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Crutchfield: The Podcast Ep. 40

Installing audio gear in Tony's 2010 Mazda

In this episode:

J.R. welcomes Advisor trainee Tony to the show in this mash-up of two episodes of Crutchfield Live, which you can catch every other Thursday on YouTube and Facebook. The duo walk us through the process of qualifying Tony's 2010 Mazda 3 using our vehicle selector tool and then using filters to narrow down choices for all types of car audio gear.

Some of the gear discussed includes:

Hertz car speakers

Boss car stereos with Apple CarPlay

Kicker subwoofers

JL Audio amplifiers

Plus, J.R. answers a number of customer questions, including one that a listener named Buzz sent into the show! If you'd like to have your question answered on the podcast, send an email to us at

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Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Crutchfield the podcast. I'm your host. Jr I'm the training manager here at Crutchfield that's my day job. But whenever, whenever I get a free minute or two, I like to record a podcast and that's what I'm doing today and I'm all by my lonesome. No co host, no eric, no rodell, nobody else in the studio. Just me. Which is okay because I've got a bunch of fun stuff to play for you and talk about today in today's episode. We're gonna be taking advantage of the fact that we do another show on Youtube and facebook called Crutchfield Live. And in episodes 18 and 19 we had one of our newest training, he's still in training. He's going to be an advisor relatively shortly. Maybe even by the time you hear this, he will be on the phones talking with our customers. His name is Tony. And as part of training we installed a stereo into Tony's 2010 Mazda three. We installed a boss radio, two pairs of Hertz speakers, a kicker subwoofer and A. J. L. Audio amplifier. And we talked about it. We even had some video of it on our Crutchfield live. We brought Tony in studio. We talked about how we picked out these pieces and parts to go in his car. What challenges we faced in doing the installation and of course we found out how much he likes it now that he's been living with it for a little while. So hopefully you'll find it helpful if you are in the market for a new stereo. This might be something you'll uh you'll benefit from listening to, you'll also hear that on this episode of Crutchfield Live. We had, you know, people watching and commenting live during the show. And we took advantage of that fact to create a Crutchfield Spotify playlist. So if you go to Crutchfield profile on Spotify, you will find a playlist called songs to install by. We had, we had a lot of help from our viewers suggesting songs. We added some songs to it. We came up with a pretty cool playlist of music to just, you know, put on in the background while you're doing your installation. And we just had a fun time doing that. We've also got other playlists that we have created in the same way on our Spotify profile page. One of them is great songs for Subwoofers, whether it's a home sub or a car sub. Either way you want to take advantage and you know, push that sub to the max. We've got some songs curated for you that comes from a bunch of our viewers and a bunch of our employees that yeah, we think it's a pretty great playlist for playing subs. So check out our Spotify playlist. Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them now before. We get to Tony on Crutchfield Live. We actually did get an email directly to us here at the podcast team. You can email us questions podcast at Crutchfield dot com just like this gentleman did and we will love that and we would love the opportunity to help and answer any questions you might have right here on the podcast. So this question comes from a customer named Buzz. I was listening to your podcast episode 30 for regarding home audio and I thought I would ask your opinion or maybe hear what charlie thinks. If you go back and listen to episode 34 you'll get to hear me interviewing charlie pastor field. He's a writer in our creative department here at Crutchfield and he's become quite the audio file and we checked out his entire home system, listen to some music and just had a great time talking about how he has been upgrading his home to channel listening system over the years. This customer goes on to say back in 2008 I purchased a Yamaha Rx V 6 61 receiver for my home a V system. I paired it with a pOLk audio surround speaker system. This setup is great for watching movies and such as for the audio portion. I use a network attached storage drive that I ripped 500 cds up to in lossless format. I play them through a version one so nose connect to so knows ones and five bluetooth speakers honestly because I'm, I'm kind of curious how you're doing bluetooth speakers and so knows maybe it's kind of an either or sort of a thing. Buzz goes on to say. I also have a sonos connect wired to the Yamaha receiver and play through the home theaters speakers. So for those of you that don't know let me sort of summarize what he just explained here. He's got a home theater receiver that's connected to his tv that powers a surround sound speaker setup so probably 5 to 7 speakers and a subwoofer surrounding his couch and such all powered. Those speakers are poked powered by the Yamaha receiver to get music to play on this system. One way he has to do that is music available on his network. He has a network attached storage drive which is just a hard drive that is net workable. He's got about 500 cds of music ripped onto that storage drive and he has access to that using the Serranos app on his phone. It plays through a so knows connect which is connected to his Yamaha receiver which gives him access to those songs that he has ripped as well as any other music he wants to listen to from any streaming service. He might subscribe to news is pretty cool and he's taking advantage of it here in multiple rooms of his house and in his home theater. Everything sounds great but and he goes on to say but also back in 2013. I broke down and purchased a midrange Audio Technica 80 LP 1 20 USB turntable to play my vinyl from back in the sixties, seventies and eighties. I am not in any way a snobby audiophile but what their new receiver lacks is what my old receiver, a Marantz 20-45 had actual tuning knobs that controlled the bass mid and treble back. Then I was turning my albums on a Philips to 12 electronic turntable and I had a pair of E. S. S. C. Three floor standing speakers. It might be my imagination but to me my LPS sounded better playing through the old system. Dark side of the moon seemed to sound more crisp and had better full range. I'm wondering if I were to place an equalizer between the turntable and the receiver, if it would allow me to adjust the output based mid and treble based on the music playing at the time. I used to do that on the old maran's when playing different styles of music. So is it it's possible to add an EQ between the A. T. L. P 1 20 turntable and the receiver. I ask because I understand the turntable has a built in pre amp but that is of course switched off. Good job. You don't want to use the built in pre amp on a turntable. If you can help it. They're there for convenience. They're not the best phono pre amp you can find when I play my LPS. I have the Yamaha receiver set to the phono input and Pure direct is selected for true stereo sound. I was looking at a rolls Bellary EQ 5 74 band audio equalizer. I looked at your company's web page for eQ s but sadly with no success. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Buzz. So a lot of stuff going on here uh So I'm gonna answer a couple of these questions in order so and I want to make sure you guys at home all understand what's going on here. The basic question can buzz put an E. Q. Between his turntable and his Yamaha home theater receiver. The answer is yes 100%. You can, here's how that would work. You would run our CIA cables from the turntable directly to a separate phono pre amp. We have many to choose from. Uh they're available, they're easy to find in the turntable section of crutchfield dot com and they don't have to cost a lot of money. The phono pre amp will do the job of taking the low voltage output of the turntable, stepping it up to a full bodied line level output which you could then send directly to an eq using another set of our CIA cables. The EQ gives you whatever level of control you want. If you get that rolls Bellary that you're looking at then you would have a four band eq, you can adjust it however you want as often as you want and then the output of the EQ would go to any set of R. C. A inputs except for the phono input on your Yamaha. So the phono input is designed to be used as a phono pre amp and you're going to have a separate phono pre amp so you won't need the phono input anymore. That is a way to give you more control of your turntable audio no matter what record you're playing, what song you're listening to. You can go tweak it to your heart's content just for the turntable but there's more everybody to answer. Buzzes question I did chat with both. Eric who is often my co host here on Crutchfield the podcast as well as charlie, the guy whose house we were at listening to his stereo and recording an episode of this podcast. That inspired Buzzes question and we had a couple other thoughts on the whole thing. You