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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 30

Sony Mobile ES Series, Andover Audio, and more

In this episode:

Check out this special audio version of our live-streamed show, Crutchfield Live, which you can watch on YouTube and Facebook. J.R. talks with a bunch of our category experts about the latest car and home audio, answers viewer questions, and shares holiday shopping advice.

Some of the gear discussed in this episode includes:

Be sure to stick around until the end of the episode for helpful tech tips!

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Happy Black friday everybody. It is Crutchfield, the podcast, we're back. Eric how you doing? I'm great. Thanks for asking. I'm so glad you're here? I'm glad I'm here. Well, I'm here for this right now. I'm technically when this comes out, I'll be in New Jersey, but that's cool. Yeah, we're actually recording this on monday of Thanksgiving Week before all hell breaks loose. That's right. But there's some great black friday deals on Crutchfield dot com. I just want to start with this at the top. Let's save people some money right at the beginning of this episode. What do you think? I like? It? Just go to Crutchfield dot com. There's like black friday deals right there on the home page. If you can't find what you're looking for, go to any product category on, on the website and then click on specials And you will see what's on sale. And we even show you if it's in stock right now or not. Right, so which is a big deal right now, kind of a big deal. And you're probably, if you're shopping for anything right now, you're probably seeing that, that's a big deal. Yeah. And uh, the long and short of it is if what you want is in stock, buy it, you do have 60 days of price protection at Crutchfield. If it goes on sale after you buy it within those 60 days we got you covered. So alright, business at the top done. What? What is this episode? It is, it's a little different. We're calling this a bonus episode, we're currently hard at work on season three of Crutchfield, the podcast, which will drop in your podcast player sometime in 2020 to early 2020. We don't have dates yet, but we are interviewing some of our coolest employees right now. Like we're in the midst of doing that, finding out what they're buying, why they chose it, what music they're listening to. And we've got a ton of cool employee. Yeah, we do a lot of good people to pick from. That's for sure. So you have a lot of really cool interviews to look forward to in season three of the podcast today though, for this bonus episode. What we're going to do is we're going to repurpose some content we already created. Yeah, yeah. We have started doing some really fun stuff stuff uh, on our Crutchfield live on Youtube and on facebook and hosted by yours truly. And you have joined in on one episode, you're gonna be joining in on more so yeah. Eric and me plus various other really cool employees, talking about some really cool stuff at Crutchfield and uh, it's a live video thing where were, you know, taking questions from people that are watching and we're doing that live. We've got some, you know, we've got basically an agenda. Things we want to talk about products we want to highlight. And we have, we had a lot of fun doing it. We're going to keep doing it and we thought not everybody wants to sit and watch it on Youtube, Maybe you might just want to listen to it. There's a lot going on there and you don't have to watch it to get a lot out of it. So this, today's the one we're gonna do is the first Crutchfield live where we were on Youtube and we were really taking lots of questions from customers and we sort of started like a new format. We used to do Crutchfield lives, but they were like, just me talking for like an hour about one topic and I'm sure you loved that. I mean, I think they were some of the best live broadcasts in the history of the world, but especially with this voice come on now, right. Um, but we came up with a better way to do it and let's involve more people and more topics and more products and more viewer questions and stuff like that. And so we talked about stuff like new Sony Mobile E. S gear, including the new X 80 9500 E. S, the flow screen receiver. That is awesome. A lot of people excited about that, a wireless home theater system from enclave and overturned tables and speakers. We did some tech tips and we had lots of viewer questions, uh, some questions about phono pre empts focal versus Sony mobile es speakers and more. It was a fantastic episode. You're gonna get to hear that here in just a second. Uh, you know, as we think about season three, we would love to answer more questions on this show and there are ways you can interact with us on this show. Uh for example, you can email us questions podcast at crutchfield dot com. You can go to Crutchfield dot com slash podcast to listen to every episode we've ever done. Uh see all these supporting links and pictures and articles and stuff that's gonna go along with each episode and submit any questions or comments you might have for us right there on that page. And if you haven't already listened to season one and season two of Crutchfield the podcast, like if you're listening to this and haven't listened to that, you're doing, you're doing it, you're doing it wrong. You started the first episode. Yeah, yeah, binge it in the beginning. It is, it is one of those things, you'll hear us learn and grow and you'll hear all of the puns that eric drops in that I just miss when we're actually recording these things. I do tend to do that, don't I? Yeah, yeah, you do. Oh, and if you want to see the video for this Crutchfield live thing that we're about to give you the audio for, you can do that, just go to our youtube channel Youtube dot com slash crutchfield and look for the live videos, man, I'm so glad you came into the studio for this. Yeah. Why did you need me here. Uh thanks for joining me eric will probably be back in a few weeks with another bonus episode of some more really fun Crutchfield live content. Thank you so much for listening. So we're gonna, we're gonna get into some Sony stuff right off the top here, that's where we're gonna start, we're gonna start actually in this world talking about mobile es speakers and to do that, I'd like to bring in a special guest matt, you want to come on in here and join me. Uh matt is one of our writers. Um, so mobile e s, let's talk about that as a concept before we get into the specific product. So I gotta say, I was thrilled when I found out a few months back that Sony was relaunching the mobile es line. I mean, it's just mobile es is just sort of a legendary name in car audio. And what's great about that to me is that it's, it's signaling that more and more people are getting into sound quality um, and high end sound quality. We have plenty of good brands um, that are tailored for audiophile quality in the car, but they, they intended to be appealing to a niche audience, you know, people who are really into it, Sony is, is a household name, everybody knows who Sony is. So for Sony to get really to, to put some major focus back on high end sound quality is just a really exciting thing because for all its challenges in the car environment is actually when you get the right gear and it's a great place to listen to music. It's intimate. You can get the staging just right, you can get the height of the soundstage just right. And it's fun. It's, it's just a great place to listen. Even if you're not driving, there are times where it's nice just to sit in the car in the driveway and just wait for a song to end and maybe the next one to begin. So I have done that. Absolutely have done that. My car is one of my favorite places to listen to music. Uh, I have a mobile es story when I started in june of 1996 we did not have Sony es mobile es at that time. It launched somewhere around 1998 and I could not have been more excited. I took a radio out of my car. I'm not gonna tell you what brand I had in there before, but I took a pretty good stereo out of my car and replaced it with a Sony Cd XC 7 60 or 7 80. It's been 25 23 years, but it was, it had higher signal to noise ratio. It was more elegant. It had a two year warranty. Uh, and uh, it was better in