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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 33

CES 2022 recap, what's new with TVs, a Klipsch visit, and more

In this episode:

It's our final bonus episode before Season 3 arrives in March. Check out this audio version of our live-streamed show, Crutchfield Live, which you can watch on YouTube and Facebook. J.R. and Eric review news from this year's Consumer Electronics Show and what technology to look for in 2022. Some of the gear discussed, like Mark Levinson's No. 5909 wireless noise-canceling headphones and Sony's Airpeak S1 quadcopter drone, are available for order or pre-order now. Plus, J.R. gets exclusive access to a virtual walkthrough of Klipsch's CES booth and finds out what's next from them. Enjoy, and we'll talk to you again in Season 3!

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Hello and welcome everybody to another bonus episode of Crutchfield, the podcast, I'm your host jay are joined in studio today, live and in person. Eric Yeah, it feels like just yesterday we did this uh, Crutchfield live event and we're turning it into a podcast. That's right now. The day we did this live show on Youtube and facebook was right after, it was like the same week as a massive snowstorm, our first, you know, snowpocalypse in Charlottesville Virginia uh, and uh eric hadn't showered. So that's why we lead in uh for some reason, I find myself wanting to talk about how bad you smell, but there it is again. Um, so the odd part is that as we record this on a friday afternoon in january, we are facing snowpocalypse number two and like the next couple of days I'm going to shower before. Good, good to Yeah, just as usual. Right? So, so we are simply here to introduce the show we already did on live Crutchfield Live on facebook and Youtube. We, we were focused this time on the Consumer electronics show which takes place in las Vegas every january, almost every, almost every january when I found out about it was in 1996 when I first started working here, I found out that there is this thing called the si es where they release new products and it sounds exciting and it's in las Vegas and I was like, cool, I think sales advisors from Crutchfield should probably go to that. And they're like, yeah, no, probably not. Um, but, and then I think you were of a similar mind. Yeah, around 2000 I heard about it for the first time. That's when I was introduced to the industry and uh had been wanting to go and cover it every since. So, you know, this was a great opportunity for us to uh follow along with all the late breaking information. We actually did this during the event, right? Like it had not totally concluded when we shot this uh, this podcast, correct? We actually had grandiose plans. We actually had plane tickets purchased hotel rooms booked. I've been going to C. E. S the past few years and I love to point that out to eric every time I get, because he has not been going to see. And I went as much this year as you did, that's right, you know, so for the first time that we got a chance to use that audio and we even surprised him with the news without really thinking about it. So I got like a video being all speechless and man, that, that usually doesn't happen, you know, the world had other plans and I think we did the right thing and it was still fun to cover. Um, and uh, and now we're going to play the video where we informed eric, he does not get to go to C. E. S. That was just me sitting looking at my screen reading an email that I knew was probably outside. Yeah, yeah, but we were all thinking about it, I think we erred on the side of caution and uh, I think it's the right thing to do for us this time. Absolutely. It turned out to be the right decision for many reasons. Uh, in addition to the obvious safety reasons we didn't go and it turned out a lot of our vendors that we would normally see there also didn't go. So there was a lot less to see at C. E. S, but there was some cool stuff announced and talked about. Absolutely. And that, that's the stuff we get into in the crunch will live, we're talking about like new announcements from Sony and LG and Samsung. Those are three of the big ones that, you know, we, we clearly uh carry here Crutchfield and uh, you know, there's plenty of juicy tidbits about uh those manufacturers along some other things as well. A lot of T. V. Tech was, seems to be like where all the headlines were for si es there was some other stuff. Samsung has a new product, don't even don't even let them don't let them, I'm not even gonna say the name of the product, you'll hear us talk about if you want to get some visuals on it, once you've listened to this, you can google what it's called, you can go to Samsung's website. It's probably not hard to find and it's, it's a pretty cool thing. We're excited, introduced breaking news, I'll give you a spoiler at the end. We picked up that product. So there's a teaser for you and a spoiler that does both. And we didn't know what was gonna happen until the event. It actually happened live. It was awesome. It was, we started the show not knowing if we were going to carry this cool new product and during the show, I received a notification to confirm what we are so pressured some powerful people into making it happen. I think it was because they had heard the live and they're like, I guess we have to carry it now. You're welcome everybody. Yes, I can't wait to get my hands on it. So we've got that stuff to talk about. We also got vlad from clips. So clips was actually there. They had abusive exclusive tour of their booth. So that's really cool. Yeah, so you get to uh hear us talk about that if you want to see it. It's in the live, go find Crutchfield Youtube dot com slash crutchfield. It's there. Uh and we also had some new Mark Levinson headphones that we actually already had and have written reviews about and were made actually available during si es So that's pretty cool. Uh yeah, a bunch of fun stuff. It was a very si es heavy episode. A lot of interaction with people watching the live. It was a lot of fun to do and I look for doing it from Las Vegas, hopefully next year, that would be the plan 2023. We are planning to be actually in Vegas again, lets book that hotel now. Oh sorry. Nonrefundable this time I guess we gotta go uh we'll figure out a way to make sure we're there next year. If not, we'll figure out what to do. That's almost, it's cool, which is what we did this year and it's what you're about to hear on this bonus episode of Crutchfield, the podcast. Uh and uh season three is coming soon. We're hard at work right now interviewing some of our coolest employees, talking about what stuff they've bought that they have and also just getting to know them as people because they're awesome. People like sales advisors named Bow, we've got dolly on the list rodell and several others veterans that have been with for a long time. Yeah, and you know, the numbers are looking pretty good that if things all continue the way they're going as far as listeners and followers of Crutchfield the podcast, I think we're gonna, we're gonna try hard and have Bill Crutchfield on to close out season three. So we have a lot of this stuff that we're working on that would be a heck of an exclamation point on a fun year. Yeah, yeah, for sure. So yeah, all that's being worked on, We will be back with season three here, probably about first or second week of March, so keep an, keep an eye on us. Follow us on your podcast player. Uh if you want to interact with us, give us any questions or comments or anything you'd like to have us read on the air. Uh we'd love to interact with you on the podcast, go to Crutchfield dot com slash podcast. You