know, a two channel music system from back in the seventies eighties, even the nineties, something like uh like Buzz describes here using that Marantz 20 to 45 with some floor standing speakers. That is going to be a better audio listening setup than a home theater even though a home theater is fantastic for surround sound and can certainly give you all of the audio you're going to hear in a movie. It usually accompanies the video and while a system like that can play music, it's not necessarily designed to be the best at playing music and a two channel system might be a little better. Uh I'm guessing that buzzes pokes around speaker system are not large floor standing speakers like his old ones were. So that might also be part of why vinyl doesn't sound quite like it did back in the day on the old system. To fix that. I would suggest Buzz go with a bigger set of speakers. I'm guessing that his polk audio surround sound speakers are small p paired up with a subwoofer to give it that full bodied sound that that rumble when things explode in a movie. It's great for that but they don't always blend together perfectly and seamlessly. Like you might want for a solid two channel music listening experience. So improving those front two speakers in the home theater buzz getting some bigger ones, some floor standing speakers and maybe an up to date home theater receiver might get you where you wanna be for sound and you may not even need to do the whole eQ thing. Maybe a little bit more power. Some bigger speakers. That would be another way to address the situation. When I was talking to eric about this situation, he suggested buzz you might want to double check the subwoofer settings in the menu of your Yamaha receiver to ensure the sub is actually playing when you are listening to the phono input or any just to channel music source as opposed to your blu ray player or your cable box that's probably connected with an H. D. M. I. Cable. So make sure that when you're listening in two channel mode that your sub is indeed working. And actually for the Yamaha receiver you have just go to page 66 of your owner's manual for help. Making sure your sub is on charlie pointed out that your Yamaha receiver actually does have some base and trouble adjustments. They're just not quite as tactile and as easy to find as they were on your old Marantz. Your old Marantz had some knobs, easy to see right there on the front of it, turned them up and down to adjust the base and trouble to your liking. The Yamaha has those adjustments but they are in the menu setting so you're gonna have to go into the menu setting on the receiver to access the bass and treble adjustments the Yamaha has. And uh and of course when you go into pure direct mode, those base in trouble adjustments you made will not be in effect because it is pure direct mode that it's not doing anything to the sound at all. So there may be a reason you do want to go with that outboard Eq. If you do want to play with those tone controls built into the Yamaha that'll be on page 48 of the owner's manual and if you need an owner's manual for this receiver you can get that just uh search for Rx. V. 661, from Yamaha on crutchfield dot com and you'll get to the product page even though it's an older receiver, we no longer sell. The page is still live. And there is a link to download the owner's manual right there on it. So buzz. I hope that helps you specifically, and I hope it helps anybody that might have had a question about home theater receivers and playing music on a surround sound system when done right. It can really, really sound good. Uh, and so not every surround sound system is optimized for music and there are things you can do about. We can help by the way, uh, send us an email here at podcast at Crutchfield dot com. If you have any further questions about this stuff or anything else we carry. Of course, if you have an urgent question or need to fix your audio, whether it's in your car or your home, talk to one of our advisors. I've trained them all. They're great. And they're available at Crutchfield dot com slash contact. You can talk with them live over the phone, you can chat with them online and uh, and they're all fantastic. They'll get you set up with whatever it is you need. All right, let's get to it. Next up, Tony a brand new advisor on our Crutchfield live tv show on Youtube and facebook, we're gonna listen to a big chunk of that right now, we're gonna roll on in into creating a Spotify playlist since we're gonna be talking so much about car stereo installation today. We thought would be cool if we had a Spotify playlist that was all about the songs that you should be jamming too while you're installing stuff and we want to create this together with those of you watching. So if you have ideas for songs that should be on a playlist for, you know, you got your stereo cranked in the background in your garage, you're installing stuff, you're taking your doors apart, You've got music playing what music motivates you and keeps you working during your install day. We've already started by adding some songs of our own sledgehammer. There's a, there's a song by tool. Maybe you're seeing a theme here. Cars that go boom vehicle. Uh, we got some Rihanna on here. Shut up and drive. So we're thinking car related stuff. But it doesn't have to be that narrowly focused. If you have music, you think would sound good during an install day added to the list. Uh, if we see some coming in, I will read them out, Bruce says anything from Iron Maiden. I love it. Um, before we get into anything else. I'm gonna see what this question is all about here. So this is from a community post from our Youtube channel and the question is will the clips are C 64. I I match up with the newly upgraded clips. RP 8000 F series two from Colin braun, I don't even have to look anything up to tell you that the answer to that is yes. There have been several different series of clips reference speakers over the years. Uh the Good news is they retained the same sort of tonality, They use the same tweet basically the same design, the same drivers and you can absolutely match up speakers from clips reference from several years ago. Two clips reference today and they will absolutely work together the center channel and your front left and right speakers. It's important to timber match those so that your home theater makes sense And it sounds right and you have no problem doing that. So feel free to be looking at current clip center channels to go with your older clips or your or the other way around. Either way you can match up your front three speakers. Uh let's see, Bruce says, okay, a single song caught somewhere in time by Iron Maiden. More specific, Very nice. Jordan Wilson says push it by Salt and Pepa that should get you working also from our Youtube we have another question, what is the difference between four ohm and eight ohm speakers? Does it make any difference in sound other than its resistance? That's from Sid Harth and uh yeah that's a great question. It has actually something that is we are we are literally training our new advisers on that topic. Like right now the difference in impedance on speakers and your question is spot on. Is there a difference in sound quality for speakers that are in every other way the same? They just have different impedance. And the answer is no there is no difference in sound quality whatsoever. The impedance is only there to uh to determine how much power you're gonna get out of the amplifier your speaker is connected to. Uh and we see this a lot in car audio with subwoofers for example. We have subwoofers that are two a.m. And four a.m. And dual voice coils. And different impedance is and the difference is only, the only difference is electrically speaking. What happens when you connect it to your amp and how much power you're gonna get out of your aunt? The different impedance is does not have anything to do with the quality of the sound. They're the same speakers, the same materials, the same basket. All of the stuff is the same. So there's no difference impedance and resistance. It's just a, it's just a relationship between the speaker and the amp. Next up we're gonna get into a car stereo installation and planning one. And we want to hopefully use a real world planning of a real world installation to help you maybe plan your car stereo installation and to do that? We're gonna bring in one of our newest advisers, his name is Tony uh and Tony's gonna come on in, come on in Tony if you're looking deer in the headlights. He's like, oh my gosh, I've been at Crutchfield for five weeks and they're already putting me on Crutchfield Live. Yes, yes, we are. We're gonna get this Philips hue stuff out of here and bring Tony in because we've done what we were just talking about. We have we've actually planned and installed a bunch of stuff in his car. Uh So we got the desk cleared out. Make room for Tony. How are you? Good. What's up? Y'all were you surprised when I said we're gonna put you on Crutchfield Live? Yeah. Like most companies might wait a little while, Right? But so you've been in sales training now for this is like week number five. That's right. Um And before Crutchfield, what did you do? I've always done like, audio engineering freelance. So, um working here made sense for me, you're into music. I love music. I make music to yet. So, you know how to record music and all