every way. Uh, and so I have had nothing but love for the concept of Sony mobile es, that elevated standard. It's their best stuff and they, and they've really done some nice, nice job with the speakers. I got to hear these in our car. We have a listening room in the lab. Did you set those up? I helped set him up. Yeah. What did you think when you heard them? They are, they're so warm there. So accurate. Um, what's, what's cool is you can, you can sort of feel it before you even plug them in before you even listen the cones themselves, they are an Arabic fiber Mica reinforced. They feel like paper. Um, and I mean that in a good way because traditional paper cones can be very warm and very inviting. Um, and, and you know, play with just really nice accuracy, but because these are synthetic fiber and they're reinforced by Michael, you know, they're going to be very rigid and they're gonna last a long time. Um, but yeah, the, the key to these things, it really is, it's the detail that you hear and the warmth that you get from them. I mean, it's just, it's just a nice, intimate, gorgeous experience listening. Yeah. The setup we had in the car listening room, I was playing title on my phone through a receiver that wasn't even technically a high res receiver powering these speakers and I mean, I could not believe the difference it made. Uh, and they were fantastic. And I've heard lots of great speakers. These really did come to life. They're available in most of the size is right, the one you were just holding up, I believe that's the 6.5 or the six by eight. Right? The excess 6 80 es. That's correct. And uh and we've got some B roll show now some beauty shots of these speakers because they absolutely look gorgeous in addition. What about this? What about this subwoofer? This subwoofer may not look at, but it is a monster. Um Again, it's it's got the synthetic cone. It's got a honeycomb core to it. You can actually see it and that just reinforces the rigidity. Um it's got a notched surround which helps with the linear movement and to keep it nice and accurate. But what makes this extra special? Um you know, it doesn't look huge. It's not overwhelmingly heavy, but this guy handles 500 watts RMS RMS. So you can feed it some some juice. The binding posts will take up to 10 gauge speaker wire. So it's 10 gauge 10 gauge. That's that's larger than you need most of the time. But yes, it is. I mean, it feels great. They exactly. They built it for both accuracy and good solid bass reproduction and intense power. So you can, you can rattle your fillings with the, with this thing and you can enjoy the lower volumes where, you know, it just, it just brings the sound completely into focus. Absolutely. We've got some comments coming in. David Lewis says Crutchfield is the best place to order from Lifetime Tech support. And he talked to a real person. Cool, very impressive. That's great. He goes on to say you got to love Sony for from home theater to some of the best TVs and car audio. So a Sony fan is in the audience and we couldn't agree with you more. David. Absolutely, absolutely. Uh so what what do you think about this new head unit here? I gotta say I got to plug this thing in so so we are going to be featuring it in our upcoming holiday catalog. Spoiler alert. Sorry. Um, so when it arrived and I plugged it in for the first time, you know, I have seen quite a few um in dash touch screens. I have never seen one quite as beautiful as this one. I mean it's bright, it's vibrant, it's got good off axis viewing. Um They do a thing where they actually bond the L. C. D. To the touch panel so you get a better viewing angle, you don't get as much of a washout you see in some, so it's good for quick glance vision in the car which is good. Um and it is responsive. Um I joke that that it knows what button you're gonna press just before you press it on the screen. It's almost sensing your finger getting. Exactly yeah, you almost have to put no pressure on it whatsoever. And it's, it's jumping from menu to menu. So it is nimble and I love this thing, it's got a built in amp so we can drive these speakers. Of course, it's got all the pre amp outputs, you could need to drive speakers. I almost forgot I wanted to go back. We have some comments. We've already made videos on these speakers, like product spotlight videos. They live on the product pages on our website there also on Youtube where we can get comments. And we actually had some people comment and ask some questions on the Sony mobile es speakers. So let's see, We've got a question from Hussein, Moussavi. He says, Hello, thanks for your information. What kind of box and what size is for the best tuning of the sub? So the subway for itself, what kind of box? The sub? It'll do, sealed or ported on the site. We do have the recommended box volume. I think it's, it's uh, we're gonna test and see how well you remember, I'm pulling it up exactly. I want to say it's like 1.1 cubic feet for seal and 1.4 for everybody. 1.1 cubic feet for the sealed box, 1.44 cubic feet for the ported box uh, answers like that are all over our website, right? Like when you find a product you're interested in, if you go to the product page, if you look at the overview tab, you're gonna see most of the basic information about it and on the subwoofer, that's important information. And if you go to details, you will find some day details, lots and lots of specifications and write up about pretty much all of the features. It'll go into even more detail. For example, if you want to put this in a ported box, Sony probably has a specification for the diameter and the length of the ports itself, so that you can build the box. If you're looking to build a box to their specifications and they'll have a tuning frequency of the ports. So you can use your, your filters on your amp to make sure it's tuned nicely. You're subsonic filters. And so if you're building your own box really helpful. If you just want to get a box, If you go to accessories, if we have a box that's pretty close to the Sony numbers, then we will list it. Uh, and right there some sound ordinance base base bunker block, base bunker boxes, whether you're doing a single or double, we've got boxes. And again, the size itself, you know, the form factor is not overwhelming. It's not enormous. You, you get subwoofer, sometimes that'll handle, you know, five and 600 watts Rms, but you have to build a custom box to it because the baskets are huge are huge and the magnets oversized this one, they put a lot of work into making sure it's going to fit in a lot of enclosures and as you on our site, we recommend some really good options for both sealed and ported and, and, and single and dual. Why would you go sealed versus ported? Like what's the difference? You're gonna get in sound? The difference in sound, I mean, your classic answer is with sealed, you're gonna get a nice tight, hard hitting, you know, chest thumping, bass response reported. You're gonna get a little extra boom, a little extra resonance. And I mean, residents in a good way. Um, again, you could, you could dial in a ported box. So it's, it's uh, it's nice and tight also. Um, there's also a difference in efficiency. Exactly sealed box. You're gonna need an amp that really puts out some juice. Um, the, the suspension of the air pushing behind it in the sealed box really means that you, that you need some, some good power to it and a porter box, you need slightly less power because, you know, there's, there's airflow and a little less resistance to the movement of the, of the wolf. Yeah, good. Uh, a couple comments coming in. Uh, specifically, let's see here we've got, is there a person on your channel. This is from flip Kresa, which I don't know if I'm saying that right or if I just butchered it. I'm sorry, if I did flip, but or is it Phillip? There we go. Is there a series on your channel where the car audio installation is mounted. I mean, a full project using a popular vehicle model as an example, as a person who has helped create some interesting articles and does a lot of installations and vehicles. What do you think? Do we have something like that already where we've done a full install and done an article on that? We've done a few um it's been a while since we've done a full um a huge installation with multiple