can submit stuff there or just email us at podcast at crutchfield dot com. First off, we're not gonna get super techie right? We're not gonna try to blow you away with jargon and terms and stuff that is just way deeper than anybody really setting the bar right now. I like it. Yeah, I mean if it was just me, I would sure you don't wanna, you don't wanna talk past me. I appreciate that. So if you just want to know the C. E. S. News that is actually relevant and fun and stuff like that's what we're here to talk about today. Hey, we got a comment on youtube from L. V. O. Says I'm really happy with the purchase. I did the ken would D. N. R. 1007 XR. That's a really nice car stereo on the scratch and dent which was brand new. And so basically when we say scratch and dent it's maybe probably not even scratched or dented. Like it's gotta be really type type top shape for us to sell it to a customer. Uh and you might think it's like new conditions. That's awesome. Uh, and infinity speakers, just the beginning of more future purchases. So welcome. Absolutely welcome to the fold LBO. Thanks for the comment. Really. I mean there's lots of stuff happening at C. E. S but relevant to the products we sell kind of the world of Crutchfield. The most buzz is about Sony or Sony Samsung and LG TVs TVs in general technology. So we're gonna, we're gonna start there. Where do you think we should start LG Samsung or Sony? Let's see, let's go with what your notes say. That's L. G. You said ask you questions that I knew you could answer. So I had to look it up. So hey, how about L G L G got going on LG, is there obviously one of the premier tv manufacturers big time, they've been making oled panels for a long time and that's their, that's their big, right? Like, oh, let's get wonderful reviews. You know, they have some of the richest colors out of all the TVs and a lot of the other companies are kind of, you know, they have a little bit of a target on the back, right? Because all the technologies that other companies are doing kind of pointing at those LG Oleds and saying, hey, this is how this competes with that. Right. Any time you see that in this industry, that means somebody's doing something right. And that's what he's got going on. In fact LG makes all of the old LED panels that, even other companies that when they have an old tv, it's actually an LG panel. So they know a thing or two about making an old lead and uh you know, one of the, one of the, I don't know is it Akane about an old, one of the, one of the drawbacks, one of the things that's not super great at is being really bright or performing really well in a bright room. When we talk about the L. C. D. Technology versus technology, you know that LCD LCD technology lends itself to being brighter right out of the box. Um You know, so if we were qualifying a customer for, we might talk about how much lights in the room. Right? So in the past, you know, that would help differentiate whether or not for a customer we're gonna lean towards a no lead or an L. C. D. But LG is now making brighter. Oleds, their Oleds are getting brighter. In fact any any company that makes an old lead, their own LEDs are brighter this year for several different reasons. Uh And uh and also on the flip side, LCD TVs that do have light bulbs in them right? Where which makes them brighter and better perform in a bright lit room but not always as rich on the color spectrum, they're getting better. They're getting better too with more light bulbs that are smaller mini L E. D. S. So they can actually have better contrast ratio. In other words the that clear defined line between Oleds and LCD TVs, how you just went with one or the other. It's so blurry now, see what I did there Bruce says I have a question, here's our first actual question. Eric wants to be stumped today, he wants you to try to stump him with C. E. S question. So let's see what you can do. Is it possible to add a three way splitter to the ark input of the H. D. M. I. On my Samsung tv. Uh Okay so it depends on the splitter, I think it depends on the splitter and I kind of want to know what we're trying to do because maybe this is one of those cases where you know we have an idea, we're trying to accomplish something and maybe there's another workaround as an option. Maybe we don't even need a splitter. So um so it does depend on the splitter and you're gonna wanna look to see what the splitter says it's capable of doing. Is it what level are the H. D. M. I. Connections are they to? Two point oh 2.1, the new 12.0 a more on that later. Uh And what does it pass along anything and everything it gets on, its inputs to its outputs. It will depend on the splitter and typically I would think that would raise the price of the splitter a little bit because there's a lot of digital handshaking going on and all of that has to be done just right or the devices might get confused so I can't tell you definitively yes or no on that one Bruce, but it's possible. All right, let's get into LG TVs, that's the perfect segway for that. What do you know, what do you want, what you want to start with about LG TVs this year? The big news to me is they've gotten bigger bigger. Yes. Right. It used to be if you're shopping for a tv, they kind of maxed out, you know, 77 inch was uh you know, their their biggest panel and uh you know they're introducing uh some larger sizes for us and I think that is uh that's awesome. So the Z two series uh they now have an 88 of that which is nice and big. But the G two series Also known as Gallery. How big, 97, that's a real size of TV. You should be able to purchase sometime this year. Yeah 97. Who needs a projector when you can get a tv at this guy said a little bit closer, you know, the pixel density is going to be nice on a on a tv like that, you'll be able to get pretty close to it with four K content and uh you know have all the richness of colors that you get, that you associate with an O lead, but now you can get it big. That's that's awesome, That's awesome, I want one and you can have the Sony head unit. Uh I'll get that totally even uh they're also brighter this year, Better heat dissipation so that the Oleds can get brighter uh and have better contrast ratio, not just brightness but better. And at the same time, let's talk about that real quick because one of the few knocks for Oleds over the last few years has been, you know, the concern for burnin, right? Um you know, this kind of reminds me of some of the concerns of plasma televisions in the past and uh you know, they've they've kind of addressed that, you know, we're talking about things like heat sinks uh and a lot of built in software that will allow for that really not to be a concern so much, not a concern that they've actually made smaller Oleds for this year. Right? That are really aimed at gamers. Yeah, that would be the C two series now available in a 42 inch. So one of the smallest Oleds you can get pixel density is huge, so so much more detail, you can kind of immerse yourself in it, sit right up on it and you know, take your gaming, your computer usage to another another level. All right, A couple questions are coming in here, Bruce. He has, he's the guy that had the question about the HD my splitter and audio return channel Bruce says I have one bad H. D. M. I. Input seems it won't allow connection cord and one arc input works. Uh and I'm not sure if that's referring to on a splitter or if that's on your current Samsung tv. Uh if your H. D. M. I. S are going bad uh and with all of this new tv stuff that's coming out, you might want to consider looking for one of the new guys with the newest version of it will have the most capabilities for sure. So you know this story, but I don't