything worse than that, it's gonna be something that we can maybe maybe sell to our employees. Or we send back to the vendor. We got a bunch of different ways to to deal with that stuff, but we wouldn't sell it to a customer. And if you want to see examples of what would make the grade for outlet stock and scratch and dent and what won't make the grade. We've got visuals on all of that for you in a video we did over at the warehouse. Uh It's called shop the Crutchfield outlet and save and it will give you some pretty cool shots of car stereos, home stuff, even TVs. And to show you kind of where we draw the line on what can be sold to a customer at a discount and what do we sell to employees at an even better discount because they're not quite good enough to sell to customers, no doubt. Yeah, we call this thing the employee store and Simon is one of two people that currently work in the employees store. So he has extra access to a lot of really cool stuff and uh, it's interesting because eric you were part of sort of getting the employees store going, you along with with Dave, can you talk about like how did this come about? Like tell me, tell me, tell me what Dave did, what you did, how did it all get started? So um, for the folks that are familiar with Crutchfield because they're in the Charlottesville area, they'll remember that at one point in time, we had a outlet store here in Charlottesville. Now this was a store where you could go in and we would have open box TVs as an example lined up and uh, we, we knew long term that we, we needed different ways to kind of sell off some of those open box products and when we changed our store to our new store location, we got rid of the outlet. Now, it's a really cool store, very innovative ever in charlotte, we should definitely check it out. Um but uh, you know, it's a little bit smaller footprint, so there just wasn't enough space for all those open box products, we still have the open box stuff, we still have the scratch and dent stuff, but when I say that, you know, it's the best of the best of the open box and the scratch and dent. It really is, you know, that's good product, full manufacturer warranty that we send out all the time, People just get good deals on it. But in order to complement that, we needed to find a way to get rid of some of the other stuff and as the products piled up, we uh we decided, you know, who really needs this product us and so that's when I was brought in to help Dave see that project through and it's available to all employees. Me as the sales advisor trainer guy, that's my job is to help sales advisors learn about the products and how to talk to the customers about the products and such. The best sales advisors have hands on experience with these products and there's no better way to have hands on than to own it and to have to have some, a lot of our products available at a very reasonable price to our sales advisers. It helps our customers because because customers get to talk to somebody that has the product that is probably more excited about the product, can talk more about the details of how the product works and the more we can make that happened, the better we want our employees to own as much of this stuff as possible. So, to record this interview with Simon, we did a couple of things a little different than we normally do. Normally, I would find a nice quiet place to sit down with somebody, an employee to talk about the things that they bought from Crutchfield and uh and we would record it and we would talk about it later on in the studio this time, eric and I both joined Simon in the actual employee store, which is like a room off to the side of a very large warehouse. You're going to hear the sound of the warehouse in the background and that was very much on purpose. I loved the sound of the warehouse, thankfully there wasn't any super loud, you know, box wrapping machines going on or anything like that. You can just hear forklifts in the background and just kind of the air in the room. It's a huge room. It's a huge warehouse we're in, partly because I wanted that sound partly so that we could sit socially distanced away from the microphone to set a couple of things up though there's a few other acronyms. In addition to our pc, you also need to know what L A N is. He talks about A land stands for local area network and it's basically um kind of like a little small internet, right? It's it's connected wifi devices in a single location that doesn't necessarily reach out outside of that location to pull in information from the internet itself. Yeah. So all, for example, all the computers that Crutchfield are interconnected with each other via a local area network. They happen to also be in addition connected to the outside world, right? Using the actual internet. But the computers inside of Crutchfield in any business or any place where there's multiple devices on the on on a network, it's a local area network. Simon has one of those in his house. He's gonna talk about that just a little bit that will become relevant for you here in a moment. Another thing that's gonna come up in this episode, you should know what it is. F. P. V. Uh No, I don't, I'm not too familiar. How about this F. P. V. Goggles? First person view? Yes. First person view. