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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 37

Wendy and her upgraded Jeep Wrangler

In this episode:

J.R. and Eric are joined by Chris, Crutchfield trainer and resident Jeep pro, to discuss the ups and downs of owning a Wrangler, as well as ideas for customization. J.R. also interviews Crutchfield employee, Wendy, about her Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, all the upgrades she's made since buying it, her many off-road adventures, and the cool stuff she does with our Corporate Sales department.


J.R.'s dog, Sherzer, checks out Wendy's Wrangler, L'il Burro.


Wendy's next-level spare tire situation.


JBL's 8-channel amp/DSP combo found a perfect hiding spot.


Wendy and her husband modified her Wrangler to be an off-road beast.


Every Wrangler needs a buddy, and Li'l Burro has Steve (the 4-door Wrangler).

Some of the gear discussed in this episode includes:

Polk Audio car speakers

JBL's DSP4086 8-channel amp with digital signal processing

JBL BassPro 12 ported powered sub

Garmin's Overlander® portable navigator for off-road use

Wrangler-specific audio gear

If you'd like to find gear for your Jeep Wrangler, be sure to enter your vehicle info before shopping. And if you need a little inspiration, check out the gear Chris installed in his '06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

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Read episode transcript

Hello and welcome to Crutchfield the podcast. We are back. I am your host, JR and the training manager here at Crutchfield joined at his desk over in the call center ERic. We were an audio company. We should be able to figure out audio stuff but we know the platform in which we're able to connect with people remotely. We won't say who, but it has to do with that. And we tried to get eric in the studio today but we are also bringing in a special guest and that's where the technical difficulties happened. So eric had to leave plus he smelled bad. So I didn't want him in my office any longer than I absolutely had. I'm sorry, did I say that on the thing I did. So eric's here. There you go. It's it's chris's fault. Our special guest takes all the blame. He's so gracious and nice chris Mullins is uh the other training manager here at Crutchfield. He and I do the exact same job and in fact our daily job, our day thing that we do every single day is uh eric Chris and I are in a big huge webcam meeting with new hired sales advisors and we are training them on everything there is to know about all of the products that we sell. It's a long process. We do it three times a year. Um, but we get to see a lot of each other and usually it's via this webcam thing. So this is very much comfortable territory for us, Chris Welcome to Crutchfield the podcast. Thank you. You've actually been on Crutchfield, the podcast before you were episode number 11 in which you told us about the dream system you installed in your jeep. What's the, what's your next plan upgrade? What you gonna do next? Next upgrade? It's not really going to be an upgrade and I just need to swap out some rear speakers. Um, is that the roll bar speakers? What do you have in the roll bar now? I have infinity cap of five quarters in there. What are you thinking about replacing them with? Um well the uh, so the, the infinity cap is the, when I tighten them down, um, I think I type them down a little too much and I cracked the little ears that the screws go through and um, I started getting some rattling up there and it's something you can't really repair. So I'm gonna just replace them and go back for something with a, like a metal here instead of a plastic ear because those speakers hanging from sound pods, you know, so they're not a vertical amount like most speakers are. So I felt the need to tie them down a little more for some reason I made a little mistake, but I still wanted to be good and snug. So I'm gonna just go probably, probably with the infinity reference. Um, I think those have metal ears instead of the plastic ears. Uh, so that's, that's probably about the only thing I'm going to change. I'm really considering making the plunge for double den now that we have a dash kit for my jeep, that will accommodate a double din. I've always wanted to double din for control. So let me do one of those interruption things right there. Double double din. We kind of throw that term out there a lot, but that's a uh that's a larger dash opening to accommodate a radio. It's about four inches tall instead of two inches tall. Right? Right now you have a single din head unit, it's just like a cd player with bluetooth. Right? Yeah. Old school, it's, I mean it's the highest in single single then cd player we've sold in many years, but it's still a single den, uh limited display. You know, you gotta go through menu systems to do things that a touchscreen would allow you to do with just one touch of a button, that kind of thing. So, so you're gonna do like a double din with a touch screen so you can do like android auto and maps and calls and Spotify and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, but I'm probably gonna go a little cheap on it since it's a soft top jeep, but you know, I don't want to go with anything like super fancy and get it ripped out of there or anything, but that's those are the two things I've got kind of floating around in my head right now. I love it floating. How about a floating screen. So that's when that's when the screen sits out from the dash. Can be can be even larger than that traditional single din or double den opening right? Yeah the only thing holding me back on that are my A. C. Ducts right directly above the stereo. Yeah so they're getting they're getting better at being able to adapt with that. Some of them have the ability to kind of pivot that or to drop that screen in that location. But those are those are pretty cool. I'm starting to see some of those in jeeps now. The reason we have chris on the show today is because of jeeps that whole there's there's a jeep culture out there uh and it involves people