think we've shared it before, I was having some connectivity issues in my own home setup, was doing my HD my switching through a receiver going out to my tv and I was streaming um uh some some video and all of a sudden I'm starting to get some sync issues. My audio was cutting in and out intermittently, right? So only every like minute or so would go out for 10 15 seconds. Really annoying. Yeah and I had some really good H. D. M. I. Cables but it dawned on me that they were older. Really good HD my cables. So I ended up replacing the H. D. M. I. Cable, you know, anytime you you train someone to do troubleshooting, you kinda want to start with whatever the cheapest variable is and work back back from that, Right? So I was like, you know what, let me take my own advice here. I replaced the HD my cable that was in it and it was a very good quality HD my cable. But the issues went away and it dawned on me because they were arc related issues, right? Uh you know, if you had a 10 year old HD my cable there was a chance it wasn't gonna be, you know, H. D. M. I. 1.4 or greater to pull in that arc. So you know that's uh that holds, that holds true today. Make sure your H. T. M. I. Cables are up to the task of communicating whatever needs to go from point a your your source component to your T. V. And back and forth. Make sure they're 2.1 at bare minimum. Uh any of these days and that can handle 48 gigabits per second. Uh But it's not just the picture quality that we're talking about now, we're talking about absolute, we're talking features here right whether or not it could pass at most. That was the big thing I've noticed all of a sudden I was getting at most after replacing the cable from a source that I hadn't gotten at most from before. So Mr randi one says what's new from Sony regarding old TVs were going there will be there soon. I promise you. But I wanna since we're talking H. D. M. I. Uh the question has already come in to talk about H. D. M. I. 2.1 A will it be available via a firmware update? And uh I think the answer is probably I have seen some information saying that it may very well be if your tv or your home theater receiver your sound bar if it has 2.1 which is the current top of the line standard for H. D. M. I. 2.1 is what you need to be able to deal with. All of the next gen gaming features like auto low latency mode, four K. And 20 hertz exactly all of that stuff you want all of that to work. You want to make sure you have HDMI 2.1 we'll just now they're announcing H. D. M. I. 2.1 A the good news is it doesn't appear that it is a hardware update it could be a firmware update and the difference is so techie I mean I hesitate to even go there but all it is is it's an it's an upgrade or an enhancement to HDR or high dynamic range when you're watching a movie from netflix or from a disc or anything like that. It tells the Tv what settings to use. Right. Yeah so to me that's not as big of a jump as it was when we originally went to HD my I'm gonna say it two point oh right that was you know and well when we went from two point oh 22.4 that was huge. Now we're talking you know what four K. 120 hertz. Right? We're talking about eight K capability at that point. Um that was huge. This just seems to be kind of a minor little improvement to get, it's an improvement to HDR. So HDR is something your H. D. M. I. Cable can pass right now. But this is the addition. The thing that makes it 2.1 A is called source based tone mapping. Yeah S B T M. There's another acronym that you don't really need to remember memorize at all. Now we're talking about alphabet soup. We are, it simply makes HDR work a little bit better because it puts some of the responsibility of the information that makes HDR work on the source and less on the tv and it just changes the dynamic a little bit there. So it's a subtle enhancement. And early information says it will probably be available via a firmware update but that's not definitive yet. But that's what it seems like. We had a question about what's new with Sony Sony was next on the list so we jumped ship. Sure. Yeah. I think we think we got everything we needed to on LG right? Like we're excited but I'm pretty happy. I know you have a chart with all the features laying out but we're not we're not gonna go into, here's exactly what each feature does. Our website will do a fantastic job of that. Once we have them all in we have database them all and they're available there for preorder and hopefully someday to actually order them jumping into the Sony stuff. Mr Randi said, what's new from Sony? He also said I heard Q. D. O. Lead from Sony and Samsung, you heard? Right? Yeah, that was sneaky. Yeah. Yeah. So Sony announced a U T. O lead. Um And the funny thing is we kind of knew it was coming from Samsung and uh Sony kind of kind of beat him to it though as far as the announcement went. And they said, I see your nine PM press conference and I'll raise you by 12 hours. So yeah, Q D O lead. What is going on there? You're gonna hear that term now, you can add that to the lexicon of types of TVs, right? We have LCD TVs that are backlit by LED S. And many L E D s. We have old TVs which are a totally different style T. V. And now we have QD Oled which the Q D stands for quantum dots which is something we've seen on LCD TVs. Right? So quantum dot technology, you know, without getting really down the rabbit hole, you know, it was developed to compete with Oleds right, it was supposed to be able to be brighter but still be dark in colors and it's literally a layer of little dots Quantum bill uh that are excited by the electricity by light shining through it and they add color and vibrancy to the color. Uh So if you combine that with the, with the self illuminating pixels, Yeah, so now we've got kind of two competing technologies merged together and you know, from what we're seeing, what we're hearing um amazing off access viewing, right? Uh incredibly rich black levels. Um you know, really great color representation and uh you know, we've heard the reds and the golds, you know, they really pop off the screen better than, you know what they're saying is better than standalone Oleds And you know, really excited about that technology and not they're not just putting a layer of quantum dots in front of the same Oleds, they've been making, they are because of the quantum dots, they're able to retool each individual pixel. And what what's in there? There's, you know, the colors need to be, all of the colors we see are created from red, green and blue. And so this changes how the RGB is done in each little tiny pixel. Uh and is it a blue one that they then extract red and green from? Uh or is it is there a white led in there, said we weren't gonna get too geeky, I'm just going out there, why? We're not getting we're not going there are videos out there. if you want to go get geeky with it. Close up shots of the actual pixels. It's all out there. We're not here to go there. We are excited that it's coming again. This is the benefits of it or what has us excited the fact that our Oleds will look better in brighter rooms and uh and the fact that uh the the LCD TVs will have more many L. E. D. S on them. So I mean really just go for a great tv of either kind and you're probably okay now. Yeah exactly. Great. Cool. Did that sum up everything from Sony? No no not at all. I don't think we dropped any models so they're pretty excited and we are pretty excited about their flagship. It's the Z. Nine K. Yeah so that's their eight K. Entry right? A lot of reasons to get an A. K. T. V. Other than just being a K. Um But uh you know that's that's their top of the line tv that's a mini led. So do you wanna talk briefly about that versus Ole because it's