components. Um We did one a few years ago in a ford F 1 50 where we did it in stages and we actually measured the audio benefits at each stage. It's called R car car audio proving ground. It's great article. Um Probably worth revisiting. So now you can certainly find a wide range of vehicles that we've done installations in and done articles for. Um So if you're searching for a specific vehicle, you can certainly search for that in our in our article list. Um And for a lot of the more popular vehicles I've seen this. Uh And maybe you can tell me a vehicle to look up. I can pull it up here, but we do like a whole article on what it's like to install into that vehicle. That's something really cool. It's more than just the master sheet instructions that we put together. Uh It's more than just our research file with pictures. It's actually somebody's thought and looked through to see. All right, here's the deal with replacing the roof radio and replacing the speakers and stuff. Uh and that's something you can find if you enter your car into our website, if we've got one of those it'll pop up, you can't miss it. Exactly. And we often have customers submit their projects also in our car showroom. So yeah, that's that's that's that's awesome. We did get another question from jolly Green, please look into upgrading audio for the ford Maverick. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on one of those things. Yes, it's gonna be a huge huge seller. Um, there's massive interest you, you know about this one, I don't think, I mean, no Maverick, is there more of a bronco guy? So the Ford Maverick is gonna be their newest line of pickups, um, two wheel drive, it's got a hybrid motor, it's gonna be, they claim it's gonna get 40 miles to the gallon in town. Um, you know, four door. So yeah, and and the price tag on it, I think the entry is 19,000 for these things. They're gonna sell very well. So I really can't wait to get our hands on one of those and that might be our next full vehicle upgrade project once we can get our hands on one and research what we can do that's gonna be a popular one I would think. Yeah, absolutely. So anything we can do to understand what can be done in one of these things? I think we're gonna do so yeah, hopefully it's hopefully it's not one of those integrated dashes that are hard to say. I haven't, I haven't seen much, I haven't done a ton of research but I haven't seen much yet on what kind of entertainment package is gonna have. I'm sure it'll have a touch screen of some kind. But you know, as you mentioned earlier, even if you can't replace the stereo, we've, we've got amplifiers and speakers and subwoofers and line output converters and digital signal processors that are going to go a long way to helping get that sound back up to two standards of our customers. We have another question from facebook, Jeff asks, I have two cars, both with what I assume are doubled in, but they both look like different sizes are din sizes standardized. They are um, singled in is gonna be a two inch tall chassis doubled in is gonna be four inch tall chassis. That was long. That was way too. All right. I'm all over the place, but that is a standard size seven inches wide, two inches tall. That's your standard singled in. We've had we've seen that in cars forever. We have doubled in sort of have taken over in the last 20 years. That's four inches tall. That is a standard size that most vehicles don't technically have a doubled in opening right there, opening is actually larger than doubled and that's the key is that when we're talking about 10 sizes were just talking about the chassis, the faceplate might be larger than the chassis size itself and that's gonna vary from vehicle to vehicle. Uh, so yeah, they're standardized and uh, the way we make them fit into vehicles is with various installation kits. That's what our product, our vehicle Research Team does and we're always looking for kids to fit them into cars. Uh, if your car is older, you might only have singled in as an option. If your car is newer, you probably can do either single or double din. Uh, and so what your car has in it now from the factory might be one of those two sizes or something completely different. Uh, we have another question here, this is a good one. Do you guys remember four by tens? This is Chris on Facebook, oddly enough, we've been working on a project with some of our tech support guys and just this week on Wednesday, we were talking about oddball sizes and the four by 10 speaker size came up. I am not kidding. So yeah, we remember them very well and I think we still have a couple, We do indeed there on the screen now for the viewers at home. Uh, there's a couple cars that have these one, The one that always comes to mind for me is the Pontiac Fiero. Uh, that car, that's it. So kicker's got some K. S. Series four by 10. Those are great speakers, kicker Ks. This is a size nobody likes. Uh and if anybody's gonna make a four by 10 sound okay, it's gonna be a kicker, maybe retro sound. This one is for some classic cars. A lot of older vehicles had a four by 10 mono speaker in the center of the dash, like old Chevy pickups. And for a long time the only way to do anything with replacing the radio and replacing the speaker and get some sort of semblance of stereo was to put like 2, 3.5 where the four by 10 used to be retro sound makes a stereo input speaker so that you can actually put one full size four by 10, it's got two tweeters left and right. So you can still get stereo music, ken, wood, has you covered? Retro sound? Has some just regular four by ten's not without the stereo input. Wow. This list is long, longer than I thought it would be Memphis audio retro sounds. Got another one and then there's some speaker baffles. So there's about four or five choices. Uh And if you have a car with a four by 10. Yeah we've got you covered. Uh And uh we we still need to obviously check to see if they're gonna fit with the depth and the mounting height. We have all those measurements. So you might contact one of our advisors they can help you determine or just put it on our website and it'll show you whether or not they fit. So man this is great stuff. He actually went on to say doesn't make them anymore. My 85 Chevy citation that's the car. If I remember correctly with the sideways radio it's about a single dime size but it's like mounted vertically. Uh my 85 chevy citation to had those in the rear. And I don't mean those auto parts store speakers hanging on the shelf. L. O. L. Amen to that in this in this. No there there are real speakers as an option for you chris in the citation man the fact that that's still running and you're still driving it. That that is awesome. I really appreciate you taking the time to be here. This we got a lot of great interaction. You had some great answers. So kicking mat out we're actually gonna bring in another special guest if you've been watching our face or our our crutchfield lives on facebook. You might remember him from our last one Francis. We had him come in and join us to talk about Smart home everything there was to know about Smart home Francis was sort of able to tell us uh and I brought you back for a specific reason I wanted I want you and me to talk about this Sony head unit. This is the A. X. A. V. 9500 E. S. You weren't here when we start first had mobile. Es no I was not here. So you have no memory of it. You know, were you even born then? I might have not been born. I'm familiar with the S. Line specifically for home audio. Yeah. Yeah. So I've I've seen a lot of those there at the 1100. Yes, the blue ray player messed around with that. That was incredible. And I kind of got the idea that E. S. was about taking everything and putting it to 11 elevated standards. That's what he stands for. They do it at home. Uh they did it in car and then for a long time they didn't do it in car. Now they're doing it again. We saw the speakers and now they have a new head unit that's this guy right here. Uh it does a lot of cool stuff. I don't know if you know all the details but it's got five old pre amp outputs. It's got an eight band parametric EQ, you can tweak the crap out of the sound here. 14 band straight across the board Eq and then you can go parametric on all the channels. So the tweak ability is crazy. I