buying and then customizing their jeeps and then tweaking their jeeps and then upgrading their jeeps and then taking their jeeps out and then breaking their jeeps and then fixing their jeeps and all the while taking pictures and sharing and then fixing their jeeps again and then loving their jeeps and all of that. And uh we have a pretty special interview today, we talked to Wendy, she works over at our warehouse and she does some pretty cool things at our distribution center which you'll hear about in this interview. But the main reason we talked to Wendy is because of uh little uh little burro, this is what she calls her jeep. Uh and she's really really into it, It's a recent development for her and her husband to be super into jeeps and we thought since neither ERic nor I are jeep owners, I mean I drive a truck. Eric what do you drive? I drive something that's trying to be a truck, it resembles a truck from some angles, I'm sorry? No it's great, it's comfortable, it gets decent gas mileage, fairly reliable. It's a Honda Ridgeline. So truck ish. Yeah and I drive a ford f 1 50. Neither of us drive jeeps chris does he drives the jeep every day. Uh And most of the time it's to the repair shop but I mean other than that, tell us chris tell us about how you like to enjoy your jeep. Well I can tell you that I don't enjoy being in the garage. Um But if you're a jeep owner at least the the generations of jeeps that I've owned um which consists of I had a CJ five which was, it was either 78 or 79. Um Those were notorious for breaking down. Um And non did fairly often. Um And then from there um uh went to a YJ which is uh square headlight jeep, you had a square headlight jeep. Isn't that taboo like aren't those like not okay with jeep owners pretty much, yep. Um Unless you still own one then you like wear it like a badge of honor, right? Pretty much. Yeah. You know it was like you know, it's either have a square headlight jeep or you don't have a jeep, you go ahead and have a jeep but then from there came the T. J. Um, which brought us back to the iconic round around headlights and mine is a, mine is an 06. that has uh, it's the original jeep unlimited so all jeep unlimited now are four doors. The original jeep unlimited was only made 0405 and 06 and it was a two door with a longer wheelbase I think it added about 11 inches of wheelbase which made it kind of popular for people had families gave just a couple of inches more leg room and that kind of thing. So um, that's where I was at the time I bought it um, and I bought it just as a daily driver go top down with kids, you know, weekend fun drives. But um, you know, as far as how I use it, it is my daily driver, it has been now for 12 years and uh, you know jeep talked about jeep culture. There are several different types of jeep owners like Wendy for instance. Uh, sounds like her and her husband are pretty hardcore off roaders. Um, you know, they lift their jeeps, put big tires on them like bars, that kind of thing. Um, my jeep is pretty much bone stock except I went up one size and tires and um changed my top out to a frameless top once my old top started to rot but my basically consists of daily driving and weekend top off forest service roads. I love getting back in the mountains on the phone. Forest service roads and just cruising around and just getting out so you don't do like rock crawling and stuff like that. You just like to get out in the woods and enjoy nature on a road that's not making like, you know, normal cars can't go there but your jeep can that kind of thing? Exactly, yeah, I mean I've had it off road um maybe three or four times in any kind of hardcore situation over 12 years. So yeah, predominantly I'm not doing that but um I can and if I've got buddies that want to go do it, we'll go do it. But for the most part I avoid it because um I mean your jeep already breaks down enough like if you start doing that when you start doing that, you know you start breaking more parts and then you got the double whammy at the garage. So uh you know, I don't I don't dig that too much. So chris did you get a chance to I don't think you have right, you haven't seen pictures of Wendy's jeep right, you listened to the interview that we're all about to listen to on this show but uh and and we want to actually have a bunch of pictures that I took of her jeep, we're gonna post as many of those as we can on crutchfield dot com slash podcast uh in this show. So you're gonna be able to see these pictures that I'm about to show chris you haven't seen these yet. Right. Alright, so let me share my screen here so that you can see what Wendy's jeep actually looks like. And if you're listening at home, hopefully you're going to this page, you can see these pictures as well. But this first one here, this is Wendy and her jeep. This is Wendy's jeep with a lot of mud on it. Yes, it does. There's two things that jump out at you. There one, it's a Rubicon which you mentioned that um and that's a, it's a package that gets you front lockers um so that you can basically lock all four wheels up on the jeep at the same time. Um and all four wheels are spinning. Where if you don't have lockers, it doesn't work that way. And then if you notice our fenders offenders are different than what you would normally see on a jeep. Those are custom tube fenders um is what they're generally called and that allows your tires to go higher. So when you flex over rocks and things like that, your tires can go up higher without hitting your fenders. So um you know, mud aside, you can just, if you know what you're looking for, you can look at that jeep and know that that that's what they do with the off road it. And then if you look right under the doors you see a uh like a really sturdy piece of metal there. Um That's the easiest part. It's not like a step bar or a nerf bar anything right? It's just extra rigidity for the frame. It's actually called a rock slider. So you if you get centered on a rock then you're not hurting the body of your jeep. You're actually protecting it and hurting the rock sliders instead. And I'm scrolling through these