so different. Each pixel is a liquid crystal display and then there's a panel of lightbulbs behind them. Many many many not many as an M. I. N. I. But many many many lots that's what I'm saying and on top of the line TVs that use regular sized L. E. D. S. We're talking about 100 200 somewhere in that neighborhood that many that many bulbs many L. E. D. S. There could be significantly more than that because they're smaller and they can be grouped into zones. They might be able to be controlled individually. Uh We don't know yet how how intricate the control is but suffice it to say if you only need a tiny bit of your screen to be bright and the rest of it is dark like let's say the moon in a black sky. Most of your L. E. D. Bulbs can be turned off and just the moon and you won't have that halo effect that you're gonna see on so many L. C. D. S. And so that gets significantly better. Which is the only real drawback when compared to an old tv is that uh And the fact that that is now becoming less of a problem because of these many L. E. D. S. L. C. D tv performance is getting closer to that of an old lead. Your oleds getting closer to the to that of an L. C. D. Yeah. So brightness versus richness of colors. You know, they're both leaning towards the middle. Now we're getting the benefits on both sides. So yeah it's exciting time for TVs no doubt. Yeah. So another big part of the puzzle is all of that control has to be done by a processor LG uses the, is it the alpha G. Nine. Do I have that right, Sony's processor is the cognitive processor XR there's so many actions that have to be controlled by that processor and that's kind of the the secret sauce really. Cause a lot of these companies are using similar panels if not the same panels but how they process all of that video and light and color and motion is a lot of that comes down to the processor and every company's processor continues to get better. For my money. The cognitive processor XR from Sony is about as good as it gets. 100% agreed. Yeah. Also on Sony TVs the bravia cam you wanna talk about a camera on a T. V. Why would why would I want a camera on a tv? Yeah they tried it for a little while. People were like no thanks. I don't really want that kind of coming back. We're all working from home now. We're all teleconferencing with our doctors now. Uh Web conferencing with family with work. There's so much more of that happening. And do you always want to be sitting at your work from home desk looking at your computer or your phone incredibly high resolution tv potentially sitting in your living room. Maybe you can have those uh those conferences from your the comfort of your living room now. So um yeah so that camera there's some pretty cool features that they've they've talked about for now and for down the road obviously the video conferencing now? Out of the box, video conferencing from your couch very cool. What are some future upgrades that might happen with the future? From where updates? So the sound, the combination of using the video camera to see where you're sitting position is to be able to adjust the sound to basically calibrate the sound coming from the tv um to your seating position. And one of the neat things that Sony does on many of their TVs is instead of just having some small speakers maybe behind the tv or firing down, you know, they'll actually use that whole screen um, as a radiator, if you will to be able to conduct the sound, right? So the entire screen is the sound, right? So they can now focus that based on your seating position using that camera and that's kind of neat. They can optimize the picture and the sound for wherever you're sitting and it knows where you're sitting because of the camera, right? So if you're on the left side, the right side of your couch, your recliner, it can optimize the everything for you. Or if the whole room if there's, if it's full of people, if there's no people in it, it can detect that too and it condemn the tv down a little bit. So it's not using as much power when you're, you know, in the kitchen getting some more munchies. Uh it can also turn the tv off when you're sitting too close. So if you want to make sure your kids are sitting back? Not too close, you can do that. And maybe even like gesture control, you know, like like tom cruise in that future movie. Yeah, so this is a trend we're seeing this year in CS as well. Um basically touchless control of things and I we're all aware of the world that we're living in these days and last time we have to spend touching controls that maybe are controlled by many people um that there's a benefit to that certainly. So uh so that you can, it also has a little physical way to turn it off, block this image and the microphone. So if you are concerned about it, Sony says they're not listening, they're not watching, they don't care what you're doing, it's there to help you, but if you want to make it so it's impossible for it to see you, you can do that. So there you go. Samsung, as we mentioned, also doing the Q. D. O. Led thing, we've got questions coming in. Let me stop. Let's go see what's happening here. Uh Let's see, Bruce said thanks because we talked to him about the ark inputs on his splitter. Uh M. J. Bird, m mr randi I heard Q. D. O lead from Sony and Samsung, yep, will there ever be any more flagship? S a cd players from Marantz Yamaha, or is that dead now, we do not get a ton of questions about it? That doesn't mean it's dead though, right. If vinyl has come back then I think there's still a place for S. A. C. Could super audio cd make a comeback. We've not heard anything about that happening. I'm rooting for it though. Yeah, I mean there's so many other ways to get music digitally and very high resolution formats that super audio cd is not really, there's not gonna be much demand for it anytime soon, but there are some diehard C. D. Listeners that might, right. People like to own that media, they like to be able to touch it and and collect it. And so the answer nothing we've heard of, we're not aware of that coming back at all. Are we done with Samsung TVs? Oh no, the frame. The Samsung frame. Oh yeah, that's the tv with all the art. We've recently done a video on the current Samsung frame TVs. Stop me if you've heard this one, it's gotten bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter. That's right. Also matte finish on the screen so it looks more like actual art hanging on your wall and it already had a pretty, you know that that was definitely a pronounced matte finish versus other televisions on the market. But they've leaned into that even more so even more and more art like and less video screen like and as long as you're displaying art on a digital screen like that? How cool would it be if you could display N. F. T. S. Ah Yes. Is this where you're gonna ask me what do you know what N. F. T. S. R. Eric. Well yeah because I looked it up a little while. None. Oh boy you look at that, I gotta be careful saying this next word because if it comes out wrong this might be my last live telecast. So uh fungi suitable non fungible tokens. There we go. So digital content like memes and things like that. Somebody owns those, right? Somebody took that picture originally and the rights to that picture even though it's been shared billions of time since then somebody owns the original and you can sell the original digital picture to somebody else. And that is sold in the form of a non fungible token. People that made memes years ago are making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling them as N. F. T. S. Today. Uh And now you can purchase those and display them on your Samsung frame tv. That's something that's coming. Uh And so that's kind of cool in FT