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. We were talking about, yes, we get to talking about drones at one point because Simon owns one or two or three or 45 or six or seven drones. Uh and he fell some of them with the F. P. V. Goggles. He may play video games with FP V goggles, things like that. So, so there you go Rpc returns processing center, L. A. And local area network and F. P. V. As in first person viewer goggles. If you know that you'll probably get through most of this interview ERic and I will be back to clarify one or two things along the way. But I would love for you now to enjoy this interview with Simon, our, one of our inventory specialists over at the employee store here at Crutchfield ERIC and I talked to him at the warehouse ready set go. We here at the RBC we get our returns product testers. And when they did something, a product not worthy or it doesn't meet the criteria for some reason. Another to go to our scratch and then our outlet stock. It ends up back here in the employee store. I like to think of it as a big candy shop. So how long have you been with the company? Simon? I started working here in the holiday season of 2017 and around 2018. I moved over here to our Pc in the employee store. Gotcha. So, so you spend your day testing and determining what to buy. Well, we'll have to talk about the list. Oh, that's right. There's lists of stuff so employees can put their names on a list. So like you have list of stuff that if it comes back to the employee store, you immediately contact the people on the list to see if they want it. Like what's a popular list of stuff? What's a, what's a category that people want? Some hot ones recently had and home theater receivers and carplay and android auto units. Uh, Simon, what all let's, you've got a list. I can see your list. You've got a list of stuff that you have personally taken home from the employee store. Quite the list. So safe to say you have a, you have a home theater system at your house. I have 35 channel home systems right now. Three complete 5.1 channel home theater system right now. Yeah that's at least that's three TVs, that's three home theater receivers, 15 speakers, three subwoofers. You have that at your house? Yeah, funny enough they're all they're all in the same room, hold on three systems in one room. Yeah, it's talk to me about that. I think I think we've identified that he has a problem. It is the first step to admit that you have a are you guys in a support group together like eric can help with this? We we don't want help man, this is a good problem to have a good problem to have. Alright, Simon explain to me how a person can use three home theater systems in one room. So then we have the main tv. We have a 77 inch led amazing tv and then opposite of that we have a 65 inch led and then a 75 inch Samsung. Okay, so they're like what, facing each other, dueling TVs? Like what how how do we use three TVs? The two are side by side and I use one for gaming? My roommate uses the other for gaming and then opposite of that we have the home theater which we use for movie nights. God, so do you like you play each other on your own separate systems right there next to each other. We do we have some pretty mean land parties play a lot of video games. Oh yeah, okay yeah, so land parties because my house doesn't actually have internet right now. Wait, how, how it makes it very difficult to stream stuff and really take advantage of these TVs. But we've been using uh we just start carrying uh we boost Wilson amplifiers, their cell phone boosters, I got a nice commercial Wilson amplifier and and it's an entire home coverage before it was spotty, like we'd be on roaming, draining battery, you wouldn't be able to make a phone call even. And now it's HD video, streaming Christopher your phone calls. It's it gives you the ease of mind even knowing that you can make an emergency phone call if you need to. Those cell phone boosters are fantastic. I also live kind of in a rural area. I have the, the professionally installed $1200 system that we sell here at Crutchfield and it is great. I don't have to put my phone on wifi calling anymore. Uh so my phone works just normally without roaming, killing the battery uh works great. I have one in my truck. Uh so when I'm driving on these rural roads, I can still listen to podcast, listen to streaming music, talking, text using my card, play radio. So I'm hands. Uh but I can do that now where I couldn't do it before you're using it though for like all of the internet at your house, All of the internet between me and my two roommates. Yeah, wow. Yeah, that's impressive. And it holds up, it manages to handle all three channels of us just pumping out no problem. All of us can be watching HD videos at the same time, wow, that's pretty impressive. So uh so is that how you watch movies mostly with how we've been watching movies and playing video games? Yeah. Uh So all right so three TVs, the let's talk about the big one that you watch movies on that was an L. G. Is that right? 77 inch masterpiece, man. Oh wow. What is what's your favorite thing you've watched on your on your LG OLEDs? Alright, what did it for me? There's two scenes, there was the first thing I put on was one of my favorite movies, Star Wars. Uh I grew up to that movie so it's amazing. And uh at the end, believe it or not the last second when the credits start rolling you I guess you just get used to it. Every credit scene is a little bit gray but watching this on the it's actually black. You you realize all credit scenes are supposed to be black in the second instance was another great movie. Uh Lord of the Rings Fellowship The Ring. There was the scene where the logo, it's the intro running through the woods and then it fades to black and then from nothing because we had the lights off in the room from nothing. The Lord of the Rings logo just emanates from the middle of tv was incredible. Hey eric let's talk about that for a second. Uh He talked