pictures now. It looks like her and her husband take this cheap out on the beach up in the mountains. Now that there's a good example of them climbing up on some rocks. Now you can see underneath the jeep it's a nice jeep. She's got a great setup. This is her little burrow as well as her husband's four door unlimited jeep which also looks pretty well set up. It does and you can you can see how the that illustrated defender difference that I was talking about too that when you have those side by side. Oh yeah so the the O. E. M fenders look a little bit a little bit wider, a little bit more plasticky. Yeah and see how they have a lip on them that bends down and has your marker, your side marker light on it or the tube vendors that you get a lot more room for your tires flex right on. So the main reason of course we were interested in talking to Wendy. Uh it was fun to see, I got to see her jeep in person. I took a bunch of pictures of it in our parking lot. Uh they've done some great upgrades mainly. We were interested in the sound, the audio upgrades that her and her husband have done working with our text department, some installers to get some really cool stuff installed. You're gonna hear all about that in this interview. Uh so we're gonna play the interview now and chris and eric and I are probably going to stop the interview and come back in and interrupt and explain anything additional. We have some thoughts on some things that Wendy and I were talking about when we, when I had Wendy in the studio here. Um so yeah let's get into the interview and chris and eric and I will be back. Uh you never know when we're gonna just jump in and say some stuff so we'll see you in a minute. My aunt mary had a black two door jeep and I've always wanted one and my husband told me he said the only jeep that comes in is a Rubicon. So that's where I got my Rubicon because my daughter is graduating college in december. Oh no are you an empty nester? I am and it took us four years to figure out what we were going to do without our little chrissy d congratulations becoming an empty nester is quite the accomplishment it is. Uh and so how long have you had this jeep which you call Little burrow? I have had her since august of 2020. And uh you guys you and your husband have two jeeps. Yes. Uh what's the other one's name? Would they have names? Right. Yes. So Pepe, my little burrow is the two door black Rubicon and steve Samuel is the four, yes, the four door 2008 Rubicon. And I'm almost embarrassed to say I didn't recognize the movie reference to the names but if you could share with our audience because they're great. It's a great movie reference. Okay so um romancing the stone is Pepe my little burrow and steve. The mule is from Waterboy. Nice. Those are two great movie romancing The stone dates us both. Yes it does. People are like what? Who's that? What? Uh but that that was a fantastic movie. Um So uh so you got the jeep in about a year ago. Did it have a bunch of aftermarket stuff installed? Already know it was completely stocked completely stocked. Yes, so october of 2020. My husband and I took vacation and put a 3.5 inch lift on it vendors bumpers, 35 tires and the light bars, the rock lights, everything. We did it in a week. We actually borrowed shop scissor lift um and did it right in the carport out of our house. Yeah. How long did it take to put all the the off road gear, the lights and all that stuff? We started saturday night and we were done by Tuesday and we were just tuning in the steering Wednesday and thursday we actually had steel wheels on it and come to find out the steel wheels were egg shaped and we ended up getting a Lloyd pro comp wheels egg shaped. Yes, like that sounds not good. It's not good. We actually put it on the tire balancer and chalked it and you could see where the chuck wasn't hitting as it spun on the tire balance. Yes. Did how does that even happen? Like did they, did they, did they abuse the thing? It was well this is this cheaper rescue, did you do this? We actually buy the steel wheels and they came from the company that we used a manufacturing defect. It was so they guaranteed it and we applied that to the alloy wheels that's on her nails. Got the wheels. You really wanted those wheels look great. Thank you. Yeah, so Wendy's jeep is a pretty new jeep. Her husband's jeep steve is also a new jeep and these jeeps today aren't like older jeeps, right? They have all the new stuff in them, they go, got the fancy radios and that you connect your gonna Wendy's a big fan of being able to talk on the phone with the you connect. Uh So that's why she kept her factory radio but you can you can get jeeps with touchscreens and GPS and all of that from the factory and obviously you can upgrade your jeep with those types of things which is what you're gonna do soon in yours. Yeah and I mean the new jeeps have virtually the same interior as a jeep. Grand Cherokee. So I mean you're talking sophisticated electronics, pretty luxurious inside for jeep honestly yeah luxury is not something you used to associate with the jeep but it is now. And is it true that some people take the spare tire off their jeep and then go driving around without a spare tire. Seems like a bad idea. Are you one of those people? I am indeed. And why would you do such a thing? Well for me personally it was it was a few things so when I replaced the top on the jeep, if you're familiar with the term fast back it looks like a fast back top and the spare tire being vertical and then back to the top being slanted. I just didn't really love the look of it. It just there was a lot of space between the spare tire and the top so it kind of made the spare tire stick out like a sore thumb sort of and to be fair jr chris doesn't really need a spare tire when the chips in the shop, right? Because your mechanics right there, you can just change it, you can fix it, plug it, put it right back on it. Is he who keeps your spare tire? Does he hang onto it for you? I hear you, I got it, keep them coming, you can throw him back if you want to make fun of his red line please, by all means, if