support. Also the rem remote control for Samsung TVs this year was already kind of cool because you could charge the battery in your remote via solar light, light in your room, put it in a window, get some sunlight on it and keep your battery charge. So you're no longer replacing triple A. Batteries. Yes but they kind of went up that, didn't they? Now, they're going to use radio waves that are basically charge that remote control. Right? And they, I think they said that they, I thought that this would help eliminate 200 million batteries. I would assume that a lot of people are gonna have to buy that TV and use that remote for that to be the number. Right, but suffice it to say everybody that does, it will not have to put batteries in their remote for their TV. And these companies are constantly looking for ways to become greener more environmentally conscious and Samsung certainly is part of that. They, I know they use a lot of recycled materials in their packaging and uh you know, these big companies are starting to be a lot more environmentally conscious, it's good to see all right, before we jump into the next really cool thing, a couple of questions here, uh friends are looking for a Sony tv, They have a Sony from early two thousand's, should they get a 90 J or a 90 K? All right, now, your chart comes in handy. Yeah. So, so obviously when we start comparing models of TVs, um you know, everybody's use case is a little bit different, I would say, and we don't actually know what all the prices are gonna be on these TVs yet. Right, um whatever your, I would allocate more money towards a larger screen. That to me that is the biggest bang for the buck versus going incremental improvements between the different models. So um whatever the biggest is that fits your budget at that time, that's which way I would go. Um I know that's a little bit of a cop out answer, but it's the honest to God, truth. I absolutely, you know, if you have to choose between, do I get the most up to date features or do I get a bigger tv within your budget? Go bigger. You will be happier in general that being said, get the best quality biggest tv you can get because as they get bigger uh there's a lot of things that have to happen. Motion needs to look smooth colors need to look great off access viewing. So all of that gets better as you spend more, but first and for almost get a bigger tv uh and any new tv is going to be significantly better than any, even a Sony tv from the 2000, early two thousand's. So many things have changed in your content. I mean that's that's the driver behind this, you know, back in 2000. That would not have been what my message was, to be honest. And nowadays, because we have access easy access to four K content. Um now we can sit closer to a big screen without it looking bad. Um So um so yeah, go go big if you can if it fits the room, if it's not overwhelming for the room, that's where I put my money. All right. We're gonna move on into something tv ish. Right. We talked to TVs. Next thing we want to talk about is a new product. I checked with our, our buyer to see are we going to carry this new thing? And he said probably that means we haven't signed the deal yet. We don't know exactly what the cost how many we can get when we pressure. Right? I figure we're definitely talking about this because I think everybody we've mentioned this to people have mentioned it to us, the Samsung freestyle. Yeah. What do you know about it? So compact projector? Um, very portable, right? Because of its compact nature and you know, super flexible projectors in the past, you know, there's a setup involved. You got to make sure you kind of level it, you have to deal with something called keystone where you get in the shape, just right. Um, and you've got sound issues potentially. Um, and this, it's just an easy solution and uh, you know, it's going to take care of all of those things all on its own. So yeah, you're doing that cool thing where you share your screen. There we go. There we go. So yeah, this projector comes on a stand. Uh, it needs to be plugged into the wall. If only the only thing you buy is the projector portable in nature and they do sell an accessory where you can add on a battery to it. Lots of cool accessories for it on the same page. I'm looking at Samsung's website here by the way, so going right to the source, but there's the freestyle there. It is pointing at the wall uh, it will fix the image digitally for being off axis off angle, right? So you can just set it on a table pointed at the wall. It defaults to 100 inch screen, you can get that smaller to fit your space if you want and it will fix it so that it's, you know, I think that be from like 88 to 9 ft away that it's going to go to the 100 inch screen. But yeah, it's definitely uh, you know, the auto correction on it is a big, big deal. I've actually got a small portable projector I use from time to time um, use it a lot this week um, from Kodak and we sell it and it's been really handy to have. Um, and uh, you know, I do have to kind of worry about that set up a little bit, you know, and you know, getting it focused and this not only is doing the keystone effect right, it's also automatically focusing automatically focusing. So it's so rectangular, it looks great. Also it's smart, it connects to your wifi and it has like the built in streaming apps ready to go. So you don't need to like cast from your phone or from your computer to it, although you can do that, but you can just go right to netflix on the projector itself and or amazon or HBO or whatever it has built in uh and stream directly right there using the projector, so it's like a smart tv that you can carry around with, you projected on a wall and you're good to go uh there's also additional accessories for it like uh oh the sound, it actually sounds good from the people that we have seen on the internet that have heard it, we have not yet uh they say it sounds pretty good, I mean the form factor of this reminds me of a smart speaker right? Like and we've a lot of us have those in and around our house now, so in a similar form factor you can not only have a speaker um and it has Alexa built in, right? So um you know, you can use it as a smart speaker and Bigsby, don't forget about bixby um and uh you know, and that similar form factor now all of a sudden if you got something that can do some really cool party tricks um show them the uh so it's a five watt speaker that with a 360 degrees sound that is loud enough to overcome one reviewer, I said, I saw said they heard the fan that is inside the projector, keeping it cool, they could hear the fan but it was loud enough to overcome the sound of the fan, you can also connect it to bluetooth speakers so you can whatever bluetooth speakers or sound bar you might have, you can just use that instead of the built in speaker. So that's pretty cool too. But wait, there's more external battery compatible. So if you do want to literally just go out in the backyard, project the image up on the side of the house and go, you can do that. What else can you do now there? That's showing even though the projector is uh, a little off angle there, it's even correcting for that, which, which is amazing. Don't put your projector on your on your fuzzy blanket? On your fuzzy blanket. Exactly, maybe that's not ideal. Right, But if you did, it could fix it full HD with 10 80. Yeah, we're not talking four K here. You don't, don't ask for that yet, but 10 80 looks pretty great. And then um, okay, so the smart calibration get to the really cool thing I'm getting there. There's so here it is. Yeah, so that's a socket adapter which would allow you to basically hang it from a pendant light and fire straight