think you're probably the type of person that would enjoy tweaking the sound and really fine tuning it. Yeah. And not to have to use a DSP to on the other side of it. Is it truly a money saver and end of the day and you get to do all of that control on this beautiful touch screen. It's a 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen. It looks beautiful. Uh It does L. Dac which is like a high res, bluetooth streaming if you have an L dot compatible device, I think that's Sony's format to which hi rez stuff. It's compatible with the data link maestro which is a very fancy om integration adapter to make it work with modern cars and keep all these factory features, keep it working with the stereo. So you'll get onscreen display, you'll get to be able to control your heating and air conditioning from the radio in certain cars, things like that. Without that maestro compatibility would be limited in what all you could do. Sure I did my first maestro install on my sister in law's CRV and was literally blown away. She had a base model and so I wasn't expecting much to come through but door open warnings came through. We had all the gauges that you could ever possibly imagine for anything that was literally a finger touch away. So absolutely incredible. The maestro solution is, has been very critical for a lot of the newer vehicles and retaining those features because you can't do it with everything, nope loving this, Sony, I will say just right off the bat and this was brought up earlier. It's not in stock? Not in stock yet. We have pre ordered, as many as we can possibly get from Sony. We don't even know how many that's gonna be yet, or when exactly they're gonna be here. So I know I'm hyping you guys up on something you can't buy yet and I apologize for that, but it's just too exciting not to talk about it in this in this Crutchfield live. So, so the reason I wanted you here, I wanted to sort of show off how it deals with your phone, right? Uh, this actually has, we've all seen radios for years now that have carplay and android auto. Uh, and they started off that was a wired connection. You take your phone cord, you plug it into your radio and your displays on the, on the face of your radio. The screens have gotten bigger that starts, that's looking cooler. And after a few years they made it something you could do wirelessly. Right? So you didn't even have to plug your phone in. So for short trips to the store, if your commute isn't that long, you might not want to always charge your phone while you're driving. You could go wireless carplay wireless android auto for long trips, you probably do want to plug it in just because you want to keep your phone charged. Sure, yeah, this is different. Uh, completely wireless, completely wireless. Yeah, I think the, the Apple carplay android auto thing back when they weren't wireless, we'd have that conversation with customers. You mean, I have to plug it in, you know, and it was easy to, to say, to be fair, you know, well, you're gonna want your phone to be charged anyway. But the reality is nobody really wanted to take their phone out of their pocket. I still don't know what time I get in the car. Either you're leaving it in your pocket or cars or have some cars come with and you can install wireless chargers. Right? So, plugging your phone in. Gosh, that's so three or four years ago, Right? Uh, and so you don't have to, there is a USB C plug right here on the back of the radio, all it does is charge. It does make. So, if you wanted to play music from a, like a USB memory device, like something like that, you could do that through the U. S. B. It comes with, we actually did a video on this product recently, just a couple of days ago. It's actually still in production. We're editing it. We're putting it all together. There'll be a full on video where I show you my phone connected to it with Apple carplay. In fact, I think that's what we've got going on right now. So this car play logo, uh, is, I'm gonna put this right there. I'm gonna turn it, I'm gonna turn it your way here in a minute, that's why I brought you here. But first I want to show off, this is the logo that appears my phone is paired to this radio completely wirelessly. So when I hit this, you are now looking at what's coming from my phone. This is uh this is the mapping stuff, This is kind of the home screen, you can see I can do some voice stuff to control it. This is a podcast I was listening to before we started this live. This is maps. I can go to Spotify, I can go back to the home screen, I can listen to audiobooks. Apple maps, google maps, podcasts, I can do voiced texting. So I'm not typing on my phone while I'm driving anymore. It's made me a much safer driver. Same here. Yeah. Making receive phone calls, voice control. This is this is software designed by Apple. It's uh it's carplay, it's awesome. Android has something very similar. Uh and uh you are an android person. I am, I'm one of the few. That's why you're here. We looked high and low and uh we found you uh so we're gonna demo a couple of things. Um at first off, we're gonna switch it. We're gonna do that first. I'm gonna see if this works. We did this a couple of times before we went live. Let's see if it still works smoothly here. I'm going to settings, device connection, you can have multiple phones, sort of paired up to the stereo. Very important. I mean there's so many customers that drive with their spouse, best friend etcetera, kids that want to connect their phones and go back and forth. And the ability to not have to completely disconnect everything or plug in the device as you're switching with them is incredibly convenient. Success. We are switched over. I'm now looking at your mapping software. This is I assume google maps. Yes, a little bit better. Turn it so that you can control it. So talk to us about using android auto as opposed to car because I have no experience. Yeah. Yeah sure. So so there's pretty similar to be fair, I think we were talking earlier right before we went live here and and Apple to this point has a slightly better. We'll call it home screen. There's probably a better name for um an apple name right for it. But the actual app screen here is very similar if you're an android user, this is your app drawer. So not every app for my phone is gonna be compatible just like every app on JR's phone is also not compatible with Apple carplay but the ones that are literally just show up right here. So all your music app. So I shouldn't say all the vast majority of them will work. So Spotify I personally use Cohibas for streaming in the car which is awesome and you can take advantage um for another Sony es plug of the high res support that a lot of these radios have nowadays. We can stream at better than cd quality right wirelessly through our new in dash. So extremely helpful when it comes to getting the most out of your elevated standard of music there. So I got you. Um, so nevertheless, so the big difference I think really is in google maps, this is an opinion of course, but there is a consensus that google is going to do a little bit better with their kind of Apple versus google experience with android auto. The biggest feature that I actually like that I use all the time is pinch to zoom when you're on longer trips can't quite do that. That's right. You can pinch to zoom right. It's a special feature. So on Apple you'll typically have these right here. But really the biggest thing about android auto and we talked about this a second, it's safety and convenience, the ability to tell google where I want to go um, and it just loads the most convenient and best route, depending on traffic and depending on road closures you name it. So, uh, android auto is definitely nice, the music um, kind of task bar at the bottom. This will actually change depending on what's playing and show you the actual track, super convenient, super smooth and it has gotten much better over the years when it first came out, there were definitely things that were uh, that were less than ideal to say the least. Whereas the Apple carplay experience really did start out pretty rock solid to be fair. And recently android um came out with a better version of driving mode, which is another way you can interact with your phone on an Aftermarket or factory head