of that. And so just knowing music and how it's made doesn't necessarily mean, you know how to install a car, stereo, does it? No, it doesn't. And it's been a lot of fun to learn it, honestly, because like, one of the things I love about making music was then when I would listen to music, I would understand how they did it. And now like riding around in my car listening to the music is like, I understand like how it's being played for me. If you're making music, you got to think about the situations in which people will listen to the music you've created, right. And I think, I think a lot of music gets listened to and a lot of cars. Yeah, I mean the car test, that's always like the ultimate, like when I'm done with the song, I got to go play it in my car and listen to it sounds good in the car, then I know it's good. Nice. Yeah, that's great. I used to work at a radio station and the engineer, he had like multiple pairs of horrible factory speakers installed in this car on purpose so that he could hear what his radio station sounds like on the worst factory radio. It sounds good on that. It should sound good on anything these days. I test that like with the iphone, you know, I played on my iphone like the iphones, just the iphone speakers, headphones, just just there. Just and it's like, it has to sound good on that too. How does that sound with the iphone in a cup? In a cup? That's, that's a good trick that amplifies the sound out even more. That's what you do when you don't have a speaker. That's right. Let's see, Bruce said, I always thought forum was for car speakers and items were for home theater speakers or then you're absolutely right Bruce eight ohm speakers is the standard for home audio. Most home speakers are eight homes, Most car speakers are forums. There are exceptions to all of that. All over the place. We have home speakers that are six homes and forums. We have car speakers that are to OEMs and forums and one ohm and other impedance is um, that's been fun to learn about these last few days. Have you, have you ever had to think about speaker impedance before? No, I remember learning about it once in school because I took some classes on audio, but I didn't really understand it until training. Good. Yeah, I don't know if that came up through the mic, but thunder and lightning is happening outside right now. So just a heads up. If we have a power blip, it's because of the storm and mother nature and we'll do our best to get back on here live. So that's just a heads up in case the worst happens, we do have a generator. So even if we lose power, we should be able to get back up and running, assuming, assuming everything comes back online really quick. All right. So you're here because we picked and I would say we, I picked you and your car from, from our current crop. We have 10 people in our sales training class. I picked you one because you're in our Charlottesville location, which is where our studios are. So that eliminated half the class right there and I'm sure they're bummed, but it's just the way that worked out. Uh, and I looked at all the cars of all the people left and I thought your car seems to have the most opportunity for it to kind of be perfect for what we wanted to do. Uh, so tell everybody what car do you drive? I drive a Mazda 3 2010 hatchback and it came with Bose audio installed. Um, I bought it used and how long have you had it? Um, not that long. Less than a year. Okay, six months or so, relatively new to you car. Uh, and so I've been driving it for six months or so, and it's got an upgraded factory system. This is not the cheap base level factory system, it's the Bose system. Uh, were you impressed? Like when you got the car, you're like, oh, sweet bow system, I'm not gonna have to worry about that, It's gonna sound good. Yeah, I mean, well, I guess we'll talk about it later, but eventually we found out that my front two speakers weren't working and I didn't even know that my previous car had been like a Nissan versa and I, the speakers, you know, like if you turned up too loud, it start to make the farting sound in the base, you know, so, um, of course, like, I didn't really notice that I was missing sound from my new car because the four speakers in the back and the sub were still a huge improvement from what I had before. So, so from the Nissan versa to the Mazda with the bows, it's an upgrade. Oh yeah, totally. Yeah, we actually did this install that we're about to talk about yesterday so we can talk about it from the pre planning stages. We can also, you know, comment a little bit on the install itself. So, so when we were looking at your car, we're thinking what should we do to this car? The dash, the radio doesn't have any kind of fancy touch screen or anything. So were you using your iphone with your factory radio? Yeah, I was, there was just an ox input, just an ox input. I would play my music through there and do my navigation through there. And um, that was really starting to annoy me, like having to look down at my phone for navigation. So when I learned about like carplay, I was like, oh, I definitely want to get that. And even before we decided to do this, install, I was already looking at receivers and trying to pick the one that I would like the most, you know, good, we're gonna in a second here, we're gonna qualify your car on the website and see what kind of stuff it shows us for what will fit, what will work and what that, what that looks like Aaron says car sound is almost always stereos. So two speakers being out usually isn't a major issue. I plan on only doing two speakers in my truck. I will tell you, I will tell you can comment on this. We found out yesterday that your front speakers weren't working at all. Now you have front speakers that work. So just tell us, is that better to have speakers that were working in the front or not? It's way better. It took about two seconds of listening to the song for me to realize that it was way better. Yeah. Uh, let's see. Don on facebook says I installed an entire stereo with a Leatherman once. Just like a Leatherman, like a, like a belt. You know, you keep in your belt and you pull it out and it's got like pliers and a knife and screwdrivers and like a like a multi tool, the entire stereo installation with just that, which is good. Good Leatherman is a good tool to have. We should add that to our list. Uh, Matthew Faulkner said, got all my car stereo with crutchfield vocals for the doors, 12 inch JL audio wedge and a Rockford Foskett punch and can't wait to add the second wolf for Nice. You can never have enough. He's got a 12 inch awesome subwoofer with an awesome amp and he wants more. That's I love it. That's fantastic. All right. We're gonna get into looking up your car on the website, just to see what it's like, how you can actually plan your system using crutchfield dot com. So, if you if you simply navigate on over to crutchfield dot com, the easiest thing to do is to go right over here where it says car, audio, click that. And the first thing option you've got here is find what fits your vehicle. If you go into most of these categories, that Will prompt you to enter your vehicle. But you can just go straight to the section where you can put in the make and model of your car. I've been doing some training. I'm gonna change this. We're not talking about a Ford escape. We're talking about your car. So 2010, right? Don't let me enter your car wrong. 2010 Mazda and it's a Mazda three and yours is the hatchback, not the sedan. And I love this thing about our website. Uh, it brings up and if we have it like we do a lot of vehicle research, that's how we know what fits in cars. And our vehicle research team takes hundreds of pictures of cars. So when it comes time to identify which factory radio system your car came with, if we have a picture that helps, we'll show that here. And we did we have a picture of the factory bows logo, right on the factory speaker. So, if your car has the Bose logo, you want to select the picture. If it doesn't select the one that says no image and yours has the Bose logo? It does, Yeah it does. So I'm gonna click right on that and then click it there we go. And now we're gonna go to the page that was like all about your vehicle. So there should be a picture of your car or one just like it. That looks like your your car we had in the install bay yesterday, right below that. A whole bunch of the pictures that we took the best pictures, right? So you can start to look at what we found when we got a Mazda three in our research facility and started taking it apart. Uh, these are pictures taken by Crutchfield. That's what, that's what your factory radio looked like. That's what it looked like once we took the radio out of the dash. So you get an idea of what's actually behind there. So you can kind of plan and start thinking about what it would be like to replace your radio. It's interesting that if you don't have the bow system, you have this, uh, like a six by eight speaker opening, but just a small round speaker. In fact yours were the Bose speakers and they were they were not big. Six by eight were they? They could have put a better speaker in there. Right, Weird. Uh, and so that's the actual opening in the door is a large oval opening that for some reason Mazda was like, no, no, no, we're gonna put small round speakers in there and you wonder why factory speakers don't sound great. What's