down. Yeah, straight down, like on your kitchen counter for example, or on the floor? On the floor. Really, really cool. So, um, it's just super flexible. I've never seen a projector that has this many flexible applications and easy to set up a video I saw showed this thing mounted into a light in a kitchen, shining down onto the kitchen countertop, ideally a white kitchen countertop, right? Probably. Uh And then watching a how to make this video for like like a recipe or something like you're trying to figure out how to make the best buffalo chicken dip, you gotta rest on Youtube broadcasting right there literally on your kitchen counter where you're making it. Yeah, I want one of these two. I think that's awesome. So we've done a lot of talking about C. E. S. But we haven't seen any actual si. Es. Yeah we should we should do that. You want to see some actual si. Es. Yes. Show me some CS earlier today, just a couple hours ago. In fact, I got a window into the clips booth at C. E. S. Vlad from clips, put me on his phone and he walked around and he showed me all of the stuff that they are showing off at the clips booth. Uh He's gonna show us some stuff that I'm pretty sure we won't carry but we are still very excited and happy that it exists and some stuff we will definitely be carrying. Uh And it's just nice to see what actual si es looks like. So are we ready to queued up? Ready to go. Alright cool. This will be a few minutes. Erica and I will be here looking at your questions if you ask any questions while the video is playing. Great. I should try, I will try to answer them. Uh and otherwise we'll see you back here in just a few minutes. Let's go. Two clips. So I am here, I am virtually at C. E. S with Vlad Brzezinski from clips. Who is going to give us a tour of the clips booth, How you doing today? Vlad? I'm doing well. So let me give you a walkthrough of what we've got here. So I'm going to introduce you to the first product that a lot of folks have been clamoring over, which is our jubilee. So is what paul W clips was after, so to speak. This is the clips. Horn two point oh it's a two way system with a massive compression driver, horn and horn loaded Wolfers. So why didn't paul W clips launch this product back when he was still alive and working on it? Well, the technology wasn't there. So now we are actually taking a heritage loudspeaker and activating it with something like our And I'll show you here our heritage active crossover crossover were able to take this speaker and give you one of the most efficient loudspeakers on the planet. It's over 108 D. Be efficient and that the worker and the tweeter. So one watt is uh is able to power this thing to unparallel sound and output. So that's really the first place that we kind of stopped is we look at the fact that C. E. S. Is about innovation and new technology. And I know you're looking at a heritage loudspeaker but it's a heritage loudspeaker that was never able to come to fruition until technology advanced enough where we could build active crossovers and even things like like this inside of the horn. This phase plug is three D. Printed. That is the only way that we can manufacture that shape and designed to really get great phase alignment. And that's three D. Printing technology. Something that paul was never able to access. Yeah, but imagine what paul w clips could have done with a three D printer. Yes. I can only imagine all of the various quirky horn designs and compression driver schematics. And I mean you can take a sketch and turn it into reality. Alright, walking further through the booth. Hey, I gotta ask because people are gonna ask us the jubilee is are we gonna be seeing that this year? You think? Yes, yes, we're taking orders now. It's $35,000 retail. There's the 75th anniversary edition that we're also taking some free orders for. That's $40,000. Yes. You're seeing it this year. Production starts likely around March. So we are finalizing some production on the 75th anniversary clips, horns that people have been buying and once that production is up, we are moving straight into the jubilee? Oh man, that is fantastic news. Thanks Vlad. What's, what's up next? Well what's next? Might be something more everybody else's T is an all new reference series of loudspeakers. So this is a reference premier. This is reference and this is referenced with an all new fastener, analysts designed 90 by 90 horns, New wolfers that are steeper in angle, a little closer to reference premier and just a beautiful loudspeaker. Uh, and this is not an entry level speaker speaker by any means anymore with it comes of course the 10 and the 12 inch subwoofer. This is our dual 6.5 inch floor standard with built in at most topper. So the model line and range is very similar to what we had in the past. But all of these speakers have been refreshed and this is a major, major evolution in uh, the reference loudspeaker line obviously with a completely fastener analyst design the new 90 by 90 edge to edge horn that will give you significantly better imaging soundstage dispersion and a nicer sweet spot for for listening. So you and a couple of friends could really enjoy on the couch whether it be a movie or music and so on. Yeah, those horns look clean. Yes. Uh, so sitting next to it is a new product that we launched just last year which is the Tokyo RZ 50 receiver. I'm sure a lot of you folks would like to reach through the camera and actually just take the ones that we have here because availability is hard to come by. But I don't think I need to talk much more about it. There's plenty great reviews and it's a phenomenal audio video receiver. Hey, I just want to comment and say how thrilled we are that ANN KIO is still around thanks to you guys because Anch'IO receivers have long been one of my favorite home theater receivers and so it's just fantastic that they still get to power stuff and they're a good match for clip speakers. Thank you. Yes, we're very excited about it also obviously and with it comes a great engineering team in Japan that really knows what they're doing in this world of eight K four K 1 20 you know, all of the technology that comes along with it, I think the testament goes out to them and their ability to build firmware and software for these audio video receivers that, you know, out of the box is working flawlessly and updates automatically. Uh, and it's going to be supported for the foreseeable future. So that is awesome. Especially for anybody that already owns Ong kEO, knowing that their full alive and well and ready to support at a moment's notice. Yeah. So whether you're an Angio fan from years past and you want the newest stuff that makes sense. Or you just wanted a receiver that's going to be able to do everything you needed to do for next gen, gaming consoles, all that stuff. These things are ready to go for now and what's coming in the near future? Absolutely. So yeah, one of the products that we have out on display is an Xbox Series X. Also something that you guys probably want to reach through the screen and we'll put security at both ends because those are incredibly hard to find. And that's because four K 1 20 totally capable, totally possible with your Keogh Pioneer or Integra audio video receivers. That's fantastic. All right. Here's a fan favorite to just demonstrate what clips is capable of doing. We had to have a set of forte four's and honestly this is probably one of my favorite speakers that clips has ever made because of it's just full range capability. It's large passive driver in the rear that allows you the ultimate versatility and positioning the loudspeaker because it's not supported. You can put this thing up against the wall and it'll sound phenomenal. And