unit for that matter. There are plenty of customers as you know as well that still mount their phone somewhere on their dash etcetera. And driving mode kind of takes this interface and pops it on your much smaller smart screen phone. So you kind of get the same benefits that you get on a beautiful touch screen like this, you just use your phone. So that's been drastically overhauled in the last few months. There was a big update, so very exciting. But I've used android Auto now 3.5 years or so, pretty much every day. I've told a couple of these people before the uh the prep for this that you know, I'm I'm so addicted to it. Now. My drive to work is 10 minutes and I'm still popping it up, you still put it into your GPS, your google maps so that I mean that tells you if there's a traffic issue you may not have been aware of and my Dettori a give you a better route, tell you how long it's gonna take and uh and it's nice to be able to say this is exactly what time I'm gonna arrive unless I can beat it. Do you try to beat your time Always, always driving safely and of course, um but yeah, the other benefit that I don't think we talked about yet, and this is both on apple carplay and android auto, even with a great system, like L Dac that this has on Bluetooth, not every phone supports L Dac as far as Bluetooth streaming. So the reality is wireless android auto or wireless Apple carplay, you will be able to stream at a higher quality from your phone, so you will get the best out of your music listening experience using apple carplay and android auto, whereas before where you had to plug it in, most people would end up using bluetooth just to stream because they didn't have to. Now you don't have to make that decision or compromise one way or another and it's extremely nice. Easy to use solid little radio, as I mentioned earlier, we've done a video that goes into all of the features, but this huge screen, it's gonna look great on your dash, It's got multiple four way adjustments so that you can get it height correct left and right angle, all of that stuff. So you shouldn't have it block, you know, a C. Events, things like that. Uh and you can get basically like an ipad on your screen or some huge screen, I think it just looks fantastic. There has been a couple of comments coming in brian says getting this is from facebook. Getting good equipment is not hard. Finding a great installer is the hard part. Uh Yeah, great question. Um, or not really a question, but a comment I would say, yeah, don't take that lightly. Get a good installer, check their references, make sure they actually do good work. Uh, and don't cheap out on a good installer. That being said, you know, we've been around for a long time helping people do installations themselves. And if you're more, if you're willing to give it a try, if you've got a nice clean dry place to work and a basic set of tools and you talk with one of our advisors, we'll be sure to get you everything you need to complete the installation. Uh, and uh, and tech support provides that help you might need while you're actually doing the installation. So when you, before you started at Crutchfield, did you install car stereos before and during training, you installed a pretty hefty system in your car. If I remember correct. And you've done several installed since? Quite quite a few. Yeah, the lebaron, if you remember, I do remember the convertible lebaron with extra ventilation, if I remember correctly, the top wasn't wasn't working, which, yeah, I actually bought the first car stereo for my girlfriend, now wife. Um, and we installed it in her accord and I leaned on our tech support before I worked here. So it went okay. Um, I might have cut the factory harness before I called our tech support so that was not recommended, but, but yeah, I've learned a lot working inside the company and also leaning on the resources that we offer on our website. That's really the best way you can learn about this stuff is to take some time and read read reviews and look through our product info, which is your biggest resource for figuring out, especially things like the actual size of the screen compared to your vehicle. You can go out there and measure it out, make sure it's not gonna cover event etcetera. Um, so yeah, it's uh, we've had a couple successful installed since then. Good. I was kinda hoping there'd be a volume knob on it. There's no knob. But I will say these buttons are very easy to reach and touch and feel and find while you're driving. So home button here volume up down, track left and right. And this will activate your voice assistant. Yeah, so pretty easy to control. Did you want to do something here on it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And as far as the volume knobs and stuff, there are a few floating screens that we do sell that that put them kind of at the bottom, but you give up a little bit more screen to body ratio I think is what we call that. So having them up on the top is definitely cool. But um, but yeah, as far as any sort of android Auto, Apple carplay thing, you can always exit out to give back to the normal menu and just like before where apple carplay showed up now it's seen android Auto. So we did have a couple more comments, Jim Davis and David Lewis. So jim Davis first, I still have a pair of Sony es XM 2100 G reference amplifiers. So that's going back from the year 2000 that I intend to use with this new head unit. Can't wait for my pre order to arrive. So it'll have all the pre amp outputs you could possibly need to use it with that amp gym. So that's awesome. Thanks for the comment. David Lewis says uh he likes jim's comment and then he said, does it have a optical output or input? The answer is no, it does not. USB type C a backup camera input, two additional camera inputs and a bunch of preempt outputs that are analog. R C a pre amp outputs. There are no optical digital ins or outs. It's not a very common thing to have in a car stereo and not necessary. I would agree. Yeah, I mean there are some DSPs, I think J l's tweak 88 They do have R. C. A inputs and optical output. So if you still want to go into whatever processor you want to use um I know artisan is is a company that kind of still likes to use the optical input, which is, you know, no interference is kind of the argument there. Um but yeah, there's still ways to interface with optical, but it's definitely not common, not common at all. Um I'm gonna kick you out of the studio here in a second, but when you can you pick up that little crux adapter right there because I wanted to uh I wanted to show off, we talked about wireless carplay for a second. I knocked this on the floor just a minute ago. Uh if you don't have a radio that has wireless carplay, but you do have a radio that has wired carplay. Uh so maybe that's your factory radio has a USB on the dash for wired carplay, you can plug your phone in. My Subaru has that, that's how I'm doing it with my factory stereo. Maybe you have an Aftermarket Radio kenwood Pioneer, Sony can anything that has wired apple carplay, there is an adapter that looks just like this. It's the simplest thing in the world, you plug this into the U. S. B. Input on that radio that has wired carplay. Uh and there's a USB jack on the other side which you can use to plug your phone into if you want to if you wanted to charge that kind of thing, but all by itself, just plug it in and get your phone connected to this for carplay and you now have wireless carplay in a radio that didn't come with it. Uh it's a pretty sweet little adapter. We're seeing people comments are looking great on this. It's a fun little product. It doesn't do wireless android, that's why I don't want to let you leave without mentioning that it can do carplay Francis. Thank you so much for joining me today for coming back and doing another live shoot man, this is great. Absolutely. Uh we're gonna change gears a little bit. I'm gonna talk briefly about something really cool and then we're gonna bring in yet another special guest. Uh, so if you go to the Crutchfield website and type in the word enclave. E N C L E A V E like I'm doing right now on the website. The first thing you'll get is what car audio gear can you put in your Buick enclave, which is not what we're actually here to talk about. But there's