going on here, Tony? That is the sub in the wheel. Well, um, it's funny, it's got a big sticker on it. It says this is a subwoofer, That's right. That white sticker does say this is a subwoofer. So you don't try to put your subwoofer on as a spare tire. I don't, I don't think you can get very far, but yeah, you can't take your spare tire out without removing it. Yeah. And so you just unscrew that nut on the top and it comes up and you can take, you gotta take the subwoofer out, don't attach it to the wheel of your car. Uh, and then you can put the spare on. Um, but how did it sound? Does it have a decent amount of base? Yeah, it did, it did, it was nice. Um, that's a cool way to do a sub. Yeah, I honestly didn't even, I didn't do any research into the audio system of this car. Like before I bought it, like before my job of crutchfield, I didn't think too heavily about, you know, audio systems in my car, just as long as I had sound, I'd be pretty happy um, was until I changed my spare tire that I was like, what the heck is this? It says bows on it. And then I figured it out, you know, and in case you're wondering, this is the bows company, you know, and love the company that makes the noise canceling headphones in the Bose wave radio. They make a ton of wonderful products, many of which are available at Crutchfield. They also have like a division of people that design O. E. M. Factory systems, which are absolutely an upgrade over like the base level factory system. Uh, and as good as they are, we can still do better. Right, That's a, and the hub sub. And I was kind of, when we started, we did like a before listening test yesterday. First thing in the morning we went and listened to your factory system to hear how it sounded like it was actually kind of a decent amount of bass here. And so yeah, it wasn't weak base. But I mean the after listening test, we have a lot more bass, but that's the sub that's in the factory system. Uh, that's the actual speaker in the subwoofer. And oh yeah, your car has some like uh, tweeters mounted up high in the backseat. Part of the complex, like Bose system with a lot of speakers in there. And a couple of the trainees were sitting in the backseat saying that actually sounds pretty good here in the back. Yeah, I know it probably sounds sounded way better because I didn't have the front because the front speakers weren't working at all. Yeah, so the back, the back seat was getting the best audio. And so pictures of these speakers as they come out of the car. Uh, and again, we have hundreds more pictures than this in our research file, which is how we fulfill a database full of information. Uh look at that tweeters in your sail panels. So the front door speakers are down low, tweeters are up high. Right? And if you're gonna replace one, it's a really good idea to replace both. So we did that. We went with the component system. I'll show you which one here in a little bit and that's what, that's where the tweeter goes. Tweeters are always a custom installation. We're putting the new twitter in that location. We have to figure out how to do it. I'll tell you how we did it probably in two weeks when we get into the nitty gritty of actually doing this, install what else we got here? The actual cargo area where we put your new subwoofer, the spare tire, sub is underneath, all of that. We measure all that stuff. So we know how big a subwoofer box you can put in a car. We started taking more pictures of under seats because a lot of subs will fit under seats and amps and stuff like that. So we try to get as much info as we can on each car. And uh, when we can we put all those pictures or the best of our pictures on the website, so it can help planning your install kind of knowing what you're going to get into. Uh, and what it would take to get the old stuff out and put the new stuff in. Also, we point out here that we do have master sheets for your car. So these are detailed instructions for how to remove the factory radio, how to remove the factory speakers. Uh, and you get an email with those master sheets when you place an order and they're free. That's a crutchfield exclusive. Very, very helpful. We definitely wouldn't have been able to do it. Yes, indeed. Also, sometimes for not every car, but when we do, we have what we call a Crutchfield research garage where one of our car stereo writers basically details everything. Like from a more subjective perspective, right? Where he's really giving his opinions on what it's like to put a stereo in this car. And so if we click here, we get an article about the Mazda three, uh, and john basically gives you the short story version of it. And then a ton of detail on here, is this, he might talk about how this radio is not that hard to pull out your factory radio. Like when you guys removed your factory stereo yesterday, was that easier or harder than you were expecting it to be, um, easier for sure because it doesn't look like something that would slide out very easily. But once you take those um the A. C. Events. Once you take those and pry them out then the rest of it just comes out. You guys two screws. Yeah you guys had this out in like five minutes yesterday. Yeah you pride Events. Two screws. Radio comes out. Yeah. Really simple. It's nice. And so john will continue on talking about a lot of things. What type of stereo you might want to put in there, how hard or easy it might be. Uh And then he gets into speakers. I mean like this is a really well thought out like here's the deal with installing in this car. So if you if you're if we have an article like that on your particular car, I recommend reading it before you actually plan your install. It should give you ideas and an idea of what you can do or cannot do in your car. When you scroll down from there. Now we've got links to some major product categories. And this is where you start to think about what radio do you want in your car? Which is kind of the first thing. Right? Uh Did you did you have like a radio in mind where you thinking touch screen where you're thinking like what what did you want in your new car, stereo? Yeah I kind of went back and forth between like a floating screen and one that would stay in the dash. But like I definitely wanted to touch screen with carplay. So here you can just select touch screen radio. That's 111 choices. Still, right? Yeah, once you get there, you've got a whole list of 111 touchscreen radios and the website knows that we're talking about your Mazda three. So we can talk about things like it'll tell you, does it actually fit your car, each radio or not? Or will it be modified or do you have to do something crazy to make it fit? Uh, Sorry, I interrupted you there. What, what all did you want out of a new radio? Um, mostly carplay and touchscreen. I was thinking I wanted the capacitive. Um, because I like, you know how it operates, just like your phone does. Yeah, So you mentioned carplay and that's a popular one. Anybody with an iphone and the person that if you want to use it while you're driving, there is a safe way to do that. And it's called carplay. You integrate your phone with your radio. So all your phone icons appear on your stereo. It doesn't play any video while you're driving, which is just illegal and dangerous. But it will let you do voice texting, make and receive calls. Play your Spotify stuff, your audible, your apple music, your youtube music, whatever you got. Uh, it's a sweet way to doing that. Plus google maps. Apple maps all of that on their ways. Uh, and if you happen to have an android, there's an android version of this called android auto, it's the same thing except for android. So you can just click this filter right here that says carplay on the website. And now we filtered out all the radios that don't have that. Uh so we've gone from 111 radios down to 82 radios. What else were you thinking? You mentioned capacitive touch screen right now, the radio, we ended up with going, did it have a capacitive touchscreen? Nice. So that is a touchscreen feature, Let's see here. Is it gonna be here? Yeah. So we call those touch screen swipe a ble just because it feels more like your phone, like you were saying like that glossy finish as opposed to that matte finish, which requires like a, like a fingernail to put pressure on the screen. So the capacitive is better. And we called that swipe a ble on the website. So if we filter for that now, we're down to 57 radios getting better. We're about halfway there. Uh, and we've got a bunch of great choices. What else was important to you in a stereo. Um, I mean, those are the main things, I kind of thought about how big do I want the screen. Um, and it seems like there's advantages and drawbacks to both things as somebody who hadn't owned one before. Like a smaller screen was sitting your dash, which to me seemed more like aesthetically pleasing, you know, than having the big thing out there floating around. But then I also thought like that's kind of cool actually it's kind of custom to have it out there floating around. So maybe I actually do want that. It's like, yeah, so you could have, we have a bunch of those to choose from, right? If you hit screen size larger than seven inches, most of those are going to be big floating screen radios, right? It's like an ipad sitting attached to your dash. And so, and those can be nine inch touchscreens, 10 inch, 11 inch. Some of them are smaller like seven inch and we have a bunch of those to choose from. Ultimately we didn't go that way. That does bring the price up a little bit to go floating touchscreen. Uh So that was what you wanted. You didn't end up with that. So we're gonna uninsulated the larger than seven inch touchscreen. And what else was important to you compatibility like to upgrade my sound system later. So yeah, I know that. We have trained every advisor to think when I know my customer wants to add amps, there's something we can do in the radio to make it better when you add an amp and you've been through training now for five weeks. I'm gonna put you on the spot. What is it? What is it we're looking for from a radio, pre amp outputs gotta have them right now. How many? We've narrowed this list down to 50 something radios. 