with it we have the Pioneer Elite V S X L X 505. Once again very similar in inputs and outputs to the ANN KIO. So it's a 9.2 channel receiver from a power standpoint, but You'll also notice that the VSX- 505 has pre outs for all of 11.2 channels. So you're going to be using your own amplification? You can really have a massive, massive system. So you might be wondering, what's this microphone that we have position here, Does it come in the box? What is this all about? Yes, this is a mini DSP. You make one microphone, which is for somebody in the audio world. If you want to do room measurements inside of your house, spend 100 bucks or $130 by one of these microphones and you could do room measurements of your house and correct the room modes and do auto queuing. Well, this microphone is also compatible with Iraq which is included on all three of the aforementioned receivers. You can run the entire direct room correction process, which is by the way, the best room correction you could possibly yet that we are aware of and it's usable with the Pioneer, Anch'io Integra apps, it's usable directly with Iraq, but you can even on the two channel setup used Iraq to optimize for your room and that goes with, like I said, all of the Pioneer Tokyo and integral receivers were showing today, man, so really stepping up the room calibration DSP game. That's awesome. Yes, which is phenomenal because how many of us have had an experience where we listened to a speaker and we really love the way that it sounded bought, it took it home set it up and it doesn't sound anything at all like that and that's because you know, we've got live rooms nowadays, we've got hard floors, hard surfaces, ceilings, it's very difficult to get around. Um and even with just base loading in general, you put these things into a corner and they're just not going to say sound the way that you expected him to and that's an area where Deer Act could really really help out and just to be clear that mike is not included. Right? That's correct. The mic is not included. Is there a less expensive version of a microphone included? Yes, so I think that's very important is everything you need to run directly at home with this Pioneer Anch'io Integra is included in the box. If you want a professional calibrated microphone, like this mini DSP, you make one, you can get it and you can configure to your, your heart's desire. So it's really a testament to how scalable these systems are. Especially with integrating with a third party like Xerox, you're not dependent on what's just built in the A. V. R. You can really really customize your setup. And that also includes some of the other advantages of deer actions. You can pick your own target curves, you don't have to pick between two or three presets that we selected for you if you want a harm and curve. If you wanna clips curve that you build yourself, you can do that with any of the speakers that we have here and direct alright is really all of our connected audio products and this celebrates our launch of the clips connect app and its integration with a myriad of products, whether it's the T five A and C. McLaren edition, the T five gen two sport the McLaren edition fives, the cinema 1200 sound bar. All are compatible with clips, connect and expand on the functionality that you naturally have out of the box with the product and that means you can take you to your heart's desire. Um you can custom configure these products to work with wired subwoofers or um really expand functionality I guess is what I'm getting at. So control and unlocking some features. Exactly yeah. So with the fives for example, you'll be able to configure your own eq. You can do room gain compensation. So whether you have it set up in a corner or by a wall or free standing on a set of speaker stands, you can switch inputs, you can adjust volume, you can do just about everything. The speaker is capable of doing directly from your phone but with it comes some of those advanced features like equalizer support which is currently a three band tone control. But that's just getting started. We're going to continue releasing more updates and more features as time goes on to really take advantage of your investment in this case, a $1500 set of five McLaren edition or in this instance, a $1900 sound bar and a full 5.1 point four package that you can have at home worth every penny. The fives already looked gorgeous and you guys just went and made them look even better. Yes, that's what the carbon fiber cones that improve uh lower distortion and um Take the cone break up a little higher in frequency. So they're really a great fully active, low distortion speaker that has real-based performance that doesn't belong in a speaker that has a 5" cone. Yeah, if you haven't heard the fives yet, people check them out. They will, they will overperform. Outperform your expectations based when you see them and their size and what you end up hearing from them is just unbelievable. And that just speaks to the future of what clips is all about. Um paul W clips was all about efficiency and the most efficient speaker you could ever get is always going to be one that is actively powered. So actively powering a speaker bypasses the passive crossover network gives you ultimate flexibility and customize ability and we can really drive performance. That seems like physics would otherwise deny. Which is what paul W clip's products were always known for well and that's a really are little premium audio company booth this year. The show presence is quite a bit less than usual and I'm really glad I could do this with you guys. Uh thank you. Yeah, glad, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I wish I could have seen you in person but this has got to be the next best thing. So uh, I really appreciate it. Stay safe out there and man have a great time. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Welcome back everybody, thank you for sticking with us. That was a really fun time talking to Vlad and getting to see the actual clips booth whenever we actually go to C. E. S, that's always one of the things I am most looking forward to is walking around the clips booth uh, and is there some car stuff on C. E. S this year? One of the questions from Nicolas Hoffmann. Hoffmann, not a lot, no, not really. There was only one or two brand that we carry of car stereo that was even at C. E. S. Pioneer was there, we did not have a chance to hook up with them and get connected. All of the action and excitement seems to be about TVs and the freestyle and some other neat gadget E type stuff. The good news is there's definitely new products coming out from the car manufacturers this year. They just didn't have much of a representation supply chain issues making they're not even sure when stuff is coming out when the new models will be available. So there's that sort of maybe not trying to announce stuff they can't actually make, which is admirable. So good job then we've got a few things left to show you. One of which is actually here in the studio with us. These are the Mark Levinson number 59 09. They are an over ear wireless bluetooth noise canceling headphone. Uh and they are a premium headphone. I mean you can get headphones that do all of that stuff for three or 400 bucks for many other brands. This is a much nicer set of uh what I think is really nice are these, it seems like is that a memory phone maybe in there? But extremely comfortable headphones compatible with the higher resolution, bluetooth streaming that you can get on many phones, especially Androids like Apotex, Apotex adaptive and L. D. A. C. Audio streaming. So uh Jeff Miller is our headphone guru here at Crutchfield. Uh He got to spend some