about black levels of oled TVs, organic light emitting diode TVs have great black levels because of each pixel being self illuminating. He also mentioned LED TVs and how they don't quite achieve that perfect black level, how they're kind of gray uh and not fully black. Can you, you want to elaborate on that a little bit? Why is that? I can rant about this. Can we make this a rant? I'm gonna make this a rant rant away. So why do we call them LED TVs? Yeah they're they're it's just an L. C. D. Television you know 10 years ago we call them LCD TVs and they were back lit with florescent lights. Now an LED light is more efficient and it's smaller and it's just way better. But the panel is still an L. C. D. Panel. If we went back in time we should call those TVs. We used to refer to as L. C. D. S fluorescence and we don't do that. Of course we don't do that. So um but basically an LED tv is a tv that back lights the panel, the L. C. D. Panel. Um and of course the the challenging part there is that if you're back lighting or back illuminating this this panel is getting a truly dark black level. Now a lot of the manufacturers do some really clever things uh in order to make this happen and there's some amazing looking LCD TVs out there. I personally own LCD TVs in my house. I'm very very happy with them. Um But the challenge that they have and the thing they have to work around is the the fact that you're basically backlighting the panel and that's great for bright scenes but for dark scenes you want to be able to cut out that light. Yeah and the newest TVs that are coming out here in 2021 will have more lights there'll be smaller lights Micro LED s mini LED s which is great. The more lights you have behind the panel of liquid crystal displays the better because that means the more individual zones there are the more individual lights you can turn off so that you can actually achieve more precise and deeper black levels when you're trying to watch a movie that takes place in space or if there's just a dark scene and you want it to look deep and inviting and war like a movie should or a good tv show should. It's important. And so these better TVs are getting better Oleds still kind of the best at getting and achieving those deepest black levels. Just wanted to clarify that the old versus the L. E. D. Or the L. C. D. With LED backlight TVs and why it makes such a difference. So a 77" oled led that's for watching movies which has been main source of content. Alright. Yeah and revenge of the Sith. Huh. I didn't know I think I think we do. So let's let's make this so eric and I are older than Simon. You're way older than Simon. I'm sure we're both older than Simon. Uh And so you say you grew up with like the second generation Star Wars movies. I grew up on these movies. Yeah and uh he's probably not the Sith Lord. We think he is. You joke about me being uh way older than you. I am just I am just old enough to have seen every Star Wars movie when it first came out in the movie theater. Yes they were only ever an available in color. I mean I I've seen the Star Wars that didn't have the the the the the first movie Star Wars movie ever made. I've seen it without all of the digital ad ends they put in later which it seems kind of impossible to even find that now. Like I wanna if I wanna watch Star Wars episode for a new hope without the added creatures without the added job of the hut. Is that even possible now? I think you'd have to go find like a collector's edition. That's a reason to keep the old VCR around is so that you can watch Star Wars in all of its original 280 lines of resolution 240 lines of resolution on your big four K tv. So yeah, there you go. One of the really cool things when those movies came out, the changes that had to be brought forth in movie theaters as a result of those. Before then a lot of movie theaters ran in mono. And because of Star Wars and George Lucas in particular having a bad experience in a movie theater that was playing his movie, they went through, that's what created THX and that has lasting, you know, effects on the entire movie industry and the consumer electronics industry. So, um, you know, not only was it a great movie, but it changed the way we listened to our entertainment and still to this day, that's the case. It's the, it was the impetus for all movie theaters having amazing sound systems and all of our home also now having amazing sound systems like that's kind of the deal. Uh, it was helping everybody recognize just how important sound is to the movie watching experience. We have definitely have George Lucas to thank for that. Uh, what else we got. I see the word drone on your uh, I am for sure a drone enthusiast since I started working at field since just about every single one of the products that we sold. Oh my gosh, yeah, yeah, I've owned everything from the tiny little sparks all the way up to the big monster inspires. So the toy drones up to like the professional, all the way the Professional DSLR drones and what do you do with them? I generally just like them for getting a different perspective. I I don't upload the pictures, I don't make money off them. I just do them purely for recreation. So you would you fly them to get cool images. Is that like the main reason obviously that's the main reason you absolutely just having that them with the camera on it and being able to see, I mean it's like it's like any time you've ever wanted to fly, you know, I just, I have a couple set of the the F. P. V. Goggles. Next question. Yeah. That makes it that makes it an experience for sure. Being able to look around and I mean you're flying for