12 of them have five pre amp outputs. 45 of them have six pre amp outputs, which would you go with? Six? Six? So that's gonna be a pair of front, a pair of rear and a pair of subwoofer pre amp outputs. That's right. So if you wanted to add amps for your front speakers, your back speakers and your subwoofer, you have the outputs, you need to hook up a separate amp that I recommend if you're even considering putting an am PM to get a head unit with six channel pre amp outputs. So we did that. Yours has six. It's really nice to just have to plug the RCs in. Yeah, nothing about tapping wires are exactly like that. Uh And another thing that's important is those pre amp outputs outputs will sound better if they are high voltage pre amp outputs. So we have, I'm gonna select that because I knew you're gonna want to add amps and that we were gonna include an amp as part of this install. So that gets us down to like 40 for radios. Uh It's so I'm gonna sort this by price low to high just to see what's the cheapest radio, we could go with, that meets all of your requirements? Um We didn't talk about other things like satellite radio was that important to, you know, not a subscriber? HD radio. Do you listen to local radio a lot? No. Okay. Do you need built in navigation? Not you, you can do it on google or Waze or apple maps? Uh, do you need, what else might there be? Are you going to integrate a radar detector or anything like that right there. The proper answer is no Virginia. We will not be integrating if I moved if I moved to a different state where it's legal, I might do that. There you go. Good catch. Um, so we didn't need all of that stuff. If we did, we would have used some filters to narrow this down even more. But as it stands, this radio kind of rises to the top. This boss B. E 62 C. P. Currently on sale for like 200 bucks. Everything you just described that you actually wanted, you can get For 200 bucks, let's do it. This is the radio we installed in your car yesterday and so that's where we're starting with the radio. Now let's go back and think about speakers. If we go back to the outfit, my car page and scroll past the radios. Now we can start to look at the speakers that go in your car. Um, before I get onto speakers, I've got some stuff coming in and I feel bad if I don't comment on the comments. So from youtube, what do we got here? Uh, Jonathan parker. The instructions that come with speakers make it so easy. I just bought an upgraded My ram 1500 crew cab with infinity speakers and the master sheets made me entirely comfortable changing the dash and door speakers. That's kind of the point of our master sheets. That's these things right here. They come free with any purchase. If we have them for your car, we'll send them. Uh, let's see, Jeff Fulkerson says, I bought speakers for my Crv from Crutchfield a couple of months ago and they were on sale now, I just need to find the time to get them installed. Yeah, I don't think we can help you with that. We don't sell free time. We did, we would Nate has a playlist suggestion, pink Floyd, wish you were here. And he also mentions that the wire worm is crucial. Very nice. Uh, Nathan Schlenker, I think, I think this is a question on Youtube opinion on boss radios and I was hoping somebody would ask this question. So let me go back to the boss radio that we picked out, which is this B E 62 cp uh, boss as a brand and this is directly an answer to Nathan's question. You know, it's a brand we've had for a while now and when we picked it up, most of us hadn't really heard of it. This might, this predates your time at crutchfield by a long ways. Uh, but none of us were like, oh boss, we finally have boss because it was not a brand that it's not maybe a top tier a list, You know, top three best brands of car audio, stereo systems ever. Right? It's not that, uh, what they do though is they make products that are going to fill a niche market. They do things less expensive than other companies. Uh, and during the pandemic, they did something most other companies weren't able to do, which was have stuff in stock. Uh, and by that time it was kind of cool because we already had a bunch of really positive reviews from customers that had purchased boss radios to fall to look at and go, well, people really like these. Uh, and I'm glad we have them in stock because you might want an Alpine or a pioneer or ken would, but you're gonna have to wait on those. So maybe in the meantime, people might have bought these as a stop gap where they might have just said, All right, well I'll just go with the boss, see what happens. And what we're finding is they're fantastic. People love them. The reviews continue to be really strong. People are Putting them in their cars. They love them. They write reviews. They send us pictures and these boss radios are fantastic. You as the proud owner of a new boss radio in your Mazda next in two weeks, we're gonna want to hear more, but just give us a preview. Like, are you happy just after less than 24 hours? Are you happy with the boss radio? Oh yeah, totally. Um it's the cheapest one available that does everything that I wanted. Um So I didn't expect to like be wowed, but like when I turned on the screen initially I was just like, wow, that looks really good. Like it's, it's a pretty screen. I mean, I used it to navigate this morning and it was helpful, google maps, Waze even better. Yeah. Who needs a radar detector when you got way. Exactly. Uh so, so it happened, it has a volume knob. Well you got here pretty fast. So I figured has a volume knob. A lot of radios don't have that, right, Boss is like, let's put a volume knob on these people love it. Uh Yeah, so my opinion on them is rising every day. Um at first I didn't know much about them and I've grown to basically love them because we have them available to sell. They do what they say they're gonna do, they do it well, they're in stock, they work, they look great, customers are loving them. Uh And so my opinion on boss Radio XYZ, Thank God we have them as a brand. Like great, alright, back to speakers, let's get back here and take a look at what our website says, we can do for your car, your car speakers. So the lower front door location, that's usually where you're like a wolf for is going to be. And it also says for upper front doors, that's usually the twitter. Um, let's go to the lower front door section and what we're gonna find here is an interesting on your car. One of the reasons I like that we went with your car is because this is a pretty short list of speakers. Yeah. And why do you know? Can you tell me why, why is there only nine pairs of speakers listed here? Um, I'm pretty sure it's because the amount is really shallow. Uh there's not, there's not much room to fit a speaker that has a deeper amount. That's exactly right. When we, when we, we go look at our internal database and we can look at the minute detail, we can see that speakers with large magnets, speakers that are too deep are just not going to fit in these doors without making major modifications. And so this list is the nine pairs of speakers we know will fit in your car without major modifications and some of them come with separate tweeters. Some don't uh and we knew right away we wanted to replace your wolfers and your tweeters. So we were looking for that. We were looking for a component system which is one of the filters here on the site. Uh let's see here. Uh let's see, do we have components is well, it is one of the filters somewhere. Well heck we don't even need to use a filter. We're only looking at nine pairs of speakers. So it's not hard to find a component system. We knew we didn't want ones with the twitter built in at least not for your front doors. And you know, you're, you know music, you make music, right? So you don't necessarily want to go with the cheapest thing that fits here, right? You want to go with something good. So what stands out to you on this list? We've got ken wood, we've got pioneer retro sound power base. Rockford JBc Alpine hurts a couple pairs of hurts. What stands out to you and why? Well, I mean for me personally, the Alpine because I, I don't know, I just have this impression that they really pay good attention to quality and I was hoping that I would outfit my car with like all Alpine, which is still something I might try to do in the future. But um, they didn't have a component that would fit no components that would. So yeah, that limited us to two options I think, which is the hurts hurts the Rockford Foz gate, the hurts K 1 30 so five and a quarter Wolfers and a pair of tweeters or this Rockford Foz