I felt the need that I had to, I would yeah, I mean it says enough that he drives a red line. I get you. I feel you think it does a pretty good job of making fun of itself all on its own. So nice, you know, and I don't have a thing against jeeps. I think jeeps can be pretty cool. It's just your jeep, that's all I know. Um, so yeah, it made it look a little less boxy. Um, it didn't, it matched taking it off, made the top look a little bit better and then just wear and tear on the tailgate, you know, I do everything I can to try to preserve my jeep and uh, you know, I just, I felt like any time now it was going to start getting some slop in those hinges so I wanted to preserve that. So, um, I carry a tire kit in the jeep so that I can repair a tire on the side of the road. Um, and if I were going to do any kind of hardcore off roading, then uh, you know, I'd throw the spare tire in the back of the jeep and take it with me. But it is a thing it's called spare tire delete and you can buy kits. Mine's got a plate that dresses up the back, makes it look real nice. I put in a little custom led strips and then I kept my third brake light legal. Um, so yeah, it's pretty clean. One of the pictures we have of Wendy's jeep shows, uh, the spare tire on the back of hers. And not only did she keep it, but it looks every bit as off road capable as the other tires. So she had to buy five if you see the picture, she's got lights in there. I mean she's got a pretty sweet rim on it. Uh, I mean that's a pretty cool looking spare. There's no cover or anything on it. It's just out there for all to see, but her jeep does not look like yours doesn't have that fast back thing. So I mean, I think if it was me, I'd keep the spare tire on there just for safety, but also you can make it look pretty cool. Yeah, and it's blasphemy to replace four tires with big mud tires and leave the factory spare on there just so you know, so there are no donuts donut tires in the jeep world. You you when you buy tires you buy five. Yeah. So how long have you had this audio system installed? So I had the audio system installed. It was about two months ago. Okay, so this is fresh. Yes but we got the speakers within three days of us owning the jeep. And did you put him in right away? We did. So you did, so you did this upgrade in stages. Yes. Uh and so you replace the factory speakers and they're in the with the knee panel and the sound bar. Uh and you replaced those with polk speakers. Yes the poke DB 6 52. Yeah those are great speakers and their marine grade because we take the top off and we get dirty. Yeah, for I know for the sales advisors at Crutchfield we tend to recommend poke D. Cbs for lots of jeeps for that reason because they are marine certified. They are the most durable like made for car speakers. You could even put them on a boat right there because their marine rated but we think they look more like jeep speakers than boat speakers to me. Uh, and so tell me about how the sound upgraded when you kept the factory radio kept it all stock and just replace the speakers. What was the difference you heard? I heard a better mid range um, the mid range was more full, crystal clear is just amazing. Um, and then I was told I could have more if you look through the customer reviews on like poke D. B. 6.5 inch speakers which are marine rated and our perfect speakers for a jeep. There's a ton of customer reviews where they talk about putting them in their jeep, there's pictures of them in their jeep, customers are uploading pictures to their reviews, that's a big deal. And those are go to speakers for jeeps for a reason. Absolutely. And I surfed the message boards quite a bit and uh that reigns true on the message boards to the DB speakers are by far the most popular speakers that people and the message boards by. Yeah that's one thing we like to do in training classes in install stuff in people's vehicles and we often install it in the trainees vehicles themselves. But if we don't have enough of that or if we're looking for more uh then we'll put the call out to other employees hey who's got stuff they want to install. And so yours just seems like the like the perfect match and good timing. So so you went from factory to four new speakers, was it still the factory tweeters in those little, what do they call those dash pods? What's the jeep term for headstones which makes sense. They look like tiny little headstones hanging out on the top of your dash? Uh And so did chris baker uh did he just plan out what he was going to do or did he work with you on that? Did you have some input? How did that work? He changed out the tweeters with the pioneers and then he put in the JBL DSP amp and he tuned it phenomenally. Yeah. So this amp that you guys put in there or they put in there for you is the J. B L. D S P 40 86. So it's an eight channel amplifier with a DSP, which means chris while part of the install was probably hooking up a computer to it right and fine tuning the sound for those speakers in that vehicle. Any idea how long they spent tuning it up for you? They had her for six days, six days, wow. What you drive in the meantime? I nice. You have to have a backup jeep. I love it. Are you 100% jeep? Oh my gosh, We have the grill on the tattoo of excellence. Uh, and so after six days you get it back and you get in the jeep and you listen to music for the first time to talk to me about what that felt like. It felt like I was almost in live concert, the clarity in the balance and the base and the mid range speakers and the tweeters, they just blended perfectly. It was, it was an experience that I really can't explain. It was just amazing the sound quality. Have you done stereo upgrades in previous vehicles? Have not, So this is the first time you've even tackled this or thought about doing this. So I think folks that have jeeps are kind of used to overcoming certain jeep problems. Maybe it's a jeep thing, maybe it's jeep problems that are specific to jeeps. I think one of those things uh that we help people address is the audio, right? Like the, the audio and a jeep in that environment, it's kind