sure. That's that's what the impression with the goggles on. Flying, you're looking at the camera that's on the drone, it's like you're in the pilots, it's like you're in the pilot seat. Absolutely, yeah. Yeah. It's it's a lot cheaper than buying an airplane to and a lot safer. Yeah, I don't think I feel comfortable piling an airplane, but once you get your hands on these drones that definitely opens up a whole new world. I've been here longer than you remember when we started carrying drones parrot was the first brand of drone that crutchfield carried and none of the advisors knew about drones because there was this was a brand new category for us uh and at the time, battery life wasn't great. Image quality wasn't great but the newer generations of drones that you're familiar with that you're seeing come through the store, I imagine they're pretty good, they're getting crazy good uh flight times are getting incrementally larger so before it was different between 28 minutes and 30 minutes now we're talking like 35, 40 minutes on some of these drone batteries which is yeah, that's 30 40% increase on some of them. Uh then we're also talking about camera quality to uh from 10 80 p all the way up to four K. That we just released the new maverick too many which is a four K camera on a drone that doesn't need to be FAA registered, which is insane. It's really small. Yeah, I got a drone, There's one that Simon didn't buy and yeah, it was nice enough to let one come to me and it's awesome and they are getting easier to fly. They are getting smarter. Um you know, with things like obstacle avoidance and whatnot and uh yeah, you're right. Yeah, he's laughing right now because I perhaps uh crashed one into a tree recently. So erIC can't really fly this drone at his house because he lives really close to an airport. So we're getting through that process now and making sure I register everything correctly so that I'll be able to do some some uh some LTD flying within proximity airport but around your house, you know eric came to my house, we recorded some podcast stuff and then went out into the field near my house and uh and flew his his new drone a writer and he flew it into a tree. Well I was given a false sense of security when it put the brakes on the first time and I heard a beep beep beep and it stopped in its tracks, it blew us away because you were, you were coming in hot on that tree and and it went beep beep beep and then went, put its own brakes on, did not hit the tree and I was like do that again. That was awesome and you did did it again. Um and and it didn't stop at all, like it hit the tree, but then it kept flying though, like it just, it didn't like demolish itself against the tree trunk, it hit a couple of branches and but kept flying and moved away from the obstacle and uh yeah, you got really lucky. It still works. They're a little more durable than than what we give credit, get better every day. Yeah man, this has been fantastic. Simon, I want to give you a chance to tell us about one more thing that you bought that, you want everybody to know about. You guys have to help me with this one. I don't know what to pick. Have you? We've talked about what you've done in your in your home that you're flying drones around. Have you, have you done anything to upgrade the stereo system in your car? All of them do have new stereo system? All of your cars? All of my cars. Yeah. Apparently Simon has more than one. So, tell us about this. What do cars have stereo systems? Four? You have four cars? Yes, Yes. Okay. What kind of cars do you have? I have a Subaru WRX. Acura RsX. Okay. Yeah, my roommates borrowing my 2003 Kia Sedona. Uh, that's the one I picked out the most. So, Okay, and then 2012 Kia forte. Okay. And all four of them have Systems. Systems. Thanks to the magic of the employees. So, the systems that, you know, fill out the sound to a comfortable level and give you richness of sound. Are they the ones that, uh, people turn their heads back around to see it? Stoplights, definitely the minivan, Yeah, Virginia's very cool with custom vanity plates. It's uh, it's vanity plate. A sub woofers. If that doesn't describe the minivan for you. I love the it's pretty great. Uh, so you have a minivan and that's the most tricked out for sure. Yeah, that one's got the Alpine halo, 99 inch touchscreen carplay unit. Um, it's got kicker all around. It's got to kick or 15 minute the sevens. Yeah, it rocks. Well, this has been a lot of fun guys, any parting words? Simon field, it's got more than perks than just the gear though. For sure. You think we sell good gear? Yeah, you'll love this. How's the drone? Have you been flying it much? I haven't seen yet, so yeah, it's interesting because I've taken out the drone exactly zero times since that day. I mean, I don't know, drone drone flying doesn't seem like uh, a thing you can't do because of Covid. So why, what's your excuse for? So maybe one time I was trying to record my kids going down the street on the bicycles and they're just learning to ride their bicycles. I mean, as Simon said, that's the kind of reason you have a drone is to get a cool perspective, a different way of looking my world in my mind. This was a really cool idea. Yeah, yeah, from their point of view. Um, it kind of turned out to be like a terminator two vibe. Where was this drone just hovering? Um, because I locked it on them so it would follow them on its own. And uh, I it may have been a little bit much for my kids and more importantly, my wife, but I'm still allowed to play with it. Don't get me wrong, I will, I will, I will take it out again some day maybe, maybe, but it might