gate are 1 52 s woofers tweeters. When we click here on this green where it says wolf for fits. Check out what happens on our website. This whole sidebar comes out where it talks about, what you're going to have to do uh, parts that you'll need to do the installation. Uh, some notes about the installation and this note right here really trips up a lot of customers replacing the low impedance factory speaker with a four ohm. Aftermarket speaker will result in lower volume levels. We've been talking about impedance. Some of you watching might have a question why is this thing here, those factory Bose speakers are to own. And if we take them out and we put in new forum speakers, that's more impedance, more impedance means less power. You might not have as loud a sound with these new speakers that should be better. But because their higher impedance it might make them might not be as loud, they might sound better but they might not be as loud. And that some people are like, hold on, wait, hold on, I don't, I don't want that. I don't want the last volume with your particular car. There's like a bozo Amplifier in there and that's what's powering the speakers so that doesn't change when we replace the radio. And uh, the good news is, is if you put in four home speakers to get to the same volume level, you might just have to turn your volume knob up a little bit more. And one of the things that we can do to help fix that problem is go with speakers that are very efficient and these hurts K130 components are very efficient. This is something we rate something called sensitivity. The sensitivity rating on these speakers is 93. We've talked about what's a good number for efficiency or sensitivity is 93. Fall in the high medium or low efficiency category. Yeah that's high efficiency in the car speaker. That means the speaker is very efficient at converting the power into sound and you'll get more sound out of a more efficient speaker. And so that's why we went with these hurts K one thirties in the front. Uh the speakers that we ended up putting in the rear were these X one thirties and we can go back to the car page and choose rear speakers just like that. We've got more choices in the back but it was once we knew we were going hurts in the front, we knew we wanted to go with hurts speakers in the back. So we went with the two way back there because you already got those separate tweeters. We don't need them. Another component system in there. So new stereo, four new speakers and uh you know, probably not enough. Right? Uh some base. Yeah. So what kind of music do you listen to? Um I listened to like a lot of hip hop, rap, some rock. Um I listened to classical music to some some jazz. So the factory bows. Sub although good. Not enough space in the, in the long run for you. Yeah, I did notice it didn't really have that like that like crazy thump. Which uh you get when you add something else to it. Yeah so with the sub I went with for you because I was basing a little bit of this on price. Right? Knowing we didn't want to spend a ton of money. Uh and as well as space, I wasn't sure how much of your cargo area you were willing to give up. I've got a lot of experience with kicker. So I started looking at the kicker enclosed subs kicker makes a ton of these boxes with kicker subs in them. The box made by kicker. The Wolf is a kicker. Wolfowitz all goes, all goes together and you just need to match it up to an amp. Uh and this is the guy right here, the 48 C. D. F. 104. So now in the back of your car is this 10 inch down firing sub uh which you know, 10 inches that big enough to give you big bass from, you know, rap music, hip hop, dance music and stuff like that. Yeah it's it's pretty impressive at 10 inches for sure. Yeah and at this price you're not, we're not talking about a hue, hugely powerful sub either. In fact this sub, it's a four ohm sub and it's only looking for about 100 and 50 watts. It's all you need to power this Um, it wasn't hard to find an amplifier that does that when you're picking out a sub, you're gonna wanna mono sub amp. That's what those are made for is to power a subwoofer. And what we're looking for is 100 and 50 watts at four ohms. Uh, the, the sweet spot for bass and subs and matching up a sub to an am pus to um, the sub box we picked out happens to be four of them. So we just need to find an amp that puts the right amount of power out at that right impedance. You mentioned JL audio and I know that their amps are pretty tight by the way. We could could have gone with hurts everything or if, you know, depending on the brand, we could have tried to make this all one brand would have been challenging in your car because of the limited number of speakers that fit. And for one, I just wanted to give a lot of love to a lot of different brands right here on Crutchfield Live. So we went with this jail audio and this to 50 slash one, which puts out exactly the amount of power your subwoofers ready to handle. Yeah, I did. Good, yeah, good job they are uh, once we had all that stuff picked out, we started adding it to cart. When you add it to cart. The website is gonna prompt you to do things like pick out your installation gear. Oh look, here's a video of us actually, uh, in the install bay yesterday planning out your sister Planning out the install. This is all in the morning before we started doing any work on your car. Uh, this is the stuff that we've been talking about for the last 20 minutes. Uh, there's your installation kit for your radio, your hurt speakers. That's the kicker sub right there. JL audio amplifier, bunch of 12 gauge speaker wire. This is the stuff that we actually put in your car and right on top of that boss radio is Crutchfield ready harness. That's where uh, I mean we weren't looking for this to be any harder than it had to be in yesterday. So we went ahead and we got Crutchfield ready harness service. Um, which made it pretty nice, right? Because now you've just got a harness that plugs into your car, the other end plugs into the radio and in your car there was only a few extra wires to hook up. So it's very convenient for sure. We're working with limited time. Yeah, we uh, we started this at eight a.m. Yesterday we work 8 to 5 here in training and we finished at 4 55. You guys go five minutes early because that's how nice I am. Let's check in and see if we got any comments coming in. I see that we've got links into just about all the products we were just talking about. So if you want to see those for yourself. The hurt speakers, the boss radio, JL amp kicker sub links to all that stuff. Uh, let's see here. What else we got. Uh, Ola has been with us the entire time. Had a 40 by two boss amp that turned heads in 2003. Yeah, 80 watts powering your sub and I'm sure it sounded awesome. Retro VHS, love any, love my hurt speakers. Some of the best speakers I've put in a car so far. The price point can't be beat right? I mean, these were not expensive speakers we put in your car. Uh, and would you say again, we're going to get more detail on your, like your thoughts with it after two weeks. But initial impressions, they sound pretty good. They sound good, That's clean. And the other thing I wanted to say is for anybody wondering about the impedance, um, I can't reach max volume, you know, like it gets louder than I needed to. So not so you're saying when you turn it up, you, you stop turning it up because you've got into a volume where you're like, I don't need it to be any louder. It's already too loud. It's not because when you turn it up, it starts distorting. No, no, no, no, no, that's not what I mean. It's like it's loud enough. I don't need to go any higher than this. So they provide all the sound I need. That's awesome. So they're the forum thing is not was not an issue and there's proof. I love it. Let's see. Late eighties I had the Alpine door speakers and rocking pioneers in the back. I think it was a J. V. C. Head unit in Sherwood amp sounded good to me awesome. And let's see here, where where can I get zero gauge products? Uh zero gauge often referred to as one ought gauge. They are absolutely here on our website. Uh, if you want to get someone ought gauge power wire or an amp wiring kit, I can show you real quick. If you want to switch over to my computer, I'll show you where to find one ought gauge power wire. Uh This is big stuff. If you pick out an amplifier, just go to the accessories and we'll show you the right size power wire. But if all you need is power wire, go to car audio. Go to car amplifiers and on that page will be of course all the amplifiers, but also amplifier installation and right in here amp wiring kits where you can get a full kit with someone on gauge wire. Or if you just want to buy raw power and ground cable, you can go right here and I'll bet if we sort this price high to low the more expensive stuff which is the bigger stuff. There you go. T spec one ought gauge in multiple colors. Crutchfield one ought gauge. So all your one ought gauge needs. We've got you covered, let me check over here on facebook. Ramon says what's better for high frequency sound in the car? Tweeters under a windshield facing up towards the windshield or tweeters on doors like what Tony did. Uh That's funny my, in my car, the front speakers are in the dash facing directly up into the windshield, which then bounces the sound back into the car. Uh and your car, the tweeters are in those