of unique. It's not like most cars, um, more susceptible to wind noise. The environment can be a little bit harsher. Um, you know, depending on how you're treating your jeep, you might need it a little bit more rugged. Um and she's chose to address that with the DSP chris, I know, you know, a thing or two about DSPs, uh tell us why that might be a good solution for uh, for for a cheap person. Um not only is it a good solution, um, I think it's actually a necessary solution in most cases and you hit on a couple of things there, wind noise. Um, you know, if you have a soft top jeep, the newer ones are much quieter, but they're still soft tops and uh, you know, you get on the highway and they make a lot of noise and noise is what we're trying to overcome a lot of times with DSPS or not necessarily overcome, but almost mask um by, you know, adjusting that DSP so that you accentuate frequencies that are getting drowned out by noise. So the noise and the jeep the top is number one. Um If you look at the pictures of Wendy's jeep especially um you know she has uh she has mud terrain tires on it. So you got three types of tires basically, you got highway tires, all terrain and mud terrain. And you know highway tires are meant to be super quiet and mud tires are meant to climb rocks and in order to do that they have to have some tread on them And that that trend makes noise on the highway. Um So you get a roar as you go down the road. Um That roar is gonna basically mask a lot of your bass frequencies. Um So you know that's a big reason why you'd want a DSP. It's all about um overcoming the the shortcomings of the jeeps uh audio environment. I mean it's really the worst audio environment that you could possibly come up with. And let's you're going on like an A. T. V. Or something like that where you're, yeah it's the it's the opposite of Alexis right where they have done such a nice job of sealing off all of the sounds of the outside world so that you just live in a little Lexus cocoon where it's not hard to create some pretty audiophile level quality audio but in a jeep significantly like the audio is not necessarily the focus of a jeep. You can make a jeep sound great but it's it's harder to do than in Alexis. Yeah, and then last but certainly not least this is speaker placement. Um you know jeeps because the doors are removable, you don't have door speakers and jeeps. Um and the dashboards because they're pretty compact vehicle, the dashboards are um usually pretty shallow. Um So it limits where you can actually put speakers in one. So it's been a common trend that um jeeps have had speakers that face your knees since pretty much the dawn of time and we always make jokes and training about uh look down at your knees and see if you have ears on them. Um you certainly don't, so you got to overcome that and not only are they in a bad location, they're typically angled down towards the floor to and odd sizes if I think some of the newer ones are using more traditional sizes but good old four by six is not a common size speaker but it isn't a jeep. Yeah, it has been for years and I know that the square headlight Gps, four by sixes. Mine came factory equipped with four by sixes. Um So yeah, you're right odd sizes, the speaker placement. Um The sound bar contrary to popular belief, the sound bar in my opinion is the absolute worst place for speakers and Gps used it for years and years and years and a lot of customers um have the misconception that those are the speakers that they should be concerned with and upgrade the most, but um you know, always also tell trainees when we're talking about rear speakers and you know how people have used rear speakers in the past and always ask them if you go to a live music venue, you know, concert of any kind, do you face the stage or do you turn your back to it? And the jeep is the best example of that because the speakers are closer to your ears than pretty much any vehicle that I can ever remember. Besides maybe a Pontiac, what was the whole thing? The Fiero or maybe like a Yeah Fiero which has them up in the rear corners right behind your seat or like a Mazda Miata with speakers in your head rest, right, Those are two exceptions to the rule. Typically your back speakers are not literally right next to your ears exactly, but in this case they are and you need um, a DSP or a head unit with time alignment or something like that so that you can get your front speakers to truly be the stars of the show. Um, I mean of course you can use fader but that doesn't work nearly as well as time alone when you replace those polk speakers, it's kind of like you caught the bug, which is once you catch it like you, it's, I gotta warn you you're never done, you never fix it, you never solve it, you never there there could could always sound just a little bit better. It is so true. Um I got the credit from for the veterans day so I got yes thank you for your service by the way. That's awesome. So I got a credit and um was I got speakers for steve and those were the D. B. M. M. 10 72 I believe. And I also got a JBl Bass Pro 12 so that I can get my power Rockford boss kate subwoofer back from my husband's cheap. Is it is it constantly uh wheeling and dealing and get the best system? It's amazing because our shed is full of sound speakers and subs because we started out with sound ordinance. And then we upgraded to the Rockford fosse kate. And then I saw the Bass Pro 12 and I was like well let's get this too so I can have my Rockford back. So the Bass Pro 12 is currently in steve. Yes. Uh let's see here Bass Pro 12 trying to remind my oh yeah okay so we're talking about a JBl like pre made box ported box 12 inch sub amplifier built in that and the sub you have in Pepe now is like is that the sub from like the factory sub from the other jeep. It is it's the factory sub from the 2008 Rubicon got it. So because you were able to make it fit in the back there and incorporate that into the JBL DSP AMP. Um, but this would be like significantly more based and what's the first song you're going to play when you put that sub in the jeep, like what's your go to? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Is that from the movie? Yeah. You know, they just, I think they're doing, they do have a broadway version of that. Like they're doing Mulan rouge on broadway. I think they were doing it before the pandemic. I think it's coming back and there's a whole new flurry of songs and mash ups and stuff. Like it's some fun stuff. I highly recommend checking that out on Spotify if you can't. There's really good stuff there. What was the song you were playing for me just a few minutes ago before we came in here to record, it was called Fallen, but I didn't recognize who it was by. It was a great demo song because because there was so much going on strong female vocals, a lot of base, a lot of sound like it was, it's a great demo have Fallen by Alicia Keys. Alicia keys. Yeah, she's fantastic. One of my favorite. Yeah, like, like that's a good like driving to work and get you pepped up for the day sort of a song. Yeah, so, um, I have a feeling based on the pictures I've seen on your facebook that you guys aren't just like casual jeep owners clearly based on the upgrades you guys have done, but you're also not just, I mean these are very off road, capable looking jeeps. They are, are you actually taking them off road and doing some fun stuff with, Oh yes, Little burro is no pavement princess. She, we have taken her up flagpole over in Dayton Virginia. We take her bald mountain pizza mill the spring. We want to go to Potts mountain and um, eventually we want to go down to Ocala florida because there's jeep badge trails and we'd eventually like to put her on a train and go out west to some of the Rubicon trail and out west to her namesake. Yes, you mentioned Ocala. Yes, So I've been to a column. My girlfriend is in the horse business. Uh, and there's a humongous horse scene going on definitely. I didn't know there was also a big jeep seen. Well it's not like mountains, but it is jungle ish. It could be swampy down there. So I have actually, um, armor that I put on little burrow, so she doesn't get scratched up. Yeah, no, the paint job looks beautiful. Uh, and uh, so uh, so yeah, and you even have some pictures with some good mud splattered up on the sides and stuff? Are you like an off Roader from before or is this your first time taking vehicles, you know off someone from southern Virginia and we go four wheeling everywhere. And so I grew up my first four wheeler, I was 12 years old and we get dirty but this is the first for the vehicle. And my husband even said this is the most fun vehicle we have ever had in our lives. Because the last car that we had, we've always been Camaro people and we had a 1969 Camaro that's hopped up and we had the 2012 Camaro, the super sport and we've always had fast cars but we had nothing, you know, go off road and get dirty with. So we're both completely stoked about trailing. So you're familiar with the concept of going out in the woods, just not in a street legal vehicle and now I have a have a pickup truck so I can, I've been off road a little bit. It's nothing like a jeep. But what's nice about it is when you are on the road and maybe your are you always looking for like if you get like stuck in traffic and you're like looking at that median going, I mean I can get through that median pretty easily just always, especially even going to cbs and holly me. Like I don't need to do a U turn. I can go right across this median right here. How long have you been at crutchfield? I've been at crutchfield since 2015? Uh and at the warehouse the whole time. I started out in receiving. I was there for about 2.5 years and then I transferred to the off the front office um administrative assistant and I still do that but I'm also the product customization. Um I used the UV printer. I'm the person that prints all the corporate logos on some of our electronics. Wait what? Yes tell me more about that. Okay so the logos on our, I still don't know what you're talking about. Okay so we have a UV printer. Okay. Ultraviolet yes I know what that is but I don't know what we do with it. Okay so um flip five the jbl flip five. Yes jbl clip threes and the clip fours now. Um I've printed on the jbl xtreme three the charge four's um and it's all corporate orders and they send me their file with their logo on it and I print on the product for them. Got it. I knew I remember hearing that we were gonna do that. I didn't realize we had such capabilities of doing that. It didn't start off with some headphones or something. It did um we started off with a pad printer which it actually picks the ink up and places it on the unit and then we transition to the UV printer which is all it's almost just like a regular ink printer and it uses the U. V. Light to seal the deal so to speak to cure the ink instantly where the pad printer took 7 to 8 days to just cure it. But um it is rocking and rolling. We've been doing this for two years now right before the pandemic as when I got trained on the UV printer and we got it set up. And have you had some pretty massive orders like like big orders for lots of things that need the UV printer? Yes. Um I just finished up to print jobs one was 140 one units of the clip fours and I had a job for 14 units of the so knows Rome and then I've done 100 and 48 units of the saunas Rome. That's that's a fun job I didn't know existed and that's amazing. How long does it take to do like 17 minutes seven minutes. And so it's just sort of just you know we have like the airpods. I can actually fit 85 units on the table and we can print 85 at one time which it takes more than seven. That takes more than seven. Yes but you can set it and forget it for a little while and let it do its thing come back and put another 85 on the table. Exactly. Oh man that's so cool. So corporate companies if you're looking for cool products with your logo on it we can make that happen. I didn't know I mean we have a whole corporate sales division and they're doing some pretty cool things up there back to your jeep for a second. Back to Pepe. You kept the factory radio. Yes. Why did you do that? I love my, you