a new set of products from a brand called enclave, including a 5.1 wireless home theater system that you can get for under 1100 bucks. It's the enclave, audio cinema home to uh, and how it does it, I just want to sort of briefly describe it. I'm actually gonna hit this video here. I'll let it play while I'm talking. Uh and it is wireless, it comes with this little box that plugs into your Tv using H. D. M. I. Uh it takes advantage of audio return channel or enhanced audio return channel. So whatever you're playing on your tv, the audio goes out of the H. D. M. I. Cable and into this little box that then creates this wireless network. It uses a technology called Wi S A to communicate wirelessly with your center channel, your front left and right. You're sarai around left and right and the powered subwoofer all of those speakers, all you need to do is plug them into the wall for power or into a good search protector and place them around your room and you will have wireless surround sound. So no running speakers under your carpet, under your floor through your ceilings in your walls or just having unsightly wires. So it's a pretty cool system. It's very new and there's actually two different systems. You get an upgrade on the speakers when you go and spend a little bit more but for for my money, 1100 bucks for a completely wireless home theater system. That's pretty awesome. If you spend a little bit more the speakers get a little bit fuller, a little richer. So the sound quality improves. You can also add additional speakers and subs if you want. There's some brackets and stuff. It's a pretty cool little system and uh as far as the what's new at crutchfield part of this that's pretty much that this next segment is also kind of stuff that's what's new at crutchfield and I'm gonna bring in another special guest. This guy ERic eric A or can we stay your last name? Yeah I wrote a book if you guys want to buy my book shameless plug time. I'm a fan of shameless plugs. What's your book? It's about Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. If you ever saw hoosiers, it's the it's the place they play in at the end also. Yeah. Eric and JB Sweet. Uh So we brought you in here today to talk about some new products that from, I gotta tell you they they raised eyebrows when I first saw them for sure. Um And over is the brand I'm putting on my computer now. So you can kind of see a little bit, I think we're gonna run some B roll. But you've had intimate experience with the end over products. Right? And you say it's kind of an unusual thing to look at when you look at it. It doesn't look like much else that we have in our turntable section on the website. And it was something that caused me a little bit of skepticism at first. I'm like how do you put a turntable in a box with speakers and not get feedback vibration. I mean that's what speakers do they make vibrations, how you keep that from getting back into the the turntable. Um And the first thing that made me feel a little bit better about. That was looking at the D. N. A. Of the company, it's formed by people who used to work for Bose who used to work for Cambridge, used to work for harming people who kind of know their way around audio and are very innovative thinkers. Um That made me feel better. But I said we've got to hear it, we absolutely have to hear it because we pride ourselves on that. Anyway. It used to be that what we could do is we could have the company come in and demonstrate things themselves. Uh Since Covid, we've had to do a little bit more that ourselves, we've been setting things up ourselves and just kind of putting things through their paces. And that's what you're seeing on the screen now is some footage of when you guys set them up for demo days as we like to call it. Uh And you set them up, you got some vinyl playing, you had it play for a bunch of sales advisors, a bunch of people that like yourself that right about it. What were your thoughts man? It sounded great. I was impressed. They have something they call, it's a proprietary special sauce. They call this a groove technology. And that's the thing that keeps it from feeding back. Because I've always, when my friends would ask me, hey, should I get one of these, you know these portable record players with the speakers built in? I usually say no don't do it. This is a whole different thing but like the model one, if you look at it, it's got this walnut case, it's beautiful. Uh and it's, it's really well built and obviously takes advantage of all that engineering knowledge, those people brought from those other companies. Uh and and it sounds really great. It, it Creates a 270° sound field. Actually, one of our advisors took time out of his schedule, you know, they're very busy as well as anybody, took time out to write us an email after he listened to it. So I just kinda wanted to give buddies uh experience. He's one of our international advisors. He said, I know you didn't ask for a review of the spin base, but I felt compelled to share my experience. I went in to check out the and over spin base and I have to say, I was simply amazed. I powered up the project turntable and just rolled with what was in there Rockwell. Somebody's watching me, started playing and I immediately looked up to see if there were any other speakers connected to the record player. I was in shock that such a small footprint component was delivering sound that seemed to come from two inches away on either side of the spin base instead of sounding like it was coming out of a small speaker, which is what I was expecting. The stereo imaging in the device is something that can only be believed through experience. And it was definitely an aha moment for me with audio gear. Uh and that's what we're shooting for. We want to be able to tell you when you call up. Yeah, I heard it. I can say for a fact I've heard this and it sounds great buddy. I have him on my screen here. This is him, that's his, that's his direct line. If you just want to call and talk to buddy, uh if he's working and not on the phone with another customer, he'll answer. You might leave a voice mail, you can send him a text message, but buddy has absolutely heard uh the end over speakers and turntable and such. So what all is it like? There's several different products from and over. Right. Yeah, that's, that's worth noting is that buddy was talking about the spin base, which is just a speaker system, but it's built. So the, you can again set a turntable on top and not have to worry about feedback coming through. Um I consider these a modular system, like you can pick and choose what parts of the system you want to use if you already have a turntable, you can set it on top of the spin base um and just plug into the spin base and use just the speakers there. Uh All of these things also come with stands that you can build in a modular fashion, you can start with the subwoofer on the bottom, put a stand on top with record storage and then put the spin base and your turntable on top. That also kind of defies our experience in the past. Why would you put a subwoofer at the bottom of something of your furniture again that they've used their engineering knowledge to make that work? So I was actually talking to fred our vendor rep that you know, has been trying to convince us to sell these for a while. Uh and he tells a nice story about taking these into a retail store and they're like, yeah, no, not interested. It's not possible to put a speaker under a turntable and not have that vibration caused, you know, problems. Uh and uh but they let him hook it up, that was their mistake. Uh and uh it sounded amazing and they couldn't believe how good it sounded. They thought it was a set of floor standing speakers when it was just the spin base and a sub. And so we've had similar experiences like Buddy described. Uh it's pretty and it looks gorgeous. It's really, the walnut finish is really pretty. I like that a lot. Um and the spin based like that spin system, that's what they call the entire system that comes in black or white, but the walnut is my pick for for the model one. I love that. Um we've talked a little bit about earlier about what you might make Wolfers out of. There's a million different materials, you can make a Wolf for out of what they've done with the model