sail panels off to the side facing kind of into the center of the car, which one is better? Well, uh, if you're new tweeters can be angled. I think I think angling your tweeters directly at your ears is better than hoping that they reflect off the windshield directly at your ears. But if you can't angle them, that reflection off the windshield works pretty well. Um, so either one is fine. If it was my choice, I would prefer them on the side panels, but I don't design cars. So kind of, we're kind of, you know, the factory twitter location is often where we put new tweeters. So that's kind of our guide. However, if I can put them anywhere, I would put them in the door panels up high aimed right at my ear holes. I think that makes sense. So that was Tony's first visit into our headquarters building into our video studio on our crutchfield live show, we brought Tony back into the studio two weeks later to find out how does this system sound, How is it affecting his life? What does he think about it? And as already having ideas about the next stages of his car stereo. So we brought Tony back into the studio to talk about all that and here it is. Can you talk about the speech workers themselves? Like how do they sound you as a person who knows music and tone and queuing and frequencies and all of that stuff? What do you think of the actual sound of these speakers? Uh, there's, there's a clarity in them that again, surpasses what I've gotten from factory systems. Um, and when I was queuing the system, I spent a lot of time uh messing with the frequency, but also understanding as I mess with different frequencies, Are these frequencies coming out of the subwoofer or are they coming out of the speaker? Um, and so messing with the EQ, even though I don't have, like a DSP or something that would let me tune those speakers specifically, I got sort of a feel for tuning the speakers themselves and yeah, I'm impressed with the clarity and even though there's the issue with the impedance and they're not getting as much power as they possibly could, they still hold their own against that subwoofer um, and don't get drowned out too easily. That's an important point. We've seen a lot of cars where they factory speakers were to um and we have a note that pops up when you try to buy forum speakers for those cars and a lot of people call us wondering, hey, what's going to be, I don't want lower volume because it's potentially a problem. If you install the wrong forum speakers in there, you might not get as much volume with your new speakers as you were getting with your factory speakers. That's why it's important to choose the right new speakers. And so you're not detecting lower volume you're getting Yeah, not um you know, not in a way that's like too bad. But I also it also, I could hear, you know, there could be more there and uh it makes me want to put a new and for my car already just to give those speakers exactly the right amount of power that they need and they can handle more power. So you have the you have room to upgrade here. Yeah, because I'd like to hear what they can really do basically. But they sound good as they are. They were gonna talk in a minute about how you are e queuing the system, what control you have from the new radio first. I want to get to some comments coming in on facebook uh, Anthony says, hey Tony, it's Tony from Long Island Tony Metro VHS says, as someone who has been an audio file since birth, L. O. L. Worked in electronics sales for years in the audio department? I am one of the few people who will tell you straight up Bose speakers are lacking. And he's referring to the factory Bose speakers here in the, in the vehicle. I mean Bose is great. We sell those products, the boat speakers that we sell headphones, Bose, wait radios, things like that, awesome bows, factory systems. We end up talking to a lot of people that want to replace those speakers or maybe the amplifier stop working. Things like that. And we have found, it's not hard to put a better system in there than the factory Bose systems. They're not, it's not quite the same as our aftermarket stuff. So, uh, let's see here, several people agree mid well, medieval 1980 but, but I can also tell you that my Bose premium upgraded my Mazda C X five G. T. Sounds surprisingly good. So their bows definitely does make some decent factory systems. Uh, so let's, instead of bows, let's talk boss. Uh, brand that's actually confused with bows a lot just because of the similar names, but this is the radio we installed in your car here. I'll put it right there. Uh, so this is the B E 62 cp, which is actually the least expensive car. Play radio we sell. What kind of control do you have of the sound? And are you happy with it? And were you able to use that to tweak the system the way you like? Yeah. Um there's a 13 band Eq, um, which is infinitely useful. There's a subwoofer setting. So there's levels for the subway for, I think it's one through 13. Um There's a filter for the subwoofer to um And so those are the three things. Oh, and then of course there's the loudness button, which is something I had a lot of fun experimenting with. Uh but yeah, all the tools together really gave me a lot more control over the sound than I kind of thought it would. So I'm looking over the notes. The website says it has technically a 10 band eq, band, band band. There's also preset eQ curves. Did you, did you go through those that's like rock, pop, jazz, country, those kind preset EQ curves. Did you find any of those that you liked or were you, did you need to go in there and get it to, you know, fine tune it to your specifications. Um I'm always going to fine tune it to my own specifications just for fun, you know? But um, since I do listen to mostly like rap, hip hop, I tried the preset for that one. Um and uh, it was good, but I like sort of less drastic um cuts and boosts on the EQ curve than what they put in the factory ones. Yeah. So these are presets? Right. Somebody decided that this is probably about the right EQ settings for rap music and so it gets close and if you don't know how to use and Eq probably just use the preset EQ. S they're probably gonna be pretty good, but you know how to use them. Yeah. And so you were able to really fine tune those different frequencies to get them right where you want them? Yeah, I spent a lot of time just sitting in my car pressing the present buttons and making it sound just right. That's, that's the hallmark of a system that's sort of exciting. You spent a lot of time just sitting in your car tweaking it and correct me if I'm wrong. But your car has had some mechanical trouble here lately too. Yeah, unrelated to the sound system, but we didn't break anything with, not unrelated but my car, I had, I couldn't drive it actually for about one week at the time that I've had it. Um, So instead of driving it, I just go out at night with my buddy and sit in the car, listen to music and mess around the Eq, basically. I love that I have spent many hours in my driveway sitting in my car listening to music. Yeah, that's a past time anyways for me. So it's what we do here at Crutchfield because especially with a new stereo system because it's like this car you've been driving all of a sudden has a new life. Yeah, it really does. Yeah it really does. And it's a nice way like you know you might have trouble even finding a new car to buy right now. So why not just upgrade the one you have add new life to it and make driving your existing car that much more fun. Mm It definitely does make you want to drive the car more. I can't remember who said that at the beginning but yeah I was pretty upset when I had to sit there for a week right after I got that but I still got to listen funny. Alright we've got some questions coming in on facebook and on Youtube on Youtube. I love using external dax. How can I replace the auxiliary input in my 2011 land rover LR two. Uh That's a good one. I'd have to look that one up in our database. I can't tell you just off the top of my head uh if the auxiliary input can be replaced if you're trying to replace it and keep the factory radio Really it depends on what's going on with your factory radio. If you're trying to put a new radio in the dash we can certainly put one in that has its own auxiliary input. We've got options. It really depends on what's going on in the land rover from the factory. Uh I would uh I would suggest this is Isaac 63. I would suggest that you call and talk to live with one of our advisors there. The phone numbers right on the website or you can go to crutchfield dot com slash contact. And anybody that answers we can they can look this vehicle up specifically in our database, see what's going on with it, see what kind of upgrades can be done. I would suggest that you do that. That would be the best course of action uh Still wreaking havoc says I have a quick question. I'm purchasing an audio control D. M. 608 from you guys. I was wondering if it comes with a microphone to adjust the frequencies or do I have to buy the microphone for $300. That sounds like an expensive microphone. And uh do you have to have it? That's the question. Um Tony we have literally just within the last week trained you like you're still in your first eight weeks of training. We just covered products like the D. M. 608. Yeah. Um so the full on DSP that you put this box in between either your factory radio or an aftermarket