connect the, that's the stock system for like bluetooth and your phone and streaming music and hands free calls and all that stuff. Right? Yes. Um, I really want the Alpine. I think it's the J. K. 409. Yeah I. L. X. 409 I think. Yeah. That's a that's a recent development that radio. That's that's huge. That's the it's got the floating touchscreen like nine inch screen if I'm not mistaken. Yes, I'm saving up for it. Uh LX 409 digital multimedia receiver. Nine inch touchscreen fits in the double din opening. So that'll fit right in the factory location and then have a like an ipad basically. And it's amazing because I've read up a little bit on it. You can actually hook all your accessories, like my winch, my light bars, my rock lights. You can plug that in up to eight accessories I believe. And you can actually have a split screen where one half of the screen is showing your Spotify and one half is showing your Gps for your trails. That's pretty tight. Isn't that cool? Yeah. And you have to have a big screen to be able to really look good and be usable, especially when you're bouncing around on the rocks. Hey, so Wendy talked about, you know, keeping her factory radio, you've talked about you've already replaced it once, maybe twice and you're planning on upgrading that in the future. Um There are some jeep specific radios out there. Alpine makes some Stinger. There's some other companies uh clearly there's a market for radios that fit and integrate nicely into a jeep and offer all of the modern conveniences of new stereos without you having to pay the price of what you might pay at the dealer to get it factory installed right. Uh Can you, do you have any thoughts on those jeep specific radios depending on which ones you buy? Number one you can get, there's at least one Alpine that is waterproof. Um The factory radio I don't believe is completely waterproof. Um and then in addition to that if you're a hardcore off Roader um there are a few radios that when you hook it up to your O. B. D. Two port, then you can get pitch and roll uh data on your screen as you off road. So that will help you with your approach angles and you know, things like that so that you can off road more safely. Um and have all that information at hand. Um So that would be a huge benefit to a jeep specific radio because jeep, those are made specifically for jeeps. Um The other thing is you can get larger screens with these jeeps specific radios because they manufacture the kit and the manufacturer kit around the radio and the jeep. And obviously that won't because it's made specifically for it. There's no issue with any kind of events. You know, it looks like it was, it was basically from the factory. Yeah. And they, you know, most of them will come with literally everything you need to put them in and they are much, much easier to install than a conventional radio because the harness, the harnesses slugs right in, it's all ready to go. So you know, and you know, frankly they just look awesome. I mean look at those radios installed in those jeeps that they look fantastic, yep Stinger has a 10 inch screen jeep package that's specifically for 2011 to 2018 JK models. Uh and Alpine has some that are not quite that big of a screen but also made for some J. K. Jeeps. Uh 2007 is 2017, things like that. But yeah, those are custom fit, you know doubled in or even larger screens with made for jeeps. Yeah, I'd love that. They integrate with the factory rear view camera um, you know, right out of the box and made specifically to work with that. There are some cases where you know that factory Cameron's them having to be replaced, which is problematic in a jeep. And here's why because the license plate, which is where most people mount their backup camera. The license plate is offset to the driver's side. So you don't get a center view if you replace it with a generic or off brand, um, back up camera. Now they do make solutions that you can mount in the spare tire. Um, so you know, there good solutions out there, but they're, they're just more limited. Like eric said, um, if you can keep the factory camera, then that's always going to be a better way to go on these jeeps. We're saving up for the garment. Is it off road sort of garment? Yes. Let's see. Let's see if searching for garment, off road brings it up over lander. That's the one the garment over lander. Yes, there you go. Because we track all of our trail miles. Nice. What are you tracking them with now? So, um, I got word that there was a gps at our employee store that it's, it's really not current, but it has, I don't know, 500 trails. So we just use that and we record the trails and we put in the name of the trails and I think we're over 200 miles of trails. That's a lot of off road miles. Yes, we, we get, we get to jonesing for trails if we don't go at least twice a month. Oh, no kidding. So you guys are out there a lot. Yes, we do. Uh, and the garment over lander. That's nice too. That's a seven inch touchscreen all on itself. Uh, portable battery powered. Let's see topographic base maps and road maps for North America. Yeah, It sounds like you could pretty much go anywhere and this thing will not only know where you are located, but actually be able to show you a map and maybe how to get out of there. It's true. We've, we've had to use the GPS that we have now to get out of some sticky situation. You've gotten yourself lost. Well, we, we started out on, we just, we started out on the Blue Ridge and we wanted to, we found a trail and it was called um, Hall Spring Road. And we left 33 got on this trail and then it narrowed and there was about 600 ft drop on my side for 7.5 miles. So we actually rode the side of the mountain for 7.5 miles and it was about the size of a horse trail. So there was, it was, it was so small. It was straight down on my side for the entire ride and we ended up in West Virginia back on 33. And this was ours. We were so glad we had the light bar because by the time we got almost to the end, it was pitch dark outside, wow! That was an experience. Uh, and one of those experiences that's probably scary and