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Video: Cambridge Audio Minx surround sound systems

Hi-fi surround sound from stylish, compact speakers

Heads up!

Welcome to this article from the Crutchfield archives. Have fun reading it, but be aware that the information may be outdated and links may be broken.

Cambridge Audio Minx surround sound systems deliver immersive, realistic sound from compact speakers. Each system features five Minx Min satellite speakers plus a small powered sub. Ben from Cambridge Audio explains what makes these speakers so great in this short video.

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Voiceover: Ben from Cambridge Audio held a training session at Crutchfield so we asked him to explain the features of some popular products.

Ben: The latest generation of Minx satellites are the Min 12 and the Min 22. So what we've changed, what we've updated, since the old Min 11s and Min 21s is the new satellites use the very latest generation of our flat panel BMR hybrid speaker technology. So the fourth generation of BMR driver uses the very latest one, which is also found in our Aeromax floor-standing and stand-mount speakers.

BMR stands for Balanced Mode Radiator. It's a hybrid speaker technology. The flat surface of the speaker ripples a little bit like an NXT panel to create high frequency, while at the same time, the whole thing is moving pistonically like a traditional driver to create low frequency. And what that means is that from a single 2-1/4" driver we have a full range speaker, so this speaker will go all the way from 20k all the way down to about 120Hz.

In the Min 12 we simply use one of these BMR drivers, but in the Min 22 we add not a second BMR, although it looks like it, but actually a dedicated woofer to create some lower frequency and to improve the power handling of the Min 22.

To go with the new satellite speakers we've also got two brand new subwoofers, the X201 and the X301. They look very, very, very similar to the old X200 and X300 subwoofers, but in actual fact they're completely new. In fact the only thing that we haven't changed in the subwoofers is the cabinet.

We have two brand-new amplifiers. They're still 200 watts and 300 watts, respectively, but they're more efficient, giving you a much faster, punchier-sounding subwoofer. We've also re-tuned the DSP in both the subwoofers to make them much more musical and better sounding and we've even developed new drive units so the drive units are lighter, faster, punchier, more musical subwoofers to go with the new Min 22 and Min 12 satellite speakers.

Voiceover: If you have any questions about Cambridge Audio products, please give Crutchfield a call.

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