one is they've used aluminum and then they have an A. M. T. Tweeter which is the air motion transformer. And that's actually my favorite uh combination for listening to vinyl. Uh L. Ac uses it in some of their bookshelf speakers. So does canto. And uh it's one of those things where it's like aluminum that doesn't sound super flexible but all I know is it sounds great and the A. M. T. Tweeter is my favorite because it's very accurate and reveals a lot of detail. That's awesome. We've got a couple of comments coming in. Not necessarily about the end over but I'm gonna keep here while we answer them clumsy. Stone says a lot of stereo receivers seems to be out of stock. When can we expect new stock to arrive? God yeah we would, wouldn't we love to know. Yeah. Uh As much as you want one stereo receiver to be in stock that you can purchase, we want every single one of them to be in stock so we can just have them available for purchase that we want nothing more. Uh If you if you do a little googling or listen to some news, you might hear some things about micro trips shortages shipping supply chains. I just heard that they're going to open up the ports in L. A. 24 hour work so they can start to get stuff in off those ships. But then we need all the trucks. I mean there's a whole bunch of stuff sitting in the pacific ocean that we want in our warehouse pretty badly. And boy, it's gonna be a great day when we really start to get that stuff in more. We're all struggling with worldwide logistics. It's bigger than any of us can deal with individually. That's for sure. ErIC thank you very much. You can buy eric's book, where can they buy anywhere? Books are sold Sweet. I want to answer a question that came in, we posted a couple of days ago on our Youtube community page. Uh, and uh, paul, I hope I'm saying that right, asked the following question. I'm about to pick up my brand new santa fe plug in hybrid by the end of the month. I assume that's a Hyundai santa fe. I assume it's a brand new one, like a 2021 as it is a hybrid. The company decided to put dumbass basic speakers instead of harman. Kardon that they do on their gas models. Uh, and can you please suggest some decent speakers with good bass? I was more inclined towards JBl GTO series while I am giving thoughts to polk audio and infinity, which ones do you recommend of these three brands and should I consider kicker, I also will be installing an amp to go with it. So I would love your recommendation from Omar or OEM car knock ball. So great question. Uh, and yes, I've got answers for you. I did a little Searching. I went and looked closely into our vehicle research database to see what all would fit. Uh, and I'm gonna sort of replicate that here on the screen for you. I'm gonna go to car audio and click on what fits my car and I'm gonna put in a 2021 Hyundai santa fe. There we go. There's the santa fe hybrid and you did not go with the Harman kardon system? Apparently, maybe it was an option in the hybrid. I'm not sure either way. We know you don't have it. So I'm going here and uh, this is a very new vehicle. So our research is in, our guys have gotten in the santa fe, they've taken pictures, we've got all that, We've got measurements galore. We know exactly what will fit. Uh, there is still more to do, we want to get those pictures on the website. We want to put together a car profile, show you what all you can do. We don't have all that in place yet. But we do have the installation stuff, the, the information that we need to fill out all of that information. But what I can tell you is this based on what I know will fit your car. We've got speakers in, your front dash, in, your front doors and in your rear doors and there might be a subwoofer somewhere. But yeah I checked all the brands you want and that you mentioned will definitely fit in your car. I'm gonna use the front doors as an example. Uh And you you mentioned J. B. L. G. T. O. I think that of the four you mentioned, I think that's my first and best recommendation for you. So let's go find some JBl here and J. B. L. G. T. O. Series 6.5 will fit nicely in your front door. Is what I like about them is you clearly want some base part of the equation to get good base is power. Uh And you don't have a ton of it in your factory radio especially in a hybrid. Uh And the JBl GTO speakers are a little bit lower efficiency than most. So these G. T. 06 twenties for example I think we have some other G. T. O. S. If not just about any jbl 6.5 inch speaker. Uh We'll get the job done here and the reason I say that is because they are uh lower impedance than most speakers. Uh For example the club 6 25 sq sq is about sound quality. Uh These speakers have an impedance of three OEMs. Most car speakers are four ohms that's gonna allow your factory radio to drive them a little bit harder. Put out a little bit more power and it takes that to get good base of the other three choices. The poke the infinity and the kicker. You really can't go wrong. These are speaker specialist companies. I would also say if you want to add base, uh, and fix the base problem in a car without changing everything. You might consider just adding like a powered subwoofer, uh, an amplified subwoofer enclosure that maybe fits under your seat or in the rear of your car and provides that low end and that might be an easier way to do that. Uh, you had mentioned in your question, you are considering adding an amp, whether you go with you with an amphora powered sub with it being a hybrid vehicle, please don't go crazy on the amp. You can't add a ton of power. Uh, an amp of about 350 watts of total power or less. Probably is going to be okay with the hybrid vehicle anything more than that and you could cause technical issues. You might have problems with the battery charging system and the hybrid working the way it all the way those cars work. They can be touchy, so be careful there. We're gonna wrap this up with a few tech tips. Is the polls still going no, it's over. Poll is done. So, here's the results of the, what's new at crutchfield stuff that we just covered. What was, what has you the most excited looks like the winner was this guy right here. The Sony E. S Mobile E S X 80 9500. Es. That makes a lot of sense to me. I'm pretty excited about it as well with 37% of the vote that wins, tied for second place, the Sony Mobile es speakers. We had them up here earlier and the enclave, wireless home theater stuff both got 25% and coming in at 12% of the vote and over model in the spin deck. That doesn't have most people excited. You might be thinking you might have seen that and go, that's not possible, can't sound good, You can't put a speaker under a turntable. We thought the same thing we were wrong uh and it really, really can sound great. So maybe give that a second a second chance. But here's a couple of tech tips. So we, as part of these Crutchfield lives that we do, we want to include some tips from our tech support too department, they hear from customers all the time, doing installations and we thought they might have some information that could be beneficial. Maybe you hear it before you. It ends up being a problem for you or maybe you can prevent something. For example, we have, we've talked to several customers who have uh in the process of taking their car door apart, maybe to replace their speakers, you have to disconnect that panel where you have all those buttons that roll your windows up and down and when you disconnect that on a lot of modern cars. Well, I don't know if a lot, I don't have a number. I tell, I can tell you that sometimes on some cars there is a reprogramming step that will be necessary to to get those working again, right? Because the computer kind of controls everything in the car these days. And that's, that's part of part of that is your windows. So your computer knows the windows are down or up and when you unplug it, it loses that connection. You just need to reprogram it. Usually this is a quick process, hit a couple buttons with the key on with the key off things like that. Usually you can google it and somebody has figured it out and you can see a little quick video on how to reprogram your power window module in your car. So that's just a quick tip. Here's another one. Ground ground ground. When you are installing stuff in your