stressful when it's happening. But when you make it out alive and everything's okay. It's a story to tell. It really is because the the views were amazing. They were untouched by humans and where we were, there was no houses. So you had just raw mountain scenes and it was absolutely gorgeous. And was that in Pepe or steve? That was actually in Pepe. We just got steve this june because I told my husband he needed his own jeep. Uh, that makes sense. Are you guys, I mean there's a lot of talk these days about electric vehicles. I was, I've seen a couple videos on some of the cool electric trucks that are out the rib. Ian's the ford lightning. Uh, and there's a new jeep, the four by E or four XC. Have you got your eyes on one of those for the future or are you thinking electric vehicles? Not for me? Like where you guys at, on that we, we really like our, our gas powered jeeps. I've heard great things about the electric jeeps on some of the jeep pages and groups that I'm with on facebook. Um, I'm kind of torn between the electric, my husband wants to put a diesel because they do have the diesels now. Oh wow. Oh yes, I didn't even, I didn't even know that you can get a diesel jeep. Yes. And they have a price tag on them to the form i. E. Is a little unique and I'm gonna say this and somebody in comments will probably correct me because I'm here for that. Go ahead. Good, good because the very newest jeeps, I'm not as up on those as I am, you know, like my generation and before, um, but I do have a friend that has owned a four by E and he let me drive it and you know, jeep does a hybrid And then they do a four by E hybrid. And if I'm not mistaken, the normal hybrid works kind of like the Prius does in that it uses the electric motor until it can't and then the gas motor kicks in and then when it can use the electric motor again, it does. And then the gas kicks in. So it's, you know, kind of for gas mileage automatically switches back and forth as needed. Yeah, the four by E is more about horsepower. So it uses the gas motor and the electric motor at the same time until the battery dies on the electric motor and then your gas only. But when you have the, when you have full battery power, that thing will absolutely fly. I mean, it's, it does not feel like a jeep. It's like crazy power. I think it goes up to when the motors are completely or batteries are charged. It's mid 300 horsepower if not high three hundreds. I think they even have a setting where you can just be all electric until your battery runs out. And I've seen, I've seen jeep review videos where they take them off road. And uh, they had a couple of different vehicles and one of them was a four by E. And that guy just stayed in all electric all the way until he couldn't anymore and then switched over to gas. But his experience was a lot quieter than the other two guys. Uh, and he was never lacking power and torque. Yeah, yeah, you can, you can absolutely manually set it to be electric only. Yeah, that is unique in the world of the hybrids because usually, I mean they're part of the Chrysler family, right? The Chrysler Pacifica has been out there for a long time as a plug in hybrid. Uh, and being a family man, that's more my speed. And I have been researching researching minivans. I just lost all cred but that's okay. Um, and uh, in a minivan, everybody I do, I do have a minivan that one once, you know, you don't have the opportunity to just select electric only with the jeep. You can so, you know, if you wanted an experience of crawling down a path and going uh in complete silence, you know, and just hear the, the tires go over the rocks. That's kind of cool. Um, and then you can switch it back to the combo of gas and electric. So that is, that is pretty unique. Uh, with that four by or if you just want to hear the combination of the tires on the rocks and your awesome stereo. There you go. Right, you can order your jeeps lifted and tires and everything. But you know my husband, he's like, let's do all of it ourselves. It's kind of rewarding to do it yourself right now, if you ever have a problem, he's been in there already, he knows he knows what's going on with everything. Uh, Wendy, thank you so much for coming in here, bringing your jeep over to our old headquarters building. I did get to look at it, See it, take some pictures, sit in it and listen to it. Uh, and we're gonna put those pictures and stuff on crutchfield dot com slash podcast on this show. Episode notes. So if you want to see Wendy's jeep, little pepe, little burro, Pepe uh, that's where you go find it. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having me. Awesome. It's been great. Well, this has been fun gentlemen. I think, uh, I think we've got everything. We need the incredible interview with Wendy. Her jeep is amazing. Take a look at it in the pictures for this episode. Uh, Chris, thank you for the extra insights into jeep culture that neither ERIC nor I personally experience we see it, we hear about it, but you clearly live it on a daily basis. Thanks for being with us today. Absolutely. So would you define your jeep then as a pavement princess? No, okay, it's a term I just learned for those that can't see what ERic is doing. Uh we were all meeting on this, you know, webcam thing and eric is just dropping jeep meme after jeep meme into our meeting chat. So uh, it's kind of distracting a little bit, you know, but he's got a picture of a jeep with a huge tires and a tiny little spare on it. He's got another one with a jeep stuck in the mud uh, and uh, 99 problems and my jeep is most of them stuff like that. So that's, that's, that's what ERic is doing while instead of listening to chris, that's what he's doing ERIC, thanks for being sort of in the studio. Sorry, we couldn't make that work earlier, but better luck next time. Yeah, it was a good time. It's always fun to talk with you guys. Yeah, it's my pleasure. I enjoyed being on here and uh go by jeep. There you go. Thanks everybody for listening. We'll be back in a few weeks with another episode. Check you later.

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