radio and you're amplifiers. And so if you're using if you're installing new speakers and new amps to power your speakers, maybe a subwoofer and you want to have a crazy amount of control of the sound from a computer or from a smartphone app. This box gives you that that's what it does. So it's a DSP or a digital signal processor and one of the things you can do with it, if I'm not mistaken is hook up a microphone. And I believe the microphone is indeed sold separately. It is not included. Let's go see here. If it is an accessory for you there. It is. The audio control. S a 41 41 40. I uh, that is necessary if you want to put that mike in and have it do some stuff automatically for you to analyze the sound in your car and like listen to how sound bounces around your car. You don't necessarily have to buy this to use the DSP and make it sound great. So is it a recall acquired purchase? No, but if you want it to automatically sort of analyze your car, then you're gonna need that mike. And yes, it does cost 335 355 bucks. Uh, and, but look at that five reviews on it, four out of five stars. So the people that have bought it mostly like it and think it helped. So, uh, it seems like a good idea to me. Yeah. Um, one thing though is one thing I've learned, mixing music is at the end of the day, your ears are your best tool, you know, because that's what you listen with. So I'm not saying don't get the mic, I'm just saying don't be afraid to do it. Well, that makes a lot of sense, right? That your microphone isn't the thing that matters when at the end of the day what you hear with your ears if you like it. It's right. Exactly. Exactly. So do you have to have it? No. Should you get it only if you really want that automated analyzation of your car's interior and where it can potentially fix some stuff. Cool. Uh and still wreaking havoc says I'll try it with my ears first. Nice. It's for you to try it with your ears. Uh And yeah, if you still want more, we've got the mic for you. Sweet part of your installation including installing an amplifier. Uh and a subwoofer. This is the amplifier. We went with the J. L. Audio 2 50 slash one. Uh So this is a mono sub amp and we're using this to power the kicker sub that's sitting in your trunk. Have you ever installed an amp before? No that was the first time I've done that. Yeah. Was was it more difficult or easier than you thought it was gonna be. Um hard to say because I had so much help from my training class, especially Dylan Dylan, very professional installer. Um He really helped me, him and josh really helped me with this. I was kind of sitting there telling them what to do to be honest. So in a supervisory role here this is my car, here's what you're doing. Yeah. So you did, we had five trainees plus myself sort of all working together to get this amp installed. And when we started looking at running the power wire, right, when you install an amp like that, you have to run a power wire from the battery all the way to the back of the car. We put the amp in the hatchback area of your Mazda three. The question is always, how are we going to get that power wire through the firewall? And uh we figured it out, there's usually like a factory wiring harness and like a rubber grommet, you can cut a hole in that and run the wire through there were, it was, that was hard to find, but what wasn't hard to find was right behind your glove compartment, which came out in like five seconds. It was easy to remove that stuff and pocket and get in there. You can actually find the metal that makes up the firewall and there's a nice flat piece of metal with like this round flat area, like almost like they put it there just in case they were gonna put a factory harness through that part of the firewall. I was like that's a great place to drill a hole. We double checked on both sides to make sure that there was no we're gonna drill through anything important wires, pipes, tubes, gas, gas lines, anything like that, uh found it to be totally clear drilled, it was even easy to get the drill in position, which can be challenging, uh running the firewall, running the wires through the firewall ended up not being hard at all on this car. Uh We grounded the amplifier to your seat bolt in the back and uh and you guys did a nice job of running your RCs on the driver's side and your power wire on the passenger side, which is important to remember why that's important because of interference. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Power wires being too close to the R. C. A wires can add noise to your system. Hey, there's your sub and amp installed in the trunk. What are your plans now, now that it's all installed? You've had it for a couple of weeks, you're gonna continue to live with it, right. Uh You're probably, if you're like most of us, you're already thinking about what you want to do next, definitely. What are the next steps for you? I want to add a four channel amp to power the front speakers um which would mean I'd probably lose that center dash factory and the rear tweeters and the the sub in the wheel well, but I feel like giving more power to the four hurt speakers is gonna give me a better sound overall. So I want to do that and I want to add a DSP too because then, you know, not then I never have to mess with the touchscreen again, I can just do it on my computer or Yeah, and you'll know how to use it, you're one of the people that knows that stuff. Right? So you can use the software that will allow you to just have infinite control of the sound. Exactly, So beautiful. Let's see what we've got coming in on facebook and you here nick asks, on vehicles with volume that auto adjusts with speed, is it better to have that setting on or off? Feels like a catch 22 because with it on seems like volume is louder, but only to halfway then it won't get any louder off when volume starts way louder, but you can raise it to max allowed. That's a great question. Are you familiar with that feature? Yeah, I think my dad's car has that. Yeah. So it detects, it's looking at the computer of your car, it knows the RPMs of the engine, it knows when it's accelerating and the engines getting loud, turn the radio up and when you're stopped at a stoplight, the engine's just barely idling. It turns the radio volume down. Uh, and I would say to me, it sounds like you're, you would probably rather be in control total. Right? So nick, I would suggest you turn it off. And all that means is you have to remember where your volume was set when you get out of the car. I have this problem every morning, sometimes when I get home at night. I remember as I'm jamming music after I got home, I remember to turn my volume down so that when I get in in the morning, it's at a morning volume and not a night volume and sometimes I forget, so when I get in in the morning it blows me away. So you're in total control. Um, and you'll get used to that, you'll find your rhythm with setting your volume where you want it. But that way you can turn it up louder where you want it to. And I think, uh, I think the auto volume control might be stifling you a little bit. So is there anything else we need to talk about about your car Tony? Have we left something uncovered? Uh or are we good? Um, I think we're good. Uh, did anyone say I look young today? No, they're not commenting on your age today. Did you grow the extra facial hair just to, just to make sure that you didn't get that comment anymore. I didn't just kind of a joke just because so many people said I look young. So I was like, see what happens if I grow it out. No one said it today. They didn't so success. Well that's what I'm doing too. That's why I don't want, I was all people are always telling me I look so young. I was like, no, no, no, I need to grow this beard out. So you know, I'm not, thank you Tony so much for joining us here and for talking to us and letting us install a great system in your car. I know that was a major sacrifice for you. I mean I wanted to say thanks for having me here and especially thanks to you for hooking it up and help me get that system and well all the pieces came together at the right time, right? We needed to put a cool system in a car and show it on Crutchfield live and talk about it. And uh, and you know, the system isn't a crazy expensive system. It's everything we did all at once was like around 1000 bucks and it's a, it's a pretty great system for $1000. Yeah, and I'm so happy I have it because like I make music and I do stuff on that side of it, but I was never to super into car audio, but like this has really got me into that world and it's so much fun. I can't wait to see what happens what happens next. Well, it's hard to stop once you get started and you're already thinking of the next levels and what you're gonna do next. So you've got the bug, I'm sure we'll see you again at some point in the future when you've installed an amp and uh velcro down that amp and all of that stuff dude, thanks for coming on the show man, appreciate it. This is Tony, He's a, he's a brand new advisor. He will be on the phones taking calls for the first time in like a week. So pretty soon you will be able to call and talk to this guy along with the rest of our training class. We got 10 total new people coming on the phone. So, uh, we're all very excited for that. Sweet. Alright, get out of here. Thanks man.

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