car, your car, uh, the, the electrical system in your car, you need to ground stuff. Here's how that works. You've got, if you look at your battery, you've got a positive and a negative, the positive wire goes out to your fuse box uh, and sends out wires to all of the things in your car that need electricity, your windshield wipers, your stereo, your lights, your heater, your new amplifier, your sub wolf or whatever you've installed, uh, the black connection, the negative on your battery goes to the metal of your car. All of the metal of your car is connected to that negative battery terminal. And we call that gray. When you install a new amplifier, you need to get it connected to ground meaning to the metal of your car. Now you don't run a wire all the way back into the engine compartment and connected to your battery. That's not necessary. And frankly, you might even get more noise. You want to connect it to the ground back there in near your amplifier. If you're in your trunk, if you're under a seat, you want to find an existing bolt if you can, or drill a hole and put a new bolt in either way, you want to be connected to the metal of your car, bare metal, shiny metal, no paint on it. Getting good ground is really important. And our tech support folks talk to people all the time who have not gotten a good ground and so they might get inconsistent performance that they can't explain their amp might just not turn on even though they think they've done everything correct. But what they didn't do is get a good ground. Uh, so we have information about that online in our website and if you have any issues, definitely give us a call. Uh, and tech support is available if you bought anything from us. But good ground. Really, really important in car audio and with anything electrical, you're hooking up in your car. Uh last but not least I didn't even tell the video guys about this, but props to them, they've recently put out some new videos on our Youtube channel specifically about how to install backup cameras in different types of cars. These videos have only been out for a couple of weeks now. If you go to youtube dot com slash crutchfield, you're probably there right now. Uh and you can probably find those videos. So if you have any questions about installing backup cameras, hopefully we've got the answers so you can go into that job prepared. Alright. I'm seeing some last minute questions coming in. Uh did I miss photo pries? No, you didn't. We didn't talk about it, but you have a question best under $200. Uh and then Dave said do the big three. Uh so here's what I'm gonna do. I mean I do we have a prepared answer for that. We're just gonna go look and see what all do we have in the world of Fano preys. So home audio, audio components, turntables and accessories. And we're gonna go down here to the phono pre empts section. Oh, you wrote most of these, Gosh, we have the we picked the right people to put in the background of our video today. Uh So in addition to being our end over specialist, you are our phono pre amp specialist. Uh And so I'm gonna sort this list here, sort light price low to high, so phono pre amps. First off, I'll bet there's people watching. You have no idea what this is. I'm gonna explain what it is and you're gonna talk about top three. Can you do that? I don't know. We might might want to look there and let me pick. Okay. Yes, I don't have price points in my head. I don't know about me under 200 bucks. Is what is what sam online ask for? Do the Big Three is what Dave asked for but a photo preempt its job is to take the very low voltage electrical signal coming off of that tiny little needle bouncing in the groove of the record, That needle bouncing. Makes electricity by moving a coil or a magnet. Just so little electricity that it it has to be bumped up or stepped up and it needs more voltage. And that's what a phono pre amp does. It's why your home stereo has a phono input because it's different from all the other inputs. Like this isn't a problem for cd players and things like that. Uh Here let's hold it up, let's put it right out here. Uh This is a phono pre amp uh and it's an example of what we've got on the website. I'll go back to that here in a minute? Uh It's pretty simple, pretty straightforward, right on the back of it, are your connections? So it's got a set of inputs that that is the connection from your turntable to this box. Uh And the outputs take the then sort of stepped up signal, slightly amplified signal and sends it on to your existing stereo stuff, your integrated amp, your stereo receiver, your home theater system, whatever you want to get your turntable plugged into a phono pre amp. It's an important part of the process of making a record player sound good. And if you get a cheap one that doesn't do a good job, you're gonna be hurting your sound quality. And uh turntable enthusiasts have very strong opinions about Fano preempts and which ones are good, which ones are better? And uh I think that's why Dave is asking the question. Sam is asking the questions so now that we all fully understand what Fano preempts do uh best under 200 bucks is the request. So I'm going to scroll through here, if we're gonna pull the website back up the record player you're using either has a moving magnet cartridge or a moving coil cartridge. Uh and they just work ever so slightly differently. And the moving coil cartridges produce a little bit less voltage. Uh And so a phono pre amp needs to be either able to do a moving magnet or moving coil or both. And so if you want the flexibility to change your cartridge to a moving coil, you're gonna want to preempt that can, that can handle it in the future. I might, you know, by a different turntable that has a moving coil cartridge. You might, if you want to be prepared for all the eventualities, you want to get one that does both. And that if I was in, not only looks cool, but it works great as well. I think that one doesn't that yeah, that does both moving magnet and moving coil. So that's actually one of my favorites. So I'm glad that came in under 200 bucks. Just barely under $200. Yeah, we sell quite a few of those, I think those are very popular. It looks like it's in stock at the moment too. So nice. So we have now gone past 200 bucks. So what do you think is if we do the top three guys and making your top three? Yeah, you mentioned that, you mentioned the Cambridge. So yeah, I dig that. And one of the projects. Yeah, that's the one we have here. The phono box dc. Right? That's a great one and it's a pretty small, like that's a that's a nice form factor if you want to kind of hide it between your turntable and the rest of your system. Oh, you nailed it. Sam came back and said I have and I fi zen dac. So I find is a pretty cool brand. They make some interesting looking products that do things that no other product. Uh and the eye fi phono pre amp is fantastic as well. Good stuff, man, thank you for hanging out. You're gonna help me close this out. Don't go anywhere, we're gonna close this out. I think, I think that's about it. I don't see any more questions coming in from facebook. Youtube is done. Thank you so much to all of you who have been watching this entire time, asking some questions. Uh this has been a lot of fun for me and very interactive. That's kind of what we were hoping for. Welcome everybody on Youtube. Thanks for following our Youtube channel, please. Like if you haven't already subscribe turn notifications on, we will be doing these Crutchfield live videos on Youtube for the foreseeable future. We're gonna try to get onto a regular schedule, we're still working out some kinks, but that's the plan and we're very excited about it. Uh and thank you guys for sticking with us and all the way to the end. We've been doing this now for an hour and a half time flies when you are live on Youtube. Uh and talking to really fun people. So thanks to eric, thanks to Francis, thanks to matt for joining. Thanks to all the crew in the background for all the support, making all this stuff work. Uh and thanks to Alexis for feeding us comments from facebook, it's been great. I'm JR training manager here at crutchfield and we're signing off, Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful weekend.

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