have been a bit much. So, I mean, can you just fly it up a lot higher? You can so that they're not scared of it. You can, but that wasn't the perspective I was going for. Ah that wasn't the shot you were looking, you you needed No, no, I was really trying to zoom in to the expressions on their face. Oh, oh yeah, okay, yeah, I can see why and since the camera doesn't have to get right up in their grill, wow, well, thank you for the drone update. I was wondering if you ever want to just come out to my house, I'll ride my bike around and you can, you can get all up in my grill. I have a helmet with a face mask, so we're good man. So that was a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed uh Simon telling us about the subwoofers he has in his cars and it got me to thinking when we do a question and answer section at the end of each episode, let's let's tackle some subwoofer questions and I've got one or two here that I think we can answer this. The first one, I don't know where a customer named Jeremy B is, but he posted the following question, I installed a line output converter in my 2016 Dodge journey, it sounds great, but when I turned the volume down, the subwoofers keep pounding, I've adjusted the gain on the line output converter and the amp and nothing changes. Do you? Eric know why? Nothing changes. Let me just let me paraphrase Jeremy's problem. He's installed an amplifier that powers subwoofers probably in the uh the dodge journey. Is that a is that a hatchback? Right. I think it's a hatchback. I don't know wherever they're the subs are in the back of the car there pal powered by an amplifier, it's connected to his factory radio using a line output converter. The light output converter takes speaker level audio and converts it to line level so that the amplifier can then amplify it. It's one of the ways you would connect an amp to a factory stereo. The problem is when jeremy turns his volume up and down, the amount of bass he has on his newly installed amp and subs doesn't seem to change. It's just a constant amount of bass and that's not quite right. Your base should go up and down when your volume goes up and down preferably. Yeah. And I have figured out why this is happening to jeremy. I'm wondering if you have the power of deductions that I have. Yeah. So a lot of times there's line output converters have uh different types of outputs and perhaps the way he he's got it hooked up, it's not set to variable to go to a sub with her. It's just a constant line level out. That might do it. No, no man. Okay. What do you mean? That could be, hey, what I said was true. Yeah, but that's not the problem. That's not the problem. The 2016 I've looked it up. I went into our database. I looked the vehicle. Yeah, I had, I knew this question was coming. I sprung it on you just so that I could go. You're wrong. I was, that was my favorite part of all that. Yeah, you're welcome. So what's happening here? The 2016 Dodge Journey comes with one of two factory systems. I am willing to bet he has the alpine audio, you know, premium factory system with his Dodge journey because that adds a separate amplifier to power the some of the factory speakers. And it also is a new enough car to have a, in addition to the audio connection from the radio in his dash to the amplifier, probably under his seat. Uh, there's an in addition to the audio connections, there's also a data connection, a can bus connection. It's basically the digital connection that allows the computer in his radio to tell the computer in his amplifier what to do and the way the cars work. Now, a lot of cars, not every car, but the way this dodge journey works is when you turn the volume knob up, what's not happening is the level of audio on the audio connection from the radio to the factory amp doesn't actually change. That's a constant level of, of audio that never changes when you turn the volume up. You are just sending data instructions to the amplifier to increase voltage and add more volume? So you're you're just telling the amplifier to turn up. So the audio connections that seem just like normal speaker wire that connect the radio to the amp have a constant amount of audio. And if you've tapped into those speaker wires with your line output converter that's what you're getting is a constant level of audio. That does not change with your volume knob. If you're going to keep everything you have without having to buy anything else, all you gotta do, jeremy is take that line output converter and connected to the speaker level outputs of your factory amplifier because those outputs will have already been told when to go up and when to go down when you're turning your volume up and down. And so the output will be variable, it will provide the right level of base or to your subwoofer amplifier when you turn the volume up and down. So it's just a matter of where you connect your line output converter that makes all the difference in the world. If you have any questions about that, jeremy call our tech support, if you got any of this stuff from us that's included as part of the deal. But uh but yeah I think that's what's going on in jeremy's 2016 dodge journey, what do you think? How did I do eric you did? Okay. Hey I have the answer. Yeah what'd you figure out? It's an suv so it does have a hatchback. I was right yes I've got one more question. If you want to hear I'll give you another chance. I don't like this game at all. I'll bet you can answer that. Well thank you. Alright just bring it on me. Let's do this Charles P from Houston says I'm completely inept with electronics in vehicles so I'm hoping you can help me