quality time with these headphones and if you go to this product on our website and I'm pretty sure we're putting a link to that out there so that you can get there quickly and easily. If you go to the product page, go to the overview tab and click, keep reading. You'll get to see everything that Jeff wrote about these headphones based on him spending a week with the actual headphones. These right here we drove to his house and picked them up yesterday. Uh And this part in the blue here is specifically we, what he got out of listening to those headphones, the detail. He talks about how different recordings he was bringing different things out of different, he just really goes into nobody reviews headphones like Jeff miller. Uh And it's really really nice. So definitely check that out. All the specs are here. They are extremely comfortable. They sit nice and tight on your head without pushing too hard. Uh So you know I feel like they're they're secure and at the same time uh I like the contrast stitching in them. It's got a nice machine metal feel on the outside. Very nice, very nice. Uh So really nice headphones are available for preorder right now. Uh We have an E. T. A. In the system when we have an E. T. A. Right here. It says we should have them by february 7th when we put an E. T. A. Out is because we've got some actual shipping information, we're pretty sure we're gonna get a shipment of them. How many in that shipment? We don't know. But the order, the sooner you pre order them, the earlier the better chance you have of getting one in that first shipment. So pretty excited about those. For sure. How about the new drone? Ah Yes there's a Sony drone now. So if we rewind to last year, CS they actually kind of gave us a sneak peek of a Sony drone. Um And cool you're sharing the video. Yeah that's awesome. And uh you know this is one of those cases where that sneak peek actually turned into a real product. So this is the air peak drone from Sony and uh, you know, there's definitely a buzz about it at CS this year is being showcased like that. Yeah, there you go quadcopter with a first person view camera, remote controller, two batteries and a charger. Well, let's talk about first person view. So it's got a display that gives you a first person view of it. The camera for this particular one is sold separately, Right? It wonder. And I'm just thinking out loud here is it says with FP V camera. So I kind of think that that camera comes with the drone, but it really shines when you strap a Sony alpha, full frame mirror, less camera to a gimbal, It can carry all of that that uses the email lenses. So you'd have to be able to change through multiple lenses for it. Um, you know, depending on what shooting you're doing now, this is not an entry level camera obviously. Are you making a movie? You might want a cool drone shot. This will be really Sony knows a thing or two about making movies, right? Yes, yeah, they do that. So 55 MPH, resist winds up to 44 MPH. You can fly it for 22 minutes on the battery, retractable landing gear. So you make sure you're the legs aren't gonna get in your shot at all. Uh and just, it looks really cool. Yeah, this is not your average everyday drone. This isn't something you buy for the kids and put under the tree. This is a, an amateur, This is a professional. And hence the, this note right here, contact one of our drone specialists, which we really do have several drone specialists. One of them happens to be this guy right here. That's Carlos, he flies, flies drones competitively and knows everything about drones. That's not possible. Yeah, not many people can say that they've, you know, built drones out of parts they found and he's done that. So lucky. Lucky to have him here. So, so yeah, so if you're interested in the Sony Air Peak drone announced last year in stock, that's the most exciting. Two words, I can possibly show you on our website right now. We have a couple of them in stock. Uh, we're still watching this. You have, you have the, the Insider knowledge right now, go to Crutchfield dot com and buy the Air Peak. Yeah, we're one of the few authorized online dealers for this particular product too. So excited to have it. We are about to wrap this thing up. We've got one little thing we want to share here before we close. If you have any final questions now would be the time to get them into us. Thank you to everybody. That's been watching with us this entire time. I hope you got something out of it learned a little something and that you will be a smarter shopper because of it earlier. I mentioned this, we mentioned and talked quite a bit about the Samsung freestyle. I didn't think this was gonna happen. I didn't either. I, I pinned I pinned one of our buyers earlier today and the answer was probably will carry it right literally while you were watching the clips booth tour video, that buyer sent me a note and said, I gotta read it verbatim. Don't misquote him. No, I don't want to do that. He said we will carry it. We should receive them in. I'm gonna be extra conservative here. Just to be careful. Q one meaning they're gonna be in stock probably sweeter than you might towards the end of Q one to be on the safe side. But uh, so we're gonna carry it. He must have signed the deal and ordered some freestyles. I think that was us. I think we pressured him into signing the, they said it on live. I guess we're gonna carry it. So we have to learn. You're gonna have to let me know how that Sony head unit works out in your car. Yeah. Uh, so yeah, so we're pretty excited about the freestyle. When we get it in stock. We'll database. It will tell you all about it will be on our crutchfield dot com. Keep keep an eye on crutchfield dot com and search for that. Samsung freestyle. That's when you'll know it's available for preorder from us, Bruce says this was fun. Thanks guys. That's what we're shooting for, is to have fun talking about the fun stuff that we sell. Uh and because it really is, I mean, like you always say, people don't need this stuff, they don't, I some people think they do and bless their heart. I'm glad they think that. But at the end of the day, we sell toys and uh it's fun to sell toys to folks. So Daniel says, thanks. Great show, been taking notes, Notes, fact check, fact check video that's scaring me. Uh so thank you to everybody that's been watching. Thank you to the crew here. Making this show possible. Thanks to Vlad from clips Aaron from Balaton for making that happen. Thanks to eric for hanging out with me for sitting this close to me. Yeah, no, thank you for putting up with me. Sitting this close to you. I took a shower. More reason I have my house has power and you're still doesn't huh? We're running water. That's okay. Sorry to hear that. I hope you get power back soon because we are expecting another 3 to 6 inches of snow to start falling any minute. So the fun continues here in central Virginia. Hey, and I'm gonna go ahead and speak this to into existence. I am really looking forward to helping cover si es with you next year. Oh man, It's a date. Let's do it buddy. Me too. I really hope we do get to go back to C. E. S in person. It's a lot more fun when you actually really get to see this stuff up close and personal. Plus it's it's also Vegas by the way. So there's that. Uh so once again, thanks to everybody. Thanks for everybody. That's watching everybody that sent comments and john says hearing my name on Tv was exciting. Thanks john much appreciated. Thanks as always tons of fun. That's it guys, we are out, we're gonna go home safely and hopefully his power will be back on soon for eric. I'm Jr thank you so much for watching over and out.

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