before I purchase. I'm looking at the ken would K. S. C. P. S. W. Eight and since everybody out there in podcast land doesn't have item numbers memorized like eric and I do this would be a ken, wood powered subwoofer. It's a low profile subwoofer, it's got an eight inch wolf for a hunt and 50 watt amp and it's designed to fit under the seat of many cars. It's a low profile. Great sounding little powered subwoofer Charles P. Is looking at getting one of those and he wants to install it into his 2014 F. 1 50 S. T. X. He goes on to say, am I reading right that you can wire this directly into the rear door speaker wires and do I need any special equipment to do that with. So I haven't looked up this particular powered sub yet. Um but today most powered subs give you some sort of speaker level input which will enable you to tap into those rear speakers? So the answer would be yes, but I do think there's a couple interesting qualifiers that I would point out there uh just so he would know what he would get from that um if he fades his speakers, his front speakers versus his rear speakers, that's then affecting the signal that would be available to that subway for as well. So if you turn down your back speakers, that's gonna also turn down your subwoofer, so people do it this way all the time, it's a it's an easier connection sometimes than running to the dash. Um And uh you know, if if that's kind of the path of least resistance to get it done for them, then I'm all about it, you just need to know that the situation with the fade. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. That is one of the issue, you gotta be aware of connecting it to either the front or the rear speaker wires. If your ford truck has a factory subwoofer, you could tap into some of the subwoofer speaker wires, that might be even better, but if you don't uh then yeah, connecting it to the rear speaker outputs. Now, where do you do that? And with your question you're asking Charles? I'm thinking there's a there's a chance you're like a lot of people where you're thinking you you might want to make those connections at the rear door speaker location, that's not the place to do it. Uh that's gonna be one of the hardest places you can find to get to the speaker wires that go to the rear doors. The easiest place to get to those speaker wires is right behind the radio and that's where you'll find all of the speaker wire outputs in most cars as long as there's no separate amplifier or anything like that. If it's a simple system, your rear speaker outputs coming out of the back of the factory radio right there in the dash, you can tap into those with the wires that came or will come with this subwoofer. Run those cables right to the sub, plug them into the R. C. A. And you don't even need a line output converter at all because the powered subwoofer has that built in so you can just connect it just that way and to make the connections. I would recommend some little things we call pasi taps because you're tapping into the factory speaker wire which means you want those rear doors speech to continue working and playing music. You just want to sort of grab a level a little bit of audio level from those walkers. Yeah grab some signal just enough to provide the little amplifier in your powered subwoofer with some audio so it can amplify it and make base for you. And so posy tap connectors. We are going to put a lid to that in the show notes along with a bunch of other links. We're gonna have pictures of Simon's house and the stuff he's got in there, his gaming setups and all of that. We've got the link to the shop, Crutchfield outlet and save videos so you can see what scratch and dent, what outlet stock and what stuff looks like that doesn't make the grade for that. Uh bunch of stuff in the show notes on this one. We had a lot of fun making this episode both today as well as the day that we went in and talked to Simon in the warehouse. This crutchfield, the podcast is the best part of my job right now, ERic and uh it is a, it is a blast hosting this show with you. We are going to be back with another episode in a few weeks. Uh, please definitely check that out. Also, if you have questions you want uh, you want to, you want us to maybe address on the show if you would like to try to stump ERic and me, it's clearly easy to stump him. I not me not so much harder to stump me. Uh In fairness, I did not give Eric any lead time to figure out the answers. I personally spent uh, 10 minutes figuring this out earlier, helping out a customer would have dug a little deeper. We believe in not making things up here and we will get you the right didn't imply you're going to make anything up. I just, I know more answers than you. That's all. Uh, if you have questions for us, we would love to hear about them. Go to crutchfield dot com slash podcast uh for all the show notes for all the stuff in in a place for you to submit questions for us to address here on the podcast. That would be fantastic. We'll be back with another episode in a few weeks in the meantime. Tell your friends share this out to people on social media, Follow it. Subscribe to it, rate us five stars, write a review, whatever you can do to help us grow this podcast and get the word out to two more people that we are here to talk about the fun stuff, the crutchfield cells with the real employees that bought the stuff. They have it at their house and we want to hear how they like using it and all of that eric. It's been a pleasure. It's a great time. Like always. Thanks so much for listening. I'm your host JR over and out.

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